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CrazyDad SiteRip contains 37 Comics Complete
Language: English
Page: 2795
Size: 1300 mb

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Big Cock Propaganda HD

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[OnlyFans] August Taylor (@augusttaylorxxx) – 2018/11/10

November 10th 2018

Most up-to-date rip of August Taylor’s OnlyFans account. Includes over 200 photos and more than 300 video clips! Selfies, sex clips, and lots of teasing from this bimbo queen.

All videos and photos have been renamed and labeled as the original post date and post ID from the account’s page. Sort by name and all content should be in proper order.

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Helena Price – HOT CUCKOLD Collection Again in HD

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Helena Home Movies 1 Full – Cuck Husband HD

This clip includes Helena Home Movies 1 and Helena Price Home Movies 2 in which I confront my husband about watching interracial porn. Give him a blowjob and he cums too fast, then I give him a nasty deep throat BJ after telling him that I planning on doing this to some BBC later on! He doesn’t mind since I let him cum on my tits! lol! He’s going to be a great cuckold husband for sure! kisses, xoxo

Helenas Cock Quest – Home Movies 9 Full Vid Anal

Helena Price Home Movies 9 Full VIdeo – Getting fucked by a big dick Latin Lover! He made my PUSSY CUM FROM ASS FUCKING! (Full video parts 1 and 2) Crazy story but true! I met a couple of black men while out shopping earlier that day. They said they would come over and give me a DP while my husband was off at work. Great! Only one problem. They had some car problems and could not come over that night. I was sad that I was not going to get my ass fucked by two studs and I had just gotten my ass ready playing with a big dildo! Thats when Champ of VoyeurChamp decided to call up a guy we met on the beach. Hes a sexy Latino Lover and when Champ told me that the guy was interested in coming over I was elated! I knew I was going to get my ass fucked good by a horny Latino that was going to use me good while my husband was away at work! I was a bit shy at first, nervous giggles as I discuss how my husband must get used to the idea of me fucking other men even when hes not around to watch! OMG, I dont really care what my hubby thinks since getting my asshole stuffed by this strangers cock made my pussy cum! My husband could never do that! I mean, my pussy was already creamy and wet from the intense fuck he was giving me. Then I knew the moment that this guy wanted to sodomize me! He spread my ass wide to admire my tight butthole. But then when he slides that cock up my ass, oh man, did I CUM HARD!!! You could see the cum oozing out of my pussy lips as he bangs me deep in my ass! Im so glad to have friends like Champ! He filmed me getting some good anal sex on this day! I wonder what my hubby would think? What do you think? Am I a good wife or what? LOL, hahha

Pre Gangbang Meetup At Exxxotica HD

Helena Price – I Went to Exxxotica with my cuckold husband and met a BBC Gangbang Producer In the hotel lobby! HD I went to Exxxotica the first night and met several men and had a good time while hubby was at work. The next day I decided to bring him with me. The next day I arrive at Exxxotica with my cuck hubby and immediately I noticed several handsome black men hanging out in the hotel lobby. Since my hubby watches so much IR porn I was able to recognize some of those men from IR porn videos he has watched. So I spent some time following them around until they noticed me. And, at last, lucky me! I was able to chat with a producer and finally get the opportunity to get fucked by 3 big black cocks at the same time, but then they had a even better idea… On the way to their hotel room I walk around in a shirt and no bra, you can see my nipples getting harder as they chat with me as we walk. Im wearing high heels and I know I have their attention with my tight shorts on that are showing off my ass, in public of course! We go up the elevator and soon enough their grabbing my ass, right in front of my husband, ha! Then I nervously get interviewed before starting the intro to my first BIG BLACK COCK GANGBANG

I Went to Exxxotica with my cuckold husband! BBC Gangbang Meetup! HD Had so much fun at Exxxotica! I went with voyeurchamp the first night. Champ was busy chasing some fine asses all over the place so I decided to mingle with some guys and have some fun. The next day I brought my hubby since Champ was still in bed, lol. I met a producer and let him know I wanted to do a BBC Gangbang. At first they said it would only be 3 guys but as I walked into the room with my husband next to me, I noticed at least 7 or 8 guys that looked ready to fuck! One of them started feeling me up, then they paraded me through the hotel lobby like a married slut and suggested doing a ganbang in the elevator, haha. Once Inside, I nervously pose for the guys taking pics with their phones. Then they jump me! They fondle and kiss me and at the end of this clip I tell hubby to sit in the corner and watch

Welcome To My World HD

We Sucked His BBC Cock Off And I FINISHED HIM With Cum Swaping Mouths! HD Okay, its not really fair. Three against one? The guy never stood a chance against us as I ride his face while two other sluts suck his big black cock off! This behind the scene style clip brings you closer to the action! Its like your there shooting me getting fucked by two sluts and a black cock! Now thats fun, but this guy cant seem to get off! We fucked him silly till he had nothing left. Boo hoo! I grab that cock with no mercy and sucked him off in my mouth until he jizzed all over my tongue! The two sluts quickly get snowballed as I drool his cum out of my mouth into theirs! Of course I should share right? They were kind enough to share that big cock with me, lol! Thats why I had to finish him! hahaha!

Helena Home Movies 3 Full Video Bbc Date HD

This is the full video version includes Part 1,2,3, of my fuck date with a BIG BLACK COCK that I met at an adult book store while my husband is at work during the night shift. Enjoy watching me get nailed by this black man whos name I didnt even know till he showed up, lol! xoxo Helena

Helena Home Movies 3 Pt1 – My BBC Date HD
Im so excited to post this video clip of my fucking some BIG BLACK COCK that I met while out on one of my cock quest adventures. I really wanted my husband to be around to watch and film, but he had to go to work so I got Champ from to shoot me since he’s a big pervert voyeur that likes to watch and film anything I do anytime I need him to, lol! Before hubby leaves for work Champ lets him know that its easier to for me to meet BBC with him not around, lol! So I got dressed up for my BBC date! Im such a good wife I even send my hubby some pics since he working the night shift. Of course I only take classy photos so he won’t get caught at work looking at his wife fuck a black guy. I snap a few shots of me holding that BBC and smiling since I so happy and excited to play with this thick long dark dick! I even followed him into the shower to worship his dark body and huge black penis as he lathered his slippery ebony cock in front of me getting me very horny and wet! Of course I help sliding my hand up and down his shaft in anticipation! In this clip I start off by making out with him, kissing him passionately! Then, like a good slutwife who wants to cuck her hubby, I lay on my back and let this stranger lick my pussy, suck my clit, and tung my asshole till I’m soaking wet and ready for a good interracial fuck from this BIG BLACK COCK

Helena Home Movies 3 Pt2 – My BBC Date HD
Im on my Big Black Cock date today. My husband is at work so I have Champ from shooting me on my cock quest adventure. I invited this black guy with a really big thick cock that I met at an adult book store over for some fun while hubby works the night shift. I suck his cock, getting most of that long black cock down my throat no matter how bad I wanted to gag. My eyes water! Then I get up on top of his thick dick and slide it into my tight pussy so I can ride him good! After that he takes me and throws me back, puts my knees back to my head, and drills me hard with his BIG BLACK COCK! I hope you enjoy watching this as much as my husband will! Either way Im enjoying myself these days with some very large black men! lol! Hope you are enjoying my personal documentary! lol! xoxo Helena

Helena Home Movies 3 Pt3 – My BBC Date
My personal interracial wife documentary continues as this video displays how a black man should fuck me! I enjoy my Big Black Cock date with this fine gentleman I met at an adult book store. I love how he took me doggie style while I played with my clit. He made me scream and moan and say things while fucking me that I would never say when my husband is fucking me with his little cock, lol! After pounding me on all fours, he flips me over and fucks me hard on my back while I chat with the camera man about the possibility of letting this black guy whos name I dont even know fuck me in the ass next time we meet! It got me wet chatting about it and getting fucked, so maybe some day soon I hope,hahaha…After that hard fucking on my back, he puts me on all fours again, fucking me harder and harder making me scream with orgasm after orgasm! I had to stop and lick his balls for a bit just to catch my breath! Then the doggie style fucking continues as he bangs me hard, this time with his thumb up my tight little asshole! Then I lick his balls again, I love licking large black balls! He jerks off while I taste his nuts, then without warning he starts to cum and I give him my ass spread for him to spew his jizz all over! Then I spread my ass wide so you and my husband can imagine what it would be like to stick your face in and eat the cum off my pussy and ass! Just an idea, think it over, lol! Enjoy this BBC fucking my tight married white pussy as I document my sexual fantasies of turning my husband into a cuckold! xoxo Helena

My Cuckold Husband 8 – Handjob For Slave HD

Helena Price Cuckold Husband 8 – My husband watching me give my slave a proper hand job! HE CUMS ALL OVER MY WEDDING RING!!! HD Okay, I admit. I like playing with big dicks. I know, I know, what am I doing touching this slave cock and giving him any kind of satisfaction? Actually its all part of my husbands training. You see, my husband is a cuckold in training and one of the thinks he has to understand is that I am not really into his little cock! Nope! Im into big dick. So this slave has a rather thick big cock and I like feeling it in my hand as I start to stroke it over and over, talking trash to my hubby about his little wee wee! I sit on his face and listen to him fight for every breath he takes has he can barely breath from the weight of may ass covering his nose and mouth. As my slave does this I stroke his cock. I milk that thick dick of all his cum. It oozes out all over my fingers onto my wedding ring, hahaha! I made an observation while watching this video myself. I noticed that my husband has a hard time getting his little cock hard when Im filming him playing with his small memeber in the past. But now, my husband has got himself a little stiffy! All because im jerking another guy off? lol. Probably likes looking at that cock more than he likes watching me stroke it! Ha! What a sissy my husband is showing himself to be! Now watch and enjoy my cuckold husband getting another lesson from his loving wife! xoxo Helena

Cuckold husband watches me fuck HD

My husband is learning. Cuckolding can be very fun for the right man. My husband is the right man. I met this couple at the beach and invited them over as a surprise for my husband. He knows I love some BBC! Vance has a very big cock and my husband was introduced to him knowing that is why he is in our home. Claire is very sexy too. I took a second to look at both their cocks side by side. My husbands little wee wee next to Vance’s BIG BLACK COCK. And I mean really big! I had to have it. I made my husband kneel to watch us fuck right there on the spot! Vance man handles me like my husband never would or could! Watch a real man fuck your wife baby! Watch a Black Man fuck your wife, hahaha


RebeccaStilles69 TABOO Megapack 60 Videos 24.38 GiB HD

This is a pack of 60 RebeccaStilles69 videos. There is a mix solo clips and clips with a guy who appears to be her boyfriend. Sex acts include masturbation, using a dildo in her pussy and ass, using buttplugs, vibrators, pussy and anal sex in multiple positions (missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, standing doggy, sideways), oral but mostly blowjobs, and handjobs. There is some pee desperation, ass worship, dirty talk, roleplay (incest, professor, cuckold, giantess, domination), puppy & kitty play, tickling, farting, queefing, messy food play, and edging.

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Pages: 931
Size: 654 Mb.

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Tiffanymfc aka Tiffany James aka MissTiff as of 11-3-2018 13.82 GiB 369 HD Videos!

Here is tiffanymfc’s onlyfans site ripped as of 11-3-2018. This rip is a total of 13.6gb in size. This rip includes 131 images and 369 videos (most of which are 1080p and 720p).

Tiffany is a self-proclaimed BBC slut from the UK. A lot of her pics are her posing in various outfits and situations with her large breasts out or pictures showing her playing with her pussy. But other pictures get a bit dirtier and show her sucking off or posing with big black cocks. The videos include her sucking off and fucking various black and white penises (but the majority are large and black). Positions include doggy and missionary. Other videos include her solo masturbating with toys and dildos and her hand. For those into anal play she has a few videos masturbating anally with a dildo. She is also very much into foot-play including showing off her feet and giving footjobs.

MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, POV, SiteRip, Stockings, Interracial, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Virtual Sex, Bathroom, Footjob, Cheating, Wife, Cuckold, In Front Of Husband, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat

tiffanymfc screens.rar



Aaliyah Taylor Taboo Megapack

Alora’s Diapered Sex Slave for the Weekend
Alora has been waiting for Aaliyah to come over so they can have some fun, but Aaliyah has other ideas for her. Aaliyah cuffs Alora to the bed so she can not get away, and while she thinks she is getting some kingy sex, Aaliyah brings out an entire package of diapers! One by one, Alora has no choice but to watch as Aaliyah puts every diaper on from the pack, and slowly they all go on. Aaliyah is happy with her work and Alora has 20 diapers on her and cant close her legs and can barely move. She is even more surprised as Aaliyah puts a pair of plastic panties on her and then locks the diapers on so she can not even think about getting them off. Aaliyah leaves her alone to think about her for the rest of the day and plans on coming back the next day. Aaliyah comes back the next day to check on her diapered slave, and she is wet and a horny mess, and Aaliyah has a plan for herself, she puts a strapon over her diapered slave and rides her to a orgasam while her slave hopelessly has to watch and can not get any pleasure from the strapon. Aaliyah decides to torment her some more with the hitachi knowing that there is no way that she can even feel it through all the wet diapers, and before you know it, Aaliyah is on the strapon again just so she can cum again. The next day Aaliyah is ready to let Alora out of her diapers, but not before she gets to have her fun some more, she makes her slave crawl to the kitchen, and then informs her that she will not get out of her diapers until the entire house is cleaned!

Amanda Thickly Diapered and Off to Bed
Amanda and her mommy have come home from the park and it is time to calm down, but first it is time for a little snack. Mommy goes and gets her baby some yummy baby food, but baby Amanda is not too thrilled about having to now only eat baby food. After her snack it is time for early bed, so once her wet and soggy diaper is changed Amanda is shocked to see her mommy bring in a pile of thick diapers to wear to bed. One by one Amanda has more and more diapers put on and then a pair of footie jammies over top of them. Amanda is shocked again when her mommy shows her what she has done to her room, mommy has removed her bed and switched it out for a crib for her to sleep in and gives her a bottle to help her go to sleep.

Potty Princess
Aaliyah plans on taking a quick little walk with Amanda and trusts her to get herself dressed, but little Amanda thinks she is a big girl and wont wet her pants, so she decides to not wear the pull up that her mommy put out for her. As the girls walk, Amanda can not help herself and wets her pants not once, but twice in the street for everyone to see. Mommy is not very happy and takes her right home for a punishment. Aaliyah takes her into her room and gets her dresses into a new clean diaper and a very short princess dress, tights, and petticoat. Now that Amanda is now the potty princess, her mommy makes her twirl around and takes her outside to finish their walk.

Fancy Dinner Diapered Baby
Aaliyah is all dressed for a fancy dinner party and has to get her little ready for the party. Amanda wants to dress like a big girl, but in her diapered state has no choice and gets changed by mommy into a fresh diaper and then her dress, but long term diaper wearing has caused her bladder to become weak and wets her fresh diaper to a unhappy mommy who just changed her. She gets spankings and due to time, will just have to deal with a wearing a wet diaper for the night as she is dressed and the two leave.

Alora the Diapered Maid
Aaliyah’s maid has finally showed up, and she is fed up with her crummy work and all of her bathroom breaks, so as soon as Alora comes in the house, Aaliyah forces her to strip down and she puts a thick diaper on her and forces her to wear a skimpy french maids outfit to clean the house. Aalora is not happy with the diaper and outfit, but the pay is good and she starts to clean. Aaliyah comes in to check up and finds her maid still doing a bad job and instructs her to do a better job, but finds that Alora has already wet her diapers. Aaliyah suspects that Alora has some stress, and suspects that its some sexual stress, and reaches her hand into Aloras wet diaper and plays with her pussy. Alora is in shock that she is being pleasured by her boss while she is in a wet diaper, but cums only after a short time and is forced to get back to work.

Anastasia’s Diapered Summer
Anastasia was sent to her aunt Aaliyah’s house for the summer and Aaliyah isnt happy with it. Anastasia has been a problem and Aaliyah plans on changing that by returning her to babyhood. She takes her right from the door and takes her to a new room, and Anastasia is shocked to see it as a baby room with a thick diaper waiting for her. Aaliyah puts her in a diaper and gets her ready to be a baby again, feeding her, and letting her play before chaining her down for bed in a wet diaper.

Amanda Locked into Diapers for the Club
It is getting late and Amanda is dressed to hit the clubs, the one catch is that her mommy is sitting by the door as she attempts to sneak out, and Aaliyah is not happy that she looks like a whore. Amanda is dragged back into the bedroom and stripped of her club attire and dressed in a thick diaper, tights, and then locked into a chastity belt to keep her diaper on and the boys out. Now that she is all dressed and unhappy, mommy sends her baby out for the night knowing she is safe.

Tricked, Babyfied, and Humiliated Part 2
Olivia woke up and snuck out on her own to watch TV without her new mommy’s permission so when Aaliyah finds her she is not happy and forces Olivia to crawl to the other room to get changed. Once there Olivia assumes she will get out of her wet diaper but finds out she is going to have to stay in her wet diaper and get dressed in baby clothes and tied to the chair. To make it worse, Aaliyah comes back with icky baby food to force feed her naughty baby, and naughty baby’s get spankings!

Diapered Pool Time
Simone is a happy little girl, but she is going to be much happier when her mommy shows up with a cute little bathing suit for her to go swimming. Simone gets to go in the pool in her pullup and as soon as she is in the water she is having fun not knowing her diaper is getting fuller from the pool water, but she has fun until her mommy gets her out to get changed.

Aaliyah Forced to Drink and Wet her diaper in ballet Boots
Aaliyah has not been using her diapers enough, and she is in for trouble. She is led into the room in a pair of painful ballet boots, diapers, tutu, corset, and stockings, and locked to the wall, forced to stand. She has no clue what is coming for her, but since she hasn’t wet her diapers, she will be forced too. The stand is rolled in, and a gag is placed on her, and the water tube is inserted into her mouth, and she will be forced to drink, and forced to wet herself. Aaliyah is left alone as you can hear her gulp down water as she is unable to stop it, and balance on her toes. Aaliyah cannot hold it anymore, and wets herself while being forced to drink still. And after time has passed, she is checked on again and the water bag is emptied, and a diaper check is preformed, and it still isn’t soaked, so Aaliyah is left alone again until her diaper is soaked. Once her diaper is full enough, she us let go, but cannot walk anymore due to the pain and has to be carried away.

Terra Locked in Diapers at the Beach
Aaliyah is ready to take Terra out for the day, but first she needs a diaper change. Aaliyah gets her a fresh diaper and then a locking diaper chastity belt. Terra has been known to tear her diapers off, so this will hopefully curb her behavior. Aaliyah takes Terra to the drive through to get a meal, and Terra continues to be a brat and when the girls get to the beach, Terra throws her food down on the ground, and a very upset Aaliyah bends her over in public and spanks her diapered bottom and leads her over to the bench to eat. Terra is still throwing a little tantrum about her food, and Aaliyah can not take it anymore and takes her over her knee and spanks her with her diaper exposed for everyone too see. Aaliyah takes Terra for a walk on the beach showing everyone her diaper and after their little walk, head to the next store. Terra now has a very wet diaper, so Aaliyah pulls over to get her changed and once the locks are off her diaper, Terra makes a run for it and pulls her diaper off and runs around making a big scene, and a angry Aaliyah decides another diaper locked on will do the trick.

Bratty Enema
Kyle is fed up with Aaliyah, she has been a brat all week and today was the last straw, she ate Kyle’s piece of cake. Kyle is going to teach Aaliyah a lesion and punish her. He brings her into their bedroom, and makes her face the corner while he sets up her punishment. Kyle takes Aaliyah over to her punishment, and strips her naked, and ties her to the saw horse, and brings over a enema bag! Kyle administers the enema, and spanks Aaliyah until the enema is complete. Once she has taken it all, Kyle gets out a thick diaper, and puts it on Aaliyah, and brings her back to the corner. If Aaliyah can hold it for 15 minutes, she can use the potty, but Aaliyah can’t, and floods her diaper. Kyle spanks and rubs it is more for her punishment, and then leaves Aaliyah in the corner to think about what she has done.

Hollow Enema Plug Diapered Slave – Part 2
With a fresh diaper and full of a enema, Aaliyahs diapered slave is ready to get back to her chores. Aaliyah pulls the plug from the hollow butt plug and the slave cannot stop the flow of the enema as her diaper is taped back on and sent to work. As the diaper slave works, she continues to mess herself with no control to Aaliyahs delight.

Amanda’s Public Messy Diaper Punishment
Amanda won’t stop bothering her mommy and Aaliyah has had enough, she did have plans to take Amanda some place fun, but now it’s a punishment. She brings over a pack of suppositories and takes off her diaper and inserts them one by one and tapes her diaper back on and takes her over to her punishment, a wagon that she will cuffed too and walked around until she has a messy diaper for her. Sure enough she can no longer hold it and Aaliyah is happy with her messy diaper and mushes it for her enjoyment.

Diapered Detention
Simone is stuck in detention again, but this is the first time she has had with with Miss Taylor. Simone has a problem though, she has to pee and Miss Taylor thinks she is just making an excuse to get out and ignores her pleas until it is too late, Simone gets up to sneak away but pees her pants in detention! Miss Taylor sees and knows exactly what to do to little trouble makers and has a fresh diaper and change of clothes for her and forces her to write on the board in her new diapered schoolgirl outfit.

Olivia Diapered Chastity Week
Olivia is very whiny, she has been locked into a chastity belt all week because she got caught playing with herself and per the rules at Aaliyah’s house, she must be diapered too. Olivia begs and whines to have her wet diaper changed, and once Aaliyah caves in, gets her a fresh diaper and teases Olivia by playing with her pussy as a desperate Olivia tries to rub hers and get any pleasure before her diaper is tapped back on.

Forced To Be The Baby
It’s that time that Aaliyah has been waiting for, and nice big enema, and she hopes you want to watch too! She has a nice thin It is supposed to a girls night in to watch a movie and Olivia thinks its going to be a normal girls time, but Aaliyah has other ideas, she wants Olivia to be her baby like she always is. Olivia is not thrilled with this and had hopes of being a big girl for a change, but Aaliyah is not having it and takes her over he knee and gives her a good spanking, then forces her to be her baby. It isn’t long before Olivia gets over it and is back into her little space and Aaliyah gives her a special treat, her sweet breasts during their special time together.

Maria Dressed Up and Kicked out of the house
Maria has been locked up and trapped in her new baby roll and happy to see Aaliyah to get changed as she is taken to her room. But unfortunately to Maria, she isn’t getting a diaper change, she is just getting another diaper added over her already soaked diaper and dressed into a super short little girl outfit with her diaper fully exposed. Aaliyah takes Maria waddling down the hall and gives her what she wants, her phone and car keys, and then kicks her out of the house dressed as a baby far away from her car and help.

Scarlett Lush in – Sybian Diaper Punishment
Scarlett Lush has had it with Aaliyah, Last time she was chained to the sybian, she wet herself, so Scarlett has a idea, this time Aaliyah will be wearing a diaper to catch all of the mess. She puts the diaper on her and sits her down on the sybian, Scarlett has her fun with Aaliyah’s orgasms, she edges her and torments her with the sybian, just to leave it on and leave her alone. When she comes back, as expected, Aaliyah’s diaper is full! Scarlett grabs and pokes at her full diaper, and makes her stand up to inspect and humiliate her, calling her a baby for the way she is acting. Scarlett forces Aaliyah to sit back down on the sybian, and torments her some more before deciding to leave her on the sybian while she leaves again.

Anastasia’s Diapered Enema Treatment
It is time for Anastasia to get her special enema treatment as she is led into the room and prepped for her enema. A large inflatable enema nozzle is inserted into her and pumped up before the solution is fed into her bowels. A diaper is placed over her and the strait jacket is tightened as she is forced to mess herself chained to the wall.

Frankie Picks the Wrong House – Punishment Enema
Little Frankie has been giving a treat and been allowed to wear pull-ups and jeans, but she is trying to steal her mommy’s big girl undies and gets caught in the act and Aaliyah won’t let that happen and drags her to corner for a punishment. Aaliyah comes back with a enema ready and puts the whole bag into Frankie’s tummy and then wrapping her up in a thick diaper before taking her to the front room and cuffing her to the ceiling. Frankie is left cuffed to the ceiling and Aaliyah brings her laptop in and sits at the table to get the best view of her punishment working. She gets great joy watching poor Frankie struggle to hold back the enema until it is too late. The diaper has a hard time holding all of it and leaks down her leg and pools on the floor under her. Aaliyah comes to check on her messy baby and rubs and spanks her messy bottom until all the enema is out.

Messy Hollow Butt Plug Diaper Slave
Mistress Taylor checks on her diapered slave and is very upset, she should be messy with the hollow plug in her ass hole. She takes her slave off and lays her down and removes her diaper and inserts the enema nozzle into the plug and the slaves bowels have no choice to take all of it in. Once the enema is all inside the slave, Mistress Taylor puts her diaper back on and tapes it up and sends her back to her chores as her bowels have no choice but to empty into the diaper.

Diaper Fucked in the No No Hole
Aaliyah has been a good girl all day and kept her pullup dry and she really wants something from Daddy, so she gets down on her knees and starts to suck his cock and then hops into bed and her daddy pulls her pullup up and removes the big butt plug from her and then he proceeds to put his cock into her tight asshole. Aaliyah complains and begs to not have her no no hole fucked, but she has no choice if she wants to get into big girl panties for the night, but no matter how much daddy tries, Aaliyahs asshole is not stretched out enough for his cock, and puts her pullup back on and fucks her pussy until diaper is filled with his cum and she is forced to stay in the cum filled diaper.

Candi Chains in and Turned into Aaliyah’s Baby Day 2
Candi Chains wakes up and is wet, and tired of being Aaliyah’s baby, gets out of the playpen and crawls over to mommy on the couch and begs to be let go and be a grown up again. Aaliyah won’t have it, and gives Candi her breast to nurse from, and she takes it instinctively, but soon realizes she is acting like a baby and wants out, so Aaliyah says she will change her and takes her to her room. Aaliyah chains Candi to the bed, and then reveals mommy has been wearing diapers too, and to make her feel better, sits on her diaper and wets it so they are both in wet diapers. Aaliyah is going to make Candi like her diapers, so she decides it is time for her baby to cum in them, and as Candi resists, trying not to enjoy the pleasure she is receiving, can’t fight back anymore and cums in her diaper. Candi just had her first wet diaper orgasm, asks if she can get changed now, and Aaliyah agrees and takes her onesie off, but she never said she was going to change her diaper and gets out a dress for her. Aaliyah proceeds to dress Candi in a very fluffy baby dress compete with white tights, petticoat, and shoes. Aaliyah puts her dress back on over her wet diaper, and both girls are going out in them so Aaliyah can buy her new baby some new baby supplies.

Molly Jane is Forced to be a baby
Molly Jane and Aaliyah are on vacation and can’t decide what to do, and everything Aaliyah suggests to Molly, Molly does not want to do, so Aaliyah has a plan, since Molly is acting like a baby, she is going to be treated like a baby. Aaliyah gets out a nice diaper and outfit and pulls Molly to the end of the bed and strips her down. Molly has no clue what is going on and before she knows it, is in a diaper and a cute little girl dress. Aaliay has one more tick up her sleeve, and wants to go out, so she gets a stroller out, and puts Molly in it, and ties her hands to the stroller so she cannot get out. Aaliayh puts the final touches on Molly by strapping a pacifier into her mouth, and then wheels her out into the hallway of the hotel and out to go out and site see, and after a long day, Aaliyah and her new baby come back and Molly is wet! Aaliyah gets her out of the stroller and onto the bed to get changed for a nap, and dresses her in a new cute diaper and mittens before tucking Molly into bed.

No Diaper Changes for the Weekend
Anastasia has been whiny all day and demanding a diaper change from her mommy and Aaliyah has had it and will give her a diaper change she will not forget. It will not be just one diaper change but enough to last the rest of the weekend, and one by one more diapers and stuffers and put on and Anastasia is not happy about it. Once she is dressed she is left for the day so she will no longer bother her mommy and plays until her bedtime. Once Anastasia is up from her sleep the next day her diapers are heavier and fuller, but no diapee change for her, so it’s a fresh change of clothes and off to eat her breakfast and then play again until she gets to go to the park. Once home it’s off to bed again and spend the last day in her super wet and saggy diapers.

Olivia – Warms up to Her Baby Life
Olivia wakes up from her first night as Aaliyah’s baby and decides she can make a run for it, but unfortunately for her, Aaliyah is coming down the stairs the same time she is trying to sneak out. Aaliyah takes he over to get a good spanking on her thick diapers, then changes her out of her PJs for the day and brings her some stuffies to play with to cheer her up. Olivia starts warming up to the idea of being a baby and the thoughts of getting a diaper change, and goes along with her new life, and gets her food and a fresh diaper that she starts to wet immediately.

Public Diaper Orgasm – Part 2
As people drive by and notice, Aaliyah continues turning on the vibrator under Wenonas diaper, and she cannot take it anymore and starts to beg for a orgasm. Aaliyah makes her get on her knees in public and beg to cum, so after her begging, Aaliyah takes Wenona to a quiet corner to cum in her diaper.

Pull-up Enema Punishment – Part 2
Aaliyah protests worried that the small diaper will hold all of it, but Kyle says she can possibly use the potty if she gets her hair into pig tails fast enough, but time isn’t on her side, and on her last pig tail her diaper fills up and she can’t control herself anymore. She makes alot of loud pushes into her diaper as it fills and when Kyle comes back to inspect her messy diaper, gives it a few good spanking to mush it in before they continue the punishment.

Simone Styles is Baby-napped!
Out in the woods there is a diaper bag, and Simone has stumbled on it and finds adult sized diapers inside, and that’s the last thing she remembers. When she wakes up here new mommy Aaliyah has stripped her of her adult life and made her into her new baby. Simone Wet herself like babies should and her new mommy things she needs some breast milk and baby time before a change.

Molly Janes New Baby Life – Part 1
Molly has been waiting at the mall for a long time for her mother to show up and is very frustrated. Aaliyah notices Molly in her predicament and moves in to take advantage of her and says she will make her feel better and forget about her mother. She takes her into the bathroom and has her take off her panties and to her surprise, puts a thick diaper on her and convinces her to have the mother/daughter relationship she missed out on and be her baby. She takes Molly to ride the merry-go-round at the mall and then walks her to her car to take her to her new home.

Molly Janes New Baby Life – Part 2
Once Aaliyah has her new baby at her house she takes her to her new room where she will sleep with her mommy. Aaliyah takes Molly’s big girl clothes off and puts her in a cute romper and and then take Molly into her lap and takes her breast out and nurses her new baby until she is calmed down and ready for bed.

Maid’s Get Diapers and Enemas
Aaliyah’s maid has been underperforming and she catches her in the act and decides to make sure she learns her lesson before she is fired. Aaliyah comes in with a large enema bag and thick diaper and fills her maid up and then diapers her to leave her cleaning as she fills up her diaper.

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