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Dogtooth (2009) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Drama, Incest

Directed by: Yorgos Lanthimos

Stars: Christos Stergioglou, Michele Valley, Angeliki Papoulia

Language: Greek | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Greece | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip

Also known as: Kynodontas

Description: Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out.

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Y3DF – NEW Siterip – 100+ 3d Comics!

All comics here are complete from what I can remember. All comics are 3d and mostly incest plot wise. Includes the popular busted and caught series. Sex acts include blowjob, doggy style, missionary, creampie, impregnation, anal, threesomes, etc

List of all comics:
Njee Sleep
Series A, 18-21, 23, 29, and 30
The Fabulous Dr. Perv
The Uprising
Who Did It 1-3
Velvet Feather 1-2
The Plan 1-5
The Holiday’s 1-7
The Flowers 1-3
The Big Big West 1-2
The Bang 1-2
Sleeping Pills 1-2
Spring Time 1-4
Lucy and Daddy 1-2
Meet the Johnson’s 1-3
Nadia & Jimmy (Broken) 1-2
Oily 1-2
Parasites of Evil 1-2
Passion 1-3
Inspiration 1-3
Heavy Sleeper Thief 1-2
Evolution 1-2
Caught 1-2
Busted & Caught 1-2
Busted 1-3
Are You Kidding Me 1-2
Crazy Day
Crazy Night
The Old Ring
The Barn
The Order
The Present
The Strikes Family
One Night Stand
No You Shouldn’t
New Year
Just Relax
Deus In Machina
Deep Trouble
Can’t Sleep
Blue Neck
The Seeker
Recruitment Office
Semen All Over Me
A Great Day
Sub X
Something is Bugging Me
My Lone Child
The Quick One
Like Whores
To Preggo or Not to Preggo
The Mix
How It Happened

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Princess Leia – 15 NEW and HOT Taboo POV Mega Pack in HD (Part 1 = 8 Vids)

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Caught Smoking Daddy’s Cigars HD

D-Daddy, hi! You weren’t supposed to be home. I, oh you’ve caught me… Daddy, wait, please don’t tell Mommy! She never has to know. Really, I’ll do anything, just please don’t tell. I know she doesn’t approve of smoking at all… Why can’t we smoke together then, Daddy? If you tell on me, I’ll tell her about your porn collection and all the younger smoking girls you watch! Don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at me too. This turns you on, doesn’t it, Daddy? Having your little girl smoke with a big, fat cigar in her mouth? Do you like the way it looks in my cute mouth?

Daddy, if you let me smoke your cigar, I’ll let you stroke one out for me, right here… I’ll unbutton my top and show you my pretty pussy while I smoke. Oh, Daddy, this is really naughty! Maybe we should go inside… after all this smoking, my mouth’s very wet and I’m buzzed. Do you want to use my mouth, Daddy? I want you to use my pretty mouth to get off. Mm, now I need to cum! Please fuck me, Daddy, I don’t care! I want you inside me. I want to feel your bare cock deep inside my tight pussy. I’m going to cum on your cock. I’ll give you a cum countdown from 10 to 1 when I’m ready to let you cum, okay? But remember, Mommy can never know!

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Climaxing With Daddy’s Cigars HD

Hi Daddy, do you like how I dressed up for you? I have some nice, sheer stockings on with some hot peep-toe heels! I’d like to smoke this cigar of yours while I touch myself. You want that, don’t you? I don’t have a lighter or a cutter, though! And I definitely need more cigars. If you buy me more cigars, I’ll do this for you more often, Daddy. And next time, I can smoke it! I want to take a big puff and blow it all over that big hard-on that you have for me.

Oh, Daddy, I want to cum for you! I want to use my vibrator to orgasm while I hold your cigar in my mouth. Let me strip this lingerie off, lay back, and spread my legs while you watch. But Daddy, won’t you buy me more cigars for next time?

Video Includes: cigar fetish, orgasms, hairy bush, daddys girl, taboo role play, stockings, stripping, braces, vibrator, high heels


I Won’t Let You Ground Me, Daddy HD

Why are you grounding me, Daddy? I didn’t do anything wrong! So I slept with a few guys at school. So what? Everyone in my grade is having sex. Why can’t I? Does that make me a slut? Well, I am a slut, Daddy. I love cock, and I won’t stand to be grounded just because of that! …

Daddy, I think I know just the way to have you unground me. I’ll let you see what’s under my nightgown before Mommy calls us down for dinner. See, there’s this party on Friday night and I have to go! So, I know you need a release, Daddy. I’ll let you jerk off onto your slutty daughter’s tits as long as I’m not grounded anymore! Yes Daddy, thank you!

Oh my god, wait, I… I’m getting so wet playing with my tits and pinching my nipples for you, Daddy. I need to cum! You’ve cum on my tits already, but please stay and watch while I finger my pussy. I need to cum so badly now, I’m dripping wet! Mm, Daddy, maybe my “grounding” will be this – every day, I’ll come to you and we can play like this together. Wouldn’t you like that?

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Leia’s Tales: Shower Time With Dad HD

Watch me get off as I recount the story of the time I came home from school and saw my father in the shower. As a horny young girl I was fascinated by what I saw. Initially, I didn’t believe that I had it in me to do more than finger my tight little hole while I watched him. But I quickly learned that I was capable of doing so much more and that I wanted so much more. I could not help but slip off my clothes and join him. I made sure that I got what I wanted that day, and I know that he will never forget the day that he blew his load in my tight little body for the first time.

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Category: DADDY’S GIRL
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Peeping Cousin Rewarded HD

You’re here!! Oh I’m so excited! Finally we can catch up after all these years. What’s my cousin been up to? I just finished a really great yoga session so I’d like to shower first before we do anything. Make yourself comfortable! We’re family, so feel free to eat whatever’s in the fridge or do whatever you want. Just give me…maybe 30 minutes?

Mmmm, I knew you were watching me. It actually, helped. Oh my God, that was a really intense orgasm. I love that you’re such a pervert! hehe A brave one, at that. I never thought we would end up like this, but… come here, I want you to give me a show now. I’ll lay back and let you stroke to me. It’s okay, no one has to know. I just can’t leave my cousin with blue balls! Do you want to cum on my tits? Mm, I knew it. Yeah, stroke just like that. That’s it, keep going. Oh you’re going to have so much fun on this visit!

Video Includes: cousin, taboo, voyeur, POV, all natural, hairy bush, orgasm, boobs, tits, squeezing, masturbation, masturbation encouragement, princess leia, princess, leia

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POV Slut Training Daddy’s Girl HD

Daddy, come on this outfit is not slutty! This is just how I like dressing, can’t you see that? I like what I’m wearing and it’s what I’m comfortable in! I can wear what I want! No, Daddy, everybody’s going to be dressed up for this event! I need to look good. Ugh, nothing’s good enough for you! Don’t you have anything better to do than to call me a slut?! Daddy—… Yessir. Yes, Daddy, I’ll admit it. I’m a slut and I need to be put in my place. I’ll be the slut that I am, be obedient, and cum for you, Daddy. I’ll do what my Daddy says. Yes Sir…

Video Includes: HD female training, slut training, forced orgasms, daddy’s girl, solo masturbation, taboo, vibrator, orgasms, POV, mind control, magic control, punishment, slutty daughter, outfit changes, princess leia, leia, amateur, porn

Category: DADDY’S GIRL
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Taboo Phone Sex Caught On Cam HD

*opening scene: POV; panty-thieving brother hides camera to spy on sister*

… Hello? Hi Daddy! Oh, I miss you too. Yeah, things are going well over here. …Oh Daddy, you’re naughty! hehe You want to know what I’m wearing? I’m wearing a really cute top with these bright pink panties with cute satin bows on the insides of my hips. Perfectly placed for Daddy to kiss and tickle me… Oh, I wish you were here with me right now. What would you do to me if you were with me? Mm… Oh Daddy, I’ve always wondered what it would feel like! Yes I’m touching myself for Daddy. This dildo is just like your cock, too. I love imaging you inside me every time I cum! You’re definitely going to make me! … MMmm!

Oh Daddy, that was amazing. I love you so much. W-wait, I have to go. We’ll talk later. … What the fuck, a camera!!

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Webcam Fun With Daddy HD

Hi Daddy! I miss you so much. You’ve been gone for so long now… You must be really tired of being away from home. Thank you so much for buying me a new webcam so we can talk! Hmm, I have a naughty idea. I want to make your day better, Daddy… Want to see me play with my toy? There’s no one around to catch us, right? I can play with my toy and cum for you and no one will know you’re watching me. I love moaning all over Daddy’s cock and cumming really hard! Let’s do this every day you’re gone!

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Young Daughter Suck Cock Facial Taboo HD



Sweet young Amy was watching telly when ‘Daddy Dom’ came in, he had that look on his face and she new he wanted kinky perverted sex, she knew it was ver taboo, the things he’d make her do were so very wrong, but she knew full well he’d make her do it, she was completely under his conrol really. What with pleasure as she is displayed before her pretty mouth is used and then she gets a nice full facial of sticky old mans ‘cock snot

Taboo Daddys Girl Barely Legal Facials Daddy Roleplay

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Step Dad Fucks Daughter – S3:E7 HD

Haley Reed is caring for her sick stepdad Alex Legend when she realizes what a big dick he has! She wants that cock for herself, so she spies on him as her body grows hornier and hotter. When she realizes that Alex is checking her out, too, she lets him look all he wants as long as her mom doesn’t find out. Haley waits until her mom is gone before she makes her move.

Cornering her stepdad on the couch, she pulls Alex’s cock out and starts stroking. Her mom comes home, but that doesn’t stop Haley. She lifts her miniskirt and slides her landing strip snatch onto her stepdad’s stiffie. They almost get caught, but fortunately Alex pulls down Haley’s miniskirt so she appears to just be sitting on his lap. Falling to their side, the duo spoons together as Alex continues to fuck Haley until he cums deep in her juicy twat.

Later, Haley crawls into her parents’ bed to masturbate. Alex finds her there and lets her tempt him into dominating that certified nubile fuck hole once again. He pounds her while her legs are high in the air, and then again when she rolls onto her belly to take him from behind. Once again they almost get caught when Haley’s mom comes in to do some laundry, but Haley hides under the covers. That new position lets her stroke Alex’s fuck rod and stroke him off until he fills her mouth with jizz that she slurps and swallows.

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Bunnie Hughes – Daughter, Sisters Taboo in 2 Amateur Vids in HD

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Bratty Teen Daughter Strips for Allowance HD

After 3 days of being gone, your teen daughter is back home. Instead of a nice hello or even a hug, as soon as she walks in the door she’s telling you to give her more money. She is such a BRAT! It’s time to teach her a lesson and make her work for her money. “If you want your money, you have to strip for me.” Your daughter is clearly pissed off, cussing at you and making jabs the whole time, but eventually she does it, first showing you the panties she’s been wearing when she goes to see her boyfriend, then stripping down to fully nude. She’s not nice about it at all, but seems to take a slight pleasure in teasing you once she knows you’re aroused by her slutty nudity. But her friends are waiting outside and she’s getting bored, she begs you to hurry up and cum on her so she can take the money and go to the mall. In the end she lets you know how much she craves your punishments. You know she acts out like this just because she wants to be put in her place, so next time you’re going to fuck her real good and make her submit to your authority

Bratty daughter asks her daddy for money, she then strips and masturbates until she’s paid. Lots of bratty backtalk during the entire time.

Sisters and Brother Threesome HD

Alright, little sister, we’re going to use this teddy to practice having sex with our big brother!” This stuff should not be legal two young girls ride their favorite teddy bear and pretend to ride their brother. Innocent, untouched, but eager to learn how to fuck. Big sister teaches little sister how to ride for their big brother! Based on KissXSis

Scene starts out with Bunnie talking about how her sister are going to practice doing it with there brother on a big bear. The sister sits on the bears face and Bunnie sits on what is supposed to be were his cock is. Both of them bounce up and down on the bear rubbing there tits. They pull out suckers and open them up and start sucking on them as they continue to bonce up and down. The video ends with scenes from part 2. The only nudity is showing of tits. There’s dirty talk of incest through out. This video is a role play fantasy.


Best Animated Porn Compilation – Best Creator Edition {SuMthinDiFrnt} [1080p] [WITH SOUND] [50m]

Hey guys, I just finished making another animated porn compilation. This one is a part of the new “Best Creator” series. Basically, what I do is I pick a popular animated porn creator, download all his stuff and put in a a compilation. In this compilation we’re looking at one of my favorite animated porn creators art; SuMthinDiFrnt. You can find his patreon here.

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The compilation is 50 minutes long and is made out of 33 videos. You will find all sex positions in here. Most videos in this compilation are in 1080p resolution. But there are also a few 720p ones that were upscaled to 1080p The whole compilation has sound! Characters from this compilation are mostly characters from popular video games & tv shows.


Farrah Valentine – 5 New and Hot PREMIUM Taboo Vids in HD 1080p

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Dad Fucks Her Ass HD

doing 1on1 straight sex (anal, taboo, dad.daughter, incest.roleplay). The video includes: teasing with her ass; squirting hard; oral (blowjob); pussy fucking (missionary, cowgirl, reverse); anal sex (cowgirl, reverse, missionary) until he cums in her ass (anal.creampie, missionary style)

Sister gets her Bro Out HD

The video includes: teasing; pussy masturbation (dildo); oral (blowjob); pussy fucking (doggy style only); ending with a nice handjob and cumming on her hands (

Babysitter Doesn’t Want to be Fired HD

The video includes: teasing with her ass; oral (blowjob, pov); pussy fucking (reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary) until he cums on her pussy.

Petite Teen Gets Fucked and Creampied HD

The video includes: pussy masturbation with vibrator; pussy rubbing on his cock; oral (blowjob, handjob); pussy fucking (missionary, cowgirl, reverse) until he cums in her pussy (creampie, reverse cowgirl style).

Babysitter has a Quickie with the Husband HD

The video includes: teasing; oral (blowjob); pussy fucking (missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl) until he cums in her pussy (creampie, reverse cowgirl style).


Brooke Marie – Feed Me Daddy HD

I know you’re addicted to My ass daddy and I’m going to use it against you. Do you think all daddies are addicted to their daughter’s ass? I don’t think so… Does that make you a pervert daddy? It’s ok, I don’t mind daddy, because I use My ass to manipulate you into doing anything I want. I use My perfect ass to fuck with your mind and control you. Just keep staring while My ass turns you into an obedient slave for Me daddy. Seeing My luscious booty close up makes you so weak and horny, My hot ass crack drives you crazy. The more you stare at My ass crack, the more fucked you’re going to be. Keep staring at My perfect booty and listening to My sweet voice daddy. Your biggest weakness is your bratty daughter’s ass.

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Princess Leia – 15 NEW and HOT Taboo Mega Pack in HD (Part 2 = 7 Vids)

Living with Daddy HD

Mom kicked me out of the house for being too much of a slut. Now I have a new arrangement with Daddy though. Daddy doesn’t mind having a little slut around the house. In fact, Daddy lets me bring over as many guys as I want at night as long as he gets to jerk off to my tight body. He loves watching me strip and play with myself while I tell him how good I’m going to get fucked that evening. I show him just how much I appreciate our new living arrangement.

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Skype with the Virgin Next Door HD

Please would you show it to me. I’ve never seen one before. I just thought maybe you were horny enough to show me. Pleaaase! You like spending your time with me don’t you? You like spending more time with me than with my mom. I’ve seen it. Every time I walk into the room your face lights up. I can tell your hard. Oh my god! You like taking your cock out in front of a younger girl? I guess I’m horny…someone could walk in at any moment though… Okay you start stroking and I’ll do my best to show off what I can…

*This is an older video that was never posted but was recently rediscovered*

Video Includes: HD pussy, Virgin Girl, petite, Braces big pussy lips, dirty talk, moaning, loud, fuck me, jerk off instruction, jerk off with me, masturbation, joi, huge labia, cum with me, orgasm, tit play, topless, brunette, princess leia, porn

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Cum Tribute Leia HD

Come watch me as I get you all worked up and ready to blow. I dressed up all sexy just for you and I’ll take it off bit by bit as you stroke yourself. Listen to my soft voice as I encourage you to stroke your shaft. I get so wet being naughty for you. Watch as I spread my legs to show you exactly what I mean.

Once you’re good and ready I will drop to my knees to look up at you. I’ll stare up at you with my innocent eyes and beg you to release all over my face. I want your cum all over my face and lips. I want to feel your hot load run down my face. This is your chance to give me a cum tribute. Paint my cute face white!

Video Includes: HD jerk off encouragement, masturbation, masturbation instruction, masturbation encouragement dirty talk, JOI, JOE, natural tits, big pussy lips, cum with me, cum tribute, cum on her face, sexy voice, cock tease, princess leia, porn

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Hairy Home Wrecker Needs Your Seed HD

Let’s face it. I’m clearly better than your wife in every way. You’ve become addicted to me and my body. My tight, young hairy pussy and ass are all you crave, day and night. You want to leave her for me, but there’s only one way you can do that. You have to get me pregnant.

Imagine it! I’ll give you a baby. Your wife has already told you she won’t get pregnant. Why waste your time? You can cum in my hairy pussy, over and over… Once you’re inside me, fucking me harder than you’ve ever fucked your wife, I’m going to hold you close and not let go. You’ll have no choice but to splash load after load across my cervix. You want this, don’t you? You’re addicted to me. I’m so much better than her, why wouldn’t you be? Make me pregnant!

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Leia Wants You to Jerk It; JOI HD

With my sexy, sultry voice you won’t be able to resist, and I’m such a cock tease sitting here half naked. I’m a cute, young girl looking for a little fun. Do you want to stroke your cock to me? You do. You can cum on my bubbly ass or even in my mouth… but what I really want is to feel you shooting your load all over my chest! Keep stroking your cock and release all that cum you’ve built up for me. Yes, please give it to me!

Video Includes: HD jerk off instruction, jerk off encouragement, JOI, masturbation instruction, cock tease, dirty talk, ass shaking, knee high socks, sexy voice, braces, pigtails, boobs, tit play, tit sucking/ nipple fetish, cute, princess leia, leia, porn, amateur

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Sheer Pleasure HD

I love strutting my all-natural stuff in these sheer black stockings and heels – and again in sheer brown pantyhose! Watch me as I slowly and sexily walk to and from the camera, making sure to spread my hairy ass wide each time. I keep quiet until I can’t handle it anymore. Rubbing myself through these pantyhose makes me so wet and ready to cum! Watch me enjoy this sheer pleasure.

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All About You JOI HD

Imagine your hand is one of my tight little holes. Whichever one you want to fuck most. Do you want to fuck my cute face? You could shove your fat cock as far down my throat as you want. Do you want to spread my legs and take my tight pussy until you blow your load inside me? You could even pretend your hand is my tight little ass. You’re going to have to grip your cock so tight for that hole though…not many boys last very long in my tight little ass.
I have a confession to make. I get so wet thinking about these things too…But it isn’t about me, it’s about you getting that hot thick load out.

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