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Special bonding time with my mommy HD

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Do you have a second to talk with your mother CiCi? She feels that she is not getting respect from you and she wants to know what you are thinking about this. You are upset because she is younger than your real mom. In fact, she is closer to your age than you think she should be, but she wants to work through this with you. Are you jealous of your dad because you want CiCi for yourself? You cannot have her, but maybe mom CiCi can help you work through your feelings. She asks you to get out your dick and she watches it grow right in front of her. CiCi promises you that your bonding session will not be shared with your father. Work your cock for mommy CiCi. She finally shows you her perky tits while you slowly massage your dick. She remarks that she likes your technique and then she shows off her pussy. You want to service her orally, but that would be too much to hope for, so you just stare at her snatch as you jack yourself off. She is anxious to see just how much spunk you have to offer her in those balls of yours, so keep working it. Are you ready for your cock to explode? Stroke it as she counts down from ten. When she finishes her countdown, you pop so hard that it surprises you. Mommy CiCi is so happy that she spent time bonding with her special son.

Special bonding time with my mommy HD


Mommys Girl – Keisha Grey, Lisa Ann – Hands-on Sex Ed

Last time Lisa Ann and Keisha Grey were having a great time pleasuring Allie Haze, but this time, it’s their time, just for themselves, step-mom to step-daughter. Keisha’s Dad is away on business for the whole weekend giving them plenty of girl on girl time to have a second lesson in order to make doubly sure Keisha knows all the tricks of the trade, and is an expert at blowing the minds of experienced women young and not so young.



Son Is Mommy’s Plaything

20 pages Son Is Mommy’s Plaything.rar


Mommy Got Boobs – Sensual Jane (Meat The Parents)

Imagine Danny D’s surprise when he showed up to meet the in-laws and came face-to-face with the gorgeous Romanian stripper from his bachelor party. That’s right, his new wife’s mom was the beautiful Milf who had tempted him to cheat on his last night as a single man. Over dinner, Sensual Jane played with her food and told Danny how badly she wanted to get her hands on his foot-long sausage. As soon as her daughter and husband left for an errand, Jane seduced Danny on the couch, enticing him with her big natural tits. Check out how Danny pounded this gorgeous Milf on the leather sofa, until his mother-in-law moaned with the pleasure of a big-dick orgasm.



Mommy’s Man – Incest Comics

200 pages Mommy’s Man.rar


Mommy Loves Young Muff (2014)

MILFs corrupt school girls for sex!
When Alison climbed into bed with her step-mom Cherie, she didn’t expect to end up tasting her sweet pussy or sucking on her luscious breasts! Savannah just got divorced so she is ready to try some hot girl-on-girl action with her pal Ariana. Elektra’s step-mom got turned on when she found Nikki’s g-string in the laundry so she decided to teach her how to play with toys and eat pussy! When Nadia walked in on Shelby doing a naughty webcam show, she was shocked at first, but after she found out how much money they could make doing a show together she joined in on the fun!

Category: 18+ Teens, All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, Mature, MILF, Old & Young Females (18+)
Starring: Nadia Styles, Nikki Daniels, Cherie DeVille, Ariana Grand, Elektra Rose, Shelby Good, Alison Rey, Savannah Fyre
Language: English

Mommy Loves Young Muff (2014).part1.rar
Mommy Loves Young Muff (2014).part2.rar


Mommys Girl – Alison Faye, Ava Addams, Simone Sonay – Let Us Teach You

Alison Faye is in a mess. Simone Sonay (her step mom) caught her masturbating when she came home from school. Alison’s plan was just to discover her body, and take some private time to rub one out. Simone doesn’t know how to talk to Alison so she takes some advice from her sister In-Law and longtime best friend. Ava Addams surely knows how to fix the situation.

Alison definitely thinks this whole ordeal is rather awkward. Simone and Ava want to help Alison find herself and be confident. Their offer is enticing, but Alison is reluctant. Simone and Ava will need to prove that this is just what Alison needs to take her sexual education to the next level.

Before long Alison is learning as much as experiencing some rather important life lessons from her step mom and auntie Ava. Alison’s smiles prove she is enjoying every moment. And when they all have a chance to cum Alison gets a chance to learn that she is just like other girls, and that having sex with her friends is completely natural, and even an experience worth having to make herself the sexy confident woman Simone wants her to me.



Mommys Girl – Dakota James, Phoenix Marie – The Final Touches

After last time we met up with Dakota James and her step mom Phoenix Marie, we knew Halle was well on her way with her boyfriend. The three had a little anal sex lesson to prevent pregnancy. Well, turns out the experienced step mom doesn’t see her becoming the passionate young lady she was hoping after their threesome and tries to clear the air, reaffirming that Dakota knows she can come to Phoenix with any problem, or any questions she has about sex in general.

I guess Dakota was a bit overwhelmed when Phoenix whipped out the butt plugs, but in the end her stepdaughter was looking for something a little more her speed. The drummer in Halle’s guy’s band might have a thing for Dakota. Phoenix stops that in it’s tracks by pointing out that women know better what other women want, let alone being less smelly and more soft. Dakota wants something a bit softer, so helps her find her sweet teen sexual touch.

They start off horny, but the teen’s initial aggression proves she’s not ready for what’s planned. Phoenix slows her down, taking the young ladies beautiful puffy nipples into her warm mouth. Before long Phoenix is showing her stepdaughter how to caress, and tease a girl, and how intense her orgasm can be if she takes the effort to start out slow and work gradually to an extremely intense sensual orgasm.



Mommys Girl – Halle Von, Brandi Love – Caught Skipping

Today was Halle Von’s lucky day! Not every day do we get to see a young lady become a beautiful, confident woman! Halle is a type of wild child, who has an excuse for everything, right down to the tattoo she stupidly got while skipping school, yet another familial offence, on top of a long list. At least that’s what her step-mother Brandi Love thinks!

Brandi has got chops when it comes to nurturing manipulation, but in the end, Brandi teaches Halle what she needs to become the confident woman she will need to be to pull off a tattoo like that! On top of all the offences cute teen Halle has racked up, Brandi was in the middle of an incredible masturbation session with a dido deep inside her wet pussy when Halle walked in on her! In order to keep Brandi’s tongue tied, Halle is going to have to help her finish.

Halle has never had sex with a girl, let alone a woman, and as Brandi uses her power to submit the girl to an incredible first lesbian orgasm, we see Halle gradually find herself amongst the Teen rubble they leave behind. Brandi can tell Halle is nervous at first, but after Brandi sets the record straight as far as pleasing any sexual partner, Halle shows off her new tricks. Halle’s pussy licking, and fingering helps Brandi finish with a thigh clenching orgasm that sure makes this Mommy’s Girl into a confident woman with a few brand new tricks to try out on her friends.



Good Mommy and We Both Had A Bad Day – Is Oral Sex Cheating

Good Mommy HD

Mom notices you tossing and turning in your bed after she has already tucked you in for the night, so she comes in wearing her sheer nightgown and sits down on the bed next to you. She begins to talk to you in her usual soothing mommy tone –

What’s the matter honey, you can’t sleep? Awww… you should let me take care of that for you. You should be sleeping by now. You’re such a good boy. Did you have a long day? I bet you did. You work so hard. Speaking of hard, what is this… you’re not supposed to have that for me! Sweetheart, I’ve told you, so many times, you can’t look at me that way! (sigh) It would be a shame to let it go to waste, though.

It would probably make you sleep better if we… took care of it. Should I take care of it for you? You can’t tell anybody. It has to be our little secret. (gasps) I guess it’s not such a “little” secret! Wow, I had no idea. It’s really turning me on. Ok, maybe just this once, but if anyone finds out, it could be bad, so we have to keep this between ourselves. We can’t tell anyone. Not your friends, and especially NOT your father. It really is rather pretty…

OK, let me how you how it’s really done.

When I’m through with you, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Let’s just free that from your pants. Oh my. It’s HUGE. Start off nice and slow…

It’s so big it’s really turning me on. Mmmmm. I like it when it’s nice and slippery and full of lube. Do you like that baby? Are you my good little baby boy? A little faster… It’s so big I can’t even get my hand around it! Oh God that’s an enormous cock!

We should make this last as long as we can since this can never happen again. You know that, right? I really love how your cock feels in my hand, though. It’s really a shame that this can only happen the one time.

OK, let’s go a little faster, and a little faster… I really wish we could do this more!

Squeeze out every last drop for mommy…

Good Mommy HD

We Both Had A Bad Day – Is Oral Sex Cheating?

Hello again dear, how was your day? I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t good. Mine was hard too. I just have to get out of these heels, they are killing my feet from being in them all day. I dreaded coming home to my empty bed. Your father is out of town for work again, and I just hate coming home and being alone when I have my “needs”. I can see you have your own needs judging by that hardon I can see in your pants. It’s really turning me on. I know we promised never to talk about it again, or do it again, but what if you ate me out and I gave you a hand job? Oral isn’t really cheating, is it?

Come over here and let me stroke your large cock. Oh, you want to please me first? Surely I can allow you to do that.

Let me push my panties to the side while you lick my pussy and make mommy cum! Put a couple fingers in me and then lick them clean when I cum on them!

Now it’s your turn. Oh my, I need two hands to stroke this cock! MMMM… you want me to go faster? Faster and faster I go until I feel you cum all over my hands and then lick it off like you did with mine Smile

As usual this has to remain a secret and we can’t do this again!

Mommy loves you.

Is Oral Sex Cheating HD

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