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MILF 1353 – Mother’s Worst Nightmare, Having My Brother’s Baybee HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Strict and preachy Rachel had a daughter and a son. Misty, from her first marriage, was a nubile cheerleader; Marc, from her second, was a mild-mannered bookworm. Both attended the same high-school. Each day they walked there and back – bonding in conversation along the way. On one such journey home, they talked about Rachel. They felt that she had now become unbearable, and that something needed to be done about her. But they could not think what. As if to confirm their feelings, Rachel was harassing them within minutes of their getting back. She demanded to know why they were not getting on with the homework, complained that they were selfish and irresponsible, and gave them a list of chores to do. Despite this, Rachel was actually in a better mood than usual. Her husband had bought her some beautiful diamond earrings and set up a date for that night. Rachel had a high opinion of herself, and she believed such treats were her rightful due. However, while she was off changing outfits for a church function, her husband phoned Marc. He asked his son to tell Rachel that he would not be able to make his with date her. Something had come up at work. Neither Marc nor his sister wanted to be the one to pass on the bad news. When they called her, Rachel knew something was up. She came straight out of her room, not thinking that she was half undressed. For all her uptight ways, she was an extremely sexy and well-shaped woman. Her unbuttoned blouse testified to this. It revealed her bra – which in turn showed off the cleavage of her big tits. Rachel was furious upon hearing about her cancelled date. She threw her hands up in the air, cursed her husband as a good-for-nothing louse, and stormed back into her room. Hell hath no fury like a Rachel scorned. That evening, Misty and Marc ate in total silence. Because she would not be going out later, Rachel had already donned her nightie. It was tight, black and low-cut. Again her great, big-titted body could be appreciated. Normally, Rachel would have worn a gown to cover her modesty. But she was preoccupied with angry thoughts. She was in no mood to eat either. Instead she knocked back a couple of glasses of wine. After the meal, each of the trio went to their separate rooms. Misty was reading her bible when her boyfriend phoned. He told her that he was thinking about her as he stroked his cock. Misty was so turned on by this that she could not help joining in the fun. She stripped out of the cheerleader’s uniform that she had been wearing all day, then removed her panties. Naked except for her white knee-high boots, she lay back on her bed, spread her legs wide, and began rubbing her hot pussy. Soon she was moaning and writhing with pleasure. Meanwhile, Marc was on his way to ask his sister for help with his studies. He opened her door so quietly that Misty did not know he was there.

Marc took a good long look – relishing the sight Mistys sexy, slender body stretched out on full display. He could tell she was a young woman of sizzling passions from the electrified way she arched her back and pushed out her pert tits while busily finger-fucking herself and rubbing her clit. It was so intense for Marc that rushed back to his own room, pulled out his cock, and started to jerk of frantically. Unfortunately for him, a restless Rachel decided to look in right at that moment. Marc covered himself, but it was too late. Rachel screamed in horror. She yelled at Marc – telling him he was disgusting and that he was grounded indefinitely. Unable to look at him for another second, she hurried off to check on Misty. What she saw there was almost enough to make her faint. Just like her brother, Misty did not have time to hide her antics. Rachel did not believe in knocking on doors in her own home. Now, insanely upset, she confiscated Misty’s phone, gave her a royal chewing-out, grounded her, then walked away feeling as if her world was about to implode. When Rachel reached her bedroom, she took her special nerve-calming medication. It was enough to put her out like a light. In the meantime, Marc had returned to Misty’s room to talk over what had happened. Both siblings decided the time had come to fight back against their mother’s harsh rule. Now, at last, they hit upon a plan of action. They knew that Rachel would soon be in one of her deep rests. That meant they could do anything they wanted with her – including gag her and tie her into a chair. Once that was done, Marc and Misty could force her to watch as they fucked each other. Such sexual depravity would cause Rachel the maximum of offence. It might even drive her mad. Misty liked the idea so much that she even suggested Marc get her pregnant. The more wicked she could make things, the better. A short time later, Rachel woke up in just the predicament they had intended for her. Confused and distressed, she struggled and tried to scream. But it was all to no avail. The siblings greatly enjoyed laughing at her and mocking her helpless state. Then they got down to business. Having stripped naked in front of Rachel, they pulled her big tits out of her nightie, and lifted its hem to expose her naked pussy. Together they fondled and mauled her while she squirmed in torment at their violating touches. Presently, Marc and Misty climbed on to the bed. There Misty lay before her kneeling brother and started sucking on his stiff cock. Rachel wept and tried to avert her eyes, but Misty told her that things would only get worse if she refused to watch. So it was that Rachel witnessed every sordid detail of the act. She saw her daughter bobbing her head as she hungrily mouth-fucked Marcs length. She saw the eager licking and stroking and deep-throating too. Her misery increased further when Marc and Misty moved on to full, penetrative sex. Brazenly, in Rachels direct eye-line, the siblings went at in an epic, sweaty fuck-fest that included the doggy, missionary, side-on and cowgirl positions. Their passion was intense. Their moans and gasps and wet-sounding fuck-action drovned out Rachels constant sobs. Often they talked dirty – anticipating the moment when Marc would blow his potent cumload deep into Mistys fertile pussy. That occurred when Misty was riding him on top of him. She bucked and groaned as Marc hit home and filled her up. Afterwards, the pair still has the appetite and stamina for a bit more fun. Misty gave Marc another sucking off – along with a cock-cleaning. Then Marc played expertly with her pussy while she lay stretched out on the floor. It drove Misty wild and left her utterly breathless and satisfied. Yet, even then, there was one last deed to be performed. Marc, ready for his second cum, went over to his mother and jerked his hot creamy load all over her exposed tits. It was the final, horrible humiliation for Rachel. She closed her eyes, flinched, and gave an agonized, gag-muted scream. Six months from that fateful night, Misty was sat sporting a heavily swollen belly. She had indeed become pregnant, and was delighted to be expecting her brothers baybee. Marc was with her – the proud and smiling father-to-be. Nearby was Rachel. She was nothing like her former well-groomed, disciplined self. She wore a shapeless, filthy outfit. Her hair was wild; her eyes dark with rings. Her speech was a mere, incoherent murmur. She had been ruined by the chain of events set in motion by her daughter and her son. Her husband had left her, and the neighborhood had found out about Mistys pregnancy. Gone was Rachels financial security and good reputation. Gone too was her sanity.

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I Banged My Sister Skyler in Quarantine – Skylar Vox 4k

So there I was last weekend on our lame family spring break trip to Florida thanks to social distancing. Well My parents wanted to stop by Panama City so they could visit some old college friends that lived there for a night, of course they get to breathe rules but not us. Skyler and I stayed behind at the AIRNB Rental on the beach. At first it was cool and we went in the pool, but once we were finished with that we both realized that there was no wifi. We were both completely bored out of our gord’s. So Skyler and I decided to play truth or dare and soon enough I got my sister to pull her big old titties for me. I never really thought she was hot, but once I saw her boobs I was hooked. I wanted to touch them so bad. At that point I didn’t care about social distancing. Well I guess Skyler didn’t care about the rules either and next thing you know she let me play with her puppies. They were the most amazing breasts I had ever touched. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was balls deep inside my sister. I didn’t care about distancing at all, it was a risk I was willing to take. I fucked her really good for about 8 minutes then she made me shoot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. When we both finished, we promised we would never tell another person what happened. Except for my best friend Bucky of course. When I let him know, he was super jealous and he told me that he would have risked it as well, if it meant that he could fuck my sister Skyler. So I’m feeling pretty good about myself now

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Seduced By Nerdy Asian Sister – Momoka Koizumi 4k

POV – Your sister invites you to her room and asks if she can try on her new clothes for you. When you get hard watching her dress and undress over and over she talks you into letting her give you a blowjob. Then you fuck her and cum in her before your parents get home.

Asian Blowjob Creampie POV Taboo

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Sister Called Me Asshole After I Fucked Her In The Bathroom 4k

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Sex With REAL Sister In The Middle Of the Night HD 1080p

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[0nlyfans] Blondelashes19 – Siterip [259 images] [39 videos] (14.05 GiB)

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Helping Mom & Daddy Have A Baby TABOO HD

Hi Daddy! How was mommy’s doctor appointment? Is mommy pregnant with my new brother or sister, Daddy? Mommy can’t have a baby? Oh, poor Mommy! There’s still a way I can have a little brother or sister, Daddy? You want me to have a baby for Mommy, Daddy? Well, okay Daddy… How does that work? I unbutton my sweater, and show daddy my small teen tits. Daddy likes seeing my small tits. Daddy wants me to suck his cock. I ask Daddy if I’m sucking his cock right? Daddy says I’m doing it great. I give Daddy a blowjob, sucking on his big dick. I gag on Daddy’s cock. Daddy loves when his big cock makes me gag. I take off my panties, looking sexy for Daddy. My long legs look sexy in my striped thigh high socks. Daddy wants to fuck my hairy teen pussy. Is this okay, Daddy? Then, Daddy gets behind me, and slides his big cock in my pussy. Daddy tells me this is how impregnation works. Daddy has to put a creampie in my pussy, to make me pregnant. Daddy fucks my hairy pussy from behind with his big cock. Daddy has such a big dick. Oh yes, Daddy, that feels so good. I’m going to have a baby for Mommy and Daddy. Daddy lays down on the futon, and I give Daddy a blowjob, and taste my teen pussy, on his big daddy dick. Now, Daddy wants me to get on top of him. I climb on top of Daddy, and put his big cock in my hairy pussy. It feels so good when Daddy bounces me up and down on his cock. “oh yes, daddy,” I moan. Daddy fills my hairy teen pussy with his cock. Then, Daddy moves to a chair, and I sit on his lap, while Daddy bounces me up and down on his lap, using my pussy like a fleshlight. Daddy tells me this is how girls get pregnant. This is so taboo, Daddy is going to make me pregnant, with his creampie. Me and Daddy get back on the futon, and I give Daddy a blowjob, with my cute ass facing the camera, so you can see it as I give Daddy a blowjob. Daddy loves when I slurp on his cock, when I give Daddy a blowjob. Then, Daddy fucks me from behind, on the futon, with his big dick. I love to have fun with Daddy! Daddy grabs my tiny hips, and fucks me hard! Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck my pussy, Daddy! Daddy fills my pussy up with a big creampie. Daddy put a creampie in my pussy!! Wow, Daddy gave me a huge load of cum! Hopefully Daddy made me pregnant, with his big creampie, so I can help Daddy and Mommy. I really want a little brother or sister. I’m going to have a baby for mom and Daddy! If you liked this daddy roleplay video, visit my profile to see my other taboo, creampie & impregnation videos, with Daddy.


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Little Sister Big Brother CREAMPIE TEEN HD

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Fucked by Sugar Daddy SUGAR DADDY HD

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My handsome and generous sugar daddy just took me on a huge shopping spree. Now we are back at my house, and I want to show him how grateful I am. First, I give him some head. Then, I remove my thong and make out with him. I begin riding his huge cock, moaning for more. Next, he hits it from behind, really giving my pussy a pounding. Then, I suck my delicious juices off his cock, and we finish in missionary position, and he cums in my hot pussy. If you enjoyed this preview, please leave a

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Fucking Daddy Friend TINY TEEN CREAMPIE HD

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Fun, Fucking & Oral with Sugar Daddy MF HD

I start out by sucking his cock. I rub it his balls with the vibrator and make him very hard. He films me sucking his cock. Then, I get into the missionary position, and he fucks me and cums on my stomach

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Bratty Goth Teen Seduces Dad HD

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I’m being silly and jumping on the couch in my PJs, but Daddy says it’s time for bed. “I don’t want to go to bed, Daddy!” Daddy knows a way to help me relax before bed time! Before I go to bed, Daddy wants me to rub my coochie with a massager. It tickles at first. “Oh Daddy, it feels funny on my pee pee!” Then, it starts to feel really good on my privates. Daddy says that’s normal. “Ohhh yes, Daddy! It feels so good!” It feels amazing rubbing my coochie, and Daddy tells me I had my very first orgasm. Daddy wants me to make him feel good too, so I rub and suck his cock. “Daddy, does that feel good?” Finally, Daddy cums all over my little face.


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This is a taboo POV virtual sex video, meant to give you the most realistic experience, of being seduced by your hot Asian mom. You hear your hot mom in her and your father’s bedroom. You walk in, and your Asian mom is getting dressed. Mom has on a sexy pink lace thong. Mom quickly pulls her dress down over her thong panties, but you can’t help notice her sexy body. Mom says she wants to talk to you. You wonder what your mom wants to talk about. Your hot mom says that your father can’t get it up. She’s very unsatisfied with his penis. He’s quite a bit older than your mom, and she actually hasn’t been fucked properly since they got married. Your mom saw your big dick in the shower, and she wants it. Your mom wants your big cock! This is your fantasy! This is taboo, after all, she’s your dad’s wife! But your Asian mom is so hot, you forget the taboo, & happily agree to fuck your mom. Your horny Asian mom unzips your jeans, and begins sucking your hard cock. Your mom gives great blowjobs! She licks and sucks your cock. Your mom gives you a sloppy blowjob, gagging a bit on your cock. Then, you get in the bed, and she continues the blowjob. Now your horny Asian mom wants your big dick in her pussy. Your mom warns you not to tell your father, because it’s taboo. Then, your mom gives you a condom. Mom asks you if you know how to use one. You hesitate, so mom opens it, and puts it on your throbbing cock. Your horny Asian mom slides your hard cock into her pussy, and rides your dick. Mom moans as you fill her tight pussy with your large dick. This is the first cock your mom has had in years, and she’s moaning like crazy. Mom rolls over, and gets on her hands and knees, and you fuck your hot mom doggystyle, pounding her hard with your big dick. Mom loves every second of it. Your hot Asian mom turns around and pulls the condom off. Mom begs for your cum in her mouth! You want to shoot your load in her mouth so bad! Mom sucks on your cock, and jerks it off, until you shoot a big load in her mouth. Your mom spits the cum out, and tells you how delicious it was. Just don’t tell your dad! If you enjoyed this taboo POV virtual sex video, please visit my profile to see my other taboo, mom, role play, POV & virtual sex videos!


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Sister Blackmailed by Little Brother HD

I was watching some porn, and masturbating. I was masturbating my pussy, & I was really into it. The porn video was kind of loud, and I was moaning and stuff, and I didn’t hear my little brother creeping up behind me. I turn around, & see my little brother staring at me, with his dick out! I’m like, “Oh my God! What the fuck, little brother? What are you doing, you creep?! I’m your sister!” My little brother is grinning, & seems to think this is funny. I see my brother has his phone out! He tells me he filmed the whole thing, & he’s about the share it on the internet. My brother is trying to blackmail me. I start begging my little brother not to share the video. I tell my brother I’ll do anything! My little brother asks me for a blowjob. He’s always wanted his sister to suck his dick. I’m like, “Eww, I’m your sister. That’s so weird!” But I agree to do it. My brother’s cock is way bigger than I expected. I start giving my brother a blowjob, sucking & spitting on his big dick. Sucking his dick is making me so horny. I tell my little brother I want to fuck. This is taboo, it has to be our secret. I slide his dick into my hairy pussy, and start riding his big dick. I can’t believe I’m fucking my brother! I lay on my side, and my brother keeps fucking my hairy pussy. Oh yeah, it feels so good, I’m gonna cum on his dick! My brother cums in my hairy pussy, and gives me a huge creampie. I finger my pussy, and taste the creampie! Yum little brother’s cum tastes good. We will have to do it again soon! Please visit my profile to see my other taboo brother sister videos!


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Slut Training With Daddy BDSM BONDAGE HD

Daddy wants to train me to be his submissive slut, in this taboo BDSM video. This is my first training slut training session, with Daddy. I am dressed in sexy black lace lingerie, and tall socks, that Daddy picked out for our training. Daddy likes my lingerie. Daddy wants me ballgagged. Daddy puts the gag in my mouth, and can no longer say anything. I can only moan, because I’m ballgagged. Daddy puts restraints on my ankles. This is so that Daddy can start training me to open and shut my legs as Daddy chooses. Daddy has always wanted a submissive slut to obey him, so Daddy is training me to be his obedient little slut. Then, Daddy has me bend over, showing my cute thong. Daddy takes off my black lace thong panties. Daddy pulls my panties down slowly, exposing my cute teen ass. Daddy says it’s time for anal training. Daddy has a buttplug for me. Daddy inserts the buttplug into my anal hole. Ouch, Daddy! My ass is very tight, and the anal play hurts my little teen asshole. I moan in pain, for Daddy to slow down, as I’m ballgagged, and can’t speak. Finally Daddy gets the buttplug in. Daddy likes bondage. Daddy is going to handcuff and ankle cuff me, so that I can’t move. Daddy asks for my hands, and then, Daddy puts handcuff restraints on my wrists. These are very solid police handcuffs, that Daddy chose for me. Daddy lifts up my top, exposing my small tits. Daddy pinches my puffy Asian nipples, as I wince. I know I am Daddy’s submissive slut. Daddy asks me to lay down, on my back. The submissive slut training continues, as Daddy pours lube all over my little teen pussy getting it so slippery and wet. Daddy says my creamy teen pussy need to be slippery so the dildo can slide in. Daddy wants to start training my Asian teen pussy to take a big cock. Daddy takes a big dildo, and begins fucking my wet creamy pussy. Daddy fucking me with big dildo hurts at first, but then I enjoy it, as Daddy fucks me. I moan through the gag, as Daddy pleasures my creamy pussy. Daddy attaches the restraints on my ankles, keeping my feet together. Daddy gets the Hitachi vibrator, and begins using the Hitachi on my teen pussy, getting it so creamy. Daddy hands me the Hitachi vibrator, and I rub my creamy teen pussy with it, moaning as I masturbate while ballgagged and bound, with the buttplug still in my ass. I want to be a good slut and cum for Daddy. The buttplug feels so good in my asshole, as I use the Hitachi to pleasure myself. Daddy loves to watch me cum. Finally, I have the imposed orgasms, still ballgagged and bound. I’m looking forward to my next slut training session with Daddy. Daddy did a great job training me to be an obedient slut.


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You’re my boyfriend, and you’re crazy about me. You adores me, chasing me around like a puppy dog, and I love teasing you and controlling you with my beauty, but I’d never fuck you. You can just be my cuckold. His cock just isn’t good enough, you little cuckold. We are just getting home from a party, where I saw a lot of hot guys. I am teasing you about how they was drooling over me the whole party, and telling you how hot the guys were, and how I want them all to fuck me. Making you feel like a subservient cuckold you are is really turning me on. I’m getting so horny, and I really want to cum. I decide to give you the privilege of eating my pussy, cuckold. You’re not a boyfriend, you’re a cuckold. You’re eating my pussy very skillfully. I’m going to squirt so hard. When I’m close to cumming, I begin rubbing my pussy. I squirt cum everywhere as I orgasm, all over your cuckold face. You’re drenched in my squirt! Oops! And, your cock is so hard. I let you jerk off while I tell you that next time, you’ll eat a creampie from my pussy, cuckold. Please visit my profile to see my other humiliation and cuckold videos, if you like this one.


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Sugar Daddy Makes Me Cum DADDY HD

I’m looking so sexy in my fishnet tights, and my high heels. My little teen tits look so cute poking out from under my shirt. I know Sugar Daddy loves what I’m wearing. He thinks I’m so sexy, I’m giving him a big boner. Sugar Daddy is so horny, and he needs to cum! Sugar Daddy knows just what to do. He will get me so horny, and make me cum, and then I will return the favor. He knows just how to make me cum so hard. First Sugar Daddy eats my pussy, and licks my clit all over. Sugar Daddy is so good at eating pussy, and I moan, as he pleasures my cute little clit. Then Sugar Daddy gets my vibrator and rubs it all over my teen pussy, especially my clit. My pussy is getting so slippery. It’s so wet and juicy. Then Sugar Daddy fucks my teen pussy with a dildo, until I’m moaning with pleasure as I cum. Now I want to return the favor, to Sugar Daddy, so I give him a blowjob. I suck his cock, and get it very hard, as he enjoys the blowjob. Finally, I get on top and ride Sugar Daddy, until he cums in my pussy!


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ANAL Training for Daddy HD

I’m training my ass for daddy, in my cute school girl uniform. Daddy loves it when I wear my uniform. Daddy loves anal sex. But Daddy has a huge cock. Daddy’s cock is as thick as a soda can. I want to be a good girl for daddy! I always want to please Daddy in every way I can. I want him to be able to fuck my tight anal hole with his thick cock. However, Daddy has a large package is currently unable to fit into my tight pink virgin asshole. Daddy tried and tried to put it in my anal hole, but it was just too tight to accept his big Daddy dick. Daddy was very disappointed by this, and I hate disappointing my Daddy! So, Daddy wants me to start an anal training program. Daddy gave me 3 butt plugs of increasing size. He really wants me to practice stretching my ass for him, and be a good girl, even if it hurts! The first plug, Daddy gave me, is easy for me, but as they get larger, the difficulty becomes greater, as they stretch my tight asshole more than I thought was possible. I am determined to be a good girl for daddy, and I insert and remove all of the butt plugs. I hope Daddy will be pleased that I did the anal training successfully! How he would love to fuck my tight teen ass. Hopefully, soon my anal hole will be able to take larger cocks and toys to please daddy


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