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Father Forced to Satisfy Daughter’s Sexual Appetite – Maya Bijou HD MP4

Father must constantly exercise his daughter’s overactive sex drive….

***Starring Maya Bijou***

Category: TABOO
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School Girl Touched Spanked Fucked By Daddy HD

Pretty schoolgirl is touched up, made to cum, spanked made to cum again then fucked right in front of you while your made to watch by perverted daddy, who really enjoys her tight younger body. Dirty old man with younger sexy soon to be slut.

School Girl School Uniform Teacher Fetish Spanking Old & Young

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MILFTOON NEW Full Siterip!

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Kenda Heart in Lessons From Daddy HD

Scene One: The Couch

Action starts in mid-action with Daddy and Kendra struggling on couch. Dad rips Kendra’s blouse open and panties down (she’s wearing blouse and skirt) and he forcefully fucks her vaginally while she pleads for him to her why, she fights and but Daddy is too strong. He grabs her by the throat, her eyes bug out, and he tells her to never say a word to Mommy or anyone else and walks away.

Kendra is left to wonder why her Daddy has done this…

Scene Two: Idle Talk

Later in the week… When Kendra enters her front door she calls out for Mom and Dad. The house appears empty as she looks for her parents. Dad is inside and grabs her and shoves her up against the wall. He overpowers her with his strength and strips her nude. He tells her to not make a sound or she will regret it.

He fondles her breasts while she looks terrified, he cuts off her panties, unzips his pants and has sex with her, ramming into her very hard and grunting with every thrust. When he is finished he leaves her on the floor. Kendra is left to wonder what she has done now and if she should tell Mommy what just happened…

Scene Three: Blackmail Backfire

Kendra is trying to figure out some way to deal with her fathers uncontrollable lust. Every time he sees her he rips off her clothes and fucks her like a whore. “I forgot we had security cameras.” She whispers to herself and quickly downloads the footage. “Daddy can’t get away with this anymore, this has to stop.” She says, and calls him downstairs to confront him and blackmail him for money and a car.

He grabs her by her hair and taunts her. He controls the security system and her phone, she has nothing and is powerless. “Not again.” Kendra whimpers as he pushes her against the counter and pulls down her pants. Helplessly she moans onto the cold unsympathetic marble while her dad fucks her ruthlessly from behind. She feels like such a slut, unable to stop her father from using her tiny body for his pleasure. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she cums against her will.

“Oh daddy please” Kendra pleads with him. He roughly takes off her shirt and ties her hands with it, pressing her sensitive nipples against the cold surface of the table. His big cock fills her up and she feels like she’s going to break from his violent thrusts into her pussy.

Daddy spanks her like the naughty girl she is before violently kissing her. He flips her over to play with her tits and grab her by the neck while he has his way with her wet pussy. Kendra is on the edge of total self destruction by the time he’s done. A big load of white cum covering his daughters violated pussy. He leaves her shaking and used, making her apologize to him. “Sorry daddy” Kendra in a quaking voice.

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Family Dinner: Dessert Gone Wrong – Kathy Anderson & Lady Bug GearVR HD [Untouched 1080p]

Dinner time come, hot blonde mom set the table and called her daughter and son to come to the dining room. They entering the room in a gloomy mood, which is nothing new for them, and start eating. During this time, the son asked his parents whether they have slept well last night, which caused the cute petite daughter to blush. This made their parents realize that these two are actually sleeping together. In order to retaliate, the gorgeous daughter started taking dirty selfies by putting a sausage in her mouth which, in turn, made her bro develop a boner. Noticing this, his mom pulled his shaft out of his pants while the kinky daughter showed off her hairy pussy to her hung dad. Before you knew it, the girls were down on their knees sucking off the male members of their family. Then, all four of them went to another room, away from the prying eyes of their neighbors where the chicks continued sucking on dongs before sliding them in their already wet pussies. Riding on top of her dad?s big dick, the petite hottie of a daughter also took turns sucking her brother?s cock before he got to fuck his mother really hard from behind. As the babes went on to make the father cum on their pretty faces, horny bro used the opportunity to nail his sis in the doggystyle position. Of course, after his dad ejaculated, it was time for the son to do so too all over the faces of his mom and adorable sister.

POV : Kathy Anderson & Lady Bug give a blowjob,handjob, ride in cowgirl & reverse cowgirl
Voyeur : Kathy gets fucked in doggystyle

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Best Animated Porn Compilation – Best Creator Edition Part 2 {multiple creators} [1080p] [WITH SOUND] [40m]

Hey guys, I just finished making another animated porn compilation. This one is a part of the “Best Creator” series. Basically, what I do is I pick a popular animated porn creator, download all his stuff and put in a a compilation. In this compilation things are a bit different.. Since there are many good creators out there who don’t have enough content for a compilation, I have decided to put their content in one compilation. Check below for full list of creators. This is Part 2 of 3.

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The compilation is 40 minutes long and is made out of about 200 clips. You will find all sex positions in here. The majority of video clips in this compilation are in 1080p. The whole compilation has sound.


Summer Brooks – She Is Not Exactly My Niece HD

She Is Not Exactly My Niece: When Summer Brooks turned 18, her pervy uncle who was not really her uncle, started feeling a little too comfortable around her. He started making unwanted advances on her, especially when his wife and daughter were not home, grabbing her by the crotch and sniffing his fingers. She did her best to ignore it, but secretly it was just making her want him even more. One day, she pretended to leave her bag at his house. When she came back to pick it up, she seduced him, climbing up on top of his lap and taking off her pants. He finger fucks her and plays with her tits before pulling out his cock and feeding it to her. They make their way up to the bedroom and he fucks her silly, ramming her tight frame from behind and making her choke on his cock.

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Spying Grandpa HD

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Little Brat HD

So, I’m at my girls house, and we are hanging out on the couch, about to fuck when her daughter walks in.

I was alright with her daughter, she is hot and I love looking at her, but my girl, her mom, tells her that she needs to be less of a prude, and tells her that I should fuck her.

She sits on my lap and I start to rub her body and take her clothes off, her mom takes her clothes off too and she tells her daughter to suck my dick, so she leans over and starts to take my cock deep into her mouth.

I lift her up and sit her on my cock and bounce her up and down. Her mom rubs her daughters chest, then I lean her over and pound her tight pussy while her mom watches, and fuck her deep and hard until I cum.

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Category: TABOO
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Teasing Daddy – Luna Rival HD

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