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Avery Moon – The Tryout HD

I saw him at the show last night, I think he likes me a lot.. Why would you say that I’m not his type? I think I’m exactly his type… I think you’re even into me. So what I’m your sister, I know you still think I’m hot.. Alright, I’ll prove it….

Category: TABOO
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KimberleyJx – Addams Family Taboo HD

HALLOWEEN 2018 Wednesday Addams, the pyschopathic evil sadistic bitch wants to take it a step further with you – her filthy brother. She loves experimenting with you as it is … but whilst Mom & Dad are away she can’t help herself. Recently catching you masturbating, she doesn’t just want to play with your cock and instruct you wank in-front of her Being the EVIL Bitch she is; she wants to inflict some pain on you – just a little. She plays a little game of ‘Wednesday Says’, instructing you how to wank & if you do anything without hearing ‘Wednesday says’ you’ll get punished. Now if you thought that was bad enough… wait until Wednesday tells you whats she’s going to do with your cum after you’ve exploded… This video contains: JOI, JOI GAMES, LIGHT CBT, CEI, DOMINATION, TABOO, HUMILIATION, BROTHER SISTER, COSPLAY, ROLEPLAY.

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Tigger Rosey – Brother Blackmails Sister 1080p 60fps HD

My brother blackmailed me. He caught me sucking and fucking the dog… That little creep shouldn’t be lurking and looking through the crack of my door. But.. what can you do? Hes threatening to tell our parents!! I can’t let mom and dad know that i sucked the dog… He said if i blow him and his friends he will let it slide… they make me blow the dog too. Then they all give me a facial. blowbang , brother sister, blackmail, facials

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My Sister Is Sexy AS FUCK! HD

Theres been A LOT of change going on in Lil D’s life recently! He’s moved towns, switched schools and even joined the basketball team. And biggest of all, his mom got remarried. So D has a new stepfather…AND a new step sister named Julie. But not just any stepsister…

D’s stepsister is FINE AF. Her face…her skin…her ass…her titties…he can barely contain himself around her!

Every time she looks at him or speaks to him, his tongue stops working and his mind goes to some far away place filled with nasty activities….

Its starting to really get bad. His games have been off recently. He can’t concentrate on his homework. He knows he shouldn’t have these thoughts. They’re so wrong. Him and Julie…they’re family. But he can’t help himself. All he can think about is what her titties taste like…what her pussy feels like….

Those thoughts are in his brain when he gets home from school and he see’s his sister looking sexy as always. What D doesn’t know is that his behavior the last couple weeks has been pretty obvious. He doesn’t know his new stepsister well, but Julie isn’t the type to beat around the bush. She’s VERY direct. And also…very horny. So when she see’s D acting like a lovestruck school boy yet again…she knows it’s time to break him out of this mindset…especially since their parent’s aren’t going to be home for several hours….

“You’ve been acting weird for a while. What’s wrong?” Julie asks as she sits VERY close to her stepbrother. She hears his breath quicken. She knows there’s a stirring in his pants. She’s about to make her little brother grow up VERY quickly.

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Ashley Alban – Sibling Bonding HD

You are on a family vacation and unfortunately there is limited space where you’re staying so your parents make you and your sister share a room. You fall asleep pretty quickly, but you are woken up by your sister making noise. She is on her iPad and it looks like she’s touching herself! You don’t even know what to say. She catches you watching her and she’s clearly embarrassed. You ask her what she was watching. She explains that she couldn’t sleep and she ended up getting horny and watching porn. She says it’s not her fault she woke you up. She was trying to be quiet and it’s not like she wanted to have to share a room with you. You ask her what kind of porn she was watching. She asks if you have watched porn before and you admit you have not. She shows you the video she was watching. She sighs and says she really wants to have sex now, but there’s nothing she can do about it. She suddenly looks at you. She says that you’re a boy after all. You guys could fool around and as long as you don’t fuck her pussy, it’s not like she can get pregnant or anything.

She tells you to take your cock out as she moves down by your legs. She is so surprised when she sees your dick and says that she had no idea her brother has such a nice cock. She starts to suck you, getting rough and messy just like in the porno. She tells you that she wants to have sex and suggests anal. She straddles you reverse cowgirl and slowly slides your cock into her asshole. It’s so tight and feels so good! She starts to ride you, bouncing on your dick. She spanks her ass and says she loves being a slut for her brother. When you’re ready to cum she tells you that she wants a facial. She sucks your dick some more and then jacks you off until you cover her face with cum.

Category: TABOO
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Baetrix – Brotherly Butt Stuff HD

Hey big brother! Your girlfriend left this in the bathroom….what is it? A butt plug? What do you do with it? You put it where?!? And that feels good? I don’t know if I buy that, I guess I’ll have to try it to find out. You don’t think it would be weird to watch your little sister put something in her ass for the first time, do you? Oh brother, this really does feel good! You love seeing your little sister fuck her tight little asshole, don’t you? And look at that cream dripping out of my pussy from me cumming! Big brother, I’d love for you to help me stretch my asshole so I can take even bigger things for you!

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Shut Up And Fuck Me – Xev Bellringer HD

What the heck is going on with these clothes, my whole body is so itchy all of a sudden. Oh God, I can barely handle it…I have to take them off! You….what?! You put itching powder in my clothes?? That is SO not cool dude, this is way worse than me pouring ice water on you during your shower!

It’s getting worse…don’t you DARE leave! You’re going to fix this for me…I don’t care if you feel weird seeing your sister naked… do whatever it takes to give me some relief! Rubbing on this pillow is not enough…

Oh no, I think some powder got into my pussy. Fuck, you’re going to have to….um, use your fingers. Put them inside of me now… Do it! Deeper!! Ugh, this isn’t helping…you have to fuck me. I know how that sounds, but you’re responsible for this. Shut up and fuck me!

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Category: TABOO
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[SubbyHubby] Megapack 2016-2018 85 Videos 76.59 GiB in HD

The themes of the movie are mostly cuckolding, femdom, incest, orgasm denial but sometimes also forced bi. See description of the individual videos for further details.

Alissa Avni – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 1

Alissa Avni is laying by the pool and telling her best friend about how hot her new Stepbrother is. She insists its ok for her to think that way since they are’t 8lood related. Still, it’s so taboo. Cameron comes by so Alissa hangs up. She tells Cameron that she wants to spend time with him since they haven’t spent much time together yet. A little flirting and some smiles from Alissa is all it takes. Before Cameron knows it, he is taking off Alissa’s shoes and worshipping her feet. He knows it is wrong, but its just her feet, right? Alissa was so BOSSY to him, how could he say no?

Alissa Avni – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 2

Alissa ‘s StepBrother is going to do whatever Alissa wants. She has him completely under her control now. She makes him wear a dildo gag in his mouth and fuck her tight young wet pussy good with it. He is so horny for his step sister but Alissa will not let him near her. Alissa is so excited and cums so hard but suddenly…her Step Father comes home.

Alissa Avni – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 3

Alissa ‘s Stepfather has come home and found her and his son doing sexual acts. The father cannot deny that he is attracted to Alissa . Alissa is going to cuckold her stepbrother now while while she fucks his Father! Alissa has her stepfather fuck her with his huge cock and makes him cum all over while her stepbrother watches. She has her StepFather lick his cum off of her pussy.

Alissa Avni – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 4

Alissa Avni is going to make her Step Father lick her asshole. He isn’t worthy of licking her beautiful pussy, he only gets her ass. And if he is going to do this, it is going to be on his knees where he belongs as the beta male that he is. Alissa has always gotten her way and this is no different. He licks and licks her ass and does as she says.

Alissa Avni – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 5

Alissa Avni is dominating her family and she isn’t through. Her StepBrother now has to feel the humiliation of taking her cock in his mouth and his ass. Alissa puts a gag on him with large lips, making him look like a cock-sucking whore. She makes him blow her cock and then she stuffs it in his tight virgin ass. The cock is barely going into his virgin ass but that doesn’t stop Alissa from being determined to stretch him out and fuck him properly like the bitch stepbrother that he is.

Alissa Avni, Raven Eve – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 1

Raven Eve and Alissa Avni need a new slave. They are sitting around the house waiting for applicants to interview for an ad they put in the paper. The first two victims.. or prospects as they say, are about to arrive. The two men meet each other outside the house and discuss how desperate they are for a job. They are about to find out exactly how desperate soon. Raven and Alissa sit the first prospective “employee” on the couch and explain that he must obey them completely and do exactly as he is told. He is then ordered to get on his knees, in his proper position, under the feet of his new Mistresses. Raven orders the slave to worship her high heel shoes. Licking them and sucking on the heel like a good boy. The new slave is told to worship Mistress Raven and Mistress Alissa’s bare feet. The slave does a good job licking and sucking their feet and toes. He is then told that his name is not Cameron anymore. The sissy slut will now be known as Cami. He needs this job bad and he will learn to be a proper foot licking sissy bitch now!

Alissa Avni, Raven Eve – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 2

The new slave has proven himself worthy with his foot worship skills. Goddess Raven and Goddess Alissa decide to keep the slut around. Sissy Cami is now naked in a pink collar on his knees. Mistress Raven tells the sissy bitch that if he wants this job he is going to have to learn how to behave like a sissy and walk like a sissy. Wearing a very tight dress, Raven forces her slaves face into her ass and tells him to get used to this position. She lifts up Mistress Alissa’s dress revealing her beautiful round soft ass. Mistress Raven shoves Cami’s face into Alissa’s bare ass and tells the slave to prove how much he needs the job. He is forced to eat Mistress Alissa’s ass until she is satisfied. Mistress Raven is verbally humiliating and directing Cami to sniff Alissa’s pussy while she plays with herself. Sissy Cami is learning what it takes to be Mistress Alissa and Mistress Raven’s sissy slave.

Alissa Avni, Raven Eve – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 3

Sissy Cami is informed that inadequate sissy’s like himself do not get to fuck their Mistresses with their own tiny useless anatomy. Mistress Raven rams a dildo gag in her slave’s mouth. Cami is forced to please Mistress Alissa with the chindo. Mistress Raven humiliates and directs her slave how to please Mistress Alissa. Slave Cami is forced to pleasure Alissa in several different positions. Raven holds and pushes the slave’s head as he continues to fuck Mistress Alissa with the dildo gag. He is not allowed to stop until Mistress Alissa properly cums as many times as she wants. It’s really hard work being a sissy slut slave.

Alissa Avni, Raven Eve – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 4: Learning to Stroke

For the next part of the job interview the Mistresses bring in the other applicant. Sissy Cami is told that although he has done an excellent job so far, there is more that he needs to prove. Mistress Raven humiliates Cami by telling him what a small pathetic cock he has. She then pulls down the pants of the other applicant and shows Cami his big nice-looking dick. Mistress Alissa strokes the new guy’s cock while Raven explains to Cami that all sissy’s suck cock. He will learn to suck dick and he will do it well or else. Sissy Cami is forced to stroke his big dick until he comes all over sissy Cami’s face. This job is really “hands on”.

Alissa Avni, Raven Eve – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 5: Sissy Cuck

Mistress Raven informs the two slaves that if they can work together there might be room for both of them. She tells sissy Cami to ask his new co-worker, Mr. Adams, to fuck Mistress Raven’s girlfriend Alissa. Sissy Cami is forced to watch Alissa get fucked by a real man. Alissa moans with pleasure getting fucked in several different positions by Mr. Adams. While Mr. Adams is fucking the hell out of Alissa, Mistress Raven is verbally humiliating and laughing at Sissy Cami. The humiliation continues for Cami until Mistress Raven forces him to clean Mr. Adams cum from Mistress Alissa’s pussy. Slave Cami’s new life as a cuckold sissy slut now begins.

Bella Ink, Raven Eve – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude (Full Movie)

Bella Ink and Raven Eve are looking hot in their skimpy bikini’s relaxing by the pool. They are bored though because they are the only one’s there. They wanted to have some kinky fun today. Just when they almost gave up hope, two pool dudes showed up. While they are cleaning the pool, they notice the two beautiful vixens. They whisper to each other that they are going to try to hook up. The ladies notice the two young guys and decide that they will have to do for their kinky games. First Bella and Raven have the guys give them foot rubs. The guys do a good job with the massage, so the women allow the boys to worship their feet. They suck and lick the ladies’ feet. Bella and Raven are pleased with the new prospects. They want to find out how much of their kinky games the boys can handle. They bring the pool dudes inside and make the one with the smaller cock, suck the bigger cock. After they are amused by forcing the boys to be bi, they let the guys know their plan. They want to fuck them with their big strap on cocks! One of the guys can’t handle having his ass fucked so he leaves his willing friend there. The remaining guy turns out to be submissive. Bella and Raven put a collar on him and make him their new slave. He is forced to watch Bella play with her pussy and orgasm in front of him. Then it’s his turn to take Bella’s cock in his ass while Raven rams her cock down his throat. In the end, everyone is happy. The Ladies have a new slave and the pool dude gets to be the submissive slut he always wanted to be.

Crystal Rush – Mail Order Bride Trains Her Husband Part 1

Crystal’s husband is a real jerk. He is always bossing her around and being rude to her . He thinks because Crystal is a mail order bride from Russia that she is his slave. Well he is about to find out that the opposite is true! Crystal is tired of being treated like trash. She tells her asshole husband that not only does she want a divorce but she is going to take half of everything he owns. She tells her husband that if he wants to stay married to her then he will have to be her bitch! She starts by telling him to get down on his knees and worship her feet. He agrees to anything she wants and begins to suck on her toes and lick her beautiful bare feet. Seeing her once proud and arrogant husband on his knees, subserviently licking her feet, is turning Crystal on, as she begins to play with her wet pussy. After Crystal is satisfied with his foot worship , she hands her husband a collar and a chastity cage for his cock. This is the beginning of their new life!

Crystal Rush – Mail Order Bride Trains Her Husband Part 2: Pussy Tease

Crystal Rush now has her asshole husband on his knees naked, collared and chastised. She asks him if he would like to continue being trained as her slave or if he wants a divorce. He says, “yes, Crystal, I’ll do whatever you want.” Crystal tells her slave that she is now Goddess Crystal! Goddess Crystal is going to teach her new slave how to please her. Not with his pathetic cock but with her favorite glass dildo. Crystal makes her slave fuck her with the dildo and periodically put the dildo in his mouth, so he can taste the juice from her pussy. His cock is locked up and this is the only way he gets to please his wife from now on! Crystal finishes herself off with her hand while her husband is forced to watch helplessly with the soaked dildo in his mouth.

Hadley Vascara – Hadley Trains You Part 1

Hadley Vascara is hot as hell and she knows it. She is going to use her good looks to their fullest potential by training her man to be the best cuckold she has ever had. She starts by having him worship her gorgeous feet. Her high arches are too irresistible. Hadley means business when she makes him lick every inch of her gorgeous soles. This is the most action his tongue will have on her body ever again if he doesn’t do a good job. She has big plans for him.

Hadley Vascara – Hadley Trains You Part 2

Hadley Vascara wants her bitch boy to learn to please her perfectly using this humiliating dildo gag. Dominant women know there is nothing more humiliating than having a man inches from their dripping wet pussy, watching them orgasm, smelling them, but unable to have that pussy themselves. Will her bitch EVER be worthy of her perfect pussy? Hadley will decide his fate. Now he must get to work making her cum. Ir’s all about her needs.

Hadley Vascara – Hadley Trains You Part 3

Hadley Vascara is going to make her cuckold a humiliated bitch by forcing him to jerk off the neighbor, her big stud. He doesn’t want to do it but he wants to save his relationship with her so his hands are tied. He must do as she says. She touches her pussy while he strokes the big better cock of the neighbor, the cock she’s been fucking. It’s so big, no wonder why she was fucking him! He strokes and strokes it. Hadley says some very bitchy and humiliating things to her little cuck husband while he does this…

Hadley Vascara – Hadley Trains You Part 4

Hadley Vascara needs her stud to lick her ass and lick it good. He needs to lick her ass if he expects to have her pussy. If not, he won’t be any better off than her cuckold husband. She needs him to lick it all over and make her feel really good. He must earn her pussy. He is a stud and more of a man than her cuckold husband is but that doesn’t mean he gets to do whatever he wants. Hadley is always in charge.

Hadley Vascara – Hadley Trains You Part 5

Hadley Vascara finally shows her pathetic husband what he cannot do for her. She rides the neighbor’s enormous cock and loves every second of it. She not only loves how it feels but she loves the look on her husband’s face. She even makes him beg the stud to fuck her. It’s so embarrassing! Now he must be a good cuckold and clean up.

Tucker Stevens, Kenzie Reeves – Tucker and Kenzie’s Bitch: Foot Job

Tucker Stevens and Kenzie Reeves are two sisters who think the repairman is HOT. They decide to get him to stay a while…. except he has to do what they say. Before he knows what happened, he is on his knees and at the mercy of these hot women. Whatever they want to do to him is FINE by him! Little does he know they have more involved plans than he thinks, and it involves making him an obedient pet used for sexual pleasure with not a care for his own. He is going to be their foot bitch.

Tucker Stevens, Kenzie Reeves – Tucker and Kenzie’s Bitch: Chastity Tease

Kenzie and Tucker are definitely going to make this repairman go crazy. They have him locked up in chastity and unable to do anything with his cock. They own it now, they have the keys and they control him! The women decide to tease the hell out of him just to get the point across. They lick and rub their pussies all over the device. He can just barely feel their warmth, but not much. He cannot feel anything other than a firm device crushing his frustrated cock. Maybe if he does everything they say, they will unlock him.

Tucker Stevens, Kenzie Reeves – Tucker and Kenzie’s Bitch: Squirting

Kenzie and Tucker want their bitch to pleasure them good but they will tease him with their pussies instead. Their pussies feel really good or he can kiss his chastity key goodbye. They play with themselves with a dildo right in front of him and tease him with how they taste Kenzie manages to squirt all over.

Joslyn James – Becoming Joslyns Bitch Part 1

Kiki Daire – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 1

Kiki Daire’s pathetic husband is away on business so she decides to have a little fun with her step-son. Kiki is laying on the couch pleasuring herself with her pink vibrator while she has step-son on the floor wearing pink frilly panties and a pink collar. She has already turned hubby into her cuckold bitch. Now it’s his son’s time to learn how things work in Kiki ’s house. Kiki rubs the vibrator all over her pierced clit. Her step-son enjoys being told what a pathetic sissy he is. Kiki decides to reward her little sissy by letting him control her vibrator. She tells him how that is the only way he will ever please a woman, so he might as well learn now. After Kiki cums, she allows her obedient step-son to lick her juices off the dildo. Kiki is proud of her submissive play toy , so she decides to let him in on a little secret. Mommy gets fucked by a big black cock when Daddy’s away. But the big reward is that Kiki is allowing him to join her and her bbc today. Soon he will learn how to be a true sissy cuckold.

Kiki Daire – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 2

Kiki introduces her submissive step-son to her lover, Mr. Slayer. She tells her sissy son that she needs a real man like Mr. Slayer, that has a big cock. Not like her husband and step-son’s pathetic tiny excuses for cocks. Her step-son is on his knees, naked except for his pink collar. He is looking up at Mr. Slayer, who is tall and muscular. His giant cock is visible through his jeans. Mommy takes off Mr. Slayer’s pants revealing his huge BBC. Her hand barely fits around the giant black dick. She has her step-son stand up next to Mr. Slayer and she totally humiliates him by comparing Mr. Slayer’s giant beautiful black cock to his own pathetic tiny shriveled up penis. Now Kiki ’s step-

Kiki Daire – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 3

Kiki has her BBC lover on the sofa naked while her submissive step-son is obediently watching on his knees on the floor. Kiki is stroking and making Mr. Slayer’s big black cock wet with her spit. Her pathetic step-son now knows his place as a humble obedient sub. Kiki orders her bitch to get nice and close to Mr. Slayer’s cock. He needs to learn how a real man pleases a woman and what a real man looks like! Kiki begins to give her lover a sloppy wet blowjob. Periodically she spits on her step-son’s face just to add to his humiliation. Now it’s time for the main course. Kiki asks her sissy step-son if he is ready to watch Mommy get fucked. He answers submissively and humbly, “yes, Mommy.”

Kiki Daire – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 4

Kiki Daire – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 5

Mr. Slayer and Kiki are on the sofa talking about how much fun they had playing and fucking today in front of Kiki ’s step-son. Her pathetic step-son is on the floor worshipping Mommy’s stocking feet. Kiki tells the boy to thank Mr. Slayer and to worship his feet. But Mr. Slayer stops him, saying that he is only worthy of smelling his feet. Mommy kisses Mr. Slayer goodbye and Kiki ’s step-son bitch continues to worship her feet. Kiki has him wearing his frilly pink panties again. She combs his long blond hair and puts some slutty pink lipstick on his mouth. This is how her cum-dumpster son is supposed to look!

Kiki Daire – Kiki Trains Her Play Toy Part 6

Now that Kiki’s step-son looks like a complete sissy slut with his long blond hair and pink lipstick, it’s time for him to learn how to be a real slut. Kiki is wearing her big red strap on cock now. First, the slut has to learn to suck her cock properly. Make sure to get plenty of spit on there. You want some lube for the next part when Mommy Kiki fucks your ass! Kiki pounds her bitch just like Mr. Slayer fucked her earlier. Kiki pounds his tight white asshole while he strokes his tiny little cock. Mommy makes her step-son tell her how much he loves getting fucked. After taking Kiki’s cock the submissive cucked step-son promises to never to tell Daddy about Mommy’s fun games.

Kitty Carrera – Kitty Likes to Play (ENTIRE MOVIE)

Kitty Carrera has a couple of boy toys coming to the house today. The two guys come into the living room as Kitty is playing with her vibrator over her daisy duke shorts. Kitty starts by giving them their pink slave collars. Kitty takes off her shorts and makes the guys watch closely as she pleasures herself by fucking her pussy with her black vibrator. Kitty teases the boys relentlessly by making them watch her get off.

Now Kitty is laughing at the boys’ small cocks. She has them naked on their knees in front of her. Obviously the only one sucking anything today is going to be a man whore. She orders the smaller slave to suck the other slave’s dick. Kitty forces his head down on the cock making him deep throat it. She tells him that this is necessary to make Kitty happy. Kitty finally gives her slave his reward as she jerks the cock off until he cums all over the smaller slave’s mouth.

Now it’s time for these sluts to suck on Kitty’s cock. She tells the bigger slave that he needs to get her strap on cock wet or she is going to have to fuck his ass dry. After thoroughly fucking her bitch slave she makes him clean his ass filth off her cock. Kitty teases the slave that she just fucked by telling him that if he does a good job fucking his buddy then he might get to fuck Kitty!

They have now retreated into Kitty’s lair, on her bed. She is standing, stroking her slave’s cock while the bitch slave is on his knees at their feet. After getting the bull slave’s cock nice and wet, the bitch is fucked from behind nice and hard under the orders of Kitty. Kitty is pleased with her little bitch sub and decides to keep him around.

Now it’s the bitch slave turn to get strap on fucked by Kitty! The slave cries out but Kitty gets what she wants and she wants his ass. Kitty pounds his tight ass with her big pink cock until the bitch cums. Kitty has a new trained submissive bitch to play with now. He will do what Kitty wants from now on or else!

Lexi Luna – Lexi Luna and Gaping Gabriella (Entire Movie)

Lexi Owns Her Boss Part 1: Slapped
Just another typical day for Lexi Luna. Spending quality time with her boyfriend, getting fucked, until her day is ruined due to her boss texting her. She becomes increasingly frustrated until she conjures up the perfect solution. She decides to invite her boss over to have some fun with him. She forces him to his knees, completely turning the tables on him, she is not only his boss, but now his Goddess. She verbally degrades him, while slapping him repeatedly in the face, and spitting all over his pathetic face and in his mouth. He becomes her complete spittoon slave. Lots of degradation, spitting, slapping, and teasing with Lexi Luna’s beautiful breasts. The transformation to Gaping Gabriella is just beginning

Teasing the Boss P2
Lexi Luna continues the domination and transformation of her boss, from boss to obedient, pathetic, cross dressed, bitch slave. To gain further control over her “boss” she plays with herself, right in front of his pathetic face, teasing and tormenting him even more. He is within smelling distance of her magnificent pussy, but he will never have it. This is as close as he will ever come, and Lexi constantly reminds him. Allowing him to smell her hot pink dildo only strengthens the hold she has on this pathetic bitch. When she does explode all over her dildo, she allows him to suck on the dildo, which was the highlight of his bitch life. She mounts and teases him even more, verbally slaying him while playing with her tits. She constantly reminds him of his new position in life…her bitch. The video continues with her teasing and tormenting him even further, one step closer to being Gaping Gabriella.

Turning the Boss into a Whore P3
Lexi Luna dressed in a sexy red dress, shows off the completed transformation of Gaping Gabriella. Her little cum dumpster is wearing a matching red dress, and Lexi Luna couldn’t be happier. Of course, Lexi is furious that her little bitch, once her boss, had interrupted her too many times when she was about to have sex with her boyfriend. She decided what his punishment would be, she forces him to his knees, and calls for her boyfriend. She forces Gaping Gabriella to give her boyfriend a blow job. He deep throats his Goddess’ boyfriend, loving every second of it. He knows there is nothing he won’t do for his Goddess, and he will do anything to prove it. Lexi forces him to finish the blow job, and Gabriella is more than willing to oblige. He gets more than a mouthful, as Lexi forces his head up and down on her boyfriend’s shaft

Lexi Stretches the Boss P4
Lexi Luna has her sissy bitch slave kneeling before her again, giving the poor bitch her list of demands. She reminds him that he lives to please her, and his every reason for living is for her and her happiness. She is armed with her sharp wit and a big black strap on, verbally raping him, words of degradation freely flowing from her mouth. She forces him to suck on her strap on, deep throating the back black cock like the whore that he is. She violently rapes his pathetic mouth, forcing her big black cock in his mouth, pushing his head down deeper and deeper on it. After becoming bored with that, she beats his ass with her leather strap, preparing his ass for her big black cock. He knows what’s coming next, big black cock in his ass. She pounds his ass, from multiple positions, raping Gaping Gabriella. She goes long and hard, pounding away at him, tormenting him further. When she is done, she makes him clean the dildo, with his pathetic bitch mouth, tasting his own anal fluids

Gaping Gabriella Worships Lexi Luna’s Feet P6
Lexi is getting ready for dinner with her boyfriend, but prior to that, she would like to have some fun. She has her slut kneeling at her and her boyfriend’s feet. After reviewing her list of demands, and of course agreeing to every single thing Lexi wants, Gabriella is allowed to worship her feet. Lexi twists his fetish against him again, and he is willing to do anything in order to worship her feet, including worshipping her boyfriend’s feet as well…of course. Gabriella is left alone while Lexi goes to dinner with her boyfriend, and he is left with multiple things to do. Gabriella agrees to wash her boyfriend’s car, to do everything that Lexi asks, and to put it in writing. There will be no going back at this point, Gabriella has signed his life over!

Lexi turns Hubby into a Slave (Entire Movie)

Lexi Luna – New Life for Lexi’s Pathetic Husband
Lexi Luna is home pleasing herself when her husband walks in and interrupts. He reminds her how that is his job, and how get he is at it…or so he seems to think. Lexi feels otherwise and decides that she has had enough of this. She wants a divorce, the last thing her husband wants. He immediately breaks down, falls to his knees, and begs her not to leave his pathetic ass. Instantly, Lexi realizes she has the upper hand, and with a devilish smile she tells him how she likes him on his knees. Lexi decided he would wear both a collar and a chastity device, which only she would have the key for. Although disgusted, her husband complies, he is weak, pathetic, and now her bitch. She continues to torment him by masturbating in front of him while he is locked away in chastity. The start to his new life…

Lexi Luna – Lexi’s Chindo tease for her Pathetic Husband
With her pathetic husband kneeling at her feet, Lexi is once again disappointed. Her husband friend was supposed to come by to please her, unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Just another of the many disappointments in her life, however she does have an alternative…the CHINDO!! Lexi will make use of her pathetic, chastised bitch of a husband, he can fuck her, just not with that pathetic 2” dick, but with a Chindo. Finally, after years of marriage, Lexi is finally pleased by her pathetic husband, sadly it’s with a Chindo. Lexi allows him to fuck her with the Chindo from multiple positions, all the while reminding him how sad and pathetic he is. Now that he is locked in chastity, will she ever let him cum again? Pay back for all those years of bad sex for her.

Lexi Luna – The Pathetic Husband Worships Lexi’s feet
Lexi has her bitch husband, on the floor, in chastity, at her feet. Where he absolutely belongs. Lexi knows that as a husband, he is absolutely worthless when it comes to sex. His pathetic 2” dick will please nobody. His tongue is also useless, unless it’s used to clean dirty feet, and she has no problem telling her bitch husband this. Every day she is breaking him down further and further. Lexi is extremely pleased that she found something useful in her marriage…he can clean her princess feet with his pathetic slave tongue. Lexi puts her slave husband to work, allowing him the privilege of cleaning her feet from every angle. She was so pleased with his tongue cleaning, she walks out saying I am going to change, and when I get back we will fuck…is she going to free him from chastity???

Lexi Luna – The Pathetic Husband gets Fucked
Lexi Luna is in the familiar position of having her husband kneeling at her feet, in chastity wearing a pink collar. She is wearing a matching pink strap on. She forces her pink cock in her husband’s mouth, deep throating it, laughing as he gags on it. Lexi threatens him with sucking a real cock, of his friend, the real man that is fucking Lexi instead of him. When she grows tired of that, she bends him over and fucks his ass with her pink cock. She is ear to ear smiles, fucking her husband’s virgin ass with her pink cock and spanking his ass. She fucks him in multiple positions, each one making her happier and happier. Obviously, this has been the highlight of her marriage to this pathetic bitch.

Lexi Luna – Your Dad is Lexi’s Bitch
Lexi Luna will go to an extreme to humiliate her husband, her newest idea involves his father. Not only has she emasculated her husband, she has also ruined his father. Lexi has her father in law and husband on their knees. She has her father in law sucking on her big black cock, right in front of her pathetic husband. She mocks and laughs at both, while fucking her father in law not only in the face but the ass too…all while her husband watches in absolute horror. Lexi pushes her husband’s buttons, reminding him that his father takes a bigger, harder cock than he does. The ultimate humiliation comes when she tells her husband to ask his father if he is enjoying it…”Are you enjoying it Daddy?” Well, Daddy knows best.

Nadia White, Goddess Valora – A Cuckold Dreams Of Sex (Mini Movie)

A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 1: Heel licking
Valora and Nadia are hanging out with their two friends from school and having a great Spring Break down in Palm Beach, Florida. The guys are trying to get into their pants, especially Cameron who has a major crush on Valora. Cameron is turned down by the very kinky Valora, and Cameron tells her he IS kinky enough for her. The girls laugh and walk off and everyone goes back to their rooms. Cameron falls asleep and dreams that he DOES get to be in the middle of a kinky situation with Valora AND Nadia. It just isn’t the situation he thought. He finds himself as a cuckold and heel licking bitch for the two

A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 2: Blowjob Boy
Cameron tries but he can’t seem to wake up from this dream. He is stuck and at the mercy of Nadia and Valora who are now going to make him blow his friend David! Cameron has no choice but to get his mouth wrapped around David’s cock as fast as possible so he can make the women happy. He is terrified to disobey. Will he have to swallow too?

A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 3: Foot Bitch
Cameron is still dreaming. In this part of the dream, his crush Valora and her hot friend Nadia are going to make him worship their feet. It is so humiliating for him but he must go on with this. Cameron needs to suck their toes and lick every single inch. Will this prove to Valora that he is good enough for her?

A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 4: Chindo
Cameron is dreaming that he is a submissive cuckold bitch for his crush, fellow classmate Valora and her friend Nadia. This time Cameron is made to pleasure Nadia with a dildo gag called a Chindo. He cannot even use his mouth like a real man! This is beyond humiliating but like most dreams, he has no control over what’s happening. He needs to go on with this in order to please them or else.

A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 5: Strap-on
Cameron cannot wake up from this dream and now it has become a nightmare. He does finally get to have sex with Valora but it is in the most humiliating form ever, pegging. Valora and Nadia turn Cameron into a little submissive cock-sucking whore by putting both their cocks into his mouth and fucking his brains out. Valora makes fun of him the whole time, which is even worse! Finally, Cameron is woken up by the hotel manager. He realizes it was all just a dream until he finds dildos in his bed. Was it a dream?

Nadie White – Step-Brother Becomes A Sissy Slut

Goddess Nadia White comes home boasting about winning a recent cheerleading trophy, as her step brother Cameron has never won anything. Nadia goes inside to get ready to go to her friend’s house, when Cameron comes inside and finds her cheerleading outfit. Cameron starts putting on lipstick and a blonde wig and cheering. Nadia sneaks up on him and records him acting like a perverted version of Nadia on her phone. Cameron begs to do anything so that Goddess Nadia won’t share that video with all his friends and family. Goddess Nadia White has her stepbrother on his knees since she has the blackmail video ready to send to everyone to embarrass him. Now, Nadia White is going to get whatever she wants from her step brother. To start with, Goddess Nadia has her step brother suck her toes while wearing gorgeous pink lipstick. She has him lick in between her toes and the bottoms of her feet. Her step brother gets really into it and does a good job worshipping her Goddess feet. He starts fucking Goddess Nadia’s feet with his tiny dick and spills his load on her feet. Goddess Nadia makes her step brother lick it off and swallow it, even though he begs her not to. All this attention from her step brother is getting Goddess Nadia White horny. She isn’t going to let his pathetic tiny dick touch her, so she puts a chindo on his face so he can learn to fuck her right. Goddess Nadia grabs his hair so he doesn’t go too fast and get Nadia’s pussy worked up so she can cum hard. Nadia White loves spreading her legs so her step brother can fill her up with the artificial cock chindo strapped to his chin. If he plays his cards right, Nadia may even let him fuck his step sister again, with the chindo of course. Goddess Nadia White really likes her step brother being under her control, especially in the blonde wig he has. Since he doesn’t want her to share a humiliating video of him, Nadia fills her step brothers mouth with her huge strap on cock. Goddess Nadia White has her step-brother Cameron gagging and drooling all over her cock, which is good so it doesn’t go in his ass dry. Nadia has him doggy style on the couch cheering while he gets his ass pegged by his step-sister. Nadia fucks his ass deep and hard, making him scream out from his step-sister’s cock fucking his pathetic ass.

Reagan Lush – Reagan’s Cuck (Mini Movie) Part 1

Reagan’s Cuck Part 1
Reagan Lush trains her submissive cuck to suck cock just like she wants him to do. He has to get to work on this cock for her, no matter how humiliated he feels doing it. It is about pleasing his Goddess and doing anything she says and wants. He takes that cock in his mouth like he has been doing this his whole life, while Reagan looks on with a grin. She instructs him on sucking like a good boy.

Reagan’s Cuck Part 2: Made a cuckold
Reagan’s cuck needs to accept the fact that she is going to be bringing home hot studs with bigger cocks to satisfy all of her sexual urges. If the cuck wants to stay in Regan’s life, he is going to do as his Goddess commands and not only respect her wishes, but help her achieve the sexual satisfaction that he cannot give her. Regan has a nice stud and she fucks him good right in front of her cuck while he is made to watch, only getting the humiliating satisfaction of licking the cum.

Reagan Lush – Reagan’s Cuck (Mini Movie) Part 2 & 3
Reagan’s Cuck Part 3: Foot Worship[/b]
Reagan Lush knows exactly how she wants her feet worshipped by her bitch boy. Her cuckold needs to lick and suck on her toes and feet the way he is instructed by is Queen. She always gets what she wants and he is to make sure of that forever as he licks her perfect feet.

Reagan’s Cuck Part 4: Her Pussy
Reagan Lush touches herself with a dildo and gets herself really wet and horny. She makes her cuckold watch and reminds him of his place as he is only allowed to stare at the beautiful pussy he may never have ever again. He is made to watch her pleasure herself in a way he never can with his small and pathetic cock. He finally gets to smell and taste her pussy….off of the dildo! What a tease!

Reagan Lush – Reagan’s Cuck (Mini Movie) Part 5
Reagan’s Cuck Part 5: Fucked Cuck[/b]
Reagan Lush is going to fuck her cuckold good and deep showing him that she is in charge. He is going to feel more submissive than ever because she knows that the key to a man never wanting to be alpha again, is to get a nice hard strap-on fucking by a dominant woman. He will never be the same ever again after this.

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 1: Foot Worship

Vanessa is training her man to be a sissy for her. Later she plans on dressing him but for now she wants her feet worshipped while she mostly ignores him and is on the phone with her friends, discussing going out to the club to get laid by real men. He must listen to this while he worships her. He knows he is nothing more than a cuckold.

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 2: Foot Humper

Vanessa’s future sissy boyfriend needs to let out some pent-up frustration and since she barely lets him cum, she decides to allow him to hum her feet. Her feet? How humiliating. She strokes him with her feet giving him a foot job before making himself finish by humping while she goes back to ignoring him as she just stops caring about his needs. She makes him eat his filth off of her feet.

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 3: Sissy Time

Vanessa dresses her sissy as a maid and puts a wig and lipstick on him. He has never felt so feminine and submissive before. She gives him a feather duster and makes him courtesy. He is to clean the house nice before she gets home. She is going to be out with her friends getting fucked by better men. She shows him the key to his chastity device reminding him that he needs to clean very well or else!

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 4: Cum Dumpster

Vanessa is home from her long night out. She makes him guess how many guys she fucked. 5 condoms she has from 5 different men. She saved each and every one of them just for him. She puts these large plastic dick-sucking-lips onto him which force his mouth open for her. She then proceeds to dump each and every condom on his face and makes a nice cum dumpster out of him.

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 5

Vanessa wants her sissy to see what he can no longer have. She makes him smell and stare at her gorgeous pussy while she plays with herself. She gets off on his sadness and cums all over the dildo. She shoves it into his pathetic mouth so he can have a taste. Poor little bitch. Is this all he is going to get?

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa’s Sissy Part 6: Tight Virgin Hole

Vanessa pegs her sissy slut. His hole is tight and virginal, as they have never done this before. She chose pink for the cock, his favorite color. Vanessa fucks his virgin hole, and has a hard time first because he is so tight. Vanessa always gets what she wants and in no time, she is fucking him good and deep with that dick just like he deserves.

Vanessa Cage – Tormenting Tease of Sissy Bitch P2

Vanessa Cage must be in a great mood because she is debating letting her sissy bitch out of chastity. It’s only been 60 days, so Vanessa will definitely torment him. Once she unlocks him, she takes her tits out to begin her slow tease. Rubbing her nipples, speaking seductively, she reminds her sissy bitch who is really in control. She threatens to lock him back up again, but softly teases him about titty fucking her. Knowing how small his cock is, that’s her next target. Vanessa allows him the privilege of worshipping her breasts, only to mock his tiny cock, which she isn’t sure if he can get it hard. With a countdown of 30 seconds, she challenges him to not only get hard, but to cum. After 60 days of being locked up, and the pressure of the clock…will her sissy slut’s cock work??

Vanessa Cage – Pussy Tease, Sissy slave P3

Vanessa Cage has been very good to her sissy slave. She let him out after only 60 days in chastity. She also allowed him to jerk off, much more than he deserved. Now, she’s decided to put him back in to chastity, but for how long is the question?? Locked up again, she starts his torment early. Masturbating with her pink dildo, her sissy slut is forced to kneel before her, his face right next to her pussy as she pleases herself. She verbally torments him and waves the dildo right in front of his face, teasing that she may let him suck on the dildo when she’s done, even offering it for a brief sample to titillate his olfactory sense. Will she let him suck on her pussy, dildo, or will he just be sent off without any further indulgences?

Vanessa Cage – Vanessa Teaches the sissy How to Suck P4

Vanessa Cage is ready to train her sissy slut for his new profession. She wants her sissy slut to earn extra money sucking cock and being fucked in the ass. She has expensive taste, so her sissy slut will have to perform on the highest level. She has two strap ons, one for his mouth and the other for his tight man pussy. Vanessa decides that he will suck on the larger of the two, and her sissy slut smiles, so eager to please his Princess. He sucks on that cock with great enthusiasm. Her sissy slut truly enjoys the cock, whether in the mouth or the ass, just as long as it’s in one of his holes, he’s happy. Her sissy slut is sucking her cock, slobbering everywhere. Vanessa is dreaming of all the money she will make with her slut on the street sucking cock for money…HER MONEY.

Sheena Ryder – Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 1: Pussy Tease

Sheena is home alone on the couch pleasing herself with a glass dildo and her fingers. She is wearing knee high black boots and a red dress that is pushed down exposing her gorgeous tits. She is just about to cum when her pathetic husband comes home and walks into the room. Sheena has been patient with him and his little cock for too long. She tells him that his tiny dick doesn’t get her off, so she has been getting fucked by a real man, Mr. Slayer, his boss. She tells her pathetic bitch of a husband that it isn’t a one-time thing and she is addicted to Mr. Slayer’s big cock. Sheena’s husband begs and pleads for her not to leave him. He tells her that he will do anything to stay with her! Well, Sheena has some interesting ideas and plans for him. She gives her husband a box with some surprises in it. He is shocked to see a leash and a chastity cage. Sheena tells him that from now on, he is her slave . He must wear a pink collar and his little dick must be locked up. Sheena makes her new slave get naked and put on his collar and chastity cage. Kneeling in front of her pussy, he can only watch as Sheena begins playing with her pussy again. Sheena teases her slave relentlessly by fucking herself with a glass dildo. The slave is not allowed to touch her or himself. He is only allowed to watch. After Sheena orgasms, she is nice enough to let her hubby slave clean her cum off the dildo. I wonder what other surprises Sheena has in store for her bitch?

Sheena Ryder – Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 2: Stocking Worship

Sheena is standing in front of her hubby slave , wearing only high heels, stockings and a garter belt. Hubby slave is kneeling with his hands behind his back, naked, wearing only his pink slave collar and his chastity device. Sheena teases her slave with a riding crop as she tells him that the beautiful lingerie she is wearing is not for him, it is for his boss and her lover, Mr. Slayer. The lingerie she is wearing is black, which is her lover’s favorite color. It’s also the color of his big cock! Sheena orders hubby slave to worship her black leather high heel shoes. She tells him to suck the long black heel just like Sheena sucks her lover’s long black cock. The slave does a good job worshipping her shoes and is told to remove her heels and worship her stocking clad feet. He begins to suck on her toes and licks her soft black stockings. Hubby slave actually loves being her foot slut! He gags while shoving her entire foot down his throat. Sheena laughs and tells him that she never had that problem with his little excuse for a cock. She begins to play with her tits and pussy as he continues worshipping her stocking covered feet. Sheena mocks and humiliates her slave , telling him how pathetic he and his dick are and that he will never enjoy her sweet pussy again. Hubby slave has no choice but to take the humiliation and continue worshipping her stockings as Sheena plays with her wet pussy.

Sheena Ryder – Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 3: Ass Worship

Sheena has her hubby slave cleaning the house in a frilly maid dress and cute white stockings. She has turned her husband into a complete subservient sissy slave ! Goddess Sheena inspects her bitch’s house cleaning skills and is disappointed. She decides that since he didn’t do a good job cleaning, he will have to worship her ass instead. Goddess Sheena tells her slave to get on his knees and to kiss her perfect round ass. Sheena shoves his face into her plump bottom while shaking, wiggling and grinding his face with her ass. Hubby slave frantically kisses and sniffs her ass. Sheena then forces his nose deep into her ass cheeks until he gasps for air. Goddess Sheena tells the bitch that he can’t even breathe without her permission! Later the slave is positioned on his back on the couch. Goddess Sheena sits on the sissy’s face while she teases his locked-up cock and balls with her riding crop. He will be used in whatever way his Goddess chooses! Seat, maid, slave or pretty princess, he has no choice now. Goddess Sheena continues to grind her ass all over hubby slave ’s face. He needs to get used to this life. Soon he will be watching the woman he loves and married get fucked by his boss’s big black cock.

Sheena Ryder – Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 4: Chastity

Goddess Sheena is relaxing on the couch with her sissy hubby slave . She is telling him how she is about to have fun with her lover while he is forced to watch. Twirling the chastity key in front of the locked-up sissy, she teases her slave . Hubby slave cries out in pain as Sheena touches and pokes his tiny cock, locked in the cage. After teasing his balls, Sheena decides to finally unlock the sissy’s cage. However, Goddess Sheena informs her slave that he isn’t being released out of her kindness. His little dick needs to be free to see what a real cock looks like! Goddess Sheena ridicules his tiny cock, saying that she should have used her pinky to measure the chastity device that she bought for him. She continues to verbally humiliate her sissy slave as she starts to play with her pussy with her fingers in front of him. The sissy tries to stroke his tiny pathetic cock but it’s no use. He can’t even get hard anymore. Sheena is so disgusted by her impotent slave ’s effort that she commands him to stop. She doesn’t want to get out of the mood to be fucked by her BBC later!

Sheena Ryder – Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 5: Blowjob

Hubby slave is on his knees in front of his boss’s big black cock. Sheena strokes his boss, Mr. Slayer’s huge dick, telling her sissy how pathetic he is. She makes her hubby slave lift up his frilly maid dress to show his boss how tiny and pitiful his little cock is. Mr. Slayer and Sheena laugh hysterically at their submissive sissy. They humiliate the sissy further by making him thank his boss for fucking his wife so well because he can’t on account of his micro penis. Now, Mr. Slayer is sitting on the couch with hubby slave sitting on the floor between his legs and under his giant cock. Sheena, meanwhile, gives her lover a wet sloppy enthusiastic blowjob. She is very happy with a huge black cock in her mouth and her pathetic sissy slave helplessly watching from beneath them. Hubby slave better be happy too! This is his new life.

Sheena Ryder – Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 6: Fucking

Goddess Sheena forces her sissy slave to get a closer look at her sucking the BBC. He is now inches away from his boss’s huge cock getting sucked by his gorgeous wife. He promised that he would do anything that she wanted to save their marriage. Now it’s time for hubby slave to prove himself to her. The pathetic sissy slave is forced to beg his boss, Mr. Slayer, to fuck his wife with his big black cock and fill her up with his cum. Hubby slave is made to watch as Sheena mounts her BBC and rides Mr. Slayer’s huge cock. Goddess Sheena grabs her slave by his pink collar and forces him to get an even closer look at her pussy being stretched by his enormous dick. The pitiful sissy must watch his wife get fucked in several positions and watch her multiple orgasms. When the two lovers are finished with their fun, the sissy is forced to clean all of his boss’s cum from his wife’s pussy. He is no longer a man. Hubby slave has now been completely transformed into the submissive sissy cuckold that she always wanted.

Sully Savage – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 1

Sully Savage has had enough of her pathetic, small cock husband. She has decide to take control of her relationship with her bitch husband. He is no longer her husband, but her cuckold slave. Sully Savage changes the dynamic of the relationship immediately, forcing her now cuckold husband on his knees, worshipping her feet. Relegated to his new role, her cuck falls to his knees, at the feet of his superior Goddess wife.

Sully Savage – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 2

Mistress Sully Savage has moved on to stage 2 of her cuckhold training of her pathetic husband. Cross dressed, her bitch cuck is on his knees, while his beautiful Goddess wife applies his makeup. He begins whining, and Sully Savage puts an end to that by threatening him with divorce. Knowing that he is at her mercy, the cuck fully capitulates, and gives into her every desire. She verbally degrades and humiliates him, locks him in chastity, and makes him perform embarrassing dance moves. Of course, that is not enough. She teases his caged up cock, licks his chastity device, an further torments him mentally. Sully Savage has her cuck husband under her full control, and reminds him constantly of his new, pathetic position in their lives…

Sully Savage – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 3

Mistress Sully Savage is continuing the training of her cuck husband. Training for her pleasure. She installs the chindo on her cuck’s head. On his knees, locked in chastity, and armed with a chindo, finally the cuck might prove to be of some use. Sully Savage teases him with her ass, tormenting him further, reminding him how pathetic he is and how he will never please her. She gets herself so hot, she jumps on the couch and forces him to fuck her with the chindo. Sully Savage truly enjoys reminding him of his shortcomings, and how he never ever pleased her like this. Her cuck is slowly learning what his new life and pathetic existence will be, one that is focused around her pleasure, whether it’s by a chindo or the cock of a bull stud. He just knows, it will never be his very small cock.

Sully Savage – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 4

Mistress Sully Savage decides that it is time to bring home a real cock, from a real man. Sully Savage verbally shreds her cuck husband, as he kneels before her, watching in horror as she kisses her bull. Sully Savage , hungry for the cock, throws her bull on the couch and rides him as her cuck husband has an upfront view of his wife getting fucked by her bull. Her cuck watches, so close that Sully Savage ’s ass smacks her cuck in the face. Sully Savage loves her new arrangement and it shows. She verbally humiliates her cuck husband, and makes sure her bull fucks her hard, in multiple positions. Forced to endure the worst humiliation, the cuck husband slurps all of the cum.

Sully Savage – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 5

Sully Savage – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 6

Mistress Sully Savage only has one more training session for her cuck slave husband. Once again, her cuck husband finds himself on his knees, Sully ’s favorite new position for her bitch cuck. Wearing her purple strap on, she face fucks her cuck husband. OF course that just isn’t enough, Sully verbally degrades her cuck and threatens to fuck him raw if he doesn’t suck her cock good enough. Slobbering all over her cock and his face, the cuck finally does something that pleases Sully Savage . She bends him over and fucks him in is ass with her purple strap on. Sully Savage is all smiles, as her cuck husband is bent over screaming and yelling like the bitch that he is. She continues to fuck him from multiple angles, and finishes her business with his legs over her head. Sully Savage reminds him of the terms of their new agreement, now that their arrangement has officially been consummated

Helena Locke, Stella Liberty – Teachers’ Pets (Full Movie)

Stella Liberty and Helena Price are celebrating the end of another semester. After drinking a couple glasses of wine, they admit to each other that they both have been giving some “extracurricular” attention to some of their students in the bedroom. They decide to call over a couple of their star pupils to come and play. Helena soon finds out that Stella’s relationship with her student is a little different. Stella’s pet is not very experienced and has a tiny cock. He pleases and entertains her in other ways than with his dick. Stella orders her submissive bitch to get on his knees and worship her feet. Helena likes what she sees and orders her student to do the same. Reluctantly, he submits and they both suck and lick the ladies’ feet. After they are done worshipping Helena and Stella’s feet the guys are made to strip and put on slave collars. Stella has her slave fuck Helena with a dildo gag. Then Stella’s slave is forced to watch Helena give her student a blow job and swallow his cum. To add to his humiliation, he is forced to watch Helena’s pupil fuck her and clean his cum from her pussy when they are finished. Just when they are finishing their kinky games, Mr. Valentine, the Dean, barges into the room. He begins yelling and tells the guys to leave. Before he can chastise the ladies, they inform him that they know his dirty secret! Mr. Valentine loves dressing up like a sissy and being treated like a whore. First, they give him a hard paddling to teach him a lesson. Then, they spit roast him. Helena fucks his slutty ass while Stella forces him to continue to suck her cock. When they are finished making Mr. valentine their slut, they show him the pictures they have of him. It looks like next semester will be the best semester ever!

Sunny’s Trained Husband Part 1: Making of a Cuckold
Sunny Chase has been working on her husband for a long time now. Her thorough training has turned him into an accepting submissive. He has fully realized that he is a cuckold and now is the time for him to start his new life as one. Sunny always knew he wasn’t just meant to be her submissive husband and today is the day she gives him his new collar and shaves him, and locks him in chastity. This is the day she gets to go out and find a real man and he is going to help her find her stud.

Sunny’s Trained Husband Part 2: Finding The Stud

Sunny’s trained husband is going to be her chauffer while she goes and finds a stud. He even wears the appropriate outfit. He drives her to the location and waits patiently. Before he knows it, she is walking out with a very manly looking stud. He can already see that this is way more of a man than he is. The stud gets into the back seat with Sunny and she gives her stud a blowjob while her cuck husband watches, in amazement at the size of the cock in his wife’s mouth. Sunny makes sure to give him a kiss so he can taste a real man’s sperm.

Sunny’s Trained Husband Part 3: Cock Comparison

Sunny, her trained cuckold husband and the stud are back home and the stud is going to go along with this because he gets to fuck the gorgeous Sunny if he does. Sunny compares both of their cocks to each other. Her husband can see how small and worthless he is compared to the big cock the stud has. Sunny thinks its funny to jerk both of them off to see who produces the larger load. Its funny at how little she has to hold onto when it comes to her husband’s small cock.

Sunny’s Trained Husband Part 4: Fucking a Real Man

Sunny finally fucks her stud after her husband asks the stud to please fuck his wife. The stud is fucking her like her pathetic husband never could. Her trained husband watches, so happy for her to finally be getting what she needs. He feels so humiliated by not being the man who can please her and going through this, but he knows this is his place in the relationship. Will she make him the clean-up boy? If he’s lucky.

Sunny’s Trained Husband Part 5: Foot bitch

Sunny’s cuckold husband is so submissive and so trained by her that he will not only worship her feet in front of her stud, but he will lick the stud’s feet and be his foot rest while they screw around together. He has never felt so submissive and low on the totem pole of their relationship until now.

Sunny’s Trained Husband Part 6: Strap-on

Sunny’s husband does get to have sex with her, just not the usual sex. That’s now completely out of the picture and the only sex he is getting is being pegged by her. He should be lucky that she is fucking him at all! Sunny is going to fuck him with a cock that is bigger than his on purpose so he can know what a real man is supposed to feel like. Getting fucked by her only makes him feel even more submissive and owned by her.

Raquel Roper, Nicolette Love – Trained By A Domme Part 1: Foot Bitch

Nicolette Love is tired of her husband lasting such a short time in bed. The sex is just LOUSY and his dick is so small. She’s been secretly fantasizing about what it would be like to have a real stud of a man inside of her. She calls her friend Raquel Roper who is a professional dominatrix. Raquel has always told her that she should be the Goddess in her relationship and have all of the pleasure in the world. When her husband comes home, it’s on. Raquel immediately tells him that things are going to be different around here and that he WILL learn to make his wife happy OR ELSE. They put him in a collar and they decide to have him start worshipping their feet. He has to do a good job sucking their toes and licking every single inch. He needs to learn how to please them.

Raquel Roper, Nicolette Love – Trained By A Domme Part 2: Ass Licker

Now Mistress Raquel is going to teach Nicolette Love’s husband how to lick her ass. He has never licked an ass before in his life and doing so will make him feel even more reduced to just a submissive cuck. He licks her ass as he is instructed while she touches the wet pussy he can no longer have. Raquel teaches him to give his wife the pleasure she deserves.

Trained By A Domme Part 3: Teased by Pussy

Mistress Raquel is continuing to teach Nicolette’s husband how to be a good submissive bitch. Part of the process of breaking him down includes showing him what is most important in his life, his wife’s pussy, and also being shown that her pussy is something he may never have again if she wishes it. Nicolette teases him with her pussy with a dildo while Raquel also has some fun with that dildo. Nicolette moans with pleasure as Raquel shows him how a real man should be fucking his wife. It makes him so horny and the women decide to force him to jerk off and eat his own filth. They laugh at him and his new predicament.

Raquel Roper, Nicolette Love – Trained By A Domme Part 4: Blowjob Training

The next phase in breaking this sissy bitch husband down and making him a full cuckold is to introduce him to a real man. This man has a huge cock and Mistress Raquel is going to force him to fluff and suck this cock so the stud can get horny and fuck his wife. Should the stud cum, then he is going to have to swallow the load and simply fluff him all over again for her. Lets see if he does as good of a job as they want him to.

Trained By a Domme Part 5: Cuckold Training

The final phase in Nicolette’s husband training would make him a full cuckold by forcing him to watch his wife get fucked by another man. Mistress Raquel forces him right in front of the action, merely several inches away from the big throbbing cock that is balls deep in his moaning, happy wife. The cuck must endure this torment as his wife is pleasured. As the bull cums, they drain the huge load into his mouth.

Parker and Paulina Mini Movie

Part 1: Smelly Foot Domination
Parker and Paulina are enjoying a coffee and a chat. Parker is a high class dominant escort who is in town to work. Paulina has always been curious about what Parker does so Parker decides to teach her. Parker says goodbye to Paulina when she notices that there is someone staring at her dangling high heel. She confronts him about it but decides that this could be fun. She has him meet her at the local hotel down the street. He obeys. She is immediately dominant towards him when he shows up. “You’re a foot bitch aren’t you? I had you pegged from a mile away.” He cannot believe that she knew he was a submissive pathetic foot bitch. Paulina comes by to the hotel room and Parker teaches her the ways of domination. “Lick my sweaty toes. Now you are learning” she says to the pathetic foot bitch. She shows Paulina how easy it is to control submissive men.

Part 2: Milk SlutSacks
Paulina tells Parker how much she loves dominating men. Parker says that milking submissive men immediately is the way to go, she needs to drain their filthy slut sack of testosterone so they perform better. “Are you enjoying this? Don’t enjoy it!” Parker commands of the slave. She verbally degrades him while stroking him. He lays there helpless while they edge him over and over. “I have an idea” says Parker “we should save him for the next bitch that is coming over.”

“Now you are getting it, now you are learning how to milk” Parker says to Paulina. “It turns me on watching you help me milk my slaves.” The women fool around and smother him so he can’t even watch. They finally milk him and feed him his filth.

Part 3: Ass Worship
Parker and Paulina are fooling around when her phone rings. Her next appointment calls and then shows up. “Uh…I’m not into this” he says when he sees the foot slave in the corner and Paulina. “You aren’t into this? You don’t like hot women?” Parker asks dominantly. Parker commands him to stay and forces him to lick her and Paulina’s feet while the former foot slave is forced to lick their asses. The women are having such a good time getting worshipped and bossing around both of the submissive men.

Part 4: Instant Cuckold
Parker is all warmed up and decides to not let the foot bitch’s huge dick go to waste since the new guy’s cock is way too small. She decides to turn the new guy into a cuckold while she fucks the bigger and better dick with Paulina’s help. Paulina plays with her pussy while Parker makes the new guy lick the other guy’s feet. After that big cock cums inside of Parker, Paulina and Parker force the new guy to lick her cream pie as well as the other guy’s cum-covered cock.

Part 5: Forced-bi
Parker rewards the foot bitch by allowing him to lick her pussy. Paulina is learning how to use her dominance and is forcing the new guy to lick the ass of the stud. The women then command him to start sucking the stud’s cock! He can barely breathe and is choking on cock but they still force him and tell him that he will never be allowed to get near a pussy with his tiny pathetic dick. He ends up on his knees, full-on blowing the stud while the women force his head down on the dick. “Make your Goddess happy” they say to him. He ends up with a mouthful of cum.

Part 6: Strap-on
Paulina gets off of the phone and tells Parker that she now has her first appointment with a submissive male tonight. Parker is so proud of her. Paulina leaves to go get ready. Parker is left with her submissive client and she is bored. She gets her strap-on and decides to make him take her cock.
“Are you ready to take my cock? Say yes!”
“Yes” he whimpers.
Parker shoves her cock into his mouth while verbally degrading him and then shoves it into his man pussy. He did ask for sex and sex is what he is getting.

Don’t Make Your Stepmom Wait

Part 1 (Ass Worship)
As Alex and Toby keep swapping stories of their various sexual conquests of different women Alex keeps ignoring calls from his stepmom. When he finally answers the call, his stepmom Parker is furious and orders Alex to come home. When next we see Alex, he is locked in a cage with his dick locked in chastity! Parker makes it very clear that she does not like waiting, so she will drive that point home with some humiliation – Alex is ordered to lick her ass clean! Parker makes sure to drive Alex’s face deep into her ass as she continues humiliating him and making sure that he remembers that he is her bitch.

Part 2 (Chastity Teasing)
Parker enjoys keeping Alex locked in chastity and teased mercilessly. She orders him to lick her pussy, then masturbates herself right over his face to get him all hot and horny. She teases him that she is never letting him out, then cruelly starts blowing and licking on his locked up cock to get him even more horny. Parker then starts rubbing her pussy up and down his chastised shaft, laughing as his balls turn purple and his cock helplessly throbs in pain. Parker has complete control over her step bitch and she loves to use it.

Part 3 (Femdom Sex)
Parker is determined to teach Alex to control his dick better; after all, if he is going to be her fucktoy, she can’t have him cumming too quickly. Parker removes his chastity and starts stroking his cock hard, telling him that he had better not cum before she has orgasmed several times.

Parker then mounts her stepson, fucking him hard in multiple positions, all the while warning him to not cum. When Parker finally does let him cum, it is from jerking his dick off onto her tits. Parker then orders Alex to lick up his mess from her tits, pleased that he lasted longer this time.

Part 4 (Foot Worship)
When Toby sees Alex locked in a cage, he thinks it is hilarious – until Parker catches him making fun of Alex and turns him into her foot worshipping bitch as well! Parker pleasures herself by masturbating her own pussy while her two young slaves eagerly worship her feet, almost competing to see who can do the better job. For all their bragging these guys are just bitches to a real woman.

Part 5 (SPH & Handjob)
Parker orders Alex and Toby to submit to a size comparison, but poor Toby does not “measure up.” Parker makes serious fun of Toby’s small cock, then makes him jerk off Alex’s so he knows what a real cock feels like. Parker enjoys humiliating Toby for his small dick so much that she even masturbates just watching the show. When Alex is ready to pop, Parker makes sure that he does it right in Toby’s face. Parker then drives the humiliation even deeper by feeding Toby all of Alex’s cum, which has been dripping off of Toby’s face. This is what Toby gets for making fun of Alex earlier.

Part 6 (Strap-on)
When a caged Toby makes fun of Alex for sucking Parker’s Strap-on cock, she decides to make an example of him. Parker swaps slaves, putting Alex in the cage and ramming her cock down Toby’s throat. She then bends Toby over the bed and totally makes him her bitch, fucking him long and hard in the ass. Toby will learn that he is nothing but another one of Parker’s slave bitches now.

Nicole Bexley – She Prefers Blacks (Mini Movie)

Part 1: At Her Feet
Nicole has been having a relationship with her high-powered husband Toby that is anything but perfect. He just can’t please her. She tells him that he should give his best employee Jack, a raise today. Toby decides that despite all of Jack’s hard work, he will only raise him a whole nickel and has the nerve to insult him. little does he know, his hot wife is actually having a satisfying sexual relationship with Jack and his huge cock. Toby arrives home to find his wife playing with her pussy with a pink vibrator. Unbeknownst to him, she was imaging Jack’s cock inside of her later. She finally breaks down and tells her husband how unhappy she is and he seems willing to do anything to save their marriage, saying he will do anything she wants. She realizes as he kisses her foot, that he is an actual little submissive bitch after all. She puts him in a collar and makes him worship her feet like the bitch he is, bossing him around and getting what she wants.

Part 2: Locked up and Licking Ass
Nicole tells her husband to shut up as she did not give him permission to speak. She shoves a chastity device at him and tells him he must be locked up from now on, she does not want to see his useless slut stick waving around. He locks himself up and can feel how tight it is against his cock. She now totally owns his manhood! he must lick her perfect ass just the way she demands it be licked while she rubs her gorgeous tight pussy. Just when he thinks things could not get any worse, she decides to tell him the truth. “Jack has been fucking me.”

Part 3: Sized-Up
Nicole has her warm mouth licking and breathing all over her pathetic husband’s confined cock. “You can barely feel this, can you?” “Yes…” he mumbles. “Good. Then maybe you will last longer than 10 seconds!” she says with a smirk. She lets him out of chastity on one condition. He must wear lipstick and put on a dress as they are having company. He allows her to put lipstick on him since he simply does not have any choice in the matter now. He is her submissive bitch. There is a knock at the door and to his dismay it is his employee, Jack. Toby is in disbelief for a quick moment until he sees his wife kissing Jack! Nicole then shows Jack how small Toby’s cock is and makes Jack show Toby how huge his big black cock is and Toby’s eyes almost pop out of his head! Jack must be no less than 12 INCHES!
Nicole compares their sizes showing Toby how inadequate he is and then forces Toby to lay on the floor while she gives her big black lover a blowjob, right above his head. He must watch her pleasure that big cock, every inch. Just when Toby thinks it is over, she spits Jack’s huge load into Toby’s mouth.

Part 4: His Huge Black Cock!
Now it is time for this bitch Toby to watch his wife ride the huge black cock of Jack, his employee. He has to watch Jack satisfy her with each and every thrust of his huge cock, something he could never do with his small cock. She grabs his collar and forces him to watch, he cannot look away. It hurts so much to watch her get fucked by a better lover but he can\’t look away. She asks Jack to cum all over her tits and her pathetic cuck husband must now clean it up with his tongue.

Part 5: Fucked Cuck
Her husband is so humiliated. He not only was found out by his wife that he is a submissive little bitch but he also found out that she has been fucking his employee Jack. Just when he thinks he can\’t handle much more of this, she forces him to take her huge cock in his throat and ass. She shows him what a big cock is supposed to feel like and she fucks him for a long time, not 10 seconds like the way he has been fucking her.

Emmanuel London, Megan Jones – Crying Cum (Mini Movie)

***This is the ultimate in female revenge clip!** *Mistress Megan and Emmanuel London are savages. They lure a famous football player back to their house with the promise of hot three way sex. Once in their house, the ladies strip his clothes off and sit him down. The poor guy thinks he is getting laid. Instead he is getting blackmailed. The ladies show him photos of the three of them in the club they picked him up in. Does he want these photos going to his wife and the press? He is already on thin ice after his last scandal. The football player is terrified. He agrees to do anything for the master copy of the photos. All hell breaks lose as the ladies proceed to ass fuck the womanizing slut. Just when he breaks down in tears, it gets even worse. Megan brings in another man who shoves his cock down the slut’s throat and then shoots a huge load all over his face. The humiliation is HEARTLESS as the ladies parade the bitch boy around and make fun of him. They flip him on his back and jerk him off in his own face. The humiliated man tries to resist cumming but his body betrays him and soon he is shooting cum in his own face. Megan laughs as tears and spooge drip down the slut’s face. The ladies lock the slut in a cage for the night. The next morning they demand that he worship their smelly shoes and worn stockings. By the time they let this bitch go, he is stripped of not only his manhood but any dignity he ever thought he had. Megan and Emmanuel love it. They live to prey on egotistical male pigs.

Daisy Ducati, Raven Bay – Pizza Boy Gets Cuckold

Part 1: Foot Worship
Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati are talking about how much they just love owning men and are waiting for the pizza boy to arrive, though they have no hunger for pizza but plan to have some fun with the delivery boy, Toby walks up to the house and knocks on the door and says Hello ladies I have your pizza with extra EXTRA SAUSAGE!!! Daisy yells back to Raven that the pizza boy is kind of cute, She replies invite him in, She grabs him and yanks him in the door, Then the ladies ask him if he has some sausage for them, Cocky Toby who thinks he is the coolest says yes i got just what you need, They tell him to do a striptease for them, and he stands up and starts wiggling his little ass like he is a Chip in Dales dancer, The woman encourage him to take it off, when he finally takes his pants down the girls bust out laughing, That he has to have the smallest dick they have ever seen, Raven asks if it is a micro penis, Toby says it’s just cold in their house and that it’s a grower not a shower, Daisy pulls out a ruler and measures only less than 2″ The ladies bust out laughing again, and Toby says he wants to leave, Awww the girls persuade him to stay telling him that they like things kinky, then Daisy puts a gold diamond studded collar on Toby and shoves his face down to their feet and tells him that new tiny dick boys start at the bottom and work their way up, The pizza boy begins to lick the woman’s feet like a pathetic little cucky, and Raven tells him that his day is only

Part 2: Dildo Tease
Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now tell the pizza boy that they need to get off, but that he could never please either one of them with his micro penis and that he gets to be the lube for their dildos, They both masturbate right in front of his face even letting him suck their pussy juice off the dildos they laugh at the fact that the only way this pathetic loser gets to taste pussy is off of a dick

Part 3: Ass Worship
Goddess Raven Bay tells the pizza boy they have more fun in store for him as she holds his head between her thighs so tight that he is gasping for air, and Daisy Ducati comes back and puts her hand over his mouth to cut off his air even more, and tells him that he will be getting a face full of goddess ass. That’s right they are going to make the slut eat their asses and worship them, They completely face fuck him and smother him with their beautiful Ass, The woman are cruel and use him as their fuck toy

Part 4: Sissy Crossdress
Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now have the pizza boy completely cross dressed in a red sexy glitter dress and add some final touches of lipstick he is now there sissy slut they make him strut his stuff and even dance for them now he will go out and seduce men and bring the studs back to the girls, after they have had their fun with their new cuckold sissy pizza boy the ladies decide they want to fuck, so they bend him over and get ready to strap up and fuck his man pussy.

Part 5: Strap On
Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now are strapped up and ready to fuck some boy pussy. they bend the pizza boys slutty ass over and ram their cocks up his pretty little cuckold ass, making him beg for every inch, Then sucking his filthy ass off their strap ons.

Arena Rome’s Husband Training (ENTIRE MOVIE)
Part 1
Arena Rome is called on the phone by a very unhappy wife who simpy cannot stand the way her husband is treating her. He had come home for sex but now is going out with the guys instead of going to dinner with her. She cannot take it anymore, and finds Arena in the back of a newspaper and decides to have her come by. Arena is a husband trainer and behavior modification specialist. With a quick slap in the face, she has him on his knees, in a collar, and listening to everything she has to say to him, regarding what is about to happen.

Part 2: Tease and Deny
Arena Rome is giving the husband a first lesson in being an obedient bitch. He must stare at her pussy, and learn that he cannot have it! She shows him how wet and horny she is, but he is afraid to make a move. Instead he stays there, kneeling, wishing he could. How humiliating! Arena plays with her pussy with a large dildo before sticking it into his pathetic mouth.

Part 3: Taught to Pleasure
Arena is going to teach this pathetic husband that the only thing that matters is his wife’s pleasure. She has him pleasure her with a dildo gag, arms kept behind his back, on his knees. He feels so submissive and humiliated as he pushes his head back and forth, shoving the dildo into the waiting, wet pussy he can’t have.

Part 4: Ass-Licking Cuck
Arena is on a mission to completely obliterate this husband’s male ego and have him learn where he truly belongs. One of those places is on his knees, which he already learned. Another place is under a woman’s ass! He must lick her asshole thoroughly and lick it good.

Part 5: Creating a Cuck
Arena has one of her lovers come by so she can teach this husband how a REAL MAN pleasures a woman. He watches on his knees like a humiliated bitch as she gets fucked good and hard and is pleasured by this huge, hung, stud.

Alexis Fawx – Rich Cuckold Husband (Mini Movie)

Part 1: Walking Her
Alexis cannot stand her husband anymore. She is sick of all of the lying. She meets him in the kitchen and tells him that he just married him for his money and inheritance. Did he really think a pathetic guy like him could score a smoking hot older woman like him? From now on she is going to do anything she wants and he is only going to exist to please her. She an treat him however she wants, and she gets to fuck whoever she wants. She is going to start by making him into her little doggie. She takes Toby for a walk on their sprawling property and bosses him around harshly while making him do tricks and laughing at him. She even made him piss like a with his leg up.

Part 2: Foot Competition
Alexis\’s new husband is now her trained pet. He crawls over to see who is at the door but she decides to answer it instead as she is expecting someone… Adam. Adam is shocked to see a barking Toby acting like a . He is unsure of why he is invited over and what is going on but he soon learns that she has total control over her husband and now, she is going to control him too. If he has any hopes of being able to fuck her, he is going to have to be a submissive little puppy, right alongside Toby. She makes both the bitches worship her feet. It turns her on so much, she just cannot help but to rub her pussy and huge tits! Having power over men is not a new thing to Alexis but it sure does turn her on and get her pussy wet!

Part 3: Forced To Fluff
Alexis has her bitch husband stare at the penis of Adam. She wants him to see how much bigger Adam’s penis is. Just staring isn’t going to cut it, so she has him stroke Adam and shows him what it should feel like to stroke a big hard dick. He is so humiliated, but needs to do everything she says. He strokes Adam just the way she wants him to and he cannot get over how much bigger Adam’s cock is than his small cock. She takes over and makes him watch her work on his huge cock and he knows this is all going to be to get Adam hard because she is going to fuck Adan. He just knows it. He is so jealous and pathetic, reduced to a fluffer.

Part 4: Full-Fledged Cuckold
Alexis is set on turning her young wealthy husband into a full-fledged cuckold. “Beg our neighbor Mr. Adams, my other pet, to fuck me properly, since you can’t with your small dick!” He begs Adam to fuck her properly and is so humiliated. She forces Toby to take her panties off and she shoves them in his mouth. He has to kneel there and is forced to stare at him having sex with her with his huge cock. He hates it but also cannot look away. Alexis forces Adam to cum all over her huge tits and she makes Toby lick it off. Cuckolds need to learn to clean up messes.

Part 5: Cock-Suck Training
Alexis makes her slave crawl into the room. He will be trained to be a good little cock sucker and fluffer for her and he will start immediately by sucking her femdom cock right now. He needs to lube it up with his mouth because she also wants to use that cock to fuck his pathetic bitch ass with. He deep-throats her cock to please his wife. He needs to do everything she says.

Part 6: Slut For Wifey
It’s time for Alexis to teach her little cuckold husband to take cock for her. He needs to open up that sluthole of his to take her cock and feel what it should be like to have a big cock, unlike the puny cock she has had to feel all throughout their marriage. She laughs and fucks his holes and tells him what his new life will be like as her cuckold husband.

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MissPrincessKay – Lil Sister Sucks and Fucks for Creampie HD

Would you tell me what you think of my new clothes big brother? I want your opinion on how they look! Are you getting a boner from watching me change? Well…you’ve been so good to me…maybe I can help you with that! In this POV Roleplay video you’re my big brother watching me change into some clothes and giving me your opinion on them! I find out you’ve gotten hard watching me change and as a reward for being so awesome I help you out with that! This video features changing in and out of some clothing, blowjobs, deepthroat, dirty talk, bro/sis roleplay, cowgirl riding, and a creampie and cum licking finish! Tags: pov, roleplay, brother sister, taboo, deepthroat, blowjob, clothes changing, cow girl, cum eating, creampie

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Hannah Hawthorne – Dick Ride and Seek HD [Untouched 1080p]

Hannah Hawthorne has been on a nostalgia kick recently, remembering how she and her brother used to play hide and seek when they were younger. He does not seem interested in reliving those ancient memories, but when she says she will make it worth his while, his interest is piqued. Looks like a butt naked, sexy ass sister is more than enough incentive to get him to play along. But when she leaves him with blue balls, he needs to finish the job and get his rocks off. So, Hannah decides to help her brother out and lick and kiss his cock.

Includes: POV, Fingering, Blowjob, Doggy, Missionary, Sideways, Thumb in Butt, Prone Bone, Cowgirl, and Open Mouth Facial

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