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Classic Twins!

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Eveline Dellai, Silvia Dellai – Dellai Twins Comparison HD!

Well now, really. What can I say. Eveline Dellai is a gorgeous woman with a winning smile and a big stretchable pussy. Her sister Silvia is equally gorgous (they’re twins!) with a loose rubbery cunt. Both of them are happy being naked, both of them love to show what they have, and, well… what more could we ask? Two gorgeous, fully naked woman doing synchronized spreading, so we get to engage in an intimate “comparative anatomy class”.

Usually, that kind of class compares fish with monotremes, marsupials and and other mammals, cetaceans with pinnipeds, flora with fauna. We don’t usually compare the intimate parts of two utter foxes. In other words, twin girls means twin faces, twin bodies. And yes, since this is PJGirls – twins mean we want to know everything that is the same and everything that is different (so it is also twin tits, twin pussies (the girls call it their “flower”), twin gapes, twin stretched cunts, twin omanko, one girls for each eye :-). And these girls deliver! Just imagine – the only thing that could be better is if you were there between them…

Twin Sisters comparing their bodies , showing off their feet , pussies and assholes.A lot of italian talking between them , they stretch their assholes and each others pussy.No penetration or other sexual activities.

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REAL Twins Sisters – Katherine And Valentine HD

Nothing says sisterly love like fucking the same guy at the same time and it’s even hotter if they’re twin sisters.

That’s what we have here Katherine and Valentine are twin sisters and this lucky stunt dick gets them both together.

Things start with some foreplay and the sisters taking there cloths off, we get some pretty good visuals while this is in progress. The sisters take turns sucking dick. They take turns fucking in different positions, mish, CG, RCG, doggie. While one sisters got dick in pussy the other lays back rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy. Our stunt dick finally can’t take it anymore and cums on the twins faces.


The scene opens with the twins on the bed frolicking… soon, the lucky bastard appears, and one thing leads to another, and his thing makes an appearance shortly…. they all undress and start to play with each other… the lucky prick starts to sucking on their boobs, and each twin takes turns sucking on his lolipop… they soon move onto the bed where he nails one twin doggy style while her sister watches while rubbing her pussy… they soon switch positions where the fucker manages to take the other sister from behind spoon style… then back he goes to the first sister, and she rides him cowgirl style this time… then the other sister cleans his knob and her sister reverses positions and rides him cowgirl style for a bit… then back he goes like a yo-yo, to the other sister in waiting and nails her missionary style, while her sister watches them and rubs one out for herself… then back he goes to the four on the floor (bed) and nails the other sister doggy style once again, but this time he climbs her backside like he is climbing a mountain and holds on for dear life… then sensing the big finish is near, the twins go back to some licking and sucking, where they receive a facial for their troubles… the end…

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Twins Brooke & Vikki – The “Rescued” Hero HD

Wow hero that was quite the daring rescue we preformed for you. Only two of the best people saving you. The very best. Are you okay? Oh don’t worry it’s best if you stay tied up for now. We just have to do a few protocol things first…Follow the rule book.

Just when you think you were recused by the top agents…you realize it’s the top villains. We’ve seen you catching glances at us…and thinking we were saving you. MMM. It’s so mesmerizing for you already, We want you watching us, I see your hands tied up right next to your cock…so why don’t you touch yourself for us

It’s just us…no news cameras will be here…just us. Stroke it for us. Up and down. Watching our asses swaying back and forth. Doesn’t that feel good? You are going to cum for us today… and you will forever… be… ours. Ready to do whatever we ask.

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Proven REAL Amateur Twins HD

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REAL Identical Twins – Living With A Pornstar HD

Apolonia Lapiedra, Kesha Ortega, Sheila Ortega & Medusa – Venezuela And Spain – Sisterhood Of The Traveling Cunts HD

Before the main scene starts The Ortega Sisters suck a fat cock before taking turns fucking the dude in some nice big ass twisting and slamming reverse cowgirl and doggystyle. They even do some oral incest on each other!

Onto the main part where the Sisters and the guy go upstairs to meet the other two women in this orgy: Apolonia Lapiedra and Medusa. They all huddle around and take turns sucking his cock. Apolonia then braces for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. It’s Medusa’s turn for a nice hard sidefucking while the sisters play with Apolonia.

Apolonia then spreads eagle standing up while one Ortega sister licks her sweet pussy and Medusa sucks the guys cock before Apolonia sits on it. Onto doggystyle one of the sisters gets a nice fuck while eating out Apolonia. Medusa gets standing doggy then the other Ortega sister.

Finally all the girls huddle their faces together while lying down and recieve a cum bomb that splatters most of them on the face and arms. A couple of drops even gets on the camera man’s jeans and Medusa licks it off.

Afterwards the girls all huddle and play with each other before getting a shower.

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Bambi Twins – Dana and Rachel!

Sweetloads has been hailed as “a must-see pornographic viewing experience”, and this video is no different. These chicks just can’t wait to get it on.

A couple of girls apparently from Vancouver, Canada. This scene was shot way back around ’99.
The girls do an audition for the sweetloads site.

The twins enter the audition and fondle eachother on the table. As the audition progresses there is heavy kissing and pussy licking.

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Riley Reid, Melissa Moore – Wet Twins

mp4 | 2.17 GiB | 30 min | 1280×720

LUB Riley Reid Melissa Moore October 05 2016.part1.rar

LUB Riley Reid Melissa Moore October 05 2016.part2.rar


REAL Lesbian Twins HD

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Horny Bitches Czech Twins (2016)

Genre: All Sex
Studio: Czech Twins
Starring: Amateurs


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