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Mexican Daddies and young married daughter!


Lesbian Border Crossings (2016)

Stars: Madison May, Jodi West, Veronica Rodriguez, Anya Olsen, Gina Valentina
On the U.S.-Mexican border, a lust for freedom meets a lust for lust in a race for lesbian liberty! Outgunned and on the run, these two Latina lesbians are in search of freedom and asylum from sexual persecution. The only things standing in their way is the hot desert and even hotter Lesbian Border guards! Lesbian erotica with a twist. On the run and outgunned, these two Latin lesbians are in search of freedom and asylum from sexual persecution. The only things standing in their way is the hot desert and the even hotter lesbian border guards!

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My Dirty Maid ~ Nicole Rey ~ Cleaning Up With Nicole

Nicole is our maid of the week, she is a hot Mexican Latina student thats working to pay for school. She’s came prepare to get my place spotless, to bad that I had to ruin her plans hahaha. After recording her cleaning my place for a while I started convincing her to strip down for more cash. This chick has a great body, DAMN! Once she was in her bra and panties I didn’t take long to offer some money to start having the real fun. Nicole sucks me off great before letting me go deep in her pussy. She rides my dick and I do my best to record while fucking her on doggy but it was for the best for me to place the camera down so I can enjoy this the right way. I fucked her hard until I came on her pretty Mexican face.

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Extradition (2017)

Stars: Sarah Vandella, Adriana Sephora, Luna Star, Kat Dior, Abella Danger
Prisoner Kat Dior escapes from Mexican cartel boss La Luna Star after partaking in a lesbian threesome with prostitute Adriana Sephora. A Senator’s kid-napped daughter, Abella Danger, tries to fuck her way out of a captivity situation when Mexican cartel boss Luna Starr reveals her weakness for pussy. Special Agent Sarah Vandella helps Mexican captive Kat Dior out of her predicament in exchange for a reenactment of her sexcapades with La Luna.



Extradition Part Three – Sarah Vandella, Kat Dior HD

Other PARTS are HERE!

Agent Sarah Vandella is questioning the Mexican prostitute Kat Dior to figure out what happened to Senator Adams’ kidnapped daughter Abella Adams after the hostage witnessed her having sex with notorious cartel boss La Luna. It’s been nine days since La Luna’s henchman Tori threw Kat Dior in the trunk and drove her to this hellhole. Agent Vandella still doesn’t know the location of the Yucatan safehouse, and Abella Adams could be anywhere by now. When Kat find out that she will be extradited to the US, she knows that she’s good as dead. The cartel will kill her for talking before the Mexican military can process her as a detainee. Desperate for her life, the naked hostage offers herself to Agent Vandella believing it’s the only way she’ll live to see her daughter again. First Agent Vandella yells at her for inferring she’s a lesbian. But then she considers her offer, praising Kat for being a credible witness whose intel helped them catch Tori. Agent Vandella cups the girl’s breasts in each hand as though weighing the possibilities. Kat promises to give her the best orgasm of her life. Looking into the deep brown pools of Kat’s eyes, Agent Vandella uncuffs the prisoner. The dank squalor of the interrogation room starkly contrasts the lush sexuality exuding from Kat Dior’s nudity and her naked parted legs. Sarah kisses Kat on the mouth and slips out of her army fatigues. Kat licks the naked agent’s large tits and suckles on her erect nipples. Agent Sarah folds Kat over and eats her bubble butt high in the air while she pinches her hairy pussy. Kat melts into the floor moaning, eager to please the lesbian MILF who pulls Kat’s naked vagina towards her own horny pussy. Lesbian Sarah grabs Kat by the ass and starts tribbing her hard until she fingers her saturated pussy and makes her cum all over her hand. Agent Vandella slurps her squirt and then sits on Kat’s face, riding her tongue till she cums. She dismounts still twitching and tastes herself on Kat’s lips. Then Agent Sarah orders the prostitute to sit on her face till she cums on command, bathing them both in her sweet nectar. Will Agent Vandella do the right thing releasing Kat Dior? Click to find out!

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Extradition Part Two – Abella Danger, Luna Star HD


US DEA captive Kat Dior is held for questioning inside a cartel-run compound in Central Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountain Range. She can provide intel on the evasive cartel boss La Luna Star who forced Kat into prostitution the day the kidnapped daughter of a US Senator purportedly went missing. Kat was brought to the facility with a blond-haired prostitute, where they entered the main house to fuck La Luna in a lesbian threesome. La Luna and her lieutenant took off with the escort and her clothes leaving Kat naked and alone.

After darkness falls, Kat wanders outside in the nude and follows the sound of voices that lead her to a small dank building where she finds La Luna yelling in Spanish at an American girl tied to a chair. The female prisoner is under duress to read La Luna’s terrorist statement demanding the extradition of Mexican prisoners from American jails or innocent lives will be lost. She must be the Senator’s kidnapped daughter Abella Danger.

Desperate to stay alive, Abella tries to understand what La Luna wants from her but the language barrier makes her hard to read. Abella begs her to take ransom from her rich father. But La Luna eyeballs the feisty brunette’s big juicy tits. When it dawns on Abella that La Luna has a weakness for female flesh, she begs her to do anything she wants to her. She’ll make La Luna cum so hard if she just lets her go. La Luna instructs her lieutenant Tori to untie the prisoner and watch the door. A pantiless La Luna lifts her skirt and plants Abella’s face between her sun kissed legs. Abella starts sucking La Luna’s pussy for dear life.

Kat watches transfixed as Abella fingers her captor’s pussy while flicking her clit with her tongue till La Luna’s squirt runs down her chin and chest. La Luna orders the Senator’s daughter to remove her pants and shoves her onto the floor. The Latina begins tribbing her wildly while sucking on her nipples like she’s trying to extract her milk. Next La Luna jabs her fingers in and out of Abella’s pussy commanding her in Spanish to cum. When she lowers her lips to make contact Abella’s face contorts and she juices all over the floor. La Luna fucks her face again washing Abella in more squirt. That’s when La Luna discovers Kat watching in silence through the doorway…

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Extradition Part One – Adriana Sephora, Luna Star, Kat Dior HD

DEA Special Agents capture Mexican hostage Kat Dior inside a cartel run facility in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range of Central Mexico. Agent Vandella is questioning the hostage for intel on the kidnapped daughter of a US Senator believed to be held in the cartel’s facility. Kat sits naked and restrained, her legs pried apart by shackles, meaty pussy exposed.

Kat confesses what she knows about notorious cartel boss La Luna Star. Kat works a job hooking at the La Bolas nightclub in Mexico City to help pay the bills after her husband died. The night La Luna comes in for a drink, a real bad bitch named Tori approaches Kat to arrange a meeting with La Luna who had taken a liking to her. She advises her not to rebuke the invitation, or else her family will face repercussions.

A car picks her up the next day along with another prostitute Adriana Sephora. When they arrive at the compound, Tori orders them into the house and commands them to strip. La Luna loves to fuck hot girls with big tits so do what she says. Screams coming from upstairs are silenced by a round of gunfire. The prostitutes tremble naked on the sofa awaiting their fate. A gorgeous girl, mid-twenties, with perfect tits and platinum locks saunters downstairs in a smoking jacket and pearl bikini.

La Luna takes off her top and bottoms and orders the prostitutes to suck on her nipples. She sits on the sofa with her legs spread instructing Adriana to lick her pussy. La Luna puts herself on all fours to feed Kat her asshole while the cartel boss licks Adriana’s pussy in 69. La Luna bends over so Adriana can service her ass while she eats Kat’s pussy. After Kat cums in La Luna’s mouth, Kat and Adriana are forced to grind their pussies together faster and harder until their eyes glaze over.

La Luna scoops Kat into her lap and starts tribbing her wildly making Kat cum loud and hard. La Luna tells the girls to make her cum, and they obediently rub her pussy till her orgasm releases. She starts to makes Adriana writhe under the friction of Kat’s tongue. but before she can finish La Luna’s lieutenant interrupts the threesome to whisper something to La Luna. Adriana is escorted out with Tori and La Luna, leaving Kat naked and alone in the room till she wanders outside past nightfall looking for someone to let her use the bathroom, and that’s when she finds….

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Lesbian Border Crossings (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: All Girl, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Teens +18, MILFs, Mature, Feature, Old & Young Females
Studio: Forbidden Fruits
Director: Jodi West
Starring: Jodi West, Veronica Rodriguez, Madison May, Gina Valentina, Anya Olsen
Duration: 01:39:47

On the U.S.-Mexican border, a lust for freedom meets a lust for lust in a race for lesbian liberty! Outgunned and on the run, these two Latina lesbians are in search of freedom and asylum from sexual persecution. The only things standing in their way is the hot desert and even hotter Lesbian Border guards! Lesbian erotica with a twist.

Video: 852×480 29.970 fps 1605 Kbps
Audio: 48 KHz AAC 120 Kbps
Size: 1.49 GB

Lesbian Border Crossings.mkv


2016 U.S. Presidential Election HD

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Motorboating Malia

Angry with Barack for grounding her, Malia Obama (Chanell Heart) phones his worst enemy, Donald Trump (Evan Stone), and invites him to the Whitehouse for a sexy romp! Malia strips and exposes herself to Trump, and it isn’t long before he takes out his cock and Malia gets to work. Malia is orally serviced by Trump as well. Ends with her ebony face being covered in a thick load.

Bobblehead Buttplug

Ivanka Trump (Blair Williams) can’t help but masturbate to her father’s hateful rhetoric on Youtube… with a Donald Trump bobblehead nonetheless! Trump’s naughty daughter Ivanka moans in euphoria as she fucks herself silly. Eventually the real Donald Trump (Evan Stone) shows up to give her a hand.

Deepthroat Diplomacy

Mexican President Nieto (Anthony Rosano) recently met with Donald Trump (Evan Stone). Here’s what happened behind closed doors at that meeting – The Donald attempts to bribe Nieto to finance “The Wall” by offering him his own daughter, Ivanka (Blair Williams. Ivanka quickly strips off her tight dress, revealing a lack of panties, gets down on her hands and knees and begins the negotiations. Thankfully Ivanka is good at what she does and a deal is signed with a thick load on her pretty face.

Creampie Debate

It’s debate night. Can Hillary (Nina Hartley) and Donald (Evan Stone) learn to reach across the aisle and work together? Certainly not! Here, they finally debate the issues that matter! Trump and Hillary fuck eachother back and forth with dildos, eventually leading to Trump taking out his cock and fucking her the old-fashioned way. And there is quite a creampie in this scene indeed.

Cuckold Trump

As retribution for Donald Trump’s (Evan Stone) forbidden tryst with Malia, President Obama (Ricky Johnson) breaks into Trump Tower intending to beat Trump’s ass. But once The Donald is tied up, Melania Trump (Lea Lexis) suggests some better revenge! Melania fucks and sucks Barack’s thick cock in front of Trump. Wrapping everything up with a facial.


Pussy or Lead (2016)

Country: USA
Studio: Brazzers
Genre: All sex, Fantasies, Feature
Starring: Abigail Mac, Alexa Tomas, Bridgette B.
Duration: 03:07:56

Bridgette B aka The Spanish Doll aka the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet wants it all and knows how to get it. Money, drugs, guns and sex are hers for the taking. But when a shy undercover cop named Abigail crosses her path she’ll have to choose once and for all: Pussy O Plomo? Hot cop Abigail Mac is about to go undercover at a Mexican brothel, but first she tries on some hooker outfits for her rich boyfriend Keiran. This is going to be a dangerous job, so she better give him something to remember her by. After failing to secure a business deal with druglord Ramon, Bridgette B soothes herself by watching her bodyguard fuck Abigail’s brains out. This undercover agent might look like a hooker, but can she trick Bridgette B? Abigail is caught in Bridgette’s web, but maybe she likes it there. After pumping Abigail for info Bridgette tracks down her boyfriend at his hotel room and demands a huge ransom. Keiran is willing to pay big, and just as willing to fuck her greedy ass. Now armed with enough cash to be taken seriously, Bridgette B invites druglord Ramon to her mansion to celebrate their new partnership. Little does he know she’s out for revenge.

Video: 848×480 23.976fps 1025kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz 190kbps
Size: 1.30 GB

Pussy Or Lead.mp4

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