Ashley Alban Sucks Fucks and Shakes – Bound & Ass-Fucked HD

Ashley goes over to her friends house to hang out. His place is a little hot though and Ashley finds herself very thirsty. She asks him for a drink of water. Soon after she takes a sip of the water, she starts to feel funny. Ashley and her friend catches her and carries her into his bedroom. He takes off her clothes and cuts off her panties. He then ties up her hands. As he begins to grab her breasts, Ashely comes to. In her dreamy state she asks what is going on. How did she get naked? She asks him what he is going to do with her.

He comes over to the side of the bed and puts his dick in her face. She asks if this is all he wants. Ashley starts to suck his dick while she is tied up in the bed. Ashley gets tired after a while and says she wants to stop. She rolls over, turning away from him. But, with her ass closer to him, he starts to play with it. Ashley tells him not to fuck her ass. She hasnt done anal before and shes scared. He slides his dick in her asshole anyway. Ashley says it hurts, but takes his dick like a good girl. She realizes anal isnt so bad. After fucking her ass for a while, he pulls out and jacks off all over her face. Once Ashley is covered with cum she asks if hes done with her. He just walks away, leaving Ashley tied up in the bed and her face covered with his load.

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Athena Blaze – Fuck Me Daddy HD

I’m begging you to fuck me, please Daddy? I’ve been such an obedient girl, listening to everything you’ve told me to do- oh so willingly. Can I please get your cock? I pinched my nipples, pulled them so hard and lifted my lovely 36GGs up as high as I could for you. I gave my ass and titties so many spanks until it turned red for you. Give my little pussy your dick now Daddy, please.

POV scene. Athena begs her daddy to fuck her since she’s been such a good girl. She takes her huge tits out of her bra and starts lifting them up by the nipples. Then she flogs her tits and continues to beg for her daddy’s cock. After that, she bends over facing away from the camera and starts flogging and shaking her big ass. She gets some dirty talk going as she starts to blow the dildo, then sticks it in her pussy for a bit and rubs her clit with it until she squirts. She ends the video by thanking her daddy and hoping he came hard.

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Lovely Lilith – Please Don’t Evict Me, I’ll do Anything! 1080p

Look I know rent was due today, but I just don’t have the money. I’ve tried to get enough, but I just can’t make ends meet. Can you just give me a break? No? Not even an extension? Are you serious? What am I supposed to do- I can’t live on the streets!

Can I barter with you? I’ll work around the apartments– do maintenance– your laundry! ANYTHING!

There’s really….nothing… I can do? Look, I know something you might want. We both know you check me out all the time…. what if I let you see my tits?… WHY are you laughing? That’s not good enough?… Okay… Well you can touch them then….

WHAT?! You want to fuck them? And get sucked off… and you want me to ride your cock?…. I don’t know… That seems a bit extreme… Is there anything less I can do?… NO?

Okay… so if I do this with you, I won’t lose my apartment? … Alright. Come inside. Let’s do this before my boyfriend gets home…

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Kate Frost – Pornstar MILF with huge tits HD

– 36 years old
– This was shot during the AVN
– She is known for deep throating
– She is currently in an open relationship
– Has been in the porn industry since 1998
– Very open minded, fun, sexual woman
– Her big tits are amazing, size 38DDD
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This scene follows the usual formula. Starts with an interview. Kate undresses and drops to her knees to give the guy a blowjob. She get missionary on the edge of the bed. She blows him some more. She rides cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The guy sits back in a chair as she gives him more oral and a brief titfuck. She bends over and he pounds her in doggystyle. She gets back on her knees to suck and stroke is cock. He jerks himself until he cums on her face.

Watch the full 64:16 minute video!

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Alexis Monroe – My Double Penetration Fantasy! HD


Getting a sugar daddy was the best decision that Alexis ever made. She met her latest conquest last year and he has been the best one yet – but by far, her favorite part is how generous he is. He currently has an old friend over to stay, and he is happy to make him feel right at home. That means Alexis is about to enjoy her deepest fantasy, without any bad feelings.

Blonde Alexis takes on two hard cocks, she gives deepthroat blowjobs and gets face fucked. The guys proceed to fuck her in ass and pussy, positions involves anal reverse cowgirl, anal doggy, double penetration in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl & standing. In the end, she gets her face loaded with two cumshots!

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Kenzie Reeves in Tears of a Daughter HD

Scene One – My Daughter Gently Weeps

Kenzie is lying on the floor; crying softly with her eyes closed, in the living room. She is dressed in a tiny shirt and tight shorts. Dad is kneeling beside her, he keeps whispering and gently going shhh! He slowly lifts her shirt and pulls it open; he unhooks her bra and exposes her breasts and feels them up for a short while, he unbuttons her shorts and pulls them down to her ankles, her crying gets slightly louder. He unzips his pants and pulls out his pecker, her sobbing get louder, he gets on top of her and without warning thrusts into her hard and cries out “OH GOD!”, she cries out in pain and and starts crying loudly. Dad keeps thrusting in and out quite roughly while grunting very animalistically. Let this go on for a while, She’s a virgin being penetrated by her father! He cums and lays on her for a minute or two stroking her hair, kissing the top of her head, and telling her how much he loves her.

Scene Two: Try Not to Cry

Kenzie comes home from school and I backed her up against the hallway wall. I am nuzzling her neck and have my hands all over her. Her face is turned away crying silently. I gently turn her around and guide her into the police position, legs spread/hands on the wall/leaning against the wall. I rub my crotch against her butt and reach around and play with her boobs and pussy. I unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra from behind. I then reach around and pull her shorts down around her ankles. I drop my his own pant and have sex with her behind. Afterwards she collapses to the floor crying.

Scene Three: Stop Your Sobbing

Kenzie is in bed reading. I come in wearing PJ’s, takes book away from her, stand beside her bed, pull my cock out, take her by the hair and force her to blow me. She does not want me to cum in her so I ask her where she would like it. She says her mouth…I did not care what she said, I was going to cum in her mouth anyway.

I fuck her in various positions, pull out and unload in her mouth. She has never swallowed before but like a champ, she did not spill a drop. Kenzie is left sobbing her in her bed.

Scene Four: Cry for the Bad Man

Kenzie is tossed onto the bed by her pig tails. I jump onto her and pull all her clothes off, kiss her neck and face, slide my cock into her way too tight pussy. She is flipped over and fucked from behind while I pull her pig tails. Kenzie is beginning to embrace her new life as Daddy’s little slut, she is barely crying now.

I feel the familiar tug downstairs, pull out of Kenzie and unload on her pretty face. Again, she swallows and proves she is a good girl…

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Disappear – Lolo Punzel HD

I was so sad. They were fighting all the time. I just wanted to disappear… My brother found me hiding in the attic, and we were together just like I always imagined. I can’t ever remember being happier… My brother was always was so nice to me. Always telling me things would get better. And they finally did. I’ve never felt closer to anyone in my whole life… And now he’s gone too….

***Starring Lolo Punzel***

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Van has one hot sister and decided to create some wack off material for later by secretly filming Arya while she showers. But a few weeks later she goes to use his laptop and finds out his dirty little secret! She decided to get some revenge and make him jack off while he watched her videos while she filmed it all on her phone. But soon their little home movie got out of hand!

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HOT ROAD – Brooklyn Chase HD

When Chad saw his stepmom Brooklyn trying on hot lingerie he could not resist spying on her until she caught him. She’s not mad at all because she feels horny and wants a throbbing cock deep in her throat. This busty MILF sucks her stepson’s dick like no one else!

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REAL Mother and Daughter in a Very Hardcore Screen with ANAL HD

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