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Helping Mom & Daddy Have A Baby TABOO HD

Hi Daddy! How was mommy’s doctor appointment? Is mommy pregnant with my new brother or sister, Daddy? Mommy can’t have a baby? Oh, poor Mommy! There’s still a way I can have a little brother or sister, Daddy? You want me to have a baby for Mommy, Daddy? Well, okay Daddy… How does that work? I unbutton my sweater, and show daddy my small teen tits. Daddy likes seeing my small tits. Daddy wants me to suck his cock. I ask Daddy if I’m sucking his cock right? Daddy says I’m doing it great. I give Daddy a blowjob, sucking on his big dick. I gag on Daddy’s cock. Daddy loves when his big cock makes me gag. I take off my panties, looking sexy for Daddy. My long legs look sexy in my striped thigh high socks. Daddy wants to fuck my hairy teen pussy. Is this okay, Daddy? Then, Daddy gets behind me, and slides his big cock in my pussy. Daddy tells me this is how impregnation works. Daddy has to put a creampie in my pussy, to make me pregnant. Daddy fucks my hairy pussy from behind with his big cock. Daddy has such a big dick. Oh yes, Daddy, that feels so good. I’m going to have a baby for Mommy and Daddy. Daddy lays down on the futon, and I give Daddy a blowjob, and taste my teen pussy, on his big daddy dick. Now, Daddy wants me to get on top of him. I climb on top of Daddy, and put his big cock in my hairy pussy. It feels so good when Daddy bounces me up and down on his cock. “oh yes, daddy,” I moan. Daddy fills my hairy teen pussy with his cock. Then, Daddy moves to a chair, and I sit on his lap, while Daddy bounces me up and down on his lap, using my pussy like a fleshlight. Daddy tells me this is how girls get pregnant. This is so taboo, Daddy is going to make me pregnant, with his creampie. Me and Daddy get back on the futon, and I give Daddy a blowjob, with my cute ass facing the camera, so you can see it as I give Daddy a blowjob. Daddy loves when I slurp on his cock, when I give Daddy a blowjob. Then, Daddy fucks me from behind, on the futon, with his big dick. I love to have fun with Daddy! Daddy grabs my tiny hips, and fucks me hard! Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck my pussy, Daddy! Daddy fills my pussy up with a big creampie. Daddy put a creampie in my pussy!! Wow, Daddy gave me a huge load of cum! Hopefully Daddy made me pregnant, with his big creampie, so I can help Daddy and Mommy. I really want a little brother or sister. I’m going to have a baby for mom and Daddy! If you liked this daddy roleplay video, visit my profile to see my other taboo, creampie & impregnation videos, with Daddy.


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Creampie Daddy Roleplay Impregnation Fantasy Taboo Teens

Little Sister Big Brother CREAMPIE TEEN HD

You hear some noise coming from your little sister’s bedroom. You peek through her bedroom door, & see your Asian little sister masturbating with a glass dildo. You’re such a voyeur, big brother! Your little sister rubs her pussy through her cute cotton panties. Your little sister pulls the panties to the side, and begins fucking her teen pussy with the glass dildo. Wow, your teen sister is so hot! Your little sister turns around, and fucks her pussy from behind, on her hands & knees. Your little sister moans as she fucks her teen pussy. She’s so loud, she can’t hear you standing there. Your little sister turns around, and pulls up her shirt, showing her small teen tits. Your teen sister fucks her pussy fast & hard, moaning until she orgasms. She looks up & sees you staring at her. Your little sister is surprised, & you ask her what she’s doing. She say’s she’s just having some fun. You ask if you can join in, and your sister says yes! You’ve always secretly wanted to fuck your little sister. You can finally satisfy your taboo desires. Your sister has been wanting your cock so bad. Your forbidden taboo fantasy is coming true. Your sister unzips your pants. Your sister always wanted to see your cock. She gives you a very sloppy blowjob, spitting & slobbering all over your cock. Your sister gags on your cock, as she gives you a deepthroat blowjob. This is so taboo! Now, your sister says she wants your creampie in her tight teen pussy. You lay on the bed, and she sucks your cock. The camera angle gives an up close view of her ass, as her head bobs up & down on your cock. She climbs onto your cock, and rides the big dick, giving an amazing view of your sister’s ass, as you fuck her teen pussy. It feels so good, as you fuck your sister. She leans over, & gives you a french kiss, as she grinds on your cock. Your sister begs for your creampie. Your little sister sucks your dick & tastes her teen pussy. Then, you put your cock in her from behind, as she moans. You always wanted to creampie your little sister. “Oh yes, cum in that teen pussy, big brother!” You shoot the taboo creampie into her your little sister’s tight teen pussy. The huge creampie drips out of her teen pussy. You will have to fuck your sister again, next time your parents aren’t home. Visit my profile to see my other taboo creampie videos!!


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Fucked by Sugar Daddy SUGAR DADDY HD

One of my FIRST vids, filmed when I was just a young teen!!


My handsome and generous sugar daddy just took me on a huge shopping spree. Now we are back at my house, and I want to show him how grateful I am. First, I give him some head. Then, I remove my thong and make out with him. I begin riding his huge cock, moaning for more. Next, he hits it from behind, really giving my pussy a pounding. Then, I suck my delicious juices off his cock, and we finish in missionary position, and he cums in my hot pussy. If you enjoyed this preview, please leave a

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Fucking Daddy Friend TINY TEEN CREAMPIE HD

You stop by your best friend’s house. You knock, but no one answers. The door is open, so you make your way inside. You hear a noise in the bedroom, and walk in. You see your friend’s sexy teen daughter laying on the bed in her panties, and her cute teen ass is showing. “Hi Daddy!” She exclaims, thinking her daddy is home. Except, it’s you, not daddy. You’re not daddy. You explain that you were looking for her daddy. You notice how sexy her little teen ass looked in her thong, when you walked in, and her little pigtails are so cute. You remark about how grown up she looks. She reminds you that she is eight teen now. Wow, she is a really sexy teen, but that’s taboo! You can’t stop thinking about the glimpse of her sexy teen ass you got, when you walked in, but you know how angry her daddy would be, if you messed with his teen daughter. Her daddy is your friend. Her daddy would never forgive you! The naughty teen tells you how handsome she always thought you were, and begins unbuttoning your pants. This is so taboo, but you love it! The naughty teen pulls out your cock and begins stroking it. You really hope her daddy doesn’t come home right now! Her daddy would be furious! The sexy teen gives you a blowjob, and sucks your cock, slurping and gagging on it, with her cute teen mouth. She gives great blowjobs for a little teen! This tiny teen must have had some practice at giving blowjobs! The naughty teen girl licks your cock, and teases it, until you’re leaking precum. She loves giving a blowjob to daddy friend! She is really turned on because you’re a friend of her daddy. Daddy has sexy friends, and now she’s old enough to talk to them. Now, the sexy teen climbs on top of you and rides your big throbbing cock, as she moans with pleasure, as you stretch her tight teen pussy, with your huge cock. You hope her daddy doesn’t catch you! Her tiny teen ass looks so sexy, bouncing, as your cock slides in and out of her teen pussy. It feels so good, as her teen ass bounces up and down, as she rides your dick. You’re so excited to be fucking this beautiful young teen woman! You know she loves fucking a friend of her daddy. You really want to creampie her teen pussy, and fill it with cum! She cums on your dick, moaning and screaming, as her teen pussy pulsates around your big cock. Oh yes, her teen pussy is so tight! Next, you fuck her teen pussy from behind. It feels so good, fucking her teen pussy as she moans with pleasure! It’s the biggest cock she’s ever had in her tiny teen twat. This naughty teen is so turned on by fucking a friend of her daddy! Your big cock slides deep in her teen pussy, as you hit it from behind. Finally, you fill her pussy up with your big creampie, and she lets your watch, as she pushes the creampie out of her teen pussy. The creampie drips out of her teen pussy, onto the bed, as she spreads her tight pussy with her fingers for you.


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Creampie Daddy Roleplay Taboo Teens Age Play

Fun, Fucking & Oral with Sugar Daddy MF HD

I start out by sucking his cock. I rub it his balls with the vibrator and make him very hard. He films me sucking his cock. Then, I get into the missionary position, and he fucks me and cums on my stomach

Boy Girl Fucking Pussy Eating Vibrator Asian

Bratty Goth Teen Seduces Dad HD

Daddy is very angry at bratty goth teen, Liz. She was suspended from school, today. Daddy says she won’t get into a good college. “I’m not going to college, Daddy! I hate school.” Sneers bratty teen Liz, at Daddy, looking bratty in her pigtails. “How will you earn money?” asks Daddy. Liz tells Daddy she won’t have any problem making money with her hot body. “What? You’re gonna grow up to be a whore?” questions Daddy. “You’re gonna be sucking a lot of dick. You better start with mine.” Says Daddy. Liz can’t believe what she’s hearing, from her Daddy. This is so taboo! Daddy wants his teen daughter to give him a blowjob. Brat Liz rolls her eyes at Daddy. “You want me to suck your dick, Daddy?” Brat teen Liz starts unzipping Daddy’s pants. Daddy has a huge cock. “Wow, Daddy! You have a big cock!” The goth teen brat takes out his big Daddy cock, and begins giving Daddy a blowjob. Daddy likes getting a blowjob from his sexy daughter. Her sexy lips, with purple lipstick, wrap around his throbbing cock, and she sucks Daddy. Daddy grabs Liz’s head, and Daddy makes her gag on his big cock. Daddy tells teen Liz to get on the bed and give him a striptease. Daddy wants his goth daughter to take off her cute top, showing her small Asian titties to Daddy. Liz shows Daddy her cute small tits. Daddy likes what he sees. Next, teen Liz continues to striptease. She takes off her leather skirt, teasing her Daddy in her panties. Daddy is getting hard. Liz takes off the panties, showing her gorgeous goth teen ass and pussy. She sucks Daddy’s dick some more, and then climbs on his cock, and rides it. Daddy isn’t finished. Daddy fucks the brat teen from behind, until she moans. Then, Daddy get’s his cock sucked again, and Daddy fucks his goth daughter from the side. Daddy still wants more teen pussy, and his daughter is happy to fuck him. Daddy fucks goth teen Liz doggystyle, pulling her cute pigtails. Daddy fucks Liz hard. Liz finishes by giving Daddy a sloppy blowjob, licking her purple goth lips, and getting a mouth full of cum, from Daddy. Visit my profile to see my other taboo daddy roleplay videos!


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Hotel Hidden Camera Old Man Fucking TEEN HD

Hidden camera catches dirty old man fucking teen prostitute in run down motel

Fucking Hidden Cam Older Man / Younger Women Teens Boy Girl

Cum With Your Sister TABOO VOYEUR HD

You happen to hear the bed creaking, and some moaning coming from the your sister’s bedroom. You watch her through a crack in the door. Your sexy sister is getting undressed and having some fun with her dildo. You have always thought your sister was hot and wondered what it would be like to see her naked. Your sister thinks she’s totally alone, and she’s really enjoying pleasuring her tight pussy. Suddenly, she sees you, her brother, peeking at her through the door! She looks very embarrassed. “That is so wrong! You’re my brother and I’m your sister. A brother shouldn’t watch his sister masturbating. We’re family!” She says. Your sister has never seen your cock, and she’s always wondered how big it is. Your sister tells you she wants to see your cock, or she’s telling mom that you were peeping on her. Reluctantly, you takes your cock out for her. You’re a little bit embarrassed to expose yourself to your sister. You hope she likes it. Your sexy sister says it’s pretty big, and she seems to like what she sees. You’re glad your sister likes your cock. She begins to touch it a little. Your sister tells you she wants to watch you jerk off. It’s only fair since you watched her, right? Your sister says it would turn her on so much to watch you jerk off, right now. She tells you how she wants you to slide your hand up and down your shaft for her, imagining that her hand is stroking your cock. This is making your sister so horny she starts rubbing her pussy and fucking herself with her dildo, for you. Your sexy sister talks about how good it feels to fuck her pussy, with the dildo, and how she wishes it could be your cock. Your sister tells you to shoot your big load of cum all over her. This can be our little sister and brother secret. Our mom would be so mad!


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Liz Sucks and Fucks Sugar Daddy MF HD

Sugar Daddy wanted to play today. I told him to come on over. I started by giving him some head. Then, we did 69. I slurped on his cock as he ate my wet pussy. Then, he fucked me with a vibrator as he ate my pussy, as I moaned with pleasure. It was getting so wet. Next, I sucked him as he continued to fuck my pussy nice and deep with the vibrator. Then, I rode his hard cock. it felt so good in my pussy. He finished by fucking me doggy style and came on my back

Asian Fucking Older Man / Younger Women Oral Sex Small Tits


I’m being silly and jumping on the couch in my PJs, but Daddy says it’s time for bed. “I don’t want to go to bed, Daddy!” Daddy knows a way to help me relax before bed time! Before I go to bed, Daddy wants me to rub my coochie with a massager. It tickles at first. “Oh Daddy, it feels funny on my pee pee!” Then, it starts to feel really good on my privates. Daddy says that’s normal. “Ohhh yes, Daddy! It feels so good!” It feels amazing rubbing my coochie, and Daddy tells me I had my very first orgasm. Daddy wants me to make him feel good too, so I rub and suck his cock. “Daddy, does that feel good?” Finally, Daddy cums all over my little face.


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Age Play Daddy Roleplay Daddys Girl Facials Taboo


This is a taboo POV virtual sex video, meant to give you the most realistic experience, of being seduced by your hot Asian mom. You hear your hot mom in her and your father’s bedroom. You walk in, and your Asian mom is getting dressed. Mom has on a sexy pink lace thong. Mom quickly pulls her dress down over her thong panties, but you can’t help notice her sexy body. Mom says she wants to talk to you. You wonder what your mom wants to talk about. Your hot mom says that your father can’t get it up. She’s very unsatisfied with his penis. He’s quite a bit older than your mom, and she actually hasn’t been fucked properly since they got married. Your mom saw your big dick in the shower, and she wants it. Your mom wants your big cock! This is your fantasy! This is taboo, after all, she’s your dad’s wife! But your Asian mom is so hot, you forget the taboo, & happily agree to fuck your mom. Your horny Asian mom unzips your jeans, and begins sucking your hard cock. Your mom gives great blowjobs! She licks and sucks your cock. Your mom gives you a sloppy blowjob, gagging a bit on your cock. Then, you get in the bed, and she continues the blowjob. Now your horny Asian mom wants your big dick in her pussy. Your mom warns you not to tell your father, because it’s taboo. Then, your mom gives you a condom. Mom asks you if you know how to use one. You hesitate, so mom opens it, and puts it on your throbbing cock. Your horny Asian mom slides your hard cock into her pussy, and rides your dick. Mom moans as you fill her tight pussy with your large dick. This is the first cock your mom has had in years, and she’s moaning like crazy. Mom rolls over, and gets on her hands and knees, and you fuck your hot mom doggystyle, pounding her hard with your big dick. Mom loves every second of it. Your hot Asian mom turns around and pulls the condom off. Mom begs for your cum in her mouth! You want to shoot your load in her mouth so bad! Mom sucks on your cock, and jerks it off, until you shoot a big load in her mouth. Your mom spits the cum out, and tells you how delicious it was. Just don’t tell your dad! If you enjoyed this taboo POV virtual sex video, please visit my profile to see my other taboo, mom, role play, POV & virtual sex videos!


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Sister Blackmailed by Little Brother HD

I was watching some porn, and masturbating. I was masturbating my pussy, & I was really into it. The porn video was kind of loud, and I was moaning and stuff, and I didn’t hear my little brother creeping up behind me. I turn around, & see my little brother staring at me, with his dick out! I’m like, “Oh my God! What the fuck, little brother? What are you doing, you creep?! I’m your sister!” My little brother is grinning, & seems to think this is funny. I see my brother has his phone out! He tells me he filmed the whole thing, & he’s about the share it on the internet. My brother is trying to blackmail me. I start begging my little brother not to share the video. I tell my brother I’ll do anything! My little brother asks me for a blowjob. He’s always wanted his sister to suck his dick. I’m like, “Eww, I’m your sister. That’s so weird!” But I agree to do it. My brother’s cock is way bigger than I expected. I start giving my brother a blowjob, sucking & spitting on his big dick. Sucking his dick is making me so horny. I tell my little brother I want to fuck. This is taboo, it has to be our secret. I slide his dick into my hairy pussy, and start riding his big dick. I can’t believe I’m fucking my brother! I lay on my side, and my brother keeps fucking my hairy pussy. Oh yeah, it feels so good, I’m gonna cum on his dick! My brother cums in my hairy pussy, and gives me a huge creampie. I finger my pussy, and taste the creampie! Yum little brother’s cum tastes good. We will have to do it again soon! Please visit my profile to see my other taboo brother sister videos!


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Slut Training With Daddy BDSM BONDAGE HD

Daddy wants to train me to be his submissive slut, in this taboo BDSM video. This is my first training slut training session, with Daddy. I am dressed in sexy black lace lingerie, and tall socks, that Daddy picked out for our training. Daddy likes my lingerie. Daddy wants me ballgagged. Daddy puts the gag in my mouth, and can no longer say anything. I can only moan, because I’m ballgagged. Daddy puts restraints on my ankles. This is so that Daddy can start training me to open and shut my legs as Daddy chooses. Daddy has always wanted a submissive slut to obey him, so Daddy is training me to be his obedient little slut. Then, Daddy has me bend over, showing my cute thong. Daddy takes off my black lace thong panties. Daddy pulls my panties down slowly, exposing my cute teen ass. Daddy says it’s time for anal training. Daddy has a buttplug for me. Daddy inserts the buttplug into my anal hole. Ouch, Daddy! My ass is very tight, and the anal play hurts my little teen asshole. I moan in pain, for Daddy to slow down, as I’m ballgagged, and can’t speak. Finally Daddy gets the buttplug in. Daddy likes bondage. Daddy is going to handcuff and ankle cuff me, so that I can’t move. Daddy asks for my hands, and then, Daddy puts handcuff restraints on my wrists. These are very solid police handcuffs, that Daddy chose for me. Daddy lifts up my top, exposing my small tits. Daddy pinches my puffy Asian nipples, as I wince. I know I am Daddy’s submissive slut. Daddy asks me to lay down, on my back. The submissive slut training continues, as Daddy pours lube all over my little teen pussy getting it so slippery and wet. Daddy says my creamy teen pussy need to be slippery so the dildo can slide in. Daddy wants to start training my Asian teen pussy to take a big cock. Daddy takes a big dildo, and begins fucking my wet creamy pussy. Daddy fucking me with big dildo hurts at first, but then I enjoy it, as Daddy fucks me. I moan through the gag, as Daddy pleasures my creamy pussy. Daddy attaches the restraints on my ankles, keeping my feet together. Daddy gets the Hitachi vibrator, and begins using the Hitachi on my teen pussy, getting it so creamy. Daddy hands me the Hitachi vibrator, and I rub my creamy teen pussy with it, moaning as I masturbate while ballgagged and bound, with the buttplug still in my ass. I want to be a good slut and cum for Daddy. The buttplug feels so good in my asshole, as I use the Hitachi to pleasure myself. Daddy loves to watch me cum. Finally, I have the imposed orgasms, still ballgagged and bound. I’m looking forward to my next slut training session with Daddy. Daddy did a great job training me to be an obedient slut.


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Ballgagged Bondage Daddy Roleplay Imposed Orgasms Slut Training


You’re my boyfriend, and you’re crazy about me. You adores me, chasing me around like a puppy dog, and I love teasing you and controlling you with my beauty, but I’d never fuck you. You can just be my cuckold. His cock just isn’t good enough, you little cuckold. We are just getting home from a party, where I saw a lot of hot guys. I am teasing you about how they was drooling over me the whole party, and telling you how hot the guys were, and how I want them all to fuck me. Making you feel like a subservient cuckold you are is really turning me on. I’m getting so horny, and I really want to cum. I decide to give you the privilege of eating my pussy, cuckold. You’re not a boyfriend, you’re a cuckold. You’re eating my pussy very skillfully. I’m going to squirt so hard. When I’m close to cumming, I begin rubbing my pussy. I squirt cum everywhere as I orgasm, all over your cuckold face. You’re drenched in my squirt! Oops! And, your cock is so hard. I let you jerk off while I tell you that next time, you’ll eat a creampie from my pussy, cuckold. Please visit my profile to see my other humiliation and cuckold videos, if you like this one.


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Sugar Daddy Makes Me Cum DADDY HD

I’m looking so sexy in my fishnet tights, and my high heels. My little teen tits look so cute poking out from under my shirt. I know Sugar Daddy loves what I’m wearing. He thinks I’m so sexy, I’m giving him a big boner. Sugar Daddy is so horny, and he needs to cum! Sugar Daddy knows just what to do. He will get me so horny, and make me cum, and then I will return the favor. He knows just how to make me cum so hard. First Sugar Daddy eats my pussy, and licks my clit all over. Sugar Daddy is so good at eating pussy, and I moan, as he pleasures my cute little clit. Then Sugar Daddy gets my vibrator and rubs it all over my teen pussy, especially my clit. My pussy is getting so slippery. It’s so wet and juicy. Then Sugar Daddy fucks my teen pussy with a dildo, until I’m moaning with pleasure as I cum. Now I want to return the favor, to Sugar Daddy, so I give him a blowjob. I suck his cock, and get it very hard, as he enjoys the blowjob. Finally, I get on top and ride Sugar Daddy, until he cums in my pussy!


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ANAL Training for Daddy HD

I’m training my ass for daddy, in my cute school girl uniform. Daddy loves it when I wear my uniform. Daddy loves anal sex. But Daddy has a huge cock. Daddy’s cock is as thick as a soda can. I want to be a good girl for daddy! I always want to please Daddy in every way I can. I want him to be able to fuck my tight anal hole with his thick cock. However, Daddy has a large package is currently unable to fit into my tight pink virgin asshole. Daddy tried and tried to put it in my anal hole, but it was just too tight to accept his big Daddy dick. Daddy was very disappointed by this, and I hate disappointing my Daddy! So, Daddy wants me to start an anal training program. Daddy gave me 3 butt plugs of increasing size. He really wants me to practice stretching my ass for him, and be a good girl, even if it hurts! The first plug, Daddy gave me, is easy for me, but as they get larger, the difficulty becomes greater, as they stretch my tight asshole more than I thought was possible. I am determined to be a good girl for daddy, and I insert and remove all of the butt plugs. I hope Daddy will be pleased that I did the anal training successfully! How he would love to fuck my tight teen ass. Hopefully, soon my anal hole will be able to take larger cocks and toys to please daddy


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Description: This is a site rip from Cory Chase’s 0nlyFans site. (Instagram @thecorychase)This rip includes all videos and images (at least the free ones, I dont buy PPV messages). All vids are solo, there is no male talent.

Sex acts: solo, jerk off instruction, twerking

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Valentina Nappi is an Italian black haired beauty with big natural tits. This is a rip of her OnlyFans profile – ripped in June 2020.

A lot of selfies, lesbian and creampie pics. A lot of the videos are proper full length scenes, both amateur and pro style.

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You are staring at your MILF mommy who is riding someone in your bed. She has an orgasm with her eyes closed and has no idea you are even standing there. Once she realizes you are there she sends her lover out of the room and you realize it is one of your close friends.

As she sits there with her big tits looking great, mommy tells you not to look so surprised. She knows that your friend has told you about a freak of a girl, and that freak is her. In fact, all the times that he has told you he is fucking your mom, he was serious, not just joking.

Now, you are turned into mommy’s cuckold and there is little you can do about it. She tells you the anal beads that he showed you were up her ass. She also shows you pictures she texted him on the phone that prove they are her. All this time you thought your friend was taking about another girl, but in fact he has been fucking your mom.

As she continues the taboo dirty talk, she gets dressed as she teases you with her sexy body. Then mommy continues the taboo cuckold fun by letting you know she fucks all your friends, loving the energy of all your collage buddies. She is a true MILF and loves it. She then lets you know that since this is all out in the open she is going to make you a part of it all.

You can be her ass cleaner in between getting fucked. She is going to have all your friends use her pussy and ass and you will be the one who has to clean up the mess, both in your bedroom and in her ass.

Even after she is dressed, she tells you again that you will be her ass cleaner. She even pulls her pants back down to spread her ass cheeks to show and tell you how you will clean that sexy ass and asshole of hers.

For now though, mommy wants you to clean up. She does some pillow humping on your pillows and wipes her panties on her pussy. She tells you to start by cleaning all that up. You better get used to the taboo cuckolding fun because mommy has no plan on letting up anytime soon.

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Cuckolding Your Wife Getting Fucked Doggystyle While Insulting You and Then Being Cleanup Bitch for Her Creampie HD

Your hot blonde wife has called you into her bedroom and you think you are going to actually get laid. However, she stops you fast in your tracks and tells you to sit down as you are not there to get lucky. No, you are there to watch her with a real man with some cuckolding that she will enjoy immensely.

With that she calls her bull over to her and begins to suck and stroke his big cock as she has you watch. She talks about how she wants a real man with a real cock and she tells you how pathetic and worthless yours is. She also tells you to jerk off while you cuckold as that is the most sex you are going to get.

She continues on with the blow job and handjob action and then declared she wants to feel that real cock inside her. So, she bends over on all fours on the bed and takes his big dick doggystyle. As he pounds her the bed makes noises as does her ass as he goes balls deep. All this, she reminds you, will never happen with you. She will never have sex with you as you are simply a worthless man.

She knows you are excited by being her cuck but she tell you that if you cum you had better not dream of producing a mess in her room. She then tells you she is going to let him create a mess and that you will be her cleanup bitch.

After more hard doggystyle fucking she takes his thick cumshot deep in her pussy. He then leaves and she calls you over to clean up the thick and warm creampie he just gave her. The mess is big and she gets aggravated that you are not cleaning fast enough or good enough. She tells you to lick and eat it all. You may be her husband, but you are nothing more to her than a worthless man good only to watch her get fucked by real men and then clean up the mess they leave behind.

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Giantess Wife Shrinks Home Wrecking Secretary Talking About How She Will Eat Her Then Fuck Herself HD

The wife of the boss, who is actually a giantess, is holding a tiny person in her fingers. Turns out that the tiny person is her husband’s secretary and she has shrunken her down in order to show her who is in control. She knows this little bitch is a home wrecker and is trying to move in on her marriage, but she is not going to let that happen.

She tells the secretary that she intends on eating her whole. She will simply swallow her down and rid the world of her. Her husband has no idea what is happening. He thinks his secretary took the day off and when she is gone, the wife giantess says she will simply tell her husband that his secretary quit.

She knows the secretary is younger and hotter, but she is a giantess, and she is smarter. She gets more and more sexually excited as the secretary begs and pleads for her life. She then starts to tell the secretary she will fuck herself as the secretary is in her belly, still alive. Over and over again she will cum.

She then teases the secretary by licking her and even putting her into her mouth. Finally, she drops her onto her tongue and in a close up view sticks her tongue out with the secretary clinging on for all she is worth. But, it is no use and the giantess swallows hard having the secretary go down into her belly.

The wife is very turned on now. She has ridded herself of that pesky home wrecker and can now be assured that her husband, and all his money, belong only to her. She might not be as young as that secretary, but she is the last person anyone should mess with.

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PVC Fetish Fun by Blonde in All PVC With Blow Job and Handjob Until Cum in Mouth Then Spit in Gloves for Cum Play HD

Brittany Lynn is back once again for some more hot and horny PVC fun with you. Again, in your POV, she models a sexy PVC outfit, this time wearing her thigh high PVC boots, her PVC gloves, and her PVC body suit with holes all over it. She models the outfit for a moment and then motions you over.

Once you get to her she drops right to her knees and starts to stroke your fat cock with her PVC gloved hands. This is of course followed with a blow job as she can’t keep her mouth and lips off your dick. She alternates as she gives plenty of dirty talk about her PVC outfit and how she wants to make you cum.

After more of a mixture of a handjob, blow job, and dirty talk she gets you ready to give her your cumshot. When you are ready to shoot your load she sticks her tongue out and takes every last bit of your cumshot on her tongue.

She then spits it in her gloved hands so that she can have some cum play fun that she knows she is entitled to. With that, she rubs the hot sticky load all over her PVC boots and continues on with the dirty talk about her PVC. She knows you love her in PVC and you know she will be back for more PVC fun very soon.

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Ass Grinding to Cock Riding With Hot Blonde Using Both Black and Pink Satin Fullback Panties HD

Brittany Lynn is back for some more ass grinding fun in her satin panties. However, this time she is really going after her panty fetish as she starts out with her black satin fullback panties, but has her pink ones in reserve.

In reverse cowgirl she starts the hot ass grinding action. She moves and sways like only she can and after a couple minutes she changes out of the black satin panties into the pink satin panties. She then gets back to the ass grinding action. As worked up as this is getting her, she needs more and declares how horny she really is.

With that, she gets off the bed for a moment to change back into her black satin fullback panties and has her guy turn around. When she gets back on the bed she pulls her panties to the side and slides his hard dick in her tight wet cunt. She then gets to riding his thick cock in a very sexy manner.

She again wants to switch panties so she finds her pink satin fullbacks and does the same pulling to the side motion so she can ride his cock in another pair of panties. All of this ass grinding and cock riding prove to be too much for her and she ends up having a huge orgasm. When she is done, he leaves and she shakes her tight ass a bit, very happy with her panty fetish fun.

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A smoking hot blonde is having trouble breathing due to the Coronavirus so she uses a buzzer to call in her male orderly. When he comes in she tells him she can’t breathe and he helps her put on a nose cannula that is hooked up to an oxygen tank to help with her breathing. She takes a few deep breathes and the cannula is not only helping her to get in more oxygen, but it is also getting her going and she is becoming very horny. She reaches out and starts to play with the orderly’s cock through his pants and then tells him to get naked. She does the same and then gets on all fours and he enters her in doggystyle. When he is ready to cum he pulls his hard cock out of her wet cunt and she quickly lays back pulling the nasal cannula out of her nose ever so slightly. That is when he unleashes his cumshot all over the cannula and her big tits. She then slowly puts the nasal cannula back in place in her nose and tells him that is all and then gets to relaxing after beating the shortness of breath from the Coronavirus with a little sex and a little cum.

Cum Facials and Body Cumshots in Bukkake Therapy Helps Hot Blonde Become True Cum Slut HD

A smoking hot blonde comes into a room where she says aloud that her therapist sent her. She was to go and strip naked and so she does. She says she is there to achieve her ultimate goal, which is to be a cum slut.

She gets on her knees and look off to the side where she sees a door open and several guys file in. She is excited and knows what is coming. Bukkake therapy is on order and as if on cue, a huge cock appears in front of her face.

She takes the cock in her hand and starts to give it a handjob and blowjob. She also gives plenty of dirty talk in regards to the kind of cum slut she wants to be. She knows this bukkake therapy will help her achieve this goal and in no time at all she is taking her first facial.

The cum goes all over her face and big tits and she is loving it, rubbing it all over her body. She begs for more and another hard cock is right there. Again she sucks and tugs on the thick cock while giving lots of dirty talk and takes her second load of cum all over her face and body. This time she even gargles the cum then spits it all over her own body.

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Finally she has arrived. After four facials and body cumshots, she feels like the bukkake therapy has made her the true cum slut she has always yearned to be.

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CFNM Blow Job and Handjob Until Cumshot on Sweater With Blonde Hottie in Cardigan and Leather Pants HD

Brittany Lynn is looking sexy as ever in her all black outfit. This time she has on her black PVC high heels, her black leather pants, and her black cardigan. She take a moment or so to model the hot ensemble and then calls her guy over for some hot and sexy CFNM action.

She starts right away by grabbing a hold of his big cock and stroking it with a nice handjob. Dirty talk of course accompanies this and in no time at all she has his cock in her mouth giving him a blow job. She loves the combination of her cardigan and leather and knows he does too.

She lets him know that she intends on getting his cumshot on her clothes and that her cardigan will make the perfect cum target for him. She then gets back after her CFNM handjob, blow job, and dirty talk combo and gets him right to the edge.

Soon his cock is spewing a thick hot load of jizz all over the front of her cardigan. She loves every second of this and when he is done she models the cum soaked sweater. With the many outfits she has that she knows drives men wild, she will be back for lots more CFNM action very soon.

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Home Wrecker Gives POV Handjob and JOI and Begs for Your Cum in Her Mouth While Trash Talking Your Wife HD

You find yourself once more over at the home of a smoking hot temptress home wrecker. She wants it bad again and she does not want your wife to get anything. She is posing in sexy lingerie for you and right away starts to tell you that she wants you to start jerking off for her.

As she continues the JOI she tells you that she wants you to cum in her mouth for her. She wants all your jizz and doesn’t want your wife to have any of it. Not even a drop. She then sticks her tongue way out and opens her mouth wide so you see where she wants that cumload. In order to help you give it to her, she reaches over and starts to give you a POV handjob.

As she strokes you she tells you how much she loves your dick. She describes everything she loves about it and she then gets back to trash talking your wife as any good home wrecker would. She thinks it is funny that you would rather be over with her and that you prefer to cum in her mouth versus being at home with your wife and having sex with her. Then again, she is not surprised as she knows she is superior to your wife in every area.

She switches between giving you JOI and stroking you herself with a handjob, but the home wrecker trash talk regarding your wife stays consistent. She continues too to stick her tongue out and open her mouth wide, showing off where she wants you cumshot. She even talks about how she hopes it will splatter, as she enjoys that when it does.

When she has you on the edge she tells you to stroke your cock good for her. She again sticks her tongue out and makes it like a spoon. She wants all your cum and then she wants to show it off to your wife. She wants you wife to know once and for all that you belong to her and that she is far superior, which is why her husband is always with her and wanting to cum in her mouth.

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Hot Blonde in Spandex Cycling Shorts Takes Advantage of Holes in Them and Masturbates to Orgasm HD

Brittany Lynn is wearing her super tight spandex cycling shorts and a white tank top. She is ready to go cycling and is looking for her sunglasses so she can get moving. As she looks, she starts to feel the spandex material and this starts to turn her on greatly.

She decides that before she goes out and exercises her body, she will take full advantage of the spandex shorts she is wearing and masturbate. With that she starts rubbing her pussy though the spandex material remarking too that her nipples are getting hard.

As she masturbates she feels a hole that has appeared in the crotch area of the cycling shorts. This upsets her at first as they are new, but she then gets into it and lets loose some dirty talk about how she could use that hole to her advantage and take a big cock while still wearing her sexy tight spandex.

She continues to masturbate and is soon popping her big tits out of her tank top. She is all over her bed and her moans of pleasure are getting louder and louder. All this action sees her have a huge orgasm, but it also sees her do some accidental clothes destruction as she inadvertently rips another huge hole in the crotch area of her spandex.

After she composes herself and gets her top back on she decides that the holes simply mean she will have to get fucked wearing the spandex shorts. With that, she continues her search for her sunglasses so she can go cycling as planned, holes in her spandex and all.

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Impregnation Fantasy – Knock Me Up to Help Me Get Back at my Cheating Husband or I’ll Tell Him You Fucked Me Anyway HD

Your best friend’s hot wife calls you over to talk. When you arrive you find out that she knows her husband is cheating on her and though you try to deny it, she knows you knew.

Because of this she decides that you will help her get back at her husband. She plans on doing this by having you fuck her and knock her up. You try to say no, but she then gives you some blackmail motivation saying either you knock her up or she will tell her husband you told her about his infidelity and that you fucked her anyway.

She then reveals the rest of her wicked plot. She wants your hot seed to get pregnant by but she will not reveal the trick until after she has delivered. So, the whole time she is pregnant only you will know that the cumshot that did it was yours. This is the ultimate in payback.

Though you still protest she can see your cock getting hard. She then shows off her tits and a few positions in which you can fuck her. She also shows how big her belly will be when she is pregnant and talks too about how swollen with milk her tits will get.

She is ready for some payback and she needs your help. She demands you take off your clothes and fuck your hot seed into her. You know you want to anyway.

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Blonde in All Leather Shows Off New Jacket and Thigh High Boots in POV Handjob Blow Job for Cumshot in Hands HD

Brittany Lynn loves her leather and she knows that you too have a leather fetish. So, her getting a new leather jacket and new thigh high leather boots with high heels is perfect. That just might be why she has you lying in her bed.

She takes a few moments to show off her new leather goods and then suggests that you admire them while she sucks and strokes your cock. In your POV she goes right to it. She alternates on your cock with a blow job and handjob and if she is not sucking you dick then she is letting loose with the dirty talk that is all about her leather.

She loves playing with your cock and she loves this CFNM leather fun. She even takes a few seconds and shows off her high heels as she lays down sucking your hard cock. She knows all this leather fun is building you up for a huge cumshot and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She continues to work you cock with her leather as the centerpiece of attention. Once she knows you are going to cum she keeps stroking with one hand and lets your jizz fly right into her other hand. Well, for the most part, as a lot of your cum gushes out and all over like a fountain.

Brittany Lynn then scoops up any cum that didn’t land in her hand and starts to show it off. She does a little cum play between her two hands and she raves about the hot sticky cumshot you just gave her. With a cum reward like this, she will be back for more leather fetish fun with you soon.

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Hot Wife Caught Cheating Gets Blackmail Scheme From Best Friend of Hubby for Blow Job Fucking and Creampie HD

A hot blonde is sitting on her couch when her husband’s best friend comes in. He tells her that he saw her kissing another dude and that he is going to tell her husband. She tries to deny it but finally confesses it was her. She tells him he can’t tell and that she is just under a lot of stress as they are trying to get pregnant and it is not going very well.

He tells her there is something she can do to earn his silence and that she will have to do what he says if he is to keep his mouth shut. She then gasps and asks why he is taking his clothes off. He tells her she is going to give him a blow job. She has no desire to do this, but he has her over a barrel. He then tells her to shut up and pushes her mouth onto his hard cock.

She tries to get him to cum quickly, but he want more. He tells her he want to fuck her and when she wavers a bit he threatens to call her husband right then and there. She then agrees and gets on all fours. He gets behind her and flips her skirt up aggressively. She insists on taking her own panties off and after she does, he drives his cock into her pussy, fucking her doggystyle.

She is very disinterested and does her best to ignore the sex. He fucks her harder and harder, even doing some titty squeezing, and she tells him to cum on her ass without getting anything on her skirt. When he is ready to cum he thrusts hard and deep and shoots his load into her pussy, which is the last thing she is expecting.

She is angry and wants to know why he came inside her. He tells her she wants to get pregnant so maybe that did the trick. She tells him he is a lousy friend and he pushes her forward and walks off. She then sits back to examine the creampie she just got. There is so much cum leaking out her cunt that she might in fact be pregnant. But, at least her husband will not find out she cheated on him.

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Sexy Blonde in Bikini and PVC Gets Cumshot on Big Tits After POV Blow Job, Handjob, and Dirty Talk HD

Brittany Lynn is once again wearing more items that play to your shiny fetish. This time she has on her gold mico mini bikini, which is complimented with her black PVC thigh high boots and her black PVC jacket.

After showing off the shiny items for you with some sexy poses, she calls you over and drops to the floor as you approach. Once there, in your POV, she makes it clear that she is going after you cumshot and she knows just what to do in order to get it.

She starts by giving you and handjob and the kind of dirty talk you know only comes from her. She also dives right in and offers up a sensual blow job. She even shows off her sexy body and shiny PVC clothes as she knows this will drive you wild.

She wants your cumshot bad and when she is really ready for it, she stops holding back. She goes at your cock with a blow job that rivals all others and gets you right to the edge before taking your hot cumshot all over her big tits.

This is just what she wanted and she takes a minute or two to show off the wet and thick cumshot you just gave her. She loves getting you to cum for her and she loves wearing you cumshot even more, which is good since you know you will be back for more soon.

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Naked Female Warrior Fights and Humps Goliath the Giant Inflatable Cock in Round 2 of Orgasm Battle HD

Sexy warrior girl Brittany Lynn is back in the second round of action against Goliath the six foot inflatable cock. She picks up right where she left off… Jungle Girl Warrior Fights and Humps Giant Inflatable Cock Named Goliath in Battle Orgasms … the first time and after she rouses, her arms still around Goliath, she immediately lets the battle of orgasms ensue once more.

She is set on getting the best of this big cock and she wrestles and struggles with him to gain the upper hand. This sees her wrap her strong legs around him and try to squeeze the fight right out of him. With a series of scissorhold moves, including the Figure Four Leg Headlock, she does her best to contain the huge dick.

At times Goliath seems to gain the upper hand, but Brittany Lynn battles like a true warrior to get the advantage back. These two warriors and arch enemies are so evenly matched it is anyone’s game. Brittany Lynn does ass grinding an humping on the inflatable cock the whole time in order to bust out a couple quick orgasms for herself, but she is not giving up and continues the wrestling match.

After more struggling the giant cock gushes a huge cumshot all over her face and hair. The timing is impeccable as Brittany Lynn and Goliath seem to be fading at the same time. Once more she starts to rest as she struggles less and less and he is too. Soon they are both out for the count with no clear winner, but when they rouse again, there is sure to be a victor emerge.

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I didn’t watch most of these. I did four scenes to fill a request, they looked ok, thought I do the rest (but she been at it for five years). 80% handjob videos, or tame blowjobs, does anal occasionally but i didn’t watch most of it. Likes to talk to the camera alot, shes your sister etc, etc. Stole tags from the four scenes that this request filled.

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Lana Rain 0nlyfans/MV-Crush/Patreon Collection

This torrent includes as much of the stuff as I could rip from Lana Rain’s Patreon, OnlyFans and MV Crush.
OnlyFans rip is complete as of 24th May. Also contains 2 photosets exclusive to OF. Only thing missing is 2 pics associated with goals for cosplays.
MV Crush rip was completed on 12th May. Cannot confirm everything is there but contains plentiful content.
Patreon contains 8 photosets ripped from Patreon, 1 of her older sets and the compilation of pics mentioned below.

Couple of extra bits to mention:
Lana Rain has had another OnlyFans in the past (no idea why she deleted it), but I have compiled as much of the stuff I downloaded from there as I could in the OnlyFans section.
Some of the vids exist in multiple parts (i.e a full vid and then the same vid split into 3 parts). In this case, I’ve separated the cut up vids into another folder for sensibility.
Does also contain some YouTube streams and non-sex-work streams she did under the folder “Normal Shows.”
The Patreon image sets also has a folder dedicated to a variety of photos found on her MV Crush and other places. Sorting them would take way too long so they’re in a compilation there.
All vids are named after what they are and what they involve, roughly.
Scenes include various portions of camshows. Some feature the entire show, some feature just a portion of it. Sex acts include blowjobs, riding a fake body, masturbation with dildos or vibrators, a bit of anal and buttplug insertion, amongst other stuff. Majority of them involve some sort of cosplay, win a few casual outfits as well

Screens Pics.part1.rar
Screens Pics.part2.rar

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[] @bishoujomom aka Hentai Mommy SiteRip (58 Videos & 149 Photos)

Juliette Michele is a bad bitch that loves to play dress-up. Fake tits, fake ass, and never wears the same outfit twice.

Most of the vids are focuses on her twerking ass, always in cosplay, but every once in a while she’ll oil her tits or suck on a dildo/banana

bishoujomom screens.rar

MILF, Mother, Big Tits, Big Ass, Latina, Chubby, Amateur, POV, SiteRip, Jerk Off Instruction, Virtual Sex, Parody, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat




























































Marks Head Bobbers & Hand Jobbers x265/HEVC Video Pack (42 Videos) with Metadata & Art HD 1080p

Brandy James, Alexa Grace, Anabelle Pync, Aria Alexander, Kalina Ryu, Aubrey Gold, Bobbi Dylan, Britney Amber, Jaye Summers, Sasha Foxxx, Cleo, Cosima, Paris Kennedy, Samantha Rone, Sarah Vandella, Kimber Lee, Gina Valentina, Christy Mack, Hope Harper, Remy LaCroix, Jada Stevens, Liv Aguilerai, Keisha Grey, Liza Rowe, Lori Adorable, Lyra Law, Karla Kush, Sadie Holmes, Alexa Rydell, Cassidy Klein

Blowjob, Deepthroat, Lingerie, Titfuck, Straight, Sloppy, Swallow, Face Fuck, Clothed, Sex, Rough, Threesome, Rimming

Ball Sucking, Fingering, Saliva String, Ball Licking, Cum in Mouth, Drool, MF, MFF, Rubbing a Dick on Her Face, Stockings, Dick Licking, Blowjob Eyes, Cum in Hands, Girls Kissing, Gagging, Female Rimming Male, Grinding, Stockings, Heels, Multi-Girl Blowjob

18 Year Old Tease – 2014: Hide

18 year old Brandy James teases a cock with her tight pussy and pouty little mouth. She keeps the aching cock rock hard for almost 20 minutes before it squirts its hot load for the young tease.

Alexa – 2016: Show
Anabelle’s Sensual Tease – 2014: Hide

Anabelle uses her warm mouth, talented tongue, soft hands, and her tight pussy to slowly tease a cock until it erupts in total surrender…hot cum shoots into the air as Anabelle continues to lick and suck the shaft.

Aria’s POV blowjob – 2014: Hide

Aria gives a great POV blowjob until she jacks a nice load of cum onto her open mouth and face.

Asian Fuck Doll – 2015: Hide

Kalina is a nasty little whore who cheats on her boyfriend every chance she gets. She’s even on the phone with her boyfriend when her boy toy shoves his hard cock in her face…she just can’t resist sucking it! She politely gets rid of her boyfriend before getting fucked six ways from Sunday. Finally he unloads a nice hot load of cum onto her smiling face. Her boyfriend happens to call back and Kalina answers the phone with a face full of jizz. What a whore!

Blackmailed Step-Sister: Aubrey – 2015: Hide

Aubrey gets blackmailed by her big step-brother when she busts her curfew once again. Maybe a fat load of cum on her face will teach this out of control 18 year old a lesson.

Blackmailing Aria – 2016: Hide

Aria gets caught cheating on her boyfriend and has to give up a little pussy to keep the creep quiet.

Bobbi – 2016: Hide

Bobbi Dylan came over to chill and suck on some cock. This girl definitely knows her way around a dick. Bobbi showcased her amazing blowjob skills as I laid back and stared into her mesmerizing blue eyes. I could only hold off for so long before she jerked a HUGE load of cum onto her beautiful face.

Britney and Mark POV – 2019: Hide

Featuring Britney Amber and Mark Rockwell. POV Blowjob.

Cheating Slut: Jaye Summers – 2019: Hide

Featuring Jaye Summers and Mark Rockwell. Girl gets fucked by another man while talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Random guy fucks her as he please. He blows his wad in her face.

Chillin with Sasha – 2016: Hide

I was just chillin out with Sasha one day and decided to fuck her face and dump a nice big load in her mouth. Good times :)

Cleo’s POV Blowjob – 2016: Hide

Cleo finally put my eager cock into her mouth and it was well worth the wait! She put her blowjob skills on full display as she pumped her mouth up and down on my dick until I shot a huge wad of cum onto her face. FANTASTIC!

Cosima’s Pov Blowjob – 2014: Hide

Cosima gives an amazing POV blowjob until the lucky cock blows a nice hot load of jazz into her greedy little mouth. Cosima swallows it right down her throat as she continues to suck the cock clean.

Edge Play With Paris – 2014: Hide

Paris slowly edges a cock with her talented hands for over 20 minutes until the point of explosion. Hot cum flies high into the air as Paris continues to gently tease the cock underneath its head with only her thumb.

Edge Play With Samantha Rone – 2016: Hide

Samantha Rone high jacked my shoot! This was suppose to be a normal blowjob scene. Before we started I told her I was looking for a regular BJ scene lasting about twelve minutes. Well, we start to shoot and she went straight into edging mode. I even cut a few times to tell her to pick up the pace..but every time we started rolling again she just did whatever she wanted. You can hear some playful banter between the two of us while she candidly edged me. She edged me for over 30 minutes until she finally ALLOWED me to cum. Samantha’s dirty talk is exceptional and this clip is phenomenal!

Epic MILF Blowjob – 2016: Hide

Sarah gives one of the best blowjobs on the fucking planet. The head is so good that the cock blows a MASSIVE wad of cum that catches Sarah off guard, LOL.

Faithful Girlfriend Cheats For 1st Time – 2017: Hide

Kimber has remained faithful to her loser boyfriend for years! Years of marginal sex and little to no romance. Well, she finally has a chance to have her pussy smashed by a big hard cock and she’s not passing it up!

Gina – 2017: Hide

I finally got Gina Valentina’s pretty little mouth on my cock. It was definitely worth the wait. Gina is crazy hot and has mad cock sucking skills. She puts those skills to use on my stiff cock until I shot a nice big wad of jizz into her mouth. Fantastic!!!!

High Class Escort – 2015: Hide

I have been married for 12 years. All the passion and fire from the marriage has long past and I have become extremely sexually frustrated. Hell, even in the early stages of our marriage I don’t remember getting a really good nasty blowjob like I use to get from girls in high school and college. Well, I am finally to the point where something has to be done or I will crack, i have to take care of my needs. Today I decided to hire an escort. A friend of mine and co-worker recommended a very high class companion that he had hired before in the past. I was very hesitant to follow through but I felt that if I didn’t do something I would go mad. I rented a quiet hotel about 45 minutes away from my house to narrow the chances of bumping into anyone I know, especially my wife. I called the escort from the hotel, she seemed quite nice and was very specific with her instructions. When she arrived we had a short conversation about what I wanted and then she headed to the bathroom to get ready. I sat on the love seat in anticipation, I felt like I was about to have sex for the very first time, I was so nervous. I almost lost my breath when she came around the corner! This girls was a stunner. She moved towards me seductively and slowly got down on her knees so she could crawl towards my lap. she undid my belt and pants and before I knew it I was getting the best head I had ever had in my life. This girl really knew what she was doing. Since my wife had become such a prude I decided not to hold back a bit. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth like I have always wanted to do. She didn’t bat an eye, she let me handle her any way I wanted. It was a dream come true! She sucked my cock until I just couldn’t hold on any more, I took my cock from her and I aimed it right at her gorgeous face. You could really tell that my wife hasn’t been taking care of me because I shot a GIGANTIC load of cum all over her face. It hit with such force it splattered every where! I had never been so satisfied in my life…it was everything I had dreamed of an more.

Hope’s POV blowjob – 2015: Hide

Hope gives an amazing POV blowjob until her mouth is absolutely full of hot cum. Hope is shocked by the size of the load and the look on her face is priceless. Awesome!

In Good Hands With Remy – 2015: Hide

Remy LaCroix gives a slow sensual handjob until the aching cock can’t hold out any longer and it erupts…spilling it’s hot cum everywhere.

Jada’s Pov Suck Off – 2014: Hide

Jada Stevens gives an amazing POV blowjob. She is positioned on her stomach with her feet in the air, her soles are pointed right at you and you have a great view of her world class ass. She uses her hands, tongue, mouth, and fingers to deliver some high class oral action. She works the hard aching cock with amazing skill until it explodes into the air with massive volleys of hot cum.

Just Friends: A Whore Story – 2014: Hide

Liv is hanging out with her boyfriend’s best friend. She tells him that she just doesn’t think things are going to work out between her and her BF. One thing leads to another and before you know it…Liv has a mouth full of hard cock…and it does not belong to her clueless boyfriend. Liv gets fucked six ways from Sunday before sucking out a massive load of jizz from the throbbing cock. What a total slut!

Keisha – 2017: Hide

I finally got my cock in Keisha’s mouth. I struggled to make it past ten minutes! I finally couldn’t hold out any longer and erupted with a massive load of cum that surprised even Keisha :)

Kimber Lee – 2017: Hide

Kimber gives an amazing blowjob all the way to completion. Watch her beautiful eyes as she pumps her mouth up and down on a rock hard cock until her mouth is filled with a nice fat load of cum, which she swallows down with a smile. I love this girl!

Liza – 2017: Hide

Liza Rowe was back in between my legs with a mouth full of my cock, right where she belongs! This beautiful young cocksucker always has my dick rock hard and wanting to cum prematurely…it takes everything i have not to blow my wad in just a few minutes. Liza takes my load right to the back of her throat and it felt absolutely fantastic!!! I think that might even be cum coming out of her nose at the end!

Lori’s Payback – 2014: Hide

Lori finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her so she planned a little pay back!

Lyra’s EPIC Tease – 2017: Hide

Lyra uses her amazing mouth and long tongue to tease the throbbing cock. She gets it all worked up until its rock hard and aching to blow. Finally, she decides to slip it in for a few pumps….and thats all the poor cock could handle. After less than 10 seconds Lyra pulls the cock from her tight little pussy and it blows its massive load straight away!

POV with Karla – 2017: Hide

Karla treats my cock to an amazing sucking. The beautiful blond happily pumps her face up and down on my stiff dick until she works every drop of cum out of my balls.

POV with Sasha Foxxx 2 – 2017: Hide

Sasha puts her skilled mouth to work as she gives me an amazing blowjob until I shoot my load onto her face and open mouth.

Remy’s Rimy And Oral Creampie – 2013: Hide

I just kick back while the beautiful and talented superstar Remy LaCroix licks my asshole and sucks me off until she gets a fat load shot into her mouth, and of course she swallows it right down to her tummy. What an amazing chick!

Ruined – A losers life – 2015: Hide

You’re so horny you can barely think straight, you’re in dyer need of blowing your wad, it just so happens that Sasha is willing to help you out. However, she does warn you that you will cum when she wants and how she wants…

RUINED! A losers life ;) – 2017: Hide

Sadie and Sasha team up to tease and torture a losers cock!!!

Samantha, 2 – 2016: Hide

Samantha is back! As usual, she sucks my cock as she pleases until she finishes me off into her filthy little mouth.

Sasha – 2016: Hide

SCENE 1: Sasha gives an amazing POV blowjob until she jerks a huge load of cum into her eager mouth. SCENE 2: Sasha licks and sucks my extremely sensitive cock. I could barely hold my load! I literally bit my tongue to take my mind off the immense pleasure but it hardly worked. Sasha made my cock explode violently with just the flick of her tongue, sending multiple volleys of cum blasting into the air!

Sasha & Britney – 2015: Hide

Sasha and Britney give a masterful double blowjob to a lucky cock. They work in perfect unison as they pleasure the throbbing hard dick with their skilled and experienced mouths. Finally, Britney decides to shove the cock into her tight little pussy……the poor stud lasts less than a minute before he has to blow his wad.

Sasha’s Epic Blowjob! – 2017: Hide

This was an absolutely amazing blowjob by one of the best cocksuckers I know. My dick felt like a piece of steel as I struggled to last just 12 minutes! It felt so good to finally blow my load that I got light headed as she continued to make small circles with her thumb, right below the head of my cock. Fantastic!!!!

Sasha’s Pov Blowjob – 2014: Hide

Sasha Nexx is a super hot chick with mesmerizing eyes. Here, she gives an amazing POV blowjob. Sasha’s head game is on point. She starts off slow with lots of tongue and eye contact before picking up the pace. Her tongue tricks will drive you wild…she even licks the studs asshole while she jacks his cock off. She finally jerks a hot load of cum out of the cock with her mouth wide open. She then sucks the cock clean…this girl is not afraid of cum at all…in fact she loves it!

Serina is a dirty little cheat – 2012: Hide

Serina is a cheating little whore. She gets her tight little cunt pounded while she talks to her clueless boyfriend, what a dummy. Serena’s stud drills her fuck hole until she has a nice hot wad of spunk blown on her slutty face..

Serina’s Cock Control – 2014: Hide

A beautiful Latina masterfuly edges and controls a cock with her small soft hands. The cock is rock hard and absolutely aching to cum. After 18 minutes of pure torture to the cock she decides to treat it with her tight warm pussy. She bounces up and down on the throbbing cock for only 15 seconds before it’s just too much for the cock to handle and it has to blow its hot load of cum.

Step-Sister Suck Off – 2015: Hide

Cassidy gives her new step-brother a blowjob he won’t soon forget!

To The Edge Again With Remy Lacroix – 2013 : Hide

The lovely Remy LaCroix is back for more edging fun. Remy is wearing a mans button up shirt as sleep wear with a nice pair of panties. She uses her her hands, fingers, and warm breath to bring this aching cock to the brink of explosion and keeps it there for nearly 20 minutes. She uses her fingers and thumb to pay special attention to the spot just under the swollen head. Every time she feels the cock get extra hard and she senses that it’s ready to release its hot stick load she slows it back down, keeping it suspended in that state, in that moment, until it builds and builds and it can’t stop from erupting right in her hands with her slightest of touch.

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Marks Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers.part1.rar
Marks Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers.part2.rar
Marks Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers.part3.rar
Marks Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers.part4.rar
Marks Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers.part5.rar
Marks Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers.part6.rar

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