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Nikky & Kitty in Thailand – Hungarian Twins Do Bikini Shoot, Fuck The Photographer HD


I’ve just started what I feel is going to be my best week in paradise, so far. After cruising some social media sites and doing some research, I came upon these stellar-looking pair of Hungarian twins that totally got my fantasies running wild. What if I could get a pair of twins to come to Thailand with me for a wild week of photoshoots and hopefully, lots of sex? Seeing as how these Fox Twins are rising stars on social media and have been in dirty films before, I presenting them with my desires to do “photo shoots” and examples of my “photography work”. A plan was quickly made. Tickets booked, resorts booked and we were soon meeting on beach in Thailand. But – could I get them both doing exactly what we are all here for or was it all about photos in their minds?

What a pair! My God, man! I was immediately even more impressed in-person than I was by their social media pics. Cute and firm little asses, big smiles, fuck-me eyes and bikinis so teeny and weeny, I was the envy of every red-blooded man on that beach. Watch as they go, hand in hand, into the water, frolic in the sand and pose for our “photo shoot”. Talking amongst themselves, it was quickly realized that they were talking about me and before I knew it, they were posing with their backs to me in the water, with their bikini bottoms “accidentally” pushed aside… like they didn’t realize. It was right then that I realized, my plans of sex and fun in the sun were about to cum to fruition.

Wrapping up the photoshoot, we all head back to my villa to take a dip in the pool and wash the salt off but I knew that I soon had to make my move. I had to find out for sure, were they just teasing for the camera.. or were they teasing for me! Once relaxed and sitting at the edge of the pool, I simply just took my shorts off right in front of them and walked towards them as their mouths open in amazement at my growing photographer’s-boner. Seconds later, I was in the closest of mouthes and soon they were both vying for position of “top model” as they both take turns pleasing every inch of my mandhood. Indoors and out. Seems that these super-horny Hungarian twins really do everything together – even if it means getting fucked bent over a couch until I plaster both their pretty faces with my seed. Something tells me they fully expected to be at the business-end of my cum-gun right from the get-go.

Lets see what tomorrow brings us!

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Poolside Twins Threesome With Sticky Facial Ending Part 2


After yesterday’s festivities, it was clear that there is something different in the air. A freeing sexuality and flirtatious side of them that is even more eye-catching than before. As evident by passerby’s gawking, averting their offspring’s eyes and the looks of both approval and scorn from everyone. I just had to take my newfound twin girlfriends out on the town and do some shopping, sight-seeing and grab a bite to eat. Just so I could show them off. Except, they showed themselves off more than I ever could haha. Of course, the biggest thing on my mind was my growing woody and the thoughts of getting my meat-triangle back to the villa, for another hardcore twins threesome at the poolside.


Immediately upon our arrival at the villa, Nikky and Kitty both had the great idea of putting on a sexy strip-dance show for me. Watching their beautiful bare tiny breasts, small assses and smoothly shaven pussies out in the sun was giving me the biggest boner of my life! What if someone saw? What if someone caught us fucking outside from their own villa? It was all too exciting and I was willing to take it ALL the way!

Noticing my ‘rise’ in attention down below, it was mere moments before they were spreading their legs and I was stuffing my raging meat-sword deep within those flappin’ lil pussy lips – right in the pool! I honestly could not tell you which one I fucked first. Hell, I couldn’t even tell you which one deserved my sperm more. But – after a nice long and hard twins threesome fuck on the pool deck, it was time to unleash my mounting pressure of appreciation – all over one of their faces! Can you tell who was who?


After cleaning up our proud love juices, the girls headed inside to get some cleaning done. Buck-naked! If porn has taught me anything, is that I now have myself a sexy pair of twins for girlfriends!

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CrazyDad SiteRip contains 37 Comics Complete
Language: English
Page: 2795
Size: 1300 mb

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CrazyDad Siterip November 2018.part1.rar
CrazyDad Siterip November 2018.part2.rar
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DEEP-THROAT LOVERS MUST HAVE! Compilations Pack [2018, 720p, 1080p] 196.38 GiB

This is a compilation of good deepthroat from the various websites with some of the best pornstar who like it and have the skills for it(Abella Danger,Anikka Albrite, Vicki chase, Adriana chechik…
There is hardly a better thing in the world than watching a masterful blowjob, there is more than enough of this kind of action. All these videos are strictly about deepthroat blowjobs, performed by beautiful broads of all colours, age, and shapes. Some scenes include group blowjob and interracial blowjob elements, and they all involve huge peckers and deepthroat action.

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SalieriXXX – Faust (2002) UNCUT Sisters Incest HD Version!

Studio: SalieriXXX
Director: Mario Salieri
Cast: Julia Taylor as Julya Taylor, Dora Venter as Melinda Gale, Rita Faltoyano as Rita Faltojano, Veronica Sinclair as Silvia Cristian, Katsuni as Katsumi, Bambola, Ana Nova as Tara Young, Jessica Gayle, Coreena as Corina Cley, Nikki Black as Barbie, Gabi Black as Gaby Wilord, Remigio Zampa, Philippe Dean, Sebastian Barrio, Ramon Nomar as Ramon, Steve Holmes, Horst Baron as Horst Bosch, Francesco Malcom, Silvio Evangelista, Rodolphe Antrim as Rodolph Dessen, Ian Scott, Philippe Durock as Philippe Duroc, Lorenzo Micoli, Manolo as Manuel Ferrara, Alban Ceray, Titus Steel as Titus, Guido Marini, Alina Torre, Benedetta Ausilio, Marina Marchese, Martina de Franceschi, Marzia Esposito

With FAUST Mario Salieri not only plunders Goethe’s classic tale of soul bargaining, he also shamelessly incorporates September 11, World War II and characters from the Bible into his lurid tale of century-spanning fornication. It all starts off with a man named Judas Iscariot who inks a fatal deal with the Devil. The plot then moves through five different epochs [from 33 AD to the year 2019] When the good ole U.S.A. nukes the entire Arab Territory from the face of the earth. How topical can you get.
In this high budget production, in exchange for etarnal life, a man sells his soul to the devil. We follow his afflictions through several different historical eras.The original screenplay is written by psyciologist Daniele Bortoletti inspired by the masterpiece by Goethe. The production is brought to life by an army of talented pornstars and by verbal support of theater actors. In order to create the luxury settings of various historical eras the producer spared no expense, even using an identical train to the legendary Orient Express throughout the shoot. In order to enjoy the movie it is best to forget about the fast foreward function.

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Neon Nights (1981) UNCUT HQ Full Version!

The Plot from a review by Disco Dirge
As her mother (Linda Vale) is getting fisted by her depraved lover Robert (Jamie Gillis), slutty little Sandy (Lynda Thatcher) gets off on their sex noises. She grabs a hairbrush and puts the non-business end up her snatch. Satisfied, she heads for the shower. Suddenly, a naked Robert walks in, and attempts to seduce her. When Mommy catches the couple, Sandy becomes persona non grata around her bawdy abode. She decides to run away and join her sister in the Big Apple. She calls her equally skanky pal Bonnie (Kandi Barbour) for some advice, but her friend is too busy trying to pork the tennis pro (Ashley Moore) to care. With mad Mommy in hot pursuit, Sandy hits the road and is picked up a magician (Jake Teague). He takes her back to his hotel room, and hypnotizes her into watching him make it with his paid paramour (Jody Maxwell). The next day, the couple is gone, and Sandy is left to fend for herself.

Eventually arriving in New York, Sandy decides to look up her twin sister. The relative works for Rhonda (Veronica Hart), a flesh peddler with a jaundiced gigolo named Snow (Eric Edwards) doing all her dirty work. Turns out Rhonda hires out Sandy’s sister to a mystery man. When Snow stops by to deliver a new set of sexy photos to Mr. X, the boss’s mistress (Arcadia Lake) puts the moves on him. It’s not long before Sandy is drawn into this weird web of sexual fantasy. Is it real? Is it all in her mind? Did Robert try to fuck her, or is this all some warped way of remembering a father (Roy Stuart) who left home in a hurry under equally strange circumstances? We never do learn the answer as Sandy finally lives out her lustful desires. Apparently, under the naughty Neon Nights of New York, fucking fills all gaps – except for those in the plot.

Reviewed By

Dirtymoviedevotee from Brugge, Belgium

Howard Winters a/k/a “Cecil Howard” is one of the most ambitious filmmakers ever in the adult field. While many of his contemporaries contented themselves by grinding out movies that bore a passable resemblance to what was coming out of the mainstream with a little bit of story and acting that didn’t totally suck, Howard went all the way, constructing complex plots, eliciting exquisite acting from porno professionals not necessarily known for their thespian prowess, shooting and editing the whole thing as efficiently as anything a major studio could come up with at that time. NEON NIGHTS marks something of a crossover in his career, wedged between the glossy elegance of FANTASEX and PLATINUM PARADISE and the angst-ridden emotional exploration of SNAKE EYES and STAR ANGEL. Not coincidentally it was his first cooperation with screenwriter Anne Wolff a/k/a “Anne Randall” who would go on to pen most of his later, “deeper” work, further including the FIRESTORM and SINNERS movies as well as the underrated DREAMWALK. To me personally, NEON NIGHTS remains his very best film and, even though I’ve watched it some 6 or 7 times by now in a variety of venues (including several theatrical screenings which add a whole new dimension to adult movies in general and this movie in particular), I’m always glad to see it anew.

Sad-eyed Lysa Thatcher turns in one of her two finest performances (the other being in Gerard Damiano’s breathtaking SATISFIERS OF ALPHA BLUE) as lonely teenager Sandy, living with divorced mom Linda Vale who’s more interested in playing kinky games (including fist insertion, be forewarned) with boyfriend Jamie Gillis than raising an emotionally confused girl on the brink of womanhood. Vale was an always welcome older woman in the Pat Manning vein whose sexual voracity often contrasted amusingly with her uppity exterior. When it came to brow-beating, she had no equal as her scene-stealing roles in PLATINUM PARADISE and Ron Sullivan’s extremely enjoyable A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND attest. Eavesdropping on her mother’s lovemaking, Sandy masturbates herself to sleep. The very next day, Gillis’ Robert interrupts the girl’s morning shower and attempts to seduce her in a wonderfully tense sequence cut short by mom walking on them. Sandy’s understandably distraught and plans to run away to New York to join her twin sister Denise who, we’re filled in, left home after a similar incident with Robert. She looks to girlfriend Bonnie (an adorably one-track minded Kandi Barbour) for help but she’s way too busy coming on to her tennis instructor Ashley Moore. With the help of traveling magician Harlan (Jake Teague, sporting a rather becoming wig for once) and his amorous assistant Sweet Marie (the scorchingly sensuous Jody Maxwell, star of Damiano’s unjustly forgotten PORTRAIT), Sandy does manage to make it to the Big Apple but not before we’re treated to one of the most unusual sex scenes ever that finds the girl enjoying all the sensations of physical lovemaking while keeping her maidenhead intact through telekinesis and levitation courtesy of the randy wizard ! The tone of the film shifts towards slightly disturbing kinkiness once Sandy arrives in New York and meets Denise’s employer Rhonda (Veronica Hart) and her parasitic paramour Snow (Eric Edwards), both of whom are introduced via a clever PSYCHO shower scene take-off that leads into a scalding number with both vying for power – which is volleyed back and forth – during a thunderstorm. Revealing more of the plot at this point would be a shame. Suffice it to say that these two seem to be involved in some pretty nefarious businesses including drugs and white slavery and that they’re primarily working for a shady character only known as “Mr. Prince” who lives in a cabin in the woods with a mysterious artist named Lilah (Edwards’ then girlfriend Arcadia Lake). Inescapably, Sandy is drawn into their bizarre world but is she truly their victim or are they merely aiding her along towards her subconsciously intended goal ? Final scenes, including a lengthy yet totally riveting initiation ceremony, photographed, edited and scored with the utmost precision, reveal the unsettling truth. A key to unlocking this mystery beforehand is supplied by Winters coding the characters as fairytale archetypes with Sandy the innocent, Alice-like heroine with an evil, uncaring mother, Rhonda the wicked witch, Snow the hunter, Lilah the good fairy, Harlan the wizard and I guess Mr. Prince is self-explanatory.

Not enough praise can be heaped upon this extraordinary erotic masterpiece for it has a psychological richness that very few mainstream – let alone adult – films can hope to match. Anne’s writing skills must be the first to consider as far as the succeeding of this aspect is concerned yet even those could’ve been for naught if Howard’s film-making expertise didn’t match them step for step. Complex but never heavy-going, he weaves a web of seemingly separate story lines that ultimately converge in unexpected ways, delivering an emotional sucker punch that should leave most first-time viewers reeling. Part of this disorienting feeling is due to the casting against type of several popular performers. Jamie Gillis, known for his bad boy portrayals (with Shaun Costello’s consequently sickening WATERPOWER and Chuck Vincent’s classy ROOMMATES) as very different highlights), plays nice guy Robert while Veronica Hart and Eric Edwards eschew their sensitive image and totally throw themselves into the characters of evildoers Rhonda and Snow. Most people who have gone on record about experiencing this one of a kind film have expressed tremendous admiration as well as a need for renewing their acquaintance with the material, some of them ascribing their entire love of adult cinema to it.

Directed by
Cecil Howard

Writing credits
Anne Wolff (screenplay) (as Anne Randall)
Cecil Howard (conceived by)


84 This version 87


Arcadia Lake
Jody Maxwell
Kandi Barbour
Linda Vale [Fisting]
Lysa Thatcher
Veronica Hart [Anal]


Ashley Moore
Eric Edwards
Jack Teague (as Jake Teague)
Jamie Gillis
Roy Stuart

Non Sex Performers

Cecil Howard (as Ward Summers)

Lysa Thatcher -= Plays =- Sandy
Kandi Barbour -= Plays =- Bonnie
Eric Edwards -= Plays =- Snow
Veronica Hart -= Plays =- Rhonda
Arcadia Lake -= Plays =- Lilah
Jody Maxwell -= Plays =- Sweet Marie
Ashley Moore -= Plays =- Lyle
Linda Vale -= Plays =- Mother
Roy Stuart -= Plays =- Father
Cecil Howard (as Ward Summers)
Jake Teague -= Plays =- Harlan
Jamie Gillis -= Plays =- Robert

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Linda Vale, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Lysa Thatcher
Scene 3. Lysa Thatcher, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4. Linda Vale, Ashley Moore
Scene 5. Jody Maxwell, Lysa Thatcher, Jack Teague
Scene 6. Veronica Hart, Eric Edwards
Scene 7. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Lysa Thatcher, Veronica Hart
Scene 9. Linda Vale, Jamie Gillis
Scene 10. Lysa Thatcher, Eric Edwards
Scene 11. Lysa Thatcher, Roy Stuart

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Brace Face Niece Needs A Workout Buddy – Anastasia Knight HD

My uncle took me out to workout since my bitch mom grounded me. She thought him being with me wasn’t going to be a good time for me. But what she doesn’t know is that I’ve had the biggest crush on him for years. I’ve seen the way he looks at me. I saw how quickly he said he would “keep an eye on me” while she was gone today since I’m grounded. If my mom wants to be a bitch, then I will just fuck her brother.

As soon as we got back from the gym, I told him I wanted him. I pulled his shorts down and slid his cock in my pretty brace-face mouth. Slurping on him like a big girl. It made him so hard. He tasted so good. I took my clothes off and showed him my perky young niece titties. It made him even harder. Then I stroked his cock and rubbed it on my nipples. Spitting on his cock I rubbed it in between my tiny titties. Then sucked his cock hard while I deep-throated and gagged on him. Then mounting right on top of him I slid his fat cock inside my tight young pussy and fucked him like I knew he wanted. I rode his old dirty uncle cock until he was about to cum, pulled him out, jerked him until he came all over my hand. I can’t wait to fuck him again.

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Friends And Family 6 (2018)

Title: Friends And Family 6
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Feature.
Duration: 01:24:45
Studio: Smash Pictures
A Family Porn Lover’s Dream!! Smash Pictures brings you America’s perfect f*cking family! Miranda knows her stepdad wants her, but she’s just not ready to let it happen. When her best friend Elena gets to fuck him first, she decides its time! In the end, the family that plays together, stays together!
Cast: Elena Koshka, Rachael Cavalli,
Miranda Miller, Eric Masterson, Codey Steele.




Kara Lee in Family Breakdown 2 (2018)

Title: Kara Lee in Family Breakdown 2
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Family Roleplay.
Duration: 00:46:11
Studio: Taboo Heat

Cast: Ashley Adams, Cory Chase,
Kara Lee, Luke Longly.




Helping sisters get ready for their date HD

Getting my younger sisters ready for their date but dressing their little young bodies in clothes I’d want my date to show up in. Watch how once it’s time to undress we experiment playing with each others pussies and and tittys

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Doggustyle For Brother’s Wife HD

Doggustyle for brother’s wife Nataly

Sister-in-Law, Teen, Big Tits, Amateur, Russian, Cheating, Wife, Cum on Ass

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