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Lady Sonia – Obsessed With His Aunts Big Tits HD

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Boku to oba Aunt and Me

Boku to oba Aunt and Me
25 pages

Boku to oba Aunt and Me.rar


Spying On The Married Russian Aunt!

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Rachel Steele – Taboo Stories, Falling for Aunt Rachel, The Funeral HD

Jeremy sat alone in the back of the church as the reverend gave the sermon. Rachel was late and disrupted the service as she bolted to the back to sit with him. The relatives were disgusted with her low cut dress and her blatant way of inappropriately showing off her cleavage. Rachel had little respect for the church since they had turned their backs on her and were mostly hypocrites. As the reverend babbled on Rachel became fidgety. Lusty impure thoughts came to her as she consoled her hot young nephew. She thought of the way she had seduced him just hours ago. His cock was erect through his pants. Rachel saw it and began to brush her hand over it. Jeremy could not help it, whenever she entered the room he became hard. She oozed sex to him. Rachel knew no one could see them and she began to take his cock out. Jeremy pushed her hand away but Rachel already had hold of his throbbing member. She bent down and sucked his cock right there in CHURCH! That was one of the hottest experiences either one of them could imagine. As soon as the reverend was done Rachel quickly popped up and said amen. She giggled at Jeremy as he fumbled to put his rod back in his pants. They got up and filed out of church. They arrived graveside. The funeral service was short. The family was gathered and ready to go to the reception. Rachel and Jeremy stood at the grave. Jeremy was still upset. Rachel told him she was not going to the reception since the family treated her like an outcast. Jeremy confided he did not want to go to it either. He wanted to be with her in her loving arms. His mother saw him and walked over to him when Rachel walked away. His mother told him he was to leave aunt Rachel’s house and come home to greet the family as they arrived. He told her he wanted to be with Aunt Rachel because he needed to heal. Mother was furious at his betrayal. Jeremy and Aunt Rachel went back to her home. Rachel offered him a cold drink. She told him he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted. Rachel did not get along with her sister in law and despised her deceased brother. This was an opportunity to get the entire family back. Keeping Jeremy with her was the perfect plan. His mother phoned to talk him into coming home, she cried and shamed him into agreeing to return. Rachel overheard the conversation and knew she had to convince him otherwise. Rachel came out in a silk robe and sat next to him. Jeremy sadly told her he must go. Rachel tried to talk him out of that. He confessed that he felt guilty and thought their relationship was wrong. Rachel moved closer to him explain that he is a grown man now and he should do what makes him happy. Time to cut the cord! Jeremy was easily swayed by his aunt’s sexy suggestions and agreed to stay at least the night. Rachel knew she had to work harder to convince him more. She kissed his mouth softly pressing her bosom against his chest. She felt his cock at attention. She made her move, Jeremy was putty in her hands. Rachel’s robe slipped off and she was on top of him, smothering him with her warm massive tits. She got on her knees and began to slowly lick and suck his beautiful cock. Then they went to her bedroom where she would again seduce her young nephew into staying with her. They made sweet love, fucking slow and deep. Rachel kept eye contact as a predator would prey. Soon Jeremy was ready to cum. Aunt Rachel pulled him up to her chest and opened her mouth as wide as she could looking deep into his eyes with love. He came into her mouth. Rachel let his cum sit on her tongue. She smiled at him knowing he would be an easy catch. Jeremy was falling hard and fast for his aunt, but they were both perfect for each other. Will Jeremy stay??


Aunt’s Asshole Destruction HD

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Will You Eat Your Own Cum to Please Your Big-Breasted Auntie?

Now, it’s time for you to get into bed. Let me tuck you in with a nice bedtime story… are you listening? Or are you staring at Auntie’s cleavage? Hmmm?? Now, you are my favorite nephew, aren’t you? And you love making Auntie happy? If you promise to do everything I tell you to, I’ll tuck you in for the night in a much more grown up way. You’re already hard due to putting so much attention on my tits… what is this I’ve found underneath your blanket? Oooh, does that feel good?? Yes, it does… and would you like it if Auntie takes off her blouse and bra? Oh, you really DO like that, don’t you! Yes, I’ll keep pumping your cock under the blanket, but don’t come before I tell you to. There’s something I want you to do, something that grownup boys do… I want you to eat your own come right out of my hands after I collect it fresh from your hot, young cock!

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Lady Sonia – The Very First Ever Virtual Fuck With Aunt Sonia HD

Come into my bedroom and close the door behind you… Has your uncle left? Did you hear his car drive away? Is the front door locked? Look, I know that I’m your aunt and we really shouldn’t but if you promise that you can keep a secret I have something to ask you… I am absolutely desperate to fuck and if you promise not to tell anyone (anyone at all!) I want you to fuck me… Would you like that? Have me ride your big hard cock while my HUGE 34G cup tits bounce in your face? I want to feel how much you stretch me as I sit down on your HUGE cock but you MUST promise not to cum inside me… Do you promise?


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Auntie Makes You Cream Your Jeans HD

You’re in my room first thing in the morning, telling me you had a bad night because you had an embarrassing dream…come on, nephew…tell Auntie all about it… Auntie sits in front of you, sexy in her long white lace nightie…smoking her morning cigarette and asking you lots of personal questions. Before you know it, you have a raging boner and your aunt is rubbing her bare foot against the tent you’ve pitched in your pjs. Auntie’s going to help you, sweetheart…just sit right there…and you can help Auntie, too…let’s make sure that we both sleep well tonight.

Your aunt reaches out her long bare leg, pressing and rubbing harder and faster against your hard-on…you can feel it throbbing, burning…wanting to jizz right there in your pajama pants. But Auntie’s talking so dirty, smoking that cigarette and rubbing your cock…next thing you know she’s spread her legs to expose her wet shaved pussy… That’s it, nephew, let Auntie get you off with my foot while I show you how a woman gets off. I’m going to rub my clit while pressing against that big hard bulge…don’t cum in your pants, baby…

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Aunt, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Cheating, Wife, POV, Female Domination, Virtual Sex, Only Handjob, Only Footjob


Tickle 15 – Aunt Rachel Gets Even!

Aunt Rachel is playing with at the ropes in the bedroom the next day after Savannah tickled. She obviously had a good time by the smile on her face. Savannah walks in and asks her what she is doing. Rachel plays it down and says she is just looking but then suddenly grabs Savannah and ties her down on the bed. Aunt Rachel gets even by tickling Savannah from her feet to her arm pits.

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Your MOM VICKY and AUNT DAISY are in shock when they catch you with a hard cock right in front of them from their BARE SOLES in your face. They have just figured out you have a FOOT FETISH and LAUGH because it’s pathetic. You should not be getting horny from family FEET. What kind of sick perverted loser FOOT BOY likes their MOM and AUNTS FEET? VICKY and DAISY are a little perverted themselves so they are going to have a little fun with you. VICKY and DAISY start to TEASE you with their SOLES and TOES and HUMILIATE you as they TEASE. Maybe they will let you get off and maybe they won’t!

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