Massage Gets Very Sexy – MP4

Rachel has a student from the local massage therapy school come to her house. He is very new and is still not sure about professional ethics. Rachel is almost asleep while he massages her arms, neck, and shoulders. He moves up to her head and turns it towards him. Rachel feels something warm in her mouth she opens her eyes to see his hard cock. She is happily surprised because she is a very horny lady and he is a young in shape cutie. She welcomes his cock into her hot mouth quickly devouring all of it. She slowly sucked and licks it. Rachel tells him to lay on the table with her; it is his turn for a massage. She gets in between his legs and sucks his hard young cock. He moves her hair so he can watch her experienced moves. She shows him she can take all of him many times. Rachel fells him swelling up with cum and tells him to give her a tip this time; he shoots his cum all over Rachel’s face. Rachel asks him if she has to pay for it this time, he laughs and says, no ma’am.
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Harlow Harrison in Manipulative Compulsion HD

Scene One: Controlled

“Tell me everything that’s going on” Harlow says looking down at her patient Kara dish out all her concerns. “I have something new that will help you de-stress” Harlow tells her, “I compel you to obey me” She says looking deep into Kara’s eyes. Kara is confused but soon the words take hold and she is completely under Harlow’s control.

“Grab my chest” Harlow commands. “Yes master” Kara responds. Harlow makes her gasp in pleasure as she touches her big tits. She smiles a sly smile and makes her go get changed. When she comes back dressed as Super Gurl Harlow is shocked and pleasantly surprised. “I think we can release some of that stress” She says. Harlow touches Super Gurl’s tits and pussy feeling every inch of her. Dr. Harrison then puts her to sleep to wake up and wonder what the hell just happened.

Scene Two: Convinced

“I figured I would stop in” Harlow says checking on Kara at her work. Harlow opens up her shirt and compels Kara to masturbate right there in the office. She makes Kara shout “I am Super Gurl” for the whole office to hear as she masturbates furiously. Her moans echo through the building and she’s humiliates herself in front of all the employees. She puts on a show for everyone.

Harlow shows off Kara to the office. “Yes master I will cum to your tits” Super Gurl screams. Her voice shaking her body breaking she cums in front of everyone. Harlow loves playing with her new toy. “I think you have a lot of explaining to do” Dr. Harrison laughs as Kara runs out of the room in humiliation.

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Hot Vacation With My Best Friend – Jillian Janson, Anya Olsen HD


Anya and Jillian are best friends. They are staying in a rented house in LA for the week after a road trip across California, and when they run into the guy they are renting the house from, they are both super attracted to him. As the week progresses, the girls’ attraction grows until they come up with a plan to seduce him when he comes to pick up the keys on their last day at the house. When he arrives, he knows that something is going on, and when he sees the girls, he can’t believe his eyes – and his luck.

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Get In My Pregnant Belly, I’m SO Hungry!

Thank you so much for coming over. I just really needed somebody to talk to. It’s SO hard being pregnant… all of the aches and pains and difficulty doing normal every day thing… but really, the most frustrating part of being pregnant is my insane hunger. I have to eat ALL the time. I eat everything I see. I just bought groceries a few days ago and the cupboards are already bare… and I am SO hungry. I can’t make it back to the store for more food and my pregnant belly hurts from being empty. I just have to eat something,.. I need nourishment… I need to fill my big pregnant belly… and well, that’s why I invited you over. See, being around you really makes my belly growl. You smell so delicious and you look like such a tasty snack… I just know you would fill my pregnant belly up for days! So… that’s why you are here… I am going to EAT you! I am going to eat you and fill my pregnant belly full and then I will have fun feeling you being digested by my stomach acids in my pregnant belly. There is only way out of my belly… and it’s not from the same hole you went in!

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My Wife’s Sister – Tylo Duran HD

Keiran Lee’s wife’s sister, Tylo Duran, has just been through a divorce. She and Keiran never got along and Mr. Lee isn’t too pleased to know that she’s going to be staying under his roof. To his surprise, Tylo really wants to get closer to him—and his big cock, that is! Ms. Duran tries seducing Keiran every chance she can get since she hasn’t been fucked since her divorce!

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My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 2

Starring: Roxanne Hall, Raylene, Nicky Hunter, Eva Karera, Stevie Shae, Liv Aguilera, Courtney Star
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Horny moms get fucked in the ass while their daughters watch in shock!

After years of trying to tap my wife’s tight asshole, I finally gave up. Then her Mother told me she LOVES anal sex! WHAT!? The next day she came up and grabbed my cock and said she needs a good, hard assfucking. Only problem is… if my wife catches me, I’m fucked! But at least I’ll get some good anal.

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Molly Jane in Super Molly vs Super Man – Fucking Kryptonite HD

Super Molly shows him a strap-on kryptonite cock and slaps it on his face. “This is going in your sweet ass” she tells him, putting it on. She makes him suck it like a slut, destroying his face with her cock. He looks at it with disgust as he’s forced to suck and have it rammed down his throat.

“Say my name!” she yells pushing her cock deep into his ass. “You super bitch!” he yells back with his last bit of strength. She works her cock back and forth, burning his ass with the cock. “Please stop, it’s me” The kryptonite deep inside him removes what’s left of his strength and he falls , permanently. “So long Super Man” Molly says.

She lays over his defeated body and masturbates, feeling her power over him. She cums so intensely. Cat Woman was the highest bidder for Super Man’s balls, so she snips them off and ships them. Marking the end of Super Man.

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Yenna Black – Cheating wife’s creampie fuck HD

Czech MILF Yenna’s husband Ricky couldn’t be more clueless. After giving Yenna a beautiful white dress as a gift, his sneaky wife won’t let Ricky into the bedroom. She claims she’s trying it on and doesn’t want him to ruin the surprise. But really, Yenna is busy getting pounded by their handsome plummer, Steve! As the cuckolded Ricky is sent away to brew tea, Steve gives Yenna the rough sex that this naughty housewife has been craving. Bending his cheating lover over her boudoir, Steve slips his hard cock into her lovely wet pussy for a doggystyle fuck, covering Yenna’s mouth to stifle her moans of delight! Consumed by their sexy antics, Steve and Yenna don’t hear her oblivious husband’s footsteps on the stairs. Ricky returns to find his thoughtful gift on the floor, the faucet still leaking, and the plummer leaving a creampie balls-deep in his pretty wife!

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Mistress T – Cuck Dick Comparison HD

A cuckolding scene from Mistress T. The dude has a yuge cock and blows a tremendous load.

How do you measure up cuckie? Look down at your dicklet, what have you got to offer compared to this stud’s monster cock? Look at how he fills & stretches me. Look at how excited I get to play with that huge cock.”

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Lyra Law, Violet Starr – Sharing The Siblings Part 1 HD 1080p

Violet Starr and Xander are playing video games on the couch. Xander can’t help but be attracted to Violet and flirt with her—even if she’s his sister’s girlfriend! When Lyra Law sees them about to kiss, she pulls Violet aside and expresses her disappointment—with rough lesbian sex! If Violet really wants a dick that bad it should be cumming from Lyra, who uses a strap-on to fuck Violet’s sweet pussy nice and rough!

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