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Maxim Law & Darcie Belle – A Badmilfs Bedtime Bacchanalia HD [Untouched 1080p]

Darcie Belle was excited that her mom Maxim Law was coming to visit for the weekend, so she enlisted her boyfriend to help her clean the house. Before they could even get one room done, Maxim was already at the door ready to unpack. They took her to the bedroom to get started, and before long Maxim caught Darcies boyfriend sniffing her panties. Instead of saying something, she politely flashed her tits letting him know that they both might be after the same exact thing. The next morning at breakfast the boyfriend left the table claiming to be going to get sugar for his coffee, when in reality he was going to get Maxims mouth on his hard dick. He got away with a quick BJ before darcie could even notice. Later that night Darcie and her boyfriend were cuddling in bed until Maxim came a knocking. She joined them in bed tits out and all, and before long Maxim had her hands all over Darcies boyfriends cock. It turns out that she knew what was going on, but she just wanted to be involved. Before long this freaky family threesome was underway. Darcie learned some cocksucking tips from Maxim, Maxim learned how to really please the boyfriends cock, and the boyfriend was nothing less than enthralled about fucking two hot blonde bitches that happen to be related through marriage. Dreams do come true!

Maxim gives a sneaky deepthroat blowjob, then later, the BF fucks her in sideways positions, next to her daughter. Darcie wakes up and a threesome takes place in the bed. The girls suck a cock together and take turns getting fucked in reverse cowgirl & cowgirl, with blowjob and masturbation in between positions. Scene ends with a shared facial.

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Bad Seeds – Allesandra Snow HD

The smokin’ hot, ultra conservative Allesandra has a secret that only her daughter’s boyfriend, Xander, knows about… Happy April 20th!

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Side Rider
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Couples Fantasies
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Pussy Fingering
Pussy Licking
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Step Mom Teachers Her Daughter How To Suck A Dick – Madelyn Monroe and Nikki Benz HD

Madelyn Monroe plays the daughter who waits for her step mom Nikki Benz to step out to do groceries to sneak in her boyfriend for a quick fuck. But what Madelyn gets is a whole lot of trouble when her step mom finds her on the couch sucking dick. Luckily Madelyn’s boyfriend has a big dick and that soon tantalizes Nikki to show Madelyn how to do a proper deep throat. Now Step mother and daughter team up to take dick together and get fucked before DAD/Husband gets home and finds them both doing something naughty.

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Devon Lee & Taylor Wane – Mommy Sandwich HD

Devon and Taylor are long time friends. Both have daughters around the same age who have recently started dating. Unfortunately, they soon realize that their daughters are dating the same guy, Rocco, and when he comes over to pickup Taylor’s daughter, both mothers try to convince Rocco to stay with their respective daughter. This leads to a fight that turns sexual, and Rocco soon finds out what it’s like to be sandwiched by two sexy moms.

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Wet And Ready – Blake Morgan, Sami StClair HD [Untouched 1080p]

The ever-so-sexy Sami St. Clair woke up in bed with her boyfriend Tyler Steel still horny as fuck from their late night of banging all night. Sami and Tyler start hooking up, only when Tyler’s new stepmom Blake Morgan suddenly enters the room! Tyler covers himself and his college girlfriend up as Blake asks if they want some breakfast. Ms. Morgan gets Tyler to run out to the store, which gives her time to be alone with Sami! While Sami enters the shower, Blake can’t help but want to sneak in and get a peek at what her new stepson has been tapping! So when Sami catches Blake watching her masturbate in the shower, this tempting teen gets turned on by the fact that a slutty MILF like Blake Morgan is eager to get at her beaver! But when Tyler returns, will his new stepmom be willing to share his girlfriend’s dripping wet pussy with him? Looks like what Blake was really hungry for was some hot sex with two teens who could use her experience!

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Bad News Boyfriend – Ryder Skye HD [Untouched 1080p]

Ryder doesn’t like her daughter’s new boyfriend Xander but she’s not quite sure why until she catches him stealing money from her purse. Ryder’s daughter ignores her warning, which causes Ryder to seek out some alternative fool-proof methods of proving that Xander is a bad news boyfriend. After a couple near-misses, Ryder is finally able to show her daughter what a jerk Xander is when he’s balls deep in her sweet MILF pussy. You gotta do what you gotta do to help those you love, right? It’s hardly Ryder’s fault that she gets a sweet dicking while getting some sweet revenge.

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Blair Williams, Cory Chase – Dirty Little Step Mommy HD [Untouched 1080p]

There’s a confident knock at the door, and Cory moves to answer it, her silk robe revealing her curvy body. She ushers Blair quickly inside, making sure Jmac isn’t following behind. As soon as the door shuts, Cory presses Blair against the wall and begins exploring her body with her hands. She forcefully kisses Blair and slips her fingers into her already-wet pussy. In her college uniform, Blair looks like the perfect teen target aching for Cory to use her body. The older women slowly slides off the young girl’s panties, pressing her face in-between her supple cheeks as she flicks her tongue along her ass and slit. But, Cory doesn’t want to be the only one putting in work… She leads Blair to the couch for easier access. The teen quickly gets to work burying her face in the delicious MILF pussy, sliding her tongue up and down, sucking on Cory’s clit as she moans in pleasure. But even the most secretive of pairings get caught eventually – and oblivious boyfriend Jmac walks in to find his girlfriend and step-mother writhing passionately together on the couch! Well, one way to keep loose tongues quiet is to give them something else to do… So the seductive Blair and Cory entice Jmac into joining in… But can his stamina and passion match the dirty aggression of these two ladies? Few are up the task! Let’s see, shall we?

Scene starts with some girl-girl kissing, cunnilingus & 69. Jmac joins in and they suck his cock. They take turns getting fucked in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy & missionary. Also includes pussy-to-mouth blowjobs, girl-girl rimming & face sitting. Scene ends with shared facial and cum swapping

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Son and Father Fuck Father’s Fiance HD

The young Elber is resentful of her father because he fucked his 18 years old Janeth right in fornt of him. It was an awful and traumatic moment for tje young man; he broke up with Janeth and lost all confidence and respect for his father in spite he asked for forgiveness. Time passed and now the old man is in love with Silvia. They are planning to live together and in a near future get married. He takes care to his place to meet her future son in law. She’s charmed by the kind, educated boy who gives her compliments and attention. But she doesn’t know that he’s just playing a role in order to win her confidence and to develop a plan to take revenge upon his depraved father

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Dani Jensen & Joseline Kelly – Family Threesome HD [Untouched 1080p]

Dani Jensen can’t take how unkempt and nerdy her son Jack Escobar is. When he walks in on her as she’s changing, Dani decides to take matters into her own hands and help give him a makeover. The redhead milf finds herself turned on as she fusses with her son. Puling his hands up, she presses them to her tits so he can see how a woman feels. Then she drops to her knees and takes Jack’s hardon in hand as she strokes and sucks him off. Relocating to the bed, Dani lifts one thigh over Jack’s shoulder as he pounds her creamy pussy in missionary until he fills her hairy twat with a creampie.

Later, Jack shows off his new good looks and confidence to his adopted sister Joseline Kelly. Joseline is properly impressed, and with a little bit of coaxing she soon finds herself with her soft lips around her brother’s hardon. When Dani walks in on her kids engaged in a deep throat BJ, she’s more insulted that Joseline isn’t sucking cock correctly than anything else. Dropping to her knees, she demonstrates exactly how a stiffie is supposed to be sucked before urging Joseline to join in on the fun.

Dani’s sex lessons continue as she gets Joseline out of her clothes and on her knees for Jack to fuck from behind in doggy style. She teaches her adopted daughter how to eat pussy at the same time, filling the room with her moans as Joseline proves to be a natural. When Dani impales herself on Jack’s dick to ride him in cowgirl, Joseline relays the pussy feasting lesson to her adopted brother by sitting on his face. Joseline and Dani take turns riding Jack in reverse cowgirl until they are both satisfied, at which point Dani strokes Jack off until he jizzes all over Joseline’s hairy twat.

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India Summer – No Boys Allowed HD [Untouched 1080p]

Wanting to show her daughter that her ‘new’ college boyfriend is just a passing fade, India starts seducing the young man and he quickly turns his attention from the daughter to the mother for a wicked session between the sheets. Mother was right, but now she wants to keep him for her own personal boy-toy, leaving her poor daughter out in the cold–sexually speaking

They make out in bed where India gives Ricky a blowjob. She rides him in reverse cowgirl followed by more fucking in sideways, doggy style, cowgirl & missionary. Also includes a couple of blowjobs between positions and some cunnilingus. Scene ends with a cumshot on her stomach.

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