Best Animated Porn Compilation – “Overwatch Ebony” Edition [1080p] [WITH SOUND] [40m]

Hey guys, I just finished making another animation compilation. This one is all about a popular video game called Overwatch. You might remember that I’ve made one of these in the past, but I got a pretty good suggestion on making an Ebony only edition and since Overwatch is pretty popular in the world of animated porn and there is a ton of new content since my last Overwatch release, I decided to make a new one, but this time around I’ll be focusing only on the Ebony characters: Pharah, Symmetra, Sombra, Ana Amari.

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The compilation is 40 minutes long and is made out of about 200 clips. You will find all sex positions in here. Most videos in this compilation are in 1080p. But there are also some 720p ones. The whole compilation has sound!

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Alex Coal – The Delivery Girl HD

Alex is in for more than she bargains for when she knocks on her next customers door to deliver his food. As he invites her in and her instincts tell her not to, something easily effects her decision making, changing her mind quickly to seeing things the way her customer wants her to. The only thing she doesn’t realize yet is he’s no longer just a customer anymore.

Using his magic mouth spay the guy is able to “convinced” Alex to do anything he says. She starts by cleaning and gradually ramps up from there. Going to blowjob fuck her, including missionary, from behind, and cowgirl. Upon a second delivery Alex is again forced to submit to the guys requests. After some quick ass slapping Alex again begins to clean the house. Cleaning is intrupted by a quick blowjob before ending with cowgirl sex and facial finish.

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Family Bond 3 (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Teens +18, Family Roleplay, Blowjob, Hardcore, Pornstar
Starring: Mark Wood, Erik Everhard, Tommy Gunn, Amber Chase, Tyler Nixon, Darla Crane, Alec Knight, Chad White, J Mac, Jessica Leon, Ryan Ryder, Addison, Natalie Monroe, Alex Tanner, Gina Valentina, Kharlie Stone, Yasmin Scott, Lucas Frost, Carolina Sweets
Duration: 04:57:27

Who knew the family bonding could feel so good! Jessica Leon, Gina Valentina, Carolina Sweets, Alex Tanner, Kharlie Stone and many more love those family jewels and will do anything to get hold of them! With 2 discs full of naughty taboo encounters, you`ll really feel the family love!



I Swallowed My Stepbrother 2 (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Teens +18, Cumshots, Cum Swallow, Family Roleplay
Starring: Aidra Fox, Penelope Reed, Sadie Pop, Whitney Wright, Bill Bailey, Matt Stone, Logan Long, Lucas Frost
Duration: 01:36:52

It’s the stepsisters who can’t keep off their stepbrothers’ dicks! In these horny households, family time means a lot more than board games – they’re getting down, dirty and hardcore nasty! She can’t wait to unzip his fly and get sucking like only a stepsister can, then of course she’s gonna swallow!

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Family Spot (1987)

Genre: Hardcore; Oral; Anal; Group; Fisting; Feature; Classic
Cast: Roberto Malone, Jean-Pierre Armand, Rally von Kamp, Yves Baillat, Richard Lengin, Debora Coeur
Duration: 1:28:11



Black and White 11 (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Straight, Oral, Big Cocks, First Interracial
Starring: Abigail Mac, Valentina Nappi, Nicole Aniston, Makenna Blue
Duration: 02:06:10

The celebrated series is back again, showcasing the absolute hottest interracial sex with the most beautiful women in the world. International Superstar Nicole Aniston headlines this collection as a fashion mogul unable to resist the BBC of one of her models. Also featuring debut IR performance of the stunning Makenna Blue as a housewife looking for satisfaction; Italian beauty Valentina Nappi as a reporter Who curiosity gets the better of her; and the sculpted Abigail Mac, as a fitness celebrity squeezing some fun into her tight schedule. All wrapped signature attention to detail and unparalleled production standards, Black and White Vol. 11 is collection NOT to be missed!



Wonder Piper: Damaged Dreams – Custom Edition HD

When Wonder Piper is taken down in an ambush and KO’d. While she is out reality and nightmare blends as she is put under over and over and fucked mercilessly while her mind fades into one helpless scenario after another.

Features: Damsel in Distress, Sleep Fetish, Limp Fetish, Lift and Carry, Groping, Struggling, Blowjobs, Cum in Mouth, Facial, Creampie
Forced Kissing, Bondage, Sex in Multiple Positions (Missionary, Legs on Shoulder, Sideways, Doggy)

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RIGHT TO REFUSE – Tiffany Watson, Adria Rae HD [Untouched 1080p]




SCENE opens inside a car late one night. A group of teenagers are headed home from a party. Amy, a shy 18-year-old girl, sits in the backseat beside her best friend Heather. Heather is also 18-years-old but much more mature and flirty than Amy and is occupied by a boy beside her, while another one drives. They all laugh about the party when suddenly, a cop car pulls up behind them and starts flashing its lights. The boy driving tells everyone to be cool and tries to smooth talk the cop when he rolls down the window. But, after reviewing his license and registration, the cop asks the two women to step out of the car. Nervously, they do, and the cop asks them their ages, where they’ve been, and whether thereare any drugs in the car. Heather is quick to say ‘NO’ but Amy grabs her and whispers something in her ear. The cop sees this and turns to her, repeating his question. Nervously, Amy mutters that she thinks there might be something in her friend’s purse. The cop sneers and turns Heather around, handcuffing her. He informs Heather that he is placing her under arrest and that Amy must accompany them. They will both be getting a citation. The cop then tells the boys to hand him the purse and move along, they can retrieve their girlfriends from the precinct in three hours once they’ve been written up. The boys looked shocked but scared and do as they’re told, driving off and leaving the two girls alone with the officer. Amy clutches the purse tightly.

The officer leads the two girls into a house. They both look very confused. ‘Where is the police station?’ Amy asks, still clutching the purse. The officer removes Heather’s handcuffs and casually informs them that he just had to stop at home for something first. He hopes they don’t mind and he trusts they won’t go anywhere. He leaves the room. Amy rushes over to Heather, who is still rubbing her wrists after having the cuffs removed. ‘This feels really weird, Heather.’ Amy says. ‘Why would a cop take us to his house? In fact, why did he only arrest us in the first place?’ Heather, looking nervous, snaps at her friend to be cool. She reminds him that they got arrested because she ratted her out about the purse.

The cop comes back into the room with some glasses. He offers the girls a drink and invites them to sit down. He removes his gun holder and rests it on the table before asking to see the purse. Amy tries to protest, asking if he needs a warrant to do this. Heather snaps at her again, smiling at the officer and apologizing for her friend. She grabs the purse and opens it on the table, explaining that she may have some pills that she got from her mother but that’s it. The officer spots the pills and asks what kind they are. Heather meekly admits to having amphetamines, pills she took from her mother’s medicine cabinet. The cop shakes his head and puts the bag of pills in his pocket. ‘Two eighteen-year-old girls caught with their mother’s prescriptions,’ he says. ‘Not only will it get you in trouble with the law, but I would imagine your families will both be very disappointed in you when they find out.’ He sips his drink. ‘Do they know you were out late at night with older guys?’ Amy flushes red and puts her head in her hands. Heather admits to the cops that they had both lied to their parents. The cop laughs to himself, taking another sip. He slips his shoes off. ‘You know, the reason I pulled you over in the first place is because we had an alert out on that guy’s license plate!’ Amy turns to her friend in anger and whispers under her breath that she knew those guys were trouble. Heather shrugs her off and looks at the cop. ‘Is there anything we can do to get out of this?’ She asks.

The cop sits up and studies them both. Heather tries to look brave while Amy shrinks back on the couch, arms folded. ‘I probably should just get you both down to the station,’ he says. ‘Those guys won’t be back for you tonight, I know their type, so you’ll both probably stay in lockup for a few days before we set a bail hearing.’ Amy starts to cry, while Heather tries to comfort her. She asks the cop again if there is anything they can do. ‘Well,’ the officer says. ‘I am a bit of a freak. What would you be willing to do to get out of this?’ Heather breathes heavily for a moment before muttering that she can suck his dick. Amy grabs her friend and tells her no, she shouldn’t have to do that. Heather tells her it’ll be ok, she will get them out of it. She gets down on her knees in front of the cop and asks again … saying she’ll give him a blowjob if he will let them go. He agrees but only if Amy joins in as well.

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La muchacha de las bragas de oro (1980) Girl with the Golden Panties.

Spanish erotic movie with Victoria Abril as the daughter/niece (read below).

Description: Spanish fascinating 70’s period. In a typical Spanish house an old writer and his young nephew live. The days slowly pass, between morbid and equivocal situations, looking for private and erotic life of themselves.

The niece begins a seduction process that ends up to conquer the old writer’s resistance, who finished discovering that the provocative and delightful girl is not his niece but her daughter.

Rarest Spanish erotic movie from the period of ‘transicion’ in the 70’s, when directors like J.Franco, V.Aranda, J.Grau, J.Bosch, la Iglesia, P. Lazaga, J.Ramon Larraz…etc. wrote the best page of the Spanish Cult Cinema.

La muchacha de las bragas de oro is a very rare film to find these days and a great collector for Euro Sexy Cinema fans. The atmosphere is quite nice but a little more decadence await during the whole movie. That is not what I called Erotic movies but nice sexy movie Spanish style. Still the “already” great Victoria Abril and very nice looking girls touching herself through the movie. I kinda like that! The soundtrack is also a great one!

Detailed Plot Summary: Luis Forest, an aging Falangist writer, has retired to Sitges to devote himself to review his past, write his memoirs and ruminate over his failed marriage. He feels guilty because of his political past and lives in virtual isolation in his large house accompanied only by his dog, and Tesla, the housekeeper.

His isolation is suddenly interrupted by the unexpected visit of his niece, Mariana. Young and wildly carefree, Mariana has arrived with the excuse to make an interview to his uncle about the biographical book his writing. The reportage would appear in the magazine where she works with her aunt, Sole, Luis’ estranged wife. Mariana has not seen her uncle in many years and is happy in his company. She has arrived with a mysterious silent photographer, a male friend of foreign origin by the name of Elmyr. They shake up Luis’ staid world. Mariana and Elmyr have a close relationship; they argue frequently, smoke some drugs together and it is evident that they are also lovers. Elmyr, makes golden panties on Mariana’s body with paint.

Mariana’s mother calls Luis, to prevent him in case her daughter is in the company of Elmyr, who she describes as an in balance, drug addict of suicidal tendencies. She also tells Luis that her sister, Sole, Luis’ wife, has died unexpectedly. There is not need for him to worry about funeral arrangement since Sole has already been buried and their four children do not want to see him.

Flashbacks, tell the story of Luis Forest when he was young. He was smitten with Mari, Mariana’s mother, and her sister, Sole. He was first courting Mari, but one dark night by the piano, he made love to Sole thinking that it was her sister. That fact eventually led him to marry Sole. Their marriage was not happy, in spite of Sole’s efforts, and she ended up leaving her husband years ago. The other sister, Mariana’s mother, in a time in which she was drinking a lot, had a one night stand with Luis, her brother in law. However, shortly after, she married, Jose Maria Tey, Luis’ close friend.

The past that Luis is preserving in his memoirs is more fiction than true. He is rewriting the facts, inventing many and softening many more. His book of memoir is full of lies, that his niece soon discovers when she offers him to type the manuscript. Slowly, Mariana’s taunting and teasing breaks down Luis’ intellectual barriers and as that happens, she becomes more interested in him.

Elmyr is not really a man, but, a female friend of fragile psychology and suicidal tendencies. Both, Mariana and Elmyr, have also male lovers that they bring to the house. One night, while Mariana is out in the town, Luis expels Elmyr from the house. Mariana is initially very upset but she calms down kowing that Elmyr is safe in Ibiza.

Alone with her uncle, Mariana begins a game of seduction, until Luis succumbs. When Mariana’s mother (the writer’s sister in law) comes to visit, worried about what he can say about her in his memoirs, it is revealed that Mariana is in fact his daughter. Luis feels guilty of the incestuous relationship they have had and tries to commit suicide.

The sun shines out of her ass…
The old-timer feeling young tits…
Cute Victoria Abril before giving head…
Lucky guy…

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Melanie Hicks in Beat Cops – End of Shift HD

Officer Hicks has just finished a 12 hour shift and she’s fucking exhausted. Sitting on the edge of her bed letting the rough day go she doesn’t hear the men creeping into her room until it’s too late. With a grunt she’s attacked, her weapon taken, overpowered by two strong attackers. “Let me go! Leave me alone.” she screams as she’s bound by her own handcuffs and stripped.

I pull off her uniform amazed by her pink underwear, big fucking tits and fuckable body. Oh this is going to be fun I think as I press her down onto the bed. Every time she yells at me it only makes me want to fuck her more. Shove my cock in her cop mouth and quiet her down. My friend and I take turns fucking her whore mouth and tight pussy until she’s all fucked out. Just to humiliate her we cum all over her angry face, making her remember that’s she’s just a little slut for us. We leave her cuffed and destroyed. The lesson for today is always lock your door when you get home.

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