Meana Wolf – Toe To Toe HD

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Your girlfriend’s daughter Meana is quite the handful. She often wanders around the house wearing inappropriate clothing and saying overtly suggestive things. She’s flirted with you on more than one occasion…but she’s only eighteen…and she’s your girlfriend’s daughter. You’ve been trying your best to be a good role model for her…but she’s relentless. Tonight the two of you are home alone…she’s just come back from dance class and you can’t help but stare at her as she stretches in her room. Her young, supple little body is so alluring…and her sexual confidence is obvious. She tells you to come into her room…she flat out asks you if you want to fuck her. You want to do the right thing…you tell her no. She’s clearly angry…but she promises to be good if you just massage her tired feet. Once those perfectly painted little toes are in your hands you feel your cock start to rage. She knows it too. She runs her perfect arches along the seem of your shorts and feels your swollen cock with her feet. She knows exactly how to seduce you now. But it’s all a game to her. She likes getting fucked by her mother’s boyfriends…and then she likes to throw it in her mother’s face. So she flat out tells you, “You can fuck my feet as hard as you want… my toes…rub your cock into my arches. I’ll foot fuck your cock so hard you’ll never forget it…but first I want your bare cock balls deep in my pussy”. Her perfect little toes are calling you…you can’t stop yourself. Her little body is so flexible she lifts her foot up to her face and licks her toes right before your eyes…you can’t stop yourself. You pull her leotard over to the side and jam your cock deep into her little pussy. She gasps and moans in the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that she always wins. She then proceeds to make you fuck her silly before she jerks off your cock with her perfect fucking feet. xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your Girlfriend’s daughter Meana seduces you into fucking her pussy, her mouth, and her flawless feet. Her pink toenails drive you absolutely crazy as they rub the head of your dick and expertly stroke your shaft. You fuck her toes so hard you explode with cum everywhere. She licks the cum off her toes and says “damn…you taste good.”

Meana Wolf seduces you POV style with a foot tease, followed by some doggy and missionary, ending with a long footjob and a big load. Great dirty talk throughout.

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Mom Shows Off Her Slut Clothes – Margo Sullivan HD

Margo walks into her sons room. When he sees her outfit, he tells her she looks like a slut. The exact look I was going for!! She tells him that if he lets her play a little she won’t get into as much trouble when she goes out for the evening!!

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Lexi’s Full Session – Lexxi Deep HD

Lexi Conditioned and Nanobot Programmed – Lexi is in for a relaxation hypna-therapy session. She is put out and programmed and then programmed further to believe she has had nanobots put into her body, She can still think clearly but she has no choice but to obey everything master says. She gets angry, tries to leave, says no to what she is told, yet, even as she says “I won’t sit down” she is taking a seat. She gets angrier and angrier “fuck master” she says as she continues to obey every command. Stripping, ass shaking, dancing, masturbating, trying to sell herself as a whore. She cannot stop herself from doing everything she is told


Harem Girl Dances for Master – Now Lexi is ready to be put deeply into a programmed state. She is immersed in her role as a harem slave girl eager to please her master . She dances very seductively while looking at her master and asking for his approval. Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

Lexi Pleasing Master With Her Mouth Lexi asks if she can please her master with her mouth. She happily gets on her knees and is grateful for the mouth and face full her master gives her. Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

Lexi Arousing Master – Lexi touches herself and makes herself cum for her master’s entertainment in the hopes that he will want to use her as a sex slave Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

Lexi Harem Sex Slave Lexi is ready to service one of master’s friends. She gives up her body willingly. Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

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Lilly Lynn – Friend Wife Fuck HD

After fucking your friend’s wife in the bathroom earlier in the day, it’s been decided that you’ll stay in their guest room for the night due to some bad weather. Just after you settle in, his wife comes in. She didn’t get enough of you in the bathroom earlier, it was the best fuck she’d ever had. Are you ready to fuck your best friend’s wife again, while he sleeps right in the next room? Her pussy was so good, and you know she’ll want it raw again, asking you to fill up her fertile pussy for revenge on her cheating husband.

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Catching Mom Licking Sis’ Pussy then Creampieing Her Cunt – Bettie Bondage HD

Your mom said she was going to check on your sister in bed. A few minutes later you realize you need to ask her something and go upstairs. When you look into the bedroom, you see your mother, bent over, rubbing her pussy, and you can hear her tongue. Her lips and mouth. She’s…woah. It sounds and looks like she’s eating your sister’s pussy! You watch for a bit before clearing your throat loudly. Your mom jumps and sees you in the doorway. She’s taken off guard, making excuses immediately. You tell her you saw and heard it all. She breaks down and confesses that she’s always been bisexual but your father won’t let her be with women…so, every once in a while, she puts something special in your sister’s tea and goes to down on her pussy! You can’t believe what your mom is saying. Seriously, you ask, for real? She admits it, clearly ashamed, and swears you to secrecy. You agree…on one condition. You tell her you wanna watch. She tells you no, under no circumstances but a little threat to tell Dad about her night time snacks has her sighing and telling you its just watching…

Seeing your mom lick your sister’s wet young pussy has you throbbing hard. Of course, you take your cock out and stroke while your mother gets totally distracted licking, sucking, and fingering your sister’s cunt. The more she gets into it, the more you know you can get away with more and more. You suggest fucking your sister, since she’s so wet and all. Your mom suggests that instead, you fuck her while she eats your sister. Not exactly what you want but the idea of fucking your mom while she makes your sister cum is so hot so you get behind her and watch her pussy grip your cock while she tongue-fucks the dripping wet cunt of your sis. You tease her cunt, making her wetter and hornier and more susceptible to suggestion, offering once more to fuck your sister. Mom concedes, sitting herself on your sister’s stomach with her pussy right on her mouth, holding open her cunt for you to fuck. It takes a lot of self-restraint not to nut immediately, especially when your mom says she’ll slip some Plan B into her tea tomorrow night and that you can cum inside. This is so wrong but so hot, so hot that you can’t hold back. You fill her pussy with a huge load and watch it drip out, onto your mother’s fingers and tongue, watching her fuck it back in with her fingers, slurping up her son’s cum.


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NLT Media – For My Son FULL

NLT Media – For My Son
37 pages

NLT Media – For My Son.rar


Mom’s Homemade Valentine HD

Son, I know you don’t feel very happy at all, and I’m so sorry that awful girl broke up with you the day before Valentine’s Day, but I just hate to see you moping around in your room. It’s supposed to be a happy day, and I want my boy to smile…so mom made you a special Valentine card. Don’t laugh, silly – you know mom’s not good at arts and crafts – just open it. Get it? There’s a hole in the card because I know my baby’s feeling a hole in his heart today, and mom wants to fix that hole. Mom wants to make you feel better, baby, and help heal your broken heart on Valentine’s Day. I know you planned on having sex with your girlfriend today – the little hussy – and I certainly would be, if I had someone special…maybe you and mom can help heal each other’s holes together, baby…let me show you what this special card is really for. Mommy’s going to take your shorts off and put your sweet, shy young dick through the hole…see? Now all you have to do is lie there while mom makes it feel good…mmm, just like this, baby. Let me suck your dick like your girlfriend would. It’s okay, son, don’t be shy – today is Valentine’s Day, and even though I’m your mother…we’re going to make love. You’re going to love the way your mom sucks your dick…better than any little girlfriend could. Let’s put the card over mom’s hole now, son…you like that baby? Mm-hmm, come here and finger Mommy until my hole feels better, too…that’s Mommy’s good Valentine…make love to me with your finger, baby. Now be a good son and put your cock in mom’s wet, waiting pussy…mmm, yes, just like that…show me how you would do it with your girlfriend. Make love to your mother’s pussy hole, baby, fill Mommy’s hole all the way…yes! Make love to your mother…fuck your mother…do it, baby! Make your mother come, son…make me come hard on my boy’s thrusting cock. Oh baby, nothing has ever felt as good in my pussy as you do. But don’t cum inside Mommy, please baby…it would be so wrong to get pregnant…let me get on my knees in front of my big, strong boy and suck your cock until those young balls spill all over your mother’s face. Splash Mommy’s tongue…let me taste you, son. I love you so much…Happy Valentine’s Day..from Mom.

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Sewer Pipe Throat HD

You are $hiteater and nothing more. Your life was meant to serve as toilet, gorging on soft steamy $hits until your stomach is full and fudged up. All you can think about is if your next meal will shit enough to satisfy your hunger. While most guys are thinking about sex with girls and eating out their pussies, all you want is for a girl to sit on your face and $hit right down your throat. That’s what really are anyways is just a human sewer pipe gulping down our $hit.

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I Have Raised A Little Whore – Olivia Kassidy HD

This is wrong daddy! This is weird. You shouldn’t be touching me like this. No one ever has before, and it feels so good, but you’re my father. Ok maybe just this once…

TIME: 28:57

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Daddy Is Watching HD

Daddy Is Impatient HD

Daddy Is Hard At Work HD


Alexis Rain, Angie Noir – Threesome With My Son and Daughter HD

Today, one of Angie’s sons and one of her daughters thought mom had left the house for awhile! It was time for brother and sister to get busy and suck and fuck each other! But Mom only went outside for a few minutes and when she came back she heard some strange? noises upstairs. OH WOW! They were fucking! Mom was shocked but her daughter reminded mom that she is fucking both of them and that she should not act? so surprised! Her daughter even suggested that she should join them for some quality family time! Mom loved the idea and before you can say family fun time? mom, son and daughter started a hot, sweaty threesome! Mom just loves sucking on her son’s big cock! Even hotter, her daughter finger fucked her pussy at the same time!

Angie’s pussy is dripping wet and needs a stiff cock to fuck. Her daughter does not want to be left out of the fun and shoves her pussy into mom’s face! Angie knows her son well and he is getting close to cumming. Mom wants that hot load and turns over onto her back so her son can pound her pussy while her daughter kisses her and rubs her throbbing clit! Finally, her son pumps a huge load of cum into her! Ahhhh! what a great feeling to have all that jizz filling her pussy up and dripping out! Her daughter even plays with it and rubs it all over her pussy lips! Angie’s son is excited to think that he might end up with a new brother one day! Hmmmm…Mom is excited about that too!

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