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Cory Chase in Government is Shutdown HD

Scene One: Mom is Escorting

The Government is shut down and Mom has not received a check in 4 weeks…We are about to get kicked out of our apartment and Mom is desperate. Her friend told her about a Dating site where guys pay women to go out on dates. Dates are okay…right???

She took me with her to Las Vegas and had several dates lined up…I don’t know how my Mom is going to eat all that food, but it’s okay…She was talking for ever putting her make up on and I was getting hungry…Mom told me how important tonight is and for me to watch some TV…

About a hour later Mom calls me into the bedroom…She looks nervous but looks very pretty…She tells me she wants to try a date with me first and if I would be willing to pay her to have sex…Mom strips for me and then pulls my shorts down and begins to suck me off…I begin to like this and she asks if everything is okay…I wonder what is next???

Scene Two: All the Way with Mom

Mom has been doing a great job of sucking my dick! I think that she will make a lot of money from escorting if she keeps giving great blowjobs like this… She decides that she wants to finish me off by putting my hard cock inside of her pussy. Mom climbs on top of me and slides my cock inside of her. “It’s so tight!!” I tell her. “Does it feel good, sweetie? Or does it hurt?” she asks me. But of course mommy’s tight pussy feels good on my cock!! I don’t want her to stop, and luckily for me, she has no plans on stopping any time soon! I watch mommy’s big tits bounce up and down as she continues to ride my cock.

I ask her if we can try it the other way, so I can see her tight little ass and pretty butt hole bounce up and down as her pussy rides my dick. Then I ask her if I can go on top, so I stand up and fuck mommy as she lays back on the bed. Mom can’t stop moaning and I can tell that she is really enjoying this!! I think she is going to make a great escort… I finally get close to cumming and mommy gives me 2 options “You can cum inside mommy’s pussy or you can cum inside of my mouth!” but I decide that I want to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow it, so that’s exactly what I do…

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REAL Latina Mother and Son New HD Video!

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Dad Loses Super Bowl Bet – Son Scores Moms Ass FULL VIDEO 1080p HD

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Helena Price – Son Keeps Perving On Mom HD

Recently all ive been able to think abut is how hot my mom is and how perfect her ass is! so a couple of days ago i started playing a little game with her, when i would get up in the morning i would walk into the kitchen and say good morning to her. then i would fin an excuse to rub my raging hard boner against her ass. when she would say something and jump after she felt it i would always say sorry and claim it was an accident. after a few days of doing that mom finally had enough and turned around and told me i was playing a very dangerous game. i told her i liked to play games and she said she didn’t, then she reminded me that my dad was upstairs. she told me to sit down and she made me breakfast, when that was done she said she had to get ready for work and left the room. i was getting ready to leave for school and i wanted to say sorry again to mom so i went to her room. when i got close to the door i heard moaning, i cracked the door open and my mom was sitting on her bed masturbating and talking dirty about me and my morning wood. she was saying stuff like mommy wants to fuck her sons cock! i closed the door and left for school, i cant wait for tomorrow morning!

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Mar Family Taboo Parody Incest Collection!


Reverse Blackmail Anal Creampie HD

When I discover Johnny’s numerous parking tickets I am angry! However, it’s my perfect opportunity to get the dirty nasty butt fucking I’ve been craving for so long!! Lots of LOUD yelling and moaning with a BIG creampie dripping from my butthole!!

Category: TABOO
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Helena Price – Mom Blackmailed By Her Son HD

I got to go home early from school the other day and when i walked up to the house i noticed a car in the driveway that wasn’t my mom or dads. when i walked inside i heard someone moaning and it was coming from my parent bedroom. i crept closer to the door and what i saw shocked me, my mom was bouncing up and down on my best friend’s dad’s dick! i didn’t know what to think but for some reason the only i could think to do was film it, while filming my cheating mother something else happened, i got a raging hard on. the next day the only thing i could think about was my hot sex mom and how awesome it would be to fuck her. so when i got home from school i found mom in the kitchen and confronted her, she of course denied it and got angry at me for evening thinking she would do something like that. then i showed her the video and her face turned white with panic! she tried to grab my phone and told me to delete the video, i said no and i told her i already had it back up somewhere else. she asked me what i wanted to delete the video, she offered me money, a car and anything else i wanted. i told her i wanted her to do to me what she did to the guy in the video, i wanted to fuck her. she got angry and said NO! i told her id let her think about it. i found mom in the living room later on and asked her what she decided. she offered a Handjob and i figured that was a good starting point so she went and got some lube and took my pants off and sat down on the couch. she came back and was a little stunned to see me with dick in my hand on the couch. she was a total bitch the whole time but my mom jerked me off and it felt like a dream! she thought we were all good but i told her id want some more tomorrow!

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Bettie Bondage – Break Up Help With Mom HD

You and your girlfriend get along great, but there’s this issue you’ve been having lately with…sex. Its just that every time you guys start fooling around, you get so worried about under-performing that you just can’t cum! Of course, she takes it personally. After months of this, you almost can’t blame her when she breaks up with you. You just find it so hard to talk about this stuff with her. It makes you nervous. When you tell your mom, she immediately comes home to comfort you. You can always count on her. She wants to know exactly what’s wrong which, you have to admit, doesn’t sound like the most comfortable conversation. But she’s insistent, and she’s always been able to help you before, and so you acquiesce, telling her what happened and the little, um, problem you’ve been having. She looks relieved, saying that its common and totally surmountable. Then, she asks, shyly, whether she could help you with it. “It’s just that I hate seeing you like this!” she says, “upset, about something that I could help with!” She promises that it will help, and that you’ll take it really slowly, and you agree, already feeling yourself stiffen as she straddles you, pressing herself into your lap. “Slow, ok?” she says again, and brushes the side of your face with her soft hand. She kisses you gently on the forehead, seeking permission before she places a kiss on your lips. It’s all you can do not to grab her hips and pull her closer, to kiss her deeply. Slowly, she removes her top, revealing a sexy black bra that cradles her soft and large breasts. After a few more kisses, you suggest that she remove her skirt too. She peels it off as you watch her curves reveal themselves, the red panties she’s wearing leaving very little to the imagination. As she takes her place on your lap, you can tell she feels the hardness of your cock against her. She tells you its time to move forward, instructing you to stand up and take off your pants – if you’re ok with that. You almost fall over, hurrying to remove them. Once you are standing, with your hard cock jutting out in front of you, your mother stands in front of you, kissing your face as she gently strokes your cock. You feel her pulling you towards her panties, feel the warmth of her emanating out as she strokes you. She steps back, flustered, blushing. She slowly gets on her knees, positioning herself in front of your cock. She strokes it gently towards her mouth, before asking if it would be ok to kiss it. You nod rapidly, unable to speak, as your mother kisses and licks your engorged member. You’re throbbing. You think you might even cum if she keeps going. Slowly, she takes you into her mouth, sucking expertly at your young cock. She moves her head up and down, milking you with her warm mouth. She looks up at you, seeing how close you are, and tells you to relax. “It’s ok, sweetie,” she says, “cum in my mouth.” That’s all the encouragement you need, and you let the hot building load spurt in thick ropes from your cock, onto your mother’s waiting tongue. She moans with each drop of cum that lands on her tongue, savoring her son’s young, sticky seed.

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Lady Fyre – Mommy Likes to Fuck HD

A Mother’s Day to Remember
It’s Mother’s Day & you dutifully color a card for your mom. You take it into her room to surprise her, but she’s kinda naked & doing something strange when you walk in. She seems really embarrassed & covers herself up. But there’s something buzzing under the covers. You reach for it & she slaps your hand away, but you want to see what it is. You hold it up & she snatches it from you. What is it? She explains that while you’ve probably never experienced it, it’s important to have something called an “orgasm”. She’s been alone for a while & doesn’t have a man to give her one, so she uses that buzzing thing to do it herself.

You innocently walked into her room naked, and since seeing mother doing something naughty your penis got hard & grew bigger. “This is awkward,” mom says. “I have been meaning to have this talk with you.” Apparently she intends to do more than talk though, as she tells you to put your penis inside of her. “Now pull it out & push it back in. There, you’re already getting the hang of it.” She pulls her boobs out & starts playing with them. Then she turns around on the bed & tells you to do the same thing to her. “You’re growing up fast & need to know about this… and also, mommy has been really lonely.”

Mom says she has some other things to show you, and you can’t wait. This is the best thing to happen to you ever. She climbs on top of you & says she’s going to do something called reverse cowgirl. “I know this is strange, but you & I are so close, and someone had to teach you. Better that it’s me.” Then she realizes she forgot all about her card. You forgot about it too… you forgot about everything but your hot mother. You don’t want her to stop, and apparently she doesn’t either because she climbs back on top of you & reads your card while she rides your young cock. This is definitely the best Mother’s Day ever. I get to relieve all that tension & be even closer to my son.

“I want to show you one more thing. It’s pretty special.” As she takes your penis between her breasts, you have to agree that it is special. She tells you to just let go, and this amazing feeling comes over you as you cum all over mommy’s breasts.

Romantic Valentine’s Day with Mom
A fancy hotel room, sparkling cider & handcrafted chocolates, as well as some new lingerie. Mom has really outdone herself this Valentine’s Day. Each one has been more special than the last, as you grow closer to your mother. “I love that we get to spend all of our holidays together,” she says, and then she gets down to business. “You know what I’ve been looking forward to all day? Putting my lips around your sweet, young cock.” You can feel your cock pulse with enthusiasm as she stares at you. She wraps her lips around you & lovingly sucks. “What do you think the people in the next room would say if they knew I was spending Valentine’s Day with my son?”

She strips out of her lingerie, then mommy bends over to give you a spectacular view of her ass. “Other moms just don’t know what they’re missing out on,” she says as she rides your cock. “They don’t understand the special, intimate relationship you can have with your son.” As the fire burns in the fireplace, adding to the intimacy, she asks you to make love to her missionary style. “I know it’s a traditional position, but this IS a traditional holiday, regardless of how modern a family we are.” She compliments you on learning new techniques to please your “cock-hungry, incestuous” mother.

“Fuck your mom right,” she says, then she cums on your cock. She turns around and offers you her pussy from behind. She thrusts her ass back toward you in d0ggystyle. “Despite what people in society might think, this works out perfectly for us. You’d much rather have your mommy’s pussy than t33nage pussy. I know just how to make you cum.” You pull out & shoot your load all over mother’s ass & pussy, and she loves it. Then she tells you to lie down & gather your strength because she’ll be horny again soon.

Tub Time with Mommy
Mommy is taking another bubble bath. It’s one of her favorite things to do, and sometimes you sit in the bathroom & watch her. But today when you walk in, something strange happens. You see her breasts covered in bubbles & your penis gets hard. She notices, and she tells you that you must be going through puberty. She’s assures you it’s very normal, and she pulls your cock out of your underwear. She strokes it & explains that when you see something that you really like, it will get hard, and you have to rub it until it’s not hard anymore. When you’re older & have a girlfriend she might even rub it for you.

“Or if you’re lucky,” she says, “she might do this for you…” and she turns around & puts your young, hard dick inside her. It feels really strange but it feels so good. Then she starts bouncing up & down on it slowly, and you feel like you’re going to go crazy. You’ve never felt anything like this before.

If you are doing this with your girlfriend though, you need to know that there’s some white stuff that will come out of your penis, and you can’t get that inside her or she might get pregnant.” So mom turns back around & rubs your penis with her breasts, and then rubs it with her hand until you cum all over the place. You had no idea your penis could do that, and you’re real glad mom showed you how.

Comforting Mommy
You’re in a swank hotel with your parents because your father’s company is having a New Years party. You got bored at the party, and that’s when you noticed that you hadn’t seen your mother in a while. You go up to her room to check on her & she’s obviously upset. She tries to hide it from you, but you know that your father can be a jerk. Mom tells you that father was flirting with another secretary again… this one is a blonde. You feel so bad for mom. She’s such a great woman, and she deserves a better husband. You lay your head in her lap, and that’s when you realize she’s not wearing panties. You nudge her thighs with your head, trying to get a better look. She tells you to stop, but you can tell that she’s lonely, and you want to make her feel better.

You start touching her with your fingers, and she resists some, but then you start to lick her pussy & she seems to melt. She needs this so much. Mommy says you got her all wet, then she pulls off your pants. She can’t believe how big your cock has gotten. She sucks on it then bend over so you can do her d0.ggystyle. She hesitates & says you shouldn’t be doing this because your father could be back any second. But she’s so horny, and she wants you to take her mind off your no-good, cheating father. Pretty soon she forgets all about him, telling you how good your cock feels inside her, and how it’s just what she needed. You move to the bed, doing her in missionary position. “Ever since you were young, you always knew how to make me smile. Make mommy cum,” she says then cums hard on your cock. Your father calls & she answers the phone, says she’s spending time with her son, and tells him to take all the time he wants. After she hangs up she tells you to fuck her harder. You can hear all the people counting down to the ball drop, and in a most magical moment, you cum on your mother’s pussy right at midnight.

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Mindi Mink – Very Sexy Mother and Son Two More Vids in HD POV

Mommy Needs A Word With You HD

We all have them, you know you do! Those Porn stashes that give you time to get one off quick. Well, what would happen should Mommy find it? And not only that but what would happen should it be Taboo porn? Would you be embarrassed or would you throw it down with your mom and see what happens? Well, here in this video maybe you will get to see Mommies Tits and hairy pussy, you might even have fun watching her and get the real thing. You need to watch to find out! But be sure she has found your porn stash and wants a word…

Spying On Your Step Mom In The Shower HD

You walk in on your step-mom while she is showering and washing her beautiful long hair. You gaze at her luscious round full ass and start getting really excited. She turns around and you can see her amazing pussy hair and gorgeous big tits and get an instant hard on. She then takes her sponge and gets all soaped up. She is caressing herself in bubbles and you can only imagine what a dream it would be to be the one to wash her so that she doesn’t have to use the sponge. She then gets her razor out to shave her legs and then her pussy lips which drives you wild! She then starts to sensuously touch herself playing with her smooth pussy lips and reaching around to touch her ass. All the sudden you make a noise and she sees you! She asks how long have you been watching and if you liked what you saw. You of course admit you loved it and want to see more. She knows it’s wrong, but decides to tease you and tempt you and continues to masturbate with you watching. You just can’t control yourself and you pull out your cock and she encourages it. She reminds you this is a secret and no one can know.

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