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Cory Chase in Punishing My Lazy Son HD

Cory has a space in her house just for working out. When her go for nothing son uses it to lounge around and text it pisses her off. “Get up, you know the rules of this house” She yells at him. Cory’s stronger than him and that means she makes the rules. They arm wrestle to prove just how strong she really is. “I guess I’m just going to have to teach you a lesson.”

They begin to wrestle, to prove who is in control of house. He thinks just because he’s a man he’s going to be stronger than her. As they wrestle he finds out how wrong he is. Cory wipes the mat with him, literally. “Don’t beat me up anymore mom” He pleads with her. She flips over her loser son and spanks him like the cry baby he is. Cory forces him to kiss her strong muscles as she jerks his pathetic cock and spanks him off the mat. She’s in control of this house.

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Cattie – Throat Punishment Facial For Being Late HD

YOU’RE LATE! YOU’RE LATE!! And here I am…lolly gagging around on my phone, not even dressed… Finally fed up with bratty Cattie always being disrespectful and procrastinating, you decide to give her the punishment she truly deserves. You’re already running behind anyway… what’s a bit longer, right? You undo your belt and give her a couple spanks to show her you mean business. You wrap the belt around her neck for extra reinforcement; taking full control. Resistant to your commands to open her mouth, you rub your cock all over her pretty little face until she takes the hint. POV blowjob and deep throat action as you start to open her throat up. Tossing her off the bed and onto the floor; putting her on her knees where she belongs. You cram your dick deep down her throat pussy leaving her a drooly, spitty, gagging mess! She’s still talking back… So you drag her back onto the bed, flip her on her back and shove your fingers straight down to feel how loosened up her sassy little mouth has become. Jamming your thick cock all the way down, rubbing your balls and dick all over her face and mouth until you shoot a big load onto her tongue and face. Thrusting the load down her pipes so she can’t spit it out. Ending with her destroyed face, blowing spit bubbles and drooling a slobbery mustache onto herself. Think she’ll be late again?

Cattie lays on the bed only in her bra and panty which makes her boyfriend very angry. He removes his pants and starts face fucking Cattie. He is rough throughout the scene making her lick his ass and suck on his balls. Ends with a cumshot on her face and in her mouth.

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Scamming Squirting Slut Punished by Crazy Anal Housewife – Mona Wales, Cadence Lux HD

It’s a battle of the blonds as a scam artist faces off against a sadistic housewife resulting in brutal sybian, squirting, bondage, anal, humiliation, & pussy clamps. Cadence Lux is a hot little whore running a her last job, but picks the wrong rich and sadistic psycho’s to pull one over on. Before she arrives from the third party designer app agency, Tommy and his hot and bothered wife Mona are playing power games. Instigating her sadistic husband’s wrath is a time honored tradition, so Mona coyly throws her collar on the floor leaving herself open to Tommy’s discipline. Panties stuffed in her mouth and pussy, paddled and flogged until she is bound and squirting on the floor with a cock in her ass, choked out on her husbands work tie, Mona looks like a happy little sadistic house whore. Until she remembers the decorator is coming… Cadence will be sad to find that the cupboards and drawers are empty, and there is nothing in the house to steal except a single silver collar draped playfully in front of a security camera, as if for her to find. Walking directly into her fate, Cadence takes the necklace and finds herself immediately under Mona’s thumbs, pussy clamped wide open, nipples in tight metal clamps, made to gush and squirt with painful orgasm after painful orgasm. Humiliated and used up, Cadence scrambles out of the house, but cannot resist trying to steal one last thing before making it out the door, landing her in Tommy’s hands, and then bouncing on his cock as he and Mona decide what to do with their newly acquired toy. Answer is wrap it up tightly in black tape and place it on the sybian for a terrible torrent of orgasms while being shocked, face fucked, and made to like Mona’s asshole. Once Cadence is thoroughly objectified and fucked out, she must please Mona’s pussy and clean Tommy’s cock as he fucks his wife’s gorgeous asshole and she relishes every orgasm. Tied up and thrown on the bed, Cadence is fucked, spit on, humiliated, and gushes uncontrollably all over Tommy’s dick until the stockholm syndrome sets in and she promises herself as a pet to Tommy and Mona, to keep forever.

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Alyssa gets punished by daddy for stealing HD


Alyssa cole has been stealing from daddy. when he confronts her she lies upsetting daddy so he decides there is no other choice then punishing her. he finally submits her and she begins sucking daddy cock. realizing she loves this she fucks daddy until he comes on her face.

this video has slapping and forced daddy daughter role play. all is consensual but for the extreme viewers only.

Alyssa Cole has been a bad girl ever since her Mom left. She has no respect for anyone, including her step daddy. Alyssa has been stealing money from his wallet and staying out late with the older boys from school. Enough is enough and it is time for the teenager to be punished. She is spanked and manhandled, but it only makes the young blonde giggle. If she wants to act like she is an adult know it all whore, then she is going to be treated the way a whore gets treated. With no hesitation, a big cock fills the young teen’s shaved pussy and fucks her until she is ready to swallow every drop of her older man’s cum.

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My Stepdaddy Punished My Pussy (2017) HD

Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Older Men
Duration: 02:37:11
Director: Stoney Curtis
Studio: Lethal Hardcore

Cast: Lana Rhoades, Ella Knox, Carolina Sweets, Bella Jane.

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Violet Sky – Piledriver Punishment HD

Year: 2017
Cast: Violet Sky
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Description: A hard anal pounding interrupted with mean s–that’s what we have in this therapy session with tiny little brat Violet Sky. Dr. Shadrack fucked her up the ass harder and harder on a table and on the floor until her hole started to hurt; then he fed her a patient sperm meal. Dr. Mercies did not make the best choices when selecting wardrobe items today, but we believe painal is always better when delivered by deranged-looking dudes.
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Video: AVC, 1920×1080 (16:9), 29.970 fps, ~7 121 Kbps avg, 0.115 bit/pixel
Audio: 48.0 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~122 Kbps
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Stolen Panties Punishment HD

Well young man, what do you think Maxine and I found hidden inside this old clock? About a dozen pairs of panties stolen from us and women across the neighborhood is what it looks like to me. What kind of disrespectful, dirty boy would do such a thing and how should we punish the panty stealing little pervert? For starters you will be knocking on a lot of doors today, wearing not a lot of clothes…

Category: FORCED FEM

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Little slut! Punishment for the school girl!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

One school only for the girls, to teach them good behavior and make from them intelligent young ladies. But you you are spouse to do, when the girls starting messing with you in your classes. If is the first time, you may forgive, even second time……but what is enough is enough!!! When the bell rings and everybody are ready to leave the class….you stop HER…..tell HER to stay in her desk!!! So what now?…….you can talk to her and try to explain that her behavior is unacceptable!!! Or… will show your way…how to learn some respect!!! You command her to band over and spanking her ass…but this is only beginning for your new METHOD!!! ,, Now you gonna do what I say to you, other wise….you’ll be excluded from the school… understand!!? Of course….she does!!! You start to play with her pussy, fingering and feeling that warm young pussy!!! It seams…..this forced tuition turns her on…..her little pussy is getting wet inside………That’s something for you……mmmmmm……..little slut…..,, go on your knees…and suck my cock!!! Look at it….so fucking hard….take him in your mouth and blow me!!!” And then…..fuck that little whore….the way she deserve…..the way she will remember….and be more careful in your class….fuck her brain!!! You push her in doggy and fuck her from behind….make her scream…but this time…she screams of pleasure!!! You know she will do everything you say……now you wonna see her ride your cock!!! Ohh…she is so fucking good… little girl and so big slut!!! And now is your turn….punishment for her……cum….on her…..cum all over her face!!! That innocent face…..make it messy with your sperm!!

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Bad Teens Punished – Cadey Mercury – Fucking Off HD

Cadey Mercury gets ready for school with makeup and her uniform, but as she’s on her way out the door she runs into her dad Marcus London. He warns her that if he catches her fucking off instead of going to school one more time, he’ll put a leash and collar on her and walk her home. Cadey doesn’t heed Marcus’s warning, and that same day she sits under a tree with her miniskirt hiked up and a cigarette in her mouth. When Marcus catches her, he makes good on his promise. When Cadey won’t walk with the leash, he makes her crawl.

When they finally get home, Marcus puts Cadey over his knee and spanks her until she reveals that she’s misbehaving for a boy. When Marcus realizes that his rough treatment is turning Cadey on, though, she manages to turn the tables on him. Pulling out his hard dick, Cadey opens her mouth for a deep throat BJ while Marcus controls her with the leash. Once she’s naked, he leads her to the couch and feasts on her landing strip fuck hole before taking her.

On her hands and knees, Cadey moans her excitement as Marcus takes her from behind while slapping her perky titties. Then he switches positions so that she is sitting on his lap as he pistons into her greedy twat and holds her there until she starts moving with his strokes. Flipping her onto her back, Marcus slams balls deep into Cadey’s creamy snatch until she’s screaming her passion. Moments before he cums, he pulls out to cover Cadey’s mound in jizz. Only then does Cadey promise to be good.

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Nicole Love – Punish Me! HD

Nicole Love is being a bratty daughter going through her father George Uhl’s emails, she gets caught by him and his friends. He is so angry with her and it’s time for a punishment. Nicole has a suggestion how about the four of them fuck her and teach her a lesson. Watch as this bratty little slut gets pounded in her pussy and tight ass! Along with DP action. She wants and needs all four cock cumming all over her!

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