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Twisted Mother HD

Damned house full of sexual perversion. Inside of it lives an old crazy mother and her two abused daughters. She treats them like farm animals and uses them to satisfy her bizarre kinks. Huge tits and hungry pussy always want more. The tyrant mother lures in young guys from the neighborhood and her craving pussy sucks the life out of them all. This is the place where all hopes end. The twisted mother will find you.

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Transylvania Milf 2 – Mother and Son!

Transylvania Milf 2
21 pages

Transylvania Milf 2.rar
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This World Then the Fireworks (1997) UNCUT HQ Full Version!

Drama, Incest

Directed by: Michael Oblowitz

Stars: Philip Loch, Elis Imboden, Christian Durango

Language: English

Country: Usa | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip

Description: Marty Lakewood is a reporter forced to leave Chicago and his family because he had uncovered too much police corruption. He returns to his small home town on the California coast to his ailing mother and prostitute sister, with whom he had an incestuous affair. Being short of money, he seduces a woman cop in order to sell her house.

1990s, Based On Novel, Brother Sister Incest, English, High Definition, USA.

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The Nerd’s Revenge – Kristen Scott First DP Again HD [Untouched 1080p]

Watch Kristen Scott’s First Double Penetration Scene



SCENE opens on Kris, a shy 18-year-old girl, as her car slowly creeps to a stop in a corner of her school’s parking lot. A box of homemade cookies sits wrapped up on the passenger seat beside her. The nerdy teenager sinks down in her chair, trying to avoid students as they pass. She is waiting for the bell to ring before getting out because she doesn’t want anyone to see her. When it does, the girl breathes a sigh of relief and slowly gets out of her car. She grabs the cookies, nearly dropping them, and walks towards the door with her head down. Alex, another student in her class, quietly enters the frame and runs up to her, offering to carry her things. She looks timidly at him before handing over the box and her books. But just as he takes them, another student named Derek comes flying in and knocks the stuff over. He laughs hysterically and makes fun of Alex for being nice to the nerd. In a panic, Kris bends over to pick everything up when Derek hikes up her skirt and starts to tease her about her ‘granny panties.’ Even Alex starts laughing. The boys run inside and leave Kris cowering over her mess. She picks up a cookie and starts to cry before slowly becoming expressionless and turning to stare at the door. She crumbles the cookie in her hand. Kris stares down at a bowl of cereal, as her mother walks past and urges her to eat. Not looking up, Kris tells her that she doesn’t want to go to school today. Some boys have been bullying her. Sounding irritated, her mother reminds her that she is 18-years-old and a big girl. She shouldn’t take it personally … they probably just have a crush on her. Kris doesn’t react. Cut to Kris meekly changing into a one-piece bathing suit in a public stall. When her teacher pokes her head into the changing room and urges the girl to come to practice, Kris tells her she isn’t feeling well and asks to skip the class. The teacher tells her OK but this is the final time this semester that she’ll be allowed to sit out. Cut to Kris sitting under a tree, doing homework, when she is bombarded by the bullies. Running past, Derek and Alex peg her with water balloons. Soaked and horrified, she can barely wipe her eyes before Derek yells ‘I didn’t know you were into golden showers!’ The boys high five and run off. Kris begins crying again but suddenly stops. With a blank stare, she stabs her notebook repeatedly before throwing it on the ground. Cut to Kris at home, staring at her self in the bathroom mirror. The shower runs in the background and fogs the mirror up. Wiping away the steam, she cries at her reflection in self-pity. The crying builds up to hysterics before slowly turning into laughter. She leaves the room. Cut to the school parking lot. Kris has put a ‘bake sale’ sign on her car and is standing in front of it,with a tray of cookies, when the bullies come up to her. Derek grabs a cookie and mockingly eats it before spitting it in her face and grabbing a handful to go. You can see Alex hesitate, feeling sorry for the girl. He tells Derek to chill but Derek tells him to stop being a pussy and tosses him a cookie. ‘Eat one,’ he says, ‘they’re delicious.’ Alex slowly takes a bite. Cut to a darkened room. The boys lie stretched out in nothing but their boxers. They slowly wake up to the sound of a naked Kris feverishly masturbating with a hitachi until she squirts. They jump back in shock and confusion. Derek demands to know where they are and, laughing, Kris tells them that she hopes they liked her cookies. Alex asks if they had been messed with and, ignoring him, Kris begins ranting about how she’s fed up with their bullying. It’s been every single day for the past four years. Tonight, it’s going to stop. Alex asks what she is going to do to them and she responds by saying ‘It’s not what I’m going to do to you that matters, it’s what you’re going to do FOR me to get out of this!’ Derek laughs and starts to get up, calling Kris a nobody. He says she doesn’t know what she’s doing and she’s going to regret it. Laughing even harder, Kris shows them some polaroid photos she took while they were out and retorts that they don’t need to worry about her, they need to worry about their reputation. The boys look at the photos in horror, as we can only imagine what they are seeing!

The sex starts with cunnilingus and rimming followed by some face fucking. They fuck in many positions during this scene and some of them are doggy style, standing sideways, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, standing doggy style and full nelson. The scene ends with the bullies cumming on Kris’ face.

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Laser Lad – Made into a Man, then Executed by the Mist-Tress XXX HD

Laser Lad responds to reports a supervillain has set a restaurant on fire. But there is only a smokey mist, and…a mysterious woman. Laser Lad can sense she is dangerous but the way she talks, and moves and the way the smoked flows over his lips leave him indecisive, and in the end he is out at her feet.

Mist-tress loves corrupting young superheroes. She wants to make a grown man out of Lightning Lad, although she has only one use for grown superheroes but Laser Lad finds that out too late

Keywords: footjobs, fishnets

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Driver’s Education – Aubrey Sinclair HD [Untouched 1080p]

Teen Student Fucked by Pervert during Driving Lesson!



The scene opens on an over the shoulder shot of Peter, a disheveled looking man, as he peers inside the door of a woman’s public washroom. A girl sits inside the stall peeing, her feet visible, while Peter breathes heavily and grabs his crotch at the prospect of seeing her. He licks his lips in anticipation when a hand suddenly clasps down on his shoulder. It’s a security guard, who spins Peter around and angrily escorts him off the property. A tracking shot shows the guard dragging Peter off a school campus. He gets the man to the edge of the parking lot before warning him to never come back on the property again. He has been banned and, the next time he’s caught snooping around the girls, they will call the police. The guard storms off, leaving Peter to pick himself up off the ground. Just as he is about to walk off, a mother and her 18-year-old daughter pull up to the curb beside him. The mother, sitting in the passenger seat, rolls down her window and asks Peter if he is her daughter’s driving instructor. Stacey, the teen girl, sits awkwardly in the driver’s seat, adjusting the mirrors and rolling her eyes. Peter stares at her before turning back to the mother and blankly saying ‘yes I am.’ She gets out of the car and he slides inside beside the teen as the mother walks off. She asks him what she should do first. Without missing a beat, Peter says ‘just start driving.’

The pair drive awkwardly through the streets, as Stacey tries to small talk (her age, her interests, her school, her boyfriend, why she is taking extra driving lessons, etc..) while Peter stares blankly at her. You sense he is trying to figure out what to do next as his eyes stay locked on her tight teen body. He guides her through some basic maneuvers while racking his mind for a place they can go. It needs to be private. Out of the way. Discreet. Somewhere no one will disturb them. But what is he going to do with her when he gets there? These thoughts race in Peter’s mind as he remembers a lonely stretch of road just outside of town. He used to take girls there when he wanted privacy. Maybe, if he gets Stacey alone on that road, he can think of something else to do with her. A sly smile crosses his face as he instructs the girl to drive towards his secret destination. When they arrive on the desolate road, Stacey begins to feel nervous. Why would her driving instructor take her here? All the other ones stuck to the main roads. Peter matter-of-factly explains that he knows a short cut to getting her license. He took her here so he could show her. This makes Stacey relieved, she has failed her driver’s test three times now and her mom is breathing down her neck. Peter tells her he has an in with the DMV and can get her license without having to take the road test. She can’t believe it. Smiling, he tells her they can over to the office right now and get it all sorted out. She hugs him. He continues to bate her … telling her what a relief it will be to finally be independent and get her mother off her back! Stacey nods and asks what she needs to do. Peter says that she just has to fuck him.

They fuck in standing doggy style, reverse cowgirl and missionary. It ends with Peter cumming on Stacey’s face.

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Vanessa Cage in Black Widow HD

Scene One: Forced Therapy

After many recommendations Black Widow is going to a shield approved therapist. Little does she know the therapist she has to see is really Brain Drain in disguise! “Let’s try some de-stress exercises” Brain Drain says and begins rubbing Black Widow’s shoulders.

With a wave of her hands she releases her powers and numbs Black Widow’s thoughts. Slowly her brain is being turned into mush as Brain Drain opens up her top and plays with Black Widow’s big tits, Stripping her down to her tight pantyhose to play with.

Scene Two: Mind Erased

Brain Drain makes her new puppet help her take off her clothes and soon they’re both only in shiny tight hose rubbing their bodies against each other. Brain Drain uses her powers to pull more and more thoughts from Black Widow’s dumb bimbo head.

Black Widow slides her face between her mistresses legs and makes Brain Drain moan. Dumb as a cow, she worships the pussy like a salt lick. Brain Drain laces her legs with Black Widow and they grind each other to a forced lesbian orgasm. Satisfied she lets Black Widow go only to have her come back later to complete her training.

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Lana Rain – Christmas Bunny Carrot & Vibrator DP HD

[B-Tier][No Plot][FullHD][60FPS] I’m not cosplaying any specific character in particular here, but I thought I’d cosplay as a bunny for this vid and masturbate with my glass carrot dildo along with two bullet vibrators and another dildo. || I want to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your support throughout this year. You’ve seen me grow and try out different and new things, but next year is a an even bigger year for me, you’ll see! I have a lot in store for you guys and I fully plan on upgrading my content even further! It’s all thanks to you guys for supporting me for so long and allowing me to do what I do. I hope you’ll continue to hold my hand as I search for new summits

She is dressed as a bunnygirl. She starts by teasing the viewer by playing with her asshole and bunnytail buttplug. Later she lays on her side and alternates between fucking her asshole and her vagina with a dildo, she also uses some cumlube at one point. Towards the end she slips a vibrating egg in her pussy and continues playing wither her asshole until the end.

Teen, Big Tits, Big Ass, Amateur, POV, Parody, Stockings, Jerk Off Instruction, Anal, Double Penetration


Kneel for Nylon (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: All Girl, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, MILFs, Fetish, Femdom, Female Domination, Latex & Leather, Sybian
Starring: Annette Schwarz, Tigerr Benson, Denice K., Adreena Winters, VelourAdore
Duration: 01:46:50

Fetish Artcore 9 – Kneel for Nylon is a collection of high-end twisted pornography for your perverted viewing pleasure! Rubber, spanking, caning, gagging, pissing, fucking, ATM sucking cups, gyno, butt-plug, facial cum, cumfart, extreme sex, lesbian! Professional Dominatrix and lifestyle goddess Miss Velour showing herself off for our humble pleasure. Beautifully dressed in red rubber her penetrating looks could kill and will bring you to your knees. These two lucky sissy boys are in for a real treat. Miss Velour now showing her more sensual side letting her two worthless sissy slaves worship her beautiful nylon coated legs and buttocks. Scolding them for their lack of focus before peeing through her nylons right before them forbidding them to taste. Until she orders them to lick the floor clean and not miss a single drop. The voluptuous Tigerr Benson in an intimate and penetrating interview by Sebastian Solo. Sharing her darkest desires and most perverted secrets. What makes this beautifully twisted and bizarre girls mind tick. And all as an appetiser before she devours Sebastian’s cock milking him for her pleasure. Denice K. meets the Sybian. A match made in heaven leading to screaming orgasm after orgasm. Can you keep count? But the Sybian alone is not enough to satisfy her. She wants cock in her mouth, down her throat and cum sprayed all over her spit soaked pretty face. Listening to what Annette Schwarz has to say about her motivation and desire to please men on film gives us an insight into what a beautifully bizarre mind this queen of perversion has. Hear her tell of her wildest fantasies and dreams and what you loves so much about satisfying men. And when it all becomes too much for her she masturbates herself into a squirting frenzy.



Luxure, Comblees Par Aautres / My Wife Fucked By Others (2018)

Country: France
Genre: Feature, Anal, MILFs, Big Tits, Pornstar, Gonzo
Starring: Claire Castel, Anissa Kate, Alexa Tomas, Valentina Nappi, Susy Gala
Duration: 01:35:04

Couple life, exclusive love. An ideal for some people, but what happens when passion becomes routine? Wouldn’t sharing be the solution?
Rico and his wife Claire will play an exhibitionist game, denuding her during a walk in the forest before offering her to another man to satisfy his voyeuristic fantasies. Alexa, for her part, will submit to her husband’s perversion by being fucked without limit by an unknown man and ending up in a threesome of the hottest, where her husband will make her enjoy as never before. Susy will go to a mysterious rendezvous with the sole purpose of satisfying her sexual appetite in front of her husband who, behind a window, will see her become again that bitch who has managed to seduce him.
Claire and Rico will then submit the beautiful Anissa to their new perversion by dragging her into a swingers’ relationship where sodomy, fellatio and domination will make her know the ultimate enjoyment. But it is not only the couple life that gives the right to abandon us to forbidden pleasures. Valentina understood it well. Dragging a married man into her most unmentionable fantasies, she will fill his frustration by offering him her body and a liberating blowjob.

Video: 1920×1080 25fps 4000kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz 130kbps
Size: 2.65 GB




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