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Bettie Bondage – Mom Found Your Taboo Porn Stash Part II HD

Helping you masturbate doesn’t seem to have helped your interest in taboo – what more can a mother do??

In true dedicated maternal fashion, your mom drops to her knees to suck her boy off, hoping this will rid him of this strange obsession with taboo mother-son pornography. You look down and watch your mother take your cock into her mouth, stroking you and slurping you and sucking you deep into her throat while she dirty talks you. She’s desperate to “cure” you and you’re loving it. Her mouth feels so good, you never thought you’d get a deepthroat blowjob from your mom! You watch as she sticks out her tongue and urges you to cum, coating her with a thick and heavy load.

Did it work? Are you cured? You don’t think Mom is gonna get off that easy…

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Mia Khalifa’s 2 HOTTEST Taboo HD Videos!

Julianna Vega, Mia Khalifa – Mia Khalifa is Cumming For Dinner HD

Seems like this household takes their religion serious! The daughter shows up at the house with her new bf. The mom does not approve of it and neither will the dad. The mom brings Sean in to ask him some question, but the whole time they were at the dining room table, it seemed like she wants the bf for herself. Drops a spoon and goes under the table to suck his dick. Wow! The daughter catches her in the act and next thing you know, there’s a big threesome going on. Sean fucks the mom good. The gf couldn’t beleive what was going on but she was enjoying herself too much. there was no time to be angry anymore. Now that’s what I call a mom I would love to fuck

Mia Khalifa’s First Monster Cock Threesome HD

Hope you’re ready for this one. Mia Khalifa is about to get her pussy destroyed by Charlie Mac and Rico Strong. That’s about 2 ft of big black cock rammed deep inside her fat pussy. Mia Khalifa is curious, she’s horny and ready to pop that threesome cherry. With Monster Cocks! You don’t want to miss this update. Enjoy.

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Ashley Alban – Step-Mom Shows Off New Clothes: Virtual Blow Job HD

Your step-mom comes home with a few shopping bags and asks you if you can meet her in her room. She explains that she just heard from your dad this morning that he will finally be back from his business trip this weekend. She says that she was so excited, she went out and bought some new clothes to wear for him. She wants to ask you for your opinion on some of the things she got since you’re younger and you probably have a better idea about these things. You agree to help her out, and she promises that she won’t take up too much of your time.

She starts off with a regular t-shirt and changes behind a curtain. Even though you can’t really see her, you can see her silhouette and it’s very sexy. When she gets her next outfit to show you, she forgets the top and walks back with just her bra on. She looks embarrassed and quickly grabs the shirt. She then starts to try on sexy dresses and you can’t help but look up her skirt whenever she bends over. The last dress is very low cut, and her breasts pop out of it and you see her nipples. She laughs it off and says she’ll have to tape the dress down next time.

She tells you that she showed you all of the clothes, but you point to her other bag. She explains that she can’t show you those items, they’re just for dad. You press and she tells you that she bought new lingerie. You say that since you already saw her nipples, you might as well give your opinion on the lingerie too. She agrees and tells you to promise not to tell your dad. She shows you a few pieces, the last being a crotchless teddy that doesn’t cover her breasts. You definitely have a full boner now. She realizes this and asks if you know how to take care of yourself. She pauses and then says that she’ll help you out since she was the cause of your boner. She gets down and starts to jerk you off. She can’t believe how much bigger you are than your father. Her arm gets tired and she has an idea to get you off faster. She tells you to close your eyes. You do, but when you feel her lips on your dick you open them again. She scolds you but continues to suck your cock and then jacks you off so you can come all over her tits.

Fetish Princess Ashley Alban fucks you POV style in her POV Virtual Taboo Sex clips. This brunette goddess is always gorgeous as she changes clothes into sexy revealing lingerie that shows off her ample cleavage and large fake tits. Her sweet voice teases you to follow step-mommy’s instructions as she gives you a virtual blow job.

Category: TABOO
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Lady Fyre – Mommy’s Big Boy – Handjob & Footjob HD

I can tell something’s bothering you. Are the boys picking on you at school again? OH? They said you have a small penis? Well, some guys are just late bloomers; maybe it will grow more. But I haven’t seen it in a while, so maybe I should take a look.
It doesn’t look small to me, but it’s difficult to judge size when it’s soft, so I’ll just rub on it a little. See? It’s growing already. What happens when I rub my oiled up feet on it? Oh, well it’s getting even bigger now. You’re not small at all.
It’s part of my job as your mother to build up your self-confidence, so tomorrow when you go back to school you can feel like a man. Cum for mommy & show me what a big boy you are.

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Ariella Ferrara MILFs blow best HD

Ariella Ferrara is one of the hottest MILFs on the planet! And trust me when I tell you she’s an AMAZING cocksucker! Easily one of the top blow jobs I’ve ever had in my life! Watch as this Colombian beauty drops to her knees and sucks me off like the world is about to end! I say thanks by shooting a fat load of cum all over her gorgeous face!

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Lesbian Family Affair 4 in HD


Tanya Tate, Alexis Fawx, Mercedes Carrera, Olivia Austin, Jasmine Summers, Tiffany Watson, Lily Rader

Tanya Tate directs this feature for Filly Films in which these families get very close to each other. There are 3 long scenes on this disk covering some very heated threesomes. In the opener, Tanya shows her daughters Summer Day and Tiffany Watson how they should use some adult toys. The second scene shows Jasmine Summers getting upset becuase it seems her mother Mercedes Carrera is closer to her other daughter. Mercedes show sher that’s not the case! Finally, Olivia Austin shows Alexis Fawx how she can make some money by webcamming and they really hit the jackpot when Alexis’ daughter shows up.

Tanya Tate, Tiffany Watson & Summer Day
Sisters Tiffany and Summer are looking for something and go through Tanya’s desk. They find her stash of sex toys and they start to examine them. The girls have fun with them and mock their use when Tanya comes into the room. She wants to punish her daughters! She handcuffs Summer then gives Tiffany a spanking with a paddle. Tiffany has a beautiful ass that is made for spanking! Tanya handcuffs the girls’ wrists together and then runs the vibrator along Summer’s breasts. She then moves down to her pussy then lets Tiffany handle the toy. She pleasures her sister and Summer’s orgasm face is absolutely gorgeous! Mama then fucks Tiffany with the toy and runs the vibrator on her clit. Summer is a quick learner because she gets her sister off fast! The closeups in this scene are fabulous as we see every movement. All 3 girls get naked and Tiffany and Summer go back to the crib and suckle on mama’s breasts. Summer lightly licks up her slit then tongue fucks her .Summer then lies back and the other two girls caress her body until Tiffany dives into her cooch and Tanya makes out with her. Tanya then rides her face. Tiffany then finds herself in the middle with both girls tonguing her slit. The sister’s then masturbate each other with encouragement from Tanya. Hot scene!

Mercedes Carrera, Jasmine Summers & Maya Bijou
Jasmine is jealous because she keeps hearing kissing noises coming from Maya’s room. Mercedes doesn’t think she was into women so she invites her to join in. The girls share a 3-way kiss then get naked. Jasmine lies back and Mercedes and Maya worship her body. The girls get in every combination but I especially liked it when Maya was sitting on Jasmine’s face. The camera zoomed in on Jasmine’s tongue working over her bald pussy then slowly panned up her sexy body to see her face experiencing the waves of pleasure. The girls then suck on their mother’s tits then team up to lick her pussy. Jasmine and Maya rub Mercedes’ pussy then they share a romantic kiss.

Alexis Fawx, Olivia Austin & Lily Rader
Lily is wearing a sexy half-shirt calling for her mom to pick her up. She heads over to Alexis’ office. Meantime, Olivia shows her sister, Alexis, how to make extra money and sets up a webcam. Olivia and Alexis get naked and do some boob play and then start kissing. Lily walks in on them but soon gets sucked into the money making venture. All 3 girls get into it and start playing with each other, especially titty sucking. These 3 girls look great together and could actually be family. Lily lies on the table and Alexis sits on her face. Lily then buries herself in her mother’s cooch. Olivia helps out by rubbing Alexis’ pussy. There’s a great sequence where Lily stands on a ledge with Olivia eating her out from below and Alexis underneath her, working over her pussy. The older women then team up to fingerbang Lily. Another hot scene.

This was a very hot lesbian release from Tanya and Filly Films. The camerawork was very good, the acting was realistic and the sex was very hot! The opening scene was volcanic with the three beauties using toys, fingers and tongues to get each other off! Mercedes shows that a mother’s love can be split into two! Finally, Olivia, Alexis and Lily turn in a volcanic lesbian threeway. Very hot disk!

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A night out ends with dad fucking son’s gf HD

You wouldn’t normally go out with your gf and your dad at the same time, but that’s what the guy did there. Seemed ok for the moment, so they went. He got pretty pissed and didn’t pay attention to the dirty looks his girl and his dad had been shooting each other. They took him home and put his wasted body to sleep. Guess what happened next? Aroused enormously by this dirty situation, the two got it on like rabbits on crack! The bitch didn’t take her red panties off! She took her boyfriend’s father’s cock from all angles, then he woke up to have some water, and then oopsie…

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Nikki Brooks Big Sister Wrecked The Car Masturbation Instruction HD

Big sister is glad to see you. She has a small problem. Well actually, its a big problem. She wrecked the car again. And she is going to be grounded forever. But if you were to take credit for the accident, she would be off the hook. She knows its a lot to ask. So, she will give you something you want. You can watch her get naked and jerk off. And not only that, she will instruct you until you shoot a big, fat load.


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Mother and Son Taboo Incest Story HD

Dude finds out that his moms fucking his best friend, then fucks her too!

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Screwing My Girlfriend’s Mom – Lady Fyre HD

What are you doing here today? Oh, my daughter didn’t tell you she has practice tonight? Typical. She’s going to be late. You know, I’ve been thinking today about how much my daughter looks like me. We have the same body type, but she of course isn’t blessed with my fantastic butt. Mind if I sit here & wait with you? Have you had sex with my daughter yet? No? Well that’s good. But I bet a young man like you is just aching for some… attention. I’ve been feeling a little neglected lately… and I’d like some attention too. My daughter doesn’t have to know. Relationships at your age rarely last anyway. My daughter’s tits are big, but mine are bigger. I bet you want them in your mouth. You know I want in my mouth? Your young cock. It’s so big. My daughter didn’t tell me. Now I want to ride you so you can look at how much better my ass is. You should come over every time my daughter has practice after school. This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. I want to make sure that you get your orgasm, but you can’t cum inside me. That would be taking it too far. Cum all over me. That’s it. Now clean yourself up. We wouldn’t want my daughter to find out that you’re not as dedicated as you claim to be.

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