Casual Sex with Mom: Movie Night HD

It’s your favourite time of the week, movie night. It’s one of the things that ensures your relationship is so strong, you spend good quality time together, just hanging out and bonding. With a bowl of popcorn, you and your mom snuggle up on the sofa and watch a different classic each week.

Movie night is special, but then again, so is your relationship with mom. It’s common for you and your mom to chat about your favourite actor, the movie plot, and how you think it is going to end, as mom reaches inside your pyjamas and gentle strokes your cock. It’s really normal for you to suggest that mom removes her robe, so that her sexy MILF body is revealed as she works her tongue up and down your hard shaft. Mom looks lovingly into your eyes as she strokes and sucks your cock until it’s twitching with a desire to explode.

Casually, mom stands up as you remove her bra. She grinds her thong-clad pussy and ass against you as you squeeze her cheeks and fondle her breasts. This type of interaction between you and your mom happens all the time. It’s perfectly normal in your household for mom to strip naked for you and to bend over so you can finger fuck her. Equally, it’s common practice for mom to lie on her back, spread her legs, and invite you to make love to her.

Movie nights are the greatest. Your mom is the best!

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Angel The Dreamgirl aka Angel Desert Megapack [81 clips][720p and 1080p]

Some good amateur INCEST roleplay!

Angel loves being a dirty whore, whether it’s sucking dick in public or taking it deep in her ass. Watch as this 27 year old sucks and fucks in public and gets cum all over her face. This dirty slut loves taking a pounding in her ass and fulfilling your every desire.

Most scenes feature public sex or some kind of fetish theme like footjob, nylons, secretary, etc. Anal is prevalent in most of her scenes.

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First time ANAL creampie! Grinding on yoga pants sister and penetration HD

Fuck this girl is perfect, she’s nasty, does anal, and has a beautiful body that she loves to show off. It starts off as many of her other videos, grinding on her boyfriends cock while clothed. Her pants are ripped and her gorgeous booty emerges. A little lube and the cock disappears in her ass. She gets fucked in anal doggy until he comes on her asshole, more than he comes in it. A little false advertising I know, but this is the original title and I’d like to keep those so sue me. Enjoy!

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Emma’s Secret Life – Much Needed Blow Job For My Son HD 1080p

My son and I are going to a dinner date. Well more like business for me and a date for him. I am meeting with my boss to talk about a partnership with his firm and my son is going because he just so happens to be dating my bosses daughter. As we are leaving he tells me he doesn’t want to go because he has decided he wants to break it off with his girlfriend before she breaks up with him. He tells me he can’t please her in bed because he cums to fast and she has been complaining about it. So I do what any good mother would do…..I give him a BJ before we leave in hopes that with his balls drained, it will make him last longer tonight with my bosses daughter. A mom needs to do what a mom needs to do!

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Hot Wife Surprises Husband with a Living Fuck Doll – Tammie Madison HD

Hot wife and big breasted Scottish MILF, Ashley Rider, has a treat in store for you. She starts the session off with a little quality time with you, her man. Knelt down between your legs, Ashley pops her large breasts out of her blouse and fondles them, squeezing the nipples hard before turning her attention to your cock. Ashley has a unique oral technique. In order to get deep on your cock, Ashley slides her lips around your shaft before wiggling her head side-to-side. As she wiggles, she pushes herself down deeper on your cock, until you can feel yourself in her throat. Ashley’s oral skills are out of this world.
With a wife this hot and talented, any husband would be counting his blessings already, but when Ashley tells you that she has a special surprise, something she ordered off of the internet, you cannot believe your luck when she pulls out the radio controller and introduces you to Liz Rainbow, a pristine living fuck doll.

Ashley activates Liz, using a mixture of voice commands and the RC pad to get Liz to wave and say hello. Liz looks incredible in her little black hold-ups, her garter belt, high heals, and purple lace panties. Liz’s top is super sexy. A series of straps criss-cross over her chest to form a star, leaving her lovely, perky tits and puffy nipples exposed. Ashley has Liz parade in front of you, bending over to showcase her tight round ass. Within minutes, your wife has commanded her robot to kneel down between your legs and to start pleasuring your dick.
“Do you like your sex robot?” Ashley asks. You nod in agreement. Ashley purrs with delight before issuing her next command, “More slutty!” Sure enough, your living fuck doll responds immediately. Her expert mouth works at double speed, swallowing you whole. Your robot produces lots of saliva, drooling over your shaft and making spit bubbles as she gags on your cock. “Deeper!” commands your hot wife. Liz obeys, opening her mouth wide and pushing until your dick disappears deep down her throat. Your robot has the ability to hold you in her throat for quite some time. Her eyes appear to water and she starts to gargle and gag. “Bring me that spit.” Beckons Ashley, dutifully, Liz moves over to your wife and spits in her mouth.

You could easily cum from Liz’s deepthroat. Between Ashley and Liz, you are one spoilt man. You are on the brink of climax, but your wife has an idea. “Robot, straddle him and make him cum. It’s okay darling, you can cum inside her. After all, you can’t get a robot pregnant.” Liz climbs on top of you and begins riding you at speed. Her mouth was a delight, and her pussy does not disappoint. These robots have the warmest, most velvety, pussies. So tight and so wonderfully designed that they can bring a man to orgasm in no time at all.

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Betty Cocker – Cory Chase HD

Cory is sexy MILF who runs a specialty cake business out of her home. While putting the final touches on a special cake to be entered in a local cake competition, she leaves the kitchen for just a second to grab another icing bag when her new step-son Xander shows up and ruins everything. She returns to the kitchen only to catch Xander chowing down on her beloved creation. Furious, she decides to teach the little twerp a lesson about touching things that don’t belong to him and makes him chow down on his dad’s favorite peach cobbler. And if he thinks he can get away with dining and dashing, he’s got another thing coming. After he eats her out, she makes sure he fucks her as good as she deserves (and then makes him do the dishes).

Xander eats out Cory in the kitchen, she sucks his cock and balls in return, including POV angle & titfuck. She rides him in cowgirl & reverse cowgirl, followed by a pussy-to-mouth blowjob. She gets fucked in standing doggy, followed by more oral on both parts. Cory gets fucked in missionary on the kitchen counter and takes a load of cum to her tits.

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Aaliyah Hadid in “Forced Slut” MP4 HD

I’ve been watching my sister be a little slut. Now I want her to be a slut for me! Whether she wants to or not…

***Starring Aaliyah Hadid***
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Alexis Fawx – Were going to fix this problem HD

I may be over stepping my boundaries by telling you this but I do not approve of the little skank you are dating. She is the type to accidently get pregnant just so she can trap a good guy like you into life long commitment. I dont have time to be a grandma nor do I want to be a grandma so I have a solution to this potential problem. I want you to give me all of your cum so you have none to give her on your date tonight. Thats right, you are going to fuck your mom silly so your balls are empty of that baby batter. I got myself fixed long ago so there is no chance in giving me your baby but you will give me every last drop of hot cum.

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Aubrey Rose in “I Want To Keep Fucking My Brother!” MP4 HD

I’ve been around some fucked up families, but no one can compare to mine. Mom has been fucking around with dudes other than my father. I can tell it’s starting to bother him, the more she goes out to see her “friends” the more he drinks. Today he made himself a drink the second he walked thru the door. But my dad is no saint himself. That’s right, I’ve caught him more than a handful of times coming home at 5am stinking like cigarettes and cheap perfume. I would never tell my mom that he’s been motor-boating strippers all night!!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family, that’s for sure. My younger sister is kind of a slut and bounces around from guy to guy, similar to our mom. But sis is constantly in and out of relationships. She’s even tried to date a few of my friends, and they all say she’s a freak! Well, not too long ago, I got to find out if that’s true for myself…

I’m not perfect in any way either, just like my dad, I seem to only want what I can’t have. Growing up, I’ve always been more into my hot teachers than any of the girls in my classes. What can I say, smart women who know what they want is a turn on for me! But now that I’m grown and able to get almost any girl I want, I can’t seem to shake the thought of my sister going down on me!

I find my sister sitting outside smoking a cigarette, and warn her that dad just got home and she needs to put that cancer stick out before he sees! Aubrey doesn’t give a though, that’s something I’ve always admired about her. On the outside, she seems so innocent and put together, but I know the type of girl she really is..

After sitting in the backyard for a while, she starts flashing her tits and jerking me off. The thought of our dad catching us only made me more horny. I need to be inside my young sisters wet pussy. We sneak into her room and start going at it, I thrust my big cock in and out of her until she swallows my big load! It won’t be long before I’m back looking for more naughty fun with sis!

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Very HOT Amateur Mother And Son Taboo 2 New Vids!

Spin the Bottle with Mom!

Strip Game with Mom It’s a normal night, dad is working and im alone with mom. It is so boring. The son asks mom if she would to play with him something. Since all the games are just boring, why dont we just play “spin the bottle”, mom? So they are playing but it’s still boring we need to bring more action in it mom. What about if the bottle choose you, you gonna take one part of your clothes off? Mom was getting little upset and that’s too much for her but in the end she did it. She said we must keep this for us. For some reason the bottle always chose her. When she took off her pants, I should not look first and it was embarrassing for her, same with shirt. She always did her hands before her bra. So now they are on one Point were Mom is in her thong and bra. She said thats enough and we need to stop it. I said to mom ok but can you maybe show me your back like turn arround because i only saw ur from your “face side”. Mom looked at me so weird after i said it. She said you know that im your mother, games are games but its enough now. But she did it for him. When she was standing with her ass to him she was talking with him , if its now enough ? Helllooo son? After she turn arround she saw that her son was jerking off to her ass. She said omg put that away, what are you doing? Im your Mom? She was ashamed. He said but Mom you are so young and your body is so …! She said no, but on one side mom was thinking that she cant let him like this. So she decided okay maybe if i turn arround you can continue but be fast. After a while Mom maybe you suck a bit? OMG what did you just said son? But she did it after a short discussion. And she let him fuck him from behind until he came.

Mom wakes her son up in the best way!

Starts off where your father is leaving for work, upset again that you are still in bed. I am so sweet by nature i just want to let u rest and reassure him that I will take care of you. I come in to wake u up…in the best way possible.

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