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Intern Laura needs Alex’s help for a sex and ed lesson HD

She was the best student in college. Her white straight hair, expressive look, playful smile and long legs always attracted the looks of boys and older men. She wanted to become a great specialist and get a job in a prestigious clinic.
Laura did an internship for her friend’s mother. Kate was a beautiful woman, she was older than Laura and a very experienced doctor, she had her own private clinic, where she accepted regular patients who come to be treated every week again and again. What hurted these permanent patients?
Laura could not guess, but she wanted to learn everything and learn from Dr. Kate, she listened and performed everything that told Dr. Kate on the internship. How do you think…Tomorrow the intern Laura will return to the Kate’s clinic?

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Dava Foxx in When Brain Drain Visits HD

Brain Drain has found her next pet to train. A sexy MILF that has gotten in Brain Drain’s way. Dava goes to sleep that night in her sexiest lingerie, edging herself at the thought of Brain Drain. She has no idea why she’s doing any of it. It just felt like the thing to do.

Standing over her like a puppet master, Brain Drain removes the last bit of free will Dava has. Making her a dumb bimbo slut to play with. Once a powerful woman, Dava is now Brain Drain’s rubbing and cumming whore. She watches her pet cum again and again. Brain Drain orders Dava to worship her, strip her, and make her mistress orgasm. Just as Brain Drain is about to cum she makes her pet have the biggest orgasm of her life. Dava will never remember that Brain Drain was there or that Brain Drain will control her for the rest of her life.

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Messy Maid – Second Part HD


The Multi-tasking Hotel Cleaner Intro

[Camera angle from my Point Of View.]

To set the scene, there is a shot of about 30 seconds where I’m walking through the foyer and you are walking in the other direction in your uniform like an employee. Just as you pass me, I drop my room key including the cover showing my room number. I turn and see you hike up your skirt and bend over at the hips in a slow sexy way to pick up the room key. Your skirt comes up all the way at the back revealing that you are not wearing any panties. [Low camera angle if necessary] Standing back up, you look inside the room key cover at my room number before handing it back to me and looking me up and down with a smile. You then walk off.

Scene 2 – Mini-bar refresh

“Mini bar refresh!” You knock and I open the door to reveal you standing in the hallway with cum dripping down onto your blouse. [The camera slowly pans down your body to show the cum.] You are holding a clipboard. Addressing me as Sir, you ask if it would be alright to check the mini bar (I nod). You ask me if I have taken anything from the mini-bar (I shake my head). You ask me if you could check how fresh my milk is (I nod).

You squat down and open a carton of milk from the fridge. You sniff the contents carefully to check if it is still drinkable. You carefully pour a small dash into your mouth. Suddenly I grab the bottom of the carton and pour more of it to fill your mouth. Before you can swallow, I shove my dick into your mouth causing the milk to gush out as I thrust my cock deep inside your mouth a few times. Milk runs down your uniform. I refill your mouth and repeat a couple of times.

[Camera angle from behind your slightly to one side]

You stand and bend at the hips repeatedly to pull out bottles out one by one from the fridge before marking them off on the clipboard. I rub my dick up and down against the back of your legs.

Whilst your are bending over I poke my fingers into your crotch area and pull open your panties to create a small hole. I push my dick into you and start fucking you from behind. Your head is pushed into the fridge every thrust makes the bottles in the fridge rattle. You continue to look through the bottles and make notes on the clipboard for a couple of minutes but your writing gets more and more messy as the thrusting gets harder until bottles fall out of the fridge and you scramble to put them back in.

[POV camera angle]

You turn around and squat in-front of me whilst I jerk my cock.

You are focused on checking off the form on your clipboard, ignoring how I am jerking off right in-front of you.

You tell me that everything seems to be in order except that you think that the milk was not fresh and that you’ll need to get more milk. As you are describing how important it is to drink fresh milk every day when…

I suddenly shoot a big load of come over your forehead. You look shocked as you scrape a little cum from your forehead and cautiously taste a little. You tell me that this milk tastes fresh and if there’s plenty more of it you won’t need to fetch another carton.

You see me turn and aim at the side table. You exclaim that you’ll be fired if you leave the room in a mess. You jump up dramatically, run and drape yourself over the side table so as to protect it from the shooting cum. I cum on your blouse instead.

You see me turn and aim at the bed. You jump onto the bed to protect it with your body. I cum on your legs instead. You see me aim for the study table and you run to protect that. I cum on your dress.

You see me walk to the bathroom. You run and squeeze past me to get in first. You see me aim for the toilet. You duck in-front of where I am aiming and take a big load in the face. I turn and aim for the sink. You quickly react to protect the sink with your upper body and face. I squirt the rest of my think cum onto your face.

You cry out that you can’t see because you have my milk in your eyes. Blinded by my cum, you stick out your hands, trying to feel your way around the room. You stagger out and around the room as if dr..nk, knocking into various things including knocking my underwear all over the floor. Eventually you find your way to the door.

You turn to me and say:

“I must get to the hotel manager quickly so that she can taste this fresh milk from my face. I will ask her if she approves your “man milk” as a special room service option for our female guests. If approved, do you agree to being milked up to once every 15 minutes by our female hotel staff?” Camera nods Yes.

For approximately 20 seconds, the camera films you walking down the hotel hallway in the messy state that you left the hotel room in. The camera angle is from directly in-front of you, except when you walk past the cameraman in the final few seconds.

— end —


OMG that’s one incredibly crazy bottle rattling scene! Showing up at the door with cum on your face… then taking milky loads again and again to protect the room – what a maid! Walking down the hallway in an absolute mess like that… unforgettable.

Category: WET & MESSY
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My TS Stepmom (Dana Vespoli, Transsensual) [1080p]

Natalie Mars, Gabriel Delassandro, Alisia Rae, D. Arclyte, Nikki Vicious

After the sudden death of his estranged father, Gabriel returns home for the funeral and to talk to his father’s attorney about his last will and testament. Gabriel discovers that his father had married a stunning TS woman named Natalie, and now Gabriel and Natalie must find a way to cooperate over the matter of Gabriel’s childhood home, which was left to the both of them. Starring Natalie Mars, Gabriel Delassandro, Alisia Rae, D. Arclyte, and Nikki Vicious.

Acts include: blowjob, male on shemale blowjob, rimming, anal fingering, doggy, missionary, spoon/sideways, cowgirl, cumshot

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Double Teamed Flash HD

STARRING: Penny Lay & Angel M

The Evil Angel and her mindless henchman are on the look out for the Flash. They are expecting her to try to foil their plans at any moment. Instead, they get the drop on her and tie her up for a very personal interrogation. Angel clearly relishes in having Flash at her fingertips and helpless. Under the pretext of trying to find the other members of the Justice League, Angel proceeds to torture Flash with pussy slaps, boob squeezes, and her supercharged vibrating wand.

The Flash tries bravely to resist the interrogation, but the effects of Angel’s aphrodisiac spray slowly weaken her resistances. She whimpers and moans in protest, but soon begins to enjoy the rough treatment. Angel ups the ante by commanding her thuggish henchman to join the fun. The brute uses poor Flash like a fuck-toy, shoving his vile cock in her innocent mouth. She gags and drools on his steely rod, all while still being interrogated by Angel. Once Flash’s pristine pussy has been properly pre-heated by Angel’s tortures, her henchman completes the defilement by roughly shoving his dastardly dick into our poor heroine. It seems not all men are concerned about cumming in a Flash!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Multi-Girl, Boots, Leather, Bondage, Cosplay, Rope, Blow Job, Bound, Vibrator, Groping, Fucking, Forced Orgasm, Body Views, Foot Views

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Ashley Adams in Wunder Woman vs Kat Woman HD

Kat Woman has stolen jewels from the island of Themyscira. It’s Wunder Woman’s duty to find and return those gems at any cost.

Tracking Kat Woman back to her hideout, Wunder Woman begins to look for them. Opening up a box in search she realizes her mistake. A green gas pours from the opening making her gag and cough. She falls to the ground as Kat Woman pounces and gloats. Tying her up with her own magic lasso, Kat Woman taunts her and removes her powers!

With a little chemical spray to the face, Wunder Woman falls to the couch. Powerless and helpless she can’t stop Kat Woman from taking more than her jewels. Bringing her to the bedroom, Kat Woman ties her up naked and spread on the bed. She wakes to Kat Woman’s tongue licking and flicking her clit. She moans involuntarily and thrashes against the ropes. “Are you going to give me a Wunder cum?” Kat Woman purrs. With that Wunder Woman’s will breaks and she cums on her attackers furious, violating fingers.

Sticking Wunder Woman’s fingers in her own wet pussy, Kat Woman makes her taste her own orgasm. A wet slick spot spreading on the bed sheets. She sprays her in the face again and curls around her new prize. The powerful Wunder Woman her cat toy forever.

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My Daughter-In-Law Is A Whore (Ma Belle-Fille est une Putain) HD

Greetings porn fans. Thought I’d check out this release directed by Liselle Bailey and it appears we will enjoy a wedding but also plenty of sex before and after the ceremony! Nothing like a sexy girl in a wedding dress having sex with multiple guys or maids of honor saying their own form of I Do to a hard cock and a wet pussy! A few highlights.

The Day Before the Wedding:

I listened to the show in French which was interesting. No idea what was being said but you could clearly see what was going on onscreen. Cara was having a little bit of fun riding some lucky guys cock and giving some head as well when sliding off. Don’t think this was the groom, lol. Besides the cowgirl riding there was a couple more shots before she took a pop to her tits. The day keeps going with more guests arriving to the house. Later on we see Tamara Grace enjoy some alone time with a gentleman and the two do more than just share a glass of wine. Liked the oral given to her from behind. Nothing like looking up at a nice open ass/ pussy and dipping in for a taste which our guy does here. I should point out also that Tamara is blindfolded. Another tidbit the guys wear condoms while fucking the girls so if that’s a nonstarter for you then you’ll probably not be picking this one up. If you are a fan of the women keeping their clothes on this scene should appeal to you. The dress Tamara wears is pushed up leaving her pussy/ ass bare to be tamed from behind. Nice lingerie and heels visible too. They progress to the dress going bye bye but leaving the lace and heels on as more pussy pounding takes place. When it comes time for the pop the tie blindfold is removed and Tamara enjoys a huge pop to her open mouth. Cum in her nostril and over her chin in addition to in her mouth. Nicely done.

Wedding Day:

The big day arrives and photos are taken of everyone wearing their wedding day finest. Emma then breaks away with one of the grooms buddies and they engage in some fun. Emma’s breasts are kissed then she get to wrap her lips firmly around his cock. During this bit of BJ fun Misha comes wondering in and sees the fun going on. Naturally she decides to join in. Hey why not have two sexy bridesmaids worship your cock. The girls have a little fun kissing each other too while taking turns on this cock. Speaking of taking turns our guy does slipping his cock into both pussies with the girls enjoying limited g/g play with one another during this- mostly kissing to the lips and breasts with some pussy touching. The load to close hits home to both sets of breasts and a bit of clean up too. As the ceremony edges closer Cara wearing her pretty all white dress drops down to give some head in the reception room which is curiously empty save for the two of them. Again not sure if this was her groom or not, lol. Bending Cara over one of the tables the dress is lifted and she’s taken from behind. Well how about this right in the middle of this two more dudes walk in and the sex just slows slightly so that the guys can help her out of the biggest part of her wedding dress. A bit of oral actually to her pussy then the pounding resumes with Cara engaging up top in some oral on one dick. The guys then take turns slipping their cocks inside Cara’s pussy both in doggie and in mish. Not to mess up her pretty make up their loads are dropped neatly on Cara’s ass then wiped up so she can put that dress back on and get married! The ceremony happens then we go back to the room that just a short time ago had been filled with Cara taking on the three guys. Emma breaks away from this festive atmosphere with a lucky guy and I don’t think she’ll be sharing him this time. They find a nice spot just for the two of them and Emma soon has his cock freed and in her mouth. The same red dress she had on earlier still covers her body but is easy to maneuver allowing for maximum boobage and ass to show. The two hit a few positions here including reverse, cowgirl and doggie before the pop flies to those impressive breasts. This turns out to be the final sex scene as Cara and her husband drive off happily ever after!

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Uninvisible Girl – Adria Rae HD

Invisible Girl just got an anonymous tip regarding the whereabouts of the infamous Candy Man. She strips out of her sexy outfit to take advantage of her invisibility power and prepares to sneak up on the dastardly villain. Now completely invisible, she heads out to surprise the Candy Man at his hideout.

Unbeknownst to our superheroine, the Candy Man is expecting her. He surprises her by calling out to her and uses his evil device to reveal her naked body. Invisible Girl can’t believe what’s happening, but before she can react the Candy Man freezes her in place and brainwashes her into the perfect fuck-slave with his cruel invention.

Candy Man proceeds to take full advantage of the fully visible and compliant heroine. He instructs her to play with her perky breasts and tight pussy, before making her choke on his raging cock. He convinces her that she needs his cock to live. She complies by slurping and gagging on it until he’s ready to explode. Determined to get all of his cum, she forces his cock deeper down her throat while he gushes hot goo. Fully enraptured by her new master, she playfully gargles his cum before swallowing all of it.

Completely satisfied, the villainous Candy Man sits Invisible Girl down on the couch. He informs her that he’s going to use his evil device to permanently remove her invisibility powers… and that’ll be an extremely painful procedure. Candy Man activates the device and she shudders violently before passing out from the pain. Candy Man chuckles to himself before making an easy escape.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Stripping, Nudity, Superheroine, Freeze, Mind Control, Masturbation, Hand Job, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Bubble, Cum Dripping, Drool, Cum Spitting, Body Views, Foot Views.

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

Teen, Small Tits, Parody, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Netorare, Passed Out, Humiliation, Only Handjob, Only Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cum in Mouth, Swallow


Mind Under Master – Ivy Aura – Possession HD

Ivy had been hired as a babysitter for a husband and his wife a number of times before but this time she notices a Ouija board laying on a shelf. Curiosity gets the better of her and she tries using it in her boredom to pass the time once the kids are asleep.

Nothing happens when she uses it but soon after it starts moving on its own. Next thing Ivy knows she’s playing with herself by a mirror with a lustful demonic succubus on the other side of it temping her to let it enter her body and possess it in exchange for unending pleasure.

Ivy had no chance at resisting and soon agrees, the pleasure she was being made to feel was too great and quickly overwhelms her.

Soon after the husband and wife come back home from their evening out. Ivy waits for the wife to go upstairs to bed and starts temping the husband with her slim lithe body with promises of secrecy and pleasure. The husband puts up little resistance.

Ivy starts kissing and foundling the husband in an attempt to take his mind off his wife and getting him fully in the mood. This then leads to her taking out his cock and giving it a pleasurable tease of licking and sucking mixed in with a handjob and blowjob.

Unable to deny her new cravings for pleasure Ivy comes back another day after the wife has left and waits for the husband to come back and find her dressed in just a bra and panties with a leash and collar wrapped round her neck.

Before the husband can think to stop it from happening Ivy is promising to keep everything a secret and that she’ll be his good little pet, doing whatever he wants, dressing however he wants so long as he keeps feeding her his cum.

Once again the husband puts up little resistance and allows Ivy access to his cock which she is soon swallowing whole, deepthroating him like the slutty demonic pet she’s become till eventually he cums in her mouth and gives her the cum she now craves.

Key acts include: Blowjob, Handjob, Demonic possession, Seduction, Submission, Cheating, Cumshot, Cum in mouth

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