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Sally D’angelo “Auntie and the Kinky cousins pt ll” HD

Auntie and the Kinky Cousins pt2…. Nominated BEST Taboo of the year “Auntie and the kinky Cousins” the grand finale …when we left the cousins they just got busted by there Aunt (fucking like no tomorrow) so what what does Aunt Sally do about this , turn them over to their parents? Or jump in bed with them and FUCK until the sun comes up ….”get your cuz pregnant we need to start another generation” TABOO, Niece, Nephew, Aunt, Family Fucking taboo , Creampie, Young, Mature, 3way,

Category: COUGAR
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You’ll Love My Daughter – Brett Rossi, Jane Wilde HD [Untouched 1080p]

Jane Wilde sits at home studying when her mom, Brett Rossi comes in and reminds her that it’s time to go meet her boss at the massage parlor to see if they can get Jane a job. Arriving at the parlor, Brett shows Jane around before leading her to a private massage room where the owner, Seth Gamble, is re-shelving some NURU gel bottles. Brett takes the lead in the introductions, telling Seth that this is her daughter and that she just turned 18 and is looking for a job. They both thought it would be a great idea to get some professional experience working here! Seth is skeptical – Jane hasn’t said much, and he doesn’t think she has enough enthusiasm to be able to represent their brand. They’re all about client satisfaction here, after all, and a bored client is an unsatisfied client. Brett promises that even though she’s a bit shy, Jane is a great masseuse and could give a client anything they might want. Seth says he’ll have to see for himself, he’s willing to give Jane a trial run right now before he makes his decision. Brett encourages Jane to go ahead and show him everything her mother taught her. After she gets the go-ahead, Jane helps the owner get undressed. She’s shy to get naked herself, but her mom convinces her, reminding her that this is kind of a job interview. She takes a deep breath and starts washing Seth. Brett watches with interest from a stool to the side, cheering on her daughter as she soaps Seth up, but occasionally Brett can’t help but interject with a motherly reminder of what to do (or what not to do), which doesn’t go over very well with Jane.

Done with the shower, Seth is lying down in the massage room, ready to start the massage portion of the trial run. Brett shows Jane exactly how to massage the NURU gel along Seth’s body. She does and Brett then tells Jane to body slide on him. She slides along his naked body, REALLY loving what she’s doing. After she finishes the massage and asks how she did, the owner admits that Jane has potential. Oftentimes new clients think this is ‘those other’ kinds of massage parlors, the X-rated ones, and he’s worried that a young woman like herself – especially a shy one – might not be able to handle those kinds of situations. He asks her how she would handle those kinds of clients who want ‘special treatment’. That’s easy, she answers with a smile, Seth said that this is establishment is all about client satisfaction so she would give them exactly what they’re hoping for! And before he can object, she takes his shaft and wraps her whole mouth around it and starts sucking happily. ‘Oh shit!’ the owner says with a laugh, but Brett is much less amused – she shrieks at her daughter and asks what she thinks she’s doing. Jane pulls herself off his dick and asks if she did something wrong – she thought it was a trick question. Didn’t her mom tell her to make sure the owner was fully satisfied, no matter what he asked? Brett is mortified, but Seth wants more – he tells the daughter she’s doing great so far, she should keep going. She happily obliges and goes back to sucking his dick.

Brett stands up in outrage, she can’t believe what she’s witnessing. The owner shrugs and tells Brett that instead of interrupting her daughter’s trial run, maybe she should join them. Brett is hesitant, but Jane insists it’s not a big deal, it’ll be fun! Ultimately Brett agrees that it will be fun, and stripping off her clothes, pours more NURU gel on Seth’s hard cock, and joins her daughter in sucking it. Before this trial run is over, Seth is going to find out EXACTLY how much he loves Brett’s daughter-not to mention Brett herself!

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Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 3: Grandma Sally Joins The Family Fun – FULL VERSION HD

Scene A

Just arriving in town for a visit, Conor helps his Grandmother Sally into the extra bedroom, carrying her luggage. After leaving to grab his granny a drink, Conor returns to find his Gran in the bathroom, having changed into a sexy two-piece bathing suit with just a thin cover up. After a brief exchange, Conor begins massaging his Gran as Sally is enjoying having a pair of strong young hands to relax her. The sight of her body and the feel of her smooth, warm skin is working magic on the grandson’s cock, which is starting to stir inside his baggy shorts. Noticing this little growth, Grandma pushes her ass backwards a bit, grinding on her grandbaby’s crotch. This soon leads to the horny Grandma taking control and yanking down her grandson’s shorts.
”Get on the bed,” Gam Sally says as she gently pushes Conor back toward the bedroom. Conor then begins stroking his cock as Granny takes a few slips from her glass of wine, loving the gazing eyes of her beloved grandson. “Here, let me help you,” Grandma says as she takes Conor’s cock in one hand and finishes her drink with the other. After jerking for a bit, she leans forward and takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks his cock deep, while Conor grabs her head and begins to fuck his Grandmother’s mouth.
”Baby, I haven’t seen a cock this hard in ages! It’s beautiful. Do you want to cum for your old grandma?”
”Yes, yes! Please make cum!”
”Cum for me then. Cum in Grandma’s mouth.”
With a groan, Conor grabs his grandmother’s head and thrusts his cock deep down her throat, gagging her, until he explodes his huge load all in her mouth, watching the taboo milkiness ooze down her lips.
Lifting her head off her grandson’s cock, Gma laughs and says, “Good. Now that that’s out of the way, we can have some real fun.he then pushes her bikini bottoms down over her hips and then down her legs. Then she crawls onto the bed until she is on top of Conor. She bends her lips to his, instantly causing Conor’s cock to be rock hard again. With a murmur, she grasps his cock slowly and begins to sit backward on top of it. Gma Sally moans deeply with every inch his cock sinks further into her pussy. Soon he is all the way in, and their pace of fucking increases, Conor bouncing Grandma up and down on his cock.
”That’s the way, baby! Faster, fuck Grandma good!fter fucking in several positions, Conor is moaning that is about to cum again when they hear another voice and in come’s Conor’s mom, Sally’s daughter! Dani is in shock to see her son and mother passionately fucking in their home.
”Mom, I let it go when I caught you fucking my brother. He seemed to love you so I put up with it but I am not going to put up with you fucking your own grandson.. My son!”
It’s not long before Conor reveals to his mom that he has had this longing to fuck not only his grandmother, but also his mother! Shockingly, his mother Dani has always felt the same way. Encouraging the taboo affair, Gma Sally says, “Dani, why don’t you come over here and give your son the fuck of a lifetime!”
”Mom, you are so bad!” Dani replies.
Laughing, Gma says, am not bad, just nasty and horny! ;-)”
A few minutes later, Grandma, Mom, and Conor are all on the bed kissing and touching. With some hard coaxing from Grandma, Mom is finally bent over Conor with his big cock in her mouth. Grandma is kissing Conor and offering him her big tits, the whole time encouraging Mom and Conor to enjoy each other. Grandma then moves towards his cock where she begins to help suck Conor’s cock. Much to Mom and Grandma’s surprise, the sight of his mother sucking his cock with the nasty support of his Grandma, is too much for Conor to endure as he blows another load deep in his Mom’s mouth. Dani gags as her son’s orgasm catches her by surprise. Still being the good Mom, she does her best to swallow what she can, lifting her pretty mouth off his cock with a look of both shock and satisfaction.

Scene B

Relaxing after the first family fuck session, Conor, Mom, and Grandma are all lounging on the bed drinking some wine. Mom puts down her wine and leans in and begins to kiss her son. Before long, Mom and Son are engaged in a steamy make-out session. Things then heat up really quickly as Conor sucks on his Mom’s tits and then slides down to lick her sweet, wet pussy. All the while, Grandma is watching on with her whine and playing her mature pussy. Gma Sally is also encouraging and instructing Dani and Conor on how to play with each other. It’s not long before Gam Sally joins the action by straddling her daughter Dani’s face while telling her grandson Conor to lick his mother’s pussy.
After a couple minutes, Conor and Dani switch positions so now Mom his sucking his son while he’s licking his grandmother. A couple more minutes pass and Grandma then instructs mother and son to fuck. With her encouragement, Conor reaches down and pulls his mother off his cock, so that he can then guide his large throbbing member into her tight pussy. Conor then proceeds to fuck his mother and grandmother in several sexy incestual positions for a good long while.
After fucking both motherly ladies in a variety of positions, Grandma begins to lightly finger Mom’s ass as Conor is fucking her doggy style.
Grandma says, nor, would you like to fuck your mother’s tight ass?”
Mom tenses up and says, at!? Fuck my ass!?”
Grandma seductively replies, nor told me he wants to fuck that tight ass. Since he can’t cum in your pussy, why don’t we let him cum in that sweet ass?”
Mom: , mom! I have not had a cock in my ass in years!”
Grandma: by, it is like riding a bike! You never forget how! Conor, do you want to cum in your mother’s ass?”
Conor: “Mom, it is up to you, but I’d love to fuck your ass!”
Mom smiling responds, “Ok baby, but be gentle. Your cock is huge!”
Gma: “Yeah, you did well Dani ;-)”
With the help of Grandma lubing Dani’s ass, Conor begins to slowly coax his cock up his mother’s tight ass. After some struggles and a few painful moans, Dani’s ass willfully accepts her son’s big cock. Overwhelmed with excitement, Conor fucks his mother’s ass with reckless abandonment. The whole time that Conor is fucking his mother’s ass, both Mom and Grandma are coaxing their young man on with nastier and nastier taboo talk. To his shock, he feels his mother’s ass quiver as she cums.
Gma: at’s it, Dani. Cum on your son’s cock! You are such a nasty whore mom. Cumming from a hard ass fucking from your son.”
Mom: “Yes I am a nasty slut mom, just like you now. Come on, Conor, fuck mommy’s ass hard! Cum for mommy!”
With that last little bit of sexual encouragement, Conor can hold back no longer and explodes in his mother’s tight ass.
Mom: at’s it, baby. Cum for mommy! Cum in your mother’s ass just like you came in your Grandmother’s mouth!”
Gma: “Fuck! Conor you better be ready to fuck me again soon!”
As Conor pulls his big cock out of his mother’s ass, Grandma leans in and watches the cum pour out of Dani’s ass. Slowly she begins to play with it, rubbing some on Dani’s ass and tasting some. She then offers Dani a taste. Dani then proceeds to suck her son’s cock clean.
Grandma: ste your son’s cum, Dani! It is the sweetest I have every enjoyed!”
Mom: “Mmmhmm! I know! Maybe we can both taste it right from the source again later! ;-)”
Conor: “Fuck! I can’t wait for that!”
Gma: “Neither can we!”
Mom kisses Conor and her Mother and says, ank you, mom. You always know what’s best!”
Mom: love you, Conor!”
Conor: love you too, Mom!”
Grandma: think this is going to be a fun visit!”
With that, they all laugh and hug and kiss as they dream about their next family fuck fest.

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Addiction – Massage session! HD

Custom : I would like to see a video where you are getting a massage on a table wearing tight black yoga pants. The guy turns the massage into groping your ass wearing the yoga pants and he cums all over your ass like in previous videos.

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While The Uncle’s Away, Bad Aunt Sally Will Play HD

Down in Sunny South Florida during school break, Conor has decided to take a relaxing skinny dip in his Aunt and Uncle’s pool while they are gone away. While floating all about the peaceful pool, monster dong all out in the open, Conor’s Aunt Sally walks out to inform her nephew that his uncle has left and she’s gonna go change to get ready for the pool. Intrigued by his aunt’s comments, Conor exits the pool and walks over to the glass door connected to his Aunt Sally’s room, and starts voyeuristically gazing upon her like the horny little boy he is. Not letting on that she’s fully aware of her young stud nephew looking on, Sally starts to seductively strip right in front of the glass door, teasing her yearning kin as she starts speaking about how she’s always wanted to fuck her nephew, especially now since she’s seen his nice cock.
Aunt Sally then reenters the patio area and starts chatting her nude nephew on the couch. She mentions how she’s definitely noticed that Conor’s been carrying the “family jewels.s can our little secret, honey.unt Sally starts gently stroking her nephew’s huge cock while Conor sucks on his aunt’s huge tits. Sally then gets on her knees and starts blowing him, talking naughty the whole time. u ever have sex with a mature woman? How about your Aunt Sally? You afraid?” Naughty Aunt Sally keeps pushing her horny nephew, until Conor hold back no longer and starts fucking the living hell out of his oh so loving auntie. He finishes by exploding his load all in her sweet familial mouth. What a loving family!

Category: BLOW JOBS
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Brett Rossi – Stepsons College Treat HD [Untouched 1080p]

Brett Rossi is attracted to her stepson, and she wants his big cock. She is ready to fuck her Stepson. She starts by masturbating with her dildo. She then goes down to talk to her stepson before he leaves for college and to her pleasure he confesses a crush he has on her. They get to work starting off with a blow job and pussy licking. Then Brett Rossi gets fucked in missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggy style. She finally gets what she has wanted all along ending with a load of her stepsons cum to her face and mouth.

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Provaci Ancora Mamma (2011)

Title: Provaci Ancora Mamma
Year: 2011
Country: Italy
Genre: All Sex, Incest , Mature,
MILF, Anal, Oral, Cum Shots.
Studio: FM – Adulterio Italiano

Cast: Lina, Milena, Carlo,
Giada, Alex, Adolfo.




Il Est Bien Cocu Mon Mari (2018)

Title: IL Est Bien Cocu Mon Mari
Year: 2018
Country: France
Genre: Amateur, MILF, Mature,
Orgie, Libertinage, Anal.
Duration: 01:31:24
Studio: HPG Prod

Cast: Elena Black, Lucie , Julie, Sonia.




Valentina Nappi – The Shower Spy (1080p)

MP4, 1.14GB, 33 Mins

Seth is renting out a room in his home for the summer, hoping to make some cash on the side. Imagine his surprise when his first tenant turns out to be the hottest girl he’s ever seen, Valentina! She seems horny and attracted to him, so Seth can’t help but sneak a peek as she plays with herself in the shower. Little does he know, she’s been travelling all over in search of the world’s best dick! When she spots Seth, she tells him she deserves a peek of her own — so she invites him into the shower, where they can get to know each other a little better.

Shower Spy 1080p.part1.rar

Shower Spy 1080p.part2.rar


On A Echange Nos Meres Best Of (2018)

Title: On A Echange Nos Meres Best Of
Year: 2018
Country: France
Genre: Etero, French Girls/Mature/MILF,
Group Sex, Anal, Tits, Lesbians, Cum Shots.
Duration: 02:27:34
Studio: Fred Coppula Prod

Cast: Miss Caresse, Linda India, Halana K,
Tiffany Doll, Bettina Kox, Alix Feeling,
Shanael, Amel Annoga.



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