DUNE Taboo Edition – xxxCaligulaxxx HD 1080p

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Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody (2012) 1080p BluRay x265

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Will Leia succumb to the darkside of the force? Will Han shoot first? Will Chewy get lucky? You will get all the answers, and much, much more in this adult parody of Episode IV: A New Hope.

Kylie Ireland
Kimberly Kane
Jennifer Dark
Eve Lawrence
Allie Haze
Jennifer White
Brandy Aniston
Rylie Richman
Aiden Ashley
Sky Banks
Lily Cade
Lizzy London
Gia DiMarco
Tom Byron
Lexington Steele
Kyle Stone
Derrick Pierce
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Chi Chi LaRue
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[ Scene 1 ] Darth Vader & Princess Leia
We begin our story with Leia trapped in her holding cell. The boredom gets the best of her so like any classy lady she begins to rub her pussy. Vader enters and puts his powers of the force to good use having the princess give him a sloppy blow job. She tries her best to fit it in her mouth to no avail. Vader shoots his load on her lips proving only he could be SO BOLD.

[ Scene 2 ] Obi-Wan Kenobi & Female Tusken Raider
Obi-Wan comes across a female Tusken Raider in the desert, instead of putting his lightsaber to use he puts his tongue to use instead. He tongues her shaved pussy down before delving in saber deep. He fucks her pussy but quickly turns to the dark side and takes her ass out for a ride. She climbs on top for balls deep penetration but he can’t take it for very long before he jerks his load all over the beasts insatiable face and waiting lips.

[ Scene 3 ] Brea & Senni Tonnika
We come across the best twincest this side of tattooine. The Tonnika sisters like to put on a show! The twins don’t take much time before they get down to it, lapping at each others cunts like there is a free glass of blue milk waiting for them at the cantina. They rub, eat and fingerfuck each other before 69ing into their final climax.

[ Scene 4 ] Yerka,Labria,Oola & Swilla Corey
Looks like word of the Tonnika twins show has brought quite a buzz as an orgy breaks out in the middle of the cantina. We find Oola & Swilla Corey on their knees hard at work trying to deep throat Yerka and Labria. Swilla’s skills are on point as Labria’s cock disappears down her throat. They quickly begin to fuck with both girls riding on top side by side. The girls are now face to face swapping spit as they both get plowed from behind. Swilla jerks Yerka’s big load all over her big fake tits and Oola has Labria’s load jerked all over her chest. Swilla immediately goes back to blowing her partner after he climaxs, Oola follows suit.

[ Scene 5 ] Chewbacca with TK-421 & TK-422
Stromtroopers TK-421 & TK-422 come across Chewbacca stroking his own wookie. The troopers decide to blow him away but throw their blasters down first. They take turns jerking and sucking our furry friend while they fondle each other. Chewie can’t hold back and goes straight for her trash compactor! Deep in her ass he fucks her in multiple positions. Not to be left out TK-422 gets her pussy taken for a work out. Soon chewie is blasting a hot load on both their faces leaving them used and sticky.

[ Scene 6 ] Luke Leia & Han
Our final scene brings us to the ultimate in intergalactic threesomes. Our brother and sister team of Luke and Leia decide to have a threesome with the only pilot to make the kessle run in under 12 parsecs. They don’t waste any time, Leia sucks and fucks Han and Luke. Constantly switching it up she makes sure both of her men get their fair share of her mouth and pussy. She jerks Hans load all over her tongue and let’s Luke jerk his load on her lips.



Midnight Desires (1976) HD 1080p

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Jon is hoping that his aloof boss, Martin Van Nostrand, will offer him a promotion at work. When Martin invites Jon and his wife Amy to his home for a mysterious “night of games,” Jon senses that this will be his one opportunity to make a good impression on Martin and prove his deservingness of the promotion. But nothing can prepare them for what Martin and his beautiful wife Elaine have in mind for their “night of games,” as the wealthy couple engage their naive guests in a bid to outdo each other’s strangest sexual desires.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1 C.J. Laing, 3 guys
Scene 2 Bree Anthony, Ellen Burden, Eric Edwards
Scene 3 Vanessa del Rio, Ashley Moore, Jamie Gillis, Mel White
Scene 4 Linda Lovemore, Leo Lovemore, Roger Caine
Scene 5 Jenny Baxter, Russ Carlson


Action: Hardcore M-F, M-F-F, and group sex


Blaire Johnson – Cummy Malfunction HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Mombot 3000 is the latest and greatest sexbot there is. The Blaire model is as hot as they come, and this steamy bot is everything Joshua ever dreamed of and more. Joshua fucks the Mombot on the regular, but things get wild when she goes through a cummy malfunction. After a cum overload, all the horny Mombot wants is load after load. Joshua has his work cut out for him but keeps cumming over and over for the kinky bot, eventually filling her pussy with a hot sticky mess.


Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase – Anal Isn’t Cheating 4k

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CornHole LoopHole-

I’m searching through some porn on my cell phone, when my mom, Amiee, walks into my bedroom. She snatches the phone out of my hand and she notices that I’m searching up ‘mom anal videos.’ Amiee is wearing a dress as she offers me her own holes to use! Amiee strips out of her dress and then she pulls my cock out from under my shorts. She starts to give me a blowjob to get my cock nice and hard. Then, she lies down in the missionary position and she tells me to start with her ass hole. ‘You can switch between my two holes if you want, but you must always start and finish in my back hole!’ She reminds me. I shove my cock inside of her ass first, just like she asked me to, and then I switch and start fucking her pussy. While she is still lying on her back, I have her hold her legs back behind her head, and I keep fucking her two holes back and forth….

After Morning Coffee-

I walk into the living room this morning and I find my mom, Amiee, sipping on her coffee. She is sitting at the edge of her chair, eager for me to fuck her holes some more! I take my cock out and I start to fuck her ass and her pussy, back and forth. ‘Let’s move over to the couch so we have more room,’ I suggest. She follows me over to the couch and then she gets into the doggystyle position, so I can fuck her holes from behind. I fuck her ass and her pussy back and forth in this position. A few minutes later, she flips over on to her back, and I fuck her holes in missionary again. When I am done using her holes, I cum deep inside of her ass hole, just like she wanted!

Wedding Prep-

My mom walks into my bedroom and she’s wearing light pink lingerie. ‘You’re still a virgin, right? Because you’ve only ever finished in my butt,’ Amiee tells me. ‘Yes, that’s right,’ I answer. She strips out of her bra, revealing her big tits to me. She pulls her panties down next, and once she is naked, she climbs on to the bed with me. She starts to give me a blowjob to get my cock hard, while I feel her tits with my hands. Then she climbs on top of me and she starts to ride my cock with her ass in the cowgirl position. She moves into the missionary position after, and I keep fucking her holes back and forth, in no particular order. She moves back into the doggystyle position and I fuck her ass and pussy some more. When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off into her mouth! Then, she swallows it all, like a good mom!

Advice From Sister-

Cory Chase is wearing a blue dress and Amiee Cambridge is wearing a white, floral dress as they sit down next to each other on the edge of the bed. Amiee confesses that she’s been secretly fucking me lately, and allowing me to fuck her ass hole! Cory is shocked that she’s been keeping this a secret for the past few months! Amiee pulls Cory’s dress down and she starts to lick her nipples, to try and side track her! Amiee helps Cory strip out of her dress, and then she starts to eat Cory’s pussy out. She continues to eat Cory’s pussy out until she cums hard in her mouth! Then the two MILF’s switch places, and Cory eats Amiee’s pussy out next. While Cory is eating Amiee’s pussy out, Amiee yells out ‘Luke! Come here!’


Penny Barber – Heirloom of Obedience HD 1080p

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You’ve been playing video games ALL DAY! It’s like all you ever do is game and jerk off. I’m pulling the plug until you help me sort through your grandparents boxes of junk.

We find all sorts of strange things as we slowly work through the mess, eventually stumbling across my mother’s old necklace. Gramps got it for her after one of their biggest fights, and after that, they never fought again. I can barely take my eyes off of it as I gently, reverentially take it out of the box. You help me try it on and the world goes pink as I sink to my knees on the floor before you.

Something inside of me changes. I’m still your mother, but also … not. In a dreamy voice, I tell you that I have been possessed by the spirit of the Key of Desire, which will mold me to your will. You tell it to make me obey you without question and I repeat the command over and over as I masturbate until I come so hard that my mind is re-written.

I come to on the floor with no memory of what just happened and you test the change by telling me to strip. I’m a little taken aback, but I cannot disobey you and immediately begin to take my clothes off as quickly as I can. You tell me to do it sexy and I slow down and sway my hips to make it as enticing as possible. But I keep thinking about the work we need to get done, so I keep talking about chores until you tell me to shut my mouth. Again, I obey.

You’re rock hard once you see me completely naked and immediately tell me to suck your dick. Perplexed, but unflinching, I drop to my knees and take your cock out. I tell you I’m unimpressed and go back to talking about chores whenever I take your cock out of my mouth. I really wish you would hurry up and come already…

In another pink flash, the spirit once again possess my body and you command it to make me love sucking your cock and giving you pleasure. I masturbate to another mind shattering orgasm and practically pounce on your cock when I snap out of it again. Suddenly I feel like all I want to do is please you as I give you the best blowjob I possibly can. I beg you to spray your cum all over my big MILF tits and you graciously comply. Now if we get this all cleaned up we can have even more fun…

I can’t be sure how much time has passed when I find myself dressed in the sluttiest, sheer, purple bodysuit that I own, bringing you a soda while you once again play your video games. You tell me to masturbate next to you while you play, and I cannot but please my lord and eagerly obey your every wish. You beat your level as I orgasm next to you and finally put down the controller when I beg you to fuck me. I mount you and ride you for all I’m worth until you fill your grateful servant’s pussy full of cum.


Sexual SUPREMACY Match – Savvy vs BT 4K

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Savvy is the all American girl and former collegiate athlete and she has never had a gushing orgasm and is confident she can make BT blow his load before he can make her squirt.

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Demon Mommy – Gala MV HD 1080p

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*custom video, NO name* Lately… you’ve been looking at your mother differently. All you can think of is having sex with your own mother and committing all of the sincests together… would you even keep up with your mom if she became a horny demon?
You’ve been reading a book about how to summon an I n c est demon onto mommy. Mommy finds out about this book and she’s so worried! She goes to bed and wakes up being the horniest demon ever. She won’t make you breakfast as she’ll feed you with her cunt juices. Mommmy’s tight pussy is ready for you to breed it. You cum inside her wet pussy, hungry mouth, and she even asks you to piss on her mouth. She turned into a degenerate, whore mommy. All she wants is being a fucking sexdoll, a flashlight, a sextoy for her son.
She wants a huge family with you full of dumb inbred little bastards who will only think of in c est. Are demons even reeal son? Maybe they are, and we all have an i n c est demon in us waiting to be unleashed in the right time!
*The 2 front cowgirl scenes are a bit repetitive as I made two versions with different leg positioning (seen in preview), I couldn’t decide on one of them so I included both. The titty fucking isn’t the greatest thing but I realized mid-filming that my silicone boobies aren’t big enough oopsie. This vid was definitely something new in theme for me, and hard to make (I couldn’t even see well with those contacts lol!) so pls be nice hehe I made it with lots of love*



Sexual DOMINATION Match – Lily Lou vs Nathan 4k

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Lily has a new look but she is just as fierce as ever going against Primal veteran Nathan to see who can claim their orgasm first. They battle for control with Lily mostly wanting to ride and dominate Nathan to use his cock to cum without letting him finish

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Lana Rain – Ai Shares Her Love For Her Fans On Stage | Oshi No Ko HD 1080p

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[Full HD][60 FPS] A Horny Ai loves the way her fans look at her during her shows and decides to give them a once in a life time performance by masturbating in front of them.

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Jill Valentine Ravaged By A Pack Of Dogs | Resident Evil HD

Lana Rain’s video uploaded on May 11, 2024. Lana Rain cosplays as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. It starts off her a use of a bad dragon dildo in doggystyle, followed by a blowjob scene. She changes to a different dildo placed on a fuck machine for missionary with a fake cum creampie ending.
Creator Description: Jill Valentine is encounters a pack wild dogs with mutated alpha that she is no match for.

Lana Rain – Yelan Interrogates You For Information | Genshin Impact HD

[Full HD][60 FPS] Yelan and her associates have captured you to gain valuable information for Ningguang. Not cooperating, Yelan knows just the way to persuade you into complying with her every command.

Category: Anime, Cosplay, Cream Pie, Cumshots, Genshin Impact, POV, Role Play, Solo Female, Video Games

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