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Fed Up With Cum Stains in Boxers Mommy Gives Son Handjob and Blow Job HD

Fed Up With Cum Stains in Boxers Mommy Gives Son Handjob and Blow Job Then Takes Cumshot on Face

Mommy is in the living room and ready to tackle some more laundry. She puts the basket down and picks up a pair of boxer shorts. She is disgusted to find that once again her son has left cum stains behind.

Since this is the third time in a week that this has happened she calls her son in the room. He comes up wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and she berates him for the incident. She asks her son if he is not getting to cum enough and wonders aloud how much his cock needs to cum. She then grabs his dick in anger, but is intrigued by what she feels.

Suddenly, mommy is taking down her son’s boxers and telling him that he will have to deal with what she is dishing out. She wants to get all the cum out of him so she doesn’t have to deal with the cum stains while doing laundry. So, she starts to give him a nice handjob.

She comments on how proud mommy is at his big cock and full balls and asks if he has ever had a woman’s mouth on it. He tells her once, but the chick was not very good. With that, mommy starts to give him a nice blow job.

She continues dirty talk, stroking, and sucking and even licks on his balls a bit. She wants his sack drained and in no time at all he is ready to cum.

Mommy accommodates this by jerking his cumload all over her face. She then takes the dirty boxers and wipes her face with them. She tells her son to go to bed and reminds him that mommy is always available to help out with this problem, all he has to do is ask.

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Fed Up With-Stains in Boxers Mommy Gives Son-and Blow Job HD


Jealous Son Takes Mom Over And Over HD

Mother-son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Facial, MILF, Cumshot

PART 1 Jealous son- “Harmless Flirting”- Stephanie is laying in bed texting Roger, a friend from work. It is probably some harmless flirting, but when her son comes in while she is in the bathroom he doesn’t think it is harmless at all. She is surprise to find her son holding her phone and at first is annoyed but she begins to get nervous and even afraid when she sees how angry he is. She is suddenly aware of how grown up and strong her “Bambino” is and starts to back away. But her son doesn’t let her, he accuses her of being a whore, and she is overwhelmed when he just starts to take her. Even worse, she is aware of just how sexy her son is, and when she see his huge cock she feels desire, despite her fear and shame.

Jealous Son Takes Mom Over And Over HD 1

PART 2 Jealous Son- “Mom ,You’re dressed like a Whore” – Stephanie is nicely dressed in a cocktail dress and going to meet a coowrker for drinks, but she didn’t realize her son was still home. When he sees her going out looking too sexy, and knowing it is the same friend from work she was texting, he gets angry. Stephanie tries to take charge, but he son has had her once and now their is no stopping him, he fucks her like she is his whore and fills her pussy with cum. If she wants to go see “:Roger” from work, she can do it with her son’s huge load dripping out of her hard fucked pussy

Jealous Son Takes Mom Over And Over HD 2

PART 3 Jealous Son – “I Know why you work late” – Stephanie is working late, and is surprised and a little nervous when her son shows up at her office. he knows she is working late to spend time with Roger, and when he finds out that Roger is actually her boss that is it. He demands to know if Roger has fucked her right their, in her office? On her desk? Stephanie tries to calm him, she doesn’t want anyone to know the secret of what her son has made her do, and worse, how part of her even now, in her office wants her son’s huge cock giving her all she can take. She tries to make him leave, tries to stop it from happening again, but she can’t really resist. he son leaves her gasping with a face covered in cum and a aching pussy

Jealous Son Takes Mom Over And Over HD 3


Melanie Hicks – Son, All You Have to Do is Ask HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Cum in pussy, Creampie, POV, Busty / Big tits

Son, What are you doing??? Mommy was sleeping. Were you touching yourself and rubbing my big boobs? It’s OK son, don’t be embarrassed. You were playing with Mommy, weren’t you? Son, all you have to do is ask if you want to play with Mommy. Now lay back and let Mommy have a look at that big cock of yours… Oh son, you have a very nice penis. Do you like how Mommy’s mouth feels on it? How about Mommy’s big tits? Well son, we’ve already gone this far so we might as well go all the way. Hush…don’t worry about your Father, Mommy does whatever she wants. And right now Mommy wants to ride her son’s fat cock. Son, you feel so good inside Mommy’s pussy. We should have done much this sooner. Do you like how Mommy bounces her butt up and down on your big dick? Yes Mommy likes it too. It’s OK son, you can cum. Cum right inside Mommy’s pussy. Yes son, just like that. What a good job! Such a big load! Mommy will definitely want to play naked with you again soon. But sweetie, next time, just ask Mommy first. ***Starring Melanie Hicks & a REAL creampie from her sneaky son***

Son, All You Have to Do is Ask HD


Grow Up Son HD

Grow Up Son HD


Mom Does Naked Yoga and Lets Son Lift Her and Grind Her Hot Ass Until He Cums in His Boxers

A hot MILF is stretching and doing yoga when her 21 year old son comes in. He can’t help but stare at her hot ass and even comments at how hot she looks.

Mom blows this off but is obviously turned on by it. She tells her son to come over to her and she tries to get him to do some yoga moves with her. He tries but is not very good at it. This is when mom suggests trying the yoga naked.

He is not comfortable with this and she gets him to strip down to his boxers but she gets completely naked. Next she tells him she is going to have him stretch.

She gets on the ground and has him mount her. Then, she has him grind on her slow at first, but then hard and fast. Next he stands up with her and starts to grind her from behind. This is turning them both on.

Mom then has her son lift her. She wraps her legs around his legs and the grinding really gets heating. She does ass grinding and pussy grinding all while she is being suspended in the air by her strong son. She finally gets on the ground and is in the doggystyle position and has her son grind vigorously from behind.

This leads to him cumming in his boxer shorts. She acts surprised, but you know she got what she wanted. She tells her son to hit the showers and has a sly sense of accomplishment with the taboo fun that has just transpired.

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Mom Does Naked Yoga and Lets Son Lift Her HD


My tits addicted son HD

Mom T HD 2


Mom Lets Son Lift Her and Grind Her Hot Ass Until He Cums in His Shorts HD

A smoking hot MILF is standing in the kitchen scantily clad in a very short satin robe and taking about all the things she needs to get done. She still has to get dinner going and she almost immediately runs into trouble as she can’t reach something in the cupboard. So, she calls in her 21 year old son.

He comes in and asks what’s going on. Mom says how she needs to reach something and as she does this she is moving around the kitchen and bending over. Her ass and tits are hanging out of the tiny robe and her son takes notice.

Mom tells him it is not appropriate to check out his mother. He says sorry and then says he can help with the item. He goes behind her and as he reaches she brushes the font of his shorts where his cock is with her nice ass. This gets him hard and in no time at all he is grinding his mom’s sweet ass.

She keeps saying it is not right but he keeps grinding away. He asks if they can fuck and she says absolutely not, but she finally relents and tells him he can grind until he cums in his pants.

She still needs that item so he lifts her up and the grinding really gets intense. He stops for a moment to take her robe off and lifts her again grinding her ass and grabbing her big tits as he does. It isn’t long before he is shooting a huge cumshot his boxers.

He finally gets what she is wanting in the cupboard and says he is off to shower. Mom is left in the kitchen with a sly smile on her face but still needing to make dinner.

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Mom Lets Son Lift Her HD


Penguin Club – Mother and Son Incest Comics

22 pages Penguin Club.rar


Madison Ivy Fuck Machine (2015)

Release Year: 2015 Studio: Hustler Video Cast: Madison Ivy, Evan Stone, Alec Knight, Celeste Star, Barry Scott, Otto Bauer Genres: All Sex, HD – Shot In High Def, Fetish, Feature Video language: English

Madison Ivy and her hot friends can fuck all night long! Join in on this non-stop fuck extravaganza!

Time: 01:53:34 Video: AVC, 704×394, 23.976 fps, 1315 Kbps Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, 121 Kbps Size: 1.14 GB

Madison Ivy-Machine.part1.rar

Madison Ivy-Machine.part2.rar


Son wont take no for answer…Fucks Mom anyway HD

Mom is minding her own business, putting clothes away in her son’s room…. He has other plans…. He jumps out of bed and grabs his Mom… He is horny and wants her to take care of him…. He holds her down until she gives in…. She may be saying no…. but she really wants to be fucked hard.

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