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Titfucking Mommy – Bettie Bondage HD

*This is a continuation of a series*

Your mom wants to talk about all the things you’ve been doing. She’s wearing a lace tank top and flirting while she does it, making it near impossible to take her seriously…but you’re pretty sure that’s the point. You tell her about how all your friends at school are so jealous. She looks proud of herself, flattered, so you tell her more, like how they all agreed that they’d love to fuck her tits. They’re always featured so prominently in her outfits, all your friends are well acquainted with them! She quickly invites you to do just that, taking her tits out and wrapping them around your cock, jerking you with them until you cover her tits with cum!


Category: TABOO
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Butt3rflyforU – Gaming With Mommy HD

You are playing your favorite online video game and you love when Mommy comes in and challenges you. She is quite good and gives you a run for your money. This time she enters in a scandalous robe that falls off her shoulders as she is moving the game controller all over the place. You can’t take your eyes off her and those huge tits that keep jiggling in your face. You aren’t even trying to beat her. Your cock begins to stiffen and your young, raging hormones can only think of one thing…her little wet mouth on top of that hard cock….She notices you are staring at her and not trying at all…she even notices your manhood getting harder and harder. She is actually flattered that her body would have that affect on you…Honey….ahhh would you like me to help you with that? Just pause the game baby…let Mommy have that! ENJOY!
Category: TABOO
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Eat, Eat, Eat Your Cum for Your Dirty Mommy

Oh, you naughty little boy… what are you doing? Something secret? Something behind mommy’s back? I didn’t know you were quite that grown up…. mommy didn’t know you’re such a BIG boy.
That’s okay… keep touching it. Keep rubbing it. Keep holding it. For mommy. Just wrap those little fingers around and squeeze.
What a shame it would’ve been if mommy never had the chance to tell you how to do it right. Do you know what you’re really supposed to do?
You’re supposed to lick it… taste it… eat it… dip in and swallow it down. Yes, you are… for mommy.

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Watching My Mommy Go Black 15 (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Teens +18, MILFs, Mature, Interracial, Old & Young Females, Threesome, Big Cocks, Family Roleplay
Starring: Alyssa Lynn, Ashton Blake, Carrie Ann, Cherie DeVille, Liza Rowe, Sara Jay.
Duration: 02:35:08

These black dick loving MILFs can’t wait to show their offspring how to ride the midnight meat train the right way!

Video: 768×432 25fps 2000kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz 130kbps
Size: 2.16 GB

Watching My Mommy Go Black 15.part1.rar

Watching My Mommy Go Black 15.part2.rar


Xev Bellringer – XXXmas With Mommy And Sister 3 HOT Vids in HD

Mommy’s Special Christmas Gift HD

(720p) I wanted to make Christmas something my son would never forget, and never want any other way. Special. Romantic. Now that his father is gone, it’d be just the two of us. We could give eachother the love and attention we both craved.

My sweet boy watched as I bashfully modeled the Christmas Eve gift he got for me. I struggled to contain my massive bosom in the silk nightwear. Even though it was a few sizes too small, I felt sexy for the first time in ages. And it would all be for him… only him.

I kissed my boy goodnight. Again… and again, planting my grateful, loving lips all over him until he kissed back. His tongue slipped inside of my mouth. I had no idea he knew how to kiss like that… but I liked it. No, I loved it. Then I felt it, as my body straddled his, the only reciprocation I needed – my son’s hardening cock.

Such a horny boy… did he get me undersized nightwear on purpose? To see my full breasts come popping out of the lacy top. To feed a son’s lust for his very own mother. My fingers found the tight silk against my bosom and pulled down, exposing my dark nipples. I stroked them gently as I made him promise not to touch himself before Christmas morning. I had something very special for him… but he had to be a good boy all night.

I should have realized that my poor, horny son wouldn’t be able to supress his excitement for that long, not after such a tease. He pulled my lingerie down in the night and I awoke to him stroking his stiff, sensitive penis over my naked breasts. I couldn’t bare to see him pent up like this, aching for relief… aching for his mother. Such a naughty boy… My lips found his swollen cock head, parting to take the length of him. My son’s penis… filling my mouth, pressing and throbbing against my tongue.

I wanted to taste him… I needed to. More than that. I needed to show him how much I love him. To offer my womanhood to him on Christmas morning, to give myself to him the way he has always wanted. It was a mother’s special Christmas gift to her son. And it would be our little secret…

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XXXmas Eve With Mommy HD

How do you like my outfit, honey. You really think your old mom’s still got it? Oh dear, you used to be so infatuated with me, remember? You’d find any excuse to sleep with Mommy or visit the bathroom when I was in the tub. Once your father left, you and I were sleeping in the same bed all the time. Whenever I needed affection, my boy was right there for me…But imagine my surprise when I woke up with your little boner pressed against my ass. Not to mention all the times I found my nightgown hiked up past my waist in the morning. I even had to start wearing panties in bed because of your urges! There was no doubt about it, I was so horny with your father gone… but I wasn’t about to let my own son have sex with me! You are so adorable when you’re all embarrassed… I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable honey. Would you like to open a present, it’s Christmas Eve after all. I really think you’re going to like this one sweetheart. But since you’re almost grown up, you have to make a choice first. Do you want what’s in this box or do you want to unwrap… your mother for Christmas. What’s this? Do you have a present for Mommy too… in your pants? Can I see it? Oh honey, you’re shaking… are you sure you can handle this? We’ll go slow, I don’t want my little man to blow too soon…

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RUNTIME: 27:21
Category: TABOO
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My Brother’s Big Boner HD

(720p) It was just a prank that went… too far. But I couldn’t let my brother get away with shutting off the hot water during my shower. Especially since the pervert got a little show while I was bathing. It was so obvious, he used the trick as an excuse to peep on his naked sister… even when I could barely cover myself with the towel, his eyes were glued to my tits!

My brother actually had the hots for me, and I used it for my revenge. All it took was one of Dads boner pills in the twerp’s favorite drink to give him the biggest, hardest erection he’s ever had… that, and a little encouragement from me. I unbuttoned my tight shirt to show my big breasts barely contained in a lacy bra. It was just a little tease, just to get him impossibly riled up only to leave him with the most unrelenting boner of the century.

But my brother wouldn’t have it. He held the door closed and whipped out his stiff, engorged cock right in front of me! I wouldn’t admit it, I couldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that I… wanted to see it. That I liked it. My brother’s rigid, raging cock pointing straight out at me… needing me. And before I knew it, he reached down and began stroking himself feverishly… too feverishly.

He would jerk himself raw unless I stepped in. No matter how wrong it was, or how well I feigned reluctance… we both wanted it. Gently, slowly, I took my brother’s heavy hard-on in my hands and tenderly pulled on it. Had the pervert already imagined this very scenario when he was alone at night? His sister’s naked, voluptuous body… these hard juicy nipples beneath my dancing fingertips.

Despite everything I knew to be wrong… I indulged my brother in his twisted fantasy. I had to know how he violated me in his thoughts. Not long after my hand found its place between my legs, his own hand replaced mine. It felt so wrong to enjoy his touch, but I did. And he knew it. My brother thrust his fingers into my wet pussy, relishing the fact that despite everything I was saying… I was turned on.

He mounted me in a lustful fury, finger fucking me until I came hard. It was at that moment my brother slid his fingers out from my slit and buried his massive erection inside of me in one quick movement. He was going to take me, use me to finally satisfy himself… and I wanted him to.

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Macy Jade – Why Mommy is Better Than Your Girlfriend – *RARE NUDE CLIP*

Here she is your Mom, she talks about your girlfriend and how you need a real woman not a girl. She then demonstrates how a real woman could fuck you by fucking herself with her purple dildo. Mommy shows you how much she loves you;)

Older clip back when Macy would get nude and use dildo’s.

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Bettie Bondage – Catching Mommy Getting Dressed!

Mommy is getting ready for a date, in sexy black lingerie that makes her tits and ass look so good…you can’t help but stare. You can’t stop looking at her tits through the barely open door, until she catches you watching! But instead of scolding you and closing the door, she opens it wide and starts to show off her body, bending over and instructing you to lick and tongue her, before she slides her wetness down your cock rides you. She gets on her knees just in time to catch your huge load all over her face and tits! What a good boy…

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Butt3rflyforU – Mommy’s Inebriated HD

I came home late from celebrating my birthday with my girl friends. I guess that last round of drinks in the limo threw me over the edge…I come home stumbling, tits falling out of my dress, and slurring my words…..I take one more drink out of the bottle of wine and beg you to help me to my bed….I can’t keep my balance with my heels on! You of course are the gentleman that I raised, and helped me into my bedroom….I ask you to please help me out of my dress so I don’t make a rip in it…you strip me nude…leaving my heels on…..I start rubbing my pussy…something you didn’t know….drinking makes mommy extremely horny…!!! I open my legs right in front of you and beg you to start licking and rubbing my clit!!! I am so horny please don’t leave! You know in your head I am inebriated but I look so hot laying there naked , legs spread, and begging to be intimate with me!!! You turn around and open your jeans….your hard manhood pops out…your cock is throbbing….you want me so bad….even if I am inebriated!!!! Please honey…I need you to penetrate me….I need your hard, young, cock inside me….now!!!!!!! ENJOY!

Virtual sex scene featuring Butt3rflyforU as your horny drunk mother. Includes missionary and doggystyle positions simulated.

1080p, 10 min

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Dirty Princess – Virtural Sex with Mommy POV HD

While your sister is in the other room I seduce you and lure you in with my big tits. I know you can’t resist mommy. I know you want it. So give me your big thick cock. I take you upstairs and ride your big thick cock. Its so had to be quite and keep my screams and moans down. I cant help it your cock feel so good in me. I ride you and then i switch and let you get on top so you can have me in many positions. this video will make you feel like you are actually fucking me This video is alL POV and virtual sex. So there is no showing the toy going in me. It is filmed in your POV as if i were fucking you and standing right in front of you.

Virtual sex scene featuring Dirty Princess as your mother. Includes virtual blowjob, virtual sex in various different positions.

720p, 25 min

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Butt3rflyforU – Mommy’s New Mattress HD

Honey I am finally getting rid of my mattress. It is at least 5 years old and now that daddy is gone and it is just the two of us, I will need a favor from you….I need you to sleep on the one side tonight and set the sleep number that you like…It needs calibrated and there is no one here to do it but you…I am sure you won’t mind right? Here honey….slide into bed with me…do you like it? It’s so comfy right? Oh….don’t mind me …I love sleeping nude…but if it bothers you , I can slip inot a teddy or something….Honey….do you mind if we cuddle? I haven’t had a warm body in this bed in forever…oh….do my breasts bother your back? I know they are huge and are rubbing against you…oh dear honey…I feel you….you are getting aroused……ummmm…may I? I want to touch you down there…I want to feel you…oh god honey…you are making mommy so wet and excited….may I pull my panties off? Get on top of me honey….just lay on me…I want to feel your warmth….oh baby….are you trying to slide it in? Honey…you aren’t wearing a condom….I dont care!!!! OMG honey….I need you…you have me soooo excited…make love to me my darling….don’t pull out either! I haven’t had this in so long!!!!!!!! ENJOY!

Virtual sex scene featuring Butt3rflyforU as your mother. Featuring you on top fucking her until you give her a creampie that she then shows off.

1080p, 13 min

Category: TABOO
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Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Cheating, Wife, POV, Female Domination, Virtual Sex, Cum in Pussy, Creampie

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