Goddess Valora – Naughty Mommy’s Grade Trade HD

You’ve been getting terrible grades in school and your mom, Valora, has tried everything to get you to do better… well, just about everything. Once thing she hasn’t tried is rewarding you with something you actually want, her. Mommy knows all about your porn search history, she knows you beat off to the thought of her hot body. She explains the rewards system based on how good your grades get. From a blowjob all the way to fucking Mommy depending on how many A’s you can bring home.
Mommy sees you getting hard and encourages you to stroke for her. She strips down to bra and panties to tease you with her body. Mommy starts stroking your cock and gets you so worked up that you cum all over her big tits. Good boy, now let’s see those grades improve.

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Summer Brooks – Discovering Her Brother HD

Summer is in her room feeling really down when her brother Rion comes in to check on her. She tells him that she had sex with her boyfriend and it was not what she expected. Now the asshole is going around telling people what a slut she is to cover up for how much he sucked. Rion tells her she is better than him, she is the hottest girl in school and everything to make her feel better, and it leads them to realize something…

Summer can’t stop thinking about how Rion made her feel. When she fucked her boyfriend the first time it was awkward and didn’t even feel good, but her brother made her cum, harder than she knew she could and now she can’t think about anything else. Finally one night after their parents go to bed she slips into Rion’s room. She can see he asleep and must be having a good dream because his cock is making a tent of the covers. She has been wanting to do something she never did before so she slips his cock in her mouth and does’t stop when he wakes up, she doesn’t stop till he blows inside her mouth. With a sweet smile, and cum dripping down her lips, Summer tells him she’s never had cum in her mouth. It is obvious she likes it, alot. And, Rion wants to show how much he appreciates it by eating her pussy until she cums, and, with his dick rock hard again, they fuck and it is amazing

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Banging My Sister’s Sweet Ass – Haley Reed HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Cory Chase in Vampire Queen HD

Scene One: Man meat

Drained of almost all life, he lay naked and helpless on a mat. His hands tied and his masculinity put in a tiny cage, he is a slave of the vampire queen. On the edge of consciousness he hears her like a dream teasing and torturing him.

Her feet in his face, her teeth at his neck. Her wet pussy sliding along his tongue as she grinds against his face. The taste of her pussy and ass linger like memories of a forgotten life. He must serve, he must be used by his mistress the vampire queen.

Scene Two: Feeding

A gag passes his lips. A unwanted cock in his mouth for his mistresses pleasure. She sucks along it, humiliating kisses. Unlike a real man the queen fucks his face, the gag driving into his mouth as she rides him. His hazy mind putting together the pieces of being used and violated by her.

She frees his pride and slides him inside of her. The feeling is amazing. She is pulsing with life, each bounce of her pussy on him he can feel himself drain into her being. The queen milks his cock with her hands and teeth making him shoot his essence into her waiting hands. In humiliation and exhilaration she makes him eat his own cum before grinding his limp cock and taunting him. His soul is lost in darkness, a plaything for a woman he hates and adores. The Vampire Queen

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Blue Eyes Blowjob #3 4K – Princess Leia HD

I love sucking your cock! You always enjoy it so much. Have you been saving up for me? I want a big mouthful this time. It feels so good to swallow when there’s a lot. Just sit back, relax, and admire my mouth sucking on your stiff cock. I’m going to take you deep into my throat and get real messy. In and out, over and over. I’m going to make you cum in my mouth so hard. Are you ready? I love sucking and swallowing you!

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First Drops For Your Mom HD

Dear, most glorious day we spent together turned out to be a point of reference for my feelings. I closed them in myself for a long time. When you said “These words.” You have no idea how much you sent my mind to the whirl of my desires and dreams. I pushed you away and said it was wrong. That this can’t happen! But I was wrong.

Now I understand what I want most of all… I want to feel your touches on my body, I want to feel your kiss on my face, on my neck. I really want to feel your clenching of my big breasts in your strong arms. This is very very bad! But let me take off my satin robe, dear. This thing is white, soft and nylon was bought a week ago. Only for you my Love!

Awww… Son, it’s so beautiful, mighty and proper, your cock is really good for me. I could not imagine how great it is! Honey, it is a great pleasure to feel your big cock inside your Mommy.

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Daddy’s Anal Level Schoolgirl HD 1080p

Unrivaled natural schoolgirl beauty UnicornDisney21 is ravished by her Teacher in an authentic School Skirt, flat black shoes, long black winter socks, a flimsy little blouse the only barrier between her tiny little pert breasts and his lustful old groping hands. A totally depraved man at best whose bent for younger flesh won’t be sated until he fells her tight anus giving way to his filthy thick old cock. Thoroughly engrossing fantasy role play, teacher sex, younger women and older men, intimately filmed in both pov and vouyer view to bring you the very best fantasy role play. All actors over the age of 21 and neither acting depicting or pretending to be anything else

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Age Play Barely Legal School Girl School Uniform Taboo

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Missbehavin26 – Bro-Sis and Dad-Daughter Taboo Vids in POV HD

Early Teen Gives Virginity to Brother HD

Could start off you walking into your brothers room while he is in bed. You’re wearing a short skirt and a thong. You quietly pull the covers off him and pull his pants down exposing his cock. You then quietly climb onto his bed, pull your skirt up and pull your panties to the side, sliding down on his cock slowly. You only get to ride him about 4 or 5 times before he wakes up asking wtf you’re doing. You say ‘shhhhhh just let me fuck you please.’ He tells you to get off but you beg him ‘please just fuck my pussy brother.’ You get about 3 more rides in before you kicks you off. You explain to him you’re horny and tired of masturbating. He tells you to get out now! So you say ‘Look, how about I give you a bj and if you don’t like it then I’ll leave.’ As he is trying to tell you no you start sucking him which shuts him up. After a while you strip and climb back on top and start riding him again. ‘Omg your dick feels good in my little pussy. Omg this little pussy’s going to cum on your dick bro.’ Then you turn around and ride him so he can see your ass “just look at my little ass while you fuck my pussy.’ Then at the end you hear your parents get home and beg him to cum inside of you. ‘Please bro just cum in me. Cum in your sisters pussy.

Dad Teaches Teen a Lesson for Fucking Bro HD

As a play of the last video, you get home from school one day and your dad is the only one home. You walk into the living room where he is watching tv. He asks you how your day was. After you tell him he turns the tv off and tells you to sit down. He then goes on to tell you how he knows what you and your brother did the other day when he and your mom left. You’re embarrassed and tell him it was a one time thing but he isn’t having any of it. He’s disappointed at you for acting like a slut and he’s going to punish you for it. He tells you he’s going to show you how a real man fucks so that you won’t want to have sex ever again! He makes you give him a handjob as you tell him how uncomfortable you are. ‘Dad, this is so weird.’ Then he has you suck his dick as you protest for him to stop. ‘Please don’t make me do this. I’m sorry!’ After that he makes you strip and show off your body and then eventually makes you fuck him. ‘Please dad, you can’t fuck your daughter. Don’t make me do this.’ He’s not having any of it and eventually creampies you and just like your brother fucks his cum into you.

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Molly Jane in Long Lost Slutty Daughter HD

Scene One: The reunion

Molly is excited. She was finally able to track down her real father. The moment he opens the door she can’t contain herself. “Daddy” she squeals in delight. “Who are you” he responds. “Remember Kim from high school? She’s my mom and you’re my dad.” Molly tells him. “That’s impossible” his heart races. It all makes sense. Kim breaking up with him and leaving school… She gives him a big kiss before they go to the couch to talk.

She’s a ball of energy. So happy to finally meet her dad. “You look just like you did in the pictures” Molly giggles. Rubbing her dad’s leg, she needs to make him like her. She just wants her dad to be a part of her life. She does the only thing she can think of and takes off her shirt. “I’m married you know” He tells her “I guess that would be your mom”

“I don’t care”. It took so much courage and a few pills to get to this point. She will have a dad in her life no matter what. She reaches up and grabs his cock. “Whoa” he tells her as she strips off her pants. “Isn’t this what good girls do?” she asks. “My wife might come home at any time” he tries to tell her but she puts his cock in her mouth anyway.

Is this a dream? What the hell is happening, he thinks as he puts Molly on the couch and licks her sweet tight pussy. She moans at her dad licking her. This is what men like, she thinks and she bends over for him to fuck her. His hard cock drives deep inside her making her cry out. Molly gets to the edge of cumming and he stops thrusting. “I think I just heard my wife. Quick get dressed” What the fuck she thinks…. Molly wants her dad all to herself……

Scene Two: I cannot sleep daddy

One thing she didn’t explain.. Molly’s mom’s in jail. She needs to stay with him. And after fucking her he can’t say no.

A few months pass and Cory and her husband are just getting used to the idea of having a daughter in the house. Late at night, dressed in her PJ’s Molly jumps into bed with them. “There is thunder and lighting and it’s scary” She tells them. “You’re 20 years old and you’re afraid of lightning?” They groan. She snuggles in next to her daddy and closes her eyes.

She gets closer to him, giggling softly as she touches him. Quiet as a mouse she takes off her PJ’s and lets her dad push inside her. She looks at him with love as they fuck right next to his wife. She keeps herself from moaning as she fucks him until he cums inside her. He leaves her naked and filled with cum on the bed so his wife doesn’t catch him.

Scene Three: Don’t tell daddy

Cory wakes up in the night and asks “Where’s your father and why are you naked” groggy from sleep. “He said he had to clean up after having sex with me” Molly responds. What the fuck did I just hear Cory asks herself. “You’re hot too” Molly tells her and slides her hands over Cory’s body. “Am I dreaming” Cory asks in disbelief.

Molly touches her mom and they begin to make out, Molly rubbing Cory’s pussy. The last of their clothes get pulled off and Cory licks Molly’s sweet pussy. With Cory’s mouth around her nipple she knows she has Cory right where she want’s her. “Remember, Don’t tell daddy” she giggles.

Scene Four: Out of control

Molly comes home wasted. “Daddy” she calls out. “What are you doing!” He yells at her coming to the house so late and wasted. “Come on daddy” she giggles and reaches out to touch his cock. “No” he yells at her and pulls her over his knee. “This is what you need” he tells her and spanks her ass. “Ow” she yells at his hard whacks.

His fingers reach inside her and make her moan after her screams. “Oh yeah” she says. Taking off her dress he pushes her to the floor and fucks her mouth with his cock. If she’s going to be coming home like that she’s going to have to pay for it. He fucks her around the room. Her ass red and her body shaking. Molly moans and her dad pumps her full of cum. “Now go to your room” he yells at her.

Scene Five: The first time

“We need to talk” Her dad tells her. Molly walks into the room naked “What… I said I was busy”. He tells her that she can’t keep going around the house naked and that they can’t keep having sex. “That’s not fair” She tells him. He explains that it’s not right for a father to fuck his daughter. “Just one more time then?”

Looking at her tight naked body he agrees. Just one more time. He rubs her pussy and she sits back in pleasure. She lets her dad fuck her and then gets on top, riding him like it was her first time. She rubs herself as she fucks him and has a huge orgasm from his pounding cock. Molly wants his cum and gets to the floor, sucking him. He cums in her sweet mouth and Molly drinks it all down like a good girl.

Molly doesn’t care what he says. She’s going to keep fucking her daddy forever.

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