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Una Alexandar – 9 HOT Amateur Taboo Squiting and Rimmjob Vids

Bro and Sis Rimmjob And Cum Handsfree

We are Alexandar and Una,brother and sister in love….we do that custom vid and realise our favoure play in bed…its a rimjob. But not only that….You can feel our passionality in this video,when we kiss each other,when Una kiss my lips,my nipples and kiss my cock….And I give to her pleasure too,kissing her breast and her little hairry pussy….and then she give to me what I like the most. A RIMMJOB! Strong and deep rimjob….she fuck my asshole deep with her long tongue…and worship my ass too….then we fucking in amazon position hard….and at the end she sit behind me and give me a handjob,but in the moment she feel her brothers seed run fast through my hard cock,she leave it and I cum a lot hands free….then she put sperm on my ass and lick it….we are finish video by she take my cock strong while I piss in a glass bowl….

Asshole Fetish Handjobs Kink Rimming Taboo

Brother Anal Fuck Sister Prostitute

I catch my sister speak on mobile with some guy and show to him her pussy and asshole on camera….OMG,but she is married!!!! I find out my sister is prostitute!!!! Ok,then,it will be our little secret but it have a price! I wanna my sister show me her asshole at first….then I wanna more…to touch her asshole,masturbate near her….and then I want to fuck her in her beautifull pinky asshole….She give to me her hole to fuck,and give to her anal creampie….only to dont tell her husband she is prostitute…..mmmmmm…..

Brother Spying Sister In The Bathroom

I think about my sister from my childhood….my thoughts about her is very speciall….for somebody strange….for others weird….but for me it’s something the most beautifull….Yes,you know exactly what I am talking about. I have fantasy to fuck my own sister! To put my big dick inside her hairy pussy and cum inside….I know that the most people think it’s a taboo and forbidden love,but for me….is there anything nice like that when your own sister take your dick and put it in her mouth….and suck it? Is there anything nice like your sister spread her legs and show you her hairry pussy? I don’t think so….for me this kind of “forbidden” love is something the most beautifull experience…but unfortunatly I don’t have sex till today with my sis. I want it so fucking much….sometimes I take her dirty panties and touch a small part of it exactly where her pussy was,with my dick….oh,what’a feeling! I cum for a few seconds. And sometimes I smell her tights and put it on me….I like so much smell of her pussy….and I am so happy when I find a hair on her panties or tights…. Today my sister and me stay alone at home. My balls are full of sperm and I feel I must cum. I hear that she go in a bathroom just before a few seconds and close the door….I can’t wait any more! My balls gonna exploded! I gonna open the door of the bath slowly and jerk my dick behind my sister’s back. I can’t wait any more really! What will happen if she catch me how I spying her in a bath

Fetish Taboo Voyeur Wet Look Kink

Cum On My Sisters Socks

Butt Plug Cumshots Socks Squirting Kink

Daddy’s Little Unicorn

Daddy’s little girl dress like unicorn and play with three dildos…she suck it,fuck with it,ride,fucking in doggy style….and at the end she was sprinkled with a sperm

Daddys Girl Dildo Fucking Dildo Sucking Sissy Sluts Kink

Fuck My Horny Mom POV

POV sex with my sexy mom….sucking cock,hard fucking her mature hairy pussy and her huge squirting all over youre cock and face

Pee POV Squirt Squirting Kink

JOI Custom With My Sister

Dildo Fucking Jerk Off Instruction JOI Masturbation Instruction Kink

Kitty Dance Of My Slutty Sister

Erotic Dancers Pee Squirt Squirting Kink

Look At My Slutty Sister

Dildo Fucking Dildo Sucking Solo Female Solo masturbation Kink

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Helenas Cock Quest Megapack (84.09 GiB)

Helenas is a slut wife who does whatever she wants. She fucks strangers at gloryholes, she fucks BBC that she picks up, she cuckolds her husband, among other nasty things.

In this megapack, you can see her fucking BBC, taking facials, eating her friend’s pussy, having guys jerk off on her, sucking at a gloryhole, getting gangbanged, flashing her pussy at the beach and out shopping, among lots of other things.

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Ceara Lynch – More HOT FemDom Taboo Vids in POV

Locking Up Daddy

Does mother know about your twisted interests in your own daughter? I’ve heard of friends with daddy issues, but not like having a pervy dad hitting on his own little girl. You always wait until mom is away on a trip before you really flirt with me, so you’re sweetheart won’t find out about you. Not this time! I was planning on my dad’s advances so I locked him up in chastity to punish him for his perversions. If he wants to blame his gross attraction to me on being such a tease, then I might as well show daddy what a slutty daughter he has! Too bad all he can do is watch as I tease him with my perfect body. I even called my boyfriend to come over to mess around in front of him. Maybe I’ll even show daddy how his innocent daughter likes to get fucked.

Category: CHASTITY
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No Sex Yoga Tease

I’ve been living like a Princess ever since I married my rich husband. Unfortunately, it all comes from his parents and they are having a problem with me spending so much money. I think it’s absurd his billionaire parents are interfering with our marriage. They actually want to take away my credit cards and cut me off. Well, if I have to give up all that money for our marriage, then so do you. If you think money is distracting me from communicating and being a devoted wife, then you should give up sex. We fuck like everyday and just think about how much more time we’d have for just talking and connecting. Well since we both agree to give up something big for our marriage, I have a lot of free time to catch up on my yoga. I think it’s best if you stay and watch so we can bond more. Since you are giving up sex, me stretching in my tight yoga pants and flexing my pretty bare feet at you shouldn’t be a problem, right?

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Seductive Control

A perfect seductress is a trap for men. We can make you do whatever we want because you’re weak to charms and mystique. All I have to do is run my hands through my long soft hair and you’re completely mesmerized. Lost in my dreamy control. I know you want to worship me. Now that you’ve been seduced, you’re nothing more than just an obedient subservient puppy play thing of mine. You can’t fight your feelings to serve me. You’re happiest when you’re completely emotionally bound to serve me. All I want is for you to be happy… which is making me happy…

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Suffocating In Servitude

Kneel like the dumb devoted slut you are! You want to join the legion of men enslaved into servitude? All over the world, men come to me for a purpose, existence to their pathetic and meaningless lives. I’m always coming up with creatively cruel ways these lonely souls can serve me. They worship, they pay, they cum, they even swallow, they do anything I want no matter how degrading or humiliating the task. Even if it brings you the brink of ending your own worthless life. Nothing would be more thrilling than watching you smother yourself for me. I want to see you suffocate in your depression, squeezing out what little life you have left inside. I know there isn’t a person on earth that cares about you more than me, so you are destined to d!e in servitude with me. No one will miss you once you’re gone, and I have plenty of slaves to replace you once I’ve finished. So, lets use you up so I can move on to my next servant.

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Swallow Your Load

Men just can’t help themselves from thinking the dirtiest things when they see a girl like me. I know I can be a tease, but who knew I had so much power over you. All those twisted ideas you keep secret in your head belong to me now. Stroke for me, tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me. Now do something dirty for me, lick up all that cum! Go on show your Domme what a dirty cum slut you truly are…

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Born This Way

There’s nothing you can do to make a girl want you. It’s not your fault; you were just born that way, completely undesirable by the opposite sex. God put you on this Earth to be a servant to women like me. No girl will ever show you their pussy, let alone fuck you. I don’t want you to feel completely useless, so you should consider spending the rest of your days as my cuckold sissy. You need a Domme bitch in your life to control you and make you her slave. Since you don’t have a chance with a woman, there’s no need for you to get erections anymore either. I never want to see anything that even looks like a hard cock between those legs, especially when I give you permission to rub your clitty.

Category: TEASE & DENIAL
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FinDom Recovery

As an addiction therapist, I’ve dealt with thousands of sick men that need my help to recover from their perversions. I specialize in all kinds of addictions like alcoholism, gambling, and drugs, but I’ve never encountered a man who is addicted to Financial Domination. The trick is that all men are the same, obsessed with something, driven by passion to fulfill their desires. Most addicts I would encourage their recovery, but you I want to use your addiction for my pleasure. You might as well make me your FinDom Goddess since you’re already paying me an ass load for therapy.

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Circumcision Torture

My brother is always such a big DICK. Always teasing me and making fun of me, especially one time when I had to go in for surgery and he humiliated me by telling everyone about my procedure. Well, I just over heard mom talking to his doctor about having to get circumcised soon. It seems my brothers foreskin is so tight his dick head can’t get out, so the doctor says she will have to cut his penis open. Nothing is more humiliating than getting your penis savagely mutilated, especially by a woman doctor. Talk about female empowerment! The best part is, the doctor recommends local anesthesia rather than a general form, which means the doc is going to be jabbing his cock with shots. My dick prick brother definitely deserves more than few pricks on his dick! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends about his re”cock”struction surgery. I can’t wait for him to get home from so I can remind him how painful his recovery will be, both physically and emotionally.

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Cuckolding Your Friend

Unfortunately for you, I have bad news about your girlfriend. I know I’m out of line telling you this, but she isn’t the sweet and caring girl you think she is. That slut of yours actually could care less about you and, apparently, that tiny cock hanging off your sad ugly body. Don’t get me wrong, she does like you, it’s just that dick you have isn’t doing anything for her. A hot girl like that needs a man with a big cock to make her moan. Something inside her that’ll drive her mad, dripping wet to have that massive cock fuck her again. And, that’s just not you. She’s still like to keep you around since you are so nice. Maybe you’re even nice enough to clean out her sticky pussy after a night of being rammed by alpha bulls.

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satinfuntaboo – Amateur Italian MOM-SON TABOO 11 More Vids!

Milf mom big cock cum on clothes pov HD

Mom eats big cock and gets cum on her new silk pj’s

POV Blow Jobs CFNM Taboo Silk & Satin

Mom & Son-Better Grades. Satin cfnm POV HD

You hand mother your half finished report and tell her you can’t focus and your worried that if you cant do your assignment in time you will fail this year and that has been one of the major issues you have had in not being able to relax in the first place to masturbate and get on with your work. As she is looking over your work she notices the huge bulge in your pants. At first she looks shocked, but quickly you can see that she is thinking of a way to “help” you with your problem. I can help you son but this is strictly for your grades and nothing else because as your mother I cant . let you fail because of a silly sexual frustration. Come her and let mommy help you…

Female Domination MILF POV Silk & Satin Taboo

Mom late night visit, cfnm, pov, satin HD

Nights like this make you want to live with mother your whole life… Your father doesn’t give me what I need… his cock is ok…but it’s always the same thing…him on top of me and trying to fuck me but all I feel is the warm load he leaves in my pussy when he finishes…so sad, so boring…but thinking about you and the things you said to me the other night… how you want me and the things that turn you on about me… it’s such a morbid sexy thought of fucking with you…just thinking about it makes me so wet… and I know that you have been fantasising a lot about me …all my satin panties started to get real messy during those years…but I knew it was just part of you growing up and feeling attracted to the woman closest to you, its the most natural thing to feel in those difficult years of any young man’s life growing up…But now all grown up, things haven’t changed much, for the good…I found some satin nighties and panties you stole from me stashed under your bed the other night when I was cleaning your room…And it got me thinking that you still have a thing for mommy and my silky lingerie…wanna still be mommies little naughty boy, that still takes mums things?…Do you think about me when you smell them and use my silky lingerie around your cock to cum?… I love you so much son and you know you will always be my baby boy and all I want for you is to be happy and fulfil your most deepest desires and needs in life…who else than the woman that most loves you and nurtured you since you were a little boy?…I know you have had trouble with your girlfriends, but this is because you cant get over the need for a woman just like mommy to fuck and treat you like her little boy while you suck on her breast and make you feel like the only man in her life… your mothers here to give you what you need so that you can be happy again… now and whenever you want me to… just ask mommy.Mommy simply can’t resist the idea of your young hard cock not being taken care of like it should…every mother wants her boy to feel wanted and loved…

MILF Silk & Satin Cum In Mouth POV CFNM

Mom, furry, satin, anal, spit, pov, cfnm HD

Mom has a bit of fun on Christmas while she explores her sexy furry side. Hey son did you know that some guys are turned on by fucking girls in creature costumes? I know its crazy but what do you think about my little reindeer outfit? look I even have a little tail… Clip Incl: Christmas, Xmas theme, furry fetish, satin, nylon stocking fetish, high heels, satin panties, female masturbation, dildo play, blowjob, handjob, pussy eating, ass fucking, tit fucking, reds and whites.

Silk & Satin CFNM Anal Play Furries-Fursuits Cosplay

Mothers EVIL possession Mom, cfnm, Satin HD

A sexual demonic entity comes into mothers room at night while she sl ee ps and takes full advantage of her, groping her pussy licking her and fucking her while she moans and becomes lost in sexual ecstasy. The demon spreads hers legs wide open and comes inside her to possess her so that she can seduce her son and have his seed to impregnate her so that the demon can enter the realm of the living through mother and sons incestuous intercourse. Now possessed mother walks into her sons room, climbs onto him without waking him up and starts to grind her wet pussy on his cock… Her son wakes up startled and scared at first, he tries to fight her off but mother keeps insisting aggressively shoving her breast onto his face and making him suck them and lick them…he starts to get hard by this and soon lets go and becomes invested in mothers sexual behaviour. After fucking in every way possible and giving each other oral sex, mother ends with a demonic orgasm on her sons hard wet cock. She makes him cum in her hands and strait after she climbs back on top of him and slides his cum covered cock back inside her demon possessed pussy to make sure that she get all that cum inside of her.

MILF CFNM Silk & Satin Satin Panties Blow Jobs

Panty handjob. mom, satin, pov, lingerie HD

Milf gives the most perfect silky panty handjob in the world plus I get a bit of pussy fucking. HD remaster of a satinfuntaboo classic video.

MILF Bra & Panties POV Handjobs Silk & Satin

Red for valentines mom son cumplay HD

mommy makes son happy for valentines

Silk & Satin MILF Taboo CFNM POV Sex

Satin dress blowjob mom cfnm cum HD

Mom gives son amazing slow wet blowjob and lets him blow a massive warm sticky load all over her and her dress.

MILF POV Silk & Satin Blow Jobs Cumshots

Satin mom cum silk handjob pov HD

Pov blowjob handjob using silky satin lingerie and finish with a massive cumshop on mom Marias

Silk & Satin Mature POV Blowjob Deepthroat

The good son, mom, satin, cum, tits HD

My relationship with my mother after our sexual encounter has become so much more intense with every day. Mother lets me use her lingerie to masturbate and cum on whenever I want, Its been amazing. Last night before my mother came back from work I went through her things to find out that she had bought a pair of new pyjama satin shorts, so being the pervy son that I am I couldn’t resist the idea of putting them on and touched my cock through the amazing fabric just lying there lost in my satin lust for both my sexy mother and her beautiful satin lingerie until I fell a s leep. Mother comes home from work and finds me in her satin shorts with a semi erection and laying on her bed. She takes her clothes off and gets comfy by putting on her cute flower print satin cami and a pair of blue satin panties with white lace and come to great my cock that rests under the smooth fabric of her new satin shorts that her good son had put on for some fetish fun. Clip Inc: Pov, s eeping, satin teasing, blowjob, handjob, hardcore sex, pussy licking, spiting, wet kissing and licking, cum play.

Silk & Satin MILF POV Taboo Pussy Eating

WHAT YOU DESERVE mom, cfnm, pov, satin HD

Beautiful milf Bianka gives her young stud a goodbye gift to remember her for the rest of his days now that he’s all grown up and going to college to become a man. Bianka makes her debut clip with Satinfuntaboo, so if you have fallen in love with this amazing dark haired, sky blue eyed wonder of a woman and if you just cant get your mind off of her BIG tits bouncing up and down on your cock, then please give her the love she deserves by become a number one fan and support her work. An incredibly sexy video packed with 4 amazing great scenes where Bianka gives all kinds of silky milf pleasure teasing in all kinds of silky smooth outfits for you to indulge in all kinds of fantasies with her. Clip incl: Satin fetish teasing, blouse, pencil skirt, nylon stockings, high heels, satin panties, pussy fingering, cock gagging, rough sex, rough blowjobs, POV, cfnm, doggy style fucking, soft erotic sex, female orgasms, male cumshot, facial, cum play, lingerie, nighties, cheaongsam dress fantasy and so much more ;).

CFNM MILF POV Rough Sex Silk & Satin

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HollyHotWife Megapack (28.28 GiB)

She’s a hotwife who loves to slut it up at gloryholes and gangbangs, along with public squirting and flashing. She loves BBC and being a slutty wife. You can see her fucking guys from AVN, flashing in public, sucking and fucking at a gloryhole, meeting and fucking strangers and guys from Craigslist, and all sorts of other awesome stuff.

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hollyhotwife Screens.rar

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Homemade Cuckold Collection 79

Furthering my collection of homemade cuckold video, here is #79. I have made an effort to present to my knowledge real videos. Wife’s face must be visible with good lighting, vocal sound from woman, narration from cuckold, wedding ring, anal where possible. These are not commonly seen as I have been collecting for a while. Please enjoy.

All scenes are real life cuckolding in which the husband / boyfriend either shares or watches another man having sex with his girlfriend or wife with dirty talk and eye contact.

Sex Acts include

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Homemade Cuckold Collection 79 screens.rar

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Ashley Alban 202 Vids SiteRip in HD

Ashley Alban screens.rar

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satinfuntaboo – Amateur Italian MOM-SON TABOO 10 More Vids!

HD 720p Familiar Intruder mother, satin HD

I am a single 46 year old mother of three . I am living in an abusive relationship with my youngest son who lives with me. I am now going through because I am not capable of putting a stop to his perverted behavior towards me. He waits until I am a s leep at night, whether I am sick or not, then he takes advantage of me by sucking my breasts and touching my body all over even rubbing his erect penis against my vagina through my panties. This has been going on for about two years. Ive confronted him about this a few times now and asked him why he is doing such wicked things to me and he said that he is not doing anything wrong and that he just loves me so much and misses sucking on my breasts like when he was little. I told him that what he is doing is wrong and that I don’t like it. even though it does arouse me a lot while he does it but Im his mother and shouldn’t be encouraging him to have this behavior. I decided to take very strong s l eeping pills the night my son decided to take things to a new level. When I was able to wake up but it was too late I couldnt help myself the pleasure was just too intense for me to say or do anything about it

CFNM MILF Satin Panties Silk & Satin Taboo

Mistress, milf, satin, mom, skirt, pov HD

Sexy milf supervisor comes late at night to the construction site to see if things have been going as planned, but she finds too many things wrong with the finishes that she decides to make hard working Carlos the builder stay at the site and do some extra work for not doing things right. “I cant stay any longer miss, Its late and my wife is waiting for me. When I came back tomorrow we can go over the things that you say are wrong, ok?” -“No Carlos!, we will go over those things now…” -“Then you’re going to have to pay me extra if I stay” -” No problem Carlos, I can do that just fine…” Satin fetish, sexy dominating milf fantasy, High heels, mini skirt, satin cami top, CFNM

MILF Mistress Female Domination Silk & Satin POV

Mom, mature, pov, silk, scarf teasing HD

Silk scarf blowjob and handjob fetish. A sensual scene where our favourite satin taboo girl Maria gives some love and attention to a cock that is in serious need of some silky scarf fun. Maria starts the first scene wearing a silk violet camisole and a silk scarf around her neck she enters the room and kneels down in front of her mans cock and proceeds to give him oral pleasure while using her scarf by removing it from her neck and using it to pleasure his penis and balls while she gives him a sloppy wet sensual blowjob. After this first scene she does a second scene where she is wearing a satin purple nightie and a silk scarf around her neck and does a similar fetish 4play as the first. Enjoy ;) X X X This clip Inc: silkscarf fetish, satin/silk nightie fetish, milf mature woman blow job, handjob, spiting, teasing, softcore 4play, pov sex, cfnm and cum play.

Silk & Satin MILF POV Blow Jobs Cock Tease

Mom, pov, satin, cumshot, taboo, mess HD

Mom comes home after having a terrible day at work and asks her son to help her with the bad neck pain shes been having and asks if he would be so kind to give his poor mother one of those amazing massages he does so well. He accepts but with one condition that after her massage he gets one too. Clip includes: Hand job, blowjob, doggy style, POV, Female orgasm, groping, pussy fingering, cumshot in mouth and on satin blouse. SUB in English

MILF Silk & Satin Blouse Fetish POV Blow Jobs

Mom son silky wet sex cfnm pov HD

Watch how mommy sucks that cum out of your hard wet cock.

MILF POV CFNM Silk & Satin Groping

Panty thief, mom, pov, cum, tits, satin HD

The day I found out that he had taken all of my best silk panties and hidden them in is room I just couldn’t just let this slip any longer like before. As his mother I must take charge of this situation and let him know that if he wants to use my things again he’s going to have to ask me before hand… Clip Inc: Panty fetish taboo fantasy with mom, satin panty handjob and blowjob. “Oh Mom. Suck my cock like that. tease me with your panties. Take my cum mom!!” His balls tightened up in my panties as his body went rigid. The first few spurts must have been pure pre-cum, as they flew out from his cock without warning, and landed on my Satin top Then his orgasm hit, and his moans filled his bedroom as the rest of his young jizz emptied out of his cock. I watched in pure lust as 5, 6, 7 wet spurts soaked my chest, pants and even hit my face and dripped down onto my tongue.

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Father went out of town for a few days and I am left home alone with my hot mom. I downloaded this new app for my phone that is supposed to turn any person into a submissive sex slave.It sounds sick but I am really turned on by my mom I think she is so sexy and Ive always loved to steal her satin lingerie as a small boy and cum on them, its always been my huge mommy fetish and this is probably the only way I can ever fuck her and make her do the things Ive fantasies so much about with her. I found her in the kitchen looking at stuff on her laptop. She looked really sexy in her red satin nightie and matching satin panties. Now is my chance, lets see if this app really works. I took out my phone and pressed the button. A buzzing sound when off and my mom froze for a second or two. “I will obay you” I cant believe this really works

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POV Stye. Teasing and striping down from my tight little micro shorts, and bra. I give a nice little blowjob before I turn around and put his dick in my tight pussy. I ride and twerk on his cock until he gives me a huge pussy creampie! Then he rubs my clit until I orgasm and start dripping out a ton of his cum. I love it so much, that I turn around and lick it all up.

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Hi Daddy! :) Do you like the dress I’m wearing? I got all dressed up just for you! I’m so ready for you to fuck all of my holes, and just fill me with your wonderful cum! Please Daddy, will you give me all of your cum? First in my mouth, Then in my little pussy, and then finish in my tight butt! Thank you so much Daddy! You know I love when you use me all up. Are you ready for round two

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Brothers are the worst! Mine is always doing creepy things that totally weirds me out. I was shocked to find out my brother was doing something really disgusting behind my back. That twisted little pervert was digging through my hamper and helping himself to my dirty panties. I caught him literally eating a really nice satin pair even, chewing on my thong like taffy. Sucking my pussy juices and licking up my $hit stains, especially my the really sweaty dirty ones. Gross! My own brother eating his own sister’s pussy, how wrong is that?!? I can’t tell our parents, that would be mortifying for both of us, so I make a deal with the fucking perv. He can suck on my pussy all he wants, but ONLY through my panties if he pays me. Unless you want mom and dad to know about your dark secret lust for your sis.

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Why can’t my brother ever learn his lesson? I just talked to him about how fucked-up it is to sniff my worn panties. Once again I caught the perverted brat digging through my dirty laundry for his favorite pair of white satin panties. Looks like I’m still wearing that tasty treat he’s lusting after. The deal was you aren’t allowed to steal my crusty cummy panties anymore. If you want my panties, you have to pay to suck them right from my pussy. Too bad I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself. I was even going to indulge you more by having you worship my pussy through my pantyhose instead. Imagine sucking on my nude pussy through that black sheer fabric. So keep signing your paychecks to me. This time if he breaks our deal, our family will know about the dirty panty thief psycho I have for a brother.

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Let me remind you of the place your place in this world. There are Alpha Males that get what they want and fuck whatever they want. Then there’s you; the Beta Male an uglier, weaker, less desirable version of the man we want. You’re not completely worthless, just not fuckable. You can still serve your Dommes and Goddesses, but be prepared to have your soft limp dick completely denied of my pussy, panties, and especially fucking. You don’t deserve my love, no matter how devoted you are. That’s the place of a Beta, to be used and thrown away. Let me help you accept your fate as the lowly Beta Male in our society. Give your mind to me, so I can show you the true nature of your willingness and desires to serve…

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I’ve got a new slave locked up in my dungeon. I torment him and have him bound in a spiked chastity belt, teasing and stripping for him, watching the spikes dig deep into his swollen cock. Stop your whimpering. You think that’s painful? I’ll show you pain. How about I put some of my special hot sauce on those spikes. Now you’ll know what a fire crotch really means.

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There can’t be anything more humiliating for man than to make fun of his little clit. The truth is you aren’t a real man. Real men wouldn’t have such a small cock so you must be some sissy bitch. No wonder you’re such a pussy. Stare at me all you want, you don’t deserve me, or any woman from that matter. I want you to say it, don’t deserve pussy.” What you do deserve is to worship my pussy and pay me for all the little peeks I give you. That’s all your good for, to serve as another one of my useless slaves who have succumbed to the power of the pussy.

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You know, any fucking loser can get laid on Tinder, apparently everyone except for you. That’s the only point for this dating site to hook-up with each other. You thought you found a “good girl and I mean you both “liked” each other, but it takes more than a swipe to make a girl love someone like you. I think the main problem here is you just don’t understand women. After so many dates, all you got is a kiss?!?! I mean she clearly wasn’t interested into you. Might as well been a pitty kiss. She tried letting you down easy, ignoring you even, and you start stalking her like a creepy pervert. Making up fake profiles and chatting with her. You’re such a pathetic loser. All women want on these dates is to get fucked, but you just couldn’t seal the deal.

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One day you will accept the fact that God made a mistake when he put you on this Earth. What a pathetic excuse of a man, completely unworthy of that tiny cock hanging between your legs. That soft little nub is almost good enough to be a girl’s clitty. Maybe that’s your purpose in life is to serve as my sissy little fuck. You’ll learn to embrace your new role as a sissy slut, even if it means completely wiping your mind of all your masculinity. Brainwashing you to become a sissy tramp and enhancing all your girly features. The only thing entering that chastised brain is this mantra, “I was never meant to be a man. I was never

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Remember back in school when all those alpha boys would bully you and give you huge wedgies all the time. All those jocks humiliating you in front of the entire school chanting “WEDGIE WEDGIE WEDGIE!” Everyone saw those $hit stains smeared all over your briefs. Face it losers like you will never get a hot girl like me. Your life hasn’t changed much since high school. Mean girls reminding you about all the funny embarrassing things that happened to you. Jerking off alone to girls you have a crush on and will never love you back. Even letting bigger guys push you around still. How can you even call yourself a man? I bet you actually have enjoyed being tormented for so many years. This whole time I bet you wished it was me yanking on your tighty-whities all those years. It gets your little dick so excited having a girl grabbing your underwear for once!

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Why aren’t all men born circumcised? There are so many questions regarding circumcisions especially surrounding adult uncut men. They feel pressured by their different cock that they will have the procedure to make look less like a bloated banana slug. Men turn to me for the answers to all their questions, and I’m more than happy to enlighten them with the painful truth of their bad decisions. I’ll tell you all how to treat someone that is considering the procedure or recently had the surgery performed on that helpless mutilated penis. I’m here to answer your weird uncomfortable questions for chopping up your cock!

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If only you had a bigger cock, then I wouldn’t have to fantasize so much about being fucked by black guys. As much as I try to stay loyal to our marriage, I can’t help feeling sexually unsatisfied. So much that it is literally driving me crazy. Finally, I’ve met an amazing guy who is perfect for keeping your wife happy. His big cock is any woman’s dream, rock hard and primed for drilling to my soft wet pussy. Don’t worry, I told my black lover boy that I would let you watch from the closet as long as you promise not to make a single sound while your slutty wife is plowed by a tattooed African God.

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