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Mom Forces Submissive Son To Watch And Fuck HD

I only get to shower once a week! I have to sneak around quick or my mom gets mad at me for using the hot water. She thinks I am a freeloader because I can’t get a job! She busts in on me right before I jump into the warm water. She is angry at me again! She makes me watch her touch herself and mocks me. She makes me show her my cock and makes fun of it! Now she wants me to touch her? I can’t believe she is letting me do this, but she says no other woman would ever let me, so I should take her up on the offer! She won’t take no for an answer! I put my cock inside her but it feels too good! I can’t help cumming! OH MY FUCKING GOD, MY MOM IS SO MAD THAT I CAME!!!! WHAT WILL SHE DO TO ME NOW??

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Alex Harper – Punish Me Please HD

Teen Alex Harper is acting out and her dad Marcus London is sick of it. He tries spanking her, but all that does is get Alex’s horny pussy nice and wet. Later, when she’s in the shower she can’t help but start rubbing her soft skin with the soap. She presses her tits to the shower door. Things are just starting to feel real good when Marcus finds her again. Pulling her out of the shower, Marcus bends Alex over his knee so he can spank her once again. This time with Alex totally naked he can feel how wet she’s getting from his punishment. He whips out his hardon so Alex can get on her knees to suck him off. Bending Alex over the tub, Marcus pounds into her from behind. Then le flips her onto her back to take his dick in that position. When Alex climbs on top of Marcus, she gives him a stiffie ride in her landing strip fuck hole until she’s screaming in pleasure. Then she drops back to her knees to take a facial of jizz as Marcus blasts off on her face before making sure he gets the final say in their argument.

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Poor Sister Episode 1 – Strange Therapy HD

Larry’s Little Sister Lives In His Basement

Terri Gastineau, fleeing a bad marriage, has moved in with her older brother Larry and his wife, Dr. Eve Hartmann. Terri agrees to become her sister-in-law’s patient, willing to undergo bizarre treatments to help her get her life in order. Kept in a windowless concrete cell only accessible by a secret door in Eve’s bedroom closet, Terri willingly submits to Eve and Nurse Helga. Will Terri get the help she needs, or is Larry’s little sister merely a plaything for Eve and Helga’s sadistic delight? This is the first episode of a new Cruel Romance series starring Dolly Leigh, Rain DeGrey and Ella Nova.
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Zoey Holloway Incest Pack 11 Vids in HD POV

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Sibling Anal Squirt Fest – Adriana Chechik HD

Adriana Chechik is being introduced to her new step brother Tyler by her dad. The naughty little vixen and her new sibling begin flirting with each other right away. Tyler shows her his cock under his towel and while at first she is surprised, then she likes it. He then even gets bolder and slips under the table to eat her sweet young pussy out. Once the father leaves, he fucks her right there on the dining room table in both her pussy and ass making her squirt several times in the process.

Tyler eats out Adriana under the table, they kiss and she gives him a deepthroat blowjob, sucks his balls and licks his ass. He eats her pussy some more and fingers her until she squirts. He fucks her in missionary by vaginal penetration, then he gives her a rimjob and proceeds to assfuck her in sideways & missionary. She sits on his face and rides his cock in cowgirl by anal penetration. Scene ends with a handjob-to-completion, resulting a facial.

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Real Amateur Hot Wife and Cuckold Mixed Pack Vol. 2!


This is a little compilation of videos of hot wives and cuckolds. It’s strictly amateur recording, and like the packages I have put together before. You all seemed to enjoy them in the past.

Cuckold porn explores the fetish of husbands being turned on when their wives fuck other people. She is often referred to as a hotwife and is free to explore fucking other men while the cuck hubby stays faithful. The husband is often there to film the action and watch his wife get plowed and interracial sex is exceedingly common.

The format of the torrent is like previous ones. It’s all hotwife cuckold lifestyle women having sex. Most of the time it’s with black guys, but not always. There are some white women with white men and also one with a latino man.

There are a few vids with mature women. A couple BBW’s and a few thick women for those that like that.

Description – There’s too many videos to describe each one. So I’ll give a general description. The videos feature the standard sex scenes, cuckolding, hot wife, hubby watching etc. Interracial of course and lots of no condom and creampies and some creampie eating.

There’e also some light bi play featured. Just oral when the bull is playing with the wife.

Hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to The Party Full Version – Molly Jane HD MP4

My Parents went on a fishing trip last weekend leaving me in charge of the house and my pain in the ass little sister Molly. My sister said she wanted spend the the night at her friend Jill’s house. I told her to behave herself, dropped her off at Jill’s, and made plans for a kick ass house party Friday night. My Uncle Rich even called!! He just got out of prison a few days before and was back in town. I got all the party supplies together and called some friends… it was gonna be awesome. Things started off great, we were playing some pool and getting drunk… then my buddy Nick sees my sister looking at us from the top of the stairs. I guess she snuck back in to spy on me and get me in trouble. I grabbed her and took her downstairs. She started screaming that I wasn’t supposed to have anybody over and that she was going to call Mom and Dad. I wasn’t going to put up with any of Molly’s bullshit, and neither were my friends. I took my sister and threw her down on the pool table, ripped off her panties, and started spanking her. Hearing my sister squeal gave me a boner so I jumped on the table and shoved it down her throat. After I face fucked her some I spread her legs and shoved my cock into her little slit. My friends held her down and told her what a stupid slut she was while I fucked her. Uncle Rich even teabagged her!! If my sister wanted to crash my party I was gonna give her a welcome she wouldn’t forget…. I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS FUCKING MY SISTER ON THE POOL TABLE AND I DIDN’T EVEN CARE!!! I guess I had too much grain alcohol too quick–fuck it though– she wanted to snitch on me and my friends… I HAD TO TEACH HER A LESSON. I tore off the rest of her clothes and started fucking her huge tits. My sister kept struggling so I cocked back and PUNCHED HER RIGHT IN HER STUPID FACE!!!. My friends carried my sister to the couch. I shoved my cock back in her while she was still out while Holly and Katie sucked her nipples. My sister came to pretty quick. I flipped her over and pounded her little cunt from behind and the girls poured liquor down her throat. Holly grabbed my sister and made out with her then forced her to suck Katie’s tits. We were turning my little sister into a TOTAL PARTY SLUT…. I grabbed my little sister by her hair and smacked her. I was getting a little tired so I figured I’d make my slutty sister do some of the work and pulled her over to where I was sitting on the couch. I grabbed her by the throat and told her to sit on my fat cock. As my sister rode my dick, my friend Katie lezed out on her huge tits!! My little sister came all over my cock– I guess she was finally starting to loosen up after all the jungle juice we forced her to drink. I threw Molly back on the sofa and shoved my rod back in her little wet cunt and my friends Mario and Katie decided to join in. I fucked and choked my little sister while Mario did the same to his girl. THIS WAS TURNING OUT TO BE ONE HELL OF A PARTY…. THE PARTY ENDS WITH A BANG!!! I kept face fucking my sister while my boy Mario had his girl slobbering on his sausage. I grabbed my little sister’s head and jerked my cock until I blew a huge load all over her face. But one load wasn’t enough for my slutty little sister my boy Mario dropped another giant load all over her tits!!! We decided the lesson was finished and decided to hit the bar. I left my little sister with my drunken Uncle Rich. I was sure he’d take good care of her….

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Avi Love – Cuckolded By The Mesmerist / Wife Turned Into Another Man’s Slut HD

Your hot wife Avi is mesmerized by an old friend to be his cock loving slut!

The scene is shot from my POV.


Me, Jeff, and of course I don’t appear in the film. I am the camera.

My wife, Chrissy, was my high school girlfriend and a cheerleader. She is a very very pretty and popular girl.

Our friend from high school, Craig. A nerd that helped Chrissy as a math tutor in high school. Always had a crush on Christy but Christy only had eyes for me. Loved magic.


Chrissy and I went to college together. Chrissy and I were always boyfriend and girlfriend and always happy and close. Except for a month separation. The separation was caused by me being jealous of how popular she was with the football players. She was a cheerleader in college too and very desired. Fortunately, I came to my senses, begged forgiveness. and she forgave me. I knew that Chrissy was ‘The One’ for me, so I proposed on Christmas day after graduation. From then on, Chrissy and I were inseparable. We were married and started our lives and careers together. We’d spent five unbelievable years together and lately Chrissy had been hinting around about starting a family and wanting to have a baby. With my career well established, I too, was ready to embrace the Joys and perils of parenthood, willing to do just about anything to make my wonderful wife happy.

Craig was an also ran. He followed us to college and hit on Chrissy all the time. Chrissy never cared for his affection at all and literally laughed him off. He was devastated by Chrissy’s lack of attention and always jealous of the relationship Chrissy and I had. He also had some very unfortunate girlfriends. He was a performing arts major and pursued hypnotism with a passion. This was a secret to most and completely unknown to us. He is now a successful stage who is touring the country.

Scene 1:

Camera fade in. Chrissy is sitting on the couch and using her tablet/laptop/ whatever. Casual sitting around the house oufit. Sexy but nothing special.

Chrissy and I are sitting around the house when she gets a surprise message on facebook. It is from Criag. As she read it to me, it appeared that her former math tutor and friend had become a stage and was bringing his show to a local nightclub near us. In his letter, Craig said:

I’d love to see you both again and if you come to the show, the whole night is on me. Come early, we can enjoy dinner together and catch up before the show.

End Scene 1

Scene 2:

Wardrobe: Craig – casual clothes. no preference Chrissy: Something Super sexy and showing as much skin as possible. (dress or shorts and tiny shirt, or?? )

Apartment again. Need a sofa on which to have sex. Otherwise any apartment of house setting is fine.

We are all arriving back at our place for more conversation and drinks after the show. Everyone is happy and Chrissy and I both thought the show was great… although both of us being college graduates do not believe it was real.

Chrissy: That was a great show Craig. But tell us the truth…. All those people that you pretended to were all plants. Right?

Craig: No… No Way. (offended) This is my gift. Everything you saw was real

Chrissy: Giggles. “come on Craig. That’s not possible. Only an idiot believes in hypnotism”

Craig: I promise you it is real. What would it take to change your mind?

Chrissy: me. Jeff trusts me. If it is real I will tell him.

Craig: OK. Its a deal. Jeff.. please dont say anything. Chrissy… have a seat

Chrissy sits on the couch and craig waves me to back off. I step back and can see them.. but not really hear what Criag is saying. I see him talking and Chrissy laughing a bit. Craig walks over and says to me (the camera).

Craig: She is very resistant. I need a special tool. Dont worry its just a light.

He takes what looks like a photographers flash. And goes back to talking to Chrissy. This time he uses the flash. Again and again. Chrissy isnt laughing anymore. I see Chrissy nodding her head no. She has a scared look. Then it looks like she is angry with what Craig is telling her There are more flashes and Chrissy cries a little. More flashes and she starts nodding yes. After a minute of that Craig calls me back over.

Craig: It is all done Jeff.

Chrissy: Jeff it was so good for to come see the show tonight. Craig and I were hoping you could make it.

Jeff (from off camera): What are you talking about? We went together Chrissy. Crriag invited us.

Chrissy: (giggles) Jeff.. dont be crazy. Craig is my husband. WE invited you tonight

Jeff: What? No We are married.

Chrissy: (giggles) Jeff.. dont be ridiculous. I havent even talked to you since you got all bent out of shape when the football players were hitting on me

Jeff: No we made up. Dont you remember? We are married. (i hold up my hand with wedding band)

Chrissy: (giggles) Jeff… you arent even my type to be honest. I mean… Craig has the most enormous cock. (big grin) Maybe we should show you. (giggles)

The camera shakes as I am cuffed to a chair and gagged. Craig walks in front of the camera and slips my weeding band on his finger. Chrissy smiles as he does it. Criag and Chrissy then happily fuck in front of me. Chrissy so happily stroking his cock… (2 minutes of handjob) Craig slides on a condom. Chrissy looks at him,,,

Chrissy: Craig. Dont be silly. We are trying to start a family.

Chrissy happily slides off the condom and tosses it aside. She is then sucking his cock… (5 minutes of blowjob) then getting fucked. All the time moaning about his HUGE cock. Positions should be missionary , doggy, and then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Most of the fucking should be in the last two cowgirl positions. (12 minutes of fucking in total)

When Craig cums inside her… he pulls out his cock and we see the cum leaking from her pussy.

The camera pans out… and we see Craig wink at me.

The End

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Only One way to Find Out: Step-Daughter Anally Trained By Busty Step-Mother HD

Dee Williams is bouncing back from a nasty divorce, finally having found a hard cock worth serving with her skilled mouth, a firm hand to beat her juicy ass red, and a commanding voice worth kneeling for. The only issue is that the Master at hand is much younger, almost the same age as her bratty little minx daughter. A couple more months and Aspen will be at college and Dee will be able to live her anal slave slut reality full time, but until then she is determined to keep her little secret. Unfortunately for Dee, her new Master Seth doesn’t care much for secrets and clamps her whore clit tightly, beats her ass with canes, flogs those big gorgeous tits a deep red, and still won’t let her cum until she promises to tell her daughter about him. Satisfied with her word he bends her head backwards and fucks her throat and then slams her face down on the floor for a good anal pounding – And then Aspen comes home early to find her mother face down ass up in the family living room. When Aspen comes skipping down the stairs the next morning and starts shit with Seth he smiles like a cat with a canary. Aspen calls him a gold digger and offers to fuck his brains out if he will leave the house and never come back, but he sees right through her bullshit to a curious little slut in training that just wants to understand what she saw in the living room the other day. Happy to oblige, he throws her over his knee and spanks her little cunt and bouncy ass while she learned to beg and give gratitude. Tied up, skirt tucked into her little pink panties, she gets on her knees to get her face fucked like a good girl when Dee hears a commotion and comes to join. Much to Aspen’s astonishment, Dee doesn’t care in the least, and quickly joins in to get her revenge fuck, cropping Aspen’s young pussy and she bounces on her Mom’s new boyfriends dick. Smothers in her Mom’s tits, she apologizes time and time again for trying to steal Seth’s attention. A firm anal fucking throws her over the edge as she cums with her face in her mother’s tits, screaming with pleasure. Now that everyone is on board, Seth takes this Mother daughter team for a real ride, tying them both up tightly and taking turns with each hole, enjoying himself sadistically with a zapper. Dee starts squirting like a fountain, and cumming like a whore, but it is Aspen that has the greatest release in this scene, getting pounded out and begging for cum like a filthy bitch.

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