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Brianna Beach – Hearsay HD 1080p

Cover yourself! Why are so horny all the time? I’m your mother. I don’t need to see you exposing yourself all the time.. We need to talk. I’ve been hearing things about you. I tried to ignore it the last time but I’m afraid what my friends are saying is true…

He starts off by fucking her in missionary, she then blows him and gives him a handjob, he then fucks her some more in cowgirl and doggy style, he finishes off by cumming in her mouth

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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Tricia Oaks – Works Every Time HD 1080p

Honey we don’t have time for this! We have to get going. You’re going to be late.. I’ll just finish you myself. You always take too long. I swear I think you do this on purpose so I’ll have to help you…

She starts off by blowing and rimming him, he then fucks her in doggy, cowgirl and missionary, he finishes off by cumming in her mouth, she swallows the cum

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[MAINSTREAM INCEZT] Through Glass Itamar Luria FULL Movie + English Subtitles! EXCLUSIVE AI Enhanced HD!

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Taboolicious Siterip Single Link

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Taboolicious Siterip.rar

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Mom Gets Pics For Anniversary – Erin Electra 4k

Mom gets pics for anniversary of secretary sucking husband’s dick so she fucks her son

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Mom Needs A Hard Cock – Erin Electra 4k

Mom fucks her son after she is stood up by her date and left hanging…. and horny!

POV Family MILF Taboo Big Boobs

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Mandy Flores – NEW Megapack (430 VIDEOS) (2012-2021)

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I was born in Everett, WA. March 19th, 1989. Ever since I was little I was always wanted to be the center of attention, especially when the cameras came out. Having 2 brother’s and no sisters it was easy to be. I had thought becoming a Doctore would be a good career choice because I enjoyed school and I liked the salary. Then I started modeling at age 19 mainly to sell my panties on the internet for a side income. I went by 19mandy. From there it grew to myself becoming a top selling fetish studio at I caught the interest of other photographers and even shot for Playboy. Since then I have been spending full time on my passion of modeling and creating custom videos for my fans.

My goals now are to make the most of the opportunities being given to me from modeling. I want to branch out into more production, photography, editing and video work. Hopefully be able to help other models and photographers to achieve their goals too! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be blessed to do what I’m doing now. Modeling and acting is becoming a real passion of mine and I could spend all my time doing this!

I never stop dreaming and reaching goals. I have an intense energy and I strive to be the best at everything I do. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, people-pleaser and just love to have fun! I also love fitness! I have always been athletic. Exercise is my daily drug. I workout 6 days a week by running, interval cardio and weights to keep toned and sexy for you guys. Im also a nut about nutrition. I have always wanted to compete professionally and I entered my first show April 2014 and won 4 trophies! No plans to keep competing, but I still love to workout.

My free time I’ll snuggle up with a good movie and ice-cream, listen to music and try to sing……Im pretty good in the shower! Traveling is a must every couple months to unwind. I enjoy road trips to nowhere in particular; the NW is great for that. Im drawn to a places with water and anywhere there is sun and beach. I also own 2 kinds of bikes, dirt bike and a Honda CBR 600.

What makes me feel sexy is my perfect black Victoria Secret Bra, red lipstick, yoga pants, mascara and Playboys perfume “play it spicy’. Being told Im beautiful when Im fresh out of the shower and no makeup. What I find sexy in a man is muscles! Especially the calves! Fetish maybe? A guy can get me going by flexing his sexy calves. Generosity is a huge turn on. Playfulness, easy going, down to earth, good dancer, good cook, and believes in God.

3 things I could not live without would be friends and Family, a sense of humor, and Internet!!

I’m far from the Diva type, I have an inner beauty that shines through. Im flattered when a guy stops, jaw drops and says…’Gosh, you are so beautiful’ I just giggle and say’ Thanks! Its all about the smile when you want to approach me in public. Smile and confidence. No cheesy pick up lines please unless its REALLY funny and you’re smart enough to use it. Make me laugh and you’re in, keep talking…

Musis? I like mostly metal and rock but I also like hiphop, old school rap, jazzy, and some country is cool.

Now you know a little about me, I want to get to know you! Im super sweet and easy to talk to. I have an addictive fun and sexual personality. I want to find out what you like, want you want and make some fantasies come true. join me in my journey as I set higher goals for myself and bring you along for the ride!

Mandy Flores Screenshot.rar



Mother’s Strict Baby-Making Rules FULL – Ivy Starshyne HD 1080p

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This is an epic 2-hour video based on a taboo comic that will have you pumping every last drop of cum into Mother for three days! After having a delightful fantasy about your own Mother, she walks into your room… for real… What the hell is all this on your phone!? Are you some nasty little pervert? All this filth on your phone? These women look just like ME! Do you have a Mom thing? Is that it? My panties? COVERED in cum! And my favorite pantyhose, also covered in cum! I’ve seen how you stare at me. I’ve seen how your cock throbs when I’m around. The pants bulging as I enter a room. Well… this is just… a lot to take in. I need a moment. PERVERT… Later on, Mom decides it’s up to her to aid you in your… issues… I’m going to teach you a thing or two about sexual education. More importantly, the responsibilities of impregnating a woman with your seed. That’s right, I’ve decided that you are going to impregnate me. No cumming for you. You’ll be building up a cum for me for tomorrow. You understand that we’ll begin making a baby tomorrow. You’ll never want any other woman again, only your own Mother. Get your seed-pumper out now. You sit beside Mother on the couch and she starts to use her stocking-clad feet to jerk you off… Over the next three days, I will be ovulating. We need to try our hardest at making a baby over these 3 days. Okay? At my age, it’s much harder for the fertilized ovum to get implanted. About 7 days after fertilization implantation occurs in the endometrium, conception won’t occur until then. I won’t get pregnant unless the fertilized egg cell is properly implanted. Even if I get fertilized by this load… Are you getting any of this? You don’t know anything, do you? This why you got a D on your report card. Good grief! She stops giving you that glorious footjob, and you are obviously upset. No cumming for you. You’ll be building up a cum for me for tomorrow. This is to just prepare you for what’s ahead. Sex with your own Mother. All because you have this perversion that needs… guidance. You understand that we’ll begin making a baby tomorrow, yes? You’ll never want any other woman again, only your own Mother. You’ll be totally fucked now, obsessed with me and no others. You need to get to bed. Tomorrow begins the real job. Impregnating your own Mother. Good night, dear. It’s very late, so get some rest for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, we’re going to start our attempt at conception! And over the next three days, your own Mother climbs onto your cock to bring you to orgasm inside of her. Deep inside of her. You’ll hear it over and over, that you have one goal now… but also, aren’t you just such a pervert for being infatuated with your own Mother? You’ll hear a lot of these lines below during your ovulation impregnation marathon… You can cum whenever you want… Does it feel good? How does it feel trying to inseminate the place you were born from? Aaah, all this talking makes you want to cum, hm? Fertilize mom’s ovum! How is it? To attempt to conceive with your own mother? How sick is it to lust after your own Mother? Inseminate Mom! I wonder if I got properly fertilized. It’s as thick as ever! You’ve improved so much in such a short amount of time. If you get me pregnant, I won’t complain! Yes, right there! You’re reaching mom’s cervix. Does mom’s body feel good? Do you want to plant your seed in mom’s body? Do you want to get mother pregnant from your sperm? Shoot plenty of sperm into mom’s womb! Ejaculate into the womb you were in yourself! Tell me how you feel. Still lusting after Mommy, huh? So sick, hmmm. I will give birth to my son’s baby. Come on, ejaculate inside mom’s womb while she’s ovulating. Do you want me to conceive? I want to give birth to your baby. Make me pregnant. Get mother pregnant. Get mom pregnant. Do you want to make mom pregnant? You do, right? Get into it then, say you want me pregnant with your baby. Our baby, mom and son’s baby… It will be properly implanted. Let’s build you up. Son, you have the key to mommies inc3st0us pussy pleasure lock. Only you can impregnate me properly. It’s very wrong to have dirty thoughts about your Mom. Even WORSE to act them out, you know? Even WORSE to furiously try and impregnate your own Mommy… every… day… How sick and gross… Mmmm, maybe. Get mom pregnant NOW. Fill me with your seed. I can feel your semen in my womb. This is your best load yet! Aaah… after cumming this much, I’m sure we made a baby. I’m going to fuck you up for life. All you’re going to want now is Mother’s pussy.

Impregnation Fantasy Masturbation Mommy Roleplay POV Sex Taboo


Stepmom’s Surprise (1982)

Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Hairy, Vintage, Cheating, Wife, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cunnilingus, Titty Fuck, Cum on Tits

Starring: Lisa Deleeuw, Randy Rodman
Categories: ’80s, Big Boobs, Blowjobs, Classic, Cougars, Cumshots, Erotic Vignette, Family Roleplay, Hairy, MILF, Naturally Busty, Redheads, Tit Fucking


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