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Bitch Kazoku Hentai na Nichijou ~Dare to demo Yarechau Ijou na Sekai

Bitch Kazoku Hentai na Nichijou ~Dare to demo Yarechau Ijou na Sekai
105 pages

Bitch Kazoku Hentai na Nichijou ~Dare to demo Yarechau Ijou na Sekai.rar


The Plumber (2017)

Starring: Dana DeArmond, Lily Cade, Janice Griffith, Elsa Jean
Elsa Jean hires tomboy Plumber Lily Cade, but the only pipe that needs fixing is the dripping wet pussy between her legs. Construction worker Dana DeArmond stealthily makes a cheating lesbian out of her colleague’s vulnerable wife Janice Griffith. Lesbian Lily Cade returns to work hard on Elsa Jean’s plumbing, soaking her bed with her squirt. Cheating wife Janice Griffith gets Dana DeArmond to come back for more home renovations that her pussy so desperately needs.
The Plumber Part One:
Elsa hires tomboy Plumber Lily, but the only pipe that needs fixing is the dripping wet pussy between her legs.
Lady Daddy Part One:
Janice is on the phone with her husband but all the noise from the construction outside is distracting. She asks the worker making all the noise, Dana, to please keep it down. Janice even mistakes her for a man!
Dana takes a break from work but overhears Janice crying in the bathroom and gives her some woman to woman advice to make her feel better. Dana begins feeling a lesbian attraction toward Janice, so it doesn’t take long before things are about to heat up!
The Plumber Part Two:
Elsais desperate but no one could come and give her what she needed. Finally, convincing her father there was a leak in the kitchen, she calls in Lily a plumber, but she’ll do more than just a leakage fix. Lily man-handles her client salaciously, both enjoying multiple orgasms, but their time isn’t done just yet… Lily is determined to fix Elsa’s pussy clog, rejuvenating her hole with some good old fashioned finger fucking.
Lady Daddy Part Two:
Janice can’t wait for her lesbian handy woman Dana to continue renovations outside her home. But before Dana can get started, she needs her hammer and when she picks it up in front of the door, there stands Janice in the sexiest lingerie, ready to be swept off her feet and get more of that lady daddy’s warm nurturing pussy.

The Plumber.mp4


REAL Incest Collection 175!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Bangin’ Buddies 2 Bethany and Mrs Harmon!

Bangin’ Buddies 2 Bethany and Mrs Harmon
37 pages

Bangin’ Buddies 2 Bethany and Mrs Harmon.rar
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Adriana Maya & Misty Stone – Family Betrayals HD

Adriana Maya is excited to see her nephew after many years! He’s grown into a handsome young man that this ebony Auntie can appreciate. His Uncle is impressed with how much he’s grown too! However, Uncle is also a stepfather to Misty Stone. Misty, is a fine black beauty with a little bit of a wild side to her. During dinner, Adriana starts to simulate giving head to a banana while gazing at her nephew. Misty sees this, but cannot believe her eyes. She finally gets offended enough to leave the table when she realizes her mom is giving her cousin a footjob under the table. I guess she didn’t like seeing her mom with her cousin’s dick between her feet. She lures her stepdaddy away from the dinner table and decides she will get even with her mom who is getting even with her stepfather by fooling around with her nephew. Misty’s stepfather is reluctant to let Misty give him a blowjob, but finally caves in. Soon, daughter and mother are competing with each other under the dinner table by seeing which one of them can give a better blowjob. Finally, the chaos comes to a head with daddy telling everyone how it’s gonna be. He says that it’s fine for his nephew to fuck his wife and that he’s going in turn fuck his stepdaughter. Dad’s word is law and the ebony family starts a fuckfest under one roof, and ends it with a cumshot onto both of these girls hot chocolate faces. Now that’s our idea of a family dinner!

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Peeping your aunt is so wrong!!! BUT she will make you a real man!!! HD

( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4

After long, long time you are going to visit your aunt. And you staying in her house for few days. To be were thinking of your aunt as a most beautiful woman when you were little boy. And now…when you growing…you fantasies about her when you masturbate.

You are so glad to spending some time with her…alone…just two of you!

When she open the door for…she is even hotter then you remember. She already has a plan for both of you tonight, you are going to fancy dinner together. She send you into your room to change until she takes a shower. But you getting naughty…your fantasy is could come true! When she taking the shower, you hide in her garderobe and wait…quietly in the dark. So exited…you may see your hot aunt naked!

She start to taking off her towel and start to changing her lingerie…she has beautiful tits and great butt! Your pants start to grow…you feeling how your cock getting harder and harder. And you loose the concentration…you moving some of her clothes…making noises. Your aunt notice the noise and coming closer…she move all her closes and find you!!!!

How dare you to peeping…to watching your own aunt like this!!! You try to be cute…but she is real angry and asking the real explanation from you!!! You could lie…and try to find out something…but you decide to say the true! You say how do you feel about her…how sexy you find her and how you always fantasies about her!!! GOOD CHOICE!!! This compliment make her thaws her like an ice!!! She start to flirting with you! She drop her bra…and now…your aunt standing half naked right front of you!

She tells you that you grow up nicely and you are not her little nephew any more! You are very handsome young man! You tell her about your deepest desire! She looks at you and your completely swollen pants…but this is not fair!!! You saw you aunt naked but you are still fully dressed!!! Down with your pants baby….take off your shirt too!!!

You are only one step from you deepest sexual fantasy, but you have to promise to her something…this whole think must stay forever only between two of you!!! You promise!!! And you find your self in heaven!!!

She take your stiff cock and start to suck you! You feeling her beautiful soft lips…her tongue all over your cock!!! You just can’t believe your aunt giving you a blow job….it feels so good…but then…this is just a begging! She turns over and push her big butt to you and let you fucking her! or she is fucking you as her hips are moving and pushing your cock in and out. You grab her butt..oohh…real heaven! She lie on her back…pull you closer to her…hold your cock and play…rubbing your hard cock against her pussy….so warm…you can’t wait to be inside her! To feeling your aunt wet pussy! She feels your pumps…with one movement she hold and stick your dick inside her! Ohhh…she is moaning…your aunt loves your cock! You start to pushing deeper and deeper your cock! She hold you even closer…hold your butt with her hands and pushing you in the rhythm…the way she love it! You are fucking your aunt! And you make her cum so good…so laud….it make you crazy…how her pussy juice squirt all over your cock…and you feel you’ll cum! You want to move…pull out your cock but she keeps you close…she wants you…wants you inside her. Feeling your warm sperm inside your aunt’s pussy! And you do so!!! Is the best orgasm in your whole life!!! Your aunt made you a real man!!!

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Leilani Lei – 18th B-day Initiation!

It was my 18th birthday, and I couldn’t be any more excited. I had been waiting for this day to come forever. I could do anything I wanted now. No more parents for anything.

I was even more excited when Mom told me that Grandma had a present for me. She told me to head over to her house, and I rushed to get my clothes on. I walked into her house, “Hey, Grandma… Just got here. Where you at?” Her voice was faint as she answered from another room, “I’m in the bedroom.”

Her bedroom door was open, so I walked on. I couldn’t believe what I saw. And I swear to god, this happened. She was naked, with just bows covering her nipples and crotch. I tried to dodge looking at her body, faking as if I was searching for my present underneath the bed. “Grandma, why are you naked?” She smiled, and then told me SHE was my birthday present. Wait…what?

She explained that it was a family tradition that, when someone turns 18, they receive their Grandparent as a birthday present. She continued to elaborate, “We found that it’s a great way to, well…initiate you young ones into the ways of sex.”

I was so confused. I was surprised to find out that my older sister had already gone through it, and with Grandpa? She hadn’t mentioned a word about it to me. Grandma was quickly coming onto me, and I didn’t know how to respond. “We can get you nice and comfortable, and Grandma can show you the ways.”

She asked if I wanted to unwrap her, and I could feel myself getting hard. I peeled off the first bow, unwrapping her nipple, and immediately started sucking on it. With each bit that was unwrapped, my mouth wanted to explore. Maybe she was the perfect present.

The last bow…her pussy. I peeled it off, and rubbed her clit. Soon I was licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She tasted so good. She moaned, and I could tell she loved it…it only made me want her more.

I looked up at her, “So, what other part of the ritual is there?” She smiled shyly, and began undressing me. My cock was so hard when she finally got me naked, and she wrapped her mouth around my cock. Oh, fuck. It felt incredible. Grandma’s mouth was perfect.

She slid her tongue up and down the shaft, and her hot breath drove me crazy. She was so good at sucking cock. After a while, she sat up, and slowly put my cock inside of her. She rode it, bouncing up and down, and her tight pussy felt so good. I had to take over.

I flipped her over, lifted her leg, and started pounding her. Her moans were loud as she encouraged me to fuck her harder. My cock was throbbing. I got her on her hands and knees, and fucked her doggystyle. I wanted all of her body. I was thrusting as hard and as fast as I could. When I was ready, I jerked my cum all over her face as she smiled up at me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better present.

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Alana Cruise – Family Values HD

Alana Cruise is in trouble again so she turns to cousin Seth Gamble to ask for help. Seth Gamble is a successful musician who lives in a big fancy warehouse. She shows up on her cousin’s doorstep begging for money and she will do anything to get it. Anything! Seth is apprehensive but gives into her flirtatious ass as Alana begs and pleads for the 10 grand she needs while she sucks her cousin’s dick. A sloppy deep throat blow job isn’t enough for Seth to follow through with the loan so things take a turn and he kicks her out. But before leaving she steals a bunch of money and runs. When Seth realizes what she has done he tracks her down and makes her pay. Tied up and gagged Seth teaches his cousin a lesson in stealing from family. Flogging, caning and spanking turn Alana’s sexy ass and thighs bright red. Then he puts her in a one leg up doggie style tie and fucks her pussy and ass until she’s screaming for more. These kissing cousins keep it cuming all day long. Seth puts her on her back with nipple clamps and fucks all her slutty holes until he covers her face with his cum. All this and more in this episode of Family Values.

[Corporal Punishment, anal, blowjob, ball gag, bondage, rope bondage, role play, buttplug, Rough Sex, caning, spanking]

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Angie White, Apolonia – Sharing Is For Cousins HD

Angie White and Apolonia are discovering their sexuality together but, soon, they realize that their bodies need a lot more than a simple toy to be fully satisfied. That’s why they attack Alberto, Angie’s brother, to have a hot and slutty afternoon.

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Taboo Sex Fantasies 75 (2016)

Stars: Lizzy Tucker, Ginary, Nikki, Cassandra, Amanda, Heaven, Heather, Starr, Emma, Rene
Amanda’s Solo Love: Masturbation is a bliss. They’ll do anything to please
Clit Touch Blaze: Smoking and masturbating full package!
Daddy’s Anal Angel: The title says everything, cute redhead exploring her holes!
Flashing Kitty Smoking: Smoke coming out of a women’s mouth! What can be sexier!
Nature’s Nymph: The beauty of nature is shadowed by the beauty of this dazzling brunette playing with her pussy
Smoking Horny Lazy: Too lazy taking their asses of the sofa, taking a smoke! Cuties!
Spying Sister Vibe: Gorgeous brunette exploring the limits of her possibilities
Stereophonic Training: Masturbating what a good thing to occupy one’s mind.
Taboo Panty Tease: Two girls out in wild posing for camera. They are just teasing you but don’t worry for the right prize you can get her!

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