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Andi James – Mom Helps with My College Application or Photos of Mom HD

Scene One: Photos of mom

I’ve always wanted to go to photography school. Filling out applications I become frustrated. “I don’t know what to do” I tell my mom. All these schools are asking for a portfolio of work using models and I don’t have anything. Mom gives me a smile and tells me that she will be my model if I really need it. “Thanks mom” I say and take some photos of her.

The next day and I’m freaking out a bit. The college I really want to attend requires nude photos in their submitted portfolio. With a bit of hesitation mom agrees and starts to take off her clothes. This is for her son’s future, she tells herself. She poses and spreads her legs for her son’s snapping camera. Embarrassment and humiliation are hidden behind a smile that she will do anything for her son.

Scene Two: Just the tip Mom

I’ve just gotten back and email saying that the photos were not up to their standards. They were boring and poorly shot. If I want to attend their prestigious school I will have to do something powerful and bold in my work. I suggest to my mom that we take a more sexual photo shoot. With a deep sigh she says “Let’s do it, if it means you getting into college”

Stripping off her clothes I lay on the bed and take photos. Hiding her emotions of shame mom does her best to give a sexy blowjob for the camera. Laying back she spreads her legs and I press the tip of my cock against her warm wet pussy. Shivers run up my spine as mom tells me to keep going. Slowly my dick slides in and out of her, making me feel so dirty and so fucking horny all at the same time. I control myself and run out of the room to upload the photos, trying to clear my head of these dirty thoughts.

Scene Three: For my son’s education

I come back to my room to see my mom still naked on my bed. “You’re not dressed yet?” I ask nervously. I’ve heard back from the college that the photos look posed and not passionate enough. Still not good enough to be admitted. “Let’s give them what they want” mom says with a smile. She’s so hot and horny that she doesn’t care about the photos anymore. “You’ve got me all worked up” She giggles.

Putting my cock into her mouth she sucks the hardest cock she’s had in years. “Oh honey” She moans as my dick presses inside her. I fuck her, taking photos of her lust filled eyes. She’s so close to cumming as my cock rams into her. “You’re so good at this, oh my god” She says in uncontrolled passion. Her pussy tightens as she cums making me shoot my load deep inside her. Cum drips out of her tight pussy and I take one final photo of my mom tasting her cream pie. “Anything for you” She says.

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REAL 45 Years Old Mother and Son Incest Video in HD With Sound!

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Mindi Mink – Mom Wants To Have Your Baby HD

Your Mom Mindi has been wanting a baby and you can’t believe at her age she is serious. She says it will give her purpose in life again and your Dad is hardly ever home to make it happen. You get confronted by her and she tells you that she knows you stole her panties and that she is sure you must fantasize about having sex with her. She found all the MILF porn you watch on your computer and she isn’t mad at all. In fact she explains her desire for having a baby and how you are a perfect specimen to give her what she wants. You are smart, good looking, and have young, strong sperm at your age. She takes off her robe and reveals your favorite color of lingerie…..she seduces you into the idea by taking off her bra and telling you to go ahead and touch her.

You can’t help yourself by getting a big hard on and she tells you to remove your boxers. She takes off her panties and says you can keep these ones as a remembrance of your special day together. She reaches over and feels how hard you are and gives you a blow job to get started. It feels amazing and you can’t deny wanting to take it further. She explains that she is ovulating right now and needs your sperm. She has you get on top and tells you to make sure you go as deep as possible inside of her wet pussy. While you are fucking her the phone rings and its your Dad….she tells you not to stop, so you dont. She hangs up with Dad and has a big orgasm all over your hard cock and you cum inside her at the same time.

Category: TABOO
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CrazyDad SiteRip contains 37 Comics Complete
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Reagan’s stepson is spending the afternoon alone with his girlfriend. Instead of paying attention to her, he’s just playing Fortnite. Horny and bored out of her skull, she tries grabbing his Junk Junction but he does not budge. She gets serious and grabs his belt and pulls out his cock to suck on it. He’s enjoying a good old BJ when his stepmom enters the house catching them in the act. Reagan can’t just let this one slide, She can’t watch her beloved stepson being blown by a young bimbo without intervening. She scolds them, asking him to remove her pants and panties, she’s about to show this bitch who’s the queen of this house. Blowing him right in front of his girlfriend, she bosses her around, asking her to eat her pussy so she’s wet and ready to fuck her boyfriend. Without any other use for her, she throws her out of the house so she can have her stepson all for herself. She sits on his Shifty Shaft, sliding it right into her Greasy Grove. It’s a one on one battle that can only finish in a victory royale for him as he shoots his load all over his stepmom’s face and huge tits.

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My Mother, The Nudist HD 1080p

My mother has always been such a free spirit, so much so that she has been a nudist my entire life. When I was young, it wasn’t really weird at all. She always explained to me nudity is natural, especially nudity around family. As I get older though can’t help but notice her body more and more and think of her differently now. She even does yoga in the living room nude, bending over and everything. Doesn’t she know it’s driving me crazy?

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Natalie Wonder – Mother and Son POV Taboo 4 Amateur Incest Vids 2 in HD 2 in SD

Mommy Caters To All Her Cute Little Baby’s Needs HD

Mommy’s coming…don’t worry baby. Here I am. Mommy’s right here. Awww my sweet little baby. I heard your cries from down the hall. You want your mommy, don’t you. Look at those big eyes looking up at me. Are you hungry? Anything for my little baby. Mommy loves you so much. You look so warm & snug in that little blankie of yours. Mommy caters to all your needs…and then you fulfill mommy’s needs too. Mmmmm so cute. Mommy wants to give you kisses all over…on your little hands….your little legs…little feet…other places too. You want to show mommy your little package? Awwwww I think you do. Let me see those cute little privates. You get kissies & suckies. Mommy’s going to fuck you. Uh oh, did mommy just say that? Awww you getting excited! Your little penis is growing! Oh my…mommy’s lil man. Shhhhh don’t try & wiggle away…mommy’s in full control. I want to rub myself all over you…mmmm mommy’s going to fuck you like a good mommy should.

A Mother and Son’s Conniving Appetites HD

Guess what sweetie. Your little sister just got her period for the first time. Her body is really going through some changes now. I wasn’t expecting it so soon. She’s still young. She was so scared. She called me into the bathroom & pulled down her cute pink panties (the ones you bought her). There was red on them. I saw a glimpse of her pussy and it looked so yummy. Mommy can’t help herself. Such a pretty girl. I know you & I both share a special type of affection for her. Nobody knows about this naughty secret we share & partake in together. Your father is leaving again tonight. It will be the three of us, alone. Maybe tonight you can show your little sister how to insert a tampon into her little pussy. I’ll hold her to make sure she sits still for you. If the tampon doesn’t help maybe your cock will feel better. You can experience what it’s like to fuck her while she’s on her period. Mmmmm her tight little red cunt will be so lubricated. It might get messy, but that’s okay. Mommy will clean everything up & wash her bedsheets. She’ll be especially horny. Secretly, as much as she fights it, she loves being our dirty little whore. She’s napping now, which is good. She’ll need to save her energy for later.

Mommy’s Offering

Hey sweetie. Have you thought about what we talked about earlier? Our plans for tomorrow? You’re on board, right? Mmmmm good. You know you’re mommy’s number one boy. You are so special to me & you know I love you more than her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s my daughter & I love her but you have an extra special place in mommy’s heart. It’s just the three of us now since dad left so we need some quality bonding time. It may not be conventional but I know it’ll bring the three of us closer. She has no choice otherwise. Your sister is going to be our little slut of a play toy from now on. Mommy will make sure of it. I want you to give it to her real good. Make your whore sister moan in pleasure as you fuck her tight pussy deep. And if she fights, mommy will make sure to hold her down. I’m much stronger than her. I want my boy to enjoy his sister in any way he wants, right sweetie? I know you want to. I want to watch you do all kinds of dirty things to her whore body. Mommy will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Satisfying My Boy’s Cock Brings Mommy The Greatest Joy In Life

There…all tucked into bed. You sure you don’t need anything else baby? Okay, what else…? Anything for you. Oh baby, why don’t you just rub one out when I leave the room? You’re getting a little older now though, are you sure you want mommy to do it? Well I don’t mind. You’re growing into a very handsome boy. Mommy would never turn down any sexual favors you ask of me. It’s wonderful to have this special close bond with my boy. You come to me for anything. How horny are you tonight baby. oh my…VERY horny…and VERY hard I see. You can’t help yourself when mommy is so close to you like this. My soft tits barely covered by my skimpy top. Mommy’s sweet loving, yet sexy voice. The way I care for you. The way I tease you & make you crazy with sexual desire right before I tend to your needs. And tonight mommy knows you need a big, strong release…right into my mouth. I want to suck your cock baby. Mmmm feel my warm mouth wrap around your dick…kissing it…licking it…stroking it…sucking on your balls so full with cum…a loving mom but also your cum hungry whore. This is what mommy was meant to do. Satisfying my boy gives me the greatest joy in life.

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Ms Vivian Leigh – Amateur Mother And Son 3 Vids in POV 4K HD

Cum to Mommy HD

Mommy found what you’ve been doing on your computer. Downloading her pictures, looking at her videos. Have you been touching yourself? Bad boy. You really shouldn’t jerk off to Mommy, but what you definitely shouldn’t do is cum, thinking about Mommy. Once you cross that line, you’re going to feel very… very dirty. But you’re going to keep doing it aren’t you? More and more, until you become completely obsessed. So I am going to hold your hand while we fast forward through all the short edging sessions and take you right to the brink of sin. Mommy is going to tease you, get your cock hard, and then encourage you, suggest that you…. coerce you to cum. You know that it’s wrong but I promise, my dear, you will never stop thinking about it until it consumes you entirely. I don’t want that to happen so I am going to entice you, convince you to be as dirty as possible. I am going to coerce you to cum to Mommy

Worship Mommy’s Swollen Tits And Pits HD

All the changes in Mommy’s body fascinate you. She calls you in to talk about your feelings because she has taken notice to how you watch her, how you are enamored with her swollen belly, tits and her amazing Goddess body. Her nipples swollen with pregnancy, her belly big and round. She gives you a tour of her body and you stop, fixated on her swollen armpits. She lets you worship them. She explains how her huge breasts are preparing to be full of milk, and the swelling continues to her armpits. You can’t take your eyes off them. Her breasts remember the warm breath of your lips. She draws you closer to her as they start to pour milk, drawing you in

Ryan’s Custom 2 in 4k HD

This is a custom I filmed for my very special boy. He use to be an alpha who loved worshiping my Goddess body, but I have transformed him into a beta who is ready for chastity. Yay! Okay, I was thinking of another 10 minute clip, similar to last time, in which you would oil your body while the camera is angled upward again. This time, maybe we could do some roleplay, in that it turns out that after you woke me up at the end of the last clip, we had some fun, you got pregnant, and I’m the father. In this clip, you can wake me up again, softly, and break the news that I’m fathering your . You oil yourself up and tell me to stroke, but as a punishment for not pulling out, you tell me that I’m going to have to cum on my own face. Hopefully that sounds like fun

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Kenna Valentina – You Can Only Cum In Mommy HD

Good, you’re still up. I know you’ve had a long day. Your girlfriend was over for quite sometime, and I feel like we need to have a little.. chat. I know you two are engaging in sexual activity.. and that’s fine.. but what worries me is I checked every trash can in the whole house and I didn’t find any used condoms or condom wrappers..

Just in case you’re not quite sure how to use it, I’m going to show you how to use a condom properly. I brought something in to demonstrate on for you.

Mommy doesn’t mind if you want to have sex with other girls.. but you can only keep your semen in the family. It’s precious. And it’s only for me.

Kenna enters her “son”‘s bedroom after his girlfriend has left. She crawls onto the bed and gives an impromptu sex ed lesson about condom use through use of a dildo before noticing her “son” getting aroused. She tells you that the condom stuff is only for non-family members and proceeds to mount you and ride your cock until you come inside of her. There’s a cut in the video and she displays a bit of fake cum dripping out of her pussy.

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Karen Fisher – Mom Teaches Her Son Confidence HD

Part 1

Karen has always wanted the best for her Ricky, she sees him moping on the couch and sits down to talk to him. He is awkward about telling her what is wrong, but, him and his girlfriend had sex and…well he doesn’t think he did very well. Karen can see her son’s confidence is crushed, so she helps him get it back

Category: TABOO
Keywords: 18 & 19 yrs old

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Part 2

Rickey’s mom has given him a real boost in confidence, but, now she wants to improve his skills so she leads him into her room. Rickey is a little nervous but mom knows best and guides him

Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Chubby, POV, Cheating, Wife, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Titty Fuck, Cum in Pussy, Creampie

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