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Luna Star – Passionate Latin Beauty Aunt Loves Anal HD

Luna is one hot latin woman who has had her eye on her nephew for a while. He is staying with her and her husband while he checks out some colleges in the area. When Luna’s husband leaves for work, she finds herself in the perfect situation to live out her deepest and darkest fantasy. After a chance encounter in her nephew’s room the previous night, she puts on her sexiest lingerie and waits for what she has been dreaming of so long. But this is going to be an experience she is never going to forget.

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Aunt Laurens Secret Visit Part 2 HD

A continuation of Aunt Lauren’s Secret Visit!

…Aunt Lauren enthusiastically rides your cock & she’s obviously enjoying herself because she cums on you over and over again as her tits bounce up & down over your face. “Give auntie your seed,” she says as she screams in ecstasy. “Aunt Mallory was right: your young cock feels so good.”

Just then your mother walks in. Aunt Lauren was so loud that mom heard you across the house. She looks really mad. Lauren explains to your mom that she figures it’s ok for you to impregnate her because you tried to impregnate Aunt Mallory. She deserves to get pregnant just as much as Mallory did. But your mom says that it’s not ok for her to sneak around having sex with her son behind her back. You’re relieved because you really want to cum. “That’s not how he likes it anyway,” mom says, and she starts to undress.

Mom & Aunt Lauren take turns riding you, then Lauren lies down on her back with her legs behind her head. She’s quite flexible, and she’s ready for your seed. You shoot it deep inside her & she keeps her legs back to keep all the semen in there. “Don’t worry,” mom tells Aunt Lauren, “if you don’t get pregnant this time, we’ll just have to try again.”

They’re fucking in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary. Ends in a creampie.

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Makayla Cox – My Aunt’s Foot Job MP4 Optimum

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Your aunt is laying on the couch in the other room, barefoot. As you spy on her, looking at her gorgeous, long feet, she catches you and calls you into the room. She says she sees you starring at her feet every time she’s at your house. She can see that you are getting excited by her feet and asks if you’re actually getting off from your aunt’s feet. She then tells you to just take your pants off and begins to stroke your hard cock with her delicate feet!

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Stroking off for my aunt the cougar (with Caroline Pierce)

Your Aunt Caroline is excited that you will be staying with her for a week. She is very, very excited. You are told that you will not really get to see your uncle because he is out of town right now. It will be just you and your aunt. She tells you that she sometimes gets a little restless when her husband is gone. Restless? No, maybe she means frisky instead. She thought that you would be able to entertain one another while you were visiting, but she is explicit. Aunt Caroline wants to see what is in your pants, so take that dick out. You are being a little shy, so she reaches over to take it out for you. Auntie Caroline is happy with what she finds. Touch it for her and get it rock hard. She smiles at you as she watches your dick grow. She admires your technique… your gentleness. Caroline the cougar is definitely horny for you. She starts to strip down as she tells you how sexy she thinks you are. You take note of her big butt. You happen to love a big ass and your aunt definitely has that. When she takes her bra off, you are pleasantly surprised to see pierced nipples on her perky tits. Sweet Caroline is very eager to see your cum fountain and you do not want to disappoint her. You unleash a stream of white hot fury like you never have before. You feel confident that this vacation with Aunt Caroline will be something you will always remember.

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Aunt Melanie’s Christmas Wish – Melanie Hicks HD

Aunt Melanie is lonely and depressed this holiday without her husband. Her Christmas wish this year is to have a baby, the only problem, her husband cannot give her one. She leaves the party downstairs and goes to her room. She is not aware that her nephew has followed her and is watching her play with her pussy while she dreams about getting pregnant.

Melanie notices her nephew and tells him to come inside. She is desperate to have a baby and she does not care who gives it to her as long as she has a baby. “It is ok nephew, no one will find out, now fill my pussy with your hot, young cum!”

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Jodi West – A Mother, An Aunt and A Cheating Wife! 5 HOT Vids!

Mother’s Helpful Ways HD

Jodi has her hands full taking care of her family. Getting everyone off in the morning. Making sure they have everything they need for a productive day. Keeping them all on schedule. She acts shocked when she calls out for her husband to get a move on, then feels strong hands behind her on her bottom. Thinking it is her husband, she is surprised to find her own son sliding his hands up her skirt. She swats his hands away with a spatula. “There is a time and place for everything”, says Mother as she adjust her skirt back down. “Now be helpful and give these to your Father so her can get on his way to work” Jodi says to her son and hurries him from the kitchen.
As she puts away the rest of the dishes, Mother’s mind wanders as she thinks of her son’s strong hands on the rest of her body. Soon her hands are pulling up her own skirt and inside her pantyhose and panties. After a moment of guilty pleasure, she recomposes herself. “Oh, there you are” she calls to her son and brings him into the room. “Do you have everything for class” Jodi asks, giving her son lunch money. But there is something else she has been helping him with. Since she has been allowing him to have sex with her, his concentration at school has improved, and his grades are getting better. “You know, once you get done with your college placement exams, you will have to get a girlfriend to do this for you… but until then…” Mother slips her son’s penis in her mouth. She brings his cock to full hardness, then turns around, allowing him to enter her from behind. “Be careful, go slowly. You know your penis is much larger then your fathers” Jodi says as she lifts her skirt, pulls down her pantyhose and then lets her son slide his hard member deep inside his mother. Jodi can’t help herself, and orgasms on her son’s cock as he is thrusting deep in her. She has him quicken the pace, so they can finish quickly. Her son grasps his mothers hips and drives his member in her with youthful exuberance. As he nears orgasm, Mother wants to see his penis spray it’s seed. So she turns around and makes him spray stream after stream of cum on her. Her face covered in her own son’s semen, she instructs him to go clean up so she can give him a ride to school.

My Nephew’s Poor Job Performance HD

When Aunt Jodi gets a call from the car dealership owner, saying that her nephew is not selling as many cars as he should be, she know she needs to work fast. The young man was her hire, and the boss is not keen on nepotism in the first place. But just how is Aunt Jodi going to motivate the young man? Well it seams that she is going to try to inspire his more primal needs. It also might seem that Jimmy was hired, not just for his sales skills, but for a whole different skill set that his Aunt wants to take advantage of! Set in Jodi’s office, she decides to mix business with pleasure and get this guy motivated about selling more cars while he it making love to his Aunt on her work desk! This “carrot and stick” type of management just might pay off as the young man explodes his seed all over his Aunt Jodi’s face as an affirmation that he will try harder for the sale!!

Mother Son Seductions HD

Jodi comes home late again from work. As she wanders her home, she finds her son asleep again in her bed. He must have dozed off watching TV. She wakes him to send him to his room, but as she rousts him, she sees he is not wearing any shorts. She can’t help herself! She slowly starts stroking his penis. As it hardens in her hands, he wakes. She quiets him and tells him she is going to masturbate him so he does not have to go back to sleep with a hard on. Her expert, loving hands glide up and down on his cock. She sooths him with her admiration for his penis, telling him it’s even larger then his dad’s! When he explodes, she milks out every last drop, then advises him that they should keep this secret. He agrees, knowing this might be the start of a new chapter in their relationship…

Mommie – Son Problem HD

Jodi Tutors Stepson With A Helpful Handjob HD

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Jodi West – My Aunt Blew My Morning Wood HD

You have been staying with your Aunt for a short time now, so you know how horny she can get when her husband is out of town. You go in to wake her up, and find her fast asleep. You gently nudge her, and she stirs slowly, and then she asks you to lays down next to her for just a minute. As you lay against her tight MILF body, she can feel your hardness growing in your pants. She knows that it is best to relieve that tension before you leave for the day. She lays you back, and proceeds to milk out that ejaculate with her loving mouth and hands. To finish, she lovingly scoots you off to school!

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Natalie Wonder – Your Cool Sexy Aunt Gives You Your First Hand Job!

Your aunt is over tonight because your mom went out & asked her to watch you. You are kind of bored & horny so you decide to start jerking off. Thank goodness mom went out and it’s just your aunt who’s here. Your aunt is much cooler & relaxed then mom.

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Lady Sonia – Aunt Sonia Has Secretly Been Watching You Wank HD

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Mom & Aunt – Syren De Mer & Lady Fyre HD

Mom & Aunt Syren Part 1: Nurse You Back to Health HD

Lately you have been staying home sick and missing too much school. Mother is worried that something might be seriously wrong so she asks your Aunt Syren (Syren De Mer) to come over and take a look at you. Your Aunt Syren is a nurse (not to mention total MILF) and should be able to help mom determine if your sickness is something serious or just a lingering cold. Aunt Syren arrives and mom explains to her what has been going on and that she is concerned. Right off the bat, Aunt Syren knows what’s been going on with you. She understands what it’s like for young men whose hormones are raging. She has seen this before. “You’re not sick”, she tells you. “You’ve been staying home and watching porn!” BUSTED!

Aunt Syren decides she is gonna administer some special treatment. She tells Mom that she is going to need her assistance and asks her to change into another nurse outfit. Mom thinks this is strange but is willing to do whatever it takes to make her boy well. When mom leaves the room Syren begins teasing you and then she pulls out your cock and starts sucking it like only a grown MILF knows how. You can’t believe this is happening! Her MILF mouth is perfect for sucking young cocks!

Suddenly, mom walks in wearing the nurse outfit and is shocked to see Syren with your cock down her throat. Syren explains what’s been going on and helps mom understand that the best way the both of them can help you is by providing you with the necessary care. In this case, it happens to be Mom and Aunt Syren’s hot wet MILF pussies.

At first they behave as though it’s just what needs to be done but before you know it they are giving your cock the milf pounding of a lifetime! They are clearly taking advantage of the situation. They taking turns fucking you till Aunt Syren convulses in orgasm. You feel her quivering on your cock. As it turns out, you weren’t the only one who needed a little sexual healing!

This clip features super sexy milfs: Syren De Mer, Lady Olivia Fyre

Also featuring: Laz Fyre

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Mom & Aunt Syren Part 2: Double Creampie HD

After Aunt Syren’s big orgasm, it’s time for your mother to take over again. Aunt Syren has assured her that this sexual treatment will heal you, and mom is determined to do whatever it takes. She bounces hard on your cock, and you enjoy watching her tits bounce too. “I can’t believe I’m doing this; I love fucking my son’s cock,” mom says as she cums on you. The two MILFs kiss while mom keeps riding you. Then mom wants to do missionary, but Aunt Syren wants to ride more. “I’m the eldest sister,” she says, so she rides you until she cums for the third time. Then you get to do your aunt in missionary while mom fingers her to a 4th & 5th orgasm.

You cum inside your aunt in missionary position. Then mom asks, “Are you sure you’re done? I don’t want you missing anymore school. Do you need to cum again?” She offers her pussy to you in doggystyle. She pumps your cock, pushing her round ass back against you until you give her a creampie. Mom has some crazy skills.

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