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Shay Foxx – My Mother Goes Black HD

Shay Fox’s daughter, Haley Cummings, has destroyed the heart of one Moe “The Monster” Johnson. It appears as if Moe was extremely close to popping the question to Haley, but she had other ideas and her mom, Shay Fox, is the shoulder Moe is leaning on. Moe’s shattered soul is soothed and comforted by the woman who was to be his mother-in-law… she’s just using this new opportunity to step in where her daughter stepped out. Moe’s depression turns into eagerness to get his big black dick sucked by a very hungry cougar. Shay works the same cock that Haley used to satisfy, but now it belongs to a mature woman that knows what she wants. Moe’s huge black cock gets to fuck the same hole that Haley came out of 18+ years earlier. The deviant MILF gets her pussy rocked by the same guy that her daughter brought home to meet a while back. However, Shay’s not passing the chance to show Moe that cougars appreciate the black man just as much as their daughters.

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Dolly Leigh and Allura Jensen – My Step Daughter’s Boyfriend HD

Dolly Leigh partied too hard and her boyfriend had to carry her home. Dolly’s stepmom, Alura Jenson notices what a nice young man her step daughter’s boyfriend is and suggestively tells him that he should be thanked for being so considerate. They converse, but stepmom was already fixing to to her knees and suck her step daughter’s boyfriend off. While stepdaughter is passed out on the bed, stepmom and her daughter’s boyfriend play. There is no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to sucking younger cock. This begins a series of sucking, fucking, and handjobs over the next few days. All of it happens behind her daughter’s back. This younger man can’t help it. Afterall, stepmom has giant tits and is just so dirty. Then one day in the kitchen, stepmom is on her knees with her giant jugs hanging out and sucking her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock when her step daughter walks in. Dolly is not happy her mom and boyfriend are fucking behind her back. Her stepmom gives her great advice saying to quit acting like your mother and come here. Stepmom makes Dolly join in the action right on top of the granite breakfast bar. Both of them get drilled all over the kitchen while sharing the lucky boyfriend’s cock. Finally, you see Dolly actually getting out of the hot prude girl act and into hot slut mode. She is a sight to behold while getting fucked with her stepmom. This culminates with both of them sucking him off and splitting his cumshot. Both of them are wiping jizz off their faces and chins and licking it off their fingers. The boyfriend hopes this will be a regular thing going forward, and so do we!

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Alexis Fawx, Khloe Kapri – Afternoon Special HD

Khloe came home early from school with her boyfriend and walked in on her mom, Alexis, half-naked ironing in the living room. It was obvious she was making a play for her boyfriend so Khloe rushed him into her room to keep him away from her. Khloe started sucking his dick in her room and Alexis eavesdropped. What she heard turned her on so much, she started rubbing herself while listening in. Alexis quietly opened the door and looked on while Khloe was getting nailed. Her boyfriend was so enthralled by seeing her mom watch them fuck that he became mesmerized and she caught wind of it. Needless to say she was pissed! She kicked him out of the room but Alexis just dragged him to the shower to fuck him out of spite and sheer horniness. Khloe interrupted them because she was fed up with her mom putting the moves on her boyfriends so she was ready to fight for what was rightfully hers. They both fucked him and tried to outdo each other until they finally even started pleasuring each other.

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Kendall Woods, Osa Lovely ~ Fucking Two Pussies With One Bone HD

Jordi has his girlfriend, Kendall Woods, over. They’re hoping tonight’s the night that they will finally take each other’s virginity. The only problem for Kendall is that Jordi’s dad’s fiance (Osa Lovely) keeps interrupting them just as they’re about to do the deed. Ms. Lovely tries to seduce Jordi but he’s too focused on returning to his girlfriend that he doesn’t see how horny his soon-to-be stepmother is! Will Osa be able to teach these horny teens all about how to fuck properly?

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My Secret Folder – Tina Blade, Tina Kay HD

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Sophie’s Mom HD

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bite you. I just want to have a little talk, since you’re my daughter’s new boyfriend. You know…my Sophie has had lots of boyfriends – did she tell you that? Did she tell you that you are nowhere near her ‘first’? You seem like a nice boy, so I’m just going to be honest with you.. My daughter is a slut. I don’t know where she gets it…why don’t you come and sit a little closer? Let’s get to know each other better. See, isn’t this nice? And you’re such a handsome young man…what are your intentions with my daughter? You know that there’s no chance of a real relationship with Sophie..don’t you? I mean, she’s just a stupid young woman. You look like someone who’d rather have a real woman, not a girl. I’ll just bet that you have a nice, long…mm-hmm…just as I suspected…

What? You’re in love with my daughter? Don’t want me to touch you like that? Well I’ve got news for you, baby…if you’re so in love with my daughter, your cock doesn’t know it, because it’s hard as a rock right now. know she’s not home right now…why don’t we play around a little? Let me show you what you’re missing by fucking my daughter instead of me. Pull out that hard young cock – let me see you jerk off while I show you Sophie’s mom’s pussy. That’s right, jerk your cock while I finger my wet pussy…tell me I’m hotter than her. Tell me I’m sexier than Sophie. Tell me you’d rather fuck me than my daughter.

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Alexis Deen And Jasmine Coxx – Blowjob Lesson By Mrs Coxx 720P

When teen Alexis Deen told her mother that her boyfriend wants her to suck his cock, she didn’t expect what was coming next. Mrs Jasmine Coxx is surprisingly OK with that and wishes to show her little girl how to give a nice blowjob. The sexy milf grabs that monster-sized dick and starts sucking it until her daughter asks to join the fun. The two ladies tag-team that lucky dude and give him a double blowjob he will never forget.

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Meet the Nudists – Cherie Deville, Steven St. Croix HD

Introducing your hot girlfriend to your nudist’s parents can be a terrifyingly embarrassing experience, but Tomi Taylor couldn’t be more comfortable! She’ll do anything to fit into the family, and when MILF Cherie Deville suggests she prove herself by screwing her husband, she was eager to please. Eventually things go from nude to threesome let’s just say she passed the test!

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Blowjob (Double)
Deep Throat
Face Fuck
Oral Train
Pussy Fingering
Pussy Licking
Ass Worship
Big Tits Worship
Couples Fantasies
Doggystyle (Standing)
Fuck ‘N Lick
Facial (Multiple)
Multiple Cum Cleanup

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What Were You Doing – Alexis Fawx, Karter Foxx HD

Karter Foxx is hanging out on the couch with her boyfriend Tyler Nixon and his mom Alexis Fawx. Tyler keeps trying to grab Karter’s tits, but Alexis always seems to be watching. Eventually the two young lovers move to the kitchen, where Karter soon finds herself on her knees sucking Tyler off. Alexis wanders into the kitchen eventually and discovers the couple’s naughty secret.

Alexis tries to talk to the couple, but soon she realizes that she could teach them a thing or two. It’s not long before she’s instructing Karter on the proper way to give Tyler a blowjob. She rewards Karter for a job well done by feasting on the younger girl’s greedy pussy, which kicks off a threesome this trio will never forget.

After giving Karter all the tips she can for how to suck and fuck like a champ, Alexis can only demonstrate new positions for her two young disciples. She guides Tyler into giving them all the orgasms they can handle. Once he has finally satisfied his lusty ladies, they work their tongues and mouths to bring him off all over Karter’s face so that she can snowball her boyfriend’s cum with his mother.

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Mia Khalifa’s 2 HOTTEST Taboo HD Videos!

Julianna Vega, Mia Khalifa – Mia Khalifa is Cumming For Dinner HD

Seems like this household takes their religion serious! The daughter shows up at the house with her new bf. The mom does not approve of it and neither will the dad. The mom brings Sean in to ask him some question, but the whole time they were at the dining room table, it seemed like she wants the bf for herself. Drops a spoon and goes under the table to suck his dick. Wow! The daughter catches her in the act and next thing you know, there’s a big threesome going on. Sean fucks the mom good. The gf couldn’t beleive what was going on but she was enjoying herself too much. there was no time to be angry anymore. Now that’s what I call a mom I would love to fuck

Mia Khalifa’s First Monster Cock Threesome HD

Hope you’re ready for this one. Mia Khalifa is about to get her pussy destroyed by Charlie Mac and Rico Strong. That’s about 2 ft of big black cock rammed deep inside her fat pussy. Mia Khalifa is curious, she’s horny and ready to pop that threesome cherry. With Monster Cocks! You don’t want to miss this update. Enjoy.

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