Cory Chase – A Place to Park It VR HD

Sweet MILF Cory Chase is starting over and is busy cleaning out her husband’s junk. You agree to help this busty cougar in need and she says you can claim some of the booty for yourself. After working up a sweat, there’s only one booty on your mind as Cory serves up some fresh lemonade along with her tight MILF holes. Lend a helping hand and pound her eager butt! Make her forget all about her deadbeat husband today.

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Tasting My Father – Miley Cole HD

Do you like watching me daddy? I saw what you were doing. Mom won’t hear us I promise. Come penetrate your hot daughters pussy before mom wakes up ;)

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Your Birthday Surprise – Mandy Flores

Today is my birthday – I just turned 12. I had a great day. My parents took me out for dinner and I got $100 in birthday money from my relatives. It’s also Friday night, and my parents have to leave town for the weekend, so they hired Princess Mandy to be my babysitter. She’s so pretty and I have a huge crush on her. Well Mandy comes over my house to babysit me, she tells me that since my parents are gone for the weekend, she has an open house and has invited a bunch of her high school friends over for a big party. So she tells me I have to go right to bed, but she’ll be up later to ‘kiss’ me goodnight. I go up to my room and lay in bed waiting for her. Hours go by, and I doze off. It’s really late when I hear a knock on my door. In comes Mandy with a guy. She turns the lights on and shakes me awake. She asks me if you and your guy friend can use my bed. I don’t really want to give up my bed cuz I’m still sleepy, but you push me out and tell me to go in the corner. You take off your cute panties, throw them to me, and tell me to clean them up. They are very dirty (stains in the front and back). I’m get excited and start sucking on them. You two climb onto my bed and start fucking. You tell him don’t worry about using a condom and say that “he’ll clean me up” and look in my direction. I’m confused, but too distracted by the fact that it’s my birthday, yet I was forced off my bed. Anyway, you two fuck. You’re on your back with your legs wide open and cum dripping out of your pussy. You ask if I’m hungry for my birthday dessert. It’s hot, gooey and sticky. You tell me to come over and eat out your creampie. As I’m eating you’re teasing me about my birthday and talking dirty about me eating you’re creampie. You see my cock is hard from cleaning you up, and say that you need to give me my warm milk before bed. So you tell me to get in bed, lie down, flip my legs over my head and point my cock at my mouth. You count down from 10 very slowly and tease me with your perfect ass. On 1, you tell me to open wide and shoot all my hot sticky milk in my mouth. Then you walk over to the camera, and hock a huge wad of spit right into my mouth. You say happy birthday and tell me to swallow. Then, for my goodnight kiss, you tell me to pucker up, pull down your panties, and kiss your asshole. Then you take the $100 from my desk that I got for my birthday and say happy birthday/goodnight. I have to go to sleep with the taste of cum and ass in my mouth and $100 poorer.


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Brother Makes Sister Confess About Father FULL VERSION HD

I know that my dad and sister have been fucking around. Now it’s time to find out more of what they did. I got to jerk off on her tits while she fingered herself. It’s time to do more! She says the next time dad came to her room she jerked him off and he fingered her. LET’S DO IT!!! She is going to make me cum now! She says dad came on her pussy! I HAVE TO DO IT TOO! FUCK!!!Well, the next time dad and she fucked around, she said it was in the shower. NOW I GET A BLOWJOB FROM HER! FUCK YEAH!I love being in her mouth while she strokes my cock and tells me everything she did with dad! SHE is SO FUCKING HOT!I AM GOING TO CUM IN HER MOUTH WHILE SHE GETS OFF FINGERING HERSELF!!! FUCK YEAH! I LOVE MY DIRTY SISTER!!! TODAY IS THE DAY. I know she fucked our dad. She is going to show me and let me do everything he did with her the first time they FUCKED! Her pussy feels so good as I make her cum over and over! I bend her over and cum so fucking hard that my balls are empty!!! She is my dad’s and MY SLUT! YES!!!!

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Dreams About Daddy – Moka Mora HD

Moka is having a sexy sexy dream about noone other than her own Dacl. She fantasizes about him and his hard cock while she uses her hitachi vibrator on her throbbing clit. She dreams and dreams until she creams. Her dacldy watching from her doorway rushes in to punish her for fantasizing about him. He drags her by her feet and throws her over his lap. He spanks her repeatedly as her body convulses to the slap of his hand against her clit. He forces his girl to take his dick in her mouth and pumps her throat. Ready for a real pounding he bends her over and cock rocks her from behind, and she takes every hard inch, moaning “yes, dacldy!” He continues to fuck her harder and harder giving her body a full pleasure punishment. He finally unloads the cum from when she came on to her stomach. Sh squirms with glee as he leaves her to deal with the consequences on her stomach.

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Sandra Latina – The Cinco De Mayo Home Wrecker HD

I went over to my sisters house for a Cinco De Mayo cookout and decided it was time to finally make my move on her husband. Unfortunately for her husband my sister looks nothing like me nor does she dress half as sexy as I do so therefore I always catch her husband checking me out and starring at my tits and ass. I have been checking out her man and he has a really big bulge that I can see thru his pants so I am assuming he has a much bigger dick than my pathetic little dick husband does. This Cinco De Mayo at our family cookout is the day I decided to have my way with him. I was in the restroom when I heard him passing by so I pulled him the restroom and went straight to the point. I grabbed his cock as I told him that I noticed the way he looks at me all the time and that it’s time he fucks my throat the way he has been dreaming about. He couldn’t believe his ears. I told him that my little dick husband can’t fuck my throat with his little cock because it’s too little and that I know he cant fuck his wife’s throat with that big dick because she is a fat prude that wouldn’t allow him to do that. As I was taking out his cock to suck on it my sister called to ask if I had seen her husband because she couldn’t find him outside so I smirked on the phone and said that he was probably at the store and he would be back shortly. I started sucking her husbands cock with her on the phone and I when she asked me what was that noise that I was doing I said I was licking and savoring on one of the cupcakes she made.HAHAHA Can you believe that she actually believed me? I told her I would be out in a minute and hung up on her. Her husband fucked my throat and enjoyed me sucking on his cock and best of all he loved shooting that big load of cum in my mouth and watching me swallow every last drop of it. Once we finished I stood up, got dressed and picked up my iphone and took a picture of him standing there with his cock covered in lipstick and cum. I am going back outside to show my sister what her husband and I just finished doing OH and I am also going to show my husband the picture so that he can see that I just cucked him and had my mouth filled by another man. I just cucked my husband while wrecking my sisters marriage am I a hot cuckolding home wrecking bitch or what?


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HOT MOM – Sarah Vandella HD

Hot MILF Sarah Vandella feels so hot that she strips down to her sexy lingerie and rubs an ice cube in her perfect body. Suddenly her son Alex shows up! Sarah asks him to get closer and she will show him how passing an ice cube over his body will chill him too, but that is not enough for the horny MILF and with no shame she ask him if she can suck his cock. He shyly obliges and what follos is the most epic blowjob ever: deepthroated, face fucked and taking only breaks to tittyfuck that cock Sarah ends up covered in warm cum, hotter than at the beginning but happier than ever.

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[] Video Pack [377 Videos]

I am Lady Ezada Sinn, a sophisticated lifestyle Domina and Female Suprematist. I love to control, discipline and use men for My pleasure. To Me, this is not mere play, it is Who I am, 24 hours a day. Any male that I allow to be in My presence, can only do so as a servant or a slave. From all over the world, male creatures have voluntary offered their services and submission to Me. And that is how I like it best: not to force you into submission, although I am certainly capable of doing so, but to show you that the small path that leads to your submission to Me, is the only way along which you can reach your true destination. Only as My servant or slave you can experience a certain amount of happiness and hope for salvation. For this reason, I strongly believe that all My servants and slaves are happy to serve Me.

In My presence you will feel overwhelmed by My beauty. My femininity will make you feel weak and very humble. Kneeling up or down in front of Me, you will shiver and tremble, unable to control yourself. This in itself is enough to make you follow My orders and obey each and every command. I will stir up your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. This is how I procure power over you on a level where whips could never touch you. I know this from experience and I will use this to My advantage. At times you even might think of Me as a supreme and divine Goddess, but you must understand and always keep in mind that I am a Woman of flesh and blood, a Woman Who knows how to enjoy Herself using male creatures.

I am an expert in dominating and re-educated male creatures. I have a vast experience with with controlling and subjecting many different types of servants and slaves. Whether you are wired as a masochist or a fetish enthusiastic, a mere submissive worshipper of My beauty or a natural born slave, I will soon know you better than you know yourself and make use of this.

And now you are here, completely at My mercy, fully owned and controlled by Me. Yet, I will still want you to voluntary submit to Me. I might guide you or manipulate and torture you, but in the end I want to see and feel that you give yourself to Me with the last of your voluntary decisions.

In My presence you will experience how much I enjoy controlling, dominating and re-educating you. I have a wide array of various historically proven methods at My disposal, ranging from mild seduction and sensual domination to severe torture and deep humiliation. I find no pleasure in meaningless and senseless cruelty, but I do believe in your physical sacrifice as proof of your complete submission and obedience. My word is law here and any disobedience will be punished harshly.

Hear Me, when I slowly descend the stairs to the dungeon were you are suffering, stripped of your pride, your manhood and your dignity. Left alone in the dark with nothing more than a bowl of water. After some time you will not be able to tell day from night. Be thankful if I feed you My leftovers. Most times you will get dry bread only. Alone, tortured by your desire to dissolve into a tear of submission under My sweet yet harsh tyranny. I will heal you from your fevers and I will force your soul to uncoil itself. Hear Me, when I slowly approach you, strict and bossy, dressed completely in leather or latex, with My high heeled boots and My crop in My hand.

Ezada Sinn is a Romanian dominatrix. She publishes videos of sessions with her clients in her C4S store. The sessions/videos contain everything femdom, from strapon fucking, chastity play, corporal punishment and body worshipping to milking, tease and denial, ruined orgasms and feminization. Refer to the tags for all the practices.

The videos range from 5 to 40 minutes, with the majority of them being in the 10 to 20 mintues long. The video resolutions are 1280×720 and 720×406.

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Adriana Chechik: Whore PMV by Azghur HD

Music: In This Moment – Whore

This is a PMV tribute to my favorite pornstar Adriana Chechik.
It starts of with Adriana introducing herself and talking about what she want’s. It starts of a little bit slow with some blowjob/deepthroat cuts before it moves into anal, DP, DV before it cuts to Adriana getting several loads of cum in her face. Then there’s some sfw cut of Adriana before it starts back up with sloppy deepthroat, dp and DAP.

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My Little Sister Needs Help With Her First ANAL SEX FULL VERSION

My sister’s boyfriend Tyrone is a huge dick and HAS a huge dick. He wants anal. She is freaked the fuck out!!! What will she do? She doesn’t want her gravy train to end with this sugar daddy mothafucka! Well, she comes to me and I can’t believe it. I tell her that I will help. I grab my coconut oil and talk her into letting me finger her tight asshole. It turns me on so fucking MUCH!!! I can’t help getting hard while her tiny feet graze against my throbbing cock. She gets turned on and lets me break her ass in for Tyrone. I LOVE FUCKING MY LITTLE SISTER AND HER TIGHT BUTTHOLE!!!! OMFG, I give her the biggest anal creampie EVER!!!!

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