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REAL Incest Collection 164!

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Alice Merchesi – Daddy’s Little Angel HD MP4

A loving Father spends time alone with his perfect little girl….

***Starring Alice Merchesi***

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Tiffany Watson – Stepdaughter Reprogrammed MP4 Optimum

Tiffany is a spoiled bitch with no respect for her stepdad. She does what she wants, when she wants, looking how she wants, and all with his money. With mom out of town, Tiffany is even more rebelious, threatening to tell her mom about how he looks at her in what barely qualifies as clothes. She tells him that if he says “please” she’ll listen, but when he caves and says it, she just brushes it off and heads out to party all night with her slutty friends. He’s had enough. She said “please” would get her to obey, and he’s going to hold her to her word.

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Petite Teen Begs Daddy to Cum while getting Fucked in the Ass!

This. This is one of the hottest homemade videos I’ve ever seen. It starts off with this super hot teen who has a perfectly round ass crawling over to her daddy dom and sucking his cock. She sucks his cock and whimpers a whole lot. Without saying much more, they transition to the front of the bed and he starts fucking her tight pussy. She asks when he’s going to fuck her ass and then she whimpers like a the little teen she is when he shoves his cock up her ass. Her sounds are amazing. At one point she BEGS TO CUM and it’s amazing. He fucks her ass for a little while, switching positions and then I’m pretty sure he cums in her ass and makes her lick it off in the end. Hot video.

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Meana Wolf – Toe To Toe HD

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Your girlfriend’s daughter Meana is quite the handful. She often wanders around the house wearing inappropriate clothing and saying overtly suggestive things. She’s flirted with you on more than one occasion…but she’s only eighteen…and she’s your girlfriend’s daughter. You’ve been trying your best to be a good role model for her…but she’s relentless. Tonight the two of you are home alone…she’s just come back from dance class and you can’t help but stare at her as she stretches in her room. Her young, supple little body is so alluring…and her sexual confidence is obvious. She tells you to come into her room…she flat out asks you if you want to fuck her. You want to do the right thing…you tell her no. She’s clearly angry…but she promises to be good if you just massage her tired feet. Once those perfectly painted little toes are in your hands you feel your cock start to rage. She knows it too. She runs her perfect arches along the seem of your shorts and feels your swollen cock with her feet. She knows exactly how to seduce you now. But it’s all a game to her. She likes getting fucked by her mother’s boyfriends…and then she likes to throw it in her mother’s face. So she flat out tells you, “You can fuck my feet as hard as you want… my toes…rub your cock into my arches. I’ll foot fuck your cock so hard you’ll never forget it…but first I want your bare cock balls deep in my pussy”. Her perfect little toes are calling you…you can’t stop yourself. Her little body is so flexible she lifts her foot up to her face and licks her toes right before your eyes…you can’t stop yourself. You pull her leotard over to the side and jam your cock deep into her little pussy. She gasps and moans in the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that she always wins. She then proceeds to make you fuck her silly before she jerks off your cock with her perfect fucking feet. xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your Girlfriend’s daughter Meana seduces you into fucking her pussy, her mouth, and her flawless feet. Her pink toenails drive you absolutely crazy as they rub the head of your dick and expertly stroke your shaft. You fuck her toes so hard you explode with cum everywhere. She licks the cum off her toes and says “damn…you taste good.”

Meana Wolf seduces you POV style with a foot tease, followed by some doggy and missionary, ending with a long footjob and a big load. Great dirty talk throughout.

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I Have Raised A Little Whore – Olivia Kassidy HD

This is wrong daddy! This is weird. You shouldn’t be touching me like this. No one ever has before, and it feels so good, but you’re my father. Ok maybe just this once…

TIME: 28:57

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Daddy Is Watching HD

Daddy Is Impatient HD

Daddy Is Hard At Work HD


Lucie Cline – A Very Taboo Milking HD

She may have just turned 18, but she still lives in your house… which means she follows your rules.

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Confessing to Daddy about the Neighbors – Bettie Bondage HD

You walk into your daughter’s room and see her splayed out on the bed, with her cute little ass plugged up, but she seems so sad! You’ve always been so open with your daughter, so you ask her what’s wrong. She starts telling you about the neighbors…you already know all this, because your neighbor came to you to tell you all about it right after it happened…but you want to hear it from her mouth. You can’t believe how hard you’re getting, how hot she looks as she tells you all about how ashamed she feels, about how she took cock in all her holes. You can’t help it, you make her lie down at the edge of the bed and tell you all about it as you finally sink you fat cock into her cunt. You’ve fantasized about this often since your neighbor told you about how much of a slut she is, how much she loves cock…and she’s right! Even though she keeps telling you to stop fucking her little cunt, you can tell she loves it. She whimpers and whines around your dick as she tells you every dirty detail. It’s all you can do to keep from busting inside her – and in fact, that sounds so inviting, you make her beg for your cum until you cream all over her pink cunt lips, fucking your load inside her as she tells you that her cunt belongs to Daddy now.

This is a custom commission based on one of my series! Do you have a cool idea for a custom? Get in touch about it!


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Bratty Daughter – Cum for Kymberly Jane HD

Kymberly Jane is back in town. Your wild thing of a daughter is taking some time of college and will be home for as long as her mom lets her, and that won’t be long- but while she is here she describes her nymphomaniac diagnosis form her shrink and her need for a “friend with benefits” set up. She’s changes in front of you and has the most amazing bod and as she says- your wife never wants to have sex. Kymberly teases you saying she has heard you are a little quick to come and wants to see how long you can go. She counts to 50 and it is the slowest 50 in the book but you want some of this so you jerk it nice and slowly for that naughty daughter- Kymberly Jane.

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Young Sex Break – Lullu Gun HD

Lullu Gun is a stunning young babe and although she is so young, she is very horny for this fragile age. Lucky Oldje is just breathless when he sees her looking so hot and surprises her masturbating! Like a wild animal she is popping to his old cock, polishing and licking it upside down to the base. The lust and passion has reached the highest highs, the need to feel him inside her is so big that a deep penetration in doggie is all they need to unleash any restrained sexual desire. The old man cum facial and she lick and eat cum off his old cock lick a good girl she is.

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