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Dad And Mom Teach Son Sexy Time FULL VERSION HD

JESUS CHRIST! My dad is almost never home. He is always on the road. Guess what? He’s home today and mom wants to suck his cock and get some sexy time because she is starving for cum!!! I open the bedroom door to see her sucking my dad’s hard cock! I AM SO EMBARRASSED!!! She makes me stay and scolds me really well! She wants me to learn how to please a woman???? Dad is for it and makes me watch her suck on his cock until she suggests that I join them? I have never been with a real live girl before! I am going to fuck my mom from behind and stare at her big wonderful ass as I cum all over it! I love fucking my mom while she sucks my dad’s cock!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am a happy man.

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Full FILM Pregnant Mommy’s and Daddy!

Extremly Taboo Play Full FILM Pregnant Mommy’s and Daddy Naked Playtime with You Daddy has been away for a while, but Mommy is very horny and pregnant. It’s the perfect time for her to seduce You and teach him how to take care of women She can’t wait for him to get all the neighborhood girls pregnant After our last time when mommy teaching you to fuck a woman , now your mommy will teach you how to fuck a asshole! nasty pregnant mommy will give you to fuck her tight asshole with a lot of dirty talkings about our dirty family where all fucking all! After pregnant dirty mommy teaching you how to fuck her prego vagina and asshole, now its time to play together with daddy too Suck a daddy cock together with mommy , and fuck mommy in asshole in the same time with daddy! Mommy is so nasty she is dirty talking all the time and after daddy cum in her prego vagina and you on her big belly – you wilth pleassure clean her creamy pussy and daddy cock! We are so nasty.

She roleplays to be your mother, gives a blowjob and has sex in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

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Jessica Starling TABOO MegaPack 50 Videos HD

22-year-old cam girl and video-maker. Professional masturbator. Kink enthusiast. Video game addict and general nerd. Okay at chess.

Jessica Starling has natural 32DD & her content varies for all type of people. She does solo, solo with toys, & with a male. Her solo videos involve her masturbating with her fingers, playing with her tits, oiling up, joi(jerk off instructions) & etc…, for toys she uses dildos(she sucks, fucks & rides), & hitachi magic wand, with the male she sucks his cock, gets fucked in the missionary, doggystyle, & cowgirl positon.

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THE GRANDPARENTS – Jill Kassidy and Aubrey Sinclair HD [Untouched 1080p]




Lucy, a precocious 18-year-old skater girl, sits arms crossed between her father and a suitcase. They are sitting in the living room of an older woman, who introduces herself as Grandma Jean. The woman’s husband sits sternly beside her, an older man with a grey beard whom she calls Grandpa. They study the teen girl, as the father thanks them profusely for taking her in with such short notice. Ever since her mother left, she has been severely out of control: partying, being promiscuous with both men and women and completely disobeying his rules. He didn’t know where else to turn … and his pastor recommended their unique ‘homestyle’ rehabilitation facility. Grandma Jean assures him that they will take good care of her, just as if she were their grandchild. That is their style. She offers to fetch Lucy some cookies which she scoffs at! Her father tries to scold her, but Grandpa cuts him off, politely but sternly suggesting that he leave. He will be allowed monthly visitations and regular phone calls, just as they explained on the phone. The father does as he is told and exits, leaving the startled Lucy alone with Grandpa.

There is a long awkward silence … before Grandma Jean comes back in with the cookies. Lucy suddenly feels very nervous and starts eating while Grandma sweetly explains the rules of the facility. She takes off Lucy’s tomboyish baseball cap as she explains that all troubled girls under their care must respect their ‘personal’ approach to behavior control. Since she comes from a broken home, she will be expected to be an active member of their happy blended family. She must always call them Grandma and Grandpa, be respectful, stay within the facility unless on supervised outings, and be friendly but discreet with the other house guests. And the most important rule … no hanky panky! Grandpa sits silently as his wife speaks. A meek young woman steps into the room. She is dressed in a feminine babydoll dress. When Grandma Jean sees her, she smiles and introduces her as Amy, one of their other guests at the facility. They are going to share a room, so Grandma asks if Amy will help Lucy get settled. Eyeing Amy’s short dress and thinking she might have some fun around here, Lucy eagerly follows her up the stairs.

Once alone in the girl’s bedroom, Lucy tries to get Amy to open up. She looks around the nicely appointed room in shock … it’s a way nicer ‘facility’ than she had imagined when her father dragged her here … but these old people are fucking weird! Speaking softly, Amy responds that their grandparents are very kind people. In the months she has been under their care, she has been fully transformed from a spoiled brat to a respectable 18-year-old woman. Grandma Jean takes care of her and always gives the best goodnight kisses. Lucy is very weirded out by this and tries to get the girl to ‘snap out of it’ and tell her the real deal. What did she do to get in here? What about the dude – What does Grandpa do? Amy’s expression changes and she explains that Grandpa is a very complicated man. As she says this,

Grandma Jean comes in with a nicely wrapped box — a present for Lucy. Surprised, Lucy opens it to reveal the same babydoll dress that Amy has on. The skater girl feigns gratitude and Grandma Jean tells her to put it on and then join them downstairs for cards — their evening ritual. Lucy can’t believe she has to wear such girly clothing, but Amy helps her undress and comments on how attractive her body is. Her innocence makes Lucy smile and the two girls start to flirt … before Grandpa yells for them to come down the stairs.

CUT to a card table in the living room. Both girls are sitting in their matching outfits, playing cards with Grandma and Grandpa. To break the ice, Lucy tries to small talk … asking them about their history and why they chose to help troubled teens. As usual, Grandma Jean responds sweetly while Grandpa says nothing. He just stares at Lucy. Amy discreetly passes Lucy a note. It reads: Be careful … Grandpa likes you!! Lucy makes a face and responds by play footsie with Amy under the table instead. This makes Amy very nervous. She quickly pipes up and asks the grandparents if they can be excused for the evening. Lucy must be very tired after her travels. Smiling, Grandma Jean dismisses them and says she’ll be right up to kiss them goodnight.

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Pussy Talk 1&2 / Le Sexe Qui Parle 1&2 (1975-1978) UNCUT Full HQ Verson!

Pussy Talk / Le Sexe Qui Parle (1975)

Year: 1975
Country: France
Language: 1. French, 2. English, 3. Spanish.
Runtime: 1:28:19
Genres: Classic porn, Feature, Comedy, All sex
Production Co: Alpha France
Director: Claude Mulot (as Frederic Lansac)

Penelope Lamour
Beatrice Harnois
Sylvia Bourdon
Ellen Earl
Francoise Vandelle
Anne Millet
Daniele Negre

A blonde passes Joelle in the street and apparently makes a complimentary remark – in fact it was her pussy talking. Joelle follows her into a record shop, touches her up and thus catches the affliction. This first manifests itself at a party when, sitting on a sofa next to a blonde and with all the other guests watching, she suddenly draws up her dress and starts to masturbate. She daydreams in the bath of sitting in a car at night, masturbating while men stand round and jerk off over the windscreen. Later her talking vagina begins to rule her life, making her do outrageous things, like going into a porn cinema and fucking two male customers in the toilets. A friend who happens to be a psychiatrist is brought in to talk to her, but Joelle’s pussy demands that Eric fuck her and that she goes down on Joelle The psychiatrist betrays professional confidences and gives a press conference on this interesting case and, persecuted by a sleazy journalist, Joelle and husband flee to her former home in the country. Then we see flashbacks of the outrageous behaviour of the young Joelle, related to Eric by her pussy. They begin when her father came into her bedroom and touched her up, with no resisitance from the young Joelle. Her mother walks in on them and shoots the father. Later, t he young Joelle seduces her teenage tennis partner, a school teacher (with her friend, Francoise Vandelle) and a priest.
The journalist manages to find her aunt, an artist he interrupts painting two nude young men (and having sex with them) and gets a lead on Joelle’s location. He breaks in to Joelle’s country house and she flees back to the aunt, who is now having a lesbian threesome. The aunt shops her to the journalist who records an interview with her vagina. Finally she is re-united with her husband and passes the affliction on to his penis.

Pussy Talk 2 / Le Sexe qui parle II (1978)

Year: 1978
Country: France
Language: 1. French, 2. English
Duration: 1:06:03
Genres: Classic porn, Feature, All sex
Production Co: Alpha France
Director: Claude Mulot (as Frederic Lansac)

Jenny Feeling
Barbara Moose
France Lomay
Gwenda Farnel
Lucie Doll
Liliane Lemieuvre
Daniele Troeger
Erika Cool
Alban Ceray

Nils Hortzs appears in archive footage (brief) of Joelle’s husband in “Le Sexe Qui Parle” picking up prostitute Patricia and passing on the affliction – we do not see his face in the actual sex scene.
A sort of La Ronde of talking sex organs. Patricia passes it on to Charles and it spreads outwards from there, though a lot if this is implied. Gwenda Farnel is Jackie, Charles’ wife. She orders the butler to have sex with her when Charles is out with Patricia and then, to the butler’s relief, leaves her husband.
Charles’ talking cock puts off one woman whom he tries to chat up on a park bench, but amuses Danièle Troeger who seems to be an English tourist who asks him directions.
Even a woman TV presenter seems to catch the affliction.
Alban Ceray, who seems to be some sort of James Bond figure called Laslo, catches it and takes himself off to a female scientist, Veronique, to investigate the phenomenon.
She tries to capture it in a large piece of glassware from which it passes to the cleaning lady (Barbara Moose).
In the final scene we see Charles and Laslo having sex with two females while being served wine by the butler. Then there is a dinner party in which the pussies and cocks take over the conversation.

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It’s Football season….the playoffs!! Lily’s Dad is so focused on watching the Game on TV, that he is paying absolutely no attention to Lily. Lily tries desperately to interact with her Dad…but it’s no use…..he doesn’t even realize she is in the room! Lily tries saying some outrageous things to try and get him to blink….”The house is on fire”….”fuck fuck fuck”……it has no effect….Dad keeps staring at the TV. Lily, who is Starved For Attention, has an idea. She strips down to her bra and panties…and walks between Dad and the TV. Suddenly Dad notices her!!! Dad’s jaw drops, when he sees how Lily has blossomed into quite a curvaceous young girl!! Now that she has Dad’s full attention…Lily takes it a step further by removing her bra and pulling Dad’s pants down. Before Dad knows what’s happening….Lily has his cock in her mouth. Lily sucks her Daddy’s cock until it is rock hard…and then Dad returns the favour by licking Lily’s sweet, tasty cunt. Dad shoves his big, hard cock into Lily’e tight pussy and he gives her a good pounding, until he unloads a giant pool of cum all over Lily’s back. It was not exactly the type of quality Daddy/Daughter time she was necessarily looking for…..but when you are as Starved For Attention as Lily was…..this was better than nothing!!!

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Tickling My Granddaughter Maria HD

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My Dad Fucked My Girl 1&2 High Res

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Double Penetrated Step Sisters!

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Jelena Jensen & Mindi Mink – Naughty Step-Sisters HD

Jelena Jensen is my step sister who gets very upset when she comes home and sees me wearing her dress. She tries to take it off of me & we get into a little wrestling match…I’m stronger than her and pin her down. I realize she really just wants to see me naked, because I’ve caught her looking at me several times after I’ve showered. I think she likes girls but doesn’t want to admit it, and she knows I’m into girls. What better way her to experiment than with me her sister. I can’t miss my opportunity so I go for it. She tries to deny her attraction at first….but once I start kissing her she can’t resist. We kiss, lick & suck on each others tits plus I finger her and make her taste her sweet juices….Mmmmm now she is hooked!

After I get Jelena relaxed and into the idea of being sexual with me, I finally get to taste her sweet yummy juices. I knew once I made her cum in my mouth she would be hooked! Then I let her explore my body….seeing her beautiful face buried in my pussy hair and smelling my scent is so sexy. Once I start to grind my pussy on her face she licks and sucks on my clit until I cum in ecstasy!! It all ends with sweet sexy kisses and an understanding that we really need to be lovers to one another….it’s much more fun than fighting with each other.

Jelena And I are on the bed making out. After a while Jelena starts working her way all over my body kissing my big breasts . She finally goes down on me and tenderly licks my pussy until I cum.


Naughty Step-Sisters HD.mp4

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