Missbehavin26 – Mom & 2 Sons ABDUCTED

Script: Scene: The place appears to be a combination between a prison and a cell. You are confused and shaken and you asked your son’s if they are okay. Perhaps you try the door and find out it is looked. Eventually you realize you are trapped. It is then that you see the Eye (the camera). You look at it, address, it meekly ask what is happening, get angrier when you recieve no answers. Then you it can reply to you with a screen underneath. You read what it says are and are aghast. It tells you something like the following. You blush and falter as you read it out loud. One months later – fade in. It has been a hard time- boredom, poor food, etc. You are showing a tiny sign of dishevellement. Awkwardly, dispirited, you come to the Eye. You beat around the bush a bit and then tell it that you have talked things over with your sons. Three three have of you have agreed to some kissing and caressing and you will stroke their cocks. You cannot look the camera in the eye. The actions follows hesitantly. For the handjobs you take off your top (bra underneath giving awesome cleavage effect such as in ‘CUM lemme blow ur mind’. Two big identical squiring cock toys are used here. When you first see your son’s cocks, you are taken aback by their size. They are beauties. But you try not to dwell on that. Embarassed, you stroke their cocks and you flinch as they eventually squirt on your tits. Afterwards you feel shaken and guilty. 3 months later – Fade in. You have been doing better. There have been perks and you have become used the set up. You are more assertive towards the eye – almost making demands, deals. You and your sons are going to do some more stuff, and you tell the Eye it better come good with the wine, the food, cutting the prison term, etc. Showing half the reluctance and awkwardness as before, you get down to things with your sons. Taking off your robe, you are in underwear such as in ‘Q & A With MissB in lingerie’. You do some sexy moves to heat things up. You then stroke one son’s cock while the other eats your pussy. Soon your start to moan, and then you start to suck the cock. It ends with one coming on your tits and the other on your stomach. You show more acceptance of this afterwards, and firmly remind the Eye of the deal. One more month later: A lot has happened in the meantime. You have done many things with your sons and are now freely and willingly into it. This final scene is the big one. It’s starts with you finishing a glass of champagne. Your are sitting naked in a chair, sexily cross-legged, coolly filing your nails. Your hair is wet and slicked back. You wear red lipstick. Looking up to see your son’s big hard cocks, you grin, happy to see to see they are eager and eager. Enthusiastically you announce it’s time to get down to some more mom-son fun. I don’t have a clear idea of how the action pans out because I don’t really know how it can best be pulled off. But here are some certain details. There is missionary, on top and dog…

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Helena Price in “Wife Makes Me Watch Her Fuck Our Son’s Friend” 4k MP4 HD

I walked in on my wife sucking on the balls of one of our son’s good friends. She clearly had something to say about our sex life, and this was her way of proving it me! Helena humiliated me all while fucking Johnny’s big cock, and honestly I was into it. “You could never fuck me like this!” My wife bounces her plump tan ass while I watch from across the room. I couldn’t help but feel my dick get hard seeing her fuck this younger guy. He pounds my wife’s hairy cunt until he blows his load on her bush!

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Kelsey Kage in “Mom Is Watching Us…” MP4 HD

Sis and I have been flirting and messing around recently.. Nothing physical has happened, but there is only so much teasing a man can take!

Why don’t we take this to the next level?

Right now? Mom and dad are downstairs!

Then let’s be quiet..

Do you even have any condoms?

No… But I promise I’ll pull out, I wouldn’t want to get my sister pregnant.

That would be awkward.. Ok fine let’s do it!

We start out slow, neither of us want to get caught by our parents! I pull up sis’s shirt and play with her perky nipples…

Can I suck it?

Sis is so eager to finally have me, I know she’s just as horny as I am!

After weeks of flirting around the house, I finally get to feel her tight 18 year old pussy lips wrap around my meat!! Me and sis have our fun but right before I cum, mom walked right into the room!!

I didn’t want sis to stop grinding my cock, and mom was totally shocked when she first walked in! But then the unexpected happened.. Mom seemed to enjoy watching her own having sex. She started touching her big natural mom breasts and I think I even saw mom’s hand wonder down her skirt! I was so distracted by mom, I lost all control and came deep in my sister’s fertile cunt!

Omg you said you would pull out!!

Sorry sis, get dressed and we’ll go to the store and pick up the pill for you…

Mom rushes out of the room before sis notices she was watching us!!

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Bettie Bondage – Reminiscing With Mom HD

You and your mother have decided to go away for a weekend, to this little inn she used to take you to when you were younger. You’re going away to college soon, and you know she’ll be lonely once you do – you two have always been so close. You can tell she really appreciates you taking the time out from your friends to go away with her, and you make sure to get close to her when the two of you sit down to reminisce about when you used to stay here. She tells you about the first time, when you wouldn’t get out of the pool all day, and had to cuddle up with her to get warm afterwards. The way she smiles is so genuine, so sweet, and you can’t help but think it’s a little sexy, too. The only thing you remember about all that was the bathing suit she wore. You tell her that, but omit the part where you remember it because of how it made her body look. She was your first crush, really, in that red bikini. She offers you some blanket and gets closer to you. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the rising erection in your pants, as the two of you talk about your closeness, about memory, about connection. You admit that the bathing suit made a lasting impression and she giggles, blushing, telling you to stop teasing. “No,” you insist, “really. I thought you were so sexy. I still do.” You can see the color rise in her neck, see her start to fidget. You’re getting to her, you can tell. You never would have thought this was how it would go, but you want to press this. You take a deep breath and ask if she’ll kiss you, like she used to. She places a gentle kiss on your forehead, and you smile. “No,” you say, “on my mouth, Mom.” She can tell this is going somewhere from which the two of you can’t turn back, but nevertheless, she leans forward and pulls you in, kissing you gently on the lips. You both pull back, looking into eachother’s eyes, before you fall into a passionate, open-mouthed kiss, the two of you losing yourselves to passion and lust as your mother roves her hands across your chest, down, down, towards your fully erect cock, freeing it from your jeans as she smirks, stroking you with her gentle, motherly touch, before leaning back, gently taking you into her soft and hot mouth. You strain not to cum as she sucks and licks you up and down, until the two of you can’t deny the inevitable any longer. She lays back and looks up at you, her hungry and horny eyes trained on your cock. “Please,” she says, “slide it in, slide your cock back to the hole that made you, sweetie.” You can’t believe how dirty she’s talking. It makes your balls ache as you try not to cum, hearing your mother talk about how she made you, how you’re her darling boy. But that’s exactly what she wants! She tells you that what she needs is for you to cum inside her, to fill her up with your seed. “Make me pregnant, hunny,” she says, “I need you to make mommy pregnant!”

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SubPrincess – Two More HOT and NEW Dad-Daughter Ass Eating Taboo Vids in HD

Daddy Eats My Ass for The First Time HD

Daddy I saw this video on my laptop where a man was “Eating Ass” . Could you show me what that is? I’m sure it would feel good on my cute little asshole huh? Oh and you can even cum all over it too

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So you thought you’d cheat on me and not have to pay the price for it? Think again! After working out at the gym you’re going to lick my asshole clean. You’ll be lucky if I let you lick the soles of my perfect feet. You’ll be spending days to make it up to me. Get ready for the surprise on the last day hun because that will be the only thing you can do for me! Enjoy my progression video, and make sure you lick my ass good

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Nikki Brooks – Mom And Sons Valentines Day Romantic HD

Son gives mom a Valentine’s Day present, mom is happy & thankful, she asks if he really wants to give it to her instead of a pretty girl at school, son has feelings for his mom but she doesn’t know, he tries to touch her & mom says that he’s not supposed to do that kinda stuff with her, son is visibly upset & mom tries to comfort her, she wants him to understand that Mommy can’t be THAT type of Valentine’s, son asks to kiss her & mom shies away uncomfortably, she explains that a Valentine is supposed to be someone you love or want to marry – it’s not supposed to be your mom, mom can see that son is still upset & she offers to be his secret Valentine’s, they can’t tell anyone else about it, mom is beginning to see how her son really feels about her.

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I am on my way out, and my mom stops me. She wants me to stay home with her. She explains she knows the only reason buys my age go out is to get girls, she tells me I don’t need to do that, she takes off her robe, “they don’t have what I have” she says…


It’s been over a week since my mom showed me how much better she is than girls my age, but it hasn’t happened since. I can’t stop thinking about it. Tonight, she comes to my room, she knows I have been jerking off over her over and over everyday, it makes her happy. She tells me we can do it one last time.


I can’t take no for an answer, I have to have my mom again, nothing compares to what she feels like, the way she does things…


Alison and her son decided to go to a movie together for mother’s day. She puts her hand on his thigh and starts rubbing it. When he goes to say something to her, she leans in and kisses him then tells him how this reminds her of when she was younger, making out in movie theaters. Things quickly get hot and heavy as they make out and grope each other. It doesn’t help that she’s isn’t wearing panties, tempting her son to slide his fingers inside of her. She strokes his cock until he cums all over her hands.


Alison and her son walk into their hotel room only to discover that there is just one bed. She calls the front desk but that is the only room left. Since she thought they would have separate rooms, she didn’t bring anything to sleep in, so she just wears her silk robe. As she sleeps, her son can resist the temptation of slowly pulling the covers down and admiring her big, sexy tits as he rubs himself. He gets too worked up and starts groping his mom’s ass and stroking his cock. She wakes up, catches him and offers to do it for him- this one time. After he cums in her mouth, they agree that this never happened.


He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about his mom or take his eyes off of her. When she goes out in her bikini to lay out by the pool he stops trying to fight it.


His mom has been trying to reassurt herself, ever since she gave in the one time she has been trying to make sure her son knows he’s not to big to do what she tells him, when his mom starts trying to play around and “put him in his place’ he ends up puting her in a postion she never expected. He is addicted to her now and he she is going to give in to him everytime


Daras Daily Taboo – Blackmailing Cheating Mommy 1080p HD

My son has been going through my phone! Ugh, he saw the photos of me and my lover and confronted me! He also read the text messages and knows it’s been months! I can’t believe this, I’m so upset and worried! I’m supposed to be having a date night with his father this evening! He’s always been a little pervert, I know he’s watched his father and I have sex before… He gets a wild idea to black mail me, otherwise he will tell his father!

What a dirty little pervert! He makes me take off my skirt, and bend over on the sofa in front of him. I can’t believe this, it’s so humiliating! And, hello?! It’s so weird! I’m his mother!! I can’t believe it! He’s getting a boner looking at me! What the hell! Now he wants me to give him a blowjob otherwise he will tell his father!

How far with this go?! He pulls his pants down and his dick is already so hard! It’s quite big to be honest… I can be proud of that… He pushes it into my mouth and I have no choice but to give him a blowjob. He pulls my top down and exposes my tits, this is getting too much for a mother to handle! He makes me take my underwear off in front of him. Then I suck his dick some more, otherwise he’ll tell his father!

Now he has bent me over on the sofa, and he starts to fuck me, hard. The phone rings… It’s his dad. I try to keep it together while I’m getting fucked and convince my husband that I’m hanging the laundry outside. I struggle to talk on the phone and then I hang up. My son flips me over onto my back and fucks me even more, nice and hard. At his age, he has such good stamina! My phone rings again, my husband didn’t believe my story… I try to keep it together while I’m on my back getting fucked by my son, and tell my husband I’m just out of breath from doing housework. He will be home so soon! My son pulls his dick out of me and lays down, now I have to ride him… Otherwise he’ll tell his father!

I fuck him and bounce on his dick, I have no choice… It does feel good at least… His father will be home any minute, and he knows it! He makes me suck his dick even more, and tells me he wants to cum in my mouth. If I say no, he will tell. I have done so much already, and I don’t want his father to find out! It would really mess everything up!

Almost immediately after he cums in my mouth, my phone rings again! It’s his dad, and this time he’s actually going to be home in 1 minute! I try to wipe the cum off my mouth and clear my throat to let him know everything is ok. I can’t believe this! What a dirty little pervert! He better not tell after all this!!

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