Testing of Real Living Mannequin HD

The man was walking in the retro store, where he can find anything and where he buy any thing or new or maintenance. But before buy it you want to test?! Sure! Stranger found Real Living Mannequin, he was delighted. The man bought a Mannequin, but before buy it he to test it. He lifts and carry the Mannequin, he changed the position of the limbs, photographed Mannequin, and put things in the hand Mannequin’s that are also for sale in the store. The man have fun with a Real Living Mannequin around the store. After he had played enough and was happy he bought a Mannequin, and brought him home. At home, he continued to inspect carefully his purchase. He removed all clothing from the Mannequin and used his fingers and other parts of the body …

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Lady Fyre – Sammie Six – Oiled Ink Deep Six HD

Oiled Ink is a tribute to the beauty of tattooed porn stars. You requested it & we filmed it. Gorgeous inked women are oft-overlooked in mainstream content, but we are happy to display their artful bodies in our series dedicated to ink-lovers everywhere. Our host, Taurus Angel, begins the scene with an interview of our star, the lithe skateboarder Sammie Six. They chat about Sammie’s tattoos, their meaning, and her experiences with the process of covering her body in colorful art.
All that talk of tattoos gets Taurus worked up, and she just has to cover Sammie in oil to bring out the sheen & color which decorates her body. Laz joins in to help with the oil. What ensues is a masterpiece of bodies intertwined, oral sex & raw fucking. Sammie & Laz are clearly enjoying themselves, as is Taurus who urges them on while rubbing herself all over Sammie. There are some very sweet, sensual moments between all three, and there’s plenty of hardcore action.

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My New Black Stepdaddy 22 (2017) HD 1080p


Daisy Stone, Amilia Onyx, Jessica Rex, Raquel Diamond

Now who’s your daddy? Mom’s gone, time for some fun! Hmm, eyes like her mother. After I light this, his cock is gonna be lit! That pussy is gonna be smoking soon!

The My New Black Stepdaddy series works around the theme it puts forward, namely borderline incest with an interracial edge. Each scene starts with a minor setup before getting to the action.

Four young girls have sex with their black stepfathers, in various positions: blowjobs, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and facials.

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My Stepmom Fucked Us All (2017)

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Starring: Maxine X, Camille Black
Maxine X is the stepmom we all wish we had! Kevin is having girlfriend problems. So, he goes to get some advice from his Stepmom, Maxine X. She gives him alot more than “advice” and even throws in some anal! Then, Kevin’s girlfriend, Skylar, pays a visit to Maxine & learns how to have bigger, better orgasms on her Sybian! Maxine’s Stepdaughter, Camille, is also looking for some “sex training” & her Stepmom is happy to help by using all her holes! She trains her to use her ass and mouth with her big, black strap on to keep her boyfriend happy!

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My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad #13 HD 1080p


Kat Monroe cracked her cell phone screen so she kissed her stepdad’s ass and let him pound her tight little pussy to get a new one! When Alice’s stepdad caught her staying out all night, he almost told her mom until she agreed to lick his ass crack, suck his dick and let him fuck HER TWAT! When Carolina got caught playing with herself, her stepdad didn’t want her to feel lonely so he let her lick his ass and gave her multiple orgasms WITH HIS BIG COCK! Veronica Didn’t want to get grounded for ditching school, so she did a little brown nosing when her stepdad threatened to tell her mommy!!

Carolina Sweets, Veronica Valentine, Alice Coxxx, Kat Monroe

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Hot Wife Surprises Husband with a Living Fuck Doll – Tammie Madison HD

Hot wife and big breasted Scottish MILF, Ashley Rider, has a treat in store for you. She starts the session off with a little quality time with you, her man. Knelt down between your legs, Ashley pops her large breasts out of her blouse and fondles them, squeezing the nipples hard before turning her attention to your cock. Ashley has a unique oral technique. In order to get deep on your cock, Ashley slides her lips around your shaft before wiggling her head side-to-side. As she wiggles, she pushes herself down deeper on your cock, until you can feel yourself in her throat. Ashley’s oral skills are out of this world.
With a wife this hot and talented, any husband would be counting his blessings already, but when Ashley tells you that she has a special surprise, something she ordered off of the internet, you cannot believe your luck when she pulls out the radio controller and introduces you to Liz Rainbow, a pristine living fuck doll.

Ashley activates Liz, using a mixture of voice commands and the RC pad to get Liz to wave and say hello. Liz looks incredible in her little black hold-ups, her garter belt, high heals, and purple lace panties. Liz’s top is super sexy. A series of straps criss-cross over her chest to form a star, leaving her lovely, perky tits and puffy nipples exposed. Ashley has Liz parade in front of you, bending over to showcase her tight round ass. Within minutes, your wife has commanded her robot to kneel down between your legs and to start pleasuring your dick.
“Do you like your sex robot?” Ashley asks. You nod in agreement. Ashley purrs with delight before issuing her next command, “More slutty!” Sure enough, your living fuck doll responds immediately. Her expert mouth works at double speed, swallowing you whole. Your robot produces lots of saliva, drooling over your shaft and making spit bubbles as she gags on your cock. “Deeper!” commands your hot wife. Liz obeys, opening her mouth wide and pushing until your dick disappears deep down her throat. Your robot has the ability to hold you in her throat for quite some time. Her eyes appear to water and she starts to gargle and gag. “Bring me that spit.” Beckons Ashley, dutifully, Liz moves over to your wife and spits in her mouth.

You could easily cum from Liz’s deepthroat. Between Ashley and Liz, you are one spoilt man. You are on the brink of climax, but your wife has an idea. “Robot, straddle him and make him cum. It’s okay darling, you can cum inside her. After all, you can’t get a robot pregnant.” Liz climbs on top of you and begins riding you at speed. Her mouth was a delight, and her pussy does not disappoint. These robots have the warmest, most velvety, pussies. So tight and so wonderfully designed that they can bring a man to orgasm in no time at all.

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THE BAD UNCLE – Jaye Summers HD

An 18-year- old girl becomes the subject of a man’s dark fantasy.



Her father’s buddy for years, ‘Uncle Joe’ (Charles Dera) has watched the girl (Jaye Summers) grow up and, now that she is of legal age, his fondness for her has become an obsession. Every time he is over at the house, he gets distracted by her teen body and how much he’d like to take advantage of it. But, he can’t do anything while her dad’s around. Joe comes up with a plan to take the girl away for the weekend to his ranch house – as a high school graduation gift. He pitches it to her and her father as a ‘gift from her uncle!’ and she is extremely excited. She’s so sick of living with her uptight parents and, now that she’s an adult, she’s yearning for a little adventure. Plus, Uncle Joe has always been dad’s coolest friend and she loves how he calls her princess and spoils her. When he picks her up for the trip, she literally jumps onto his bike. Once they arrive at the house, the plan goes into motion. The girl can’t seem to do anything without something happening … a string of coincidences that become increasingly sexual between her and Uncle Joe. She catches him eyeing her in her bathing suit; she walks in on him changing and finds herself lingering a little; when she goes to change for bed, she discovers that her luggage has disappeared. Then, the ultimate coincidence is revealed: Uncle Joe only has one bed. Even though he treats it like no big deal, she feels very shy about sharing a bed. He strips down to his boxers. They lay in silence, listening to each other rustling. He begins masturbating while creepily looking at her back.

Uncle Joe rolls over and presses his cock against her leg, pretending to be asleep. Her breath quickens, as she slowly reaches down and touches it. She can feel him react to her and this causes her breath to quicken even more. He shifts towards her, his cock resting on her thigh. He leans in, eyes still closed, and she lies nervously inches from his face. Her eyes dart up and down, unsure of what is happening. Finally, gasping, she looks at him and asks ‘Uncle Joe?’ He opens his eyes and stares deep into her before saying ‘I’m going to put it inside of you now, princess.’ She nods, mutters yes nervously, and he clasps his hand over her mouth.

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Poor Sister Episode 1 – Strange Therapy HD

Larry’s Little Sister Lives In His Basement

Terri Gastineau, fleeing a bad marriage, has moved in with her older brother Larry and his wife, Dr. Eve Hartmann. Terri agrees to become her sister-in-law’s patient, willing to undergo bizarre treatments to help her get her life in order. Kept in a windowless concrete cell only accessible by a secret door in Eve’s bedroom closet, Terri willingly submits to Eve and Nurse Helga. Will Terri get the help she needs, or is Larry’s little sister merely a plaything for Eve and Helga’s sadistic delight? This is the first episode of a new Cruel Romance series starring Dolly Leigh, Rain DeGrey and Ella Nova.
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A Stepmothers Love 2 (2017) HD


Category: Fetish , MILF , All Sex
Director: Anton Slayer
Starring: Courtney Taylor, Tommy Pistol, Aaliyah Love, Cherie DeVille, Rachael Cavalli

The new woman of the house has something to share with the lucky young man she has to get to know. Some women can bond faster than others.
When your dad’s tired old dick is just not satisfying your step-mom, it’s time to step in and be the man of the house. These trophy wives are in their sexual prime, and they know what they want: some hard young step-son cock that can make them cum so hard their legs quiver.

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Revenge of the Alligator Ladies (2013)

Directed by: Jesus Franco

Stars: Antonio Mayans, Jesus Franco, Irene Verdu

Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English, German (embed)

Country: Spain | Ar: 1.85:1 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Alligaytor

Description: Al Pereira was so disappointed after his last film that he doesn’t ever want to work with Jess Franco again, who is constantly insisting on it. On top of it all, he can’t get rid of the Alligator Ladies, plus he has to face new problems with his family, his religious faith and even his own sexuality.

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