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Straight into Mommy’s Mouth HD

Why are you still in bed son? You’re going to miss your ride to school if you don’t get moving…What do you mean you’re not going to school today? Of course you are. Get up!

Don’t be that way, son…tell mom what’s wrong. Are you sick? Did you get into trouble or something? Come on, baby, you can tell mommy anything, you know that…

Something happened in the shower after gym class today? Oh, you poor boy – you got a hard-on in the shower…and all the other boys saw it? And they made fun of you…said you’re gay because you got a boner in the shower? Mommy’s poor boy. But it’s okay, baby, you know you’re not gay, and mom knows, too.

No, of course you’re not wrong. Just because you get an erection in the shower doesn’t mean you’re gay. That just means that you’re at the age where boys get hard-ons at inopportune times…it happens. You are not gay, son. Don’t be silly.

Because I’m your mother and I’ve known you your whole life. I’ve caught you masturbating to straight porn on your laptop, for goodness sake. Look, I don’t have time for this – I’m going to prove to you, once and for all, that you are a completely normal, heterosexual boy…

Lie still,’s going to pull your penis out and show you something… Just relax, baby. It’s not wrong if mom’s helping you learn a valuable life lesson.

Mommy’s going to rub your dick while you lie there and think about pretty girls…lips, breasts, legs…fantasize about all the things you love about girls while I make your cock feel good, baby. It’s growing already, see? Look what a big, strong boy I’ve raised…and look how hard your cock is already! The more I rub it, the harder it will get, baby…see? Of course you like girls – your cock is hard as a rock, and mom can feel it throbbing in her hand…so hot.

Hold still…Mommy’s going to suck it now, baby. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re going to tell your friends that your mother sucked your cock before school…it’s our secret. I’m going to make sure that you don’t get another hard-on in the shower, son. I’m going to help you, every morning before school, make sure that those young balls are drained and your cock has had the attention it needs. Mommy’s going to suck it deep and slow and stroke your bigboy cock until it’s throbbing, son, and keep sucking and sucking and sucking until you just can’t hold it anymore. Tell me you want it, son…let me hear you say you want it. Mmm…that’s my good boy…mommy wants it, too. Do it now, baby…unload your cum straight into mommy’s mouth.

Mommy loves you.

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Fifi Foxx – Mommy Finds Porn Stash And Gets Fucked By Son On Top His Dirty Magazines HD 1080p

Mommy is fixing her son’s bed, when she notices something underneath it–his whole stash of porn magazines! She begins pulling them out, and setting them on the bed. She sees tons of Playboy magazines, and isn’t bothered by them, until she comes across a few magazines that she is unfamiliar with. Mommy starts to look at them, as she is on the floor, but becomes more and more disturbed as she flips through the pages. One is titled “Virgins,” and she questions her son’s intentions, but continues to go through each of the unknown magazines. They become dirtier, as she notices older women, piercings, bondage, pee, and cock and ball torture. She is outraged, disgusted, and horrified, as she claims that this type of material is completely unacceptable.

As she is sitting on the bed flipping through the pages, her son walks in, and is shocked to find his mom looking at his porn. He immediately turns around to walk back out of the room, but is stopped, as his mom demands that he return to talk with her. Mommy tells her son that it’s just not normal to be jerking to this kind of material, as she shows him the pictures in the magazine. “Honey, look at this–you know, she’s peeing in a glass! And you’ve been jerking off to this? Honey, this is disturbing. Shemales? Really? This is what you’re into?” She continues to rant about the different types of “unacceptable” behavior in the magazine–telling her son that she refuses to have him grow up to be a filthy, disgusting pervert. “I mean, if these pictures aren’t doing it for you, and you’re getting filthier and filthier, then you know, I’m afraid what will happen next. I really am, and so that’s why I’m going to help you out. We’re going to start with the basics.”

Mommy gets on top of the bed, and tells her son that they are going to start simple, since she knows that he likes a woman’s body. She takes off her clothes, stripping for him, and telling him that his lack of real stimulation is probably the reason for his crazy magazines. “Look, this has to get your dick hard, honey.” She rubs her naked body all over his magazines, and tells him to get on the bed. Mommy notices that he has a hard-on, tells her son to take off his pants, and begins to stroke his cock with her hand. “You don’t have to look at these filthy magazines…Mommy’s here to help you, okay?”

After a while of stroking her son’s cock, he tells her that he doesn’t think that it’s working. “Well, Mommy will do whatever she can to keep you away from all these terrible things.” She tells her son to get on top of her, and to fuck her. “Mommy wants you to fuck her really good, okay?” He puts his cock inside of her, and she begins to moan from pleasure. He thrusts his cock inside of her, and she pants from ecstasy, as she praises him. She finally tells him to cum all over her chest, and he squirts his load all over it. “See, you don’t need all those dirty, filthy magazines–you just need your Mommy.”

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Mommy Dearest Gets Freaky – Arielle Faye and India Summers HD

India Summers is a mom who is very concerned about her daughter a great time with her boyfriend. As a proactive mom, she talks to both her daughter and her daughter?s boyfriend separately. She gives some really great pointers to her daughter?s boyfriend. He was very surprised she ended up on her back with her naked pussy in his face. Nonetheless, he is grateful for her help. Later, she corners her daughter and asks her if she knows how to show a man a good time. Ariel admits that she is unsure. India tells her she needs to learn to be a teen and a freak at the same time. Then she starts to demonstrate sucking dick with vegetables as props. Ariel mimics her and starts to get really good at licking cucumbers. Next, India demonstrates for her daughter what getting her pussy licked will feel like. The two of them continue groping and getting freaky with each other and vegetables in the kitchen together. Date night finally arrives, and Ariel?s boyfriend happened to be walking by India?s bedroom. He stops in, and she offers him a drink. Then she offers him a blowjob. Her seductive ways are just too powerful for him. Plus, his 18 year old dick was stiff the second he saw her. Soon she is sucking him off and stripping nude because she demands that he fuck her. Ariel walks in on it, but she is not at all startled. She is turned on and very happy to share everything with her mother. The two of them take turns seducing Ariel?s boyfriend. He is getting overloaded with hot tits and ass all around him. They both take turns spreading their legs and getting fucked. Then they both get some of his cum on their faces and mouths. Ariel and India kiss, mixing the boyfriend?s cum between their mouths. At last, they can both be sluts together.

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Big Boy Diapered by Mommy!

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Mommy And Me Like It Big HD

Me and my mommy love big fat black dicks. I never told my mom until she caught me sucking a big one, that’s when she joined me and we both share BF’s all the time! My mom doesn’t even look at one unless it’s at least 11 inches. She is a freak just like me! Watch me and all my friends and their mothers enjoy monster black cocks deep inside us!

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Taboo Mommy has Son Cuckold Her…

…and His Best Friend as Punishment Telling Him He will Have to Clean Creampie HD

A hot blonde MILF wearing nothing but a robe is in her room and calls her son in. She tells him she is sick of his attitude since he came home from college on a visit. She plans to punish him, but since she can no longer ground him she has had to think outside the box and has done so in a very taboo way.

She then takes her robe off to reveal she is naked. When her son thinks this is his punishment she laughs and says it is worse. He will have to watch mommy get fucked. And, not just with a random dude, but with his best friend. She is going to have her own son be her cuckold and there is nothing he can do about it.

His best friend then walks in and goes right behind his mom and starts to fuck her in doggystyle. As she gets fucked she tells him this is his fault and that she will continues to have him be her cuck as long as his attitude is the way it is.

Mommy sees that her son is getting aroused by the cuckolding adventure and she makes fun of him for it. She then tells him that he might as well take his cock out and jerk off, but that he should not cum until later. As she continues to get pounded she tells him she has plans for him in just a bit.

Mommy continues to take dick from behind and her big tits sway back and forth as she does. She then senses her lover is about to cum so she tells her son she is going to take his best friend’s creampie. But, she is not using protection and she might get pregnant. She winches as the stud pumps a big load of jizz inside her pussy.

She then relaxes a bit and tells her son that she does not need to get pregnant again. So, as the final part of his punishment, he has to clean her pussy out with his mouth. She wants all that jizz licked and sucked out of her pussy so she doesn’t get pregnant. She hopes this will teach him a lesson in being courteous, but she has no problem having him as a cuckold with his best friend again, or even some of his other fiends. So, he had better behave from here on out.

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Mommy sees you in a diaper filled with shit!

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Natalie Wonder – Mommy Takes In Every Inch Of Her Son’s Big, Thick, Beautiful Cock!

Mommy is on the floor relaxing, reading her magazine. She glances up at her son. He is getting so big, so fast. He’s turning out to be quite the handsome boy. He is perfect in her eyes. She wonders how big other parts of his body have gotten. He catches her staring at him. Don’t mind me, sweetie. Mommy is just admiring you and how grown up you’re getting. It feels like all parts of you are growing so fast. Speaking of “all parts”…how have you grown down there? I’ll be honest with you, your father was very well endowed. I’m curious to know if he passed that great quality down to you. Oh…is that so sweetie? Wow, well… would you mind if you showed me? Can mommy see it, please? I’ll let you know what I think…

OH…MY GOSH…Honey! Sweetie, Wow. That is HUGE. And you’re not even fully erect yet. Woah! Honey, you are much, much bigger & thicker then your father. That is a beautiful cock. You need to know that sweetie. I’ve never seen one that big. And the girth! The thickness is just spectacular. It is quite the specimen…WOW! I cannot say enough great things about it! Too big?! Honey, are you crazy? Absolutely not! If any girl every tells you that you are too big, you need to walk away fast! Only a very special woman can appreciate the true wonder in a cock of that caliber. I can only imagine how that luscious piece of meat feels inside, as it slowly penetrates deep into every inch of mommy’s warm pussy.

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Taboo Mommy Tales 2 (2017)

Starring: Ginger Lynn, Francesca Le, Charlie Laine, India Summer, Chastity Lynn, Zoey Holloway, Ally Kay, Ivy Winters

Taboo Mommy Tales is a series of sizzling first time sexual encounters of daughters who have always fantasized about being with their moms. Watch as these gorgeous MILFs give private lessons to their new daughters.

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Seduced By Mommy 14 (2017)

Stars: Alyssa Branch, Emma Hix, Mia Vallis, Lilly Ford, Mirabella Amore, Bella Rose, Maya Divine, Tanya Tate, Zoey Holloway, Shyla Jennings
Welcome to Older/Younger lesbian encounters that will make you shiver with lustful thoughts! The fourteenth installment of this wildly popular lesbian series is finally here! Whatever Mommy wants, Mommy gets! These smoking hot young ladies are no exception to the rule. She’s made up her mind and is on the prowl for fresh n’ easy teen pussy!

Seduced By Mommy 14.mkv

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