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Mom’s Hot Summer Day Lesson – Madisin Lee HD

Hey sweetie. What are you doing on the floor silly? You are hot? Yeah, it is really hot outside. What’s wrong? You seem upset. You are afraid your girlfriend is going to break up with you once you have sex. Why, would she do that? If she wants to go to the next level, then she must really like you. You are scared because you are still a virgin? Don’t be scared honey, I’m sure you watch porn, to give you an idea of what to do, I know it is not the same as actually doing it in real life. Don’t be upset baby. I hate to see you so upset. I’ll tell you what, I will help you. I’m going to show you what it is like and how to make a woman happy in bed. Then you will know what to do and you won’t have to be so nervous. Ok, sweetie! Just relax and mommy is going to turn you into a stud!

Category: TABOO
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Proven REAL Mother And Son Home Alone Private Video!

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Cory Chase in Family Threesome HD

Scene One: Family Visit

Cory has just been told that her brother in law is coming to live with them for a while. Just woken up Cory is pissed off she wasn’t told sooner. Her husband reaches out and starts grabbing at her tits. “What are you doing!” She demands. He pulls her over to him and takes out his cock demanding a blowjob. “Please don’t make me do this” Cory whines. As the hard dick is shoved into her unwanting mouth. He gives her a big morning load and tells her to make breakfast for his brother.

A hour later her brother in law is sitting in her kitchen. A plan starts to form in her head to deal with her asshole husband. She starts rubbing his shoulders, using her assets to entice this big strong man in her home. She opens her robe and displays her perfect body. No man can resist her as she drops to her knees and gives the best blowjob. Spreading her legs on the counter she lets him do everything to her, making her feel loved and controlling him with a good fuck.

Scene Two: Double Trouble

“We have about an hour before my husband comes home” Cory whispers to her brother in law, putting his cock in her mouth. Suddenly she hears yelling behind her. “You’re home early!” She screams in surprise. Her husband slaps her on the ass not mad but happy that his wife is finally acting like the slut he wants her to be.

Her eyes open wide as he jumps on her from behind and fucks her while she sucks. The brother’s switch, using her end to end, making her work for their pleasure. Her body is theirs to use. Fucking her pussy and ass at the same time, breaking her apart with their big cocks. Opening her mouth her body cums as she takes two big loads down her throat. She feels so dirty and used. “Want to do this again in a couple of hours?” she asks the brothers hopefully.

***Contain Ass to Mouth and Ass to Pussy!!!***

Category: MILF
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Father’s Day with My Daughter Holli – Complete Series HD 1080p

Check out my little daughter Holli make this the best father’s day ever. She strips down for me to hang at the pool, wakes me up with a loving handjob, blows me like only a loving daughter could, and takes a huge facial, and then fucks me after Father’s Day dinner letting me give her a creampie! I love my daughter and Father’s Day is my favorite holiday.

My daughter Holli is such a good, thoughtful, loving girl. She came out to the pool with me today and told me she’s not just gonna make it a good Father’s Day, she’s gonna make it a great Father’s WEEK. She loves me so much. As she was about to get in the pool, she complained that her bathing suit was uncomfortable. Her mom said she was allowed to skinny-dip, as long as there were no boys around, including Daddy. She asked if she could swim naked… she’s always been a free spirit, and I don’t want to discourage that. So I let her bend the rules as long as she promised not to tell Mom. It’s a little weird hanging out with my naked daughter, but wow she’s pretty just like her mother. **Preview of Part 2 included**

My sweet daughter Holli busted into my room without knocking and embarrassed the hell out of me. She knows I sleep naked, so I suspect she knew what she was doing. What’s worse is that I had 10/10 rock hard morning wood when she came in. And she didn’t leave! She sat right down on the bed and gave me her gift of a dozen donuts, trying to be sweet with Father’s day coming up. She asked if I had a boner, yeah she saw it. I told her I walk around with a boner a lot since her mother left, since I’m so lonely. She said “you’ll always have me dad, let me help”. I feel like my little girl took advantage of my horniness. It’s fucked up having your daughter give you a handjob, but how can I resist her? Nobody loves me like my daughter does. And wow I haven’t cum in a long time. She made a mess with my huge load.

My daughter Holli came to sit with me and looked upset. I asked her what’s wrong and she said “I’m sad because I don’t have any money to buy you a gift for father’s day”. It’s no big deal because what do you get for the man that has everything? She said “but I do have another idea of what I could do for you”. How could I resist my beautiful daughter as she took out those beautiful tiny tits and unzipped my pants to put daddy’s hard cock in her mouth. She kept asking me “daddy does that feel good” and saying “I love you so much, daddy”. She asked me to cum in her mouth. I might have missed a little… most of it ended up on her face. I’ve raised a good one.

My loving daughter Holli made me a steak for fathers day. I sure love this girl. When she was cleaning up in the kitchen, she told me she had one last gift for me to make this the best Father’s day ever! So she stripped down and, I couldn’t help myself, bent her over the counter and pounded her 18 year old pussy. I left a huge dripping creampie load in my little daughter.

Category: TABOO
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Angela (1977) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Directed by: Boris Sagal

Stars: Sophia Loren, Steve Railsback, John Huston

Language: English, Italian (2tracks) | Subtitles: Italian (embed)

Country: Canada | Ar: 5:3 | Dvdrip

Description: A war vet finds out that a former prostitute had his baby. Doubting it’s his, he gives it away, so she reports him. Twenty years later, she still wants to find her son. She meets a young man and falls in love, but the vet’s prison term ends.

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Harem of the Hell Spawn (Non Censored) HD 1080p English Hard Subs

Monster Lust Bugs (on screen)
淫妖蟲 蝕 -孕ミ堕チル少女達- Anime Edition
BD Ripped & Reformatted

Takeru, Mikoto and Sui are back and this time they are under the full control of a dark yoma specialist. As much as they struggle to escape they are forced to be a breeding ground for insect like demons.
Takeru has given in fully to the yoma and her lust for her sister Mikoto is clouding her mind.

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REAL Brother And Sister 18 Year Old First Time Anal HD Similar Faces!

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Big Tiddy Goth Cousin 4th of July SERIES – Clover Baltimore HD

Part 1 – Wow do I love 4th of July and I love my family. My favorite cousin comes down from Philadelphia every year and stays the weekend with us. Recently, though, she’s been a real pain in the ass. Too cool for school, you know? She’s one of them got bitches… them big tiddy goth gfs that are so fashionable. The bitch probably wears a choker to bed at night, and all she talks about is trash music and how lame everyone is. She can kiss my ass cuz she ain’t bringing me down this weekend. It Natty Boh and Crabs in Baltimore, baby! It’s funny though, she becomes really pleasant when you’ve got something she wants.

Part 2 – My perpetually bored, asshole cousin is lucky she’s hot. She’s been here a day and she’s a fucking mooch. To top that, she’s demanding and has a terrible bitch attitude. I’m amazed by how friendly and compliant she gets when I have something she wants, though. I wanted a handjob, we made a deal…

Part 3 – My big tiddy goth cousin has loose morals and always wants something, I swear. We made a trade and she sucked my dick…

Part 4 The holidy weekend is over, and my big tiddy goth cousin is leaving tomorrow. We had a fun time, and I’m going to miss her. I need to get a piece of ass out of her before she leaves, and it shouldn’t be too hard with her slutty ass. She came into my room when the whole family was out watching fireworks down the road, and I had her show me her stripper moves in heels and a thong, twerking. Again she wanted something, so we made a deal for some pussy. This girl thought I was going to use a condom… lol we’re family… why would I do that!? I fucked her every which way, and she bounced those big goth tiddies and that giant impressive ass on me. She said I couldn’t cum in her cuz she wasn’t on birth control so I put a giant load of cum on those perfect goth tits. I can’t wait until she comes home for Christmas! BONUS SLOW MOTION CUMSHOT

Category: TABOO
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Mom Always Gets What She Wants – Alexis Rain HD

Alexis is on the phone with her divorce attorney. Apparently her soon to be ex husband is hiding all of his assets. She desperately needs to know where he is hiding his money. Her attorney suggests that her son may know where the money is sitting, so she calls her son and says that she needs to talk to him. He tells her he is busy at work and now is not a good time but she goes there anyway. Once there she starts to interrogate her son about the whereabouts of his Dad’s assets. He has been instructed by his father not to talk to her and he is reluctant to say anything but Mom knows she can convince her son otherwise. She pulls his chair away from his desk and starts to seductively touch her son. He is relaxing a little bit more now but still not talking, so mom steps it up a little and starts to play with her sons cock. She takes it out of his pants and starts sucking on it, then she sits him back in the chair and rides him reverse cowgirl, making sure he has a great view of her juicy ass as he penetrates her. He is loosening up more and more. Now she bends over the office chair and her sons hits it from behind. She is begging for the passwords to the accounts and right before he cums inside of her, he agrees to give her what she wants. He shoots a huge load inside of his Mother and when he pulls it out, he is still cumming. Mom hates wasted cum and she quickly starts to suck the remaining cum out of his cock. Now he just needs to write the passwords to the accounts on a piece of paper so she can pass on the info to her attorney. This Mom always gets what she wants!

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[SDMU-934] SOD Romance. A Dirty Stepmom Passionately Sucks Her Son’s Morning Wood

The video is a keeper – an intriguing story of mom and son and the sexual maternity.
A good snatch for the ones that like incest themes, big tits and slender body

Family name (in kanji): 相田
Given name (in kanji): あすか
Date of birth: XXXX-05-11
Hometown: Niigata, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 164 cm

Year: 2019 г.
Country: Japan
Sex acts: Blowjob, Big Tits, Incest, Drama, Stepmother
Length: 02:12:01
Censored: Yes
Language: Japanese

Studio code: SDMU-934
Director: Sugawara Osamushi
Studio: SOD Create

Sex acts and positions: 1-on-1, blowjob, cunnilingus, sex in bathroom, sex from behind, cowgirl, standing sex, creampie, titjob, rimjob, nipple play, oral, 69 position, titfuck, missionary and many others


 [MUM-201] Imari Morihoshi – Mama Do Not Know … Everyday Of Love Distorted Adolescent Daughter And Dad [1080p]

4 hours of daddy-daughter incest, MUM-style.. you’ll know if this is for you.
Imari Morihoshi perhaps isn’t the most traditionally beautiful of JAV actresses, but she has a tomboyish charm and seems to be having a good time performing here, making some funny, kind of bratty faces as she jokes around with her JAV dad.
Plus, it’s one of the few consensual-seeming MUM releases (or “loli” JAVs overall), so if you’re not big on the crying this is one to check out.

Sex acts: father-daughter incest, blowjob, swallowing, missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, squirting, male use of sex toys on female, dildo, Magic Wand, light bondage/rope play, hotel sex, school swimsuit, schoolgirl outfit

In the first scene, we see the dad drink his coffee as the girl leaves for school, followed by the wife. After hearing the latter go, he gets out of the chair and it switches to POV. He snoops around to make sure the coast is clear, steps outside, and heads behind a van parked in the driveway, where you find Imari hiding in the secluded outdoor spot! It seems like this is an arrangement the two take part in regularly, and they head back to the front hallway to make out, bust her tits out of her schoolgirl outfit, and finally get a BJ with plenty of hand action until he covers her tongue with thick jizz, which she swishes around in her mouth and swallows all of. Then the happy girl heads off to school!

In the next scene, the girl is in more casual wear at home where she’s watching a scary movie on the couch with her dad, and even with the lights on she’s super scared and clinging to him for dear life (and he has some fun making her jump with his own “boo!”s). It seems all this touching and tickling gets him hot and bothered, because as soon as the wife gets into the shower he decides it’s time to get a blowjob in front of the couch. She gives his dick a good mouthing (including some ball sucking) and then he lies her down on the dining room table and fingers her until she squirts all over his hand, the table, and the floor! He lies back down on the couch so she can finish sucking him off until he cums in her mouth and she savors and swallows it in the same way as before. Then she puts her clothes back on and with a smile on her face cleans up the mess left by her squirt, and by the end mom still isn’t out of the shower yet. Good thing she always takes forever in there…

In scene 3, it’s Imari-chan’s birthday! Her and some relatives are sitting around a table eating cake and having a fairly lengthy conversation that I don’t understand, then it cuts to the next morning where it’s just the dad, his wife, and her at the dinner table on what seems to be a school day. More talking, and then the mom gets up and leaves, earlier than usual it seems, and as soon as she’s out of view Imari flashes a big ol’ grin to her papa. They seem to have some playful banter where she acts a little coy and bratty for fun and then they head off to her bedroom where they kiss and he quickly messes up her school uniform by busting her tits out and sucking on them. He pulls up her skirt (where there’s already a damp spot on her panties!) and fingers her a while before they move onto dick-sucking, which has a pretty hot part where she sucks his balls while rubbing his cock all over her face (also, guy is packing a fairly big dick for JAV, it’s about the size of her head). Finally an hour and 40 minutes in she lies on her back and he takes her in missionary, school uniform still “on” and panties hanging off her sock-covered foot. They fuck hard like that, upright hugging in “lotus flower”, doggy, and cowgirl before he shoots his load into her mouth.

In scene 4, Imari-chan and her mom are discussing something in the dining room, then mom grabs her purse and leaves again. Of course she gets up and teases her dad who’s on the couch reading, and then the two head off to his bedroom this time. He tapes her hands together and uses one of those vibrating eggs on her through her panties, then under them, while she squirms. He sticks a dildo vibrator in her mouth and then inside of her, too, followed by an ass-up Magic Wand attack until she squirts! He keeps that going for quite a while until she’s a blushing mess, then gets out the ropes and ties her legs and hands to the bed (we’re getting kinky now, folks!). He puts the dildo vibrator inside her while using the Wand on her clit, and she continues to squeal and fidget. He finishes her off with two fingers until she squirts again (which doesn’t take long).

In the fifth and final scene it’s the same setup again, where the mom leaves the two of them alone, but this time it seems like it’s an overnight trip because the two go outside holding hands and head to a hotel! After showing off the room a bit the two go into the bathroom and take a bath together, where she sucks (and even gives him a little titfuck) until he fills her mouth up again. Then on the bed it seems he told his daughter about a little kink of his, because she brought that blue Japanese school swimsuit and changes into it. She shows off her body a bit, then she gets in the chair where he uses his toys on her nipples and pussy again through the suit, before using his robe belt to tie her wrists together above her head and cuts the crotch open on the suit. He uses the same methods as last time to make her cum, then sticks his cock in and begins to fuck her on the chair, before untying her hands so she can answer a call coming in on her phone (with Tetris ringtone, natch)! I’ll take an educated guess and say it’s mom, who she talks to while her dad fucks her. After that he takes her doggy on the chair, then standing sideways in ballerina pose against the window, then finally missionary on the bed where for a bit he uses a vibe on her while his cock is inside. He finishes off by jacking into her mouth again, then she cleans off her dad’s cock and the two smooch, giggle, and chat for a couple of minutes before it just sort of ends abruptly.




[CWM-095] Misuzu-san – Married Woman’s Hot Spring Adultery Trip

I can’t seem to find her real name. The actress seems to just go by the pseudonym Misuzu-san

The first part of the movie involves candid filming on a train and out and about. She starts masturbating and then blows him in the bathroom. After a while it shows her masturbating in a car. They appear to arrive at the hot spring and start having sex in the room and then a blowjob in the bath. More sex follows back in the room including some anal.

Sex acts include: masturbation, fingering, blowjob, sex toys including anal beads/play, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, creampie, anal


RCTD-223 Let’s Make My Own WAM Museum (1080p)

This movie is in Japanese which I can’t speak, so I’m not 100% sure what is happening.

This is a “Watch that stops Time” movie which very much aimed at people who like messy/slimey sex. It stars Ninomiya Waka as a teacher, and Iori Izumi and Komiyama Emari as schoolgirls. The movie starts with a male teacher stopping time, posing, groping and stripping the 3 girls, it precedes with him taking them one by one to a different room to be posed, painted and fucked. The paint used on the Schoolgirls is particulary slimey/lumpy for fans of Wet & Messy sex, while the paint for the female teacher looks more like liquid latex.
The movie contains WAM sex, blowjobs, fingering, handjobs, missionary, sideways, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle and facials




[JRZD-632] Fumika Kiyose/Yurie Shirafuji – My First Time Filming My Affair (1080p)

First scene starts with an interview. She is fully clothed as on the cover and is sitting on a sofa. Partway through the interview she strips down to her black lingerie and poses a bit for the camera. She strips further and is made to sit on the sofa and spread her pussy. A man comes into frame and starts to lick her pussy and fondle her breasts. He sucks on her nips and fingers her. She turns around and bends over the sofa and continues finger her until she squirts all over the guy and her left leg. She sits facing forward again and the guy fingers her some more until she squirts again, this time shooting squirt up to about a foot away from the couch.

2nd scene starts with Fumika-san sitting on a couch wearing only white panties and heer hair tied back. She plays a bit with a vibrating egg as a man strokes himself to her. She finishes before him and cups her hands in front of his dick and catches his cum.

3rd scene, Fumika-san is sitting on a bed wearing peach lingerie and her haird tied back and to the side. Three men are squatting in front of the bed facing her. She shows them her snatch first while facing them then she turns around, puts her face down and ass up and spreads her ass-cheeks. One of the men then starts giving her oral, plays with her tits and fingers her before it’s her turn to blow him. As she blows him, he removes the scrunchy and lets her hair down. The proceed to missionary, then cowgirl, then doggy and back to missionary for the creampie.

4th scene, Fumika-san is wearing pantyhose and a satin top with her hair down. She sits on a bed with a man in front of her. The man kisses and feels her up. He sticks his hand down her pantyhose before removing them, rubbing and then licking her pussy through her purple panties. He pulls the panties aside and continues eating her out and then fingers her till she squirts all over the bed. She then blows him and then they fuck in missionary, cowgirl, doggy and then again missionary for the creampie.

Yurie Shirafuji/Fumika Kiyose

Sex acts: cunnilingus, fingering, squirting, blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, creampie

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