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xxtammy123xx SiteRip 51.57 GB Lots of mommy talk!

In these videos Tammy gets on cam and masturbates a lot with her fingers and dildo. She talks really dirty in a lot of videos. Lots of mommy talk

Real Name: tammy123
Followers: 102412
Birth Date: July 12, 1961
Age: 57
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men, Women, Couples
Location: Ontario, Canada
Language(s): English
Smoke / Drink: yes
Body Decorations: tats.

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Taboo Milf Mom Kristi – RARE Old Collection With Some REAL Sex!

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[SubbyHubby] Megapack 2 2015-2018 (86 Videos)

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The themes of the movie are mostly incest, cuckolding, femdom, pegging, foot worship, cum eating, orgasm denial but sometimes also forced bi. See description of the individual videos for further details.

Some men are meant to be submissive husbands and boyfriends, locked in chastity and turned into the kneeling, obedient, pathetic bitches they were born to be. The women at know this and use it to their full advantage to get whatever pleasures they desire. These women love to teach their pets where their place is by showing them that they belong mere inches away while they get fucked by larger, better men. If they were not meant to be cuckolds, they wouldn’t have been born with such tiny cocks! Finally they learn to satisfy their women in other humiliating ways like being impaled pieces of fuck-meat on the ends of their Goddess’s strap-on dicks and left to be sissy maids to clean up after.

Amara Romani – Gets Her Way

Part 1:
Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention, And knows just how to get out of it early, She locks the door and puts a leash on Mr Johnson the teacher and tells him she isn’t wearing any panties she puts him on his knees and starts rubbing her pussy telling him how wet she gets controlling men, and masturbates right in his face them shoves her fingers in his mouth and tells him too strip and lay down, Then she slides her wet pussy back and forth on his hard cock grinding on it as she moans and talks dirty to him then she explodes in orgasm and tells him not to touch his dick or jerk off until she gives him permission, Then takes his wallet from the desk and takes his credit card and leaves but promises to see him again tomorrow, left frustrated Mr Johnson just lays there hoping tomorrow could come quicker, He knows he is her bitch, and always gives her little bratty ass her way.

Part 2:
Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention for the second time this week, but knows just how to use Mr. Johnson and get out early and even plans on getting some cash today, She uses her sexy little outfits and wears no panties and always gets her way, She is a spoiled Brat, she will financially drain you and use you for her own needs and desires, Today She grinds her ass on Mr. Johnsons face until she has cum all over it, then she makes him kiss her precious ass and beg to lick and worship it more, after she has finished with him she empties his wallet and laughs at how pathetic Mr johnson is, The Power Of the Pussy!

Part 3:
Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention for the third time this week and tells Mr. Johnson that she needs to leave in like 5 minutes, So what can she do to get out of it, He tells her she shouldn’t ne suck a naughty little Brat girl and that he had planned to do the unicorn thing today, she tells him she needs more money, Mr. johnson says but Amara, I gave you cash yesterday and my credit card she asks if he has his checkbook And tells him again in snotty tone that she needs to leave in 5 minutes, He writes her a check for 2,000 dollars He is weekend and submissive by her sexiness Mr. Johnson attaches a chindo to his head like a unicorn but cant seem to find her pussy, so Amara puts it on his chin and rides his face until she cums then thanks him and leaves with her 2000 dollar check and says see you tomorrow sucker.

Part 4:
Brat Dom Amara is back for day 4 of detention, and Mr. Johnson is ready laying on the desk in a blue pair of speedos with a boner she see her opportunity and walks over and starts to stroke his dick telling him how big it is, when her collared boyfriend Toby walks in and says what the fuck Amara she immediately smacks him to his knees telling him that his dick is tiny and Mr. johnson has a big one and pays her, So now you get to watch my teacher fuck me Bitch boy, First Mr. Johnson licks he sweet wet pussy then he fucks her hard and fast as she has an orgasm screaming to her boyfriend Toby that she can’t ever even feel his tiny dicklet, Then she demands that toby eat out all Mr. johnsons filthy cum goo.

Part 5:
After eating Mr.Johnsons man filth Brat Dom Amara Romani has blindfolded her boyfriend telling him she will be back with a big surprise for him, when she returns she is wearing a 12″ inch strap on cock and tells him if you want to stay with me bitch you’re going to slather up this cock and beg me to fuck your little boy pussy with it, He gets to work right away like a professional cock gobbler he chokes and gags and drools all over her dick then she bends him over and tells him that this is how they will be fucking from now on and reminds him who wears the pants in this relationship, as she pounds huis ass even harder yelling who’s my bitch, he moans back I am Goddess Amara

Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Blonde Goddesses Control Me

Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks have you under their control and they will instruct you to stroke your cock exactly the way they want you to. These two Goddesses know you want to get stuffed with their cocks. Stroke how they want you to stroke. You can never have women like them but you can have them stuffing your holes. Do as they say with your pathetic dick. Cum ONLY when they allow it!

Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Goddess Feet

You see Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink lounging by the pool and cannot help but wish you could worship their sexy, tan, pedicured feet. Their gorgeous high arches and beautiful soles are so delicious. You absolutely need to be able to kiss them, on your knees like the slave you are. Watch as they tease you with their high arches, perfect toes as well as their perfect bodies. They know just what to say to you to get you begging for their feet!

Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Sissy Chastity Frustration

Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink know that chastity is the ultimate frustration for sissies, and they are here to make it even MORE frustrating for you. You watch these two gorgeous and tantalizing women tease you with their gorgeous bodies, perfect asses and even sexier words as you feel your cock growing inside your tight chastity device. You want to stroke yourself but you also know that chastity is where sissy whores like you belong. Will you even be allowed out of chastity and to stroke? If so, when?

Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Stroke Your Tiny Cock

Stroke your tiny dicklette for Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink! You know you want to stroke that tiny pathetic excuse for a cock for these women. They laugh and cannot believe how tiny your cock is. It is so small! Listen as these hot blondes rip apart your small dick in the cruelest of ways!

Brianna – Brianna Punished Her Cuck Part 1

Part 1: Spanking
Goddess Brianna is waiting for her cuckold to meet her, as a hot guy catches her eye who is sitting at another table. When her cuckold shows up, he tells her that her orders will not be ready until next week. Disappointed, she tells him she is sick of his excuses and she walks over to the hot guy at the other table. Brianna seductively hands him a room key and tells him she is at the W hotel, and the room number.

Goddess Brianna spanks her cuckold up in the room for doing such a bad job with her errands and requests. Over her knee he goes with his legs dangling. After she gives him a thorough spanking, she makes him fuck her pussy with a dildo gag to get her ready to the stud who is about to come by.

Brianna – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck Part 2

Part 2: Foot Worship
Goddess Brianna wants her cuckold to be taught a lesson so she makes him watch her give the stud a nice slow and sensual footjob. Goddess Brianna wants her cuck to see how large this man’s cock is and how she slides her slippery feet up and down it, making him so horny for her. She makes sure her cuck gets close to the action so he can see it all…but does she just make him watch? Or does she do worse?

Brianna – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck Part 3

Part 3: Foot Job
Goddess Brianna wants her cuckold to be taught a lesson so she makes him watch her give the stud a nice slow and sensual footjob. Goddess Brianna wants her cuck to see how large this man’s cock is and how she slides her slippery feet up and down it, making him so horny for her. She makes sure her cuck gets close to the action so he can see it all…but does she just make him watch? Or does she do worse?

Brianna – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck Part 4

Part 4: Stroke It
Goddess Brianna really wants to drive home what a pathetic loser her cuckold is so she compares his puny cock to the enormous cock of the man from the eatery. She shows him how thick and large he is as she laughs at how small he is. To humiliate him further, she makes him jerk off the stud, so he can really feel what it’s like to hold a real man’s cock in his hand.

Brianna – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck Part 5

Part 5: Fucking
Goddess Brianna fucks her stud good and hard and deep, filled with a real man. Her cuck is close by as she makes him watch. He could never fuck her like this. He sees her getting fucked by the better man and how she moans. He could never make her moan like that, cum like that. No way. The cuck is made to lick up her stud’s mess which is all over her gorgeous breasts. That is all he is good for, cleaning up.

Brianna – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck Part 6

Part 6:Strapon Goddess
Brianna sends the stud away and is now going to give her cuckold the only sex he deserves, strap-on sex. Brianna has her big red cock on and she slams it down her cuck’s throat. This is what it feels like to blow a real man. She then fucks him like a bitch, bent over at first and finally on his back, thrusting her cock in deeper and deeper. This is what a real man feels like.

Cherry Morgan, Kylie Rogue – Dominant Lunch Date

Part 1:
Mistress Cherry Morgan and Goddess Kylie Rogue decided to take a day off from corporal punishment at ClubDom, And get dressed up out of their normal latex and boots and just have a nice day together ,they are at a cafe waiting for a couple of cuckolding bitch boys to come and serve them for the day, The cocky male waiter keeps making rude sexual remarks as he practically eats them with his eyes and has made a few passes at them already, When Goddess Kylie says listen to me very carefully a Lew is it ? I get it you hit on a lot of women here and they fall for your bullshit, But I am going to explain something to you one time and one time only, You have know Idea who your fucking with, me and my friend Cherry would like you to serve us with a smile and proper manners, be nice and prompt but knock off with the bullshit because we will ruin your fucking day pal, Astonished the waiter Lew looks at Kylie and says oh but of course Madam maybe I can give you a little kiss and make up for my rudeness ? Just then Mistress Cherry smacks the bitch ass waiter right in the mouth and put him in a choke lock as Goddess Kylie pulls down his pants and bends the bitch over the table and the Ladies notice this ass clown has a pink butt plug shoved up his ass, They start laughing and then tie the slut down bent over the table and grab a couple of sticks and began a brutal caning as they teach this ass fuck some manners.

Part 2: Strapon
Mistress Cherry Morgan and Goddess Kylie Rogue decide it’s time to further this sluts education on how to have manners and address a woman from this pint on, After canning his ass into complete submission they now fuck his man pussy with a huge 15″ inch thick cock Mistress Cherry shoves his mouth down till he gags and is drooling all over and tells him to quit crying like bitch or they will fuck him with his own tears, Finally they have the slut bent over the table and Goddess Kylie rams his tight little man pussy gaping and stretching it with her huge strap-on as he begs and pleads for mercy, Mistress Cherry holds him down as Goddess Kylie continues to fuck some sense into this slut Giving him the ass filling of a lifetime.

Part 3: Foot Worship
Now that Goddess Kylie Rogue and Goddess Cherry Morgan have taught that annoying waiter some manners, it’s time for their blind date, The boys arrive greeting the woman and then are both handed their pink collars and instructed to get on there knees and worship Goddess’s feet, licking and kissing the ladies perfectly manicured toes and messaging their feet like good little cuck puppies should, And this date has only gotten started Pt 3

Part 4: Ass Worship
Goddess Cherry morgan and Kylie Rogue have collard these cucky boys and made them lick and worship their feet they really pour it on thick teasing them with their beautiful wet pink Goddess pussies, Then explaining that that must be earned and that they will start at the bottom, The goddess’s turn around and shove their ass’s right into the boys faces. Goddess kylie smothers her bitch till he can barely breath, Laughing the woman take turns grinding and riding these slut boys faces making sure they lick every inch of their ass

Part 5: Strap On
Goddess Cherry morgan and Kylie Rogue have 12″ inch pink and purple Strap On’s om and have changed into their sexy pink bikini’s and now make their cuckold dates slather up their cocks so that they can fuck some boy pussy, Goddess Cherry fucks hard and fast, wWhile goddess Kylie uses more of a deep slow rhythm, The boys are crying out please fuck me harder Goddess, The ladies High five each other and laugh, Goddess Cherry comments, What a great day to fuck some man pussy it has been

Cleo – Chastity Masturbation Instructions

Crystal Rush – Mail Order Bride Trains Her Husband Part 3

The next part of Crystal’s training is much more humiliating. She tells her husband slave that his cock is going to be locked up for at least a week if not more. He will have to earn his release. In the meantime he will have to watch his wife get fucked and pleased by a real man with a giant cock. Crystal asks her lover to come in to the room and gives him a passionate kiss. She takes her lover’s pants off to reveal his big black cock. She forces her submissive husband to watch on his knees quietly as she sucks, licks and deep throats the huge cock. She humiliates her pathetic husband completely by spitting on his face and making him tell her how much he likes it. Unfortunately this is his new life. He deserves every humiliating second of it.

Crystal Rush – Mail Order Bride Trains Her Husband Part 4

Goddess Crystal has given her BBC lover a blowjob in front of her pathetic husband . Now her lover, Mr. Slayer’s cock is rock hard and ready to fuck. But before Mr. Slayer fucks her, Crystal forces her husband to beg Mr. Slayer to fuck his wife. After properly begging for his wife to be fucked by a real cock, Goddess Crystal mounts her man, bouncing up and down on his giant cock while her husband helplessly watches. Mr. Slayer pounds Crystal hard and fast making her moan in delight. Crystal’s husband can only watch as he realizes that will never fuck Crystal’s pussy again. He is a locked up bitch now and forever!

Crystal Rush – Mail Order Bride Trains Her Husband Part 5

Part 5: Strap On
Goddess Crystal’s husband realizes at this point that he is fucked. He won’t be using his cock to fuck his wife anymore. Not only that, but he has to watch another man fuck and please his wife. Now he is realizing that Crystal will be the one doing the fucking in their relationship. Goddess Crystal has her bitch on his knees and she is wearing her strap on cock. She commands her bitch to start sucking. She isn’t going to be too mean by using her biggest strap on. He will learn to take her medium sized cock. After getting her cock wet and lubed with his spit, it’s time for him to get pounded in the ass. Crystal fucks his tight asshole as he cries and begs for mercy. Goddess Crystal has no mercy on him, as he needs to learn to take her cock or take anything else she decides to do to him. Yep this poor slob is fucked, in more ways than one!

Dava Foxx – Cuck Husband Ass Worship

Watch as Dava Foxx, the ULTIMATE cuckoldress has her husband completely trained to do everything she requires from chores to fluffing her stud and so much more, all so she can live the life getting fucked by big studs and not having to lift a finger having the life she deserves!

Dava Foxx – Dava’s Cuck Husband Foot Bitch

Dava Foxx calls her husband in to worship her feet. She instructs him on how he should be doing it properly for her. After all, what else is he good for? Maybe chores and cleaning up other types of messes. She wants him to lick her feet real good and be a perfectly obedient foot bitch for her. Too bad she calls her lover into the room for further humiliation

Dava Foxx – Dava’s Cuck Husband Part 2 – Their Fluffer

Part 2: Their Fluffer
Dava is having intense sex with her big-cocked stud as her cuckold husband watches. Her cuckold husband is ordered to lick her ass, lick her breasts and help her cum. She also wants him to be a full-fledged fluffer and suck the cock of her stud and lick HIS ass and balls to make sure he cums an extra big load for his wife and pleases her. He has no choice but to do as she says and lick any place she tells him to no matter how humiliating it is. He knows his place is to be her cuckold slave husband and her needs are more important than his. He does as he is told. Just when he thought it was all over, she makes him clean up all of the stud’s cum off of her beautiful pussy.

Dava Foxx – Dava’s Cuck Husband Part 3 – Taste a Real Man (His First Forced-bi)

Dava comes home with her new stud and finds her cuckold husband cleaning just as she instructed. She introduces her cuckold hubby to her new stud and makes him thank him for fucking his wife’s pussy properly. She orders him to come and kneel nearby as she gives her stud a nice deep sloppy blowjob on his hard cock. She spits the pre-cum into her cuckold’s mouth over and over again so he can taste a real man. That isn’t enough so she decides to make him blow her stud, something she has never made him to before. He has to blow the stud with his hot wife urging him on. After, he has a face full of cum and spit and walks outside like that. Dava calls her neighbor on the phone and tells her to go outside so she can see her husband walk around with a nice shiny face.

Dava Foxx – Dava’s Cuck Husband Small Penis

Dava’s husband crawls in and gives her the daily mail. She then decides to amuse herself and humiliate her husband further by making him stroke his small useless cock in front of her and her stud. She takes the stud’s huge cock out and strokes it and compares it to her husbands. She then strokes both men laughing at how small her husband’s cock is compared to the stud. She decides to allow her husband to cum since he’s been such a good boy, but only in his own face.

Dava Foxx – Dava’s New Subby Bitch Gets Trained

“Whats your name again?” Dava is Moaning while slamming her new subby’s chindo strapped face into her pussy. He had hesitated when she presented it to him, but she quickly let him know who is boss! Now here he is on his knees learning how to Please his Goddess. Grabbing handfuls of his hair and shoving his head in and out, She cums around the toy. Goddes Dava Foxx is loving savagely putting her subby in training to good use!

Goddess Dava Puts Your Tongue to Use

You Know what time it is, take Dava Foxx’s shoes off and put that tongue to work! Goddess Dava wants to be able to see her reflection when you’re done! While you’re busy licking between her toes, She will be deciding what to dress you in to watch her use her fucktoy later. Make sure to stretch that tongue out even more because she is going to give you both her feet to lick at the same time since you love to suck on her toes like a good little sissy slut!

Dava Foxx – Pool Boy Gets Fucked

The pool boy has a crush on Dava. He is trying to use an accent and a wig to look like a sexy rocker. Unfortunately she knows he’s a fake and decides to take advantage of him. She uses her sexy body and power to get inside his head and reduces him to an obedient submissive. Before he even realizes what he agreed to, he is naked and on his knees sucking her strapon cock. Dava punishes him by applying lipstick and making him look like a reindeer. She names him Rudolf and decides she needs to give herself a nice ride of Rudolf…except she is the one doing the fucking.

Dava Foxx – Released By Her Hot Feet

Dava Foxx has her submissive man-bitch in chastity and it has been 6 months since he last came. She teases his frustrated locked cock with her sexy, tan, pedicured feet. He might think he finally has earned the right to have his cock inside her, after all, he has been working so hard doing her chores and running her errands and being her humiliated servant at every turn….but he only gets feet. She plays with her sexy pussy and shows off her long legs and body that he will never ever have. Only her feet, stroking and pumping away at his frustrated cock. He would have came right away, but all of those months in chastity really have him subconsciously afraid to. However this is changing as it seems she might, even though it’s with her feet, let him cum finally. He wonders if he will ever be allowed to be inside of her. Finally he comes and she makes him lick his filth off of her feet.

Dava Foxx – SURPRISE! You’ve Been Forced-Bi Milked!

Dava Foxx is Training her subby and She knows he is ready to explode. You want to spill your filth subby slut? Then put on this blindfold…She has her other cucky stroke his dicklet and lets her pathetic new subby slut think he is being stroked by her the whole time. When she is finally ready to take the degradation further she has him spill his disgusting goop all over her cucky. Only then does she reveal that he was forced into a bisexual milking and enjoyed every second of her cucky husband’s hands on his slutstick!

Dava Foxx – Strapon Fucking

Dava Foxx – Stroke It Loser

Goddess Dava Foxx permits you to stroke your pathetic slut stick. Since it barely sticks out she doesn’t want it near her, but she’ll allow you to watch her touch her divine body. She loves watching you getting worked up while she teaches you how to touch your tiny pencil dicklet. It ‘s so amusing to her, you drooling all over the place while grabbing you filthy sissy clitty while She tells you what to do. Get ready to eat up your own filth when your Goddess counts you down!

Dava Foxx – Stroke Like She Says

Dava is here to tell you that if you do not do as she says, she is going to lock you back up in chastity. She is going to use her body to get inside that head of yours and she is going to get you hard and stroking in no time. She knows you love to see her pussy and beautiful breasts, don’t you? Yes. That’s right. Do as she says. And then eat it for her.

Dava Foxx, Brianna – Dava & Brianna Bring Home The Slaves Part 1

Part 1: Spanking The Pervert
Dava and Brianna are relaxing at home when they notice the neighborhood pervert peeking through the window. This is not your average, run of the mill, creep either. This idiot is wearing a little pink crop top and is playing with his fully exposed little dick. The two ladies have seen this pathetic creep before, it’s their neighbor. They decide to put on a show for the loser, Dava lowers her dress revealing her huge tanned tits. Brianna begins to lick Dava ’s perky nipples and then they sit on the couch to get more comfortable. This peeking tom pervert must think he’s hit the jackpot! Not so fast. They bust the creepy neighbor and bring him inside. Now it’s time for him to pay! The ladies position him on the couch with his ass up in the air and drop down his ridiculous red leggings. They proceed to punish the perv by giving him a sound spanking. To prove how sorry, he is the women tell him to go to the store and bring back champagne and flowers. He better not be late!

Dava Foxx, Brianna – Dava & Brianna Bring Home The Slaves Part 2

Part 2: Foot Licking Slaves

The two dudes that Brianna and Dava met earlier have arrived at the house. They are so stoked that they are about to hook up with these smoking girls! They ask the ladies what all that stuff about being kinky was about? The guys tell them they are kinky and are down for whatever. They might end up regretting that statement later. Turns out the guys idea of kinky is taking them to “pound town”. Well, the girls’ idea is a little different! They put pink collars on their new slaves and ordered them to undress. These guys are going to have to worship their Goddess feet and they better do it well! The boys suck on their toes and lick their feet until Dava and Brianna are satisfied. The foot worshipping makes Dava so horny that she can’t help but to rub her wet pussy. Brianna and Dava end up on their hands and knees kissing each other while the slaves continue to suck their Goddess’ toes.

Dava Foxx, Brianna – Dava & Brianna Bring Home The Slaves Part 3

Part 3: Chindo Slave
The guys are now on the floor on their knees with their hands behind their backs, like good slaves . They have a much better attitude now! The slaves are realizing that they won’t be going to “pound town” tonight, at least not the way they thought. The slaves have been so good that they are given the privilege of worshipping their Goddess’ pussies. Goddess Brianna ’s slave is doing his job well but Dava ’s pathetic bitch strikes out at the pussy. Since he sucks at eating pussy, Dava reaches over and grabs a dildo gag and shoves it in the bitch’s mouth. If he can’t please Dava with his mouth then he will do with a chindo. Goddess Dava will get off though! At least the slave knows how to fuck with a dildo gag. Both Goddesses scream in pleasure as their slaves please them. This night just keeps getting better!

Dava Foxx, Brianna – Dava & Brianna Bring Home The Slaves Part 4

Part 4: Cuckold Slave

Goddess Brianna is holding her slave by the collar with one hand and stroking his big hard cock with the other. Goddess Dava isn’t so lucky, her slave not only has a tiny cock but he can’t even get hard. What a loser! He can’t please a woman with his mouth or his dick. Since he is so pathetic, they tell him that he is their new cuckold slave. He won’t be using that little cock anymore. But he does get to watch his buddy take Dava and Brianna to “pound town”. The bull slave gets to fuck Brianna while Dava plays with her pussy. The cuckold slave is inches away from Dava’s pussy but he isn’t allowed to touch. He has to watch his buddy fuck Brianna. Next Goddess Dava rides the bull’s cock while the cuckold is forced to worship Goddess Brianna’s feet. Finally, Goddess Brianna licks the bulls cum off Dava’s tits and spits it in the cuckold’s mouth. Everyone is having a fun party. Except the loser cuckold. He doesn’t deserve fun.

Dava Foxx, Brianna – Dava & Brianna Bring Home The Slaves Part 5

Part 5: Strap On Slaves
Brianna and Dava have their cuckold slave kneeling on the floor. They are standing next to him both wearing strap on cocks. I guess cuckold slave is going to get to go to pound town after all! Out of nowhere the pathetic neighborhood pervert shows up. He kneels before the Goddesses holding a bottle of wine that he obviously has been drinking himself. The ladies told this loser to bring them champagne and flowers hours ago. Not only is the creep late but he didn’t bring flowers and brought wine instead of champagne. Now they are going to make this pervert their bitch just like the cuckold slave. Brianna orders the pervert to suck her cock. The cuckold is already gagging on Dava ’s big strap on. After getting their cocks nice and wet with their spit the slaves are put on the couch. They are on their hands and knees facing each other as Brianna and Dava pound their asses. The ladies laugh as both of the bitches scream and cry from the big cocks stretching their asses. The cuckold is useless so he is dismissed. The cuckold is warned to be good or they will bring him in the dungeon next time!

Dava Foxx, Kate England – Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch Part 1 – Foot Worship

Dava Foxx and her friend Kate England are having a discussion by the pool about how Kate has been dominating all the men in the neighborhood, While Kate is in the middle of telling Dava how she fucks all these men with a 12 inch strap on the pool guy arrives. Both women think he is cute but then decide to make an example of him of how easy it is to control and turn a man into a cuckold bitch. They call him over, Kate forces him down on his knees and informs him that he is going to do everything that he is told and that begins with worshiping their feet. Dava and Kate make him first kiss their feet and then they start to gag him by shoving their feet and toes down his throat. While he is licking between their toes, They begin humiliate him and tell him and make fun of how small his dick is. Kate then shows him and Dava what all bitches should be locked into a chastity device. Kate locks his pathetic 2 dick away. Soon Dava and Kate begin to kiss and play with each other making their new bitch cry in pain as his dick begins to grow in chastity.Dava starts to lick and grind on his chastity knowing he can’t feel a thing and informing him that he will never get to be this close to her tight pink pussy without being locked up. With their new slut begging to be released both Dava and Kate laugh knowing they have the key and they will never unlock his pathetic 2″ inch dick. Goddess Kate asks him if he wants her tight pink pussy? The slut says yes both women laugh and tell him bitch boys don’t get pussy. Kate and Dava turn around and force his head right into their ass announcing that bitch boys get ass. They force him to lick their ass. Going back and forth between both Dava and Kate’s ass their bitch boy can barely breathe. Laughing Dava begins to get off as they turn this slut into their pathetic Cucky. Dava’s husband comes home to see their pool boy on his wife. With her husband outraged he begins to yell at her, but Dava puts an end to that real quick as she slaps him in the face and tells him to get on his knees. Then Kate hands her a pink collar as she is putting it on her husband she informs him he will be doing everything that he is told from now on or she will file for divorce and take all his money. Kate takes off the pool boys chastity device Dava tells her husband that if he loves her and does not want a divorce he will suck the pool boys tiny dick. Dava begins to shove his head down as he begins to suck. Kate enjoys dominating men and begins to get so turned on she starts playing with herself. Soon Dava decides that she wants to watch their bitch release his load all over her husbands face. Soon before he knows it he is licking cum off his lips and being laughed at by his wife and her friend. Goddess Dava Foxx and Kate England tease Dava’s subby hubby and the pool boy with their sexy bodies and beautiful wet pink pussy’s letting them smell it and making them watch as they rub each other and moan asking the boys if they want to fuck? Kate pulls out two chindo’s telling the boys to put them on, And instructs them to fuck them until they have reached orgasm, Dava tells her hubby your pathetic little dicklet never got the job done, So from this point on he would be her submissive Subbyubby and do everything she asks. Goddess Dava and Kate En are strapped up with 12′ Inches of hard cock and they tell the boys to start lubing up their cocks with their spit, Because it’s time to fuck some man pussy, The ladies fuck these boys hard. Goddess Dava reminds her hubby that this is his new life, And he better get used to it.

Dava Foxx, Kate England – Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch Part 2 – Chastity

Dava Foxx, Kate England – Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch Part 3 – Ass Worship

Dava Foxx, Kate England – Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch Part 4 – Forced Bi

Dava Foxx, Kate England – Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch Part 5 – Chindo

Dava Foxx, Kate England – Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch Part 6 – Strapon

Evelin Stone, Kenzie Reeves – Avoiding Detention By Fucking

On their way to detention, Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are hit on by two losers who end up behind them in detention. They both want to get at Evelin and Kenzie, but are too pathetic for the hot girls to even think about being seen with. While at detention, the girls decide to have some fun with them, and let them fuck their shaved pussies with a chindo. The girls sit up on their desks and pull their panties to the side to all the losers to stuff their pussies with the chindo dicks. The losers clearly don’t know how to fuck as they don’t know the right movements to get the girls off. Still in detention, Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves decide to take control of the classroom. They stand up on the teacher’s desk and start stripping and making out. The girls tease all the guys in the room with their hot bodies. Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves take their panties off and start sliding dildos over their shaved wet pussies. They spread their legs so all the guys can see them pleasure themselves. The girls slide their dildos into their wet pussies just inches from the guys faces, teasing them while denying them and gratification. Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves have taken over control of the school detention classroom. Evelin has her eyes set on Mr. Cummings’ huge cock and lets him fuck her tight pussy on his desk. Kenzie Reeves thinks the other guys in the room are losers, so she just teases one of them by fucking herself with a pink dildo in front of his face. Evelin wants to ride Mr. Cummings’ hard cock, so she mounts him on his desk, and Kenzie rides his face, while the loser guys in detention sit and watch wearing skirts. Principal D caught Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves fucking Mr. Cummings in detention and the guys wearing skirts and was pissed. Kenzie and Evelin quickly hatch a plan and take control of Principal D, offering him the same thing that Mr. Cummings was getting. The bratty girls get him stripped quickly and show him their hot bodies, demanding that they both get passing grades and no more detentions for the rest of the year. After that is settled, the girls lay on the desk and let their pussies get fucked. The girls then ride the school officials until one of them ruins the fun and cums without permission.

Inga Victoria, Rikki Rumor – She Has You By The Balls Part 1

Inga is a special housewife who only wants the good things in life, including her big shot husband to be her total slave. While he polishes her toenails in his collar, she pulls out a large syringe and decides to tell her husband about her plan. She will inject his balls and as soon as he cums, his balls with harden and fall off, leaving him castrated and even more obedient than before. He agrees to this, after all, it could be a joke right? Or maybe it isn’t but still, she should be happy, she is his whole world. She injects the warm liquid and he starts to panic. She goes inside for her bath and he has no choice but to follow, towel her off and eat her gorgeous pussy for her. Wait a minute, is she trying to get him so horny that he cums? He can’t cum, or she will have his balls in a jar.

Inga Victoria, Rikki Rumor – She Has You By The Balls Part 2

Inga Victoria has her husband blindfolded and brings in her friend Ricky Rumor from the Country Club. She and Ricky have had their eyes on each other for a long time and it was Ricky who told Inga about the castration injection to give to her husband after all, an injection that will harden his balls and make them fall off right after the next time is that he cums. Her husband is distracted by her and her new lover playing with each other that he almost forgets about his predicament. he is allowed to join them and pleasure them too. Is this another attempt at his wife driving him over the edge with excitement so he will cum, leading to him losing his balls so she can have them in her jar?

Inga Victoria, Rikki Rumor – She Has You By The Balls Part 3

Inga and her friend Rikki are not finished attempting to get Inga’s husband to cum so she can have his balls in a jar. They decide to try their hardest giving it one more chance. If they do not try to make him cum soon, the very expensive castration Inga had used will be useless. The women decide to fuck him with their strapons like the bitch he is, pounding him mercilessly, driving him deeper and deeper into total submission as he feels their cocks filling his holes. Weaker and weaker he feels, unable to realize what is even going on, only that he must submit. He feels horny, confused and powerless. Now is the time for the women to make their move…

Jamie Valentine – Jamie Valentine Controls Your Manhood

Waiting for Mistress Jamie in your cage? Lucky for you, you didn’t have to wait that long. Here she comes to torment and laugh at your predicament. Jamie teases you with her beautiful body and wants you to do as she says with your tiny dick. Stroke it the way Jamie tells you to stroke it as you drool over her gorgeous ass, long legs and perfect cleavage.

Jamie Valentine – Sexy Stockings On Goddess Jamie

Goddess Jamie Valentine is lounging outside in her sexy black stockings . You know you want to be near her sexy legs and feet wrapped in those stockings . You know exactly how they will feel pressed against your face, her warmth coming through the silky nylon fabric. Get closer and worship her and her sexy perfect feet and do as your Goddess tells you.

Jamie Valentine, Kylie Rogue – Cage Boy – Full Movie

Mistress Kylie Rogue calls Goddess Jamie Valentine to discuss her caged cucky not cleaning or licking her boyfriend’s balls correctly.They taunt him and instruct him to jerk off his tiny slut stick while he is reminded that he is there for their entertainment. After teasing the cucky, Goddess Jamie counts down to the moment He is to spill his filth and Mistress Kylie informs him to lick it all up because his lesson is about to begin. Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Jamie Valentine are happy to let you stare and drool all over the red and black heels you bought for them, So before they put your slutty ass back in chastity they let you jerk that tiny pathetic dicklet off as they instruct you to shove a few fingers up your ass and imagine it is the heel of one of their shoes you paid for looser, Thats right Goddess Kylie fucks your face with her sexy heel and lets you spray your loser load Kablammmmm!!! Cage Boy is Kneeling and stretching his filthy slut hole with his fist since Goddess Jamie Valentine and Kylie Rogue decided they aren’t finished with him yet and will wait to put him in chastity after he obeys their commands. They tease him for not only having a small sissy slut stick but for also wanting to touch it all the time and enjoying his ball smacking.Mistress Kylie knows he likes to be punished and before letting him spill his filth and be locked in chastity she tells him he will have to smack his own balls hard where ever she points to. Goddess Jamie says they aren’t red enough and that his loser filth sacks need to start growing before he is to be fed the precum he is already spilling. “Now stick those fingers in that mouth and suck them. “Goddess Jamie Valentine laughs at your newly earned cucky collar and chastity device. Mistress Kylie Rogue has one more thing for you though, a new ass training dildo of course! They show you the toys they will be playing with but they won’t start until you have sat on your new dildo. They undress each other once you have stuffed your little slut hole and turn on their toys. While you kneel in front them, they pet each other and grind against their toys. “Bounce on your dildo cucky!”

Joslyn James – Becoming Joslyns Bitch Part 2 Pussy Tease

Goddess Joslyn is training her chauvinistic husband to be her bitch. She has already made him worship her feet. Now he is being forced to watch her pleasure herself with her toy that has kept their marriage together for the last ten years. He will have to watch her cum all over her Hitachi vibrator and then clean it up with his tongue. As if that isn’t humiliating enough, she warns him that if he really wants to keep their marriage, he will eventually have to lick another man’s cum from her pussy. Poor guy shouldn’t have been such an asshole all these years!

Kenzie Reeves – Bratty Stepdaughter Trains Stepfather and Stepbrother

Blonde Goddess Kenzie Reeves doesn’t want to take the sad little scooter to school. She wants a car, and since her stepfather is getting a new car, she thinks she should be able to have the old one. Kenzie’s stepdaddy just needs a little convincing. Kenzie peels off her little jean shorts to show off her shaved 18 year old pussy. Kenzie knows her pervy little stepfather wants to taste her tight pussy, but he hasn’t given her the car yet, and Kenzie wants to feel his tongue on her ass. Kenzie has her stepfather tongue her tight little stepdaughter ass for a few minutes before asking him to lick her wet pussy. After having a taste of his naughty stepdaughter, he gives Kenzie the keys to the car. Kenzie is laying on her bed fucking herself with a red dildo knowing that her stepfather is perving on her wet pussy. He tries to play it off as doing housework, but Kenzie knows better. She forces him to wear a collar and a leash while she masturbates inches from his face. Kenzie teases her stepfather with her puffy wet pussy. Kenzie knows her stepdaddy likes watching her fuck herself really deep. She forces him to suck her cum off her dildo. Kenzie Reeves climbs on top of her stepfather and guides his daddy cock in her shaved pussy. “Do you like fucking your stepdaughter, stepdaddy?” Kenzie asks. She spreads her legs so he can fuck her tight 18 year old pussy deep and hard. Kenzie legs quiver while she cums on her stepfather’s cock. “Do you like it better than mommy’s pussy?” Kenzie wants to get fucked harder, the way he gives it to mommy. Kenzie’s filthy mouth pushes her stepdaddy over the edge and squirt his cum over her perky tits. Kenzie Reeves’ stepbrother is pissed off that she is a spoiled brat and is getting everything she wants. He wants to know what is wrong with her, which Kenzie doesn’t like. Instead, she puts a collar on both her stepbrother and stepfather, and forces them to worship her feet. They take off Kenzie’s shoes and start sucking on her perfect toes. She informs them that from now on they should call her Princess Kenzie, or she will tell her mother all about their embarrassing, pathetic behavior. Kenzie’s stepfather and stepbrother each take turns sucking on her toes and licking her feet, worshipping her feet like the princess Kenzie Reeves is. Kenzie Reeves wants to show her dominance over her stepbrother and commands him to start sucking on her thick strap on cock. If he acts like a bitch, Kenzie is gonna fuck him like a bitch. She grabs his head and guides it down her long hard dick. He needs to lube it up with his spit and saliva or Kenzie is gonna fuck is pathetic man pussy dry. Kenzie bends her stepbrother over the dining room table and uses her strap on dick to open up his ass and starts pegging his subby ass.

Kimber Woods – Kimbers Pathetic Hillbilly Sluts Part 1

Kimber Woods has ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and she is unhappy about it at all, just as she is trying to get a hold of her agent two hillbilly boy show up and offer to get her gas. While Kimber is waiting for them to get back the two hillbillies show up asking her to sign them and how they are her biggest fan. Kimber thinks about it for a moment and sees this as her opportunity to turn this two hillbilly boys into her pathetic sluts. After they ask Kimber to show off her fighting skills they pull out a box with props from all her films she was in. Soon these two pathetic sluts find themselves with collars on and pony butt plugs right up their man pussy. As Kimber laughs at them she makes them run around like ponies humiliating them and slowly turning these two boys into her sluts.

Kimber Woods – Kimbers Pathetic Hillbilly Sluts Part 2

After Kimber Woods makes her new sluts act like ponies she decides to see how much she can turn these 2 pathetic boys into her sissies. First Kimber dresses them like girls and as soon as they are, she makes them both dance. Humiliating her new sissies sluts Kimber tells them they are not dancing the right way and that they better dance more like girls or they will not like what comes next. Soon she has her new sissy sluts dancing on each other and as soon as she has had enough she informs them to walk like ladies and curtsy. When these sissy boys get done trying to please their Mistress she points out that something is missing. She walks over to her new sluts and begin to put lipstick on them and after she is done she forces these now lipsticked sissies to kiss each other or else

Kimber Woods – Kimbers Pathetic Hillbilly Sluts Part 3

Pornstar Goddess Kimber Woods Has these hillbilly cuck boys in the palm of her hand she is going to make them do everything she wants, now both crossdressed and wearing lipstick she makes these losers each fuck a blow up toy, the pathetic cuckys both fuck their blow up lambs hard and fast spilling their disgusting goo in 3 min flat Goddess Kimber Woods laughs as she has them both slop up every last drop.

Kimber Woods – Kimbers Pathetic Hillbilly Sluts Part 4

Now Goddess and Pornstar Kimber Woods makes her two pathetic hillbilly cuck boys jerk each other off just for her own amusement laughing at how eager they are to please her. She then makes them slurp up every last drop.

Kimber Woods – Kimbers Pathetic Hillbilly Sluts Part 5

Goddess Kimber Woods is having the time of her life humiliating these pathetic looser wood hillbilly boys they are her biggest fan and know all her porn movies by heart they beg to have a wrestling match and she says that’s fine cuck boys but the loser gets to fuck the winner, the two boys look at each other and say how can we loose, Kimber kicks the living crap out of both of them smothering them with her ass hold after hold she makes both these losers tap out over and over finally declaring herself the winner she says now it’s time to Fuck and goes off to get her strap-on.

Kylie Rogue – Goddess Kylie Rogue Owns Your Gaping Asshole

You know you want Goddess Kylie Rogue To Fuck that gaping asshole of yours, That’s right wearing her 14″ inch thick black cock you yearn to slather up her strap-on and be fucked with your own spit, Rammed hard and long until she makes you cry then fucks you with your own tears, She instructs you to jerk off that little tiny dicklet of yours as you dream of her gaping your slut hole stretching it to its maximum capacity leaving you in a pile of your own drool and filth

Marsha May – Licking Her Warm Wet Hole

Marsha May is bossing her bitch boy around and teasing him with her stunning perfect young body. He wants her but doesn’t dare ask. He knows better. He knows his place is to be on his knees doing anything she says but can’t help but grow hard when she puts her perfect breasts and ass in his face. If only he wasn’t just a cuckold. She decides she is going to make him lick her asshole as that is all he deserves. She grabs his head and makes him lick it over and over again. It gets her pussy went and he can smell her warm wet cunt and is teased by the idea of her wet juices running down to her hole so he can sneak a taste.

Nikki Brooks – Madame Nikki’s Halloween Party

Madame Nikki went to her boring work costume party dressed as a sexy nun. She convinces two idiots from the warehouse to join her for fun at her place. The guys think they are going to give the business to Madame Nikki, but she sets the tone when she demands them to get on their knees. When the guys are in their rightful place, Madame Nikki has them sucking and worshiping her feet. Since two guys going at it has been a fantasy of Madame Nikki’s, she forces them to jerk each other’s small penis. She pulls out a vibrator while watching the guys stroke each other, then forces one of the bi guys to deep throat the other like a good little cock whore. Madame Nikki is loving this guy on guy action she’s orchestrating and is rubbing her shaved pussy while watching one of the pathetic boys get the other one hard by stroking his cock. When he gets the small penis of his friend as hard as it’s going to get, he is forced down with his man-pussy spread wide to get fucked by his friend. Madame Nikki is bored watching her new subbys try and fuck each other, so she decides to pull out her big black strap on and show them what a real fucking looks like. Her bi boy toys are scared when they first see her sporting her huge black cock, and they scream all through the fucking she gives them. Madame Nikki is definitely making this a halloween costume party these bi boys won’t forget anytime soon.

Parker Swayze – Parker’s Bitch Part 2 – BJ Assist

Parker knows she has her wealthy, spoiled boy right where she wants him. He has dressed in her maid outfit and was forced to eat her ass in order for her to not tell his mother. Now she invites her stud over so she can blow him and show him what a real man is like and she tries to have him blow him. He pulls away so instead she makes him eat her spit so he could taste a real man. He has no choice, she will tell his parents that he touched her ass so he must comply by drinking more and more of her spit.

Parker Swayze – Parker’s Bitch Part 3

Parker is not done teaching her employer’s handsy spoiled son Toby a lesson. Her stud lover is now fucking her hard and deep with his huge cock while she forces Toby to watch with his face right up into her lover’s ass. She then makes him lick her lover’s balls while she gets fucked properly. She shows Toby that she would never be with a pathetic little spoiled small dicked loser like him and that THIS is the type of man that can pleasure her. He’s nothing more than a sissy fluffer. What a bitch . Parker is so turned on she can’t help but cum from her lover’s huge cock and her lover cums a nice huge load all over her pussy. She forces Toby to lick it all clean, after all, she WILL TELL HIS PARENTS if he does not do as she says. It tastes so awful but he has no choice.

Parker Swayze – Parker’s Bitch Part 4

Toby is still stuck being Parker’s Bitch until she is satisfied with him learning his lesson for grabbing her ass. He still must do as she says or else she will tell his parents who will punish him. She is relaxing with her stud after her nice fucking while Toby who is STILL dressed in her maid outfit and not allowed to remove it, has to lick her feet while she continuously tells her lover about what a little bitch Toby is. If that is not bad enough, toby must lick the feet of her lover also! She humiliates him so badly and he has no choice but to do as she says……OR ELSE. He gets especially scared when she tells him that she is going to fuck him in the ass next.

Parker Swayze – Parker’s Bitch Part 5 Strapon

Parker is still not done playing this punishment game with Toby. She shoves her cock in his mouth and makes him suck it good and hard. This bitch needs to fully feel what it is like to be humiliated in front of a hot woman and she isn’t stopping with just cock sucking. She bends him over and shoves her superior femdom cock into his man-pussy and pounds away good and hard until he is totally destroyed. Toby combs her hair, more submissive than ever before, while she tells him that every weekend when his parents are away, they will repeat this punishment game.

Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Lap It ALL Up!

Kimber Woods and Parker Swayzee are the gorgeous lesbian couple you just cannot have. EVER. You CAN however, earn the honor of being just a few inches away from them…. lapping up all of their p like a little pathetic out of your bowl. Watch as these two hot women taunt and tease you with their hot bodies and show you what you should be jerking to. Perhaps they should get rid of all of the toilet paper in the house and just use you as their toilet paper?

Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Tormented He-Bitch Part 1 Spit Slave

Parker Swayze and Kimber Woods are a gorgeous pair of lovers who only use men as entertaining little toys. They share a tender and sexy kiss before noticing the pathetic bitch cowering the cage behind them. That slave must have been caged for a very long time because the two woman find him to be very thirsty. They decide with evil grins and giggles that he should only be allowed to drink their spit . How humiliating and degrading for this slave who have to lap up every drop of their precious spit in order to hydrate himself. The women know this and are getting off on his suffering. “Aww, are you thirsty?” they say while holding back laughter at how pathetic he is with his mouth open, his face covered in spit while they each take turns dripping spit as well as force-fully spitting all over his face and mouth. They then decide to make it even worse, as they drag him from the cage and spit all over him, both taunting and teasing with their hot bodies and complementing each other while they get off on seeing the other woman cover the slave with their fluids. If he ‘s lucky, they’ll go and get his drinking bowl.

Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Tormented He-Bitch Part 2 Suffer For Our Pee

Parker Swayzee Kimber Woods are just getting started tormenting their little he-bitch. They command him to crawl over and laugh as he is dragging a milk jog filled with water that is attached to his balls. He winces in pain as his balls are stretched. They kick his water dish away and make him earn his drink by taking more pain for them. The ladies make him crawl around the room for their amusement, stretching his balls constantly and knowing that his pain gives them so much pleasure and entertainment. Finally they decide to give him some refreshment, and they p into a dish and bury his thirsty face in it.

Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Tormented He-Bitch Part 4 Skewered

Parker Swayzee and Kimber Woods decide that nothing will get them in the mood more to fuck than to watch each other drill away at the holes of their he – bitch . They make the pathetic bitch take both of their cocks in his mouth and man-pussy, and he endures anything the mean ladies put him through. He has no choice but to be pounded like the bitch he is by the laughing women who can’t seem to stop tormenting him. The women are more and more turned on. Finally, they cage him and are wet and ready to fuck each other.

Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Tormented He-Bitch Part 5 Lesbian Cuckold

It’s time. They can barely keep their hands off of each other’s beautiful bodies. Parker Swayzee and Kimber Woods are kissing and touching each other, hot and ready to fuck. However, they need to keep their he – bitch close-by to watch and be shocked by the shock collar the women attached to his balls. Every time he starts to enjoy the show before him, they shock him causing him to yell and jump. He goes right back to laying still and watching them, because he is trained to do so and knows better! The women get off even more every time he yells.

Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Tormented He-Bitch Part 6 Human Sink

After all of that fucking, the lesbian lovers to take a bath. We find them kissing and caressing each other, covered in suds. Parker Swayzee and Kimber Woods force their he – bitch to worship their ass and then they decide to brush their teeth and turn him into their human sink for their waste. The girls spit their tooth paste waste-water into his mouth and into his face. How humiliating! He endures their humiliation as these naked soapy Goddesses abuse him over and over. He finally towels them off and is left there on his knees.

Pressley Carter – The Class Bitch Presley

Presley Carter is the BITCH of the school and she often gets whatever she wants. Most of the guys wish they could date her and even the teacher gets excited when she walks into class. She is young and naturally dominant, and knows that she can bend men to her will. Presley is followed outside of school by a fellow jock classmate who she quickly turns down. Presley has her eye on a bigger prize, her teacher. Presley enters detention and quickly has her teacher under her control, telling him that he must do everything SHE says, and not the other way around. Before he knows what hit him, he is on his knees mere inches before her gorgeous, young pink pussy. Presley wants him to pleasure her because why should she have to sit in detention at a desk when she can spend it cumming? Presley Carter has her teacher sitting in a desk, afraid but so turned on and weak, under Presley’s control. Presley’s loser jock classmate comes in and sees Presley standing on the desk and laughs. Presley orders him to sit down in the other empty desk next to the teacher, and he obeys. It is HER class now, and she makes the rules. He is naked and sitting down, wondering if he is going to get lucky. Presley comes down off of the desk and stalks back and forth, eyes at the men, intimidating them with her crop. She notices how small the Jock’s penis is and laughs, taking humiliating photos of it to share with her girlfriends later. Presley then puts a dildo gag on his face and makes him fuck her good and hard with it, right in front of the teacher. Poor jock boy, on his knees, in a pink collar forced to watch the Dominant woman he lusts after get fucked by the teacher who has a much larger and better cock than he has. He is automatically forced into being a cuckold, as Presley makes him watch her get fucked by the teacher’s big cock. He is not allowed to take his eyes off of them, and Presley makes sure he has the perfect view. He wishes he could be the one fucking her and feels useless and humiliated. Presley tells him that he can join in…by worshipping her feet. She finally gives him the chance to taste her pussy….but she is covered with her teacher’s cum. It’s Presley’s cock now, as she controls it and does whatever she wants with it. At least that is how Presley and her teacher Mr. Cummings sees it from now on. Presley tells her teacher that she hopes he enjoyed fucking her, as she previously used him as a human dildo, as now she is going to milk him. He is not allowed to move, only to look up at her as she does anything she wants with the cock she now owns. Presley has her jock classmate right where she wants him. She knows he will do anything just to be with her and she is using that to her advantage, using her dominant power over him to make him weak and do anything she wants, including sucking her cock and getting fucked in the ass. She even makes him thank her and tell her that he loves it. VERY humiliating!

Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxxx – Pay To See More

Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush are stading in front of you in just some lingerie, letting you know that if you want to see more of their gorgeous bodies you have to give them some more money. They only really need you for your money, and then they may show you their pussies, or tits. Don’t give your money to your loser wife or pathetic girlfriend, give it to these gorgeous girls, show them how much you want them. You can’t please anyone with that tiny little clit dick you have, you have to pay to get girls like this interested in you.

Sabrina Paige, Pressley Carter – A Cuck for Pressley and Sabrina (Full Movie)

Part 1: Too Small
Pressley and Brian are finally married. He promised that on their wedding night, they would finally have sex. When she sees his penis for the very first time, she is in shock at how small it is. She tries having sex, but its so small it won’t go inside of her! She calls her stepsister Sabrina to come by to help. Sabrina is a dominant woman and her hung lover is her slave and he does whatever she says. They arrive, and Pressley and Sabrina compare the cocks of their men and laugh at how incredibly small Brian is. They make fun of it. Brian is upset and wants Sabrina to leave. That is when Sabrina slaps him and tells Pressley that she needs to train her husband to be her submissive pet and allow her to fuck other more endowed men

Part 2: Ass Worship
Since Brian is a submissive bitch with a dick that is way too small, his wife Pressley with the help of her stepsister Sabrina, has decided to make him her bitch. Lesson 1 is to teach the submissive husband that he must know his place…which means on his knees, hands behind his back, and unable to have any pussy unless his wife says so. He must learn to be a good little ass worshipper for his new wife AND her stepsister too.

Part 3: Pussy Servitude
“You have 2 minutes to get me and my sister off” says a bossy Sabrina. She has been showing her sister Pressley how to dominate her under endowed husband and how to turn him into a cuckold. This is lesson 2, in showing him that it’s all about her needs. He must make them both cum using a humiliating dildo gag. Not only is he not allowed to use his own small penis, but even the dildo is bigger than him.

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“It’s time to accept the fact that ONE OF US has a BIG DICK in this relationship.” Pressley says to her subby hubby. She prefers to be called GODDESS now as she shoves her cock into his aching man pussy to show him who is boss around here. He finally accepts his place as her fucked and used pathetic bitch of a husband and must only be used for her enjoyment now, as she goes out and gets fucked by real men. When she is bored, she will be fucking him hard with her cock, reminding him of his place.

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Sarah has her pathetic cuckold husband hiding in the closet while she has her second cuckold pleasure her with a chin-do. The cuck in the closet is forced to watch her be pleasured by her other slave’s face. She is obviously trying to make him jealous. Will he ever get to fuck her the way this slave is with the dildo-gag?

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Shay Evans isn’t happy with her man ‘s performance, she is always finding herself having to please herself and she decides she is going to train him once and for all. She shows him a video of the hung neighbor she has been blowing and fucking. She wants her husband in a maid outfit cleaning the house when she gets home with her lover. Her husband must worship her feet, right in front of her hung stud, paying attention to every toe, her arches, and her heels.

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Shay Evans is happy with the progress of her husband but she still wants him to learn his true place as her bitch, always underneath her at the bottom where he belongs. Shay knows her husband hasn’t had her pussy in soooo long. She decides she is going to have her bitch watch as she plays with her pussy in front of him with a glass dildo. He must see how that bigger, thicker, better dildo pleases her more than he does. This is almost how her lover does it.

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Shay Evans wants her husband to know his place and the only wait to make cuck Ryan know his place completely is to show him the only sex he will ever have for the rest of his life….and that is with his Goddess wife’s big black cock of course. He must suck her cock like a good hungry whore and make sure it’s properly lubed with his spit because that’s the only lube he is ever going to get. Shay fucks his pathetic cuckold pussy into next year.

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Mistress Roxie makes her Subby Hubby worship and lick her high arches licking every toe. Being her bottom bitch she makes him worship her feet every night and today has a special occasion because she’s going to introduce her Subby hubby to her new boyfriend Alex, so she makes sure that he cleans in between every toe and licks them thoroughly.

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Goddess Roxxy Renay and her best friend SophiaLucille are now lounging by the pool with Goddess Roxxy’s Pathetic Subby Hubby serving them drinks with a chindo attached to his face Roxxy tells Sophia to watch as he has to service her with the chindo because his own dick is only 2″ inches long and encourages her friend to join in the girls start kissing and eating out each other as her subby hubby rams the chindo in and out of both females until they have reached orgasms Then Roxxys new boyfriend shows up and is like wtf ???

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Goddess Roxxy Renay and her best friend SophiaLucille now inform her pathetic subbyhubby that Mr Adams has been fucking his wife for months and makes him ask Mr Adams to show him how to fuck a woman properly, Mr Adams pounds Roxxy until she reaches orgasm all while poor Hubby only gets to watch another man fill his wife’s pussy like he never could as he is locked in chastity, Finally, Mr Adams cums inside his wife and Subbyhubby is made to lick up every last drop.

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Goddess Roxxy Renay and SophiaLucille Now tease pathetic subby hubby Toby licking his chastity device asking if he can feel their hot breath through his cock cage and ask him if it hurts when all 2″ inches start to swell and get hard in there, Then Roxxy decides to release him from chastity but only to humiliate him further by comparing his tiny dicklet to her new boyfriends, Sophia laughs as she puts her pinky finger right next to Tobys Tiny slut stick, Roxxy starts sucking off her new boyfriend right in front of her hubby, Then tells him to open up wide for pre-cum that she spits into his mouth, Then gets her new boy toy ready to explode his load all over her hubby’s face! Open up bitch its feeding time.

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Goddess Roxxy Renay’s Boyfriend Alex grabs Sophia Lucille her best friend after Roxxy goes to take a shower and makes a pass at her, She says hey your Roxxy’s dude, He replies she doesn’t have to know, come on lets you and me have some fun, She slaps him hard right across the face and hands him a pink collar and instructs him to put it on and that he can start at the bottom and worship her feet, Now naked and humiliated he is on his knees wearing his new pink collar, She has made him her foot bitch and makes him lick and suck her feet even face fucks him until he is gagging, as she explains that to be with her this will be his place beneath her worshipping her beautiful Goddess feet. As he leaves she informs him that he is officially her Bitch now and she will see him next Saturday at her house as she swats him on the ass and sends him on his way.

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Tangent and Sunny Chase are relaxing on the couch having a drink when they start having a conversation. They go outside and find Sunny’s boyfriend checking out a blow-up doll. Outraged but then amused, they decide to make HIM a blow-up doll by turning him into a total slut. He can’t have pussy ever again, so they decide to tease him with Sunny’s pussy and show him what he can’t have anymore. They tease him with Sunny’s gorgeous pussy, and this is only the beginning of his torment.

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A young woman is attacked by the infamous masked killer when he surprises her by grabbing her after appearing from her closet when she investigates noises she hear. She tries to escape his grasp but he pulls her close, spins her around to face him then puts her into a bear hug that lifts her off her feet. The embrace is merciless and gradually unbearable until her lower back gives in, hearing her own vertebrae crushing. He lays her down on her own bed then fondles and undresses her, exposes her sacred goods to his eyes. He strokes his cock, wanting her to know he is going to fuck her and there is nothing she can do about it. She must take in all his cock and hope to survive the ordeal, hoping she can walk again. He fucks her deep and continuously until he creams her pussy and her belly. Once he empties himself, he finds no further use for her and grabs her face, momentarily smothering face smothering her. She struggles to breath when he suddenly snaps her neck, killing her instantly. Once dead he admires her body then slowly backs out of the room, taking time to admire his handiwork through her bedroom window before disappearing into the darkness.
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A young woman constantly questions her trainer about if he is still seeing his girlfriend, whom he is deeply in love with. She and her trainer both had been seeing each other sexually on occasion and he had hoped to maintain this arrangement but she wanted more and began to subtlety threaten to expose his infidelity in order to end his relationship. She never saw it coming, could never come to realize or understand that he was capable of murder, of harming her but he was serious. He grabbed the exercise cable, wrapped it around her neck and strangles her to death. After putting her down, he carries her to his place and uses her sexually charged body to get off in many different positions as he questions her, hoping for an answer.
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A man loses it when a co-worker discusses their intimate encounter and he finds out she is repulsed being with other men but takes it too personally where he loses control. He bends her over a table and plows into her tightness but is surprised when her lesbian lover forgot to take her check and returns to see the horror of her lover dead and being raped before her very eyes. She races back to her ride and grabs a gun and chases him through the countryside trying to kill him but he doubles back to the saloon and tries to find his own gun when she corners him. Unfortunately she is out of bullets and tries to use the gun to strike him but he takes her down. A fight ensues and she gains the upper hand on the first 2 exchanges until he eventually takes her down hard and violently snaps her neck. He sits her up and snaps her neck again for good measure then extensively enjoys both bodies and several positions before he pops his building semen all over the body of his ex-lover.
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A young girl whose head is filled with fantasies experiences a real life drama when her fantasy of being raped by a masked man becomes a reality. Although he rips her clothing and is taking her pussy, the act of rape turns her on and her pussy tightens around his thrusting cock and slicks it in her vaginal juices so he could drive it deeper inside her. He is fucking her harder and deeper when he decides to gradually tighten the panties her placed around her throat. The thrill of trying to catch her breath and being savagely fucked forces her to near an orgasm which he nearly snatches away by strangling and fucking the life out of her. She manages to come all over his cock just before she expires and he takes care of the rest…fucking her passionately until he floods her insides, giving her sweet, soft tits one last squeeze before pulling out of her and leaving her for her parents to find upon their return home.
In part 1, Tom confronted his ex girlfriend and, after a brief scuffle, he rapes and strangles her to death. With Sarah gone, he waits for her roommate Tammy, who helped to put him in prison for 10 years. Tom confronts her and exacts his revenge, stripping her and raping her over the corpse of her dead girlfriend; then, after removing Sarah’s body, he goes after Tammy who tries to kick him away and escape. He grabs her hanging nylon stocking and uses it to wrap around her throat and take her down hard, strangling the life from her pretty body. Tired, he plays with both bodies before grabbing his things and leaving the crime scene.
Tiffany is on the phone with her girlfriend Samantha saying how bored she is and they should go to bar have a few drinks and find some guys for fun, since they got lucky last time.

Tiffany shows up first. The crowd is pretty lame, a drunk guy was hitting on Tiffany by pool table. The only good-looking guy in the bar saved her by throwing the drunk out.

She wanted to thank him and buy him a drink. Mike is not interested in drinking but he would like her to play pool with him. Mike wants to make the pool game interesting and have Tiffany play for something. He dared Tiffany to play strip pool. Every time somebody loses, they would to take off one article of clothing. Mike smiles and the game begins.

After few games Tiffany is in lingerie, Mike is topless. A few more games Tiffany is still in lingerie but she loses so she needed to take off her bra. Tiffany is shy, she hesitates but Mike tells her, game is game and they have an agreement. She submits and is topless only leaving her panties to loose. She loses the next game, so she need to strip naked, but she don’t want to. At the same time as Mike demands her to take off her panties, her phone rings.

Samantha saved her in the last second. Tiffany explains she needs to go to meet her lesbian lover.

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The man is polite, nice and asks her out. She refuses. She turns him down. He is okay with that, but she doesn’t understand why he is okay with that, and aggressively seeks his attention and mocking him. She can’t believe that he doesn’t want to fight for her beauty. It has never happens to her. She is pretty and feels all the men should fight for her.

She gets on machine that he is using when he rests, to seek his attention. The guy couldn’t take it no more so he grabbed her by her hair and forces her down on floor.

He puts heavy barbell on her neck to pin her down between floor and barbell. It’s too heavy for her so she can’t free herself. She struggles, scream for help but nobody can help her, its late and the gym is empty.

The guy goes back to finish his set, when it’s his rest time he walks up to her and stands over her. He pulls her sport bra over her boobs. Goes back does his another set. Comes back pulls her shorts off to reviled her pussy and goes back for another set. Now hat his finished with his sets, he pulls out his dick and start raping her while she is still pin down by heavy weights. He dose this a few times to mentally humiliates her.

He returns to her, turns her face down ass up with heavy barbell in back of her neck again so she can’t escape. Jammed his dick in her pussy and fuck her hard from behind. He repeats this a couple times between his sets, then he pins her under the barbell bar face up again. Going between sets till he cum on her stomach.

When he is done raping her, he grabs her by her neck, dragged her by the cable machine, put heavy load on it, wrapped the cable around her neck, clipped it behind and let the weight to strangle her. This is his revenge for all the women teasing guys and fucking with their minds.

He watches her struggle from distance while he is finishing his exercise for the day. When she is dead he make takes a couple of selfies and leaves.
Guy is on the phone with his buddy, playing with his garrote telling him his wife is gone for day, when he hears a knocks on door. When he opened the door his fantasy woman was standing there wearing a short dress and sexy high heels.
He was speechless! She told him her time was all paid for as a gift from his boss.

She did not realize she made a mistake and got the wrong house, but he play along with it. He stands there frozen as she smiles and walks inside. He closes the door behind her.

She leads him to his bedroom to have a nice sensual sex with him. After he cum inside her while wearing condom she went to freshen up.
He had always dreamed and fantasized of strangling a beautiful woman he just had sex with, he thought no one knew she was with him… she had the wrong house

When she came out of the bathroom she want to please him more, so she let him live out his fantasy, she thought this was some sort of weird sex thing but she obeyed him. As she backed up against him he fondled and caressed breasts firmly, causing her to moan with pleasure. He could tell that she enjoyed his touch. His hands moved quickly from her breast to her throat and he started choking her from behind until she passed out.

As she lay unconscious on the bed he molested her lifeless body until she regained consciousness, and she realize what had happened and tried to run for the door, but he was able to catch her. He held her on the bed and started strangling her again with his hands. He was on knees and pressing down with bothhands on her throat. This time there would be no escape no matter how hard she struggled and hit him.
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HARPIE agent was hired for a special job. She was hired to take care of the biggest serial killer once and for all. She was tracking him down, but he disappear every time she got close to him, just like a ghost. When she thought she finally got him it was just random
Items covered with sheets.
Still on alert, when she turns around she bumped into dangerous Halloween killer. He grabbed the agent by her neck with one hand and other hand he squeezes her hand so hard she dropped her gun to the floor. The killer lowers her down on her knees still choking her until she almost passed out. She start stroking his dick through his pants and begging him for mercy. She want to feel him inside her before she dies. Giving in to her girl charm. As soon as she catches her breath, she starts sucking his dick.
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He block his face at the last second, she sees blood splatter on his mask, she though she killed the famous serial killer Michael Myers.
She’s standing over him, he is not moving so she called her boss. HARPIE organization, “complete the mission successful”.
When she turns around to put her phone away, Michael grabbed her neck from behind and crush her throat while choking her to death.
She collapse in his arms, he bends her over his arm and fuck her dead body to finish what she started.
He then holds her in his arms, not wanting to let her go, yet there is other bitches out there who deserve the same as she got!
A hostage situation where the girl is handcuffs, gagged and sitting on a chair.

The capturer is waiting on money from cops as an exchange for his hostage. His sitting on couch watching himself in the news.

The guy invites the girl to sit closer to him and she refuses, so he orders her to sit next to him. He starts touching her knees, forces her legs open and see she is not wearing panties, so he goes down on her to eat her pussy.

The young girl tries to resist but he was way to strong for her. She was disgusted and tries to resist but his tongue was at the right spot to make her body shiver and she orgasm in his mouth.

The capturer drop the young girl down on her knees and pulls out his dick. Grabs her hair, smack her face with his dick and forced her to suck it and gags.

Then he picks her up, forced her to sit on his dick and fuck her cowgirl. Then he got on top of her and fucked her hard until he unload his big load inside her pussy.

The girl is crying and begging him to let her go.

He takes her to bedroom where he pushes her on bed, wraps garrote around her neck and starts strangling her.

When the girl is fighting for her life, she unconsciously grabbed his dick and stroke it an erotic way when her body slowly moves. She stretches out her body and dies with his dick in her pussy. He continues fucking her, slamming her ass until he cums on her ass.

He leave her body on bed when he goes check on the cop situation.

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A minipack consists of 17 scenes with Chloe Amour and Norah Nova on PST. Two scenes of them I have uploaded are not included here.
These two girls are quite skinny. They appear together in the movie “Second to no one” (2 parts).
The movies feature kidnapping or forcefully taking (roleplay) of the women. All end with the women being (fake) killed (by strangling, suffocation, neck snap or hanging). In most vids the snuff happens at the end when the sex is done or nearly done, except these vids: No love for the wicked, Rage and remorse 2 (two parts), Take it & leave it, They roam the countryside 9, Second to no one part 1, where the snuff happens first and the sex is with a lifeless body (acting) of the actress. Sex acts includes blowjob, fucking in missionary, sideways, prone bone, doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. The actresses act stressed or struggling during sex (if they’re “alive”). The vids where there are two women credited don’t feature much female on female action, because one of them is acting dead. Sometimes the actresses are restrained by cuffs, as in: Machine, Ransom 4 and 5. The guys finish on belly, ass or pussy of the girls.

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Norah Nova – Gym Rat Killer.mp4
Chloe Amour – What Little Girls Are Made of 2.mp4
Norah Nova – The Wrong House.mp4
Norah Nova – Mind Game.mp4
Chloe Amour – Halloween Admiration of Evil.mp4
Chloe Amour, Sadie Santana – Rage and Remorse 2 part 2.mp4
Chloe Amour – Ransom 4.mp4
Chloe Amour – Rage and Remorse 2 part 1.mp4
Norah Nova – Ransom 5.mp4
Chloe Amour – Machine.mp4
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There is hardly a better thing in the world than watching a masterful blowjob, there is more than enough of this kind of action. All these videos are strictly about deepthroat blowjobs, performed by beautiful broads of all colours, age, and shapes. Some scenes include group blowjob and interracial blowjob elements, and they all involve huge peckers and deepthroat action.

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HobyBuchanon Siterip – 63 videos HD

This site is all about rough sex, and more specifically rough oral. While all videos vary in content, they all involve some form of choking, face fucking, deep throat, throat fucking, slapping, so on and so forth. The girls come in all shapes and sizes, but all they all have the same thing in common: They are in for one hell of rough treatment, and they love it!

There are a total of 63 videos and all the videos are 720p. The models are not all identified clearly on the site, feel free to help improve visibility by adding tags.

Sex acts include: Rough Sex, Face Fucking, Throat Fucking, Deepthroating, Gagging, Face Slapping, Choking, Spitting, Facials

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Lexy Roxx Megapack – 255 Videos (30.55 GiB)

This pack contains every video available of 2018-12-20. In total, there are 255 videos that involve anything from handjobs to anal and incest to cuckold. Quality wise, the videos are either 720p or 1080p and were downloaded directly, so they are not re-encoded. The original video names included a bunch of special characters like * to censor some words (don’t ask me why the hell she does that) so I fixed them to the best of my ability.

She calls herself the Redhead Amateur slut from Magdeburg, Germany, and the horniest star in porn heaven, but Lexy Roxx is definitely destined for some professional success in the real perv world on Earth. She’s got a sick body that’s rock hard and super fit, with great medium tits and a firm piece of cherry ass. What really makes Lexy a winning porn babe, though, is her filthy mind and willingness to do it all. You know ze Germans are some of the nastiest when it comes to thinking up new sex acts, and we bet Lexy is always up for a slutty new challenge. This girl is all about attitude, and it shows through her multiple tats and piercings. She claims on her website that she was getting body piercings before she had sex, and that the two of them for her are equally satisfying. We guess that this girl just loves sticking things in her body. She started out doing amateur solo videos which eventually led to live cam sessions. There, she specialized in sex toys and continued sticking big foreign objects up her twat hole and butt tunnel. She’s taken several awards for best amateur and best newcomer. Now, she’s all into the real hardcore, getting fucked in every hole, and dominating young lesbian sluts. She’s a true cumshot queen and can take multiple loads in a row like a thirsty spunk junky.

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