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Xev Bellringer – A Hard Situation HD

Your mother was undressing in front of you… right then, in this tiny dressing room. She was in such a hurry to try on the assorted lace panties and bras before the store closed. You caught glimpses of her voluptuous curves, her swinging breasts, and even… her pussy. But she didn’t realize that you were interested in all of that. She didn’t notice your growing, hardening cock as she shimmied her big butt into tight little panties, constantly asking your opinion. Or when her big boobs bounced when she adjusted each bra… your mother had no clue how turned on you were.
Not until it was time to go. She asked you to hand her some clothes, but you were busy hiding the boner in your pants. Of course your mother would make you show her, and of course she’d insist you think about something less… provocative. To not STARE at her body in that lingerie… but it was no use. If fact, your erection got even bigger. So your mother took matters into her own hands. She grabbed your throbbing cock and hurriedly began stroking it.
Those store employees couldn’t see your erection. They couldn’t know that you wanted your own mother. She just had to get rid of it. Even if it meant getting on her knees and swallowing your cock over and over again, pulling her breasts out of that push-up bra so you could touch, grab, and squeeze them, just to make yourself finish. Your mother was determined… she’d do ANYTHING it took just to make her boy cum… to make your erection go away. Even if it meant straddling you… and fucking you until you came inside of her…

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My Sleeping Son HD

Your wearing a skirt and stockings. You just came home from work and you find your son sleep in his bed. You check on him in his room and see he is half covered under the covers. You go to cover him but cant resist his cock. You decide to give him a blow job but you are afraid of his reaction if you were to wake him. You softly get in the bed and you give him a slow blowjob using only your mouth no hands. Keep your mouth wrapped around his cock and only use your tongue to caress his cock with only slight head movement. Do this until he cums in your mouth and keep your mouth wrapped around his cock until he is done cumming.

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Beach Oddity – Mother and Son Taboo!

Beach Oddity
19 pages

Beach Oddity.rar
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Mommy Jessica – 24/7 Diapers for the PantsWetter! HD

Now you’ve really done it! You wet your pants AGAIN! We are late for a very important function because you couldn’t HOLD IT. Now I have to find you new clothes cause you can’t dress yourself! You know what, I’m tired of this, you don’t act like a grown man AT ALL. I have to take care of everything and I’m DONE with it, do you understand.
If you wanna just piss your pants and have accidents all the time, I’m gonna make you my adultbaby! That’s right, and the first step is putting you in diapers 24/7! I’m tired of you pissing in your pants and your underwear! Look at my diaper bag! It has everything I could want for my new adultbaby. As I pull out all the goodies I am shocked to find your big cock is HARD, what am I supposed to do with that? I can’t put you in your new diaper with your cock hard, I guess Mommy will have to take care of THAT too!

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Mother Needs A Sign – Jodi West HD

720p HD VERSION . Jodi has been beside herself trying to figure out how to help he son Trey. He has been in a coma for quite a while now, and the doctor is telling her if things don’t improve, they will have to make some hard decisions. She knows what that means, so she will try anything to get a reaction from him so they don’t pull the plug.

Once she starts talking to him about their time together, he starts to get an erection! Is this the sign she is looking for to show he is not brain ? If she can talk to him and he gets an erection, can his mother stroking him get him to ejaculate? That would be a sure sign that Trey is still in there.

Mother lays on the dirty talk as she strokes her son, getting more and more of a reaction, until she finally has her son squirt for her. This must mean there is hope for her son after all. The doctor rushes in when Jodi yells for him. This is the most amount of brain activity we have seen to date. “What ever you are doing or saying to him, keep it up” What will she do next to her comatose son to get him to finally wake up? Only time will tell…


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Mom Needs To Be Fucked Right FULL VERSION HD

Hey. I fuck my mom. Neat.

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Mother and Son Taboo From A TV Show

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Dana Vespoli – Dana Vespoli in My Step Mom Seduced Me HD

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Cory Chase in Summer Time with Mother HD

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Cory Chase in Punishing Mother HD

Scene One: Thief

Do not drink The bottle says in the fridge. But it’s hot and there’s nothing else Cory wants to drink so she gives it a try. It’s delicious. Drinking more, she feels the heat of the day coming back to her, making her sleepy. She looks at the drink one last time before passing out.

Why am I tied to my chair!… wait what are you doing! What is that! Cory screams her son slowly sliding a cold hard metal butt plug into her tight ass. Her eyes go wide and her mouth opens in shock from her son’s violation of her body. Why is he doing this! She thinks. He unzips in front of her. She tries to keep her lips closed but he pushes his hard cock into her mouth and makes her gag on it.

He spins the chair around and continues to punish her, fucking her ass. Not even her husband fucks her ass and now her son is using her. Baby please, how could you do this? She says to him moaning from his cock. He spins her back around to suck on his dirty cock before fucking her ass again.

After using her body, he shoots his big load all over her pleading face. Is this all because I drank your juice? She asks. He makes her drink more of the knock out juice mixed with the cum on her lips and she again, shame all over her face.

Scene Two: Breeding mom

Cory wakes up tied up on her bed. She opens her eyes to her son’s cock in her face. What are you doing? She manages to get out before the dick goes in. Her large breasts heave up and down, the cock drilling into her throat.

His cock soaking wet and hard slides into Cory’s pussy. Helpless and powerless Cory can only moan at the best fuck she’s ever gotten. Please haven’t you already cum today She says trying not to enjoy her son’s dick. He slaps her ass and fucks her pussy raw before giving her a huge cream pie. Please untie me, I can’t have your baby, you’re my son! She screams before he funnels more juice into her mouth knocking her out until her son wants her again.

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Cory Chase in Your First Escort HD

Scene One: All weekend

I’m very happy you and I get to finally meet. We’ve been talking for so long on the phone that it’s nice you can drive all this way to see me. Do you like what you see? I wore something that I thought you would like. I talk about my latest movie, did you get a chance to watch it? Getting gang banged by 10 men. It turns me on just thinking about it. Having so many cocks filling me and cumming on me, one after another after another. Cumming on my face and feeling the warm cum glazing my face. Tasting and swallowing all the cum.

I want you to give me all your cum. We can have the entire weekend together, just you and me. Just sit on the bed and let me give you a strip tease. I want you to fuck me all weekend and cum where ever you want on me. I unzip you and release your cock while I strip. I’m going to give you the whole porn star experience. Pressing my big breasts against your face, letting you lick my perfect sensitive pussy. That feels so good.

Can I suck you now? I want to suck that big hard cock. I lay you down on the bed and worship your cock. We have all weekend, so I slowly and lovingly tease you. We’re going to do it all, all weekend long. I’m going to milk these balls dry. Can you handle me?

Scene Two: Rinse and repeat

Stick that hard cock inside of me. I’m so wet and horny from sucking you and stripping for you. I want to be the best escort for you. Oh fuck that feels so good, I want you to fuck me good and hard. I love having your cock inside of me. Your dream come true, fucking me and making me moan.

Now just relax and let me ride you. That’s it, lay down and let me get on top of you. I will do all the work, you just enjoy the feeling of my pussy sliding up and down you. Do you like watching my beautiful tight body fucking you? I moan and grind away on you.

Do you want to fuck my beautiful ass? I spread my legs for you and let you plow my ass. Fuck that feels amazing, so deep in my ass. I rub my pussy and cum while you fuck me. Oh god I want to taste that cum so bad, I want to taste that cum from your cock. Pour your cum all over my face and open mouth. That’s it I know you’ll do it for me. A huge creamy cum shot shooting all over me. Look at all that cum, it feels so good on my face. You taste so good baby. I’m going to be your little cum dumpster this weekend and milk you dry. Let’s go downstairs and have a drink before doing it all over again.

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Cory Chase in MILF DP HD

n’t cum too quick” Mom whispers, sucking her sons cock. They invited the younger brother over to give Cory the ride of her life and she keeps her oldest son happy while they wait, thinking about getting double stuffed like a porn star whore.

Mom sucks on the new cock while begging and moaning to be fucked. She has two hard cocks to play with and lets them do whatever they want to her tight body. Fucking her mouth, fucking her pussy and drilling her tight little ass. She is the perfect slut in every way. Two dicks fuck her at the same time, DPing her until she’s a cumming moaning mess. at good boyshe whispers .They take turns fucking her tight ass and cumming deep inside of her humiliating hole. Cum oozes out of her and she’s in heaven after being fucked silly. A must watch for Cory fans, it shows off all her skills.

Category: MILF
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