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Missing Sister – Syren De Mer HD

Rion’s upset because his sister just took off and no one knows where she is. His mother comes in his room to comfort him. She knows that they are very close. Too close in fact. And when she tells him she knows, she wants to comfort him in ways his sister has before, but with a mother’s touch.

Syren caught Rion and some girl having sex in his bedroom. Pissed off and slightly jealous about it, she yells at the girl and kicks her out of the house. Rion’s mom comes into the living room to discuss it with him. Frustrated by his mother kicking his girlfriend out, Syren tells him his mother is the only one he should be having sex with!

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Cory Chase in Mom is the Neighborhood MILF HD

Scene One: Your Cory Fantasy

You have a fantasy of having sex with an older woman, and Cory is here to make your dreams come true. In her hot red dress she pleases you, sucking on your cock and worshiping your balls. She shows you everything, stripping out of her tight red lingerie.

She slides your big hard cock inside of her and it feels wonderful. You’ve never fucked anyone as hot as her, and she know exactly what you want. Her big breasts bouncing in your face, her tight ass slapping against your hips. You feel something come over you and you lose all control, cumming inside of her warm wet loving pussy. And the best part is that you have it all on your hidden camera to watch over and over.

Scene Two: Brothers and mother

You and your brother have seen a secret video of your mom being a slut. It’s been going around school and you are both humiliated and embarrassed. She’s in the kitchen when you confront her. Mom why did you fuck our friend your brother demands. Cory tries to convince you that nothing happened and you show her the video making her mouth drop open.

So angry and humiliated you decide to show your mom what it’s really like to be a whore. Cory screams and tries to fight off your brother groping her breasts. She’s forced to the ground and mouth fucked by to large cocks. Cory has no choice but to be used like the cock sucking mouth whore she is until they cum in her face and make her swallow their disgusting loads. Clean yourself up mom

Scene Three: Any time use of Mom

Wake up mom! Your brother yells at Cory, pulling off her sheets. When dad’s away the boys will have their fun with their whore mom. She begs and pleads as you roughly pull down her slutty lacy black panties. Cory writhes on the bed, her sons holding her down and violating her body and soul.

Her cries are quieted by large cocks ramming into her mouth. The cocks fuck her like jackhammers, with no love or consideration of her feelings. Her pussy and ass are used at the same time, her sons DP ripping her apart. Cory doesn’t know what she did to deserve being violated and fucked so brutally. You brother cums all over her mouth and you cum inside and outside of her hairy pussy. What happens if you get me pregnant, you’re my son! Cory cries in anguish, her body filled with cum and shame.

Category: MILF
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Dogtooth (2009) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Drama, Incest

Directed by: Yorgos Lanthimos

Stars: Christos Stergioglou, Michele Valley, Angeliki Papoulia

Language: Greek | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Greece | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip

Also known as: Kynodontas

Description: Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out.

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Y3DF – NEW Siterip – 100+ 3d Comics!

All comics here are complete from what I can remember. All comics are 3d and mostly incest plot wise. Includes the popular busted and caught series. Sex acts include blowjob, doggy style, missionary, creampie, impregnation, anal, threesomes, etc

List of all comics:
Njee Sleep
Series A, 18-21, 23, 29, and 30
The Fabulous Dr. Perv
The Uprising
Who Did It 1-3
Velvet Feather 1-2
The Plan 1-5
The Holiday’s 1-7
The Flowers 1-3
The Big Big West 1-2
The Bang 1-2
Sleeping Pills 1-2
Spring Time 1-4
Lucy and Daddy 1-2
Meet the Johnson’s 1-3
Nadia & Jimmy (Broken) 1-2
Oily 1-2
Parasites of Evil 1-2
Passion 1-3
Inspiration 1-3
Heavy Sleeper Thief 1-2
Evolution 1-2
Caught 1-2
Busted & Caught 1-2
Busted 1-3
Are You Kidding Me 1-2
Crazy Day
Crazy Night
The Old Ring
The Barn
The Order
The Present
The Strikes Family
One Night Stand
No You Shouldn’t
New Year
Just Relax
Deus In Machina
Deep Trouble
Can’t Sleep
Blue Neck
The Seeker
Recruitment Office
Semen All Over Me
A Great Day
Sub X
Something is Bugging Me
My Lone Child
The Quick One
Like Whores
To Preggo or Not to Preggo
The Mix
How It Happened

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Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter with Syren De Mer – FULL VERSION HD

Part 1:

Mom (Syren de Mer) in the kitchen speaking on the phone with her good friend Stacy. While on the phone with Stacy, Stacy is telling Syren about a neighbor that is in the middle of a nasty divorce. The reason for the divorce is a common reason – infidelity by both the husband and wife. The erotic twist about this situation is the real reason for the divorce was that the wife was caught fucking her own son! This leads to a heart-to-heart discussion between good friends Stacy and Syren. Stacy during the course of the discussion is basically advocating the sexual and emotional virtues of sex between an adult son and his own mother. Of course Syren as a mother of a 20-something year old son (Conor), takes the more cynical and skeptical position on the risks a relationship between a mother and son can create. As Syren is speaking on the phone, her son Conor comes to the kitchen to say hello and grab a glass of water. Despite Syren’s comments on the phone, she can’t help to notice how sexy her son is. Syren finishes her call with Stacy, but still can’t get the fantasy of her son out of her head…

Late that morning, feeling horny, Mom figures she had at least a good two hours to herself and planned to use the alone time to get herself off. She sits in front of her computer and begins to search for some hot porn videos. All she can seem to think about are fantasies revolving around a mother and a son. Despite her better judgment she searches the Internet for stories, videos and blogs relating to between a mother and a son. She is amazed to the amount of content she has found. After reading some sexy blogs and stories she finds a very hot video with an actress and actor that reminded her of both her and her son. The video is a very hot and erotic scene where a mom and son are sharing a bed, which ultimately leads to a hot fuck session. As the video plays she slowly uses her fingers on herself. Mom watches the entire first scene while teasing herself until she has the best orgasm in years. Not realizing but as she is reaching an orgasm she utters softly: “Fuck mommy, fuck mommy hard, Conor! Mommy needs your cock so bad!” Feeling a bit ashamed Mom gulps down her wine while gasping “What is wrong with me? I am a mother of three and all I can think about is fucking my son!” She decides to work out and try to get these thoughts out of her mind. What she does not realize is that for the last few moments while she is pleasuring herself her son was watching from the back door. While he could not hear what she said or the sound on the video he was mesmerized by the image of his sexy mother masturbating. Conor leaves the room so not to get caught but the image of his hot mom is now burned into his head – forever!..

Later that day after working out, Mom comes into the house to clean up. She is wearing a tight T-shirt and shorts with her hair up, which shows off all the curves of her fantastic body. She is not aware that her 28 year-old son, Conor, had already come home and was in the shower. Without hearing the water running, she opens the door and steps into the bathroom. And there he is.
He is in the shower and leaning back against the wall. She can clearly see his young naked body glistening with water through the glass shower door. He doesn’t notice her as she walks in because his eyes are closed. Out of pure curiosity, she looks down at his crotch. She immediately has to cover her mouth as she gasps at the sight of it. Her son is fucking huge! His hands are stroking his thick cock and fondling his heavy balls. The sight of her son’s big cock entrances Syren. It was easily double the size of his father’s puny prick. She watches, as it gets harder as he strokes it. To her shock she looks up at his face, and he is staring right back at her. He knew she was watching him and yet he continued to stroke his big cock in front of her. When he sees her looking into his eyes, he just smiles and strokes a little faster. He is enjoying showing off his young body and long hard cock to her. She can’t move. The sight of such depraved lust was totally foreign to her. She had never imagined that a young man, particularly her son, would want to have her watch him stroke his cock.
Conor then turns off the water and opens the shower door. He releases his hard cock, which still stands out from his body. He just smiles and says, “Hand me a towel, please, Mom?” Swallowing as she sees his hard cock standing out like a pole., she reaches over and takes a towel off the shelf and hands it to him. But, he refuses by saying, “Why don’t you dry me off like you did when I was younger?”
He doesn’t wait for her reaction. He only turns his back to her and stands there expectantly. She then looks up and down his body again. She bites her lip as she sees up close his shoulders, back and tight and firm ass, Swallowing again, she uses the towel to dry off his shoulders. She then rubs the towel down his arms and back. She kneels down to dry to his ass. She lingers there for a moment and deliberately squeezes his cheeks. She particularly loves his strong ass muscles after having felt her husband’s flabby butt for years. She rubs the towel over his legs and on his inner thighs. She stares at his heavy nuts hanging between his legs, but can’t bring herself to touch them.
As she is about to stand up, Conor quickly turns around to face her. As he does, his big cock hits her in the face. She looks at his big cock, which was only an inch from her face. Conor looks down at her and smiles saying: “Don’t forget my front side, Mom.”
Mom slowly stands up in front of him. Looking him in the eyes, she could see that he was enjoying being in control, making her get so close to him, and touching his naked body. She moved the towel to his chest, rubbing it over, She slowly slides the towel down to his stomach. She slides the towel down one of his hips, not wanting to touch his huge cock. But, he takes her hand in the towel and brings it to his balls. He uses her hand in the towel to rub his balls and cock, saying, “Make sure you get everything, Mom.” She strokes and fondles his cock through the towel. She is amazed at how heavy and thick it was. She could feel it getting hard again as she dries his cock and balls. She then gets on her knees in front of him to finish drying his legs and feet.
After she finishes drying him and stealing glances at his huge cock looming over her, she tries to stand up. But, he puts his hands on her shoulders and holds her down on her knees. She looks up at him as he looks down at her. He holds the back of her neck with one hand and presents his hard cock to her with the other. He smiles and says, “Why don’t you put it in your mouth, mom?”
Mom swallows hard again, looking back at his cock in front of her face. Her eyes stare at the fat, swollen cock head pointed right at her. She wants to do it but she can’t bring herself to perform such a nasty act, especially not on her own son. She looks up at him to tell him that she couldn’t. But before she could say anything, he pulls the ponytail on the back of her head making her gasp loudly. As her mouth opens, he pulls her head forward and sticks his fat cock head into her mouth saying sternly, “I said suck it, Mom!”
Her eyes go wide as she feels his cock head cross her lips. For a moment, she doesn’t know what to do. Her moral instinct was to push him away and run out of the room. She knew she shouldn’t want to have his cock in her mouth. But, she did. She loved the feeling of his hard meat in her mouth. She begins to suck his head over her full lips. She looks over at the mirror and sees herself on her knees in front of her handsome, boy, his long cock sticking into her eager sucking mouth. Conor sees her looking at herself, and says, “Yeah, Mom. That looks good, doesn’t it?”
She holds Conor’s cock around his shaft with one hand, guiding it deeper into her mouth. Her other hand comes up to fondle and massage his heavy balls. She closes her eyes as she begins sucking his cock harder, sliding it in and out of her full lips. Conor puts both of his strong hands on her head, entwining his fingers in her long black hair and says: “Oh yeah, mom. You’re real good at this. Mmmmmmm. Yeah, suck it. Suck my cock, Mom.”
Her eyes open as she feels him pull her head towards him, sticking his cock deeper in her mouth. She looks up at him and sees his head laying back and his eyes closed. Her eyes go wide as he pulls her even further and shoves his cock into her throat. She realized that in his mind she was no longer his mother. She was just a mouth to be fucked to pleasure his big hard cock. As he holds her head in place with his strong hands, he fucks her face faster and harder, she starts to choke and gag on his thick cock. She brings her hands up to push his hips back so he couldn’t thrust so hard and deep. But, he is too strong for her and she quickly realized that he wasn’t even aware that she was resisting him. She then decides to relax and let him use her mouth. She brings her hands down and relaxes her head and throat.
Conor continues to pump his big hard cock into her mouth. She feels his balls slap her chin as he thrusts his cock deep into her throat. She could tell from his grunts that he is frustrated that he couldn’t get all of his cock into her mouth. It wasn’t from a lack of trying, but her mouth and throat simply weren’t big enough to take all of his monster cock.
She looks up and watches him, her son, as he pounds and thrusts his cock into her mouth. Using her face to pleasure himself, making her take his cock whether she choked or not. As he reaches his climax, he begins to grunt out obscenities. “Yeah, suck it. Take it. Take my cock. Mom. Take my cock, you little cocksucker. Fucking little cocksucking mommy slut.” Then he pulls her head into him as he thrusts his cock into her throat. As he yells out, she feels his hot cum shoot into her mouth. She didn’t taste it because his long cock was deep in her throat. Conor keeps cumming and cumming. She thought it would never end.
After he finishes emptying his balls into her mouth, Conor slowly pulls his long, wet cock out of her mouth. She then lets what she could not swallow drip from her mouth as she sits there on the floor panting and trying to catch her breath. He had been fucking her mouth for five minutes and she felt as if she had just run a marathon. Conor takes a step back and uses a towel to dry off the saliva and cum on his softening cock as Mom wipes her face and lips. He looks down at her apologetically and says, “Mom I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. You’re just so fucking hot. I could not help myself”. Mom looks up at him not know what to say and simply states with tears in her eyes: “It is okay baby”. With that see runs out of the bathroom.

Mom is taking on the phone with a girlfriend about a mutual friend that fucked her own son, this gets her a bit horny and later she starts masturbating, which her son conor sees.
That night he takes a shower when she gets back from the gym and slowly gets her to give him a bj ending with a cumswallow.

Part 2:

Later that night Mom is sitting at the kitchen table again drinking wine and browsing her phone, when Conor walks in and sees his Mom sitting there. Conor does not know what to say but before he can speak his Mom says: “Conor, please sit down. We need to talk.” She then proceeds to explain why what they did earlier was wrong. As his mother is speaking, Conor is looking at his mother with pure lust. Before she can finish her speech he simply takes her by the hand and pulls her up and kisses her passionately. She tries to push him away but either can’t or doesn’t want to. With that Conor says: “What is wrong with what we know we both feel.” He then, leads her to the bedroom without closing the door. As she stands in the middle of the room, not certain of what he wanted, Conor removes his clothes and sits on the edge of her bed. He smiles as he notices her staring at him resting back on her bed. He looks her up and down and says, “You don’t look too bad yourself, Mom. Why don’t you strip for me and show me what you’re hiding?”
She knows that she had to do it. After he forced her to take his huge cock down her throat and swallow all of his hot cum, she knew that he could easily rip her clothes off if he chose to. But, also, she realized that she wanted to do it. She wanted to show her son her body. She wanted to be naked in front of him and get him hard again. She wanted to see his long cock completely hard. She pulls her t-shirt over her head and tosses it onto the floor. Conor whistles when he sees her perky boobs in her bra. She then unbuttons and unzips her shorts and pushes them down over her hips. She lets them fall to her ankles and kicks them to the side. She stands there in front of her son wearing only her bra and panties. Conor then says: “Mom, you have the body of a 20 year old.” Conor begins to massaging his big cock as he leers at her body saying, “Please keep going. Take everything off.” She the reaches behind and unfastens her bra. Conor’s eyes went wide when he saw her boobs released from her bra. He licks his lips and strokes his cock as he stares at her erect nipples standing out before him. At this moment she realizes that she needs to gain some control. She then hooks her thumbs in her panties and pulls them down over her hips. She says: “So you like what you see baby. Mommy is getting you excited. You are such a little fucking pervert”. She then lets her panties fall to her ankles and kicks them over with her shorts. Conor grins wide when he sees her tight, shaved pussy. He stares at her pussy for a moment and says, “Now, show me your ass.” She turns around and puts her back to him. She looks seductively over her shoulder to see his reaction. She says: “Bet you will like Mommy’s ass”. He looks over her ass and hips and tells her to turn back around.
“Damn, Mom. You’ve got it all. A big set of tits for squeezing and sucking, a nice tight ass for gripping and slapping, and a shaved, little pussy for licking and fucking. Dad obviously doesn’t know what he’s got. Come here and let me get a closer look at you.”

As she steps closer to the bed, Conor sits up and puts his hands on her hips and pulls her closer to him. Her tits are now right in front of his face. He reaches up and massages and squeezes her soft breasts with his big strong hands. She cannot help but groan with pleasure when he rubs and pinches her erect nipples.
Conor looks up at her and says, “Hey, mom. Remember the last time I did this?” Then, he pulls one of her nipples to his mouth and licks it hard. His other hand slides around her back to her ass. As he sucks her nipple into his mouth, he squeezes and grips her round ass cheeks. He closes his eyes as his other hand moves around to squeeze both of her ass cheeks. She wraps her arms around his neck and runs her fingers through his hair as his mouth devours her soft tit flesh.
He takes her nipple out of his mouth and looks up at her. “Now for the real test.” Conor smiles up at her as he moves one hand around to her crotch and rubs his fingers over her shaved mound. “Nice and smooth. I don’t even want to know why you shaved your pussy. I just like it.” She instantly sucks in air as she feels him slide one finger up and down her tight, wet slit. She groans loudly as she feels him push his finger into her little hole. “, Mom. You’ve got a tight little pussy. And it’s so wet. You must be itching for some sex.” She says: “Mommy needs to be fucked good. Is her little boy man enough to do it”.
Conor stands up and pulls his finger out of her slit. He turns her around and sits her on the edge of the bed. Pushing her back to lay on the bed, he says, “Well, I think first it’s only right that I show my gratitude to what gave birth to me.” He then knells beside the bed between her spread legs. Pushing her thighs farther apart, he leans in and licks his tongue up and down her lips.
As Conor’s mouth and tongue work over her clit, he sticks one finger back inside her tight wet slit and pumps it in and out. She pants and gasps as she feels her pussy begin to twitch. She trembles as she groans out, “Oh yes, baby. Mmmmm. God, this feels good. Oh please, don’t stop. Keep eating me. Keep eating mommy’s pussy.” After her orgasm subsides she lays on the bed panting and dazed with her eyes closed. She is collapsed and completely spread out on the bed, her spread legs hung over the side of the bed. She was as sexually fulfilled as she had ever been in her life. And it was her son who had done it for her.

Conor stands up and says, “I’m glad you liked that, Mom. But, look at what I’ve got.” She opens her eyes and sees him standing beside the bed between her legs. His cock was completely hard again and standing out to it’s full thickness and length. He bends over and puts his hands under her arms and pushes her further up into the middle of the bed. She watches as Conor climbs on top of her. She feels his big, hard cock against her thigh as his body lies between her spread legs. She runs her hands over his chest and shoulders, loving the feel of his hard flesh against her hands. Conor reaches down between them and aims his swollen cock head against her wet slit. As he is about to enter his Mom, she says: “Let’s see if this man-sized dick can make Mommy cum.”
She gasps out loud as she feels him push his thick cock head into her tight hole and says, “Yes, baby, fuck Mommy good”. Her eyes close and she moans loudly as her son slowly pushes his big, thick cock all the way into her hot, tight pussy. As Conor fucks his Mom she begins to take more control and loses herself to her lust. “Come on Conor fuck your mother harder”. As she says that she slides her hands down to his strong ass and pushes his cock deeper into her. Just then Conor says: “Damn Mom you’re fucking tight!” Which to Mom responses: “Mommy has never had a dick this big.” After fucking missionary for a few moments, Mom pushes her son off her aggressively and makes him lay on his back, where she then proceeds to mount him.
She finally takes his length and girth and starts the familiar bucking back and forth of her hips. She leans forward on her thin son to kiss him and gives him a perfect view of a mom sliding up and down on her son’s thick long rod.
Mom starts to pick up the pace as she gets use to her son’s girth and she lets out an intense moan. Conor matches his moms thrust from underneath as he sucks her hard nipples.
“Fuck me! I’m your mother! Fuck me with that big dick! Fuck your mother NOW!” Mom screams
Mom sits up as Conor goes to work slamming his mom from underneath. Conor’s youthful body is like a jackhammer pumping in and out of his mother’s creamy pussy.
“Oh baby I’m gonna CUM!” Mom screams.
As she releases a barrage of loud moans Mom collapses on her son’s thin body for a moment and says:
“I’m usually done after one orgasm but your big cock has got mommy hot and bothered wanting more. Plus mommy wants to make that big dick cum again.”
Mom unmounts Conor’s engorged cream covered cock and turns around and lays on him 69-style. Mom instructs her son to:
“Lube mommy’s ass up with your tongue baby.”
As Conor is licking her ass Mom is sucking and slurping on his huge penis.
She then orders Conor: “Now gently fuck Mom’s ass with your finger baby.”
Several minutes pass as Mom moans and groans once again intensify.

Mom is upset about what happened but her son seduces her to the bedroom where he gets her to strip for him and then proceeds to eat her out. He then fucks her missionary, followed by cowgirl ending with a 69 bj…more to come in part 3.

Part 3:

Then suddenly Mom says: “Fuck me doggy. Fuck Mommy doggy, baby.” Mom is now spread out on all fours. Her ass on the end of the bed and up in the air. Conor is shoving his cock into his mother’s cunt doggy style.
After she’s re-accustomed to her son’s girth she guides his finger towards her asshole and instructs her son: “Fuck Mommy’s ass with one finger first then add another finger when I tell you.”
After a few minutes pass of Conor gently fucking his mother’s tight pussy and fingering her ass, Mom starts to hump back towards her son matching his strokes. She then moans out: “Ok, Mommy wants her son’s big dick in her ass now! Go slow..”
Conor slides his big cock out of her pussy and sets it against his Mom’s ass. Conor presses the head of his cock against his moms pink and tight ass hole and she slowly but steadily inches back towards him. While sliding back gripping her son’s love stick with her asshole Mom lustfully says: “Oh my God! You’re huge! Go easy, baby!” As Conor sinks deeper and deeper, Mom starts to pant louder and louder. Finally she has engulfed the entire length and girth of her son’s big cock into her ass. She says: “Ok, baby, fuck Mommy’s ass softly..”
Conor starts releasing his length out of his moms ass and right before the bottom tip of his head slowly inserts it back. These slow strokes between Mom and son continue for a bit and Mom tells her son to lube his dick up with some more spit. Conor slobbers up his dick and easily slides back in his Mom’s now gaping ass.
The pace picks up as Conor says “Mom your ass is so tight, I bet it’s never been fucked!” Mom pants back “You’d be surprised big boy!”
Mom moans grow louder as her son’s strokes grow harder and faster. Conor is now clasping each of his moms tits from underneath and using them to help thrust into her ass. Mom is now taking every inch of Conor. Once again Syren screams: “Fuck Mommy hard! Please fuck Mommy’s ass harder!”
Conor’s hips start gyrating at jackhammer speed again. His mother is spread out doggy-style and he’s in her ass. At the same time, Mom’s fingers find her pussy which she plays with as Conor’ fucks her ass hard.
Her moans are no longer moans and she is now screaming at the pleasure her son is giving her. Mom screams: “Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy Oh my God! Oh my God!”
Mom is now violently pounding back against her son’s hips with his dick plunged deep in her asshole, Mom’s fingers furiously rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. “Harder!” Mom demands! Conor slams back and forth against his mother’s petite body. Conor then screams “Oh Mom, Oh Mom!”
Syren pants back “Oh son! Oh Son. I love you!” Mom and son now are ruthlessly fucking each other in the most primitive state. Conor fucks his mother asshole screaming:
“Oh Mom I’m going to cum!” Mom screams loudly bucking her ass back against her son’s huge dick:
“Oh my God! You’re making Mommy cum too!” As soon as Conor hears his Mom’s cries of lust for him his legs start shaking and he unloads his hot young cum deep inside his mother’s ass.
Conor pulls his cock out of his mom’s ass and reveals a gaping hole that is dripping with cum.
They both collapse, out of energy and out of their sexual frenzy. Mom rolls into her son’s arms and kisses him passionately and says:
“That was the best. I’ve never came like that before.”
As they lay in each other arms and tell each other how much they love each other and how fantastic the sex was they are disrupted by the sound of the front door and Dad coming home! They quickly get out of bed. Mom screams at Conor: “Hurry! Get out of here! If your Dad catches us he’ll never understand”
Mom quickly puts on her robe as Conor runs out of the room. She lights a cigarette and takes a drag as she hears her husband say from the kitchen: “Hun? Are you up there is Conor with you?”
She says quickly as she puts out her cigarette: “Hi Hun! Be right down just changing!”
Under her breath she’s laughing as she says: “Our son was more then with me! He fucked me!”

Scene picks up from part 2, where her her son begins to fuck her doggy, spank her ass and also probe a few fingers in her ass, after a bit og that she lays on her side and he begins to fuck her ass thn thay move to thorough doggy anal fuck until he gives her an anal creampie.

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Your Irresistible Mother – Xev Bellringer HD

She wasn’t happy about having to sleep in the same bed as her grown son, but you were. It had been a long time since you were under the same covers as your mother, bodies touching, so warm, soft… and arousing. She had no idea you felt that way for her. She was far too exhausted from the trip to worry about all that, about how inappropriate it would be to lay next to her horny son in nothing but skimpy lingerie… To worry what you might do blinded by lust for her, convincing her to cuddle close against you as she fell asleep, slowly pulling the sheets off to expose her body. She would never know you jerked your cock over her, carefully opening her legs to look at that juicy pussy, fingering her, making her moan… did she know it was you? Did she WANT you to fuck her?? You couldn’t take it… Even if it risked her waking up… you would fuck your mother.

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Alyssa Reece – New and Hot POV Taboo 8 Vids in HD

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Spying On Mommy And Daddy Fucking HD

It’s late at night and your mom comes into your bedroom. “What was that all about?” she whispers, she doesn’t want your father to hear her. You pretend like you don’t know what she it talking about. “I heard you sneaking around, spying on your father and I. A boy shouldn’t be trying to peek at his own mother!” she says in a serious tone. You say that you’re sorry and it was a mistake. You feel stupid and your mother’s tone lightens and she says that it’s ok, that she’n not mad but it can’t happen again. You assure her that it won’t. “Now be honest, this isn’t the first time you’ve spied on your dad and I?” she stares right into your eyes. You try to deny it but she knows you do.”Do you beat off?”she asks. You tell her no, but she smiles “I wash your sheets, remember?” You feel embarrassed and your mother starts to comfort you. “Mommy wants to make you feel better baby, it’s not fair that mommy and daddy have all the fun while my poor baby is in his room alone feeling frustrated. It must be hard hearing the headboard banging against the wall night after night, hearing me moan, hearing me cum.” she says softly. She straddles you with her legs wrapped around your body. Your cock throbs against her. ” I have something to confess too. Sometimes when I’m fucking your father I imagine that it’s you fucking me instead. Fucking me with your young cock like your left depended on it.” Your mom takes down her night gown to show you her perfect perky tits. And she lifts the bottom go it to show you her wet pussy. Your rock hard cock is now only inches away from her slit. Pre cum glistens the head of your dick and your mom slowly starts to ride you. “I can’t believe my son’s cock is inside me, we have to be quiet so your dad doesn’t hear us. Your cock feels SO good in mommy’s pussy baby” You feel like you’re going to explode already but your mom can tell and she squeezes your balls and tells you not to cum yet, she says that mommy wants to cum first. She says she can fuck you slowly, as she goes up and down on your sensitive cock. “You’re going to make mommy cum baby,” she moans as she starts to cum all over your cock. You feel like you’re about to cum but you’re not sure if you’re allowed to yet and she slides off you and tells you that she wants to taste your cum, she wants you to cum in her mouth. She wants all of your cum. She wants to swallow it all.

Category: TABOO
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Phone Fun With Mom Pov HD

Mom is on the phone with dad. She is wearing tight pants and a long sleeve top and isn’t very made up. She stands holding a bowl of strawberries with her back to her son. Son sneaks up behind and squeezes her ass. She spins around, shocked and incredulous. “Hey!” She is surprised but playful. “I’m on the phone with your father! Sorry, honey, our mischievous son just about gave me a heart attack..yeah..I you think he’s too old to spank?” She says jokingly. “Hahaha, no he’s been good since you’ve been gone..everything a mother could ask for!” She playfully sticks her tongue out at him,like a . Mom pulls her pants down and moons her son and smiles. Shaking her ass at him flirtatiously as if to say ‘look what you can’t have.’ She pulls her pants back up and sits on the couch and her soon sits down on the same couch and mom puts her feet on his lap. She continues talking to dad, “How are they treating you over there?” She starts to rub her feet on son’s crotch and starts to eat her strawberries. “Oh I can imagine, it must be SO hard for you over there…yeah I bet it is!” She rubs at her son’s erection with her foot. She holds a strawberry at her while she looks at her son. “Well if I were you I would shove it all in my mouth the first chance I got…” She licks the strawberry like a cock head and sucks on it. “Mmmm I would. (Sarcastically) Well it’s been an exciting week over here. Our son just finished his exams, Yeah..that’s right..really? You think I should be harder on him?” She squeezes her tits together with her hands and then pulls the front of her shirt down. ” I don’t know..I’m his mother..Is that really my job? Yeah..that’s right..” She sits up and straddles her son. ” Don’t you remember being that age?” She puts her breasts in front of her son’s face. ” All that pent up energy..the hormones.. you want me to get on him about that don’t you? I guess…If you think I should.” She reaches down and starts fondling his crotch.

Category: TABOO

Son Fucks Mommys Ass Pov HD

Mom comes in after a workout and she sits down to talk to her son for a minute. Son asks if he can work out with her sometime. Mom is surprised and says sure but teases him asking if it would be uncool to work out with his old mom. Son says no because she is hot. Mom is taken back by this but says thank you. “I guess I should shower and get started with dinner now” she says to her son. Son tells mom that he wants to take her from behind. Mother tells her son that he is not being funny. Son says that he isn’t joking and starts to touch her breasts and climbs on top of her. “Get off of me! What are you doing?! I’m your MOTHER!” Son easily overpowers his mom and starts to take her clothes off. He turns her over and starts to touch her ass and pussy. He says he wants to put his hard cock in her ass. “This is wrong! You can’t do this to me! I’m your mom. This isn’t normal!” Son ignores her and slowly puts his cock into her ass. Contains:Mommy/Son, Ass Spreading,Simulated Sex, Doggy, & Anal.

Anal w/A Brush And Extreme Close Ups HD

I like putting different things in my ass and seeing how they feel. I’m going to use one of my make up brushes to fuck my ass with today. There are lots of asshole close ups and ass spreading in different angles in this clip.So if you like asshole penetration close ups you will LOVE this clip! I also use my fingers in my ass and I have a really intense orgasm at the end

Dirty Loads With Mom HD

Mom is doing laundry as son approaches. She is surprised to see him right behind her.Oh hi sweetheart, I didn’t see you there. I’m just putting another load in before I start dinner she says.She turns back to the washing machine and son grabs ahold of mom’s ass. Hey! Mom turns to face him.What do you think you’re doing?Son reaches for her boobs but she slaps his hand when he touches her. Stop that! I’m your mother for god sakes! You can’t touch me like that. Don’t laugh. This isn’t a joke.She turns around to fold the clothes on the dryer. Son grabs her from behind and pushes her down on the clothes she’s folding. He starts aggressively rubbing her pussy over top of her pants with his hand.What are you…? Let go of me! Do you hear me? Son pulls down her shorts and panties to reveal her hot pussy. No! Honey, I’m your mother! You can’t…He spits on his hand and rubs her little pussy. Please! …You can’t…. Your father is upstairs, he’ll hear.Son holds her hair in one hand while he rubs her pussy with the other. She starts to moan.This isn’t right… You’re my son… I can’t…Son pulls out his cock and his mom sees it. No, no no no… You have to stop… I’ll do anything but you have to stop, honey!He rubs his cock between her bare ass cheeks. I’ll rub it for you! If that’s what you want – mommy can jerk you off. Just don’t put it in me okay? I can’t fuck my own son… I can’t. Please baby, let mommy jerk you off. Please!He spreads her cheeks to look at her pussy and asshole. I’m serious… I’ll make you cum! You can cum all over me, wherever you want, just like those videos on your computer. But you can’t do this! I’m your mother!He starts to push his cock into her pussy and fuck her.Uhgh! You can’t…. this is wrong. It’s ….Uhhh… fuck. I can’t believe this is happening. Your father… He… is upstairs and…. ohhh… This is illegal… it’s just wrong… You’re my son…. I’m your mom. We’re not supposed to do this.He turns her around and lifts her up onto the washing machine. He pulls up her shirt and puts his cock back inside her.You’re sick (she whispers through her grunts and moans), you know that? You’re perverted… Is this what you want? Fucking mom in the laundry room while dad watches the game upstairs… Is this your sick fantasy? Uhgh… You little …. you fucking… little bastard… I think… I think you’re gonna make mommy cum…He grabs her throat and her veins bulge. Her face turns red and her eyes roll back a little…. She lets out a strained, choked whisper I’m cummmming…..He lets go of her throat and she cums loud and hard. Oh my God! … Holy ! Holy…. ! You made mommy cum… My baby boy made me cum… This is insane….He starts fucking her faster and faster.Oh my God… Don’t cum in my okay? Please whatever you do… You can fuck me again… whenever you want… I’ll suck your dick, I’ll do anything just don’t cum in me… I can’t let my baby cum inside me… Come on… pull it out…. wouldn’t you rather cum on mommy’s tits?? The tits you used to suck on…These tits you fantasized about all your life… wouldn’t you rather cover them in your cum? Or maybe my face? Unghh, it’s so fucking dirty, come on…. cum on my face baby…or…do you want to cum in mommy’s mouth? (She is desperate, pleading. Trying to be somewhat seductive she opens her mouth sticks out her tongue.) I want to taste you… please son… give me your cum… you can fuck my my mouth if you want, you can cum in my throat… you can make mommy swallow every drop…. just give it to me… please…He pulls out and pushes her to her knees. She opens her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out.That’s it, cum in mommy’s mouth!He jerks himself off onto her tongue and her face.I can’t believe you made me that…. Do you feel good about yourself? You’ve turned your mother into a whore. What if your father had walked down here?

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Giantess Alyssa Makes You Her Panty Pet HD

I love shrinking men and using them as my playthings. You look like fun, what should I do with you? I could squeeze you with my tits. Would you like that? No? Or I could squish you with my pussy lips? I could just sit on you, or maybe I should just swallow you. Ooh I have an idea, why don’t you start jerking off that little dick for me? Wow it’s hard already, if I didn’t know better I would say you like being toyed with. Watching you stroke that tiny dick is making me horny, why don’t you make your little tongue useful and lick my clit? Can you handle that? Maybe if you’re good at it, I will keep you around. Mm that feels good, I think I will put you in my panties so that you can lick my pussy while I run my errands today. Contains: Giantess,Shrinking Fetish, POV, & Pussy Close Ups.

Extreme Close-ups Giantess POV Shrinking Fetish

Seducing My Boss Virtual Sex HD

Alyssa and you are on a business trip and you’re really upset with her for the way she deal with a client. She comes into your hotel room and wants to make it up to you. She pleads and tells you to not worry and that she can fix this. After all, she is VERY good at her job. She says you need to relax and take your mind off of work for once. She starts to undress and starts to touch your cock through your pants. She takes it out and gives you a hand job and then she straddles you with her soaked panties still on. She asks if you want to fuck her? She slowly starts to ride your throbbing cock…


Anal Tease Ass Licking HD

There is something that you have begging me to let you do to my ass. You have wanted me to let you suck my asshole. I am going to let you do what you have wanted to do for so long, how does it look? Bring your lips right here, this is where you are going to suck and lick. Watch me put my finger in my ass and spread it so you can really taste it. This clip has a lot of ass close ups. Contains: Ass Sucking, Asshole Fetish, & Sensual Femdom.

Ass Eating Ass Licking Ass Spreading Asshole Fetish


Mothers and Sons (2017)



Category: All Sex , Fetish , MILF
Starring: Alyssa Lynn, Anthony Rosano, India Summer, Syren De Mer, Brandi Love, Vanilla Deville, Chad Alva, Nikki Daniels, Xander Corvus, Bruce Venture, Lauren Phillips, Cherie DeVille, Brad Tyler, Logan Pierce, Kendra Lust, Chad White, Maci Maguire, Damon Dice
Release Date: 11/30/2017
Kendra Lust, India Summer, Cherie De Ville, Brandi Love and more stepson seducers are here to push the boundaries of sexual taboo and family relations. So get ready to take notes because this 2-disc set has all lessons you need on how to bang your hot stepmom!

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Mistress T – Cum Twice for MILF MOM’s Big Ass HD

You desperately want to fuck your own sexy MILF Mother, as wrong as it is. Her ass & legs drive you crazy, especially when she’s wearing pantyhose, and she knows it. She teases you about your naughty, forbidden desires & challenges you to show her that you’d be worthy. She’s an experienced highly-sexed woman & has high standards for her lovers.
She encourages you to pump your dick hard with a pocket pussy while instructing you to “inhale” repeatedly a substance that enhances your sexual pleasure & gives you a head rush.
Your first orgasm is encouraged quickly as she uses her ass like a weapon, fanning your flames of desire. With no break she orders you to keep going to have a 2nd orgasm. She wants to see that you’ll be able to please her, that you’ll be able to cum & cum again…

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Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, POV, Jerk Off Instruction, Cheating, Wife, Stockings, Female Domination

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