Andi James – Mom Helps with My College Application or Photos of Mom HD

Scene One: Photos of mom

I’ve always wanted to go to photography school. Filling out applications I become frustrated. “I don’t know what to do” I tell my mom. All these schools are asking for a portfolio of work using models and I don’t have anything. Mom gives me a smile and tells me that she will be my model if I really need it. “Thanks mom” I say and take some photos of her.

The next day and I’m freaking out a bit. The college I really want to attend requires nude photos in their submitted portfolio. With a bit of hesitation mom agrees and starts to take off her clothes. This is for her son’s future, she tells herself. She poses and spreads her legs for her son’s snapping camera. Embarrassment and humiliation are hidden behind a smile that she will do anything for her son.

Scene Two: Just the tip Mom

I’ve just gotten back and email saying that the photos were not up to their standards. They were boring and poorly shot. If I want to attend their prestigious school I will have to do something powerful and bold in my work. I suggest to my mom that we take a more sexual photo shoot. With a deep sigh she says “Let’s do it, if it means you getting into college”

Stripping off her clothes I lay on the bed and take photos. Hiding her emotions of shame mom does her best to give a sexy blowjob for the camera. Laying back she spreads her legs and I press the tip of my cock against her warm wet pussy. Shivers run up my spine as mom tells me to keep going. Slowly my dick slides in and out of her, making me feel so dirty and so fucking horny all at the same time. I control myself and run out of the room to upload the photos, trying to clear my head of these dirty thoughts.

Scene Three: For my son’s education

I come back to my room to see my mom still naked on my bed. “You’re not dressed yet?” I ask nervously. I’ve heard back from the college that the photos look posed and not passionate enough. Still not good enough to be admitted. “Let’s give them what they want” mom says with a smile. She’s so hot and horny that she doesn’t care about the photos anymore. “You’ve got me all worked up” She giggles.

Putting my cock into her mouth she sucks the hardest cock she’s had in years. “Oh honey” She moans as my dick presses inside her. I fuck her, taking photos of her lust filled eyes. She’s so close to cumming as my cock rams into her. “You’re so good at this, oh my god” She says in uncontrolled passion. Her pussy tightens as she cums making me shoot my load deep inside her. Cum drips out of her tight pussy and I take one final photo of my mom tasting her cream pie. “Anything for you” She says.

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Nikky & Kitty in Thailand – Hungarian Twins Do Bikini Shoot, Fuck The Photographer HD


I’ve just started what I feel is going to be my best week in paradise, so far. After cruising some social media sites and doing some research, I came upon these stellar-looking pair of Hungarian twins that totally got my fantasies running wild. What if I could get a pair of twins to come to Thailand with me for a wild week of photoshoots and hopefully, lots of sex? Seeing as how these Fox Twins are rising stars on social media and have been in dirty films before, I presenting them with my desires to do “photo shoots” and examples of my “photography work”. A plan was quickly made. Tickets booked, resorts booked and we were soon meeting on beach in Thailand. But – could I get them both doing exactly what we are all here for or was it all about photos in their minds?

What a pair! My God, man! I was immediately even more impressed in-person than I was by their social media pics. Cute and firm little asses, big smiles, fuck-me eyes and bikinis so teeny and weeny, I was the envy of every red-blooded man on that beach. Watch as they go, hand in hand, into the water, frolic in the sand and pose for our “photo shoot”. Talking amongst themselves, it was quickly realized that they were talking about me and before I knew it, they were posing with their backs to me in the water, with their bikini bottoms “accidentally” pushed aside… like they didn’t realize. It was right then that I realized, my plans of sex and fun in the sun were about to cum to fruition.

Wrapping up the photoshoot, we all head back to my villa to take a dip in the pool and wash the salt off but I knew that I soon had to make my move. I had to find out for sure, were they just teasing for the camera.. or were they teasing for me! Once relaxed and sitting at the edge of the pool, I simply just took my shorts off right in front of them and walked towards them as their mouths open in amazement at my growing photographer’s-boner. Seconds later, I was in the closest of mouthes and soon they were both vying for position of “top model” as they both take turns pleasing every inch of my mandhood. Indoors and out. Seems that these super-horny Hungarian twins really do everything together – even if it means getting fucked bent over a couch until I plaster both their pretty faces with my seed. Something tells me they fully expected to be at the business-end of my cum-gun right from the get-go.

Lets see what tomorrow brings us!

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Poolside Twins Threesome With Sticky Facial Ending Part 2


After yesterday’s festivities, it was clear that there is something different in the air. A freeing sexuality and flirtatious side of them that is even more eye-catching than before. As evident by passerby’s gawking, averting their offspring’s eyes and the looks of both approval and scorn from everyone. I just had to take my newfound twin girlfriends out on the town and do some shopping, sight-seeing and grab a bite to eat. Just so I could show them off. Except, they showed themselves off more than I ever could haha. Of course, the biggest thing on my mind was my growing woody and the thoughts of getting my meat-triangle back to the villa, for another hardcore twins threesome at the poolside.


Immediately upon our arrival at the villa, Nikky and Kitty both had the great idea of putting on a sexy strip-dance show for me. Watching their beautiful bare tiny breasts, small assses and smoothly shaven pussies out in the sun was giving me the biggest boner of my life! What if someone saw? What if someone caught us fucking outside from their own villa? It was all too exciting and I was willing to take it ALL the way!

Noticing my ‘rise’ in attention down below, it was mere moments before they were spreading their legs and I was stuffing my raging meat-sword deep within those flappin’ lil pussy lips – right in the pool! I honestly could not tell you which one I fucked first. Hell, I couldn’t even tell you which one deserved my sperm more. But – after a nice long and hard twins threesome fuck on the pool deck, it was time to unleash my mounting pressure of appreciation – all over one of their faces! Can you tell who was who?


After cleaning up our proud love juices, the girls headed inside to get some cleaning done. Buck-naked! If porn has taught me anything, is that I now have myself a sexy pair of twins for girlfriends!

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Amateur Daughters Anal Bondage 30 Min HD

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Aaliyah Love – You Can’t Protect Your Woman HD

“She better pray I don’t trap her home alone looking like that.”
She would race through the house trying to escape me and she is pretty fast. When she reaches her bedroom and tries to slam the door, I slam it into her face and knock her to the floor. I lift her into my arms then throw her onto the bed. She is gasping for air in a semi conscious state “Please don’t touch me! I’m married. I want to have kids one day,” was all I heard from her.
I grope her tits hard “there’s only one thing I came her for honey…” I tear her top apart. “and that’s to fuck you really good.” I strip away her panties and dive right into her pussy with my mouth, trying to lick her pussy deep while grasping her soft ass.
She begs me and tries to pretend she doesn’t like it but her hips are elevating to feed her pussy into my mouth. I pull my cock out and let her see it. “Your boyfriend has one of these?” She swallows hard. “I’m going to get your little pussy nice and wet,” I go down on her again. I make sure she is lying on her back then I ease my cock into her slowly then work the rest into her.
“Your pussy’s getting wet. I can feel it. I’m getting to you.” I fold her legs back to spread her pussy farther open then plow down into her until my bone is buried balls deep then I pump her faster.
She grunts loudly like an animal and grab the bed sheets tightly in both hands; it is barbaric but she likes it that way. She is crying and says “if I let you fuck me, will you leave me alone?”
“You are a dirty fucking whore, you know that? “Where is the fucking lube? I know a cunt like you keeps lube around.” She reaches back and opens a drawer and seems to pause for a second as though she remembered something then grabs the lube and closes the drawer.
I lube my cock until its nice and hard then I fuck her as she has a powerful orgasm that wobbles her. I fuck her mercilessly until she orgasms again then i rock her with an internal climax that floods her vaginal canal with a global-size load of semen. The sudden loss of a massive amount of semen weakens me and I slump on top of her to catch my breath, which was the perfect opportunity for her. She reaches out and quickly opens the drawer and pulls out a small revolver and swings it my way all in one swift movement but I get a hand up and stop it just short.
I strip her hands of the gun, then find her panties and wrap them tightly across her little throat, violently wrestling the life out her little body. The strangulation is long and hard and relentless, just what she deserved for being disobedient. I look at her one last time with an incredulous smile and walk away, leaving a revealing note for her husband to find.

The guy chases and catches the woman. He strips away her underwear and licks her pussy. Then he shoves his dick into her vagina, while she tries to resist. He fucks her in missionary position, she’s whimpering. Then she has to comply with him and let him fuck her face, and use the lube to fuck her more in missionary, doggy and prone bone positions. She’s crying and whimpering the whole time. He pounds her pussy until he releases inside her (cum not visible). He lies down for a rest while she curls up and cries for a bit. Then she attempts to pick up the gun to kill him, but he wakes up and strips her hand off the gun. He strangles her to (fake) death with her underwear. He leaves a note on her “corpse”.

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Mindi Mink – Mom Wants To Have Your Baby HD

Your Mom Mindi has been wanting a baby and you can’t believe at her age she is serious. She says it will give her purpose in life again and your Dad is hardly ever home to make it happen. You get confronted by her and she tells you that she knows you stole her panties and that she is sure you must fantasize about having sex with her. She found all the MILF porn you watch on your computer and she isn’t mad at all. In fact she explains her desire for having a baby and how you are a perfect specimen to give her what she wants. You are smart, good looking, and have young, strong sperm at your age. She takes off her robe and reveals your favorite color of lingerie…..she seduces you into the idea by taking off her bra and telling you to go ahead and touch her.

You can’t help yourself by getting a big hard on and she tells you to remove your boxers. She takes off her panties and says you can keep these ones as a remembrance of your special day together. She reaches over and feels how hard you are and gives you a blow job to get started. It feels amazing and you can’t deny wanting to take it further. She explains that she is ovulating right now and needs your sperm. She has you get on top and tells you to make sure you go as deep as possible inside of her wet pussy. While you are fucking her the phone rings and its your Dad….she tells you not to stop, so you dont. She hangs up with Dad and has a big orgasm all over your hard cock and you cum inside her at the same time.

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CrazyDad SiteRip contains 37 Comics Complete
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Neighbors Helping Hand – Ashley Mason HD

My neighbors son is always helping me in the yard and around the house. I noticed one day that he had a hard on and asked if he had ever had sex before. He said sadly, no he was a virgin. I decided to introduce him to his first sexual experience, a handjob. He was very grateful. His balls belong to me now.

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Dragonard (1987) UNCUT Full HQ Version! Brother Sister Incest!

Drama, Incest

Directed by: Gérard Kikoïne

Stars: Oliver Reed, Eartha Kitt, Annabel Schofield

Language: English

Country: Uk | Ar: 4:3 | Vhsrip

Description: On an 18th century Caribbean island run by debauched colonial plantation owners, an enslaved Scotsman joins a slave revolt.

1980s, Brother Sister Incest, English, UK.

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Can I Sleep With You Daddy? – Xev Bellringer HD [Untouched 1080p]

(1080p, 60fps) You couldn’t believe your grown daughter was begging to snuggle up in bed with you to stay warm. She pushed with excuse after excuse, but there was no way you’d be able to ignore her full, womanly figure under the covers with you. She wasn’t a little girl anymore…and you weren’t sure if you’d be able to control yourself around her.

It was almost as if your daughter was knowingly teasing you, tempting you. Her big ass pressed up against your crotch… She took your hand and began rubbing it all over her body, claiming it was good for the cold. Her skin was getting hotter and you felt your cock quickly rising up against her body. You daughter had to know what this was doing to you! It all became clear as soon as she took off her panties and had you rub between her thick legs. Her pussy was so warm…and wet. Your little cock-teasing daughter…

She came hard…there was no going back. She rolled over to go to sleep, but you wouldn’t have it. You were going to make your daughter give it to you, she owed her father that much…

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