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Like Father, Like Son HD

They thought you were dreaming away…but the sounds of their lovemaking woke you up. You didn’t know what to think as you saw your daughter slip her brother’s cock in her mouth. You wanted to shout at them to stop, but you couldn’t. They saw you for a second and stopped, but as soon as you went back to pretending, they were back at it. You felt sick to your stomach as your son slipped his cock into your daughter’s pussy. But your dick got so fucking hard watching them fuck… you felt so ashamed for wanting to fuck your daughter just as much as your son did.

The image burns in your mind all through the night after they go off to bed. Watching your daughter fuck and suck cock is driving you insane. You long to feel her pussy on your cock just as her brother did earlier in the night. So you go to her. Her naked body sprawled out on the bed is so gorgeous. She’s a woman now…a woman who knows what to do with her body. You touch her softly…then you slip your cock inside of her. She giggles thinking it’s her brother again back for more of her sweet pussy… but she opens her eyes and sees you. Her Father… She couldn’t be more happy.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A Sneaky father spies on his son and daughter fucking in the tv room. He’s angry, confused, betrayed, hurt, jealous… but mostly he’s horny for his daughter as much as his son is.

**Taboo. Brother/Sister. Father Daughter. Sneaky sex.**

This clip contains two unique fantasy taboo scenes for you to enjoy. Enjoy both halves separately or together!

Category: TABOO
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Daddy Daughter Garden Incest 50 mins HD

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Son’s Wife Blackmail

Kyojiri Tsuma Keiko to Zetsurin! Sukebe Jii
63 pages

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Daughter in Schoolgirl Uniform HD

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Dad and Daughter REAL Homemade!

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Dad, All My Friends Are Having Sex – Anastasia Knight HD

I went to a party and all my friends were sucking their boyfriends cocks. It was so hot and made me so horny. I felt dumb because I didn’t have boyfriend their to suck his cock. I went home and was visibly upset. My sexy dad came into ask me what was wrong and I told him it wasn’t fair that I didn’t get to suck dick. I asked him to pull his out so I could suck his and he said no. So I did it for him.

I pulled his cock out and shoved it deep down my throat. It felt and tasted so good. I went down and licked his balls and asshole like I had seen on the internet. I could tell he loved it. Then I let him fuck my pretty brace face while he fingered my tiny bald cunt. It made him so hard and I came for him, then he dumped his big daddy load right in my mouth. I think he likes me more than mom.

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Chloe Foster in “Dad Has To Keep His Promise Now!” MP4 HD

Mom and Dad have been so annoying lately! They promised I would get a car for my 18th birthday, but they still haven’t bought it for me! I totally deserve this car – I’ve kept my grades up in school, I haven’t missed curfew, my room stays perfectly clean… What more do they want from me??

I try to explain to Mom over the phone but she just brushed me off and reminded me to give Dad his meds. It’s so lame that I’m the only one out of all my friends that doesn’t have a car to drive.. I know I shouldn’t bother Dad about this, he’s been really busy recently…

When it was time for me to give Dad his meds, I decided that he would get a little dose of something extra instead.. I slip the pill into his cup and make him swallow every drop of it! Won’t be long before the effects start to kick in..

After a while, I walk back into the living room in my panties and sit directly across from Dad

Hey sweetie, why aren’t you wearing any pants?

This is more comfortable for me I guess.. Is it bothering you?

No of course not, I’ve seen you in underwear plenty of times

-Dad has no idea I switched out his medicine! I pretend like I’m doing homework on the couch, but I’m really teasing my Dad from across the room. My legs slowly start to spread open and I catch him staring-

Is everything ok?

Yeah everything is ok, sorry sweetie..

Are you sure?

Well I have been stressed out with work. I went to the gym earlier to relieve some tension.

Is there something I can do? You must be sore from working out, maybe I can give you a massage!

Sure that’d be nice

-As I rub down my father’s legs, I see that the viagra I gave him earlier is finally working-

Oh um.. What’s going on down there?

Omg I had no idea it was like that!

That’s ok Dad, do you want me to help you out with that?

No honey, this isn’t right. I don’t know why I’m hard right now, this is really innapropriate!

Come on, I can make you feel good!

Ahhh… your mother would not be happy about this!!

I promise Daddy, she’ll never find out!

Whether he wants it or not, the only way to get rid of this erection is to get him to cum! This is my chance to take control of my father and make sure I fuck him really good! I pull out his rock hard cock and wrap my lips around the tip.. Slowly sucking and stroking him off. I know just a blowjob won’t get the job done, so I crawl on top of my dad and slide his throbbing boner in me!

Watch me ride my Dad’s cock and spread my 18 year old pussy for him to experience! Right when he’s about to cum, I drop to my knees and let him shoot his large thick creamy load into my mouth!

Soo.. you’re going to get me that car, right?

Yes sweetie, I’ll get you whatever car you want.. Now go get cleaned up before your mother gets home!

Category: TABOO
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Mall Rat Muff – Vanna Bardot HD

My mom never gives me money to go to the mall. But if I put on a pouty face and a cute voice, my dad will cave in no time. All I will have to do is give him a little something in return…

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Daddy You Cant Stick It There 1080p HD

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Fat Daddy Cant Cum Again HD

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