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Bodacious Babes (2017)

Title: Bodacious Babes
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Big Tits
Duration: 01:50:44
Studio: Bizarre

Cast: Choky Ice, Antonio Ross, Mugur, Laura Orsolya,
Marta La Croft, Susana Acala, Sandra Boobies,
Sandra Milka.




BAD JOKE IS ON YOU!!! Your friends put the Viagra into your drink and now only MOMMY could make you feel better!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

You had the worst day in the school today!!! You friend…as a joke put the Viagra into your drink during the lunch! It had very, very fast effect on you! And now your cock is rock hard for hours, even if you tried to masturbate at the toilet…it does not help!!! You start to be desperate!!! And yes, there is the woman who always solve everything for you, who is always there for you and making you feel better any time you need to!!! YOUR MOMMY!!!

You know in this time of the year she is very busy but for you is the question of life or !!! You calling her but as much agitated you are, you are not able to explain to her nothing! But she feels it important to you, so mommy told you to come into her office.

You run to be with your mom as soon as possible! But to thinking about your mom, doesn’t really help you with your erection! You getting even harder then before!
Finally you arrive, you are so much in rush, you forgot to even knock on mommy’s office! You gonna hear about that!!!
But when you sit down, seeing your beautiful mother, you feel so ashamed and you just freeze down! How you will take to your mother what happened and…why you are really here, what do you want from her! Your mom try to calm you down and explain to her what your problem is!!! But even she starting to have enough of you! And in that moment you stand up and show your mom your big..big problem!

You get shocked, what kind of friends do you have!!! That they put the pill like this into your drink? t could be dangerous if the erection doesn’t come down as soon as possible! Mommy is asking you if you tried to masturbate and when you say that you already tried everything but nothing helps…she feels with you and you know she always but always want to make her baby boy feeling better!

But the thing you are asking now of your mother…that is so much crossing the line between you!!! You hope, mommy will make you cum and everything will be all right!

When mommy hold your cock, she is so surprise!!! yeah…she didn’t expect her son has such amazing cock! And you feeling she starts to touching you with so much passion. And then she ,, suggest ,,. The way your erection is going to disappear for sure, is if you fuck her! If you fuck her mom on the desk right here in the office! To feeling your mom’s warm and juicy pussy!!!

You never wished for more!!! You are now glad for the bad joke your friend put you on to!!! Because of your hard dick you are fucking your mother!!! Feeling her pussy juice all over your cock!!! And she make you cum inside her!!! Wow…you see in her eyes, she loved to feel her son inside her!!!

Upps…but even after having amazing sex with your mom, your cock is still hard!!! Mommy will try again then….but this time even more intense!!! She striped for you and sit on you!!! Riding your stiff cock!!! Until…yes…yes…until your cum both together!!! Yeah…this time it works!!! You cum twice in your mommy’s pussy and finally you feel better…your erection is getting slowly down! But you got something you always, always wished for!!! YOUR MOMMY’S HOT PUSSY!!!

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Unchained Perversions Collection [8 videos in HD]

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Alice Pagani – A Degrading Marriage HD

Alice has got an unhappy marriage. She married at very young age a rich and rude man, older then her. He has won a lottery and he is even the man who saved her parents from a bad story of debits. So Alice felt to be in debit with him. But the man who apparently seems to be so gentle in the past, reveals as a sadistic master and a brutal crazy son of a bitch. He is fat and he is hairy. He absolutely has got no quality. Alice is unhappy and, on consequence of this, unfaithful. He beats her every time he finds out her faults.
This time her husband come back home and someone informed him about Alice new story with another man. He starts treating like a beast her, he wanna give her a lesson. So he imposes her to get on knees and suck it violently, stuffing his dick all inside her mouth. The face fuck treatment is hard. He literally hammers his dick up and down her throat, fucking her face and beating her head on his fat stomach. it is really degrading for her. But he even cures that she cannot move easily, tying her hands on back with a pair of handcuffs, then fixing them to her neck by a belt. So Alice cannot breath and cannot move her arms and hands too. she suffers till he decides to untie her and cum on her body, while she licks and sucks his sweaty and stinky balls. She is like a frightened beast now. His slave wife, his sexual servant.

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Lilyan Red – Shaming Treatment HD

Lilyan Red is a young and fresh beauty from Spain. She had got a good fame in the Industry, but now she is retired, even if she is so young. She starts a business in catering and ceremony food service. I come to her restaurant in Spanish countryside, near Barcelona to interview her… but not only for that of course!! I would like to know the reasons of her retirement: I’m sure she is still the nasty bitch I saw on the net. Actually she admit she loves to play in her private life still, but not in public videos anymore. At the beginning of the interview I propose her a ridiculous amount of money, only for a simple bondage set. I’m firmly convinced that Lilyan’s slut attitude is gonna be wake up on set. As long as she is tied up and she cannot oppose resistance, I reveal her she is going to be humiliated, used and abused. She appears not in fear, so I was right: she is a nasty wore and she loves to be hill treated.
What Lilayn cannot expect is how hard it will be the treatment. I never mess around with sluts and I love to see them in helpless in pain, humiliated and submitted.
In this part of the video I brutalize her mouth and throat. I stuffed my cock deep down her tonsils; an hard and shaming face fuck treatment. She drools, cries and she suffers my brutality and roughness. I slap her face, spit on her, then I force her to suck it hard herself, electrifying her with a teaser, when she stops to suck and self fuck her mouth. The ropes are tight on her wrists, Lilyan suffers and drools like the filthy slut she is. Then I decide to untie her wrists and make her on all fours on the floor. I make her lick my balls and my ass too. Then I decided to cum all over her face and in her mouth, compelling her to swallow my warm cum.

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Meg, Desiree – Abused with Feet HD

Meg is a lesbo escort, called in a luxury hotel to satisfy the gross fantasies of the rich 40 y.o. Desiree. She asked to the escort agency for a specific girl: a 18 yo subject, tiny tits and shy look. Meg is perfect for that; Desiree is gonna abuse her with feet. She humiliates Meg by making her licks and worships her feet, then she stuffs all her foot into Meg’s mouth and throat. Then Desiree makes her licks her asshole.
As her last odd perversion and humiliation, Desiree fucks Meg cunt with her feet, penetrating her and fucking her pussy.

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Nataly Gold – Break Down Her Dignity HD

Nataly is drunk, lying on bed at his boyfriend’s birthday party. He comes into the room and finds her limp on bed. He tries to wake up the girl, without a great success. Finally he could wake her up, but the girl seems to be confused. He is sure she not gonna remember anything on the next morning, so he takes the opportunity to take advantage of her. Nataly is a gorgeous but so cold Russian girlfriend. She always puts so meany limits in sex… maybe she thinks she is the only beautiful girl on heart. So Andy is gonna take the opportunity to break down her dignity, making this Russian fair beauty, a filthy pig whore.
He stuffs his dick without any regard straight in her throat, fucking like a sex machine her mouth and tonsils. Nataly doesn’t react anyway, so Andy goes rougher and rougher. Her makes her suck and lick his balls, completely covered in saliva. Then is the time for a reverse wild throat fuck. Now Natale gives her best: she produces a HUGE amount of white saliva, covering her face, that becomes a saliva mask. When she is reduced like a pig in the mud, Andy continues to sticks his dick in her mouth, till he cums on her face. Nataly now learns how a gorgeous fair could tumble soooo deeply down.

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Nataly Gold – Fake Photographer Fucks Her Face HD

Nataly really sucks!!! She is a gorgeous tall and skinny model from Russia, a celebrity in modelling. She is also knew to be a pain in the ass for male photographer. In fact she is an aggressive lesbian, also a diva. That means lot of troubles for male photographer.
Andy is trying to convince her to shoot a photo set in a kitchen. He wants her to sign the release for to start working. Nataly, as usual, is questioning with him, about location, about his look (not so professional)… and so on. What Natale doesn’t know, is that Andy isn’t a real photographer, but a skilful mentalist. Nataly is complaining mechanically, like a robot… cause he has already started to mesmerise her. At one moment, he imposes his hand on her brow and she becomes completely enslaved to his will. Now it’s time to have fun with the bitch !!!
Andy orders her to get on knees, then he pulls out his dick, ordering her to suck it. As long as she is willingness, Andy plays with her like a sexual dummy. He literally hummers his dick in her throat: harder and harder, his dick reaches her tonsils, making her drooling like a filthy whore. Nataly does a mess on the floor, tons of withe saliva, from her mouth, nose. She is tearing too for the harsh deepthroat action. Andy doesn’t stop hammering his dick inside her mouth and throat. She doesn’t oppose any resistance, so he could do the worst messy things he has got in mind. He uses her pitiless, with absolutely no regard !!! Andy breaks her dignity, using her more roughly then a cheap street hooker. Maybe now she has got what she deserves. Off course he cums on her face !!

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Nataly Gold – The Slut Throat Abuse HD

Andy discovers during his birthday party that his girlfriend is a slut… she betrays him. He asks his friends to help him to punish her. So they make her drink a lot, before to leave Andy alone with her in their house. Andy takes advantage on her, drunk, and ties her with a rope to the bed, blindfolded and with a tape on her mouth. Then he leaves the apartment. When he comes back few hours later, he finds her awaked. So he faces her, asking for some explanations. She doesn’t answer anything, cause is clear she is feeling guilty. Andy tells her he is going not to treat her like his girlfriend anymore, but as a slut. SLUT is even written on her body, with red lipstick.
Andy compels her ti suck his dick deepthroat. He merciless fucks her throat, stuffing his dick all the way down, pushing her face and nose on his tummy. She has gag reflex, with a huge amount of saliva. But he doesn’t care about it: she is filthy like a whore, so that’s what she deserves. He continues fucking brutally her moth and throat, without any pauses. He orders to her to lick his saliva filthy balls. She does all he wants, like an obedient sexual slave. Finally, with her face completely covered in saliva, Andy cums on her face. He punishes her with the filthiest face fuck and deepthroat action.

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Regina Moon – Sucking Cravings HD

A fantasy tale about vampiress, blackmailing, transformation, lap dance, sexy dancing, and face brutally fucked, throat stuffed and abused.
Regina Moon is a famous pornstar. She is an eastern beauty and she has got a personal secret. She wanna obtain a job as lap dancer in a strip club. The manager of the club, wanna test her not only for dancing skills. So he brutally take satisfaction by her pumping her face, stuffing her throat brutally and forcing her head up and down on his dick, she kneeling. Regina does what he wants. But at the end, while he cums in her mouth, she reveals as a vampiress, sucking his from his dick….

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Sasha Fox – Extreme Drooling Facefuck HD

Sasha is an high class Escort from Ukraine. I booked her and I proposed her to get roughly face fucked, blindfolded and tied all fours on back. She is really annoyed by my proposal, but finally she agreed for the extra money she could earn… and I really enjoyed my time with her!
I brutalise her face. She is incapable to oppose any resistance. Tied and blindfolded, I first use her face fucking her mouth her throat badly, without any item. Then I pass to a spider gag, to force her mouth wide open. She drools and does a messy on her clothes and exposed tits. I continue to fuck her harder and harder. What I fuck I really love her expression. She is exhaust and disgusted but I love to compel her to do what I paid for. She just shuts up and suck. Finally I remove the spider gag and I continue to hardly go in and out her throat faster and faster. At the end of the video her face is a MESS of saliva and sperm. The facefuck of the life!

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When Friends Cum Over – Bridgette B Gina Valentina and Karlee Grey HD

Brunette beauty Karlee Grey is extremely horny and has a naughty idea: seducing her college classmates into a threesome! After all, isn’t college all about experimenting? Only Karlee’s new stepmom, blonde bombshell Bridgette B, wants to make sure that there’s no funny business going on while she’s around the house. Karlee tries her best to seduce her sexy friend Gina Valentina into sharing Jessy Jones’s big cock, but when Bridgette catches these teens about to have a threesome, how will she react—and will there be enough room for her to join in on the fun? With any luck, Karlee will get her orgy, Bridgette will get more intimate with her daughter, and Jessy will have a trio humming on his cock and balls and three sets of titties smacking him in the face. Jessy might even get three pussies all lined up for him to fuck… let’s just hope Karlee’s dad doesn’t barge in on the action!

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Soubrettes A Partager (2017)

Country: France
Genre: Feature, Anal, Threesomes, Oral, Big Tits, Big Ass, Lingerie,
Starring: Cherry Kiss, Tyra Moon, Blue Angel, Zazie Skymm, Nicole Love, Ani Black Fox
Duration: 01:55:58

Angel has one goal: to maintain the excellence of the services of her guest house to satisfy her high-end male clientele. Counting on her charming soubrettes, she constantly seeks ways to surprise her boarders. And why not offer them a little game track to spice up their stays? Dedicated bodies and souls, her splendid employees will not spare themselves to offer them the most enjoyable rewards. Whether it’s a man-hunt in the woods, a sensual hide-and-seek or under a breakfast table, they will enjoy as much pleasure as they give them. But, victim of her success, will Angel find a new maid who will have the necessary talent and vice to strengthen the ranks of her shock team?

Soubrettes Partager.part1.rar

Soubrettes Partager.part2.rar

Soubrettes Partager.part3.rar


Julie, 35 Ans… Patronne Libertine (2016)

Title: Julie, 35 Ans… Patronne Libertine
Year: 2016
Country: France
Genre: Feature, Anal, Oral, Big Tits,
Big Ass, Big Dick, Lingerie.
Duration: 02:10:33
Studio: La Banane Prod

Cast: Julie Valmont, Alexa Tomas, Mya Lorenn.




Moi, Moche Et Mes Salopes (2016)

Title: Moi, Moche Et Mes Salopes
Year: 2016
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, IR, Big Tits,
Big Ass, Big Dick, Lingerie,
Duration: 01:23:37
Studio: Tellement Bonnes

Cast: Jordanne Kali, Jarushka Ross,
Marie Clarence, Joss Lescaf.




Locataires Tres Arrangeantes (2016)

Title: Locataires Tres Arrangeantes
Year: 2016
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Big Tits,
Big Ass, Big Dick, Threesome, Teen.
Duration: 01:37:47
Studio: Cocoricu

Cast: Titof, Michael Cheritto, Anthea,
Amel Annoga, Mia Wallace.




Dans Son Cul A La Sortie De La Ville (2017)

Title: Dans Son Cul A La Sortie De La Ville
Year: 2017
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, POV, Big Tits,
Big Ass, Big Dick, Threesome, Public
Duration: 01:33:44
Studio: HPG Prod

Cast: Amateur.




Cheri, Plus Cest Gros Plus Cest Bon (2017)

Title: Cheri, Plus Cest Gros Plus Cest Bon
Year: 2017
Country: France
Genre: Anal, Oral, Double Penetration,
Threesome, Cuckold.
Duration: 01:42:49
Studio: Cocoricu

Cast: Luna Rival, Barbara, Anais, Amateurs,
Vince Carter, Ninos Paoli, Joss Lescaf.



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