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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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REAL Twin Sisters Threesome HD 1080p

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Road Trip – Meana Wolf HD 1080p

You never realized it until now, but your Aunt is sexy as hell. So confident, effortlessly hot, and direct. You’d been thinking about it the whole trip so far. But it was apparent now more than ever as she slid under the covers. The hotel was fully booked up and the only room had 1 king size bed for the two of you to share. Your cock throbbed as she tickled you like she did when you were young. She can feel the sexual tension in the air. She runs her hand along your pulsating erection and says, “Have you ever been with an older woman before?”

Xoxo Meana Wolf

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MILF 1343 – Desperate Housewife, Satisfying Aunt Rachel HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Rachel was a busty brunette wife in her sexual prime. She needed plenty of passion, romance and adventure to keep her content. Unfortunately, her husband Frank did not give her any of these things. He was a dull workaholic who spent most of his time at the office. This was a cause of great frustration for Rachel. The situation worsened when her husband phoned one evening to cancel a date that she had been looking forward to all week. Afterwards, feeling bitter and depressed, she helped herself to a bottle of wine – while brooding over and cursing her husband. Soon she was both tipsy and restless. Wandering down into the living room, she found her nephew, Mark, sat reading a book. The young man was staying with Rachel and her husband while he attended a nearby college. Rachel had always liked him very much. She thought him sensitive and understanding beyond his years. Now, needing someone to talk to, she told him of her grievances with her husband. Being under the influence, she was more open and intimate than usually with her nephew. Moreover, she had changed into a slip in readiness for bed. It was tight and skimpy and had a plunging neckline that gave a spectacular view of her cleavage. Try as he might, Mark could not avoid noticing and being excited by what he saw. From that moment on, a seed of aunt-lust was planted within him. He greatly sympathized with how she felt, and he offered her many words of encouragement. He thought his uncle was a fool for not seeing what a hot and lovely woman she was. As Rachel excused herself to go back upstairs, she bumped into the sofa and fell sprawling onto it. She landed fine, but she almost spilled out of her slip. Plenty of sleek leg was briefly visible. It was a sight that stirred Mark’s desire even more. Later, Rachel tossed and turned in bed, enduring an uneasy rest. It was now 3.00 am. and Frank still had not come home. Suddenly waking up, she decided to go see Mark. She needed to talk more. The young man did not mind his sexy aunt coming in and interrupting him. Having once again helped to console her, he suggested Rachel lay down so that he could give her a massage. It should ease her tension and help her get back to rest. Most of all it would please Mark himself. He ached to touch his aunt’s shapely body. Rachel was all for her nephew’s idea. She was still less inhibited due to the wine. While she lay down on her front, Mark got some lotion and applied it to the backs of her legs. For a long time he rubbed it in. His hands moved ever more sensually over her calves and her thighs. Gradually he managed to lift the hem of Rachel’s slip to expose her butt cheeks. The neglected wife cooed as her nephew began to caress them. Mark even went on to ease his fingers between the tops of his aunt’s thighs – just the slightest distance from her warmth-giving, panty-clad pussy. This final act brought Rachel out of her happy stupor. She felt embarrassed at what she saw as her immodestly. Getting to her feet, she apologized to Mark, then headed back to her room. There Rachel sat thinking about what had just happened. It occurred to her that’s Mark’s touching may have been deliberate. This possibility excited rather and than shocked her. As she replayed the scene in her head, she realized that she had been immensely turned on the whole time. Now it was her turn to feel the beginnings of a taboo lust. The next day came, and Rachel’s anger with Frank softened. Then, to her delight, he phoned her to arrange another date for them that night. Rachel donned a gorgeous red dress for the occasion. She could not fasten the back of herself, so she asked her nephew to do it for her. Mark gladly obliged. He welcomed any chance to get close to his aunt: to smell her sweet perfume, to study the nape of her neck, to run his eyes up the sexy groove of her back, to imagine undoing her thick red bra-strap. With her hair pinned up, she looked a truly elegant beauty. Mark was so impressed by his aunt’s appearance that he made sure to compliment her about it. Rachel thrilled in response. Frank was never so nice. After this, Mark and Rachel sat talking while she waited for her husband to return home and pick her up. But Frank did not seem to be in any hurry.

As the conversation went on, aunt and nephew spoke more intimately and strengthened their bond. Then Rachel at last started to wonder where Frank had got to. She phoned his secretary and discovered that he had taken a last minute flight to DC for a political meeting. He had not mentioned a word about it to Rachel. More angry and frustrated than ever, she headed upstairs to change out of her dress. But once again she needed Marks help to unzip the back of it. She was so preoccupied in complaining to him about Frank that she did not think to be shy. Instinctively she stripped out of the dress to reveal herself in sexy underwear. Mark looked on in awe. His aunts every sweet bodily feature was there to be guessed at. Suddenly realizing what she had done, Rachel blushed. But Mark distracted her by suggesting he give her another massage. Rachel accepted. She needed one badly under the circumstances. Again she lay on her front, and again Mark oiled and rubbed her legs. This time he also worked her shoulders and her back. The massage proceeding, Rachel became more and more soothed until her nephew was able to take some bold chances. As before, he slid his hand between the tops of her thighs. Then he edged his fingers up until he was touching her pussy mound. Gently he stroked and probed at it. Only at the end did Rachel stop to think about what was happening. There was a moment of awkwardness for her before Mark left. When Rachel was alone, she saw that was very aroused. Her excited pussy had made her panties wet. Now, recalling what Mark had done, she lay back and began to touch herself through their lacy crotch. She did not doubt any longer that Mark was attracted to her, and that his caresses had been sexual in nature. She was surprised at how pleased this made her feel. Almost instantly she underwent a profound change. Now she wanted to seduce Mark. She was no longer bothered that he was her nephew. In fact, it added some kinky spice. Her first act after that was to go spy on Mark when he showered. She stood outside the door in her dressing gown. Mark was naked in the stall, jerking his cock. Rachels pussy throbbed at the sigh of it. She wondered if Mark was thinking of her. Hot beyond control, Rachel opened her dressing gown and shoved her hand down her panties. The other hand pulled her tit out of her bra and fingered the nipple. She tried not to make too much noise as she rubbed and played with herself – imagining being in the arms of own nephew. Though nervous at what she had in mind, Rachel could not stop herself from going ahead with it. Once Mark was finished, she called him into her room. He entered wearing just a towel. Rachel told her nephew that she wanted to him give a massage in return for the ones he had given her. It was an offer to good for the young man to refuse. In due time, Mark wound up lying on his stomach on his aunts bed. Rachel put oil on him and started to rub his body. Again the pair bonded – talking about Marks history with girlfriends and his general taste in women. Rachel grew even more excited and hopeful when she learned that Mark had a thing for older women. When Mark let slip to his aunt that he sometimes fantasized about her, Rachel seized on the moment to take things further. Standing up before her nephew, she shrugged off her robe. Then there she was – invitingly and enticingly arrayed in classy lingerie. From this moment on there was no more ice for aunt or nephew to break. Mark knew his aunt was offering himself for him, and Rachel knew that he was accepting her. There followed a brief confession in which they both laid out their full feelings and desires for one another. Then there was a an agreement to be careful about what they did – to avoid being discovered by Frank. The consequences would be disastrous. After that, it was sex: intense and epic. It began with the aunt and nephew hotly French-kissing and touching on the bed. Then off came Rachels bra and panties. All she had on now was her stockings. Lying back, legs parted, she moaned and writhed and gasped and sighed as Mark nursed on her tits, then licked, probed and fingered her sensitive clit and cock-starved pussy. Whenever they had the chance or the breath to speak, they did so dirtily – sharing the mutual fantasies they had had about each other. Both of them mocked Frank behind his back. Lousy husbands like him deserved to get cuckolded. Even by their own nephews. As if to emphasise this point, Rachel knelt over her nephew and started sucking on his cock. Mark groaned blissfully at the coming true of his dreams. His aunt fucked her mouth up and down his length with fantastic skill and sensuality. For the longest, sweetest time, she pleasured him – tongue-teasing his cock-head, stroking him with her dainty hand, fondling his balls, deep-throating him to the root. Following this, the two taboo lovers got down to their much-needed, long-awaited fucking. First, nephew mounted aunt from behind, holding her arms back like reins as he pumped her hard and deep in the doggy-position. By now Rachels immaculate hair had tumbled down. She cried like a wanton. Her big tits dangled over the bed, and swayed in response to the jolting of her nephews hips against her butt. Next up, Rachel got on top of Mike and rode him hard. Eagerly she impaled her hot pussy on his cock, and worked herself up and down on it. She had not had a good fuck in a long, long time. This forbidden one with her nephew ranked as the best she had ever had. Once more her sounds of pleasure filled the room. Mike, meanwhile, reached up and cupped his aunts lovely tits in his hands. The sweet fullness of them alone was enough to make a man cum. The wonderful fun finished with Rachel giving her nephews cock a last sucking and stroking. When his hot, creamy white load came blasting out, she greedily stuck out her tongue and tried to catch every drop of it in her mouth. To the lusty, sex-starved MILF, her young nephews juice was like nectar. Afterwards, the well-fucked pair snuggled together under the sheets of Rachels marital bed and drifted into a contented rest. Not once were they trouble with shame. Instead they dreamed of their future – of fucking and fucking and fucking. Frank was irrelevant now. Rachel no longer needed him. Her own nephew had proven himself a much better lover. He was her new man, and she would serve only him.

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Demi Sutra in “Cousin Confession” HD 1080p

My insanely gorgeous cousin finally admitted to the sexual tension between us. I knew we shouldn’t screw around like this, but it’s impossible to resist her sensuality! Watch me get my cock sucked by Demi before she grinds her tight wet pussy on my throbbing dick. She bend over for me “please stick it back in me!” she begged me to pound her pussy good and hard! I finally turn her over and spray my load up her petite body!

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SophiaSylvan – BBW Amateur FAMILY Taboo Vids in HD

Masked with Mom HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
You walk in on me, your curvy red head mother, masked and dressed up, using a powerful vibrator on your pussy. Im so immersed in the moment and horny that I dont even notice you there for a bit. When I do, I try to play it off as just relaxing with a massager, but you know better. I admit that dressing for this grown-ups Halloween party got me feeling not quite like myself, I got a little excited. Im still flushed and aroused, and when I notice that you have a hardon in your pants, I cant resist. I tell you to pretend Im not really your mother, Im just some strange woman. I need to feel your cock in my hands, my mouth, my pussy. Be a good boy and give your mother what she needs

Its Daddys Pussy HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
Im your virgin daughter and we have a little thing going on…you come home from work and we masturbate together before Mommy comes home. This time you have me expose myself and my sweet tight young pussy and my budding curves, masturbate with my fingers and then present a new toy, the Hitachi magic wand. Ive seen Mommy use it on her back, but you have a new idea in mind. You instruct me in how to make my pussy come hard twice with it til I am begging for Daddys cock in my virgin pussy

Doggystyle Bondage Sex in a Cast HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
My legs are up in the air as I lay waiting for more cock, and my big SLWC cast is bound with a belt keeping my wrists and ankles tied together. Wolf approaches and shoves his cock down my throat, holding onto my cast and toes. Every time I gag my buttplug contracts visibly. He squeezes my tits that are ripe and pressed together, then rolls me over face down ass up, my wrists still tied between my legs. Tall Wolf has to straddle my legs and cast to fuck my tight pussy and I moan and say oh my God a lot as I take his cock while my ass is still filled. I may be laid up in a cast, but that doesnt stop us from getting my holes filled! He grabs onto my thick ass as leverage as he fucks me hard and fast, my moans only slightly muffled as my face is pressed into the bed with me cumming hard. He takes out the buttplug and puts his dick in my ass, holding the collar around my neck firmly as he pounds my ass deep. I moan and purr with pleasure as I take him all the way.

Face Down Ass Up Assfucked HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
After putting leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, Wolf pulls me close and kisses me, then flips me over, face down, ass up. Im cuffed so that Im not going anywhere, and he fucks me as he puts the ballgag in my mouth and buckles it on tightly. Now Im helpless but to receive cock, unable to move or protest…as if I would. Im moaning with pleasure as he pounds me, spanks my ass, and grabs my hips. He fucks me hard and rough into multiple screaming incredibly powerful orgasms. Youll love hearing me scream through this tight, big gag while my holes are full of cock. Also featuring my first scene anal with a real cock in MANY years! Watch for part 2!

Masturbating with Mom HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
You are spying on me, your sexy, curvy mother, who is in my bedroom for way too long. You see me laying on my stomach, my huge round bare ass up in the air, wearing lingerie and looking at my phone. I have a glass of wine. After a minute, I grab my massager and enjoy that before noticing you are watching. Im surprised and stop, explaining that Im waiting for your father, we had a date, but hes staying late at work. I confess that I got way too horny waiting, and a little tipsy. In this state, maybe my judgements are not what they should be, because when I spot your young boner, I cant help but tell you to show me. I decide we should both relieve some tension and punish your father for keeping me waiting like this. I notice how much harder you are than him, and feel your erection. Driven mad with desire, I spread my legs and show you my pussy…Im going to let the rest be a surprise

Facial for Daddys Girl HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
Im your horny little girl and Im dying for your cock Daddy! After school I get so horny waiting for you to come home from work and I have to touch myself. I rub myself between my legs when you come in the room and ask if youre going to fuck me tonight. You say I didnt do well in my report cards, and Im way too distracted, so no cock for me. I pout and protest, but I can tell your cock is hard watching me moan and rub myself. You say I will get some cock and I beam with delight. You have me take off my top and bra, my perky young tits on display. Then you tell me the only cock Im going to get is in my mouth tonight, to teach me a lesson, and youre going to cum all over my face to humiliate me. I agree since Im so horny, hoping to get fucked anyway. I get in d*ggystyle and swallow you down POV, gagging a little. Then you have me kneel and take your cock like a good girl, getting it sloppy, looking you in the eye, taking it down. Then you make me stick out my tongue and beg for your cum. I get a monster dripping load all over my face and dripping down my tits

Too Good to Stop HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
movIm your little sister and I surprise you in a bustless minidress and heels. I tell you that my boyfriend is a virgin and so shy about having sex with me. Im not a virgin and I cant take it anymore Im so horny! I admit I broke into Mom and Dads liquour cabinet, Im a little tipsy but I wanted to test out this outfit, will it make him finally give in to me, bro? I seduce you and soon have your cock inside me, making us come harder than we ever thought possible.. you even came inside me- it was just too good to stop! The POV sex scene is done via a fucking machine, out of view except for the thrusting dick, but it makes some mechanical sounds ( I thought it was worth it for the realistic, hands free thrusting and big orgasm I had!) Remastered in better quality for your viewing pleasure

Up Against the Wall Spider Gag POV DT HD

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Custom movie: Great closeup POV deepthroat with a spider gag ring gag holding my mouth open. Fuck my face up against the wall…I drool all over my tits and look up at you intently.

Messy Teary Deepthroat HD

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Watch me show off my deepthroat skills to the max in this hardcore, humiliating blowjob. I deepthroat every inch like a submissive pigtailed slut, I gag and spit on the cock, I hold my mouth open with my fingers in a fishhook. I throat his thick cock so hard my eyes water and my makeup smears. What a blowjob!

Mommy Loves Big Firm Things That Explode HD

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Star: SophiaSylvan
Youre my son and you join me in my room to get ready for bed. You came back from a birthday party that wasnt too fun for you, but I snuck some balloons in my purse from the party to play with. I had one too many cocktails with the other mothers, and Im a bit tipsy. I start blowing up a 12 balloon and say you can take out one from my bag to play with too, if you like. As it swells and grows, I notice you getting a boner. I tell you this is normal in young boys, dont be embarrassed. I tell you to strip down and get your pyjamas on. When I see your poor young cock, I tell you that you need to relieve this pressure. Its okay, go ahead and jerk off, I wont look. The balloon gets a big neck and my cleavage pops out and my cheeks swell, I decide Im going to see how big I can make it! I blow and blow, and you jerk and jerk, and suddenly it explodes and so do you! Oh my! Did that scare you son? It scared me. Lets do another. I lay on my stomach, sipping my hot toddy, and my dress rides up, revealing the lace tops of my stockings and mommys huge, lovely ass, with no panties! Your mother is so bad, wearing a dress and no panties to a birthday party? You get another boner as your mother blows the big red balloon. You cant help yourself, so you jerk off again. now mommy is horny and she lays on her back, showing you her pussy. Shamelessly, she teases you about being hard for your mother and her balloons, since she sees you staring at her body and the round, taut shape of the balloon. She huffs and puffs with powerful lungs, making the 16 balloon stretch to impossible proportions. Youre rock hard with anticipation, and you know it and your cock are going to blow again!

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Liz Lovejoy – 16 AMATEUR INCEST and TABOO Vids in HD

Helping Mom & Daddy Have A Baby TABOO HD

Hi Daddy! How was mommy’s doctor appointment? Is mommy pregnant with my new brother or sister, Daddy? Mommy can’t have a baby? Oh, poor Mommy! There’s still a way I can have a little brother or sister, Daddy? You want me to have a baby for Mommy, Daddy? Well, okay Daddy… How does that work? I unbutton my sweater, and show daddy my small teen tits. Daddy likes seeing my small tits. Daddy wants me to suck his cock. I ask Daddy if I’m sucking his cock right? Daddy says I’m doing it great. I give Daddy a blowjob, sucking on his big dick. I gag on Daddy’s cock. Daddy loves when his big cock makes me gag. I take off my panties, looking sexy for Daddy. My long legs look sexy in my striped thigh high socks. Daddy wants to fuck my hairy teen pussy. Is this okay, Daddy? Then, Daddy gets behind me, and slides his big cock in my pussy. Daddy tells me this is how impregnation works. Daddy has to put a creampie in my pussy, to make me pregnant. Daddy fucks my hairy pussy from behind with his big cock. Daddy has such a big dick. Oh yes, Daddy, that feels so good. I’m going to have a baby for Mommy and Daddy. Daddy lays down on the futon, and I give Daddy a blowjob, and taste my teen pussy, on his big daddy dick. Now, Daddy wants me to get on top of him. I climb on top of Daddy, and put his big cock in my hairy pussy. It feels so good when Daddy bounces me up and down on his cock. “oh yes, daddy,” I moan. Daddy fills my hairy teen pussy with his cock. Then, Daddy moves to a chair, and I sit on his lap, while Daddy bounces me up and down on his lap, using my pussy like a fleshlight. Daddy tells me this is how girls get pregnant. This is so taboo, Daddy is going to make me pregnant, with his creampie. Me and Daddy get back on the futon, and I give Daddy a blowjob, with my cute ass facing the camera, so you can see it as I give Daddy a blowjob. Daddy loves when I slurp on his cock, when I give Daddy a blowjob. Then, Daddy fucks me from behind, on the futon, with his big dick. I love to have fun with Daddy! Daddy grabs my tiny hips, and fucks me hard! Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck my pussy, Daddy! Daddy fills my pussy up with a big creampie. Daddy put a creampie in my pussy!! Wow, Daddy gave me a huge load of cum! Hopefully Daddy made me pregnant, with his big creampie, so I can help Daddy and Mommy. I really want a little brother or sister. I’m going to have a baby for mom and Daddy! If you liked this daddy roleplay video, visit my profile to see my other taboo, creampie & impregnation videos, with Daddy.


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Little Sister Big Brother CREAMPIE TEEN HD

You hear some noise coming from your little sister’s bedroom. You peek through her bedroom door, & see your Asian little sister masturbating with a glass dildo. You’re such a voyeur, big brother! Your little sister rubs her pussy through her cute cotton panties. Your little sister pulls the panties to the side, and begins fucking her teen pussy with the glass dildo. Wow, your teen sister is so hot! Your little sister turns around, and fucks her pussy from behind, on her hands & knees. Your little sister moans as she fucks her teen pussy. She’s so loud, she can’t hear you standing there. Your little sister turns around, and pulls up her shirt, showing her small teen tits. Your teen sister fucks her pussy fast & hard, moaning until she orgasms. She looks up & sees you staring at her. Your little sister is surprised, & you ask her what she’s doing. She say’s she’s just having some fun. You ask if you can join in, and your sister says yes! You’ve always secretly wanted to fuck your little sister. You can finally satisfy your taboo desires. Your sister has been wanting your cock so bad. Your forbidden taboo fantasy is coming true. Your sister unzips your pants. Your sister always wanted to see your cock. She gives you a very sloppy blowjob, spitting & slobbering all over your cock. Your sister gags on your cock, as she gives you a deepthroat blowjob. This is so taboo! Now, your sister says she wants your creampie in her tight teen pussy. You lay on the bed, and she sucks your cock. The camera angle gives an up close view of her ass, as her head bobs up & down on your cock. She climbs onto your cock, and rides the big dick, giving an amazing view of your sister’s ass, as you fuck her teen pussy. It feels so good, as you fuck your sister. She leans over, & gives you a french kiss, as she grinds on your cock. Your sister begs for your creampie. Your little sister sucks your dick & tastes her teen pussy. Then, you put your cock in her from behind, as she moans. You always wanted to creampie your little sister. “Oh yes, cum in that teen pussy, big brother!” You shoot the taboo creampie into her your little sister’s tight teen pussy. The huge creampie drips out of her teen pussy. You will have to fuck your sister again, next time your parents aren’t home. Visit my profile to see my other taboo creampie videos!!


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Fucked by Sugar Daddy SUGAR DADDY HD

One of my FIRST vids, filmed when I was just a young teen!!


My handsome and generous sugar daddy just took me on a huge shopping spree. Now we are back at my house, and I want to show him how grateful I am. First, I give him some head. Then, I remove my thong and make out with him. I begin riding his huge cock, moaning for more. Next, he hits it from behind, really giving my pussy a pounding. Then, I suck my delicious juices off his cock, and we finish in missionary position, and he cums in my hot pussy. If you enjoyed this preview, please leave a

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Fucking Daddy Friend TINY TEEN CREAMPIE HD

You stop by your best friend’s house. You knock, but no one answers. The door is open, so you make your way inside. You hear a noise in the bedroom, and walk in. You see your friend’s sexy teen daughter laying on the bed in her panties, and her cute teen ass is showing. “Hi Daddy!” She exclaims, thinking her daddy is home. Except, it’s you, not daddy. You’re not daddy. You explain that you were looking for her daddy. You notice how sexy her little teen ass looked in her thong, when you walked in, and her little pigtails are so cute. You remark about how grown up she looks. She reminds you that she is eight teen now. Wow, she is a really sexy teen, but that’s taboo! You can’t stop thinking about the glimpse of her sexy teen ass you got, when you walked in, but you know how angry her daddy would be, if you messed with his teen daughter. Her daddy is your friend. Her daddy would never forgive you! The naughty teen tells you how handsome she always thought you were, and begins unbuttoning your pants. This is so taboo, but you love it! The naughty teen pulls out your cock and begins stroking it. You really hope her daddy doesn’t come home right now! Her daddy would be furious! The sexy teen gives you a blowjob, and sucks your cock, slurping and gagging on it, with her cute teen mouth. She gives great blowjobs for a little teen! This tiny teen must have had some practice at giving blowjobs! The naughty teen girl licks your cock, and teases it, until you’re leaking precum. She loves giving a blowjob to daddy friend! She is really turned on because you’re a friend of her daddy. Daddy has sexy friends, and now she’s old enough to talk to them. Now, the sexy teen climbs on top of you and rides your big throbbing cock, as she moans with pleasure, as you stretch her tight teen pussy, with your huge cock. You hope her daddy doesn’t catch you! Her tiny teen ass looks so sexy, bouncing, as your cock slides in and out of her teen pussy. It feels so good, as her teen ass bounces up and down, as she rides your dick. You’re so excited to be fucking this beautiful young teen woman! You know she loves fucking a friend of her daddy. You really want to creampie her teen pussy, and fill it with cum! She cums on your dick, moaning and screaming, as her teen pussy pulsates around your big cock. Oh yes, her teen pussy is so tight! Next, you fuck her teen pussy from behind. It feels so good, fucking her teen pussy as she moans with pleasure! It’s the biggest cock she’s ever had in her tiny teen twat. This naughty teen is so turned on by fucking a friend of her daddy! Your big cock slides deep in her teen pussy, as you hit it from behind. Finally, you fill her pussy up with your big creampie, and she lets your watch, as she pushes the creampie out of her teen pussy. The creampie drips out of her teen pussy, onto the bed, as she spreads her tight pussy with her fingers for you.


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Creampie Daddy Roleplay Taboo Teens Age Play

Fun, Fucking & Oral with Sugar Daddy MF HD

I start out by sucking his cock. I rub it his balls with the vibrator and make him very hard. He films me sucking his cock. Then, I get into the missionary position, and he fucks me and cums on my stomach

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Sugar Daddy wanted to play today. I told him to come on over. I started by giving him some head. Then, we did 69. I slurped on his cock as he ate my wet pussy. Then, he fucked me with a vibrator as he ate my pussy, as I moaned with pleasure. It was getting so wet. Next, I sucked him as he continued to fuck my pussy nice and deep with the vibrator. Then, I rode his hard cock. it felt so good in my pussy. He finished by fucking me doggy style and came on my back

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I’m being silly and jumping on the couch in my PJs, but Daddy says it’s time for bed. “I don’t want to go to bed, Daddy!” Daddy knows a way to help me relax before bed time! Before I go to bed, Daddy wants me to rub my coochie with a massager. It tickles at first. “Oh Daddy, it feels funny on my pee pee!” Then, it starts to feel really good on my privates. Daddy says that’s normal. “Ohhh yes, Daddy! It feels so good!” It feels amazing rubbing my coochie, and Daddy tells me I had my very first orgasm. Daddy wants me to make him feel good too, so I rub and suck his cock. “Daddy, does that feel good?” Finally, Daddy cums all over my little face.


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This is a taboo POV virtual sex video, meant to give you the most realistic experience, of being seduced by your hot Asian mom. You hear your hot mom in her and your father’s bedroom. You walk in, and your Asian mom is getting dressed. Mom has on a sexy pink lace thong. Mom quickly pulls her dress down over her thong panties, but you can’t help notice her sexy body. Mom says she wants to talk to you. You wonder what your mom wants to talk about. Your hot mom says that your father can’t get it up. She’s very unsatisfied with his penis. He’s quite a bit older than your mom, and she actually hasn’t been fucked properly since they got married. Your mom saw your big dick in the shower, and she wants it. Your mom wants your big cock! This is your fantasy! This is taboo, after all, she’s your dad’s wife! But your Asian mom is so hot, you forget the taboo, & happily agree to fuck your mom. Your horny Asian mom unzips your jeans, and begins sucking your hard cock. Your mom gives great blowjobs! She licks and sucks your cock. Your mom gives you a sloppy blowjob, gagging a bit on your cock. Then, you get in the bed, and she continues the blowjob. Now your horny Asian mom wants your big dick in her pussy. Your mom warns you not to tell your father, because it’s taboo. Then, your mom gives you a condom. Mom asks you if you know how to use one. You hesitate, so mom opens it, and puts it on your throbbing cock. Your horny Asian mom slides your hard cock into her pussy, and rides your dick. Mom moans as you fill her tight pussy with your large dick. This is the first cock your mom has had in years, and she’s moaning like crazy. Mom rolls over, and gets on her hands and knees, and you fuck your hot mom doggystyle, pounding her hard with your big dick. Mom loves every second of it. Your hot Asian mom turns around and pulls the condom off. Mom begs for your cum in her mouth! You want to shoot your load in her mouth so bad! Mom sucks on your cock, and jerks it off, until you shoot a big load in her mouth. Your mom spits the cum out, and tells you how delicious it was. Just don’t tell your dad! If you enjoyed this taboo POV virtual sex video, please visit my profile to see my other taboo, mom, role play, POV & virtual sex videos!


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I’m looking so sexy in my fishnet tights, and my high heels. My little teen tits look so cute poking out from under my shirt. I know Sugar Daddy loves what I’m wearing. He thinks I’m so sexy, I’m giving him a big boner. Sugar Daddy is so horny, and he needs to cum! Sugar Daddy knows just what to do. He will get me so horny, and make me cum, and then I will return the favor. He knows just how to make me cum so hard. First Sugar Daddy eats my pussy, and licks my clit all over. Sugar Daddy is so good at eating pussy, and I moan, as he pleasures my cute little clit. Then Sugar Daddy gets my vibrator and rubs it all over my teen pussy, especially my clit. My pussy is getting so slippery. It’s so wet and juicy. Then Sugar Daddy fucks my teen pussy with a dildo, until I’m moaning with pleasure as I cum. Now I want to return the favor, to Sugar Daddy, so I give him a blowjob. I suck his cock, and get it very hard, as he enjoys the blowjob. Finally, I get on top and ride Sugar Daddy, until he cums in my pussy!


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8:42 Jane and her cousin Wade have been known to get very naughty together at family get togethers. Wade sees Jane go inside alone and follows her. He finds her in the bathroom taking off her bathing suit and comes on to her. He tells her he thinks they should have fun like they did the last time the family was together. Jane isn’t sure, she doesn’t want to get caught, but she can’t resist knowing how much she loved his cock last time. She gets in between Wade’s legs and takes his cock in her mouth getting him rock hard. He can’t wait, he gets on top of his cousin and fucks her until he cums inside of her. She makes him promise he won’t tell anyone! Jane Cane, Wade Cane, family, related, cream pie, creampie, amateur, pov

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I have wanted to fuck my sister for a long time, so finally, one day when she was snoozing, I went into her room and started playing with her pussy. She woke up startled wanting to know what I was doing. I just wanted to put my dick inside her. I told her if she didn’t suck it, I would tell everyone what a little slut she is. She gave in, so I let her suck me, then I fucked her hard and gave her a creampie in her tight pussy. pregnant, creampie, cream pie, impregnation, brother, sister, brother sister, taboo, pov

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8:27 Jane is resting on the couch bed. She wakes up to find her father rubbing on her. He has his hands inside of her shorts and inside of her tank top. He puts his finger over her mouth as she wakes telling her to be quiet. She asks him if he’s been drinking again. She knows her mother doesn’t take care of him. She’s a good girl and will do anything to please daddy. She takes out his cock and starts to stroke it as daddy rubs her pussy making her so wet. She sucks on daddy as he masturbates her. After making her cum, daddy has his girl get in doggystyle position and fucks her making her cum again loudly as everyone else in the house is resting. Now it’s dad’s turn to cum. He gets on top of his daughter and fucks her until he cums deep in her tight little pussy. Wade aka ‘daddy’ is completely silent in this clip.

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8:36 Jane is bored. She knows her fun uncle Rico is always up for a good time. She finds him outside at his truck and asks him if he’s going to town. She would like some drinks. He is bored as well and starts to touch and flirt with his niece. Jane is always wanting some action whenever she can get it so she sucks her uncles cock right out in the open for anyone to see. Her aunt is right across the way and could walk up at any time. This excitement gets her pussy so wet and ready for her uncle to use. He fucks her doggystyle then gets on top of her leaving her with a giant creampie in her pussy. Jane wants to leave it in there for the rest of the day as a reminder of their dirty little secret play time. Wade aka ‘Uncle Rico’ is completely silent in this clip.

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Son Blackmails His Cheating Mother, Part 1 – 10:22 My sons calls me into the living room. He calls me out for cheating on his dad and shows me a video that he took catching me in the act. I am shocked that someone found out. I was so careful. I feel ashamed. He threatens to tell my husband, so I beg him not to, offering him anything. Surely he would love a new video game or something like that, but to my surprise, he tells me that he wants to see my new tits. I am taken back and start to get very mad. He tells me that he is serious, but I brush him off telling him that’s gross, I’m his mom. He again threatens to tell dad so I finally give in. I slowly pull out my new tits. I am disgusted, humiliated, and pissed off. I notice my son touching his cock through his pants. I put my tits away and tell him we’re done. He threatens again to tell my husband so I give in, turn my head away and pull my tits out for him to see. He makes a deal with me as he strokes his cock staring at my breasts. He tells me that I have to suck his cock now, or else he will tell dad. I try to pretend that this isn’t happening as I drop to my knees and take my son into my mouth. He tries to touch my breasts, but I push him away. He is unhappy with the blowjob I am giving him. I am left no choice. I start sucking his cock nice and hard as he reaches over and pulls my tits out while I am sucking him. I try to stop him, but he pushes my hand out of the way. I feel so violated. I stop sucking and continue stroking him. In an angry voice I ask him if this turns him on? Making his mom suck his cock? He grabs my head and pushes it back onto his cock. Then, before I know it, he grabs my head with his hands, stands up, and humps my face. I try to push him off, but I can’t. He begins to cum in my mouth and my face. I drool out the cum onto my chin and it drips down onto my tits. I yell at my son. I can’t believe he came in my mouth. I am so disgusted. I just sit there in complete disbelief that this actually just happened, cum all over my hair, I am a mess from him holding my head. I am speechless, cum still dripping from my chin and face, tits still out and just looking at him in disbelief. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blackmail, blackmailing, blowjob, blow job, cum in mouth, facial, cum on face, cum on tits, big tits, taboo, amateur, related, family

Son Blackmails His Cheating Mother, Part 2 – 8:54 I get home to find that my asshole son is sitting on the front porch waiting for me. He had the nerve to tell his two best friends that he caught me cheating on his father and as punishment I was made to suck his cock. They were so turned on by the story they convinced him to make me suck their cocks too. He told me he never deleted the video of me cheating on his father and that he and his two friends would be lined up in my bedroom waiting for their blowjobs. What an ass. I can’t believe he is doing this to me! I have no choice. I can’t let my husband find out what I’ve done. I’ll lose everything. I go to my room, get on my knees, and suck those three dicks until they cum all over my face finishing with my son cumming in my mouth. Again. And he’s filmed the entire thing to punish me and show me that he owns me. This is a simulated bukkake scene with 2 dildo’s and one real cock. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blackmail, blackmailing, blowjob, blow job, cum in mouth, facial, cum on face, taboo, amateur, related, family, bukkake, bbc, interracial

Son Blackmails His Cheating Mother, Part 3 – 9:55 It’s been a long, stressful day. So much has happened since I made the mistake of cheating on my husband. I get out of a nice, hot shower and get ready for bed only to walk into my bedroom and find my son lying there naked on my bed stroking his big cock. He really thinks that he’s the man of the house now. He has become more aggressive with me since he took the new footage of me cheating on his father. He tells me to take off my robe and panties and sit on his cock. I have no choice. If I don’t do as he says, he’ll ruin my life and come clean to his father. I climb on top of him and slide his cock inside my pussy. I have to admit, his forcefulness does make me very wet and he knows it. I ride him until he makes me get on my back, then doggystyle, then back on my back. I can tell he’s about to cum. I ask him to pull out, but he doesn’t. He creampies my pussy then tells me to clean it all up! What a little jerk I raised. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blackmail, blackmailing, taboo, amateur, related, family, cream pie, creampie

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