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Shower With Old Grandpa HD

Shower With Old Grandpa HD.mp4


Mia Styles’ Grandpa Stroking for Money HD

Beautiful Mia is giving hand to her grandpa for money. The old fart loves to be stroked from pretty girls! Sensitive stroking, old and young sexuell experience, cum milking, power stroking with an big cumload end! Mia knows what grandpa likes.

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Fat Grandpa Fuck Little Girl HD

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Cute Babe And Grandpa

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Grandpa I’m Tipsy HD

Dear Diary,
Not long after things heated up between me and Uncle Phil he went away with Daddy for the weekend. While they were away Grandpa was staying at the house to make sure I was ok. When I left for my party I was sure he’d be asleep when I got back but lucky for me I was wrong.

Grandpa was wide awake when I came stumbling in at like 2 in the morning and plopped don next to him. The drinks had me super horny and since Grandpa was the only man around I came on to him pretty strong. Before I knew it we were fucking on the couch like a couple of sex crazed college freshmen. Grandpa made me feel so good it almost didn’t phase me when he exploded inside me. Whats the worst that can happen?
Xo Audrey
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Weekends At Grandpas 3 (2015)

Country: USA Studio: Desperate Pleasures Genre: Incest, Family Roleplay, Older Men, Teens Starring: Miranda Mills, Hope Harper, Rachel Rose Duration: 1h 42min

They’ll do anything to make them happy! All taboo sex between young chicks and old men that take full advantage! But grandpa! It just seems so wrong! Miranda Mills – Dear Diary: The college applied rejected me or some reason. Since Grandpa is on the board of directors I figured he may be able to help. When I asked him about it Grandpa explained that in order for me to get in to the college of my dreams I’d have to do some things for him. When I figured out he meant sex I was a bit shocked but kind of turned on too. I agreed and we sealed the deal with some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I think I really love my Grandpa. Dear Diary: A few days later Grandpa came by and gave me the good news, my application was accepted. I was so excited I started sucking his cock right there in my room. Grandpa must have enjoyed it too, I’ve never swallowed that much cum in my life. Hope Harper – Dear Diary: I’ve been having really kinky thoughts about grandpa. Everytime he visits, he drives his corvette over and I imagine him taking me back to his house and taking me right there in the hall! Well, my naughty fantasy finally came true! Last night grandpa came and picked me up for my birthday dinner and everything happened just like I imagined it would! We started kissing in the corvette and things got steamy so we took our fun inside! We were kissing and undressing and next thing I know we are taking turns going down on one another! Oh my gosh grandpa is soooo huge! I decided to let him take me right then and there and we started making passionate love. I really want to spend more alone time with grandpa! Rachel Rose – Dear Diary: I’ve been wanting to take a trip after graduation but funds were pretty tight. I thought I could get some money out of my grandpa so I went to visit him. Apparently I’m not the first granddaughter to come looking for a favor because Grandpa already had a deal in mind. I picked up on what he was suggesting, and soon was sucking his cock. Grandpa has a pretty nice cock so it was not hard to get off when I rode him but when he took over he did not last very long inside me before he came. I wonder if I can get more money if he knocks me up too? Dear Diary: The next morning I went into his room and started rubbing his cock through the blanket getting him rock hard. I started sucking his cock and soon we were fucking like crazy again.

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Fuck My Ass Grandpa – Krysten Coxx HD

Dear Diary, Since I started fucking Grandpa I’ve been imagining his cock in my tight little ass. The other night he was still hard after he came in me (gotta love Viagra) so I asked him to fuck my ass. He lid his big cock in slowly letting my asshole stretch. Once I was ready though Grandpa really fucked my ass good. I even came a few times before Grandpa pulled me to the side of the bed and came in my waiting mouth. I sucked him clean then we curled up on the bed for the night.
XOXO Krysten

My Ass Grandpa HD.mp4


Kaisey Dean – Weekends at grandpas HD

Starts in the kitchen with Kaisey Dean blowing her “grandpa”. He cums in her mouth and she gags before she spits it out. Later on they continue in the bedroom and “grandpa” fucks Kaisey.

Weekends At Grandpas.mp4


Anna Wants Her Grandpa!

Dear Diary,

Mom & Dad let me spend a little time at Grandpa’s house over the weekend. While I was there I kind of decided that I wanted a nice new car just like Uncle Phil’s hot rod! I figured I would maybe try to hit Grandpa up for the money for it since he has all that retirement money and nothing to spend it on.

Well, one thing lead to another and somehow me asking Grandpa for the money for my new car lead to him and I having sex right there in his living room!

Everything happened so fast but it felt so good I couldn’t complain until Grandpa came … INSIDE OF ME!

Looks like I made at least the down payment!

Anna Wants Her Grandpa HD.mp4


Naomi Clark – Grandpa Helped Me HD

Dear Diary, With all the stresses from school I figured Spring Break was a perfect time to visit Grandpa in Florida for some relaxation. My first night there I was watching TV with Gramps and going over my budget. Grandpa noticed something was bothering me and asked me to come sit on his lap.
I timidly explained my situation and Grandpa took me by surprise offering to pay for it all as long as I helped him too. When I asked what he ment he pulled down my top and his intentions became clear. Grandpa seduced me and had his way with me right there in his chair. Surprisingly he took care of my needs too except for cumming inside me of course.
More Later Naomi

Grandpa Helped Me HD 1

Dear Diary, The following day Grandpa came into my room and when he saw I was naked he was instantly aroused. We made love for what seemed like hours and I really enjoyed it. Grandpa is a very skilled lover.
More To Come Naomi
Dear Diary, Grandpa and I had many risky encounters on my break so on my last morning I did something special to thank him. I gave Grandpa an awesome blowjob at the breakfast table and let him cum in my mouth. Grandpa was soo great I can’t wait til my next visit, I just hope I’m not pregnant.
Xo Naomi

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