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Punish my 19 year-old ass and mouth

Anastasia is beyond therapy, so Dr. Mercies just uses her now to let out all his tension. He punishes her mouth by facefucking it with soap, then punishes her ass for what seems like an endless amount of time. He makes her eat his ass, then clean it for him with her tongue and more of the soap. And he flushes her head several times in the toilet bowl as he sodomizes her. Of course, he feeds her his cum and piss as well. Nothing elaborate in this scene, just Dr. Mercies letting out a little steam with a girl who loves being his ragdoll.

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Punish my 19 year-old ass and mouth (January 19, 2017) 720p.mp4


Stealing Daughter Caught And Punished By Father HD

I have spent all day at the casino having fun and drinking so I could enjoy my fucking day off! When I got home, I decided to pass out for a little while before drinking some more! Low and BEHOLD, my bitch ass little whiny slut of a daughter decided to steal from MY WALLET!!! I catch her in the act, and make her bend over for me so her ass can taste the leather of my belt!!!! Well, she didn’t like that very much, and started touching my crotch. She says she wants to work out a deal instead of getting a beating. OKAY! She start jerking my cock and sucking it until I realize I need her pussy to get off!!! Smiley I LOVE MY THIEVING DAUGHTER!!!! SHE WILL BEG ME FOR A CREAMPIE!!!! NOW I WILL FUCK HER WHENEVER SHE DISOBEYS ME!!! I HOPE I GET HER PREGNANT!!!!

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Jenevieve Hexxx – Yoga Feet Punishment HD

You’ve been watching Jenevieve in the gym all afternoon. Her bare feet. Her huge tits. The way her yoga pants leave nothing to the imagination. As the place quiets down, it’s just you and her as she stretches in an array of yoga poses. But with no one else around, she catches your perverted gaze. If you like to spy on babes working out so badly, drooling over sweaty feet you can never touch, Jenevieve’s just gonna have to teach you a fucking lesson.

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Lexy Bandera – Nerd FORCED to Eat Dirty Black Ass & Punished by BIG BLACK DICK!!!

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So here I am working hard trying to get this next nasty XXX update out for you guys, and my fuckin computer wanna act up! Tried to fix it for a hour before I was like, “Fuck it. I need an expert.” So I call up a local computer repair shop. Lot of goofy ass college work there, so I’m sure they know what they doing. So they send over this cute lil nerdy college student! Not what I was expecting, but whatever. As long as she can fix my computer, I’m good. I leave her alone to work her magic, and then I hear something. One of my porno videos! This nerdy little bitch snooping around in places on my computer that ain’t got to do with the problem! Yoooo…my day was already fucked up, and that pissed me the fuck off. That nosy little bitch needed to be taught a lesson. So I taught her about BIG BLACK DICK. I fucked her face til tears ran out her eyes. Went BALLS deep in that pretty throat. Flipped her ass upside down, and did it some more. Lucky for me, she don’t got NO GAG REFLEX! So I made sure she took EVERY. SINGLE. INCH. I kept slapping her and choking her and she said she was sorry…but the best way to show you sorry is by CLEANING DIRTY BLACK ASS. So that’s EXACTLY what I made her do. Her lunch break must have been up next, because she ATE THE FUCK out my asshole! That turnt me on even more so I went back to piledriving her throat until I busted A MASSIVE NUT right in her fucking mouth! Runnin down my balls, drippin into my asscrack…that was everywhere! After the way I fucked her up…I think she learned her lesson. So once she done with the computer…I think Im gonna give her a tip….and EVEN MORE BLACK DICK AND BLACK ASS.

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Alexa Nova – Punished Hard By A Step-Daddy HD

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Pussy PUNISHED by MASSIVE BLACK DICK after Hotel Mix-up! HD

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Pro debut of 12 inch Internet Sensation HNamazin! Miss Raquel just had an excellent day of shopping! She bought a ton of sexy clothes and is eager to try them on! She puts on an outfit, admiring her sexy body in the process…when she heard a noise. And to her surprise, she finds a guy in her hotel room! And this guy says the room is his! Now of course, Miss Raquel is heated, and she starts yelling, saying she’s gonna call the cops. But then the guy’s towel drops…and what Miss Raquel sees is AMAZING! This guy has a MASSIVE 12 INCH BIG BLACK DICK! The sight of all that meat is enough to hang up the phone…and pick up the dick! Miss Raquel sucks the massive BBC, struggling to get it down her throat. Finding it doesn’t fit, she wants to see if it fits in her pussy. BIG MISTAKE. Because once he puts it in, he goes CRAZY on the pussy, beating it up, down and sideways. HNAmazin forces ALL 12 INCHES into her pussy! From her moans and screams, its clear that he’s going BALLS DEEP! After some serious snatch smashing, Miss Raquel’s pussy can’t take any more so she uses her mouth to pull the nut out of the 12 inch monster. Why can’t all mixups end like this???

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Cherie Deville & Marica Hase Foreign Student Punished for Disobeying the Master’s House Rule

Adorable foreign student Marica Hase is spending her Spring studying abroad and is staying . When she breaks the number one house rule, that nobody enters Tommy Pistol’s office, she learns the true meaning of punishment. Tommy and pain-slut wife Cherie Deville team up on her and cane, flog, and electrocute her. Ultimately Marica gets spit on, face-fucked, pussy and ass pounded, and cum swaps with Cherie, all while in brutal bondage.

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Abuse Me – Mia Martinez – Xmas Punishment

Mia has been really naughty this year and because of that she gets a different type of present from Santa. Peaceful Santa? Not for long and not in here. He quickly bends her sexy ass down and starts spanking her, even uses his belt. Then shoves his hard cock deep into her mouth and proceeds to fuck her throat. The fucking is no different either, spanking with his hand and belt. Watch this chick get punished and fucked hard until Santa gets to bust his load all over her.

mp4 | 1.16 GiB | 26 min | 1280×720

AM Mia Martinez Dec 21 2016.mp4


Amarna Miller & Chanel Preston – Evil Hot Mother and Spoiled Brat Get Anal Punishment HD

Gorgeous little minx Amarna Miller is a spoiled brat daughter, returned to claim her Dad’s estate and play BDSM games with the butler. She’ll take a hard spanking and tight clamps on her pink pussy so she can get the hard fucking she so richly deserves. But her fun is interrupted by evil and hot Chanel Preston, estranged wife with her eyes on owning both the house, the Butler’s hard cock, and Amarna as her personal sex slave. Cruel Chanel delivers a hot scene of verbal humiliation, intense flogging, clamps, cattle prod torment, and fuck training – but only after she has had her own fill of dick. But like all matters of litigation, nothing is as it seems, and according to the legal team Chanel may well have her own gold digging ass fucked and punished with hot wax and caning before the day is done.

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Naughty Schoolgirl Caught and Punished by Daddy HD

Ugh! Alright fine, so you caught me! It’s none of your business where I’ve been all night! I’ve been OUT! What do you mean, out where? It’s none of your business! Get your own life! I was just having fun! So what if you didn’t get any sleep, how is that my problem? Ugh! I don’t care! I don’t care that you have no life and decided to wait up till 6 am for me! It’s not my fault! You’re just a loser, get your own life! Ugh! Blah blah blah blah, that’s all I hear when you talk! Seriously! Now I’m like, really tired now, since I’ve had so much fun all night, so could you just shush? Just leave me alone! Ugh! Yeah, so what if I was fucking a bunch of guys? So what? You think you can control me? You’re just some lame old loser daddy! Yeah, I did like fucking all those guys, are you jealous? You’re so lame! You can’t punish me, what do you mean by punish me! What are you gonna do, ground me? What are you doing!? What the hell!? What are you doing!? *SPANK!* Ow! What the fuck dad! Spanking your daughter!? *SPANK!* What the fuck! Ow! *SPANK* SPANK* SPANK* Why are you pulling down my panties!? What, are you gonna fuck me just like all those guys did? Go ahead Daddy, fuck your naughty daughter, I know how much you’ve missed this pussy! In this virtual sex video I play your young naughty daughter who just likes to stay out late fucking random guys, so I need a lesson from my Daddy! After some hard spanking, you pull down my panties and fuck me hard, harder than all those silly boys, then you flip me over and fuck me so you can see my young tits bouncing with each thrust!*

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