Sinners (1990) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Incest, Thriller

Directed by: Charles T. Kanganis

Stars: Joe Palese, Robert Gallo, Wendy MacDonald

Language: English

Country: Usa | Ar: 1.296 | Dvdrip

Description: Love is in the air in a small Italian neighborhood of New York. But, is it safe to cheat on your wife, with your cousin, whose brother owns a shotgun and whose hobby is blowing up cars?

1990s, Brother Sister Incest, English, USA.

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All Grown Up

All Grown Up
13 pages

All Grown Up.rar
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Lana Rain – Ibuki Mioda: The Ultimate Trust HD

[B-Tier][Full HD][60 FPS][No Plot][Dialogue] Ibuki Mioda from Danganronpa has always wanted to find someone she can trust to play music with and she finally found that person she can share herself with |||||||

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Ashley Alban – Leia Ass Worship & Anal HD

Your sex slave is ready for her master again! She wants to make you feel good and cum hard. She wants all the focus to be on her perfect ass today. She starts off by teasing you with her ass. She shakes it, jiggles it and makes it clap. She want to get your dick nice and hard so you can slide it right into her tight asshole. After shaking her ass for a bit, she asks master if he would like to get into the bed.
Once in the bed, Ashley begins to strip out of her outfit. She removes the bra first so you can play with her breasts. Then she slides off her skirt and shakes her butt some more. Ashley begins to warm her ass up by fingering it. It turns you on so much when you watch her play with her ass. She tells you that she is ready for your dick so you slide it in slowly until you are balls deep in her ass. You alternate between pounding her ass and watching it clap on your dick, and slowly sliding your cock in and out inch by inch. Ashley begs you to cum inside her and you oblige. Once you have filled her ass with cum, she asks if she made master happy. You tell her that she did. Then you slide your cock out of her ass and look at her pink, gaping asshole.

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Lily Lane and Alexa Nova – Squirting Salvation HD [Untouched 1080p]

Ever since Lily Lane decided to become a nun, she has developed a thorough distaste for the slutty ways of promiscuous girls like Alexa Nova. When she finds out that Alexa has been fooling around with boys in school, she escorts her to detention, warning our nerdy stud to stay away from the little jezebel. Of course, Lily is way too sexy for him to keep his hands off her. It does not take too much flirting for him to rip down his pants and stuff her cute cunt full of hard cock. This hot redhead loves the feeling of dick deep in her love tunnel. But when Sister Lily comes back and sees the two teens fucking, she is pissed. A little bit of her holy water squirt is sure to save them, so she flicks her bean until she is spouting like a fountain. Salvation is only a squirt away!

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Creasemaster’s Wife (1993)

Cast: Danielle Rodgers, Devon Shire
Leanna Foxxx, Mike Horner, Randy Spears
Sierra, Steve Drake, Tiffany Million
Tom Byron, William Wienhardt
Zack Thomas, Jonathan Morgan

Scene 1. Devon Shire, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Leanna Foxxx, Sierra, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 3. Tiffany Million, Zack Thomas
Scene 4. Tiffany Million, Randy Spears, Steve Drake, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Danielle Rodgers, Devon Shire
Scene 6. Tiffany Million, Mike Horner

The story starts with Julie Tate (Tyffany Million) explaining she left her husband because he turned from a normal insurance salesman into Jean Paul Slamdog who went around asking women to let him expect their ‘privates’. He started the Creastic Institute to study the female sexuality and now does nothing but look at vagina’s in action all day. Then Devon Shire and Mike Horner explain how they let their good friend stay with them after she seperated.

The next guy Devon and Mike invite the uncreditted Zach Thomas to meet Tyffany. He is less abashed, and she is soon on her knees sucking on his dick (which leaves Devon and Mike speechless, and they soon leave).

Devon and Mike’s ‘talking heads’ tell us that Tyffany began picking up guys in bars and partying all night long. This is illustrated by Tyffany having an orgy poolside with Tom Byron, Steve Drake and Randy Spears.

Mike can’t take it anymore and he tells Devon to get Tyffany to act normal, or she will have to leave. So Devon tells her it is time for her to find a job and her own place. But when Tyffany comes back one afternoon and finds
Devon who just had a lovemaking session with her mistress Danielle rodgers, she says she’s won’t be leaving after all.

In fact next day she steps into the bathroom while Mike is taking a bath and seduces him into fucking her. Afterwards she tells him about Devon’s affair, and then leaves their house.

The film wraps up with interviews of the 3 main characters. Devon and Mike tell that the revelation have probably helped thei relationship in the long run, since they now do not hide their fantasies from eachother anymore.
And Tyffany tells that she has gotten a jog as PR person fo an oilvompany. She has to entertain difficult business partners to influence their decissions…

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Your Daughter Has Needs (2018)

Category: Fetish , Barely Legal , POV
Starring: Hope Harper
Release Date: 1/23/2018
Step-daddy I’m home and you’re not here again so I decided to make this little video just for you. You’re gonna wish you were here so bad you might just leave work early. My body is aching for your touch and we would have so much fun if you were here. Just the thought of your hands on me has me so wet I’m going to leave a few reminders on your pillow. Hell I’m even going to hump moms pillow just in case. Step-daddy I’m waiting for you but I won’t be waiting long so hurry home!!

Your Daughter Has Needs.mp4



Filthy Family (2019)

Title: Filthy Family
Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay,
Gonzo, Mature, MILF.
Duration: 02:13:52
Studio: Bang Bros Productions
Khloe Kapri & Rachael Cavalli – Khloe Kapri gets a new stepfather!

Isabella Nice – Fucking my step sister’s tight asshole.

Anastasia Knight – Bonding with my new step father.

Chloe Cherry & Alexis Fawx – Hot MILF sex and squirting lessons!
Cast: Alexis Fawx, Anastasia Knight, Chloe Cherry,
Isabella Nice, Khloe Kapri, Rachael Cavalli.




FUTURE DARKLY: THE AURA DOLL – Whitney Wright HD [Untouched 1080p]


SCENE opens on the outdoor patio of a quiet café. Becca (Whitney Wright), a mild-mannered college student, sits quietly reading when her friend arrives with a pair of coffees. Putting her book aside, they hug and sit down to catch up, sipping their beverages and small talking about life and their plans for the next semester. Becca’s phone suddenly buzzes. It’s a notification from a dating site she’s subscribed to, telling her she’s got a new match. Becca looks embarrassed, but her friend encourages her to swipe and check out the man’s profile. After all, she did say she wanted to get out more after her breakup, right? Becca nods. The man is handsome, older, and has messaged her, asking if she would be interested in a threesome with him and his girlfriend. The thought of this makes Becca blush but her friend encourages her to write back. ‘That app is vetted, I use it all the time!’ she says. ‘What’s the worst that’s going to happen? You have a funny story to tell?’ Becca bites her lip and asks for reassurance. Should she should really write him back? The friend nods. ‘Totally,’ she says, sipping her coffee as the camera pans down Becca’s unsure face to the profile she is staring at.


Becca stands in the bathroom mirror, in her bra and panties. She is staring at herself, trying to psych herself up for her date when her phone buzzes again. The man she met on the app, Robert, has texted her directly. ‘We can’t wait to meet you tonight!’ She bites her lip before turning back to stare at herself in the mirror. A slight smirk crosses her face. She’s excited.

Cut to Robert’s house. Becca knocks and nervously straightens herself out, when Robert (Tommy Pistol) opens the door. He is calm and inviting, exclaiming how breathtakingly beautiful she is and extending his hand to lead her inside. The living room has been set up with candles and wine, which he offers, and she accepts. They small talk for a few minutes, mostly about how nervous and excited they both are. It’s their first time doing this. Becca is very charmed by the mild-mannered man and even allows herself to get closer to him, as they both start to gear up for their hookup together. But someone is missing. She casually asks Robert where his girlfriend is. ‘Oh, she’s just in the next room,’ he says confidently. ‘We were putting the finishing touches on dinner. Would you like to meet her?’ Becca nods and they stand up to walk in the other room, where a full dinner has been laid out on a nicely decorated dining table.

A woman sits frozen at the end of the table, her back to Becca. Robert starts to rant about the lovely meal they have prepared and how excited his girlfriend, Harper, is about their night together while Becca stares at the woman’s backside. A chill runs down her spine. Why isn’t the woman moving? She slowly turns to look at the man whose hand is now grazing her back. ‘Robert….?’ She begins to say when, nervously, the man pulls Becca into the room fully to introduce Harper. A silicone love doll, dressed neatly in a party dress, has been propped up in a chair waiting for them. Becca’s eyes go wide, and her mouth drops open in shock, as she backs away from the table and the man’s grasp. ‘What is wrong with you?’ She gasps, grabbing her bag while he chases after her.

Robert pleads with her to stop, to listen to him, to listen to them. Yes, it is an unconventional relationship, but his love for Harper goes far beyond just a toy. Since his actual wife died years ago, she has been his only true source of comfort. The only woman who wouldn’t reject him. It was her attention and affection that helped him gain the confidence to start dating again. To try the app. It was her loyalty that made him feel like a whole person again. Couldn’t she please just try to be understanding? She seemed so open-minded while they were chatting. Harper isn’t just a doll, she is a real woman, just one made of silicone. If she would only stay and try it, she might even enjoy the experience. As Robert rambles on, Becca backs up to the door, her mind racing. She is able to stammer ‘No thank you. I’m not interested. Please don’t contact me again!’ before running off into the night.

That night, as Becca lies in bed, she dreams that Harper is lying beside her. In her dream, she begins to caress and kiss the silicone woman’s body as the camera cuts back and forth between her fantasy and her tossing in her bed. Finally, she opens her eyes to find herself alone and breathing heavily.

The next day, Becca sits beside her bed, distracted. She keeps picking up the phone but there has been no contact from Robert. She stares at his profile longingly, wishing she could see Harper’s face too.

Later that evening, Becca lays on her bed, looking at her laptop. She searches ‘silicone woman’ and pulls up a website called Scrolling through it, she discovers the Harper model and stares at it. She can’t help but be turned on by the thought of being with her. She knows what she needs to do. She closes the laptop and, grabbing her purse, leaves the apartment.

Robert sits in his bedroom, quietly reading beside Harper, when he hears someone slam the front door and run up his stairs. Nervously, he gets out of bed to confront them when Becca appears in his bedroom doorway. She is frazzled and full of adrenaline. ‘Becca! How did you get in here?’ He asks, confused. She walks up and kisses him boldly on the mouth. ‘I let myself in, I hope you don’t mind.’ She whispers. It’s the first time a real woman has kissed him in years and Robert melts at her touch. She looks at the doll sitting in the bed. ‘I want to try it,’ she whispers in his ear. Robert starts to tear up, as he looks at the two women in his bedroom. He takes Becca’s hand and pulls back the cover to his bed to invite her in.

Tentatively, Becca begins to caress Harper’s face, asking Robert if she can kiss Harper. Robert hops onto the bed and puts his arm around Harper, telling Becca that she’s very affectionate. Becca climbs up onto the bed and moves towards Harper. She confesses to Robert that she’s very nervous, but he reassures her, telling her that there’s nothing to be nervous about. Becca can treat her like a real person. Becca delicately kisses Harper’s soft lips before turning her attention to Robert and kissing him. Soon the two pull away from each other and slowly peel the negligee off of Harper’s chest. Robert leads Becca in caressing Harper’s full breasts as Becca gasps. Robert takes off Becca’s shirt as she lays down next to Harper. Slipping off the rest of Becca’s clothes, Robert trails kisses down her thighs, lightly tonguing her clit before spreading Harper’s legs and licking her pussy. Alternating between Harper and Becca, Robert eats both of them out hungrily.

Becca may have been hesitant at first, but now that she’s gotten to know Harper, can she ever live without the Aura Doll again?

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Taboo Diaries 14 (2018)

Category: 18+ Teens ,Family Roleplay ,Gonzo ,Older Men
Director: JW Ties
Starring: JW Ties, Maria Jade, Giselle Roxx, Dani Arcadia
Release Date: 2/6/2018
Maria Jade I am so bad some times, especially when it comes to Daddy. I talked him into a game of pool and started teasing him by grabbing his cock and showing my boobs but it didn’t distract him quite enough. Daddy beat me just like I planned. Of course that meant I was going to have some fun with him right there on the table. Daddy teased my wet pussy and fucked me until we both came together.
Last weekend, Hurricane Irma kept mommy from flying home. I found daddy in the bedroom and his cock started getting hard. I deep throated his dick and he peeled off my panties. I rode him, savoring every thrust. He pounded my tight wet pussy until he exploded all over me. I’m looking forward to more time alone with daddy!
Giselle Roxx Mommy is rarely home right now so it gives me more time alone with Daddy. That’s what really turns me on. The other night was a perfect example, mommy called and told me she would be home late so I dressed all sexy for Daddy. When he came home and found me in his room he knew exactly what I wanted. Within minutes his hard cock was deep in my throat. Daddy laid me on my back and teasingly fucked me til I squirted everywhere then he let me ride him. I rode Daddy’s cock until I squirted a few more times then he took over. Daddy plunged his hard cock into my waiting pussy over and over until he came so much it filled me up. I hope Daddy can keep it up like this so I end up pregnant soon. I can’t stop dreaming about it.
Dani Arcadia A few months ago, Daddy took me on a trip to check out colleges and we made love. Since then, I can’t stop thinking about our special time together. Now, every time mom is gone and daddy and I get to “bond” all over again. It makes me cum so hard. The other day Daddy was in the garage and I came in to have some fun. We made love all over the garage and the pool table before he exploded inside me. I really hope mom doesn’t find out!

Taboo Diaries 14.mp4

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