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Good Boys Breed Their Insatiable, Fertile Mothers – Penny Loren HD 1080p

Your Mommy is in full on Insatiable Heat mode. Ovulating Creamy Pussy and who better to knock her up than her own perfect boy! I love nothing better than filming an extreme Taboo Breeding/Impregnation Vid!

What started out as gentle flirting awhile back has escalated massively today, Mommy has got impatient with you being oblivious to her growing advances. You take your homework seriously and she’s not helping distracting you when she returns home from her high powered job. She is seriously hot but you have morals and you cant perv at your own Mother can you? She demands all your attention shutting your lap top, Hugh mommy milkers spilling out of her bra, black stockings and high heels… darling can you massage my feet and my neck is so stiff, ill take my shirt off so its easier for you. You are reluctant and embarrassed your own mother is half naked on the couch flirting with you. The best thing is to take yourself off to bed and not let these unnatural thoughts about her take over, you are a good boy and this cant happen.
But Mommy will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and resistance is definitely futile. You wake to her mouth around your cock and well.. the rest is fucked up prohibited Breeding history…

This was ordered as a custom.

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REAL Incest Collection 339!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Cory Chase in BBC Bully Vol 3 4k

Horny Hook up-

Cory opens up the front door and she lets Jonathan inside of her home. The two sit down next to each other on the couch and Cory tells him that their son’s are finally getting along at school. ‘I called you over here for MY needs today, actually…’ she exclaims. ‘Maybe we could both help each other out,’ she says. Cory starts to unbutton Jonathon’s jeans, and she pulls his BBC out from under his pants. She pulls her big tits out from under her white top, and then she gives him a blowjob. She titty fucks his cock in between her tits. Then, while she is still wearing her skirt with no panties, she climbs on top of Jonathon and she rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. After she rides his cock with her pussy for a few minutes, she switches to her ass hole. Then she flips over into the cowgirl position so she is facing him now. She continues to bounce up and down on his cock with her pussy followed by her ass. Cory climbs down and she strips out of her clothes, before she climbs back onto the couch. Jonathan fucks her pussy from the doggystyle position this time. He fucks her ass hole in the same position next, and her ass hole gapes open wide. When they are done using each other’s holes, Cory asks Jonathon if he has a friend that he could bring over next time, so the three of them can have some fun together…

I Need More BBC-

Jonathan and Will are sitting down on the couch, and Will isn’t sure why he’s here today. Cory walks into the room and she is completely naked. She starts to explain to Will why he is here. Cory walks over to Will and she says ‘You’re going to do me too, right?!’ She gets down on her knees in front of him and she starts to give him a blowjob. He has a BBC, so she has to use her hands and her mouth at the same time. After she sucks his cock, she climbs on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the cowgirl position. She flips over into the reverse cowgirl position and she continues to ride him with her pussy. A few minutes later, she asks him if he’s ready to fuck her ass. She moves into the missionary position and he fucks her ass and her pussy, back and forth. Now Cory is ready to fuck both Joanthon and Will at the same time…

BBC Threesome-

Cory and Will walk into the living room and they find Joanthon sitting naked on the couch. Cory is eager to fuck both of these men at the same time! She starts to give them a double blowjob to start. Then they quickly move over to the couch. One BBC gets put in her ass and the other BBC goes straight for her pussy. The two men double penetrate her holes at the same time! Cory lies down on her side and the two BBC’s continue to fuck her holes at the same time. After they D.P her for a while, Jonathan continues to fuck her ass while she sucks Will’s BBC. Cory gets down on her knees with one BBC on each side of her. She helps them jerk their cocks off into her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much as she can! ‘If you guys want to do this again, just give me a call!’ Will exclaims.

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Alana Rose – Spring Break at Home HD 1080p

I’m loosing my mind. This spring break sucks. No parties, no phone, we’re grounded all week. Just for going to that party… I can’t even jerk off because I can’t watch porn. What are we even supposed to do? You’re my brother, you can at least hang out with me….

She starts off by blowing him, he fucks her in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary, he finishes off by cumming all over her face.

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PeachySkye – LOCKED: Mommy Is Your Escort – Anal 1080p

You thought you’d treat yourself, hire out a fancy hotel and invite and escort over for some fun but things get a bit weird when you open the door to your own Mother! It turns out she works for the escort company you use. You can’t leave your Mommy out in the cold so you invite her inside. You chat for a while and she suggests that you can still have some fun, you have paid for her after all.

Mommy strips out of her dress and drops to her knees, taking your hard cock in her mouth before suggesting you move things to the bedroom. She grinds and rides you for a while and then she suggests something really taboo.. would you like to fuck Mommy in the ass? You put it inside her tight asshole and fuck her until you fill Mommy’s ass with your cum.

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Sydney Harwin – Indecent Taboo Sex With Mommy HD 1080p

I know my Son is there.. watching me check myself out in the mirror.. barely dressed.. I’m desperately holding back from throwing myself at him and that rock hard cock he has for me hiding inside his pants. I’ve never admitted it before, but I WANT him.. I crave to feel him inside of me.. I wanna know what it would feel like to have his cum dripping outta me. Maybe I should tell him.. tell him that I know he stares at me.. and that I know he wants to spread my legs and commit the worst of the worst with me.. tell him that I.. his Mommy.. feels exactly the same as he does..

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Sydney Harwin – Sister DARES You To Fuck Her HD 1080p

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Seriously, do we HAVE to continue this stupid battle of truth or dare?! Last time you made me look at your dick! .. FINE.. I dare you to let me sit on your face so I can tell everybody what a pervert you are, ha ha! .. I can’t believe you actually let me do that.. WHAT?.. wait.. you want me to suck your cock? Fuck off.. NO but this is war, I’m not a chicken! How long I gotta suck it for? Alright.. christ.. thats enough now right? NOT enough?! You ain’t winning.. so.. how about I dare you to fuck me.. yeah, go on brother, fuck your little sister I dare you! Oh my god are you actually.. seriously.. I was only joking to see if you actually would.. oh god it feels good though.. shhhhh because of mom downstairs! You can’t cum inside of me, you’ll have to pull out.. actually.. wanna cum in my mouth? Fuck, I can’t believe I swallowed your cum..

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NEW! MILF1837 Rachel Steele – Homewrecker 2 HD

Next-door neighbor Rachel invites her married neighbor Brian over to fix things. She intends to seduce the married man by showing her perfect body and the nude stockings she is wearing. Soon she is slyly flirting with you – finding ways to show off her stockings legs and shapely figure. She seems especially interested in your wife, and your relationship with her. Too interested? Rachel speaks manipulatively – making you promise to pick her over your wife. She loves cheating making men unfaithful. Presently, she pulls her big tits out of her bra, then lies back on her bed and begs you to fuck her. She moans and gasps at the feeling of you pumping her pussy. All the while she teases you about cheating on your wife? Doesn’t it feel great

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A Bond Of Discipline And Love – Kendall Morr HD 1080p

My longest movie yet , and one of my new favourites !
I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did :)
I don’t know how many squirt and cum scenes their are but I know it’s well over 20 , but if someone can let me know after watching hehe that would be great ;)

7 Days With Your Daughter

Day 1 : How it all happened /
I am a babysitter for my dads friend and begin to tell the son about what my daddy has taught me , then I begin to show the boy I’m babysitting everything daddy has taught me I beg him not to tell my father but some how daddy finds out .

Day 2 : The Punishment /
Daddy locks me up again in the cage he has had for me I been in it before when I was bad so it’s not unusual , daddy fucks me rough in the cage and tells me he has a lot more in store for me this week to help me regain my hood girl behaviour.

Day 3 : Learning Lessons /
Daddy knows I am a slut who likes to smoke and fuck , today daddy makes me smile and get super horny , I beg daddy not to I get so horny and out of control when I smoke , but daddy doesn’t care . I cum and squirt all over myself and daddy. But enough isn’t enough with daddy.

Day 4 : Proper Hygiene /
Daddy teaches me how to be a clean girl for him how to keep up with my hygiene and smell fresh , with daddy teaching me how to brush my teeth , shave , and wash my body , I notice daddy getting hard and ask him if I can help him get clean , daddy fucks me and makes me squirt and cums inside me before joining me in the bubble bath to fuck me again.

Day 5 : Secrets /
I was snooping through daddy’s phone when I find him looking at photos of my friends , he tells me he has a explanation for all of this.

Day 6 : Sharing Is Caring /
Daddy has a explination for the other day , and when I open my eyes I see him and his three friends dick out in hand infront of my face , daddy explains all of his friends daughters show off how good they are and he thinks this week has prepared me for this and he thinks I am ready , I hesitate and beg daddy no I just want to be his , but daddy insists sharing is caring.
I eventually let up and daddy uses me first while his friends watch , when it’s time for everyone to use me I hesitate again but I give in so I don’t look bad for daddy , even though you can see the look of disgust on my face the whole time , with many cums and squirts.

Day 7 : Learning To Be A Good Obedient Girl /
On the last day day 7 with daddy he teaches me how to be a good girl for him , after the week is over and daddy is done using me I must do the laundry , daddy shows me how , and he also wants to use my pussy while I do the laundry , I do as I’m told and daddy cums.

At the end of the week you think I am now a good obedient girl again , but you know if i fuck up again and talk about what we do in the family house you will punish me again and again and again until I can learn !

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[] Meana Wolf Video SiteRip Update [August 17, 2023 – February 23, 2024] [1080p]

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Prenup [February 23, 2024]

You and your father didn’t really see eye to eye. He didn’t approve of your decision to go to film school, and you didn’t approve of his new fiancé. He would much prefer you go to business school, and you would much prefer he didn’t marry some slut who clearly only wants his money. She was gorgeous though, on that you could both agree. In a couple weeks, they’ll be married. The only problem is, she doesn’t want to sign a prenup, and she wants you to convince your father to drop it. In return; she’ll get him to fund your next film… And she’ll fuck your brains out.

Be Mine [February 13, 2024]

You’d heard crazy stories about these private orgy parties. So when you figured out how to get invited, you jumped through all the necessary hoops. Tonight’s party was Valentine’s Day Masquerade, instructions: wear your skimpiest outfit and don’t take off your off your mask. When you finally get in, you don’t know where to start. There are people fucking everywhere, the sounds and smells are enticing. Then in walks in this absolute babe. Her body is incredible…and she’s a total slut. She’s on your cock so fast, you can’t believe it. The strange thing is, there’s something so familiar about this girl. She notices too but begs you not to say anything…It’s better if it’s a mystery isn’t it? You slide your cock inside of her…but you just can’t shake it anymore. You have to know who this girl is. Nothing could have prepared you for finding out that you’d been fucking your own sister at an anonymous sex orgy. And nothing could have prepared you for her sweet little voice begging you to keep going.

Room and Board II [February 3, 2024]

Having and older couple as roommates is pretty sweet. Especially when the wife is a horny hot milf with Empty Nest Syndrome. The husband recently started working from home, which makes things a lot more challenging but now you’ve had to keep your urges under control for too long. You decide to take what you want. You know she can’t say no to you. She protests only because she doesn’t want to get caught. But almost getting caught is half the fun.

Insecure [January 24, 2024]

You couldn’t help it.You were insecure. Despite the fact that she loved you, you knew she was way out of your league. And every time she went out, or was on her phone or literally did anything, you couldn’t help but imagine that she was cheating on you. You knew how hot she was, how every guy who met her wanted to fuck her. It was driving you crazy, and it was starting to effect your relationship. You’d wrongfully accused her too many times and she’d had enough. If you’re going to constantly accuse of cheating, she might as well do it. So she did. Suddenly you realize… maybe that’s what you secretly wanted all along.

Change Your Mind II [January 14, 2024]

She was desperate, but you couldn’t let it slide this time. Her son would have to be expelled, and you were likely going to press charges. He hit you in front of the whole class. Your face was bruised, and so was your pride. You couldn’t just forget about it this time, no matter how convincing his mom was…but then she unzips her coat…and there’s barely anything underneath. She confesses that she’s glad it happened. She wanted to see you again. You remember what a smoking hot milf she is, and how naughty she can be. Her son is in the car outside, and so is her husband. She says they’ll both come in to apologize to you, but first, she wants you to fuck her until you forget all about pressing charges. She wants you to know just how sorry she is for his behaviour. She says she’ll do anything to keep him out of trouble, including being your personal whore. Well…its not like he hit you that hard or anything.

Babysitter Confession [January 4, 2024]

You were surprised when you heard her voice on the phone. It had been over a year since she last babysat for you, but you always told her she could call if she were ever in trouble. Well, it sounds like she’d gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble shoplifting from the mall. She giggled on the phone, “these two mall cops are being so hard on me, will you come get me?” The thought of your innocent babysitter shoplifting was a bit of a shock. You never thought of her as a bad girl, but when she told you the full story, you couldn’t believe what a bad girl she really was. Hearing what your innocent babysitter did to those mall cops to get them to go easy on you sent you into a rage. Why were you so mad at her? Was it because they got to fuck her before you did? Or was it because you realized that you could have been fucking that sweet little slut the whole time she babysat for you? Now that you know what a bad girl she is, what are you going to do about it?

All About Me 2 [December 24, 2023]

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, accept for your crazy auntie Meana who had clearly broken in. You hadn’t seen her since the engagement party and you’d thought about her every night since then. You loved her crazy chaotic energy. You loved how she said whatever was on her mind. And most of all, you loved the way she sucked your cock. She just wants to be a part of this new family, and what better time than Christmas to bring people together? The only thing is, she can’t help but spoil it with her crazy antics. That’s okay, you never liked this stupid holiday anyway. Now be a good boy and fuck your auntie Meana under the Christmas tree.

Surrogate [December 15, 2023]

You were against the idea of using a surrogate at first, but you could see how much your wife wanted to be a mother. She had tried everything, and this was the only option left. You finally agreed. The only thing was, your wife wanted it to be totally natural, which meant you would have to…actually put your dick in another woman. You select a girl from the agency, one with the same eye colour and ethnic background because your wife. When the day comes, your smoking hot surrogate warmly instructs you to simply jerk off till you’re ready to ejaculate in her pussy. But with so much at stake, you can’t rise to the challenge under so much pressure. She says “Don’t be nervous, let me suck your cock a little, just to help you get hard”, this definitely wasn’t previously discussed with your wife, but you know how much she want’s this to work. Suddenly you’re hard as a rock. You’re about ready to bust, but when you slide your dick in her pussy she moans “wait, don’t cum yet…keep fucking me”. Your job was to jerk off and cum in her pussy, you are absolutely not supposed to be fucking her… but now you can’t stop. She keeps begging for more, and it’s making your dick so hard you just can’t stop. She promises she won’t tell. So make your wife happy and cum deep inside her wet little pussy.

Mile High [December 5, 2023]

You loved that your girlfriend was passionate about her job. She got to travel the world as a flight attendant, and what you loved so much about her was that you knew you could trust her, no matter where in the world she was. Tomorrow your parents are coming in to town, and you know it’s the right time to pop the question. You’ve had the engagement ring for months, you just needed the courage to ask. The thing is, she’s known about the ring for a while, and it’s made her question everything…does she really want to be tied down forever and ever? When she gets booked on a private flight with two handsome business men, she can’t help but let her anxiety get the best of her and well… she can’t let you propose tomorrow without telling you the truth. The thing is…now you’re more certain than ever.

No Nut Challenge [November 25, 2023]

It started out as a joke. You bet your roommate (your bestest bro of all time) that you could last longer than him in No Nut November. But him being competitive bet that he could keep going even longer. And so The Challenge was born. You would continue to go as long as you could, and whoever lost, had to repeat the challenge over. Both of you thought this was hilarious. But his girlfriend didn’t think it was very funny at all. And as they days went by, she started getting more and more mad… and horny. She knows her boyfriend intends on winning this stupid penis contest, so there’s only one thing she can do to save her relationship… Make you cum first. XOXO Meana Wolf Clip Contains: She’s so horny, but she knows that if she cums first, you’ll just pull out and continue to make her life miserable with this stupid No Nut Challenge. So a new challenge begins… who can make who cum first?

I’m A Star [November 15, 2023]

Sure she was cute, but she wasn’t going to be femme fatale in your next movie, no matter how special her agent said she was. She’s too cute for one, and she also has a boyfriend. For a new girl in the business… that just wasn’t going to work. Hollywood likes ‘em sexy and available… and willing. You needed someone dangerous. Well you’d soon find out just how dangerous she could be. And if you don’t cast her in your movie she’s going to ruin you. Maybe she’s just the femme fatale you’re looking for.

Whatever It Takes [November 5, 2023]

This resort was amazing. You knew that when your girlfriend got hired at that fancy firm that things would change, but you never imagined you’d get to join her on her company retreat, and that it would be this swanky. She was working harder than ever, but the perks were undeniable. You told yourselves that it was worth it because one day you’d be rolling in money and have the life you both always wanted. But when your girlfriend comes back from a private dinner with her boss, you can smell his cologne all over her. She says “Remember baby… we said whatever it takes right?” You two can have it all, as long as she serves as her boss’s little office fuck doll. You demand she give you every detail of their night together and you can’t help but love the thought of your girlfriend hard at work every day. “I had to baby, he’s my boss… Do you want me to quit?” No, you don’t think you do.

Halloween MILF [October 26, 2023]

You were late arriving to your friend Billy’s Halloween Party, and it was hard to ignore his mom walking around in that Wonder Woman Costume. “Everyone’s downstairs” she lamented as she started removing decorations. You see, Billy’s mom had forgotten that her son and his friends weren’t really interested in candy and costumes at this age. “I’m so stupid, and I accidentally ordered this costume and my ass is hanging out! See!?” Oh you could definitely see. Her big juicy ass was hard to ignore at the best of times but right now it looked absolutely insane and you felt your boner swell in your jeans just looking at her. You knew she needed a confidence boost. Older women are so self conscious… they don’t realize how badly young men want to fuck them. It must be that your boner was draining all the sense out of your brain, because you blurted out how insanely hot she looked. Then she smiled. Holy fuck… was Billy’s mom flirting with you? Halloween might just be your new favourite holiday.

Marry Her [October 16, 2023]

She was the last person you wanted to see on your wedding day, but she was your fiancé’s maid of honour so there was just no getting out of it. You tried to forget about how badly you wanted to fuck her in high school, but the truth was, you still wanted to fuck her, even today on the most important day of your life, you wanted to fuck her more than anything. You loved your soon to be wife, but something about Meana always drove you insane. And now here she was, on your wedding day, offering you the thing you’d always wanted; her pussy. Evil bitch. Why today? She could have fucked you in high school, she could have done it in college when you confessed how much you loved her… why today on your wedding day? Well, just to see if she could of course. It’s all just a fucked up game to her. “She’s my best friend, I want her to be happy. Today’s her special day and she’ll think that she won you. But you’re mine, you’ve always been mine.”

Pulled Over [October 6, 2023]

You weren’t surprised when she didn’t show up for your birthday dinner. Of course, you figured it would be because she was working late again, not because she got pulled over for speeding. You hold on tight for what you know is going to be a wild story because your wife was always lip-y with cops. She tends to think the rules don’t apply to her. You figured she’d get a huge fine, and maybe get her license revoked for talking back to an officer. And you weren’t wrong, that’s exactly what happened. But you had no idea what she would do to get out of it. You feel your cock ache as she describes exactly what she did. “What could I do baby? He was a cop… I had to to what he wanted.” You feel her dripping wet pussy and wonder, did he really make her? Or was that just her excuse to cheat on you and be a filthy whore. “He made me do it…I couldn’t say no…and then he got on his radio and called for backup”. You happily fuck every detail out of her slutty little mouth. No wonder she didn’t make it home in time for cake.

Call Me Her Name [September 26, 2023]

Your wife was out of town on business, and you needed a new live-in nanny immediately. Meana was an easy hire. She was sweet, kind… and sexy as hell. Not that that played a factor because you were happily married. Besides, you didn’t get the feeling that a nice girl like her would entertain that idea of adultery anyway. When you arrive back home that evening, you walk into your bedroom to find her changing into one of your wife’s dresses. The sheer red fabric hugged her every curve perfectly, “I just wanted to know what it would be like to be Mrs. Miller, just for a second”. You felt your faculties leave you as your dick stiffened and her dress fell to the floor. “I wanna be her. Fuck me the way you’d fuck her. Call me her name” she whispered as she wrapped her lips around your cock. Your wife won’t be home for several more days…this new nanny is going to be a problem. XOXO Meana Wolf Clip Contains: The nanny is wearing your wife’s dress, her perfume, her favourite thong and she’s wearing it all better than your wife ever could. She begs you to play along with her twisted little fantasy. It’s so hard to resist a woman in red.

Voyeur [September 16, 2023]

Something about watching girls touch themselves always got you excited. For years you’d paid girls to take off their clothes and let you observe them. But she was different. She was Special. Her boyfriend stood watch outside the door for her safety. Good. It made it even more exciting knowing he was outside the door listening in. You could see her little pussy dripping. She liked being watched. You offer her double to let you touch her… she knows her boyfriend wouldn’t like it…but of course she needs the money. She melts underneath your touch. “How much would you give me if I let you put it in?” Her hand reaches down and grips your cock. She wants you to. You give her everything she asks for. She needs the excuse. She’s a good girl… she’d never ever cheat on her boyfriend if she didn’t really need the cash. She moans and grinds her wet pussy on your dick. “It’s just for the money” she whispers as she cums.

Team Player [September 6, 2023]

You couldn’t stop thinking about Timmy’s mom, and it was starting to affect your hockey playing. She came to all the games to watch Timmy, but you knew she watched you too. You were the best player on the team She’d sit in the stands and it’s cold at the rink so her nipples were always hard. One time she was bending over and you could see her thong, and ever since then you can’t stop thinking about her panties. So when Timmy and his mom offered to host the after game party, you knew you had to steal a pair. If you could just get your hands on a pair of Timmy’s mom’s panties, you could stop obsessing about her and refocus your attention on winning the hockey championship. You didn’t expect she’d catch you in the act, and you definitely didn’t expect what happened next.

Pretty [August 27, 2023]

You didn’t recognize her. She’d changed so much since high school. She was the type of girl that people would make fun of, you know, cuz she was kinda ugly. In fact, you distinctly remember your wife doing just that. But now? Now she was sexy as fuck. Now nobody would make fun of her. Hell, you would have dated her in high school if she looked like she does now. You couldn’t believe it. She was gorgeous. And oh yeah, she remembers you and your wife. She remembers how your wife used to make her life absolutely miserable. Now that she’s pretty, she’s ready to heal the trauma of her high school years by fucking her bully’s husband. Because that’s what pretty girls do.

Purity Check [August 17, 2023]

As a spiritual leader, it was important for you to protect your flock. Especially it’s newest (and most wealthy) members. When one of your newest pupils came to you with concerns about his daughter’s allegedly sinful lifestyle, you knew you had to help him. If he was going to keep providing for his daughter, he needed to know that she was pure. Who better to gauge her spiritual purity than you? You question the girl, but you know just by looking at her what a sinful little harlot she is. You know she’s lying about her purity. But she insists that she’s a virgin and begs you to feel inside her so that you can learn the truth. You feel your fortitude crumbling as you slide your fingers inside her tight little pussy and she starts to moan. No godly man could resist her. She grabs your cock and slides it deep inside of her, “you’re going to tell my daddy that I’m the purest, most virginal girl you’ve ever met”.


SHIC-126 – Suzu Shiratori

Consists of four censored scenes between a brother and a sister. In the first scene, the sister doesn’t wear a bra which makes the brother uncomfortable, and eventually they start playing with each other using a magic wand. The second scene is a solo masturbation scene with just the sister. In the third scene, she catches him masturbating and gives him a blowjob. The final scene consists of them having sex in various positions and ends with a facial.



[MVSD-315] (English Subbed) Overprotective Big Tits Mama’s son creampie Sex Education – Rena Fukiishi

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Studio: M’s Video Group
Label: MVSD
Tags: Big tits, Creampie, Digital Mosaic, Incest, Married Woman, Solowork, Sun tan
Actor: Tomohiro Abe, Tsukasa Hirata, Yuki Yudzuru
Actress: Fukiishi Rena

Rena Fukiishi is an overprotective single mom raising her son Yudzuru all alone.

As he is being bullied in school, Rena wants to help him become a man, so he can defend himself.

Therefore, she decides to provide him with an accelerated course of sex education…

However, so much degeneracy affected her brain cells, and she ended up having a threesome with Yudzuru + a schoolmate friend.



[GVG-929] (English Subbed) Mother and Son Incest: Endou Shihori

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Mamezawa Mametarou
Studio: Glory Quest
Label: GVG
Tags: Big tits, Creampie, Drama, Incest, Mother, Solowork
Series: Mother and son rpe
Actor: Minoru Hisamichi
Actress: Endou Shihori

Shihori lives with her husband and his son, who is frequently scolded by the father.

Frustrated, the son unleashes his anger on the new mom.



[DASD-852] It is asked by the husband who does not break out if the wife is not cuckoded and it is held by father-in-law. Domestic Official NTR Yu Shinoda

He has been living with his father since he married his wife Yu for a year and lost his mother. I was happy, but I had only one problem. It was not possible to erect with ED. One day when I tried various things because I wanted children, but I was worried about the effect, my crotch reacted by witnessing my father massadding my wife. I’ve never had anything like this before. So I asked my father and wife, “Can you show me where they’re having sex? I’m going to bring it up.

Because the male protagonist was impotent, one day his father massaged his wife again, and his father’s cock became hard! Then the hero asks them to have sex. Yes, you read that right! The male protagonist then watches his father and his wife having sex. My wife’s pussy had not been fucked for a long time, and a large amount of semen flowed out under her father’s licking. As the saying goes: there is no harm without comparison.Look at my husband’s soft little bean sprouts, and then look at my father-in-law’s big hard sausage.

Xiaoyou hesitated for a while, but finally gave his father a blowjob. With her husband watching, she performed the 69 poses. With the shyness in my heart and the excitement in my body, I almost had an orgasm. Now the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are both very lustful, and the son even wears a condom. They kept trying oral sex, titjob, and doggy style, while the male protagonist studied from the side. After the incident, the man thanked his father and said that his return to normal was all due to their cooperation.



[STARS-964] (English Subbed) The Man Who Saved My Life Turned Out to be the Worst Sexual Predator. Forced to Provide Sexual Services – Kamiki Rei

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Director: Shouten Shirou
Studio: SOD Create
Label: STARS
Tags: 3P, 4P, Big tits, Creampie, Drama, Female Doctor, Hospital / Clinic, Solowork
Actor: Kawamura, Kyo Sanada
Actress: Kamiki Rei

Rei is a skilled and beautiful surgeon who does her best to save a certain man’s life.

After succeeding, instead of receiving his gratitude, she is met with violent rage and r*pe.



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