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Pregnant Mommy HD

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Wake Up Son, Its Mommy

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Mommy’s Masturbation Lesson HD

Hi, sweetie. We need to have a little chat. I have noticed what a growing boy you are. Youre not Mommys little mister any more, are you? I noticed how BIG youve gotten the other day in the shower. Oh, dont be embarrassed! Its a very good thing. I want to teach you how to get rid of those pesky erections you have been getting.Why dont you touch your penis just like Mommy shows you? You must never let anyone else touch you there, OK? Wow, its getting so big. Maybe I need to teach you about the birds and the bees as well. That big member would feel so good inside me. Just hold still while Mommy slips that big boy inside!Sensual and gentle masturbation encouragement and POV sex with Mommy.

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Homealone With Mommy

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Mommy-Teen BJ Lessons (2016)

Starring: Mercedes Carrera, Nikki Next, Krissy Lynn, Mandy Muse, Nina Elle, Alyssa Lynn, Ashley Adams, Angel Smalls, Silvia Saige, Liza Rowe.
Rated: XXX
Fetish: Blow Jobs
Ships: Check Inventory
Released: 2/10/2016

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Mommy-Teen BJ Lessons
Mommy-Teen BJ Lessons silvia.saige.liza.rowe_540p.mp4
Mommy-Teen BJ Lessons alyssa.lynn.ashley.adams_540p.mp4
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Darling, Tiffany Watson (Mommy’s Slutty Sacrifice)

649mb | 59:15 min | 960×540 | mp4

When a vivacious single step mom brings home another one night stand, her dark date becomes fixated on subjugating the mom and her innocent, submissive step daughter to his bizarre sexual fetishes. Darling is the anal sex obsessed mom that promises anything to Mark Wood. Mark takes her at her word, and coerces mommy’s sexy step daughter, Tiffany Watson, into submitting to his bizarre rough sex fetishes. This update includes coerced three way sex, hot girls being made to do dirty things to each other, gags, bondage, nipple clamps, rough anal sex and mommy – step daughter sex themes.



Its A Mommy Thing 8 (2016)

Genre: All Sex, Mature, MILF
Duration: 02:11:26
Year: 2016

Cast: Julia Ann, Cherie DeVille, Alexis Fawx, Allison Moore, Eva Long.

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Mommy Me And A Gangster 2 (2012)

Director: Diana Devoe
Starring: Tara Lynn Foxx, Erica Lauren, Alia Janine, Tiffany Paige, Angela Attison, Britney Young, Alexandra Silk, Scarlett Wild, Rico Strong, John E Depth, Wesley Pipes.
Mommy, Black Cock are Big and Scary! I’m so excited to share a Gangster with you Mom! Oh I feel that so deep! Dark meat is delicious! If you keep your mouth shut, Me and my Mom will get freaky with you!

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Matchmaker Mommy HD

I wish I could always be there for my sweet boy. He deserves the very best, and Mommy makes sure he gets it. The boy is growing into a man so quickly and his needs… his sexual needs are growing with him. I’ve been there to help whenever he wants Mommy’s gentle loving touch. No other woman could possibly love him with a mother’s passion, offer her body so selflessly, suck his cock so lovingly, crave his cum so powerfully. The connection is deeper than anything my boy could get outside of this household. But he needs a woman closer to his age… a woman who will be there his whole life.Which is why his sweet, young sister must accept responsibility of keeping her brother sexually satisfied. The family bond is strong… it’s unconditional. She is the only woman who can give him what Mommy has so devoutly for years. I know my daughter is interested in boys and quite curious about cock, but her brother’s cock is perfect for her… it was made for her. She will be reluctant, but Mommy will show her exactly what to do every step of the way. Once my sweet girl sees the effect that her perfect little naked body has on her brother’s cock, she won’t be able to resist the urge to arouse him even more.

Mommy will guide her to the bed, instruct her to lay down between his legs… and touch him for the first time. She’ll use her delicate little hands to take his throbbing manhood out… and their mother will demonstrate how to pleasure a boy using her mouth. My darling daughter is an eager and quick learner… the moment her brother’s penis pushes into her warm, wet mouth, she won’t be able to help herself. I can’t wait to see my children loving each other as siblings should… But Mommy may not be able to keep herself from the cock she loves so dearly. There’s no reason a mother and daughter can’t suck his cock together… as long as my sweet girl is the one to swallow his thick seed.

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Sick Mommy HD

your mother explains that it’s not weird because you’re her good boy and it’s completely normal to want to help Mom feel better.You start to rub the menthol medicine into her chest and Mom starts to moan – it must be feeling better already – exposing more of her breasts and telling you that good boys who love their mothers do what they’re asked.Then Mom (who really doesn’t seem sick at all) tells you that her tummy hurts, too, and that good boys also rub Mommy’s tummy. She closes her eyes and guides your tentative hand to her stomach…lower and lower…until you’re caressing the edge of your mom’s writhing mound while she tells you how good it feels. You’re beginning to think that something’s going on with your mother, but you want to please her…she’s been such a loving mom, and must be really feeling bad.Even though you love your mother desperately, you’re shocked when she tells you that next you have to take her temperature…and she wants you to put the thermometer in her butt, the way she does for you when you’re really really sick. You’re sure that something’s going on with your mother now – she’s never done anything like this before – but you still don’t want to make her feel worse, so you take the thermometer from her and follow her directions, slowly inserting the thermometer into Mom’s buttonhole when she pulls her legs apart to show you where. You can’t believe that you’re seeing your mom’s pussy and asshole up close; this is so strange. The whole time you’re holding the thermometer in Mom’s butt, she’s squirming and moaning…maybe she really is sick…After mom tells you to pull the thermometer out of her butt and hand it to her, you’re hoping that she’s going to let you leave now – Mom’s being super weird – but then she asks you to give her a massage, to help her relax.Mom says that if you rub her just right that she’ll feel all better.Again, your mother takes your hand and makes you touch her in a place you’ve never touched any girl before…right on the crotch of her panties. Telling you that it’s okay, and that as long as neither of you tell anyone else it’ll be fine, she shows you just how she wants her son to rub her pussy. You do what your mom tells you, rubbing your hand back and forth across her soaking wet panties while your mother moans and encourages her boy’s touch. Unable to control herself any longer, Mom pulls aside her panties and orders you to rub her right on her wet spot…right on her pussy hole. Stick your finger in Mommy’s wet hole, son. Stick it all the way in…that’s my good boy. Now push it in and out of Mommy’s pussy, baby. Mmm, yes. Faster, baby…faster and harder…rub Mommy’s pussy as hard as you can. Shove another finger in there, baby, stretch Mommy’s pussy. You’re going to make yoscreensur mother yell, baby, and it’s okay…Mommy’s going to feel much better soon.”** Mommy cums especially hard with your fingers buried in her pussy – watch my cream squirt out when you do it just right.

**Includes : Taboo, Finger Fucking, Momma’s BoyFor other formats click “All Categories” above.If you got off on this scene, you’re going to LOVE Mom’s Drunk and Horny.

Sick Mommy HD.mp4

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