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Mommy and Son Blue Balls – Ashley Mason HD

So My son who is is a straight A student missed school 3 days in a row. I came home from work at noon on the 4th day and he was still home. I decided to get to the bottom of the issue and find out what was really aching him, turns out he had a case of old fashioned blue balls! I did not want him to ruin his grade point average so I decided to check him out so he would not miss any more schooling and sure enough my sons balls needed to be drained. Mommy coached her precious son on the art of masturbation and draining those balls and keeping secrets from daddy

Category: ROLE PLAY

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REAL Incest Collection 210!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Ash Wren – Fucking My Brother HD

My brother comes home and catches me in a less than ideal position. But, apparently, catching me with my pants down awakens some deep rooted fantasies we’ve both been having since I moved in. Watch us touch each other hesitantly, until we can’t take it anymore and start fucking hard. We’re both pretty excited by how inappropriate this is, and it shows. Shot entirely in POV in several positions and finishes with a big facial! This is our first role play video, hope you enjoy

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Olivia Austin: Crush on Stepmother HD

Featuring: Olivia Austin & Laz Fyre.

You have a crush on your stepmother. She is a complete blonde bombshell, and lately you’ve been spying on her all the time. When she’s undressing, you hide behind the door frame to her bedroom to watch her strip off her work clothes, her stockings, her panties. When she’s showering, you sneak peeks through the cracks in the bathroom door & watch the hot water splash off her perfect body. You think she might know, but you don’t really care anymore. She’s just too hot. Today after you saw her in the shower you couldn’t help but jerk off. She comes into the living room & catches you. She confronts you about spying on her. “I’m your stepmom. That’s not appropriate. What would you father think?”

All the while she’s adjusting her towel & you can’t hide your boner. She continues, “But… seeing you stroke that cock of yours does turn me on.” She drops her towel, revealing her perfect breasts, then she turns around & shows off her ass. You take that as permission to stroke. Before you can comprehend that this is real, she’s between your legs, sucking your cock. Then she’s riding you, those perfect breasts bouncing in your face. “Stretch out that pussy.” she orders you, and you do your best to make her feel every inch of your cock. “I want my stepson to fill up my hole. Empty all that cum into my pussy.

Category: Creampie, MILFs, Pornstars, POV Sex, Taboo

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This video for lovers of maids Rem and Ram from the famous anime Re: Zero. They`re will help you to realize your passionate fantasies. Gentle Rem touch and tries to excite the selfish Ram with kisses. Then Rem caresses her sister’s pussy and wants to get to her sweet ass. Getting to the ass, she starts passionately licking her tight hole .. The excited Ram enters into the taste and begins to lick the toes of the little sister. But the blue-haired Rem again is going to take control of the situation and begins to masturbate the ass Ram in order to do it. The blue-headed beast takes out a pink double-sided dildo and join the sister to suck him passionately together. Then, they insert this dildo into their sweet cute pussy and start fucking each other. After a short pause, the passion grows and the sisters put the dildo into their tight asses. Passionately fucking their ass, they continue to play with pink pussy. Changing pose on doggy their passion for hot sex Rem and Ram only increases. For finally, Rem reminds to finish the infatuation with the culmination and Ram`s ass emits the sperm that Rem licks with great pleasure directly from the anus of her sister and kiss her

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Dirty Daddies Fresh Shaved Cream Pie HD



Freshly shaved and beautiful her clean naked body totally available for use, sweet young and as delicious as a fresh cooked apple pie, all it needs is to be dripping with cream. A lovely video of Daddy and Baby-Girl role-play nicely shot, but naturally wildly taboo, as usual shot in super wide POV style so you feel like your in on the action, from one of the best ‘older man and younger woman’ couples there is, some say the best, any way she sure is one hell of a sexy ‘Daddies Girl’ …please enjoy

Taboo POV Sex Barely Legal Daddy Roleplay Daddys Girl

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Schwarzer Panther (2014) UNCUT HQ Full Version!

Drama, Incest

Directed by: Samuel Perriard

Stars: Lucy Wirth, Ole Jacobs, Jonas Hien

Language: German | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Germany | Ar: 1.903 | Dvdrip

Description: A film about two siblings, Emilie and Jakob, about their deep love for each other, as well as their own happiness. Two things that do not always coincide.

Brother Sister Incest, German, Germany.

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Wine and Dine – Mother and Son Parody Incest Comics

Wine and Dine
30 pages

Wine and Dine.rar
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Shane Blair in Family Time HD

Sisters First Time HD

Mommy is running late at work and tells her daughter to suck her brother’s cock before he heads out with his friends. Mom tells her daughter to have her brother cum inside her mouth, but to wait for mommy before daughter cleans herself up to confirm that son was milked…

Category: TABOO
Related Categories: EDGING GAMES, BLOW JOBS
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Sister Takes Over HD

Later that week…Sister finds her brother Masturbating to internet porn. Brother says he is tired of the milking/sex with his mom. Sister offers to blow her brother only if he keeps this a secret. Brother agrees and sister takes over for mom.

Category: TABOO
Related Categories: EDGING GAMES, BLOW JOBS
Keywords: cory chase, blowjob, taboo, bruce canon, handjob, hand job, cum shot, milf, mom, shane blair, cumshot

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MD-040 – Threesome with two Pregnant Girls (Original)

Scene 1: The two girls masturbates with vibrators nude on the sofa. Then both give him a blowjob. He fucks both in missionary and doggy. After that he has belly sex and cums on their bellies.

Scene 2: First they give him a blowjob. Then the blonde fucks him in cowgirl while the black haired gets her pussy licked

Bonus Scene: Blowjob, missionary and doggy sex on the bed.


[KV-202] Pacifier Preparatory School 62 Nanami Yua

Part of the Knights Visual series featuring girls giving POV blowjobs while dressed in maid and schoolgirl outfits. This one is starring Nanami Yua.

Scenes 1-4 – Black maid outfit. POV blowjobs to 4 consecutive guys, they all cum in her mouth.
Scenes 5-9 – Pink maid oufit. Same deal again, 5 guys this time.
Scene 10 – Black sailor outfit. POV blowjob on a bed. Guy cums 4 times (??!!)
Scene 11 – Black sailor outfit. POV of multiple guys jerking into her mouth one after the other.
Scene 12 – The signature casual farewell scene. Guy jerks into her mouth and she swallows as she leaves into the sunset.


[OFJE-111] Ultra Pleasure Fellatio Rush 80 Barrage Of Ejaculation Just Before! 2

Similar deal to the first movie. A four hour compilation of around 80 Japanese girls doing what they do best. This compilation only contains blowjobs and cumshots. Some are POV some are not. Each scene is about 2-4 minutes long. I’ve tagged the girls that I can, but there are too many.

I personally ripped this from since I could not find it anywhere else on the internet. Enjoy!


AP-533 – Family Bite Big Tits Molester

My latest upload is another JAV molestation movie. This one comes from Apache again and is based around Waitresses in a restaurant getting molested by 2 young guys.

Scene 1
In Scene 1 we see the restaurant and a waitress moving about. She gets pulled in by 2 guys in a booth who begin to take advantage of her. They play with her tits, squeeze them pull them out of her clothes and play with her nipples. Her pussy gets rubbed, fingered until she orgasms. Then she gets forced on her knees by one guy who keeps squeezing her tits while the other one forces his cock down her throat. She then gets put in standing doggie and gets fucked by the one she was blowing. She also gets fucked in reverse cowgirl and missionary position by the same guy as the other one watches. She takes a cumload on her skirt once the guy doing the fucking is done.

Scene 2
In Scene 2 the scene is taking place in the same restaurant and the camera follows one particular waitress who is going around her job and taking orders. One of the guys puts his hand over her mouth so she doesnt scream and pulls them into their booth. Same MO follows. Her tits get pulled out of her clothes, played and groped, her nipples also get played with and pinched. While her tits are played with by one guy the other licks her pussy making her cum. Then the guy who was eating her out gets his cock out and forces it down her throat and smacks her in the face with it.She gets fucked in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie and then finally missionary where the guy cums on her belly.

Scene 3
In scene 3 one of the wairesses has just come to work. Shes doing her job going around waiting tables. Then she takes a bathroom break and this is where she falls victim to her molester. Same MO. Tits get played with, nipples get pinched. Her pussy gets fingered and played with until she cums and then shes down on her knees taking a cock in her mouth. Once the molester is satisfied, he sits on the toilet and makes her ride him reverse cowgirl style and then in doggy style. This girl takes a cum load on her ass.

Scene 4
Another waitress coming into work and going about doing her job. She goes into some kind of back side of the restaurant which is like a maintenance place that has a garbage chute and thats where she gets nabbed. Same MO. Tit play, ass groping and then a forced blowjob where one of the guys holds her while the other forces his cock down her throat. They rip her pantyhose and then she gets fucked in standing sideways and then in standing doggy position. This girl also takes a cum load on her ass which drips all the way down to her legs.

Scene 5
Final scene and much like the first 2 scenes this waitress who is doing her job gets nabbed in the booth by the guys. Same MO. Tit squeezing, groping, nipple play, tit sucking and then comes the forced blowjob while the other guy plays with her tits. She gets fucked in standing doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary positions. All the while her tits and nipples get played with and pinched and in the end the guy cums on her uniform.


NFDM-451 The Bittersweet Memories Of Youth – The Sadistic School Nurse

Sadistic nurses humiliate their patients in CFNM situations, with forced masturbation, foreskin humiliation, face slapping, ballbusting, footjobs and pegging.

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