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Daddy’s Discipline – Simone Sonay, Chloe Couture HD

Hot MILF Simone and her little blond brat for the week end Chloe Couture are at each other’s throats. Ramon recognizes the need for some good old fashioned discipline, reminding Simone that she has a brat streak a mile wide and also deserves to be grounded. Making the mistake of using teeth during a blowjob lands Simone face down not the floor, ass red from a serious paddling, apple shoved in her slutty mouth, face covered in squirt, fucked on the breakfast table until she is begging to cum. Licking her squirt off of his shoe Simone finally looks like the content submissive whore that she can be. Chloe meanwhile uses her little pink pussy to try to get her way out of being grounded, but Ramon clips that little slit shut and fucks her mouth instead. Properly spanked and screaming for mercy, Chloe has her pussy released just enough so that she can have her deep red ass bouncing on Ramon’s cock. Simone is hardly impressed when she find’s her daughter trying her best to please a real man’s dick and shows her little brat how to really work a cock. Tied up tight like a little slut, Simone get’s her round ass fucked while her daughter vibes her pussy and beg’s to be taught the house rules, cleaning Simone’s ass off Ramon’s cock for every wrong answer. Tired of sloppy mistakes Ramon brings out the cattle prod electro torments his little blond angels until he is pleased with answers and fucks Chloe’s tight little ass tied in bondage while Simone teaches her how to take it.

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Daddy, I’ve Never Squirted Before (2017)

Bailey Brooke, Jaye Summers, Kristen Scott, Tiffany Watson

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My New White Stepdaddy 16 (2017)


Skyler Nicole, Dani Love, Charlie Rae, Ashley Pink

An interracial cumming of age story! Stepdaddy knows how to hit all the right spots!

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Its Okay Daddy Has a Foot Fetish Too!

I only wanted to slip into bed with you, only wanted to be with my boy while my husband’s away. Just to be near. I just didn’t expect… I couldn’t have known… but when that hard, stiff… it just at me in the dark and… I instantly jumped up, turned on the light there in my son’s bedroom, and I was so angry! …until I saw that look on your sweet face. You were so embarrassed! It wasn’t just your erection; it was the discovery of my high heel pumps under your covers with it! Oh, but it’s okay… really it is. You see, your dad has a foot fetish too. He LOVES mine. I understand… it’s just that… you shouldn’t think of your mother that way… not even my feet! But we do need to sleep… and how in the world am I going to get you to get that out of your system now?? What if you talk to me about it, honey? What if I show you my own bare feet, and then… you’re still getting so hard. And no matter how many times I keep telling you not to, you just keep touching yourself anyway, and… it’s turning me on. I don’t know if I can hide it anymore… I don’t know if I want to… I just want to touch you, help you, ask you to come for me…

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Lap Dances For Daddy – Ziggy Star HD

You told me to go out and get a job, so that’s exactly what I did. I’m sorry if you think your daughter is too good to be a stripper, but I really need the money. If we can keep my work a secret from mom, I can show you a little bit of what I do. Sit down daddy and let your princess show you a good time hehe.

Stripping For Daddy HD

Paying The Rent HD

Daddy’s Real Punishment HD

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PrincessBambie – Step Daddy Footjob HD

A special step daddy roleplay video!!! In this video, I’m your cute little step daughter. You and Mommy have only been married for only a couple of months when you walk by my room and see me playing with my pussy. Intrigued, you stay to watch and before long I look up from what I’m doing to see you standing there as I play with my pussy. I beg you not to tell Mommy, she used to always accuse me of hitting on her boyfriends and she’ll be so pissed if she finds out! I offer to show off my cute body in exchange for your silence. I get naked and start teasing you with my panties, telling you how sexy it is when I see you in the laundry room playing with my dirty undies and how wet my pussy is getting for you. I tell you how I always catch you staring at my pretty little feet and offer to rub your cock with them, before giving you a sloppy wet blow job and riding your cock until we both cum.

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Daddy Ripped My Pants – Kenzie Taylor HD

Kenzie Taylor thinks her step daddy Derrick Pierce has been checking out her hot body more than a father should. She suspects her mom isn’t fucking him as much and that’s why he’s taking an interest. She likes the attention and she instigates more of it by wearing provocative outfits whenever they hang out. The day Kenzie decides she wants her step daddy inside her, she struts into the living room with her tits busting out of her white sports bra, sits on his lap and asks him if he likes her new yoga pants. Derrick reacts to her tits in his face, and explains her behaviour is inappropriate. Kenzie confronts him about checking out her ass all the time. She tells him she knows he wants her. Derrick apologizes for sending the wrong message and tells her to get off because he’s happily married to her mother. But Kenzie rubs her leg over his crotch making it noticeably hard. Kenzie asks to see his cock, just once, then she’ll stop. Derrick finally agrees, if she’ll stop her shenanigans. But then Kenzie wants to touch it with her feet, so Derrick lets her give him a footjob, just to get her off his back. The troublemaking teen asks him to rub it on her ass over her yoga pants. She presents her ass and he presses his dick between her ass cheeks, resenting her for making him too horny to stop. She offers her pussy to fuck. This time he admits he wants her and rips her yoga pants at the seams, then fucks her exposed pussy with the pent up desire he’s been secretly harboring. Kenzie downs his cock in her mouth before he reinserts it in her pussy from behind. Her huge boulders are on display as he sucks her pussy till she cums. Then she rides him on the sofa, till he loses his load all over her mouth. Enjoy!

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Rebel Lynn – Daddy’s Lucky Day HD

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Daddy I’m Number 1 – Hope Harper HD MP4

And It Better Stay That Way

Dear Diary,

After Daddy decided to adopt Anastasia we started getting the house ready a few days before her arrival. I was really nervous and even a bit jealous cause I know how she is. Needless to say when Daddy came in to help with the room he could tell something was a bit off. We talked for a few minutes then I decided to stake my claim as Daddys number 1 princess!!

I pulled down his shorts and started sucking his cock like a bitch in heat. Soon as he was hard I spun around and begged him to fuck me doggystyle. Daddy made me cum a fe times then had me ride him a bit. Next thing I knew I was on my back and Daddy was cumming inside me and all over my ass too. I think seeing me jelous really turned him on and he definitely knows who his princess is!!

Xo Hope

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He’s MY Daddy Now Too – Anastasia Rose HD MP4

And I’m Gonna Be His Favorite

Dear Diary,

After my Dad got locked up for blowing up that building Uncle Jay offered to adopt me. I was so excited to become part of the family I moved in before everything was final. A few weeks later we finally got the news so my new Daddy came to tell me.

He came in my room and gave me the news then suggested we celebrate. I knew just what Daddy meant so I started sucking his cock. He played with my pussy a bit then started fucking me. My new Daddy was so excited it wasn’t long before he came all over me. Now if I can just keep Hope smiling we’ll be one big happy family

Xo Anastasia

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