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REAL Incest Collection 164!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL! With exclusive PROVEN in DOCUMENTS Dad-Daughter Video from Spain!

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The Simpsons – Old Habits 4

The Simpsons – Old Habits 4
24 pages

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The Simpsons – Old Habits 4.rar
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Formula Turns Nerdy Sister into a Monster HD

This formula I stole from the lab turned a poor ugly mouse into a beautiful pretty mouse, I wonder if it could do the same for me? Maybe then brother will love me more? *Drinks formula* Oh no! What’s happening to me?!

In this giantess growth video I play your nerdy sister that has a huge crush on you! You’re too cute to like a nerdy girl like me though, so I stole a formula that was supposed to make me beautiful. Instead, I begin to grow, and I get fangs! Now I’m nothing but a monster, and I’m going to swallow you whole!

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Adriana Chechik, Serena Blair, Cadence Lux & Alexis Fawx – Fantasy Factory 2: Squirting Therapist HD


It’s another busy day at the Girlsway Fantasy Factory for technician Serena Blair. She checks for corrupted code in android Alexis Fawx after the model deviated from custom programming. In the previous scene, the android was supposed to replace ‘mommy’ talk with ‘mom’ but there was a glitch. After running some tests, Serena is perplexed that her diagnostics come back clean. She orders a full reset to avoid another malfunction.

Following that task, Serena interviews member Morgan Cain (Cadence Lux) to set up her upcoming scene. Morgan gushes about how much she loves the squirting scenarios. She decides on model Adriana Checkik, but has trouble choosing another squirter to pair her with. Morgan wants her to be fit, blonde with huge tits, so Serena proposes a few options, scrolling through profiles that fit the bill. When Morgan singles out Alexis Fawx, Serena is somewhat reluctant given the recent technical glitch, and warns Morgan that model doesn’t squirt. No problem for Morgan who’s a squirter herself. She really wants to taste Adriana’s squirt, and for them both to squirt in Alexis’ mouth. Morgan wants the full Girlsway VR experience, so for the lead into the sex, she selects the details of her story. Adriana will play the role of her longtime girlfriend. Alexis’ character will be a sex therapist, she will seduce the couple. Because Morgan hates when the models give it up too quick, Serena programs lots of resistance in Adriana to let Morgan be caught in the middle.

Lastly, she picks the quintessential Girlsway bedroom setting, with the French wallpaper and white leather furniture. Morgan is ready to start her scene! Morgan and Adriana prepare for their session with therapist Dr. Alexis Fawx who arrives at their door looking like a shimmering jewel in an emerald satin blouse and sapphire pencil skirt. The therapist insists on conducting the session in the room where her clients make love. Probed by the therapist to open up about her relationship, Adriana complains that Morgan only likes to have sex in the bed. When all Morgan wants to talk about is squirting, Dr. Fawx becomes highly encouraging, and seductive. Adriana expresses her disgust for squirting. She squirts every time she orgasms, but it makes her uncomfortable. Dr. Fawx admits the subject of squirt makes her salivate, and Adriana calls out her lack of professionalism. But Morgan insists they should give her a chance.

Dr. Fawx coaxes Adriana to recount something intimate she likes about Morgan. Adriana timidly admits that she likes when Morgan licks her asshole, but she worries Morgan thinks it’s disgusting. Morgan reassure her she loves it. Dr. Fawx acknowledges that Morgan is more comfortable in her sexuality. Morgan appreciates Adriana’s special ability to squirt. They should try to embrace their differences. The couple agree, making a breakthrough in therapy, and Dr. Fawx tells them to seal the moment with a kiss. Adriana is reluctant to kiss in front of Dr. Fawx, but Morgan talks her into it, so long as Dr. Fawx understands they’re in a monogamous relationship. Morgan ups the ante, announcing she wants to lick her girlfriend, but Adriana resists. She won’t go any further with Dr. Fawx in the room. But Dr. Fawx challenges her to rise above the limitations taught to her by her conditioning. Adriana dares to become more liberated, but warns Dr. Fawx no touching.

The couple undress completely and start making out naked, but Adriana has trouble concentrating with the therapist in the room. Probably because she’s dressed and they’re nude. Dr. Fawx gets naked too, exposing her huge round tits, and Adriana’s okay with it, so long as she stays on her side of the bed. When Dr. Fawx starts masturbating in front of the lesbians, Adriana freaks out! But with a little intellectualizing, it prompts another breakthrough. Fully liberated, her eyes light up and she kisses Dr. Fawx! Morgan is thrilled! She licks her girlfriend’s pussy till she squirts in her face! Dr. Fawx helps Morgan rub more squirt out of Adriana. Shaking her ass over Adriana’s mouth, Morgan juices in her face. Wild-eyed Adriana cums hard when Dr. Fawx sucks another bucket of squirt out of her pussy.

With the threesome exceeding Morgan’s expectations, the girlfriends go down on Alexis at the same time. They break into different configurations, with Alexis writhing over Morgan’s mouth, and Adriana tribbing her girlfriend while squirting all over her pussy. Then Alexis tribs Adriana, exciting Morgan to no end. She pushes the lesbians’ pussies together till the grinding makes Adriana jet more juice. Morgan gets her ultimate fantasy wish, as the squirters rub their pussies and rain their juices all over the therapist, squirting directly into Alexis’ open mouth. Suddenly, something goes haywire with Alexis’ programming. The android MILF breaks into mommy talk and starts rubbing the girls’ pussies in a strange new crossover fantasy. Morgan goes along with it, loving the way Alexis dominates them like daughters.

Kinked out she cums hard riding Adriana’s face. Mommy Alexis sticks her entire fist into her roleplay daughter Adriana’s pussy. Adriana rims her ass in return, and Morgan licks her snatch making her toes curl in the throes of another orgasm. The lesbian androids double up on Morgan, making her cum with a tongue on her clit and a cunt in her face that squirts! Will technician Serena manage to fix this glitch? Click to find out!

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Jade Dragon is Captured and Drained – Casey Calvert HD

Jade Dragon is on the hunt for the notoriously nasty pilferer of powers Cyphon. Linked to the recent demise of Jessa Justice and several other superheroines, Jade Dragon is determined to take Cyphon down once and for all. She’s managed to track him to an sparse little hideout on the outskirts of town, and her findings leave her feeling very cocky. Surely someone living off of protein bars and spirits is no match for her superpowers. Unless, of course, that someone manages to sneak up behind her….

The dazed Jade Dragon awakens on the floor, quickly realizing she is bound by rope and gagged with a cloth. The distressed heroine struggles against her bindings, hoping to wriggle free before that dastardly villain returns. Cyphon’s knots are strong, but Jade Dragon is stronger. After some intense wiggling and squirming, she manages to slip the ties on her arms and hurries to untie her legs. But Jade Dragon isn’t quick enough. Before she can complete her escape, Cyphon returns with one of his favorite tools. He speedily knocks her out once more.

Again awakening to rope restraints, Jade Dragon continues to put up a fight. She twists and turns in her bondage, eager for any escape. Unfortunately, her captor has become quite skilled at capturing and draining superheroines. There is no escape. Taunting her helpless state, Cyphon brandishes the powerful vibrator that’s weakened every other superheroine slut before her. Jade Dragon futilely screams into her gag as he makes her cum again and again and again, increasingly weakening her will. As badly as she tries to fight it, the once strong superheroine submits to the euphoria as Cyphon uses his special glove to drain every last drop of her powers. Drained, defeated, and utterly helpless, Jade Dragon to be found in her shame by the next foolish superheroine brazen enough to try to take Cyphon down.

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Indirect Relations – Nina North, Kristen Scott HD


WARNING: What you are about to watch is arguably the most shocking and graphic family roleplay scene we have ever filmed. We hope you find it equally arousing and disturbing!

Detective Randy Rogers (Derrick Pierce) was known around the vice squad as the quintessential bad cop. His attitude and his underhanded relationship with informants helped him crack more cases than anyone else in the precinct. Perhaps this is why his behavior was tolerated for so long. Because Detective Rogers was a sick and twisted fuck. After his wife left him, his partner put in a request to be transferred and he began to make all the women in the station uncomfortable. Rumors started to circulate that his marriage had ended because of inappropriate behavior with his estranged 18 year old daughter (Kristen Scott). With the help of a junkie informant (Michael Vegas) and his whore girlfriend (Nina North), Detective Rogers orchestrates the perfect night for a perverted daddy daughter reunion. Everything is going to be perfect!

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Lesbian Border Crossings (2016)

Stars: Madison May, Jodi West, Veronica Rodriguez, Anya Olsen, Gina Valentina
On the U.S.-Mexican border, a lust for freedom meets a lust for lust in a race for lesbian liberty! Outgunned and on the run, these two Latina lesbians are in search of freedom and asylum from sexual persecution. The only things standing in their way is the hot desert and even hotter Lesbian Border guards! Lesbian erotica with a twist. On the run and outgunned, these two Latin lesbians are in search of freedom and asylum from sexual persecution. The only things standing in their way is the hot desert and the even hotter lesbian border guards!

Lesbian Border Crossings.mkv



Follow the Queen of the Nile as she gets a new slave to play with. However, it seems her new servant is not trained good enough, so the mighty Cleopatra breaks her personally. Watch as the sobbing slave massages and pleases her mistress – and how she gets punished if Cleopatra is not pleased with her services!
Starring Kathia Nobili, Leyla Black
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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Quinn Wilde – Wonder Quinn Enslaved HD

Quinn has always known how to use her “assets” now she has her sights on getting a huge sexual harassment case against her newly wealthy young boss Mr. King. To catch him in a compromising situation, she dawns slutty outfits that go well beyond a casual Friday. Her plan is to keep her phone on her, recording their conversations without her boss’s knowledge. But Mr. King didn’t get to be successful by being naive. He finds out about her skeevy plan before she even gets to put it into action. The savvy entrepreneur makes use of his latest app development to foil Quinn’s plans and turn the tables to his advantage. Every time she tries to step up her seduction, the boss steals the upper hand and carefully gathers his own evidence. When Quinn is finally confronted about her gold digging scheme, she is shocked to see the pictures and videos he has on his phone. They’re all sent from her phone over different days, so who would believe that she doesn’t remember doing any of it? As Mr. King discusses the possibility of jail, Quinn’s money-focused mind switches to survival. There must be something she can do to convince Mr. King to keep all of this under the rug.

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Piper Perri – Weakened, Beaten and Broken HD

SuperGurl has boldly walked right into Baines lair. She knows he plans to spring a trap with the kryptonight he has stolen. But before he can get the case holding the kryptonight open Super Gurl uses her super speed to take it from him.

Now she deals out some much deserved justice, using her greater strength and invulnerability to pummel Baine. But as she is beating Baine down the case beeps and springs open. Suddenly Super Gurl feels the weakness. Now it Baine’s turn to punish the cocky “teentitan.”

Piper Perri is SuperGurl, a member of the Teen Titans in this bondage sex scene featuring a chained up SuperGurl forced Orgasm, and rough sex in missionary, doggy, and more

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