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Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr – MILF1087 – Sexy Sisters Retreat HD

Rachel and her sister Stacie were a pair of wild and wealthy cougars with an irresistible craving for young cock. Many years ago they had had a constant supply of it when running a special retreat to help sensitive young men overcome their hangups. At first their work had been innocent – mainly confidential talks and outdoor activities. But when the horny siblings realized that sexual frustration was the real cause of their client’s troubles, they eagerly set about providing the appropriate “cure”. What followed was a blissful period of never-ending stud-fucking for the two MILFs. It seemed to them that they were in heaven.

They were making plenty of money, their young men were leaving happy and confident, and they themselves were getting all the great sex they could wish for. But then the dream ended. A powerful local prude got wind of their antics and forced Rachel and Stacie to close their retreat. Over the next few years, the two sisters found it hard to settle for the relative lack of young-man-action in their lives. Then they finally got a break. One day, while sitting at home and battling boredom, they received a phone call from a woman who had found one of their old ads. Rachel was taken by surprise, but she decided to humor the conversation. It turned out that the woman was concerned about her son, Brad. She felt he was too laid back about his future and wished to send him to Rachel and Stacie…

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REAL Incest Collection 219!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Cute Amateur Dad and Daughter 3 More Hot Vids in HD

Taboo Nappy Fetish 40 mins of Diaper Joy HD

40 minutes of Diaper Nappy fetish beautiful and intimately filmed, surely something to sit back and enjoy even if your not a fan of taboo daddy’s girl roleplay in diaper

Age Play Age Regression Barely Legal Diaper Fetish Taboo

Dry Nite Taboo HD

Little Amy was in ‘Daddy’s’ bed nude except for her ‘DryNites’, well she knew that when she got excited she p1ss3s all over the place like a giddy little puppy bitch. Still she wanted to play and that meant getting noticed by ‘Daddy Dom’ and what better way to get noticed than to lay in his bed all naked and nude, because she knew he never even attempts to resist her sweet innocent girl charms and sexy little body. She wants to be his toy and play with his big girl toys, because she wants to have a cum and then have ‘Daddy Dom’ cum in her ‘Dry Nites’, squishy squishy yum yum

Taboo Diaper Fetish Barely Legal Daddy Roleplay Daddys Girl

Nappy Fucked – Daddy’s Diaper Sex HD

Delightfully Dirty Daddy Dom Fucks and Sucks in the Taboo Garden Crazy about his petite girl in Diapers, Dirty Daddy Dom gets his cock sucked and wanked with lots of POV action and full view for you to share in this erotically charged taboo fantasy of pure unadulterated Diaper Joy before fucking her in her nappy and finally wanting great streams of thick cum all over her soft body and diaper. Enjoy

Diaper Fetish Barely Legal Diaper Age Play Daddys Girl

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Mommy Gets Blackmailed – Paris Rose HD

Mommy comes home to find a note from her oldest son. He has found out about the sex that is going on between her and his younger brother and has decided to tell their Dad unless Mommy gives him a blowjob. She tries to resist but after she gets started, it’s just too good not to enjoy it…all the way to the cum in her mouth that she shows before swallowing

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Twins Sisters 4 Hot HD Vids!

The Bobbsie Twins HD

IDENTICAL TWIN SISTERS SHARRON & BRANDY ARE READY TO EXPERIENCE THEIR FIRST JERK!! THEY INVITE A BOY FROM SCHOOL OVER TO BE THEIR GUINEA PIG. THE BOBBSIE TWINS LOCK THEIR HANDS TOGETHER AND JERK!!! THE RESULT IS A MASSIVE MASSIVE CUMBLAST!!!! Meet the Bobbsie Twins!!! Identical Twins Brandy & Sharron do EVERYTHING together! The two Girls are hanging out in the bedroom they share…..brushing each other’s hair….their Parents have left them alone for the weekend. Sharron tells Her Twin Sister that a Girl from school, had done Her “First Jerk”. Both Sisters have been very curious about boys lately….and the Girls talk about how much fun it would be for them to have their First Jerk too. Since they do EVERYTHING together, the Girls decide that they should experience their First Jerk together too….and they discuss which boy from school they could call over to be their Guinea Pig. The Girls decide to call their classmate, Russell Grand. This boy may be the LUCKIEST boy on the Planet!! As soon as he arrives, the Twins invite him up onto the bed…and pull off his pants. Sharron & Brandy don’t take very long before they are experts at Jerking!!! After they both take a turn solo….the Girls decide that the best way to do this….the way they do EVERYTHING….is Together…and the Girls lock their Hands together, and get a Jerking Rhythm going in Stereo that causes this boy to Surrender MASSIVE MASSIVE CUMBLASTS to the Bobbsie Twins

Tantric Twins HD

WARNING : THIS IS THE HOTTEST MASSAGE SCENE EVER RECORDED!!! TWINS BRANDY AND SHARRON ADMINISTER A SLOW COCK-TEASING ORGASM-EDGING PENIS MASSAGE A SLOW….SENSUAL….TEASING MILKING WITH PROLONGED ORGASM CONTROL!!! Boy oh Boy!!! This Customer gets the surprise….and PLEASURE of his life when he visits the Jerky Girls Massage Parlor during Jerky June!! As you know, at The Jerky Girls Massage Parlor, the Girls Jerk-Off the boys……whether they like it or not. The surprise, however, is…..The Bobbsie Twins are on duty today!!!! Twin Sisters Brandy & Sharron work together (as always) ……while sexy new age music plays….to Administer what can only be described as….the Most Sensual Cock-Teasing Orgasm-Edging Penis Massage of all time!!! The customer is told that he must lie still and accept the slow Cock-Teasing from the twins. He is instructed that he is NOT allowed to touch himself. He is NOT allowed to “Hump their Hands”….and no matter how much he begs for the Twin Girls to speed up….they will NOT!! This is almost painful to watch at times as the Twins slowly Tease him….rubbing one finger up and down the shaft….sometimes even ignoring his cock for minutes at a time….while it throbs. Sharron sits on the customer’s face…..and the Twins Kiss each other passionately while they Tease his cock. FINALLY….after 22 minutes…..Brandy stimulates the head of the penis….while Her Sister Sharron strokes the shaft and cups the testicles in Her Hand…..causing a Massive Fountain of cum to cascade out of the Teased cock. WARNING : This is the HOTTEST Massage scene ever filmed!!! HANDJOBS R US

Twins Hypnojerk HD

THE BOBBSIE TWINS ARE HYPPNOTIZED BY THEIR DAD. ONCE THEY ARE UNDER….DAD GETS THE TWINS TO MAKE-OUT WITH EACH OTHER!! THEN DAD MAKES THEM JERK HIM OFF!!! WHEN THE TWINS WAKE UP…THEY ARE CONFUSED BY THE WHITE, STICKY SUBSTANCE ON THEIR HANDS!! The Bobbsie Twins are in trouble. While they were at school, Daddy found cigarettes hidden in their bedroom. Dad is angry with the Twins….as this is the third time they have been caught smoking. Desperate times call for desperate measures… so Daddy tells the Girls that he is going to hyppnotize them…….to get them to stop smoking. Dad gets out his special watch….and tells the Girls to follow it as he swings it back in forth in front of them. Within a few minutes….both Girls are completely under. Once the Twins are under….Deviant Dad decides to have some fun with his Twin Girls. Dad tells the Girls to Kiss…..and they do. Dad tells the Girls to fondle each others’ breasts….and they do. Dad tells the Twins to French Kiss each other passionately and caress each other’s pussys….and they do!! Next, Dirty Old Dad tells the Twins to unbutton his pants and Jerk him Off. The obedient, Hyppnotized Twins begin to Jerk their Daddy. As always, the Twins do everything together… their Hands ride up and down Dad’s shaft in complete unison….until Daddy cums all over himself. Once he has ejaculated, Dad pulls his pants back on….and snaps his fingers to bring the Girls out of the trance. When they wake up…..the Girls notice a white, sticky substance all over their Hands. Dad tells him that he gave them some hand lotion while they were under. The un-suspecting Twins rub the “lotion” into their hands….none the wiser

Twin Foot Domination HD

THE HOTTEST FOOT FETISH SCENE IN THE WORLD HAS ARRIVED!!! TWIN SISTERS BRANDY & SHARRON DOMINATE & HUMILIATE A BOY WITH THEIR FEET. THE BOY MUST SUCK ON EACH GIRL’S FEET…. THEN THE TWINS USE ALL FOUR FEET TO MAKE HIM CUM!!!! EXTREMELY EXTREMELY HOT SCENE!!!!! This is the Foot Fetish scene of all time!!! Twin Sisters Brandy & Sharron not only Dominate & Humiliate a boy with their Hot, Little Feet….they are being interviewed by our Director, Nancy while they do it!!! The Twins answer Foot related questions while casually Jerking with their Feet and Shoving their Feet in the boy’s mouth. Learn which twins prefers to have Her Feet Licked….and which Twin prefers to have Her Feet Kissed…..and lots of other fun facts about the Girls, and their Feet. The Twins have such chemistry between them, they use their four Feet in harmony to induce a Milking that gets all 4 Feet covered in boy goo!!! WARNING : This is Extremely, Extremely HOT

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Japan Incest And Family Taboo Forbidden Relationship UNCENSORED With English Subs in HD

Mom Reiko Shimura gives blowjob to her son HD

Reiko Shimura is such a pervert mom! She comes to take her son pants off to clean them, but she can’t help herself not touching the guy’s cock. She is totally delighted to feel the dick getting hard. This Asian slut takes the cock in her hand and starts to slowly rub it. She sucks it so fine, loving to feel it in her mouth. Reiko licks the whole tool insisting on the head and she also licks the balls. This mom in a tight skirt kneels and sucks the dick more and more until she gets cum in mouth.

10Min 24sec

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Reiko Shimura Аucked by Son and Husband HD

Horny Reiko Shimura involves her son and her husband in her own sexual satisfaction. Her nipples are licked and sucked by the two men, same time. This slut sucks one cock while stroking the other one, and she is very good at doing it. Her hairy cunt is rubbed from behind before she has it licked one more time. Reiko is screwed from behind very deep, on the carpet, while her boobs are fondled by the other dude. Missionary, she is screwed so hard and so deep before another doggy style. This slutty housewife gets cum in her fish taco.

48Min 49sec

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Horny Teacher Sleepover – Mandy Flores Taboo 4K 4096×2160 HD

Sharing a room with your teacher is more difficult than you thought…..

Custom video request: There is a school trip and the students and the teacher will stay in a hotel, but there are not enough rooms, so the teacher has to share her room with one student. They use the same bed, but the teacher warns the student to stay in his side of the bed. She is used to sleep naked, but this time because of the student, she gets in bed with the hotel bathrobe. Later, the teacher’s phone ring (text message), it’s her boyfriend. She texted him back telling him that she is in the hotel room and that everything it’s OK. Her boyfriend says he misses her and asks her for pics. She doesn’t know how to refuse because she doesn’t want to tell him that there is a student in the same bed with her. So, she opens her bath clothes a little and sends him some pictures showing her breasts. She thought the student was sleeping but he is not. She discovers the student looking at her and closes her bath robe as fast as she can. She tells the student to not say anything and to get back to sleep. The student says he won’t tell anyone but with one condition. The teacher says something like: What are you insinuating? Having sex with you? Are you crazy? That’s not going to happen! The student says that then he want to see her naked. The teacher will tell him no, but she is interrupted by cellphone ringing (the boyfriend is calling).

She takes the call while making a gesture to the student to keep quiet, to wait, that they will continue talking when she ends the call with her boyfriend. She talks with her boyfriend, while the student taking advantage of situation puts his hand on her leg and starts to go up inside her bath clothes. The teacher gives him a eye stare and try to keep off his hand while continue talking with her boyfriend. The student put his hand on her vagina and start masturbating her slowly. She gets very mad at first and tries to stop him, but it starts to feel good. She is conflicted about what she is doing, but she keeps talking with her boyfriend, keeping her moaning at low level so his boyfriend doesn’t realize what is happening. She is still conflicted but horny, so she put her hand in student’s penis and start masturbating him slowly. It was a wrong decision, that makes her even hornier so she can’t resist anymore, so just a seconds after touching the student penis she ends the phone call abruptly, put the phone on the bed, and she totally desperate by lust goes for student’s penis. She takes off student’s underwear and start giving him a blowjob like her life depends on that. She sucks his penis and tells the student that she needed a penis so much.

The phone starts ringing and she takes the call, and says to her boyfriend that the battery run out and that she had to connect the cellphone to a charger while she continue sucking student’s penis. She whispers to student that she needs his penis inside her. Without waiting for an answer, she climbs over the student and introduce his penis in her vagina and starts riding the student penis. She HAS NOT taken off her bath clothes. She can’t keep her moaning at low level, but she tries. After a while riding she opens her bath clothes while starts to ride harder. Note that just the part of “normal” riding, I don’t want reverse riding). Her boyfriend ask her what is happening, she says nothing. She keeps riding and her moaning goes up. She throws the cellphone to bed, the student warns her that the call is still going on, that her boyfriend will know. She she doesn’t care, she’s too horny to care about her boyfriend. She is completely advocated to her pleasure, she says out loud something like “it doesn’t matter, this is too good”. She takes off her batch clothes, now she is totally naked and riding hard. She is making loud moaning, she doesn’t care about the call still going on the cellphone. Finally she gives a final blow job. She receives the semen in her open mouth……Mandy Flores


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Busty Student’s ROUGH BBC & Black Ass Eating Study Date! HD

***C4S TOP 5 CLIP!!! #1 18/19 Year Old Clip!

Tests…papers..projects…those are all the things that Sofia has to keep up with during her senior year of high school. And with college right around the corner, Sofia definitely cannot afford to mess up! Her daddy would be sooooo mad!

But there IS a lot going on. Thats why Sofia has a ton of books for her classes. Textbooks and study aids to ensure she passes her classes. Recently though, Sofia started…developing. Her breasts grew from A CUPS TO DOUBLE Ds.

Carrying around all this new extra weight with her boobs has been kind of frustrating for Sofia. Shes a little girl so this new weight and all her books are a LOT for Sofia to endure.

Recently, Sofia has started leaving some of her books in her locker and only carrying the ones she needs. Thats been a great help to her back. But today…today she fucked up. After lunch, Sofia left her English book ik her locker, planning to pick it up after school. But her chemistry test distracter her, some senior boys trying to grab her boobs annoyed her…and Sofia FORGOT her book. The book she REALLY needs to study for her midterm exam. School is closed so she cant get the book from her locker. And if she fails that exam…then she fails the class and wont get into college and wont be a success and her dad will be mad and-all sorts of thoughts run through her head as Sofia starts to PANIC.

But then…she remembers. Branden! Her classmate! Hes the only boy who doesnt always ask to see her boobs in class. Yeah hes a little weird…hes in some theatre club at school and likes to pretend hes a character actor so hes been wearing a weird mask everywhere, but hes smart. And she knows that he has the book! He will definitely help her!

What Sofia doesnt know…is that Branden is a sick pervert. She may not have SEEN him looking at her boobs like all the other boys…but he has been. Hes been thinking about doing all sorts of nasty things to Sofia’s little mouth. And he fancies himself a character actor…so hes going to REALLY show Sofia the character of the villain hes portraying in this school play.

All these thoughts are going through his head when knocks on her door. As Sofia answers, his eyes immediately go to her chest. If she doesnt want a D on this exam…shes gonna give him those Double Ds…and more….

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JUTN-009 ~ A Silently Horny Girl In Glasses ~ [1080p]

Silently horny girl takes on her relative in bed while he sleeps. Self pleasing with her vibrator hidden away from him but she can no longer resist some organic tissue being a dick. Cunnilingus to soften and wetten her pussy, 69 and such before penetration inbound. Missionary,, reverse.cowgirl and cowgirl before final solution is creampie and a shower afterwards.


DASD-460 Close Contact.Shemale Queen Stars Seri

Seri Hoshi aka Seri Kizuki aka Rise Kaneshiro is back!

The most notable thing about this video is the long interview at the start. Not speaking Japanese, not quite sure what was said, but there was a lot of reference made to her past work, and some sort of justification for the new name change. If you understood what was said, feel free to leave more information in the comments.

Scene 1: Seri with the male talent. Starts with Seri giving a blowjob followed by her receiving one. Some anal play for Seri followed by anal sex. First, the anal sex starts in missionary, before moving onto doggy, before ending in missionary, and the male talent finishing on her stomach.

Scene 2: Seri gives blowjob to male talent to completion.

Scene 3: Typical Seri sex scene. Foreplay which includes Seri receiving a blowjob, then Seri giving the male talent a blow job. The scene then ends with anal sex, first missionary, followed by doggy and then ending in missionary once again (just like in Scene 1, except a much shorter sex scene). Video ends with Seri getting a moneyshot on the face.


HUSR-151 – That LA-born MMA Fighter Debuts Japanese With Gachi Sex!

Female warrior, fall! A female MMA fighter who is good at martial arts officially adopted by the US Marine Corps, counts down to the state of fighting fighting face-up bitch fighting on the bed on the bed! Too beautiful flesh of a female fighter with a fighting spirit and a noble spirit is backed by inner muscle and never hangs with beautiful big tits and a little frantic beat that puts off a pant voice with a petit voice saying “Ahshi …!” He was the owner! Japanese ferocious sex rush does not stop, it screams as muscles of the whole body relax, screaming crazy!

Japanese guy goes to LA, interviews a couple of attractive women that are supposedly MMA fighters, they masturbate with a vibrator, then he has sex with them separately.

Unsure of the actresses names. Please add if you know them.

Sex acts:
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BBAN-186 Lesbians Trapped In Woman Infiltrating Investigators – Information Intercourse Over Hacking Cases Lesbian ~

A female investigator who is good at information investigation. She will infiltrate as a secretary to a woman’s house that seems to be the culprit of this case, in order to pinpoint the truth of a vicious hacking incident that hundreds of billions of virtual currency will be stolen …. A trap put on the net of investigation … A woman’s poisonous fang lurking behind the case …! ! The defeated and captured investigators are being fucked and being taken down by the lesbians …! !

Rui gets captured by 2 evil woman and broken down to become their sex slave. Scissoring, cunnilingus, breast play, dildos, fingering


TIKF-020 – We Drugged A Slender Beauty With Light Skin With Some Aphrodisiacs And Now She Became A Panting And Drooling Creampie Begging Bitch

So, basically we see Sayuri in this apartment and the video is being shot in POV. The camera man talks to her and then offers her some drugs. She willingly takes it and swallows the pill with some water. Then she lays back and the guy begins to play with her. He lifts her skirt and begins to touch her panty clad pussy. The guy then brings a Magic Want and starts to use it on her where you see her moaning and trashing around. She orgasms and then the guy lays back and she begins to suck on his nipples and pinches them. She then starts to blow his dick for a while before she gets on and begins to ride his dick in cowgirl position. She then gets fucked in missionary, reverse cowgirl & doggy positions and takes a creampie in her pussy.

Now there is no scene 2 if you look at it because this is more like a sex tape than anything else. But after she gets fucked in takes a creampie, she uses the magic want on herself. Another man (presumably) comes up and begins to use on her. He licks her tis and uses the magic wand on her some more before he starts to fuck her. Before he slips his dick inside her she blows him and then they get down to fucking. Second time around, she again gets fucked in missionary, cowgirl & doggy positions and takes another creampie.

Also, you will notice, that throughout the scene (after taking the pill ofcourse) she is pretty much high as a kite!

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