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ONLY Mother and Son Only NEW and HOT 7 Vids in HD – Tammie Madison!

Mommy Takes a Creampie on Prom Night HD

Mommy! Tonight was supposed to be special. It is my prom night. I had a date with the hottest girl in school. I was so stoked. You know what typically happens on a prom night? Well, tonight was going to be my night. Tonight, I was going to lose my virginity. Mommy, I feel miserable.

Mommy! What are you doing? Why are you removing your nightgown? Mommy, you are wearing really raunchy underwear. A son should not see his mother dressed like this. What do you mean you are going to make my night special for me? You want me to strip naked so you can make me happy? Mommy, I do not think we should be doing this. I know that you have been lonely ever since dad left, but this seems wrong. Mommy, you are going to take my virginity.

Honey, you are home so early, why? You have been dumped? Oh dear, that is terrible. Honey, I am so sorry. Tonight was supposed to be special for you. No need to be shy, I know what guys and girls get up to on their prom night. I was your age once you know! Honey, I love you and I want you to be as happy as you possibly can. I know what we can do, I can give you a special night. That is right honey, I will give you what you had hoped your girlfriend would. Honey, let me take your virginity. Just one thing darling, ever since your father left, I have not needed to use birth control. I am still fertile, so whatever you do, please, do not cum inside of me. I would be devastated if I became pregnant with your baby.

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Mother and Son: The Social Experiment HD

Baby, I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at me and I want to let you know, I don’t mind. In fact, I kind of like it. It turns me on to know that you get a rush at the sight of my cleavage, and that your trousers feel tighter if I brush up against you. To tell you the truth, I’ve been finding ways to get a rise out of you for sometime now. I hope you don’t think it too wicked of me that I have been teasing you on purpose. I’ve watched you, almost studied you, to see what type of activity gets the most reaction, which outfits you prefer, and what types of interaction drive you the craziest. Well, my little social experiment is over, I have my results, I know what you like and baby, I’m here to give you exactly what you want, whenever you want it.

It was a few weeks back that I started to notice that you liked this particularly type of outfit. I guess the way it gripped to my body, how it pushed my breasts together and how it showed off my legs, just made a mess out of you. I started to realize that whenever I wore this style of outfit, your evening masturbation sessions became more regular. But, I wanted to play more; I wanted to see how far I could take it. For instance, could I engineer a situation where you would be constantly turned on for days at a time? Would there be a way to keep you on the edge without you being able to find any release? Thinking about it now, it seems a little man what I did to you, but baby, don’t be mad; I’m sure you’ll thank me before the day is over.

To develop the experiment, I explored different ways of interacting with you. I tried playing the stern matriarch, and I was somewhat pleased with the results. It curbed your masturbation, but too stern, too strict and domineering and you would stop playing altogether. That wouldn’t do, I wanted you to be in a constant state of lust without the ability to climax. So, I tried sweet and playful. That had almost the opposite effect. Judging from the state of your clothes in the laundry pile, I’m guessing it made you jerk yourself into frenzy, heaven knows how much you must have cum each day.

I continued to experiment until I found the correct mix. I opted for a playful, caring, and doting mother – the type that would laugh at all your jokes, compliment you on how big and strong you were getting. I would let my hair tickle your chest and cheeks as I lent in for a hug. I would be sure to let my hands trace the side of your thighs as we sat together watching a movie. Every now and then I would allow my fingernails to push into your naked flesh as I whispered something a little provocative in your ear. Did you find it odd that you started finding pairs of my dirty panties in your clean laundry pile? Did you fin it even stranger that no matter how much you masturbated you could never reach climax?

I have another confession to make darling, I have been using Neuro-Linguistic Programming on you to make it impossible for you to cum. How long has it been now? A month? Wow, a month of furious, relentless masturbation, where you’ve remained in a state of optimum lust, but without the ability to explode. Well darling, I have a very special treat for you, a little reward shall we say, for being such a good and receptive subject. baby, tonight and from this day forth, I am all yours, available for you to use and abuse me whenever and wherever you desire.

Category: TABOO
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Nothing Beats Cumming for Mommy HD

From her Perspective
Oh no, it has happened again? Sweetheart, you know that not every girl you date will be willing or able to relieve you each time you get excited. You are a special young man. You are my pride and joy. There are certain things that a mom can and should do to help her son navigate this cruel world. I understand you better than any girl your age ever will. I can handle your problems, no matter how big and intrusive they feel. Honey, you know that mommy has your best interest at heart. I hate to see you suffer. You can always turn to me to offer you comfort in your times of need. When you are aroused, I understand how much you ache for relief. I know that the girls your own age are scared off when they see your trousers tighten and your monster dick swell. They are too young to appreciate how much pleasure you can bring them. They are too inexperienced to be able to offer you the relief you desire. Baby, let mommy take care of you. You know nothing beats cumming for mommy. You know how easily mommy helps you find release.

When you called me, proclaiming how much pain you were in, how much you needed my help to relieve you, I was at work. I could not come home to take care of you in person, but I could offer you my sweet motherly advice; kind words to help solve your problem. We tried it over the phone, but to no avail, the problem just grew bigger. You were in a real conundrum. You felt like you were going to explode, but despite all of the build, you just could not find release.

Okay then, maybe it would help if I provided you with a show. Honey, we should webcam. Perhaps if you can see me pleasuring myself, perhaps if you can see and hear how wet you make me, perhaps then you will be able to cum. We can masturbate together. I am in my office my colleagues or boss could walk in on me at any time. But I do not care. You are my . I love you. I would do anything to help you.

Still no joy. Oh darling, it pains me to see how much discomfort you are in. You need me. Only mommy can take care of your erection. Only mommy can bring you to climax. Okay sweetheart, there is only one thing for it you must come to my office. I cannot leave work, but, it is bring your to work day, so, it would not look strange you being here. Come to my office baby, but make sure you hide that huge erection. If the girls in my office see it, you will surely scare them out of their minds.

I am so glad you are here now, with your mommy. Let me see how big your problem is. Oh my! No wonder you have been so distressed. I have an idea baby. I can take care of you with my mouth and hands. That has always worked in the past. Honey, why are you unable to cum? What can mommy do to help? There is one more thing we could try. Mommy could give you her sweet little pussy. But honey, if mommy lets you fuck her, you will have to cum inside her. Mommy has to stay at work today; she cannot afford to be walking around covered in your seed. She cannot afford for you to make a mess of her office and desk. That is it baby ease yourself into my pussy. Take me. Fuck me as hard as you can. Make mommy cum baby and in return, I will let you explode inside of me.

From his Perspective
Mommy help! You are the only person I can turn too. It has happened again. I went on a date and I got excited. The minute my date saw my bulge grow, she became scared. She screamed and ran away, shouting expletives and telling me she never wants to see me again. Mommy, will I ever find a woman who will be able to handle my size and girth? Will I ever find anyone who can take care of me the way you do? Mommy, I know you are the only lady who can handle me. You are the only woman in my life who is able to bring me pleasure and relief. Mommy, please help me. Please mommy, offer me counsel, and offer me guidance. Talk me through my predicament and help me find the release I so desperately seek.

Mommy, the problem is bigger than either of us anticipated. I know you are tying to help, but your words are only making my problem grow. I swell and strain with each seductive utterance. I hang on every word, on the edge, but unable to be released. Mommy, this is tortuous. Please mommy, there must be something else we can do. Mommy, that sounds like a fantastic idea. If I can see you, if I can hear how wet I am making you, and watch you masturbate, mommy that might do the trick. You are the best mommy.

The pain is unbearable. Mommy, I need you. Let me come to your office. Mommy, take me in your caring hands, guide me into you expert mouth and bring me the climax I need to alleviate this suffering. Mommy, I know you love me, I know you can do this for me. Please mommy, I know you hate to see me in this much pain.

Mommy, your touch is exquisite, but I cannot find relief. The aching has spread. From my thighs through to my stomach, I am crippled with a tightening that is only getting worse. My balls and penis throb faster than my heartbeat. Mommy, do you have any other ideas of how to rescue me from this frightfully uncomfortable situation?

Oh my mommy! You feel so warm and soft. You are so wet, making it so easy fro me to slide inside of you. Wow! They way your pussy grips my shaft feels heavenly. Almost immediately the feeling of discomfort starts to dissolve. I should not be surprised by how easily you accommodate me. You do not flinch. You are not put off by my size or girth. You invite me in and hold me close. As you buck back against me, you find pleasure. You climax, not once, but twice. Your juices flow. It is your cum that provides me, your son, with the stimulation I need to reach orgasm. Mommy, are you sure it is okay for me to cum inside of you? I know you do not want to cause a mess, but mommy, what if I get you pregnant?

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Mom Breeds with Son HD

My baby’s all grown up now. Look at you, about to move out into your own apartment, working a full-time job; you’re no longer my little boy anymore, you’re a man. I’m so proud of you, so strapping and strong. But, darling, I’m going to miss having you around the house. I’m going to be so lonely, this place is going to feel so empty. Having you, my little fella, helped ease the pain of your dad leaving, but now that you’re going too, I’m beside myself. Sweetheart, mommy has a plan – a way we can make sure I’m never lonely – you’re going to make your mom pregnant. Hush now my , don’t protest, you know you want to make mom happy; haven’t you always said that you will do anything for your mom? Baby, drink this and try not to worry, everything is going to be all right.

Good, you’re awake. Now, now, try not to struggle. That’s right baby it’s not possible for you to move, you’re frozen. That was a very special drink mommy made for you, a mixture of Depolarizing agents and Viagra to make sure you’re stiff as a board for mommy. Now, I’m going to milk you for your seed. I want to have your baby. Try not to worry my darling, try to enjoy yourself as mommy rides you.

I’m so proud of you sweetheart, with a load that big, I’m sure to get pregnant with your baby. Now here baby, smell this, and drift back to sleep. When you wake up, you will not remember any of this.

Category: TABOO
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Stuck Mom Trapped on Fuck Machine Creampie HD

Stuck Mom Trapped on Fuck Machine: Creampied by Son

Tammie Madison has just finished another successful sex toy party, her best yet. her friends loved her range of toys and snapped up some great deals. Tammie is rather pleased with herself, but needs to clean up quick before her son gets home – he would not be too pleased to see his mom’s sex toys.

Whilst cleaning her toys, Tammie knocks a vibrator onto the floor. As she bends down to pick it up, she notices it has rolled under the couch. Her dress is a little restrictive, so she hikes it up, exposing her bare pussy and ass, in order to reach beneath the sofa. As she is on all fours, her back goes again. She’s stuck, naked, and in desperate need to get cleaned up before her son returns.

Tammie has an idea, she’ll use her riding crop, a top seller, to reach behind her and get her phone. If she can call one of her friends, they will be sure to rescue her from this embarrassing situation. As Tammie swings with the crop, she inadvertently hits the dial on the fuck machine. The machine whirls into action, and the rather large dildo attachment finds it’s way directly into Tammie’s exposed pussy. Tammie is stuck and now she is being fucked quite hard by her fuck machine. She tries to turn it off, but she makes the machine go faster. She’s getting fucked harder than she ever thought possible. Oh no, what is that sound? Her son has returned. Fuck it, she’ll have to plead with him to rescue her.

When her son enters, he’s a little shocked, but also strangely turned on. I mean, it’s not everyday you find your mom on her hands and knees, taking it hard from a huge fuck machine! He knows he should help her, but what’s in it for him? More allowance, mom says. Sorry mom, that’s not going to cut it, there is something much sweeter that I want. Tammie can’t believe it, her son is working the situation to his advantage. “Wait a minute, that’s not the fuck machine inside me anymore! Son, you better stop right now. Whatever you do, do not cum inside your mom!”

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Thirsty Mom HD

What is it you say these days? I’m thirtsy? Well baby, mom is thirsty and she needs you.

Sweetie, you are the kindest, most considerate young man, I feel so lucky that you are my son. I promise I will do more to show you my appreciation and to show you how much I love you. Honey, you’ve grown into such a strapping young man. The sight of you makes momma go weak at the needs. You fuel a desire within me like I have never known before. Baby, won’t you quench your momma’s thirst?

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Soccer Mom Preps Son for Big Game HD

It’s the big day, your championship soccer match, and I’m here to help you prepare.

Sure, I understand that having your mom as your soccer coach might feel like a bit of a drag at times, but darling, I’m all about getting the right results for you. You’re my star player sweetheart, and it’s easy to see why. Under my stewardship, you’re team have been on a marvellous winning streak, and now that the big game is here, I want to make sure we win.

Honey, we have to stay focused on the big picture. With the press your team have been attracting lately, and the number of goals you keep scoring, I’m sure my MVP is on his way to securing that scholarship. But darling, I need you to loosen up on the pitch. I need greater fluidity. Your ball control is sloppy at times, and I need to be sure you don’t stumble when I need yo to dribble.

Your sprint game is good. You’re a sure bet for a short spurt, but I need my MVP to exhibit stamina and power. I need you mowing down the opposition and dominating that box in the final stages. You need to be ready to go deep and go strong.

Darling, mommy needs to give you some special training to make sure you really know how to impress on game day.

POV Sex, Dirty talk, Taboo, Creampie

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REAL Incest Collection 197!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Missbehavin26 – Mother and Son 2 Very Hot Taboo Vids in HD

Mom and Son Roadtrip HD

We rented a house for the weekend! oh but … theres only one bed …thats ok we will snuggle and keep eachother warm k ok

POV POV Sex Shower Virtual Reality Virtual Sex

Cut Cock Worship Bareback Mega Cum Drip POV HD

Enter room, look&say What did u say? U have a surprise for me What kind of surprise? Im not in the mood for another lame surprise. Getting tired of that Ok fine what is it? show me this surprise. Im really going to love it? Now u have me curious. U know what baby, I hope its something worth my time cause lately to be honest I’m pretty disappointed with u Its all because of ur disgusting uncircumcised cock. I love u but I wish u were circumcised. Now that would be a very happy surprise for me (smile and giggle etc) Ok fine I’ll come over since u keep asking. (unzip pants) take out the circ cock. (as soon as you see it..) Oh my gosh, baby, it’s circumcised. (smile, giggle…ur so happy and excited) That is such a gorgeous cut cock. When did you get it done. Oh I’m so happy. U finally got it snipped. mmm don’t worry I will make it worth ur wild and reward u. Then strip and take clothes off slowly one by one.Start touching your pussy & say I’m so wet just looking at this beautiful circumcised cock.It’s perfect.(start stroking the cock,then sucking it) Blowjob for a few min.While ur sucking it in between make comments how beautiful it is & how clean it is Talk about how u cant wait to put it in ur pussy Ur getting so wet for this gorgeous circumcised cock. Say circumcised&cut cock as much as possible. Talk bout how ur going to suck&fuck this circ cock all the time ur so relived Its so clean & u love how tight the skin is & that ur proud that Im a real man now Show the circ scar kiss it & say, ur a real man now & lick etc worship Then in between sucking it, say if we ever have sons, we r definitely having them circumcised high & tight like this. Thats the first thing we will do, I’m so happy u agree with me. Our sons & their wives will thank us later on for having beautiful circumcised cocks. They r so clean and hygienic, uncircumcised cocks look weird & smell gross. Just the thought of a circumcised cock turns u on & cant wait to tell ppl that ur bf/husband is circumcised U play with ur pussy&breasts say of course u got circumcised for me, I always knew u were a smart guy..look at me, doesnt a sexy blonde like me deserve a clean circumcised cock? smile & act all sexy etc U know I deserve the best&the best is circumcised. U say u love them so much Then u continue sucking cock for a few mins & r so excited eventually u say I cant take it anymore I want this circumcised cock in my pussy I’ve been waiting so long to fuck a cut cock. U have no idea Then u get fucked for a few mins in diff positions (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl), keep talking about how much u love circumcised cocks. Every position feels amazing u cant believe how much better it is & how good it feels inside u & that big mushroom head going in&out without any foreskin Keep saying how happy u are that I got circd I fuck u harder every time u say that Tell me to give it to u harder & u cant wait to taste my cum for the 1st time from my new circ cock T

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Submissive Amateur Daughter 3 More Vids in HD

Bound and Ball-Gagged by Daddy HD


Daddy Dom is going to make sure he gets every thing he wants from his girl this time and there will be no whining about it from her either, bondage and ‘ball gag’, ”why didn’t I think of this sooner” he thought to himself grinning and running his old rough hands along her incredibly smooth bare legs. ”Do you know what I’m gonna do girl ? ”, her eyes looking up at him pathetically, ”I’m going to film this POV style so men can enjoy every thing”. while parting her legs and taking out his old cock. Enjoy its a long one and a big down load in the .mp4 format, but its worth it, cream pie in the end, check out the preview, nice

Taboo Daddy Roleplay Ballgagged Bondage Barely Legal

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Bound Too Taboo HD


Cuffing her face down to the bed with that little sexy ass of hers pushed up by a couple of pillows for easy access to her relatively much younger soft intimate fuck hole suddenly seemed a very good idea. Not only could he comfortably fuck her and film it pov style for later use, but he also could see her face, or really hear her muffled words, and so for a time he could just enjoy the pleasure that she had to offer. Of course he knew it was important that she enjoyed her self too, he mused to himself while reaching over to get the magic wand, keeping his cock in her as he did. That Mr Hitachi made everything so much easier, now she would cum on his cock as he continued to slowly fuck her. After a while he wanted some thing more, he wanted to feel himself between her soft younger thighs, balls deep and close, in that way only taboo love can bring

Taboo POV Sex Bondage Sex Daddy Roleplay Age Play

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Bound Orgasms Slut Training a Submissive HD

Young (18+) girl bound by her 50+ Master and made to orgasm again and again, on a dildo, and her masters cock, while fantasies and memories are put in her mind, with words of intent involving her great desire to be used as a slut by a group of men. 40 mins HD

Bound Orgasms BDSM Instruction Old & Young Slut Training

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Krissy Lynn – Mom’s Fantasy HD

Your Mom comes in your room while you’re laying in bed. She wanted to check up on you. As she slowly climbs onto your bed, she asks if you were sleeping. Answering the question for you, she says she knows you weren’t. Her body language tells you she didn’t come in here just to tell you she knows you’re masturbating. She starts to slide the skinny straps from her shirt off of her shoulder, teasingly undressing herself in front of you. It becomes very clear to you that your mom wants to be with as close with her son as she an tonight.

As you are about to leave to catch the bus for school, your mom notices you have a “raging hard on”. Realizing you can’t leave the house like that, your mom takes care of you again, like she did the night before.

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Make Mommy Pregnant – Meana Wolf HD

Sweety it’s no big deal… your step father and I just are a little on edge right now. I’m sorry you overheard our argument. The truth is… we’re trying to get pregnant. I know it’s crazy right? But I’m still young, and having you was the best decision I’ve ever made… and now that your step dad and I have gotten married it only seems right to have another baby. Can you keep a secret though? You know I love him… but I’ve been lying to him about when I’m ovulating… I know it’s wrong but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love him but I chose him because I knew he would be good to us and love and take care of us…not necessarily because of his genetics. Not like your dad, I know you never met him but he was so handsome and strong. You remind me so much of him. Your perfect body… your full thick hair…I’d want my second baby to be just like you. Son, I know this is a strange thing for a mother to ask… but maybe you could help mommy? Maybe you could help our family… if you made mommy pregnant than everyone could be happy. You’ll get a little sister or brother, your step dad gets a son or daughter…and mommy gets the perfect new baby, just like you. It will be our little secret… just this one time baby… just make mommy pregnant.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your ovulating mother will do whatever it takes to get pregnant again… but she doesn’t want her new husband’s sperm. She wants her son to fill her up with his young, healthy, perfect cum. She wants you to fertilize her fresh eggs and put a baby in her tummy. It’s so natural… you can smell that she’s ready to be inseminated… you shoot your giant load deep inside your mom’s creamy pussy as she cums on your rock hard dick. It’s your little secret. **Ovulating Mom, Taboo Mother and Son fun, Impregnation Fetish, Breeding, Cream pie, and so much more**

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Summer is Over – 3D Family Incest Taboo

Summer is Over
126 pages

Summer is Over.rar
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Testing of Real Living Mannequin HD

The man was walking in the retro store, where he can find anything and where he buy any thing or new or maintenance. But before buy it you want to test?! Sure! Stranger found Real Living Mannequin, he was delighted. The man bought a Mannequin, but before buy it he to test it. He lifts and carry the Mannequin, he changed the position of the limbs, photographed Mannequin, and put things in the hand Mannequin’s that are also for sale in the store. The man have fun with a Real Living Mannequin around the store. After he had played enough and was happy he bought a Mannequin, and brought him home. At home, he continued to inspect carefully his purchase. He removed all clothing from the Mannequin and used his fingers and other parts of the body …

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Mom Spies On Son Fucking GF HD

I was feeling horny, but my boyfriend said his mom would be over soon & we wouldn’t have time! I assured him we would and tried to change his mind by sucking his cock! He was practically begging me to climb on his dick and ride him! We weren’t at it long before his mom came in & saw the whole thing! Not only did she see it….she filmed us & played with her tits and pussy while watching! She knew it was wrong, but she just couldn’t help herself… & who could blame her

Blowjob Boy Girl Girl Cumshots Hidden Cam Voyeur

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[HIMA-06] Incest Mother And Son Insemination Akiko Sugimoto 近親相姦母子授乳杉本晶子


KTDS-995 ~ Father And Daughter Having Sex With Creampie At Home ~ [1080p]

Staying home working dad and daughter is bored to the living hell to the point where dad need to intermission her. Showing love and kinship. Fucked in different parts in the house involving floor, sofa and bathroom. Finish mainly in her pussy, creampie. Also disturb her in her sleep with cum on stomach.
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[GTJ-048] Rope: Female Prisoner Torture – Anal Suffering [1080p]

The whole movie is about Sayo indulging in a hardcore bdsm play with some men. Lots of torture devices and toys used (ropes, wooden horse, etc.) and lots of anal play.
General through all the movie: Rope bondage, torture, verbal humiliation.

1st Scene
Crotch rope, rope tied.

2nd Scene
Wooden horse, pussy rubbing, female orgasm.

3rd Scene
Forced drinking, blowjob, deepthroat, fingering, cum in mouth, cum swallow, anal fingering, female orgasm, piss.

4th Scene
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5th Scene
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6th Scene
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MIGD-142 Anal FUCK intrinsic Yuka Osawa

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