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Son’s Obsession Series – Madisin Lee HD

Part 1 My mom is so hot and I am completely crazy about her. She is too good for all these assholes around here. So, when my mom came in the kitchen dressed like a slut, there was no way I was going to let her leave. She didnt even make me any dinner. Well, you want to go like a slut, then I will treat you like one mom. I grab her and throw her on the counter and finger fuck her tight hot hairy pussy hard, then I drop her to her knees and face fuck her while I smack her face and she gags on my cock. Thats a good slut mom! I cum all in her mouth just in time for her date to show up. Looks like she wont be going out tonight.

Part 2 Damn, my moms mouth felt so good around my cock. Now I want her even more. I could not stop thinking about her. I got up early to catch her before she left for work. I caught her just in time, as she is getting ready. You cant leave mom, you have not made me breakfast or made me cum. I am not going to let her leave, not until she sucks my cock and fucks me. On second thought, I think she needs a day off to spend with me!

Part 3 Freddie has been completely obsessed with his mother and he has not even let her leave his sight. Madisin has had enough and tries to sneak out of her window while Freddie was in the shower. He catches her before she could open the window. In an obsessed panic he grabs her and knocks her out. When Madisin wakes up she finds her wrist tied to her bed post. You know mom, Freddie says, I have been so selfish lately, only thinking about my own needs, that I have not even pleasured you. Well dont worry, now it is your turn. He grabs a magic wand vibrator and puts it on his moms pussy until she cums. He sticks his cock in her pussy while it is dripping with cum and fucks her doggiestyle. He cums deep inside her tight pussy and creampies her so now she will always be his forever.

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Mom Tries to Teach Son About Porn: Son Creampies Mom 1080 HD

Your mom calls a meeting with you to discuss your addiction to porn. She has heard you masturbating and has found your boxers, covered in ejaculate, in the laundry basket. She understands that it is natural to masturbate at your age, but she is worried that porn is giving you a distorted view of women and sex. The magazines she found under your bed are full of airbrushed hairless goddesses, who do not resemble real women. She searched your browsing history and saw the types of sites you are visiting, then she searched your computer and found a file of the clips you have purchased. All of the clips are mother son taboo clips. Mom wants to teach you that the taboo is just a silly fantasy, that the women are always faking it, and that a mother son relationship never really happens in real life. Unfortunately for mom, in the process of teaching you what real sex looks like, she awakens your mother son lust. Overcome with horniness, you just have to bend your mom over and fuck until until you cum inside of her.

Category: TABOO
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REAL Mother-Daughter! Son Revenge Fucks Mom and Sister FULL VERSION

They are REAL Mom-Daughter, but no sex action between them.

My mom and sister are lazy pieces of ! I work all day and come home to them sitting on their asses as usual. I get NO respect!!! I beg them to look for a job before I try to clean myself up and go to bed. I decide I should at least jerk off and fall asleep, but my little sister bursts in and makes fun of me and calls my mom to watch too??? WHAT THE FUCK!!! I am SO PISSED! I make them pay. If they got to watch me masturbate, they are going to do it for me!!! I love watching them play with themselves and get me off. I rub on both of them and finally shove my cock deep inside them both until I cum all over my mom’s big tits!!! I LOVE MY LAZY MOM AND SISTER!!!!
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Mandy Flores – Mom and Son: My Pornstar Mommy HD 1080p

So I was looking at some porn this one night and making cum tribute video for some stupid girl who probably never even watches them, and I came accross my mom sucking a cock on video!! OMG my Mom is a PORNSTAR!!!!I never jerked off to my mom before my my dick was so hard, and I love her so much I just decided to do it anyway. Well right when I got started she got home from her party and walked right in my door and caught me!! I thought I turned off the camera when she came in. She picked up my phone and saw what I was jerking to! I was so embarrassed. But she is like the coolest mom there ever was. She talked with me about it and then was totally trying to pull my underwear down!! I was going to fight it at first, but this was what I was just jerking off to, and she actually WANTING to suck my dick!! Oh God her mouth was so warm and she wrapped her lips on my shaft so tightly. The way she would stop and then lick up and down the sides of my dick was SO HOT! I was thinking she wouldn’t want me to cum in her mouth cause it wold gross her out, but she wanted me to, told me to do it! Then she even licked any drops of my cum that was on my balls and cock and swallowed ALL OF IT. She loves me so much I don’t think I could ever get a blowjob that good from anyone else my entire life. I’m so glad she walked in when she did because I missed the off button on my my camera and it recorded the WHOLE THING! Now you get to see it and maybe cum with me and my mom too.

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REAL Mother And Son Homemade 37 Mins With Sound!

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REAL Mother and Son Selfmade Sex Tape!

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Mother-Son Secrets VI HD (2017)

Stories Of New Mothers Falling Into Forbidden Romances!

Released: Feb 13, 2017
Director: Jay West
Jodi West
Categories: All Sex, Big Boobs, Blondes, Family Roleplay, Mature, MILF, Star showcase
Performers: Jodi West Tony Rubino T. Stone Damon Dice Codey Steele
Length: 1 hrs. 41 mins.

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Very Helpful Son HD

Mothers Workout HD

Perverted Son HD


Mother and Son Proven REAL Video!

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Angie Noir – Hotel Fun With My Son HD

Video contains: Taboo Hotel Fun, 69 pussy licking, Neck Squeezing, very long HJ & BJ, with a HUGE load shooting and cum dripping,
Angie is again being a good slut! This VERY awkward but HOT Taboo SEX! You will love it!!

I was thrilled to finally be able to take a vacation with my son Peter and get away from home. I knew I would arrive before my son so I decided to check in and go the the room. I sent a text to Peter that we were checked in and he only needed to get his key and go to the room. I knew he was exhausted and did not want to go out so I made plans to go on a blind date.

Peter arrived while I was on the phone and I could tell he was confused…Why was I in his room? I explained that I was going out for the night and would be back in the morning so he had the bed to himself. He was relieved… However, my date did not go well and ended early – no sex and I was dripping horny. I came back to the room and crawled into bed and went to sleep…until I was awoken by the bed rocking and moving. And that is when I saw my son jerking off under the covers…asleep! After enjoying the show for a short while I woke Peter up. He was groggy and half asleep so I took advantage? of the situation and asked him what he was dreaming about. He explained that his fantasy dream was about me – his mom! I told him to continue jerking off and even offered to help!

Peter must have been super horny and needed to cum because he wasted no time and suggested I pull out my big titties and that is when the Hotel Fun With My Son? started! I moved my body slowly from beside my son to be below his hard cock. I wanted to put on a great show for him so I lowered my head and licked and sucked his cock! I loved stroking it and getting him closer to cumming! I was shocked but fucking totally turned on when Peter grabbed my neck and started squeezing it tightly! I was my Son’s slut today! My clit was throbbing and I moved around and sat on his face so he could enjoy my sweet pussy in the 69 position. Peter licked and suck on my pussy till I had a body shaking orgasm! I wanted to see Peter shot a load of seed that I would lick up like a good cum slut. I moved back so he could watch me masturbate and suck his cock till he came. I stroked him slowly and played with his tip then Oh…he shot his jizz high into the air! I licked it up and then suggested that we should go for a walk on the beach!
Good Morning Son!

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Desi Dalton – Get A Job, Son! HD

720p HD VERSION – WHEN DESI WANT HER SON TO GET A JOB, HE SHOWS HER THE THING HE IS BEST TALENTED AT!! When Desi married Pike’s Father, a man much older then her, she knew he came with some baggage. Mostly his “career student” son Pike who looks like he might try and stay in school forever!

Desi is not going to have any of that, and not have him living at home the rest of his life, so she decides to teach him a real skill. One he can make some money at… Being a waiter!

At first, Pike resists. It was almost insulting that after all his education his mother though his best job opportunity was in the service industry. But after a while he agreed that this might be a good option, and then her could get out on his own.

Desi gives her son a waiters apron and sends him to fetch her a drink for practice. When he comes back, Pike hands her the drink and winks.

“What was that” Mother asks. It seams like Pike is trying to flirt for tips. Desi recognizes the mistake and sends him back to the kitchen to try it again. This time figure out another way to flirt with the customer without being creepy.

The next time Pike brings the drink, and something else. He has worked his cock up into a massive erection for his Mother, and it is straining against his pants.

‘Wow! That would work. But you are going to need to back that up. Can you back that up?” His mother asks.

The two retreat into the bedroom where Pike shows Desi exactly how he is going to make extra tips!

Category: MILF
Price: $17.99 USD

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