Sexual Sacrifice (Dual Audio) Japanese with English Subs by default 1080p

Sexual Sacrifice (Dual Audio) Japanese with English Subs by default
Daraku Reijyou (On screne)
Daraku Reijou The Animation Boxed princess cuckold training record
or depending on the translation.
Daraku Reijou The Animation Boxed lady cuckold trorture record
Daraku reijō THE ANIMATION hakoiri ojōsama netorare chōkyō kiroku
堕落令嬢 THE ANIMATION 箱入りお嬢様寝取られ調教記録

Spoken Language: English, Japanese (By Default)
Subtitle Language: English (By Default)

Sexual Sacrifice: is based on the disturbing doujin manga by Kemigawa Mondo and chronicles the darkly erotic journey of Yurika, a beautiful rich college girl, who meets Yuusuke, a shy, awkward male student on campus. Together they initiate a sincere, warm relationship before fate intrudes! Suddenly, Yurika becomes aloof and seldom attends classes. One day, Yuusuke sees her whisked away into a mysterious limousine to report to the “Master.” Distressed and heart-broken, Yuusuke soon receives a disturbing, mind-shattering live video stream on his cell phone and learns what has happened to Yurika. She has chosen to sacrifice her voluptuous body and dignity in exchange for sparing her father’s failing corporate enterprise from a takeover by the greedy, perverse “Master.” Will Yurika survive the ordeal and her descent into degradation? Will Yuusuke ever see or hold his true love again?

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Abnormal Family (1984) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Asian Erotica, Incest

Directed by: Masayuki Suo

Stars: Ren Osugi, Miki Yamaji, Kei Shuto

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Japan | Ar: 16:10 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Hentai kazoku: Aniki no yomesan

Description: The film tells a story about a woman and her relationship with the family of her husband’s, in particular her husband’s younger brother and father-in-law. Her husband, on the other hand, has an affair with a dominatrix and is obsessed in S&M games.

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Little Sisters (1972) – Restored FullHD 1080p

70’s – Classics – Porn Stars – Classic – For Women – Vintage – Retro – Hardcore Sex – Teen – Hairy Pussy – Big Cock – Natural Tits – Deep Throat – Blow Job – Hairy Pussy – Lesbian – Group – Interracial
Stars:Clair Dia, Kandi Johnson, Tyler Reynolds, Barry Vane

Alex De Renzy’s position in the porn pantheon is secure, both as a pioneer and just for delivering the goods. LITTLE SISTERS is a prime example of the inventiveness of the man, combining irreverence and an anything goes approach with some real feeling for the film medium.

Intentionally sloppy, the movie for all its XXX explicitness in content actually resembles an underground film -closer to Robert Downey Sr. than to porn. Why it has been all but forgotten is likely due to availability -only showing up currently in a truncated version on an Alpha Blue Archives two-fer, rather than getting the deluxe reissue treatment so many mediocre films receive from ABA’s relatively pretentious video competitors.

With the cast bursting into song at will and generally looking like hippies, druggies or even bikers that De Renzy recruited for walking-around money, film is even more loosey-goosey than its later East Coast counterparts, as in the work of Shaun Costello. Like Fellini, at times De Renzy doesn’t seem to be directing at all, but rather throwing a party or orgy where his players are left to their own devices.

Excuse for a story is built around a protective mom and her two young daughters living on a farm. Nearly the entire film is shot out of doors, which gives it a fresh look. She goes to visit the local miller, and a gang of long-haired creeps kidnap her girls in her absence, for gang-raping purposes, including plenty of mixed-combo action. Beautiful Clair Dia is the redheaded youngster, tagged as only 12 years old (no kiddie porn fears here) and her older sister is a beautiful brunette whose nipples briefly take center stage.

The gang leaves a nasty note for mom to find, signed “The Dykes” in order to divert her attention and assign the crime to a rival gang of a dozen lesbians, who loll around a pool making love all day. Mom has the predicted altercation with the lezzies, but oddly enough they are moved by her maternal story and head out en mass to rescue the young damsels in distress, while mom searches alone.

The lesbians make short work of the bad guys, who are led by familiar GREEN DOOR graduate Tyler Reynolds, beating them all to a pulp. However, they follow suit and subject the two girls to violent lesbian rape! However tasteless the material becomes, De Renzy maintains a light-hearted “all in fun” mood, with several overt comedy sequences. For example, mom heads to a local friar (always humorous Dale Meador) to seek help, only to find he’s presiding over a satanic-styled homosexual cult with a nude guy on an altar being readied for presumed sacrifice.

Mom escapes the clergy’s clutches and a fantasy figure Derek the Dwarf appears magically. Since maintenance of the morals of the Woods is under his care, he takes charge to save the day. With comically sped up footage Derek beats up all the lesbians, saving the girls who are reunited with mom. Derek reads the riot act about the sanctity of the Woods to everybody and the gang of rapists hand out flowers to one and all, singing “America the Beautiful” at fade out. It’s heartwarming family (Manson family?) entertainment, De Renzy style.

Though not really providing the sex-as-aid-to-masturbation contents the audience would expect, LITTLE SISTERS is a time capsule of a period when hardcore porn was still in a damn-the-torpedoes mode. Moreso than the year’s breakthrough hit DEEP THROAT, it provides a continuity to what was going on in the rest of post-EASY RIDER cinema, not so much the mainstream Hollywood attempts to ape Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper’s fluke success but rather the introduction of new and unrestrained voices which have morphed in the intervening four decades into what is commonly lumped as the independent film movement. But I’d like to see a new indie movie as rambunctious as this one!


Alex DeRenzy (as Alex de Renzy)

Clair Dia -= Plays =- Emily (uncredited)
Kandi Johnson -= Plays =- Kandi (uncredited)
Dale Meador -= Plays =- Older Priest (uncredited)
Tyler Reynolds -= Plays =- Captain (uncredited)
Barry Vane -= Plays =- Captain’s Man – Maroon Shirt (uncredited)

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Rei Ayanami Services NERV Staff Members – Lana Rain HD

[A-Tier Gold][1080p][Full HD][60FPS] After Rei encounters the 15th angel Arael, she finds herself yearning for things she never before imagined, leading her to visit the NERV HQ lounge more often. ||||||||||||||||||||||| This is the first video where I voice every line of the character and the first video in a long time where I am completely nude. :3

This time shes cosplaying as Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. sex acts include Blowjob, Double blowjob, Missionary sex, doggy style, vaginal and oral creampies.

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Totally Taboo Cumshots (2019)

Released: Jul 03 2019
Production Year: 2019
Categories: 18+ Teens, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Older Men
Starring: Aaliyah Love, Stefania Mafra, Hope Harper, Krystal Orchid, Anastasia Rose, Maria Jade, Freya Von Doom, Penelope Reed, Skye Avery
Sharing the load. Isn’t that what families are for?

Family members get closer than they ever should and share bodily fluids they shouldn’t! it’s a cum drenched explosion of taboo passions with some of the hottest girls on porn!

Totally Taboo Cumshots.mp4


Threesome Company Lets Play Pretend – Alana Cruise, Daisy Stone HD [Untouched 1080p]

Janet and Crissy have invited a third roommate to move in with them, but there’s just one problem: Jack is a guy and their landlord is pretty old fashioned about that kind of thing. While the girls are getting changed in their bedroom, they discuss the situation. Their solution is to tell Jack he must pretend to be gay. Unfortunately, both Janet and Crissy want to be the one to teach Jack how he needs to act. In the end, they call Jack in and explain things to him together.

A while later, Crissy decides to just go ahead into Jack’s room and help him act gay. Little does she know that Jack was jerking off before she arrived in his room. As Crissy is trying to tell him what to do, Jack can’t help but stare at her titties. She eventually pops them out so he can get it out of his system. Instead, the opposite happens and Jack makes a move on her that she’s powerless to deny. Next thing Crissy knows, she’s sucking Jack’s sizable fuck stick and then taking it deep in her nicely trimmed twat. They don’t stop fucking until Jack pulls out and jizzes on Crissy’s stomach.

Later, Janet struts into the living room dressed to the nines. Jack assumes that Janet is on her way to a date, but Janet had something a little more homey in mind. She claims she was going to make dinner and asks if Jack wanted to join her. Next thing Jack knows, Janet has pulled him in for a kiss while his hand is free to sneak beneath her miniskirt. He gets to experience a BJ from his other roommate, and then she mounts him and starts riding his stiffie! When Jack gets the chance to pile drive Janet on the living room couch, he can’t help but creampie her.

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Step Brother Sister Perversions 10 (2018)

Released: Nov 27 2018
Production Year: 2018
Starring: Tara Ashley , Aria Skye , Sadie Blake , Mimi Rose
Director: Levi Cash
Categories: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Point Of View
Cum Party With Sis
Brothers & Sisters have always had a special bond growing up. But when mixed with twisted sexual desires, it quickly unravels their better moral judgement and brings them closer than they have ever been before! Watch as these blended family siblings use temptation, blackmail & sexual manipulation to act out their perverted urges with each other! But don’t worry, the one thing they are very good at is keeping secrets from their parents. And this is the biggest secret of them all…

Step Brother Sister Perversions 10.mp4


Closer To My Stepdaughter (2019) HD

Starring: Cherie DeVille , India Summer , Jill Kassidy , London River , Jenna Sativa , Scarlett Sage
Director: Stills By Alan
Categories: 18+ Teens, All Girl / Lesbian, Family Roleplay, Mature, MILF, Old & Young Females (18+)
Jill Kassidy admits that she pushed her date away when it came time for a goodnight kiss. She’s never kissed anyone before, so she got scared. In fact, that’s why she’s there talking with London River — she needs help learning how to kiss! India Summer walks slowly to the living room to find her stepdaughter, Jenna Sativa, on the couch masturbating. When she sees her, she tries to cover herself up but can’t hide the fact that she was playing with a strap-on. India has a thought; why doesn’t she teach her the ropes. Scarlett Sage gets caught by her step-mom Cherie Deville taking pictures of her. She tells Scarlett that it’s okay to have these sexual urges. Cherie knows what it’s like to experiment, and she doesn’t want Scarlett to get her heart broken, so why not experiment with HER?

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Mommy Sucks 9 (2019) HD

Released: Jul 09 2019
Production Year: 2019
Starring: Alexis Fawx , Anissa Kate , Anya Olsen , Tia Cyrus , Savana Styles , Kimberly Brix , Veronica James
Categories: Blowjobs, Facials, Gonzo, MILF, Threesomes
These moms just can’t enough cock to shove into their mouths. All these whores want to do is suck cock day and night.

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Mother’s Keeping Secrets (2019) HD

Released: Jul 10 2019
Production Year: 2019
Category: Feature film , Family Roleplay, Mature, MILF , Fauxcest
Director: Jacky St. James
Starring: India Summer, Small Hands, Silvia Saige, Lucas Frost, Stirling Cooper, Mackenzie Moss
India is going through a divorce after her husband cheated on her with a younger woman. But, that doesn’t mean she’s entirely innocent either. She has found herself drawn to younger men in the past – including her best friend, Silvia’s son, Lucas. So, when she moves in with Silvia temptation reaches a breaking point as she struggles to keep Lucas at arm’s length. But nothing is ultimately what it seems as two best friends both navigate the slippery slope of friendship and their own forbidden affairs.

Mother’s Keeping Secrets.mp4

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