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The Happy Family – Brianna Beach HD

Alex and Brianna have a loving and happy marriage, and a handsome intelligent son named Archie. Things are actually almost perfect… Except that Archie seems to have developed a very serious masturbation problem. Being the loving, responsible, and caring parents they are, Alex and Brianna decide it’s time to have a little talk with their son…

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Your First Time With Mommy HD

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How could I know it would happen like this. I didn’t even know he wanted me… his own mother… not until I caught him spying on me. And not just once. I thought it was innocent at first, him hiding in the bathroom while I did my stretches. My son wouldn’t look at me like THAT… would he? But then in the shower, I caught a glimpse of him behind the door. Watching me wet, slippery, and completely naked.

Was it wrong for me to like it? Was it wrong for me to secretly coax him along in this forbidden fantasy, gently running my fingers over my soapy breasts and ass. It felt good being watched. Being wanted. I went to his room with only a towel wrapped around my naked body. It was only a massage after all… it didn’t have to go any further. But it did.

My son’s hands pressed into my sore back and all I wanted was for him to touch me lower, deeper. And he would, if his mother asked it of him, touch my big breasts… squeeze them until my nipples got hard from excitement – until HE got hard… Oh, my boy was SO aroused, and it was up to Mommy to show him what came next…

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Category: TABOO
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All Holes Filled With Cum HD

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So you want a raise, do you? Let me think about it…word around the office is that you give a great foot massage. Let’s start there. Mmmm they weren’t kidding…that feels amazing. Oh you have lotion, mmm yeah right there. That’s a little too much lotion…wait where did you get –OHH!!

Did you just cum on me?! Get out, you’re fired!! Oh my God, is that what I think it is?! Ok ok you don’t have to wave it around, I’ll do what you want just don’t hurt me. Take off my clothes?! I can’t believe I’m being threatened in my own office. No no…please don’t make me spread my legs, you’re going to fuck me aren’t you? Please…make it quick.

You just came inside of me?! I did what you asked, now get off of me and leave! Whoa! Oh no…no no I’m sorry for saying that, don’t put it in my ass. I’ve never done anal befo–OH!! Oww!! P-please…just…oww! How do you have…so…much CUM?!

You just came on my face, in my pussy, in my ass and you STILL want a raise! Open my mouth? I can’t believe it, you’re going to make me swallow a load too… it’s not like you haven’t completely filled the rest of my body up with cum.

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My Son’s Uncontrollable Urges HD

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My boy started acting strangely. Exactly as the doctor warned me he might. Loss of inhibitions, acting on impulses… inappropriate impulses. I never thought he would walk in on his own mother in the shower, so brazenly… Staring at my wet, naked body as I tried desperately to cover myself. He wouldn’t leave, even stripped his own clothes off! It just wasn’t right for a grown boy to bathe with his mother. But there was nothing I could do, the doctor told me to give into whatever my son wanted. No matter how wrong it was.

To wash him if he insisted, running my soapy hands all over his hot, wet skin. Lower. Lower… No, he couldn’t want me to touch his… His hand clamped over mine, making me squeeze his stiff, young cock. Stroking it, faster. No, I… I wasn’t about to let my son force his own mother to make him cum.

He pressed his slippery hands on my body, washing me, exploring me. I had to let him do it. He found his way down between my legs, gently rubbing until I gasped and moaned. Who knows what he would have done to me in that bathroom if I hadn’t run off to bed… I was too afraid to find out… to afraid to discover that I liked it.

But he found me in the middle of the night, sprawled across the sheets naked. My son pushed his way into the bed, nestling his crotch right against my bare ass, his hands pulling my hips toward him. I felt it against me, that hard cock again. I laid there, letting him thrust and hump against my round cheeks. But he flipped me over, straddled me, pulled my hands from my breasts to expose my hard nipples. He was going to have his way with me, to use his mother’s body for sexual pleasure… Oh God, it was so wrong… I tried so hard not to like it… but I LOVED it.

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Category: TABOO
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Erin Electra – Mom Stuck Under The Bed HD

She tells him he can have sex with her pussy if he will help her out, but “don’t cum in my pussy” she says. but, of course he does cum in her pussy.

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REAL Mother and Son Doggy Sex On Webcam!

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Mother and Cheating Wife Cheating Mirei UNCENSORED With English Subs in HD

Mirei Yokoyama Cheats On Husband With Her Son HD

Mirei Yokoyama is a horny housewife who is too attracted to her son to resist him. She has the big tits taken out of the bra and the brown nipples sucked. On the kitchen table, this slutty spreads her legs and the guy smells her pussy in panties. She has the beaver fucked with fingers and licked so well. Mirei exposes her dark crack sitting with the ass up in the air. Next, she enjoys the guy’s dick just as she wants it, rubbing it, sucking and licking it. She also takes the tool between her tits and sucks the balls.

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Cheating Mirei Yokoyama Loves Fucking a Lot HD

Cheating Mirei Yokoyama is so delighted to lick her son’s cock! She has her pussy fucked with fingers and the clit rubbed. This bitch takes the young dick between her titties and has the nipples rubbed with it. She sucks it before sticking it in her hairy crack. After riding the tool with her pussy, Mirei is fucked doggy style and she totally loves it. A missionary round of fucking is followed by a doggy pumping, stronger and faster, just as this horny slut deserves it. She screams, moans and trembles until her pussy is filled with the stud’s cum.

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Kylee Nash TABOO MegaPack ALL 291 videos 194.13 GiB

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Kaylee Nash Huge Fake boobs, Late-night HBO/Cinemax star, SCORE magazine model, and webcam girl. I love to show off my huge fake tits and get naughty with you!

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REAL Mother and Son Were Caught On Dads Hidden Cam!

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Ella Kross – Fuck Your Mother to Help Your Failing Grades HD

As I`m talking on the phone I`m interrupted by my son who tells me he`d like to talk to me about something. I`ve had a long day so I kick off my shoes and take a seat on my bed. “I heard something about you,” he begins as he sits down next to me. He tells me that his friend has told him everything about me and that there are rumors about me floating around his school. “I saw pictures of you,” he confesses. “I heard that you`re very good at sex,” he says as he begins caressing my leg. It seems now that he`s stumbled across his my website he`s got a little thing for his own mother! I slap his hand away but he persists and won`t stop touching me. “You`re my son and I`m your mother and you can`t have sex with me. It`s very, very wrong!” I remind him. He cruelly blackmails me by threatening to tell his father that I`ve been sleeping with one of his classmates unless I show him my body. I have to give my boy credit; he`s quite persistent! I resist his advances but before I know it he`s pulled my tits out and is fondling my body. I don`t want his father finding out about my affair so I succumb to his advances and let him lick my pussy. “I`m going to go to my room now and jerk-off thinking about you,” he tells me before leaving. How did I raise such a horrible ?

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[HotWifeRio] Siterip – 08.01.2017 to 15.09.2018 [1080p]

This pack contains all the videos in 1080p dating from january 8th, 2017 to september 15th, 2018, excluding the camshows and the scenes from “old tapes” videos due to their very low quality. Rio Blaze isn’t your typical housewife. This half Brazilian, half Columbian babe has her own website and she uses it to show people just how horny she can be. She is a completely sex crazed nymphomaniac who wants to share her kinky sex life with everyone. Hardcore sex, blowjobs, lesbian sex, and cumshots are just a few things you’ll see. She roleplays, has sex with lots of different guys and acts out her bisexual and incestual fantasies.

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