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Your Last Heist – Executrix HD 1080p

You’ve just pulled off the biggest heist of your career as a thief, so you & your partner splurged on a nice hotel room. She’s so happy about how much money you’re going to make fencing all those jewels that she’s turned on. Watching her in that banging catsuit has made your throat dry with excitement, and she gets you a drink of water. She starts getting hornier & tells you that even though you’re not her type, she wants to fuck. She orders you to get on the bed. She unzips her catsuit & starts riding you reverse cowgirl then cowgirl. You can’t believe you’re this lucky. She’s amazing. Your heart is racing so fast…. faster… until you feel like something is wrong. “Your chest hurts? Do you want me to keep going?” she asks. Of course you want her to keep going. But then she explains that she put something in your drink & that must be what’s speeding up your heart.

She reminds you of the obvious: she can have any man she wants, and you actually believed she would choose to have sex with you. She’s an intelligent woman, and she’s not going to share the money with you. She keeps riding as she explains that you’re going to have a heart attack when you orgasm. “Cum for me. Just let go. It’s okay; not everyone can be smart.” You wonder if she’s telling the truth, but your chest hurts more & more. You feel so stupid for falling for her, but she feels so good on top of you, and you let her continue to ride. She’s obviously getting off on knowing your end is near & she’s the one bringing it about. To add insult to injury, she decides to also smother you with a pillow, just to make sure she finishes the job. The last thing you ever see if her gorgeous red lips peeking over the pillow as she lifts it to your face. “I’m going to enjoy spending every last cent. Nighty night.”

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Mom Swap – Mercedes Carrera, Uma Jolie HD

Mercedes Carrera and her daughter Keisha Grey are sharing a meal with Missy Martinez and her daughter Uma Jolie. The foursome are an unconventional blended family led by lesbian couple Missy and Mercedes. While bonding over a quiet dinner, Mercedes has trouble suppressing her lustful thoughts about eating Uma’s pussy under the dining room table. Meanwhile, Missy is thinking the same about Keisha. After the gorgeous teens dismiss themselves from the table, the lesbians admit their desire for each other’s daughters. Mercedes confesses to Missy she wants to watch her having sex with Keisha. Missy confesses her own daughter demons. The lesbian partners strike up an agreement to mom swap. They’ll seduce each other’s daughters for the sake of guiding them through their blossoming sexuality. They reason that tasting their teen pussies would only bring them closer as a family. Mercedes goes upstairs to Uma’s bedroom and confesses her attraction. She explains that her mother is onboard with them sharing a lesbian experience and seduces her into some passionate kissing. But Uma thinks the kisses they exchange is all Mercedes wants, and Mercedes tries to hide her disappointment. She desperately convinces Uma that she can teach her about her body. They find some common ground, because Uma doesn’t know enough about fucking women to win over the girl she currently has a crush on. Mercedes assures her she can help and encourages Uma to remove her top. Mercedes takes off her shirt too and guides Uma’s mouth to suckle her huge tits. Next, Mercedes explains about pussy licking, and where to put her tongue. She breathlessly takes off Uma’s panties and bends down to demonstrate with her mouth. But just before her tongue touches Uma’s pussy, Uma stops her. She thought Mercedes was just going to explain with words. Mercedes apologizes and gets up to leave feeling very embarrassed, but Uma stops her from leaving and tells her to lick, for the sake of building experience. Mercedes dives in Uma’s shaved pussy and sucks her clit till she cums. Mercedes wants Uma to reciprocate but Uma thinks it would be weird to go down on her mother’s partner. Mercedes tries to hide her disappointment and gets up to go, but Uma calls her back over for a taste of her pussy. Mercedes can hardly contain her excitement as Uma slips off her underwear and starts to explore her mommy’s pussy. She gets it nice and wet and makes her cum. Just then Missy walks in unnoticed by her daughter and Mercedes. Missy rubs her pussy in the doorway watching Uma squirm over Mercedes’ face. Uma plants her pussy on Mercedes’ pussy and the lesbians start tribbing wildly till they cum. Uma asks Mercedes if it’s anatomically possible to eat her girlfriend’s pussy while she eats hers. Mercedes spins her around to sit on her face while Uma licks Mercedes until she cums.

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Vladimir “The Impaler” Putin nails Melania – Angel Wicky HD

The sex tape everyone is talking about! In this gorgeous VR scene we see Putin giving it to Melania while Trump is cuckold in the corner watching. Your Putin in this scene so you get the perspective of the mighty dictator giving it to his best buddies wife. No other VR site lets you choose your own adventure the way these scenes do! Angel Wicky plays Melania and she gets down and dirty in this VR3000 excluisve!

Vladimir Putin nails Melania(Angel Wicky) while husband is tied and made to watch them have sex in different positions

Putin applies a loose bondage on Trump while wifey Melania (Angel Wicky) is eager to assist the russian bandit. Putin then gets a POV style boobjob and blowjob under the watchful eye of Trump

Melania uses all of her assets! Putin soon is grabbing pussy,…Melania let her ass sink on his lap and the dictator’s dick gets wrapped up by the cunt of the wife of our glorious leader, both sigh and pump.

Melania’s tan coloured stockings encased legs then sweep for a position change,…a vicious face to face fuck ensues while she rides that Putin and hosts his dick in a moist welcoming pussy. The hump goes on until Melania’s hand shakes Putin’s dick causing him to spray a fountain of cum.

Sex Acts include blowjob cowgirl, reverse cowgirl Missionary

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NovaPatra – Very HOT and HORNY Asian Amateur Girl 14 HD Vids! (Part 1 = 7 Vids)

Blond Asian Sex Doll Makes Him Cum Twice

Hearthstone Slut Holy Nova

If you ever have a fantasy of watching a Twitch personality masturbate, this video will make you cum so hard. This is NOT an actual stream footage but just a crazy wild playful Nova simulating herself streaming while cumming with her eyes rolled back.

Fucking a High Class Asian Escort

This dude is on vacation and decided to hire Nova’s services to help him relax. After talking for a bit, Nova goes to the bathroom to put her sexy lingerie. She teases him for a while before sucking his cock. The scene also contains doggy style, cowgirl and a cumshot to her pussy while on doggy position.

Fleshlight Handjob Dirty Talk and Cum

Nova wanna masturbate her man with a fleshlight while she dirty talks to him. Theres a point she sucks him for a bit. Scene ends with a cumshot to her pussy. there’s no penetration.

Asian Model Squirts like a Fountain

Nova starts this scene half naked and sucking a lollipop. She takes off her clothes and masturbates with her hand and a vibrator. She proceeds to fuck her pussy with a dildo and she squirts at a point.

Asian Massage Girl Gives Handjob

Scene starts with Nova giving a massage to her man. She proceeds to take off her top so he can touch her big hard nipples. She jerks him off for a while until he bursts a big cumshot.

Super Hot Asians SLUTTY Anal Creampie

The SUPER HOT ASIANS are back! Nova Patra and Lake Okane get very kinky in this reality scene. Lake busts in on Nova’s shower session and convinces her to try a new butt plug. Nova ends up dying to suck on Lake’s big cock. She gives him a very thorough blowjob. He starts pounding her pussy hard with the plug still in place. We get a nice close up of the butt plug removal. Lake fucks Nova in some hot positions as he usually does. Butt he saves the best for last even surprising Nova live on set by pulling his throbbing cock out of her pussy and shoving it up her asshole as he starts blowing a massive load. He creampies inside her ass and pulls out to finish emptying his load


Husband sending the big cock lover to his wife!!! Vol.II HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) MP4 – PART 1

You were still thinking about how your wife enjoyed the ,, call boy ,, cock last time! And as you know, you are always so busy and you can’t satisfied your young, beautiful wife… just doing other step for please her! You call the guy again, just to surprise your wife again….indulge her great orgasm again! But this time the LOVER has to shoot all the think, that you can watch your wife and her face and eyes, how she enjoys every moment with him! And because you have strong foot fetish and you know that’s something your wife loves too, you give him exact instruction this time! First play with your wife, pleasure her feet and legs, licking her pussy for long, long time, making her really wet and horny until you hear her begging for his cock! Begging to suck his hard cock and take him all in her mouth! You are so turn on to watching this video….you can wait what is coming next! You are so curious how he gonna fuck her… just hold your cock and watching your wife getting drill by his hard cock! He really plays with her, doing exactly all you were ask him to! Licking all her body, making your wife completely lost in pleasure! And then, when he penetrate her for the first time, you see it on her face…that pleasure…..she is goading in all the positions….and you can see…she wants more and more! And you… can have enough of her face…..watching your slutty wife getting drill really deep by his huge cock!!!

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Mariah Leonne – Foursome with 2 Strangers and 4 Cumshots HD 1080p

TINDER HOOKUPS VOL 6: For a long time, I have fantasised about playing with strangers but have never had the courage or means to actually make it happen. Well thanks to a few drinks and the amazing app Tinder, I am able to find horny local strangers and make them cum. This is REAL. This is 100% authentic. This is a complete stranger that I have never met before. There is no acting in this completely unscripted video. In volume 6, I became the luckiest slut in the world. Not only was I fortunate enough to find a guy only days after my last threesome with Josh in the same city, but he sprung an incredible and completely unexpected surprise on me. But before I get there, let me back up to the beginning. I had dark plans that evening to find a stranger and make him cum on me and moments later, invite another guy over to layer his load on top. It was an impossibly complex feat to accomplish but a girl can only dream. I decided to focus my Tinder attention on only one of the strangers so I could guarantee myself at least a threesome – two cocks is better than one after all. When I thought I reached the point of locking my threesome in place he said a single sentence that makes me tingle with excitement just repeating it… “So my friend is also interested if your game” he said. I could not believe it. I really felt like the luckiest slut in the world. Of course me and Josh accepted and I quickly filled with the usual nerves while I gulped as much beverage as possible to get me ready for not only my first foursome.. but my first foursome with TWO strangers. They both arrived an hour later and it didn’t take me long to start groping them both through their jeans and letting them take turns undressing me. I found myself topless not long after their arrival and offering a blowjob to whoever got their dick out first. The rest as they say is history, I have now had my first foursome and I love it. There is however a small mystery.. this video contains four cumshots but there were only three cocks… I will let you solve that yourselves by watching this video.

In this video Mariah lines up 3 guys on a couch and works each of them over with blowjobs to receive her facial rewards. Note that she doesn’t get fucked so there is no dp/spit roasting or anything but if you like seeing her get cum on then she gets a lot here. Afterwards her guy goes for a second round to complete the mystery of 4 cumshots from three cocks. It takes place in the usual setting with the strangers faces blurred out. She doesn’t get naked but is topless for most of the video.

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I Have A Wife ~ Jessa Rhodes

When the cats’s away, the nanny tries on the pussy’s lingerie! That’s the philosophy of Jessa Rhodes, who doesn’t like to see nice bra-and-panties set go to waste. While stopping by to pick up her payment for watching Ryan’s kids, she learns that his wife is stiffing him again for work when they could have the entire house to themselves for the night! Jessa feels bad … until on the way to the bathroom she sees some purple lingerie on the bed that she knows won’t be worn my the missus! Someone’s got to wear it … right? Right! So she steps into some HOT underthings, and in steps Ryan to see his nanny lounging his wife’s gift! But there’s no way he can be mad, because his nanny looks insanely sexy…and all she wants to do is take care of him! A blowjob and a good fuck later, he’s taken care of and she’s wearing his cum!

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Rachel Starr, Dillion Harper ~ The Submissive Stripper

Rich strip club regular Rachel Starr enjoyed watching willing-to-please newbie Dillion dance. But Rachel’s growing bored and wants more. She tells Dillion she’d be a better dancer if she received a rough girl-on-girl fuck, and Dillion needs to find out if it’s true. When Rachel reveals what’s hiding under her skirt, it’s Dillion’s turn to learn some strap-on sex secrets from the hot and horny domme.

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Dirty Minds (2009)

Country: USA
Genre: Feature
Duration: 01:26:07
Studio: Wicked Pictures
Becca (Kirsten Price) and Corey (Eric Masterson) have been dating for a while. Just as things start getting serious; Becca gets fed up with his constant ‘joking’ about having a threesome. Convinced he’s watching too much porn and smoking too much pot, she refuses to see him. Determined to win her back, Corey decides to give up the one thing that he values most in his life: his entire collection of porn. Will his sacrifice pay off? Or will Becca stay away from his dirty mind…
Cast: Phoenix Marie, Rocco Reed, Kirsten Price, Mr. Pete,
Tommy Gunn, Mick Blue, Krissy Lynn, Eric Masterson,
Zoe Britton, Stormy Daniels.



Valentina Ricci ~ Brunette Booty Banged

Valentina Ricci is a delicious brunette babe with a big booty and nice tits. She slowly strips for the camera, teasing her ass and boobs as we can only drool watching the show. Thomas is a lucky guy, and as he arrives he gets an immediate deepthroat blowjob from this bombshell dark-haired vixen. He licks her ass, rimming it up and ready for his dick. As soon as he starts pumping her asshole with his cock she moans with pleasure, truly feeling the lust and fever as he fucks her in the butt.

mp4 | 1.03 GiB | 29 min | 1280×720

AHF Valentina Ricci March 04 2017.mp4

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