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Hey I’m Aimee!
Here you’ll find a mixture of my fantasies, your fantasies and all my 100% real life nudity & masturbation too! I also love making custom videos :)

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Sydney Paige – The Secret Lesson HD 1080p

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You’re not fucking my daughter right. And I’m tired of hearing her complain about it.. She loves you and you seem like an all around pretty good guy. You need some help, and my daughter is too shy to do this herself. So we’re going to fix this right now while she’s at school…

Sex Acts: blowjob, doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, cumshot, facial, cum in mouth


Texas Patti – Thirsty MILF Texas Sneaks Away On Holiday 4k

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On a weekend encounter with his uptight girlfriend’s parents, a young man sneaks in a quickie with her stepmother.


Ashley Alexander & Madison Blaze – Rough Love HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Peter and his girlfriend Ashley book a trip together and they invite Madison, Peter’s mom, to come over. It’s their first holiday together and Ashley wants everything to go perfectly with her man and her future mother-in-law, but something unsettles her: Peter is too horny around her and eats her pussy while his mom is right in the other room. Worried about this, Ashley interrupts Peter, who storms off confused. Madison sees the whole situation, so she comes to discuss it with Ashley. The milf believes her boy is so horny because he’s been getting ideas from her “strange side job.” Trying to help Ashley fit in the family, Madison explains to her that getting kinky will improve the girl’s relationship with Peter…

To prove her point, the blonde milf starts playing with his son’s girlfriend’s pussy, making her discover a new world of pleasure. Ashley feels awkward about it but is also deeply aroused by her soon-to-be mother-in-law’s gentle touch. Up next, Madison goes to Peter’s room to suck his cock–the only way to make Ashley understand how things work in this family. Later on, Ashley tries to get kinky with her boyfriend, but she just can’t get it right. Madison jumps in to save the day once more, dressed as a dominatrix and eager to go nasty. Ashley and Madison join forces to devour Peter’s cock and go for a ride on it, getting Peter’s approval in the form of sweet cum for the gals to savor together.


Freya Parker & Penny Barber – Stepmom’s Silver Tongue HD [Untouched 1080p]

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A teen, Tyler Cruise, has recently begun dating a girl, Freya Parker, and Freya has mentioned that she likes dirty talk. But Tyler is TERRIBLE at dirty talk, and goes to his stepmom, Penny Barber, for tips. That’s when Penny hatches a WILD plan: Tyler will secretly wear an earpiece next time he and Freya have a date. Penny will hide nearby, watching and feeding Tyler dirty talk lines through the earpiece. With her help, Tyler will be able to give Freya all the juicy dirty talk she could ever want…

When they enact their plan the next day, everything goes smoothly at first, with Freya really getting into it. But eventually, Tyler flubs one of Penny’s lines, comically saying that he wants to KICK Freya’s tits instead of LICK.

Caught red-handed, Penny comes out of hiding and they explain their plan to Freya. But, much to the surprise of Tyler and Penny, Freya isn’t mad. In fact, she’s so turned on by Penny’s silver tongue that she invites her to put that tongue to good use in a threesome!


Dont Watch Porn With Your Friends Mom Family Anal Therapy HD 1080p

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MILF1606 Rachel Steele – Secrets of Son-in-Law HD 1080p

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Rachel considered her grown-up daughter Donna to be a total bitch. The young woman was very rude to her and never took any advice she had to offer. She also did not like Rachel having contact with her husband Ron. This was because she knew her mother had slyly rested with a number of her past boyfriends. Sexy, smart, and horny – nothing could stop Rachel from seducing a man once she had set her sights on him. For a long time, she had been wanting to add Ron to her list of conquests. But Donna had successfully kept him out of her reach. Then, one day, Rachel got an angry phone call from Donna. She and Ron had been in an argument. He had stormed out of the house and did not say where he was going. Donna wanted to know if Rachel had seen him. Rachel told her she hadn’t. When she tried to make some helpful suggestions to Donna, she was shouted down. Then Donna hung up on her. Bitch! Rachel could not help saying afterward. Her daughter’s bad attitude had really riled her. A short while later, Ron called in. He was very upset and needed someone to talk to. Rachel gave him a nice big hug to make him feel better, then invited him to sit down and tell her what was wrong. Presently, Ron revealed that Donna was making his life a nightmare because she wanted a baby but was struggling to get pregnant. She blamed Ron for it, and never gave him a moment of peace. He had had many arguments with her about it in the past. But this last one was particularly bad. It left him needing some time away from Donna. Rachel heard her son-in-law’s tale with sympathy. That he and Donna were trying for a baby was news to her. She found it very interesting, but she did not press Ron about it for the time being. Instead, she convinced him that he should stay in her guest room for the night. Donna was sure to be in a terrible mood for a while yet. It would be best for Ron to keep out of her way. To allay her suspicions or concerns, he merely had to phone her up and say he was staying at a friend’s. Before he went to bed, Rachel gave him another hug. Mother knows best! She told him as she deliberately crushed her shapely body against his. The next morning, dressed in a sexy silk night and robe, she came into the kitchen where Ron was having a cup of coffee. He was feeling better after his night away from Donna, and was thinking of going back home. However, Rachel suggested her stay with her until late in the afternoon, on the grounds that Donna was probably still angry. She knew her daughter’s moods even better than Ron did. They could go on for days. Furthermore, Rachel wanted Ron’s help to fix some things around the house. Her husband, Frank, was away on business, and would not be back for a week. As she told him this, she drew close to Ron, brushing her finger coyly over his chest and giving him a good eye-line view of her bountiful cleavage. Ron was quickly persuaded. Later, alone in her bathroom, Rachel speculated aloud about the situation. She revealed that her sole purpose for getting Ron to stay over was to provide herself with an ideal opportunity to seduce him. She gave a low, wicked laugh as she thought of getting him to cheat on his wife – her jealous, bitchy daughter. Then she remembered Donna’s struggles to conceive. What better way to outdo her than to have Ron’s baby herself? Rachel wondered. It would show Donna up and make her feel inadequate in comparison with her fertile, womanly mother. The idea delighted Rachel so much that she immediately decided to make it happen. Taking a condom out of a drawer, she stabbed it several times with a needle. Not long after, she was in her bedroom, all set to seduce Ron. She felt no guilt about what she would be doing. Her opinion of Donna was already at rock bottom. As for her husband, she actually enjoyed cheating on him. It was his punishment for being such a bore. In any case, Rachel was now determined to get pregnant by Ron. She was not doing it solely to spite Donna. She happened to want a new addition to the family. If her daughter could not provide her with a grandchild, she would simply have to do it herself. And so, still, in her revealing nightie and robe, Rachel called Ron into her room to look at a broken ceiling fan. As he reached up to it, she hugged him tight from behind and ran her hands sensually down his front. Ron looked confused and nervous. The next thing he knew, Rachel had pushed him back onto her bed. Getting on top of him, straddling his hips, she kept him from being able to move. It was clear to Ron what she had in mind. He protested weakly – citing the fact he was married to her daughter, and that Rachel had a husband. Rachel’s contemptuous response showed that she could not care less about deceiving either of one of them. All she wanted (she said) was to treat Ron to some wonderful pressure-free sex as a reward for being such a great son-in-law. Already impatient to get started, she shrugged off her robe and pulled the condom out of her cleavage. Protection must be used, she told him with a straight face. How disastrous it would be if he got her pregnant! In next to no time, Rachel had gotten Ron to overcome all his inhibitions. She talked to him a lot – cajoling him into admitting that he had long fantasized about her, teasing him about how naughty he was for feeling that way about his mother-in-law. What followed was an extravaganza of foreplay and fucking. It started with Rachel massaging Ron’s cock into hardness beneath his shorts. Then off came Rachel’s nightie and bra. All she wore then was her stockings and suspenders. Ron buried his face in her big breasts and kissed them all over. Hungrily, he sucked on their long, hard nipples. After this, Rachel stretched out onto her back and spread her silken legs so that Ron could lavish her horny pussy with attention. First, he rubbed it through the panties. Then he pulled them off and gave Rachel an epic pleasure. One and two-handed, he fingered inside of her and around her clit before pressing his mouth hard against her snatch and making her moan from the lapping and probing of his tongue. Later, Rachel repaid this favor by giving Ron an incredibly sensual blowjob and handjob. From there she graduated into the 69 positions so that she got a pussy pleasing out of her horned-upc son-in-law even while she savored a huge mouthful of his young hard cock. Sitting upright for a second, she smothered Ron’s face with her ass. Ron did not mind at all. In fact, he greedily licked at her crack. When this was over, Rachel sucked Ron’s cock to maximum hardness and slid the condom over it. She then laid back and parted her long stockinged legs as wide as they would go. Ron eagerly lined his cock at the opening of her naked pussy, then thrust in hard. In the passionate bed shaking missionary style fuck that followed, Rachel urged Ron to go as deep as he could. His cock was buried to the balls in her pussy when he blew his load. Rachel grinned as she felt some of it seep through the broken condom and into her womb. Afterwards, she sucked the used condom off of his spent cock, poured its remaining contents into her mouth, and swallowed. But that was not the end of action by any means. Rachel was determined to get another cum dose out of Ron so as to stand a better chance of being impregnated by him. After a brief rest, she sucked him off once again, then slid another sabotaged condom over his hardened cock. This time she rode him cowgirl style. As she bounced herself up and down, Ron reached up and played with her breasts. Rachel urged him on – begging him to again fuck her as deep as he could, encouraging him to imagine that he was getting his wife pregnant. Finally, Ron let rip with his second load. This one was even heavier than the first! Feeling how much of it was free inside of her, Rachel believed there was now a strong chance Ron had impregnated her. When she climbed off of him, she pretended to discover the break in the condom. Ron was horrified. He held his head in his hands, telling himself that the situation was not real. Meanwhile, Rachel lay down next to him, smiling. She had been spectacularly successful in her scheme, Not only had she seduced yet another man and enjoyed an afternoon of great fucking, but she had also given herself an excellent chance of being pregnant – thereby getting one over on Donna. Three and a half months later, sporting a swollen belly, Rachel spoke on the phone with her daughter once again. She was merciless in telling her the whole brutal truth of all that had happened. Ron was the father of her baby – she declared mockingly. He had given her what Donna could not: a grandchild. There was no sense in her kicking up a fuss about it. Rachel’s husband believed himself to be the father. If Donna claimed otherwise, he would think she was making up malicious lies. Then he would disinherit her. So, if Donna had any sense, she would shut up and back off Ron. If he wanted to come to any fuck Rachel, Donna had better allow it – or else. If she had been a real woman instead of a useless bitch, he would never have cheated on her in the first place. Ouch.


Are You Ready To Be A Daddy – Missbehavin26 HD 1080p

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The plot would be that you are my girlfriend Laura’s mother. You have noticed when Laura came back from college that I got her
pregnant, it’s changing her body and you are jealous and want it too, but you don’t want to split me and your daughter up, but you still want to have family with me as you are still fertile even at your age. Seeing her pregnant has made you prego-crazy. You have been single for a long time and miss having fam so you want me to give you some. You know it’s not right but you don’t care, you want it so bad. You’ve caught me staring at your belly and butt many times. You wait until your daughter leaves for the store and sneak into my bedroom and seduce, undress and then get on me.

For the setting a bed or floor or couch any surface where you are comfortable riding a dildo is fine. For clothing maybe start in everyday clothes and strip them off before the hardcore parts.

For the main riding part of the video eventually you should be totally naked. Please be sure the camera has a good view of your whole body but is not too far away but also not so close that I cannot see your whole body, especially your face, breasts, belly, vagina and legs. View angle should be you kneeling straight up and down, not tilted too far back or too far forward, trying to achieve as close to POV viewing angle as possible but still see all of you with nothing cut out.
Make sure the camera doesn’t cut out your pretty face or your hot legs and belly. Possibly use a tripod if you have one.


Lil Strip Tease n Suck HD


Essie Got Back Receives That Happy Ending Massage From Her Boyfriend’s Horny Son HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Jimmy is a studying masseur and is tired of practicing with all his male friends. Essie, his dad’s girlfriend, is willing to lend a helping body for him to get more hours of training. Essie has such a smoking hot bod that he can’t help but get a raging hard-on. Essie is flattered and wants that hard cock to massage her wet pussy.


My Moms Boyfriend Rough Fucks Us in A Threesome With Cum in Mouth HD 1080p

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