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A Bond Of Discipline And Love – Kendall Morr HD 1080p

My longest movie yet , and one of my new favourites !
I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did :)
I don’t know how many squirt and cum scenes their are but I know it’s well over 20 , but if someone can let me know after watching hehe that would be great ;)

7 Days With Your Daughter

Day 1 : How it all happened /
I am a babysitter for my dads friend and begin to tell the son about what my daddy has taught me , then I begin to show the boy I’m babysitting everything daddy has taught me I beg him not to tell my father but some how daddy finds out .

Day 2 : The Punishment /
Daddy locks me up again in the cage he has had for me I been in it before when I was bad so it’s not unusual , daddy fucks me rough in the cage and tells me he has a lot more in store for me this week to help me regain my hood girl behaviour.

Day 3 : Learning Lessons /
Daddy knows I am a slut who likes to smoke and fuck , today daddy makes me smile and get super horny , I beg daddy not to I get so horny and out of control when I smoke , but daddy doesn’t care . I cum and squirt all over myself and daddy. But enough isn’t enough with daddy.

Day 4 : Proper Hygiene /
Daddy teaches me how to be a clean girl for him how to keep up with my hygiene and smell fresh , with daddy teaching me how to brush my teeth , shave , and wash my body , I notice daddy getting hard and ask him if I can help him get clean , daddy fucks me and makes me squirt and cums inside me before joining me in the bubble bath to fuck me again.

Day 5 : Secrets /
I was snooping through daddy’s phone when I find him looking at photos of my friends , he tells me he has a explanation for all of this.

Day 6 : Sharing Is Caring /
Daddy has a explination for the other day , and when I open my eyes I see him and his three friends dick out in hand infront of my face , daddy explains all of his friends daughters show off how good they are and he thinks this week has prepared me for this and he thinks I am ready , I hesitate and beg daddy no I just want to be his , but daddy insists sharing is caring.
I eventually let up and daddy uses me first while his friends watch , when it’s time for everyone to use me I hesitate again but I give in so I don’t look bad for daddy , even though you can see the look of disgust on my face the whole time , with many cums and squirts.

Day 7 : Learning To Be A Good Obedient Girl /
On the last day day 7 with daddy he teaches me how to be a good girl for him , after the week is over and daddy is done using me I must do the laundry , daddy shows me how , and he also wants to use my pussy while I do the laundry , I do as I’m told and daddy cums.

At the end of the week you think I am now a good obedient girl again , but you know if i fuck up again and talk about what we do in the family house you will punish me again and again and again until I can learn !

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[] Meana Wolf Video SiteRip Update [August 17, 2023 – February 23, 2024] [1080p]

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Prenup [February 23, 2024]

You and your father didn’t really see eye to eye. He didn’t approve of your decision to go to film school, and you didn’t approve of his new fiancé. He would much prefer you go to business school, and you would much prefer he didn’t marry some slut who clearly only wants his money. She was gorgeous though, on that you could both agree. In a couple weeks, they’ll be married. The only problem is, she doesn’t want to sign a prenup, and she wants you to convince your father to drop it. In return; she’ll get him to fund your next film… And she’ll fuck your brains out.

Be Mine [February 13, 2024]

You’d heard crazy stories about these private orgy parties. So when you figured out how to get invited, you jumped through all the necessary hoops. Tonight’s party was Valentine’s Day Masquerade, instructions: wear your skimpiest outfit and don’t take off your off your mask. When you finally get in, you don’t know where to start. There are people fucking everywhere, the sounds and smells are enticing. Then in walks in this absolute babe. Her body is incredible…and she’s a total slut. She’s on your cock so fast, you can’t believe it. The strange thing is, there’s something so familiar about this girl. She notices too but begs you not to say anything…It’s better if it’s a mystery isn’t it? You slide your cock inside of her…but you just can’t shake it anymore. You have to know who this girl is. Nothing could have prepared you for finding out that you’d been fucking your own sister at an anonymous sex orgy. And nothing could have prepared you for her sweet little voice begging you to keep going.

Room and Board II [February 3, 2024]

Having and older couple as roommates is pretty sweet. Especially when the wife is a horny hot milf with Empty Nest Syndrome. The husband recently started working from home, which makes things a lot more challenging but now you’ve had to keep your urges under control for too long. You decide to take what you want. You know she can’t say no to you. She protests only because she doesn’t want to get caught. But almost getting caught is half the fun.

Insecure [January 24, 2024]

You couldn’t help it.You were insecure. Despite the fact that she loved you, you knew she was way out of your league. And every time she went out, or was on her phone or literally did anything, you couldn’t help but imagine that she was cheating on you. You knew how hot she was, how every guy who met her wanted to fuck her. It was driving you crazy, and it was starting to effect your relationship. You’d wrongfully accused her too many times and she’d had enough. If you’re going to constantly accuse of cheating, she might as well do it. So she did. Suddenly you realize… maybe that’s what you secretly wanted all along.

Change Your Mind II [January 14, 2024]

She was desperate, but you couldn’t let it slide this time. Her son would have to be expelled, and you were likely going to press charges. He hit you in front of the whole class. Your face was bruised, and so was your pride. You couldn’t just forget about it this time, no matter how convincing his mom was…but then she unzips her coat…and there’s barely anything underneath. She confesses that she’s glad it happened. She wanted to see you again. You remember what a smoking hot milf she is, and how naughty she can be. Her son is in the car outside, and so is her husband. She says they’ll both come in to apologize to you, but first, she wants you to fuck her until you forget all about pressing charges. She wants you to know just how sorry she is for his behaviour. She says she’ll do anything to keep him out of trouble, including being your personal whore. Well…its not like he hit you that hard or anything.

Babysitter Confession [January 4, 2024]

You were surprised when you heard her voice on the phone. It had been over a year since she last babysat for you, but you always told her she could call if she were ever in trouble. Well, it sounds like she’d gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble shoplifting from the mall. She giggled on the phone, “these two mall cops are being so hard on me, will you come get me?” The thought of your innocent babysitter shoplifting was a bit of a shock. You never thought of her as a bad girl, but when she told you the full story, you couldn’t believe what a bad girl she really was. Hearing what your innocent babysitter did to those mall cops to get them to go easy on you sent you into a rage. Why were you so mad at her? Was it because they got to fuck her before you did? Or was it because you realized that you could have been fucking that sweet little slut the whole time she babysat for you? Now that you know what a bad girl she is, what are you going to do about it?

All About Me 2 [December 24, 2023]

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, accept for your crazy auntie Meana who had clearly broken in. You hadn’t seen her since the engagement party and you’d thought about her every night since then. You loved her crazy chaotic energy. You loved how she said whatever was on her mind. And most of all, you loved the way she sucked your cock. She just wants to be a part of this new family, and what better time than Christmas to bring people together? The only thing is, she can’t help but spoil it with her crazy antics. That’s okay, you never liked this stupid holiday anyway. Now be a good boy and fuck your auntie Meana under the Christmas tree.

Surrogate [December 15, 2023]

You were against the idea of using a surrogate at first, but you could see how much your wife wanted to be a mother. She had tried everything, and this was the only option left. You finally agreed. The only thing was, your wife wanted it to be totally natural, which meant you would have to…actually put your dick in another woman. You select a girl from the agency, one with the same eye colour and ethnic background because your wife. When the day comes, your smoking hot surrogate warmly instructs you to simply jerk off till you’re ready to ejaculate in her pussy. But with so much at stake, you can’t rise to the challenge under so much pressure. She says “Don’t be nervous, let me suck your cock a little, just to help you get hard”, this definitely wasn’t previously discussed with your wife, but you know how much she want’s this to work. Suddenly you’re hard as a rock. You’re about ready to bust, but when you slide your dick in her pussy she moans “wait, don’t cum yet…keep fucking me”. Your job was to jerk off and cum in her pussy, you are absolutely not supposed to be fucking her… but now you can’t stop. She keeps begging for more, and it’s making your dick so hard you just can’t stop. She promises she won’t tell. So make your wife happy and cum deep inside her wet little pussy.

Mile High [December 5, 2023]

You loved that your girlfriend was passionate about her job. She got to travel the world as a flight attendant, and what you loved so much about her was that you knew you could trust her, no matter where in the world she was. Tomorrow your parents are coming in to town, and you know it’s the right time to pop the question. You’ve had the engagement ring for months, you just needed the courage to ask. The thing is, she’s known about the ring for a while, and it’s made her question everything…does she really want to be tied down forever and ever? When she gets booked on a private flight with two handsome business men, she can’t help but let her anxiety get the best of her and well… she can’t let you propose tomorrow without telling you the truth. The thing is…now you’re more certain than ever.

No Nut Challenge [November 25, 2023]

It started out as a joke. You bet your roommate (your bestest bro of all time) that you could last longer than him in No Nut November. But him being competitive bet that he could keep going even longer. And so The Challenge was born. You would continue to go as long as you could, and whoever lost, had to repeat the challenge over. Both of you thought this was hilarious. But his girlfriend didn’t think it was very funny at all. And as they days went by, she started getting more and more mad… and horny. She knows her boyfriend intends on winning this stupid penis contest, so there’s only one thing she can do to save her relationship… Make you cum first. XOXO Meana Wolf Clip Contains: She’s so horny, but she knows that if she cums first, you’ll just pull out and continue to make her life miserable with this stupid No Nut Challenge. So a new challenge begins… who can make who cum first?

I’m A Star [November 15, 2023]

Sure she was cute, but she wasn’t going to be femme fatale in your next movie, no matter how special her agent said she was. She’s too cute for one, and she also has a boyfriend. For a new girl in the business… that just wasn’t going to work. Hollywood likes ‘em sexy and available… and willing. You needed someone dangerous. Well you’d soon find out just how dangerous she could be. And if you don’t cast her in your movie she’s going to ruin you. Maybe she’s just the femme fatale you’re looking for.

Whatever It Takes [November 5, 2023]

This resort was amazing. You knew that when your girlfriend got hired at that fancy firm that things would change, but you never imagined you’d get to join her on her company retreat, and that it would be this swanky. She was working harder than ever, but the perks were undeniable. You told yourselves that it was worth it because one day you’d be rolling in money and have the life you both always wanted. But when your girlfriend comes back from a private dinner with her boss, you can smell his cologne all over her. She says “Remember baby… we said whatever it takes right?” You two can have it all, as long as she serves as her boss’s little office fuck doll. You demand she give you every detail of their night together and you can’t help but love the thought of your girlfriend hard at work every day. “I had to baby, he’s my boss… Do you want me to quit?” No, you don’t think you do.

Halloween MILF [October 26, 2023]

You were late arriving to your friend Billy’s Halloween Party, and it was hard to ignore his mom walking around in that Wonder Woman Costume. “Everyone’s downstairs” she lamented as she started removing decorations. You see, Billy’s mom had forgotten that her son and his friends weren’t really interested in candy and costumes at this age. “I’m so stupid, and I accidentally ordered this costume and my ass is hanging out! See!?” Oh you could definitely see. Her big juicy ass was hard to ignore at the best of times but right now it looked absolutely insane and you felt your boner swell in your jeans just looking at her. You knew she needed a confidence boost. Older women are so self conscious… they don’t realize how badly young men want to fuck them. It must be that your boner was draining all the sense out of your brain, because you blurted out how insanely hot she looked. Then she smiled. Holy fuck… was Billy’s mom flirting with you? Halloween might just be your new favourite holiday.

Marry Her [October 16, 2023]

She was the last person you wanted to see on your wedding day, but she was your fiancé’s maid of honour so there was just no getting out of it. You tried to forget about how badly you wanted to fuck her in high school, but the truth was, you still wanted to fuck her, even today on the most important day of your life, you wanted to fuck her more than anything. You loved your soon to be wife, but something about Meana always drove you insane. And now here she was, on your wedding day, offering you the thing you’d always wanted; her pussy. Evil bitch. Why today? She could have fucked you in high school, she could have done it in college when you confessed how much you loved her… why today on your wedding day? Well, just to see if she could of course. It’s all just a fucked up game to her. “She’s my best friend, I want her to be happy. Today’s her special day and she’ll think that she won you. But you’re mine, you’ve always been mine.”

Pulled Over [October 6, 2023]

You weren’t surprised when she didn’t show up for your birthday dinner. Of course, you figured it would be because she was working late again, not because she got pulled over for speeding. You hold on tight for what you know is going to be a wild story because your wife was always lip-y with cops. She tends to think the rules don’t apply to her. You figured she’d get a huge fine, and maybe get her license revoked for talking back to an officer. And you weren’t wrong, that’s exactly what happened. But you had no idea what she would do to get out of it. You feel your cock ache as she describes exactly what she did. “What could I do baby? He was a cop… I had to to what he wanted.” You feel her dripping wet pussy and wonder, did he really make her? Or was that just her excuse to cheat on you and be a filthy whore. “He made me do it…I couldn’t say no…and then he got on his radio and called for backup”. You happily fuck every detail out of her slutty little mouth. No wonder she didn’t make it home in time for cake.

Call Me Her Name [September 26, 2023]

Your wife was out of town on business, and you needed a new live-in nanny immediately. Meana was an easy hire. She was sweet, kind… and sexy as hell. Not that that played a factor because you were happily married. Besides, you didn’t get the feeling that a nice girl like her would entertain that idea of adultery anyway. When you arrive back home that evening, you walk into your bedroom to find her changing into one of your wife’s dresses. The sheer red fabric hugged her every curve perfectly, “I just wanted to know what it would be like to be Mrs. Miller, just for a second”. You felt your faculties leave you as your dick stiffened and her dress fell to the floor. “I wanna be her. Fuck me the way you’d fuck her. Call me her name” she whispered as she wrapped her lips around your cock. Your wife won’t be home for several more days…this new nanny is going to be a problem. XOXO Meana Wolf Clip Contains: The nanny is wearing your wife’s dress, her perfume, her favourite thong and she’s wearing it all better than your wife ever could. She begs you to play along with her twisted little fantasy. It’s so hard to resist a woman in red.

Voyeur [September 16, 2023]

Something about watching girls touch themselves always got you excited. For years you’d paid girls to take off their clothes and let you observe them. But she was different. She was Special. Her boyfriend stood watch outside the door for her safety. Good. It made it even more exciting knowing he was outside the door listening in. You could see her little pussy dripping. She liked being watched. You offer her double to let you touch her… she knows her boyfriend wouldn’t like it…but of course she needs the money. She melts underneath your touch. “How much would you give me if I let you put it in?” Her hand reaches down and grips your cock. She wants you to. You give her everything she asks for. She needs the excuse. She’s a good girl… she’d never ever cheat on her boyfriend if she didn’t really need the cash. She moans and grinds her wet pussy on your dick. “It’s just for the money” she whispers as she cums.

Team Player [September 6, 2023]

You couldn’t stop thinking about Timmy’s mom, and it was starting to affect your hockey playing. She came to all the games to watch Timmy, but you knew she watched you too. You were the best player on the team She’d sit in the stands and it’s cold at the rink so her nipples were always hard. One time she was bending over and you could see her thong, and ever since then you can’t stop thinking about her panties. So when Timmy and his mom offered to host the after game party, you knew you had to steal a pair. If you could just get your hands on a pair of Timmy’s mom’s panties, you could stop obsessing about her and refocus your attention on winning the hockey championship. You didn’t expect she’d catch you in the act, and you definitely didn’t expect what happened next.

Pretty [August 27, 2023]

You didn’t recognize her. She’d changed so much since high school. She was the type of girl that people would make fun of, you know, cuz she was kinda ugly. In fact, you distinctly remember your wife doing just that. But now? Now she was sexy as fuck. Now nobody would make fun of her. Hell, you would have dated her in high school if she looked like she does now. You couldn’t believe it. She was gorgeous. And oh yeah, she remembers you and your wife. She remembers how your wife used to make her life absolutely miserable. Now that she’s pretty, she’s ready to heal the trauma of her high school years by fucking her bully’s husband. Because that’s what pretty girls do.

Purity Check [August 17, 2023]

As a spiritual leader, it was important for you to protect your flock. Especially it’s newest (and most wealthy) members. When one of your newest pupils came to you with concerns about his daughter’s allegedly sinful lifestyle, you knew you had to help him. If he was going to keep providing for his daughter, he needed to know that she was pure. Who better to gauge her spiritual purity than you? You question the girl, but you know just by looking at her what a sinful little harlot she is. You know she’s lying about her purity. But she insists that she’s a virgin and begs you to feel inside her so that you can learn the truth. You feel your fortitude crumbling as you slide your fingers inside her tight little pussy and she starts to moan. No godly man could resist her. She grabs your cock and slides it deep inside of her, “you’re going to tell my daddy that I’m the purest, most virginal girl you’ve ever met”.


Penny Barber – MOM/AUNT/CUCKOLD/TABOO in HD 1080p

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Making Mom Suck Dick for Your Silence HD

I don’t think it is any of your business what I was discussing with the repairman and there is certainly no need to mention it to my husband. Even if you try to make up some silly story about me blowing a stranger in the living room, I am sure your dad won’t believe it for a second. Ok fine, please just don’t tell him. I’ll do anything! No, that does not include a blowjob!

I can’t believe you talked me into sucking my son’s dick right in the kitchen just so you will keep quiet about the other dick I sucked. I guess you do have a pretty nice cock, though. One blowjob and you can even cum all over my bare tits but then you better keep this secret forever.

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Mommy’s Getting Divorced HD

Your father finally had me served with divorce papers, so you have a very tough decision to make: do you want to live with me or with your dad? You show me exactly where your loyalties lie with a 90 minute fuck fest on our white leather couch. We both let go: rutting, licking, sucking, and moaning the afternoon away. In the end, I don’t care if your father takes the house, the car, and all our savings as long as I get you.

This is a semi-POV shoot with Troy Francisco. He’s a really passionate lay anyway who prioritizes female orgasms, but I’d also been wanting to get my hands on him for a while, so this is A LOT OF SEX. Blowjobs, fingering, rimming, pussy-licking, fucking, and of course if you know me, you know how much I love hand jobs! In the end, Troy comes (you come) while being stroked between Mommy’s big, soft breasts, erupting and giving me quite a show!

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Son’s A Werewolf HD

How are you feeling, sweetie? I think you transformed into a werewolf last night! Mommy took some video before she knocked you out and locked you in the shed–for your own protection. Maybe that bite you got last week was supernatural?

We start researching how to fix you, but you spend most of the time stealing glimpses of my bare feet, bare pussy, and dark nipples visible through my thin little dress. I finally stumble across an obscure solution: ejaculation at the point of transformation. I wish we could find someone else for this, and I’m dreadfully nervous about it, but I really want to help you. Mommy will do whatever it takes to get you…excited and make you…come.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, you make me dress in an embarrassing bunny costume, complete with high heels and gloves. I tie you up for my own protection and lovingly lick your beautiful cock as you begin to transform. Your dick changes in my mouth, but I keep pleasuring you, even taking it between my big tits. You tell me that you don’t think you can come like this and convince me to untie you. I don’t know why I’m so horny, but your monstrous cock slides right into me as you roughly fuck me doggy style, cow girl, and missionary. You rake your claws over my bouncy tits and grab me by my throat as you drive me to several screaming orgasms. Then you BITE me as you finally come and cream pie Mommy’s thoroughly used pussy and change back into a man.

I think this worked, but you’re probably going to have to do this for Were-Mommy next month. Hopefully I don’t bite you back!

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Aunt’s Sexy Summer Footjob HD

It’s BBQ season again! That means I get to tease and torment you at all the family gatherings, slinking around in a slutty little bikini and making sure that you see my tits, ass, and FEET, adorned with sexy, little gold toe rings and a sparkly anklet. My feet really do drive you wild, don’t they? And I bet your uptight little wife doesn’t use hers to stroke you off or to tantalize you, does she? I won’t tell that we cheated if you don’t. We sneak inside for a stealthy suck, stroke, and fuck. I hope we don’t get caught, but I also want your huge cock, even if you are my nephew. I use my whole body to please you, gushing over your gorgeous, gargantuan penis. Thank god you manage to pump a load of cum into my tight, taboo pussy before your wife comes looking for you. We quickly dress again and you go back to your wife as I go back to my husband, your bountiful semen still dripping out of my sex.

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Cucking Your Asshole Father HD

Please don’t run away! I’m sorry your father won’t let you have a girlfriend, honey, but you can’t leave me here with him. Mommy loves you and will do anything to get you to stay. I notice you get hard as I beg you not to leave, so I slowly expose my big soft tits. My nipples stiffen with excitement as you let me take your thick beautiful cock out of your pants and stroke it and suck it. It has been so long since your father satisfied me that I pant like a desperate slut as you fuck my tits. Please stick that perfect cock in Mommy’s hungry pussy! This is what we both need. You make me come over and over as we fuck in three different positions and I tell you how much better you are than your father and how much that asshole deserves to be cucked by his superior son. You give Mommy a nice wet cream pie before I masturbate to one more in front of you with your cum dripping out of my deeply satisfied pussy.

I’ll tell your father that we’ve resolved this issue but that he shouldn’t rush to get home, stud.

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Exposing Mommy’s Kinks HD

You are the best son ever! You took Mommy to her kinky street fair when no-one else would go. Did you have a good time? Do you think Mommy looked sexy in her outfit? I got really… excited being there with you. I take off my robe and show you I’m wearing nothing but a special “MOMMY” collar I got at the fair. My big tits and wet pussy are sensually bound in soft bamboo silk rope. I show you what a masochistic slut Mommy is by putting clothes pins on my throbbing clit and perky nipples. Doing this in front of you makes me so horny that I beg you to be my master and let me suck your beautiful cock. Once I’ve used my mouth to get it as stiff as possible, you take your grateful slutty Mommy-slave from behind and fill me with your warm cum.

Now, what would you like for dinner tonight, Master? XOXO

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Mommy Fucks You in Her Old School Uniform HD

Look what I found in this old box in the garage: my school girl uniform! It looks kinda small, but…do you dare Mommy to try it on? I have had a few and I’m feeling really loose. Just promise not to tell your dad, okay? I make you close your eyes while I strip out of my clothes and try it on—you totally peek!—and it is indeed a bit small. You can see Mommy’s fat, round ass under the short plaid skirt. It’s such a tease that you flat out ask to see my panties! I’m feeling very persuadable, so I agree, showing off my sexy, pink thong. There’s something about wearing this that makes Mommy feel so…slutty. How about we do a little role-play? What does Mommy need to do to get out of detention? I’ll show you my tits, suck your cock, and even let you creampie my tight pussy! I can’t believe I’m doing this with my son, but it feels sooo good!

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Mommy Fucks You to Borrow Your Car HD

I can’t believe you asked me for an advance on your allowance. You’re such an irresponsible young man. Now, give me your keys, Mommy needs to borrow your car. I really need to get to work, honey, so just tell me what you want me to do. I give you all the money in my purse and ask you as nicely as possible before you make me strip for you and suck your beautiful cock. Despite my frustration, I let you know how much I enjoy blowing you. It makes me so wet that I agree to let you fuck me and cum in my pussy before you finally go looking for your keys. Thank you for helping Mommy unwind before her big presentation today, sweetie! XOX

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Mommy Milkers HD

Masturbating, masturbating, masturbating! That’s all you ever do anymore, sweetie. We could go out, watch a movie, play a board game, but instead you’re taking extra long showers and missing dinner just so you can jerk off. And to top it off you say that I’M the problem for being such a prude!

The next time you see me I’m dressed in a skimpy cow-print bikini, with a matching horned headband, AND a black leather collar with a cow bell dangling over my big tits. Whose the prude now, huh? Hop up on the kitchen counter and let your slutty mom see how much she can milk you!

You get on all fours, dangling your massive erection straight down. I cover it in lube and stroke it and suck it while I tease you with my massive tits. You shoot cum all over the counter for me to greedily lick up while I plead for more. You masturbate so much, you must be able to come again. I tie my tits up with pink rope for some extra encouragement and rub your dick all over them until you give me a second dose of delicious jism.

I’m is so fucking horny, baby. It’s so hot that you can come this much. Please shove that beautiful fat cock into my tight, wet pussy! I leave your cum on my tits and let them bounce wildly as you rail me from behind. You make me come over and over until you can’t take it anymore and decide to give your mom a hot wet cream pie.

I think it’s going to be a lot easier to spend time together now, sweetie. XOXO

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Mom’s Sweet Rewards HD

This is the moment we’ve been working towards for so many years. I open and read your acceptance letter and…you got in! I prepared something special to celebrate this moment. Can you guess what it is, sweetie? Recounting all the sacrifices you made to accomplish this, I slowly remove my conservative dress to reveal the stunning shining lingerie I’ve been saving just for you. Mommy is going to make-up for ALL of the activities you missed being her perfect little go getter. I lavish you with praise as I get on my knees and take your beautiful cock in my proud and eager mouth. Tenderly kissing, licking, and sucking your manhood makes Mom soooo excited. Sliding your perfect dick between my big soft tits, I tell you that Mommy will give you ANYTHING you want! You pick my pussy and fuck me from behind like the stud you are. After coming harder than I’ve ever come before, I let my hair down and ride you as hard as I can, coming again and again until you tell me you want to finish on my big tits. You give Mommy the biggest load of cum I’ve ever seen and I rub it all over my breasts before licking it off of my hand.

Mom’s rewards will always be the sweetest, big boy. XOXO

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Mommy’s BIG Boy HD

Well, look at you all dressed up! Big plans today? You’re going to ask a girl out… okay. That’s fine. This is fine, but get yourself to school today.

I’m waiting for you when you come home. Apparently she said yes, which is… just great. Mommy recognizes that you’re all grown up and have new needs and desires. Why don’t you let Mommy help you indulge in those desires. I pull a pre-roll from my cleavage. We’ll start by smoking to calm your nerves. It’s okay to cough. Now watch Mommy strip for you. I play with my big juicy tits and rub my pussy over my white lacy panties just to get you nice and hard.

Oh my god, you’re HUGE! That’s the most beautiful cock Mommy has ever seen. I’m going to make you feel so good, baby. I kiss and worship your cock, taking as much of it as I can in my eager salivating mouth. I can’t wait to get it into my aching jealous pussy. Mommy will show you that she can take care of your needs better than any silly girl you meet. I ride you cowgirl to a to a long squirting orgasm before getting on my back and letting you take me as hard as you can. You fill Mommy’s pussy full of your cum. Now go get cleaned up, sweetie, before we take another “smoke break.” XOXO

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Mom’s Pussy is for Athletes HD

So you lost the big game today and…kind of humiliated yourself. I’m is still proud of you for trying. Please don’t give up, sweetie. Let me take car of you tonight before you make up your mind. I prepare the bedroom and remove my silk robe to reveal a red micro bikini. After rubbing your sore muscles, I take my top off and show you what I’m willing to do after every game to keep you motivated. I lick your powerful cock while letting you know how badly I want you to be an athlete, and then—when you convince me you’re committed—I let you fuck my proud wet pussy to several screaming orgasms before you give me a hot cream pie. Good boy! XXX

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Relieving Mom’s Holiday Stress HD

There’s just so much to do! I wish I could wind down, but instead it’s and these new pills my doctor prescribed. Oh…you’re not supposed to mix them with Oops.


You know, for some reason I feel like my inhibitions are way down and I can think of one thing that will really relieve my stress: that huge, candy cane bulge in your pants! Maybe it’s weird that I’m your mom, but who cares, right? It’s the holidays! And I just need to get fucked so that I can come super hard like the little slut I am!


3:25 Christmas lingerie and dirty talk

6:43 Panty removal

8:12 Masturbation

10:19 Squirt

10:54 Blowjob

13:12 Naked

13:42 Handjob

14:17 More blowjob

16:47 Missionary sex

22:07 Creampie and cum play

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Slutty Mom Study Buddy HD

Your teacher called and says you’re struggling. It’s been so hard keeping you focused on your work. What if mommy let you see more of her… boobs while we studied together? I unbutton my dress and flash you some DD cleavage while reading from your history book — and it works! mommy will give you whatever you want if you keep this up. I’m a little taken aback when you ask to see more of me, but I don’t see the harm and I’m so proud of you. I take my big tits completely out of my dress and play with them for your amusement before it’s time to make dinner.

I show up in a micro-bikini for our next session so we can get straight to work. You perform so well that I offer to give you another show, but this time you ask to see my … pussy. I’m embarrassed but, determined to keep you motivated, I pull my bikini bottom down and give you a full show of mommy’s vulva. It feels naughty and I play with my clit a little while you watch before deciding to end the session.

You wait for me in the study on Saturday and I show up completely naked. I can’t tell you how proud I am, darling, so I’m going to have to show you. You take your throbbing cock out and let me stroke it, lick it, and suck it while I fawn over you. I get so horny playing with your dick that I bend over the table and let you drill my tight wet pussy from behind. You fuck me like a stud and make me squirt all over everything before pouring hot cum into my quivering sex.

mommy didn’t know how much she’d LOVE being your study buddy! XOXO

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Stroking to Your Sister’s Ass HD

When I catch you spying on me as I get ready for my date, I decide to have a little fun with you. I start off just teasing you a little, asking if you like what I’m wearing, but when I notice that you’re playing with yourself as you stare, things really get going! You want to jerk off while you look at me? Fine, then I’m going to look at you, too, and it’s not good resisting!

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Very Inappropriate Ride Home With Mommy HD

I’m parked over here, darling! Everyone else seems to have left, what took you so long? Oh my, you’re all sweaty and flushed. Do you like my new bikini? You asked me not to wear the one I had on earlier, so I changed. Did I make you hard again, sweetie? Get in the back seat and keep a look out and Mommy will help you come again. I’ll rub your hard-on all over my big tits before I see how much of it I can take in my mouth. This feels so naughty and is making Mommy so horny. Please fuck Mommy’s pussy in the back of our car! You can lose your virginity the same way Mommy did. After you give me a screaming orgasm, I let you decide pick where your cum goes again. In my coffee?! What is with you feeding me your cum today? I’ll do it because you fucked Mommy so well. Since my bikinis seem to give you so much trouble, how about I drive home naked?

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Pampered Penny On Public Display HD

Sometimes little diaper sluts just need to parade around the streets in bondage while gagged and padded. I strip out of my big girl outfit of sexy latex right out in the open before taping myself into a big pink diaper for anyone to see. I diaper myself but after I have my hands tied behind my bag and big pacifier stuffed in my mouth, I will not be able to change myself without permission.Of course, that leads to me being fed a bottle of water so I will have no choice about wetting my diaper in public.

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Sunbathing Mom Surprised by Your Perfect Cock HD

I’m lying outside in a slutty swimsuit when you just can’t control yourself anymore. You come ask me to help you with…something inside. I’m pretty sure that I know what you just want me to talk you off and tease you about your cock—until I actually see it. I’m so impressed that I masturbate along with you, exposing my big, beautiful breasts and rubbing my clit, telling you what a gorgeous, perfect dick you have. I tell you how I want you to jerk it in order to get me off, touching yourself all over and getting me very excited. I tell you exactly what my pussy feels like as I finger myself. I’ve changed my mind; you can cum “bother” me whenever you like!

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Still Mommy’s Diaper Baby HD

You can’t go out with some girl tonight, you’re supposed to spend the evening with Mommy! Well, if you insist on seeing this…tart, then Mommy is going to insist that you keep it in your pants, or rather — in your diaper! Now, drop your pants and show Mommy what she’ll be padding this evening. Wow. That is small! You should be grateful that Mommy is doing you the favor of pampering your petite penis, because I’m sure this girl would lose interest if she saw it. She might even laugh, and of course you know you can’t count on some girl to keep a secret, not like Mommy will.

You know, it’s kind of appropriate that I have you in a diaper, because I just happen to be wearing a sexy, lacy, pink nursing bra. Do you know what diaper boys like to do? They like to suck on Mommy’s nipples, don’t they? Your mouth feels so good that Mommy has no choice but to masturbate while you nurse. Keep doing that until…Mommy…COMES! How much do you think you would have to do that before I start to make milk again?

You’re eager to make your date, but before I let you go, you are going to wet that diaper for Mommy. Stand and let me look up at you while I play with myself and encourage you to pee. Do it for Mommy, baby. I want to smell your squishy, embarrassingly wet diaper. Mommy wants to smell your pee…good boy!

Now which one of us should answer the door when your little date arrives?

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JOI to Mom’s Yoga Body HD

Ready to do some yoga with your Mom? I run through a series of sexy stretches and poses as you watch, practically drooling over my MILFy curves, which are accentuated by tight, my hot pink, yoga outfit. You’re barely keeping it together when I insist that you start participating more. You manage to resist, but when I lean in to help you stretch, my bit, MILF tits in your face, you can’t help but get an erection.

But it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetie. And since I made you all stiff, then I can help you get release. I unclasp my sports bra and tell you to stroke your big cock as fast as I play with my big, soft tits. But don’t come yet. Watch me peel the pink leggings and thong off of my round, juicy bottom before sensuously oiling up my breasts and ass.

I know it’s naughty, sweetie, but I really like it. I drip oil onto my pussy and rub my clit in your face while you continue to jerk off to my instructions. I get closer and closer to coming before I can’t wait anymore and countdown to a simultaneous release and you cover my pussy in your jizz as I reach my own screaming orgasm.

Isn’t it fun to stretch it out with Mom?

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Your Daughters Ass – Penny Loren HD 1080p

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You have been told your daughter is going out to clubs dressing and acting like an absolute slut and you are determined to catch her and punish her.

She always sneaks in and out before you see her, she knows you will go crazy and is very careful not to get caught.

Well tonight is the night you are going to catch the cheeky little slut, you are going to hide under her bed then she wont be able to lock you out of her bedroom like she always does, perfect idea.

You get comfortable under the bed and wait, she finally gets home and she’s on the phone to her friend chatting about the night.

What the hell is she wearing!

A red leather mini skirt, stockings and a tiny crop top you feel yourself getting angry.

Right thats it she’s getting punished big time you are just about to leap up and shout at her but she stands right over you with her legs apart, she has a tiny thong on and you can see right up to your daughters pussy and ass. Damn you really shouldn’t be getting aroused by your own daughter but fuck you cant take your eyes off her tiny thong, it looks sweaty and a bit wet where she has been dancing and whatever else she has been getting up to. She squats down still not seeing you and her pussy and ass are even closer to your face.

She is talking to her friend about how sore she is from dancing and fucking, FUCKING!

You again want to leap up and ask her what the hell does she think she’s doing but you can smell her pussy its so close and the smell makes you hard.

She massages her ass and re arranges her thong and her pussy lips are poking out of her thong. You are trying not to have filthy Incestuous thoughts about her but Fuck you want your own daughters sweaty little pussy, you want to smell and taste her little cunt.

She finishes her call and lies down on the bed tired, you wait until you are sure she has nodded off and crawl out from under her bed.

Your plan is to sneak out so she will never know you were there but you just stand there staring at her rubbing your rock hard dick, she’s lying on her front on the bed her little skirt hitched up and her little dirty panties on show.

You move closer to get a better look then closer, too close damn! she wakes up startled asking why the hell her daddy is in her locked bedroom.

She tries to cover herself up and then realises you are hard and aroused by your own daughter.

She now realises that she is in control not you, you should be punished for being possessive of your daughters slutty pussy.

She starts teasing you flashing her pussy asking if thats what you want, do you want to smell and taste her little sweaty smelly thong? You would fucking love to do that but say no but she says you have to otherwise she will tell Mom you have been hiding and perving on her. You smell and put your tongue around her dirty sweaty thong, you love the smell of your daughters cunt and she has you wrapped around her little finger.

She then pulls her thong to the side and tells you to lick her little asshole and pussy clean.

You eat your daughters pussy and asshole in different positions, with her winking her asshole at you and you burying your tongue deep inside both her holes.

She rides your face with you sucking and licking her beautiful cunt and ass until she cums hard for her daddy.

Now get out daddy before I tell mom,

and if you behave yourself she might let you become her dirty little asshole slave xx

This was ordered as a custom.

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Sydney Harwin New FAMILY TABOO Vids in HD 1080p ORIGINAL Files

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Mommy FINALLY Understands HD

**This has got to be my absolute favourite video I have ever made! I enjoyed every second of filming it and the storyline is just SUCH a huge turn on for me personally! Contains 12 scenes. Slow burn until the unforgettable sex scene at the end!** ..I just don’t understand.. my Son and I haven’t had our special movie night in 3 months now. What has HAPPENED to make him change so fast? He doesn’t want anything to do with me any more.. he’s rude to me, won’t talk to me much.. won’t even come down for dinner.. spends most of his free time out until the early hours hanging out with his friends instead of hanging out with ME! It all happened so fast.. one minute he’s my sweet Son and now.. now.. now he’s like a completely different person towards me.. did I do something wrong? I have to figure this out. His friends turning up on my doorstep demanding he comes out when I’M telling them he’s staying in with me to have dinner! Then he just storms out and slams the door acting like I embarrassed him somehow.. then he comes home at 2AM to shout at me! Telling me that his mates and everyone have been bullying him.. laughing at him.. taking the piss out of him for being a Mommys boy.. A MOMMYS BOY?! ..a.. mommys.. boy.. now it makes sense.. he’s been distancing himself from me because his friends can SEE how close he is to his Mommy. They must be jealous.. but he can’t see that.. all he see’s is he has to put a stop to being close to me in order to put a stop to the bullying.. my boy wants to stay my boy but he feels like he can’t so he’s been horrible to me.. nasty.. upsetting me so much. He’s failed his exams.. my friend recommends I take him out on a ‘Mommy Son date night’ to rekindle our close relationship.. I’ll wear my red dress and.. and we can try to get back to “us” again.. Mommy FINALLY understands.. why you’ve been so distant..

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…She arrives, a little nervous. It is her first time applying for a job here at this pretty controversial “hotel”.. she is so naive, so innocent to the world.. the most she’s ever sexually done is had an ex boyfriend grope her boobs over her clothes!.. but she needs the money.. at 5 months pregnant, how else could she afford formula and bby items? After she reluctantly strips naked, the cameraman who works here, takes some photos of her for the catalogue of girls they have here on file for their very exclusive, rich clients. She didn’t expect this all to happen so fast.. she is immediately ushered into her special room.. room number 4, where she will stay consistently for the next few months, until her contract is up. She is only willing to perform handjobs and allow clients to play with her boobs and rub her pregnant belly whilst they masturbate.. 4 WEEKS LATER and you walk in.. a seasoned regular at this very special hotel.. a guy who knows what you like and how HARD you like it. The girls here spread rumours about you.. warning other girls about you before your arrival.. you are rough.. you are hung.. and a little scary. The new whore interests you.. you’ve never fucked a pregnant girl before.. maybe she’ll say yes to your unique demands.. for the right price… **SCENE 1- GIRL ARRIVES AND HAS NUDE PHOTOS TAKEN FOR CATALOGUE. SCENE 2- YOU ARE WELCOMED BACK TO THE HOTEL, CHOOSING YOUR GIRL. SCENE 3- YOU ENTER ROOM NUMBER 4 AND CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU, UNZIP YOUR JEANS AND LET OFF SOME SERIOUS FUCKING STEAM!** (I was absolutely 100% fucked after filming this video! I tell ya, I need a break!)

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Honestly, I cannot even begin to explain how strange and unusual my life is.. you probably won’t believe me on this one but I swear to God every word is true.


No Regrets With Mommy HD

I’ve always been obsessed… actually MORE than obsessed.. with my own Son. For years I’ve been infatuated with him.. lusting after him like a lovesick teenager. I don’t think he’s noticed though.. maybe thats a good thing. Taboo sex is wrong.. worse than wrong.. UNFORGIVABLE.. but having sex with him is all I can think about. I dream about his body against mine.. him being back inside the hole that birthed him.. impregnating me all over again.. Mommy and Son..just once.. for him to stop teasing me and fuck Mommy just once..

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Your Loving Pregnant Mommy HD

I knew my Son couldn’t stay in my bedroom.. his father would be due home soon and he gets a little.. annoyed when our Son shares a bed with his Mommy.. even though I don’t mind. I would have him in with me every single night if I could.. to cuddle against.. to hold close to me. My boy has been distracted lately.. keeps staring at my ever growing pregnant body. I know I should cover up more around him but truth is.. I like it. But then I noticed his erection pressed up against his pants.. his dick grew hard for his Mommy and I have to confess.. the thought crossed my mind that I might actually be enjoying this.. my own Son getting aroused over his own Mother. I invited him into my bed, to talk about his feelings.. about Mommy’s pregnant body.. how it makes him feel in between his legs.. but then I.. I told him that it was natural to feel that way.. and that it wasn’t weird or wrong and.. my Sons boner grew bigger for me.. pressing up against Mommy like that. Pregnancy has made me extra horny lately and God knows his Dad doesn’t give it to me as much as I’d like.. no.. my Son turned me on in that moment.. his young body aching to be loved.. to be touched.. to be milked by his very own Mother… and what kind of Mom would I be to deny him.. I could give him what he wanted and at the same time he could satisfy me.. as long as it stayed a secret.. **CONTAINS HEAVY MOMMY/SON IINCEST THEME. TABOO DIALOGUE. NOT SUITABLE FOR VIEWERS WHO ARE EASILY “CREEPED OUT” BY CERTAIN PORN**

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Freak Storm Transforms Girlfriend Into Big Tittied Bimbette HD

**A freak storm transforms your girlfriend into big tittied bimbette.. contains my first ever breast expansion scenes with a very realistic size H fake bust!!** ..Can you hear how bad that storm is outside babe?! Its not funny, you KNOW I’m scared of storms! What if it gets worse.. what if it never stops?! Can’t we snuggle up and.. Netflix and chill? ..SERIOUSLY?! You’ll deny me cuddles if I don’t go stick my head outside the window? Why don’t YOU go open the window if your so fucking brave?!. FINE!! Oh my GOD thats so windy.. I gotta close the window…






** Huh? What happened? Somethings happening to me babe.. my tits.. they feel funny.. don’t they look bigger to you? Stop messing me around, please help me!! LOOK.. AT.. MY.. HUGE.. BOOBS!!!!

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Mommy Breastfeeds You HD

Ever since your little Sister was born, you kinda got just a little bit (nothing MAJOR) addicted to secretly watching your Mommy breastfeed her. Every time your Mommy takes out her big full breasts engorged with milk your dick grows hard and you just can’t stop thinking about how good it would feel to lay in your Mommys lap just like your Sister does and feed from those gorgeous nipples.. you started watching lactating porn.. videos of women breastfeeding, but its not enough.. you WANT.. IT.. SO.. BAD! (this was a custom made video)

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Mommy’s Lil Milk PERVERT HD

Mommy’s boobs are ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT.. ever since she started lactating.. huge, full breasts.. leaking everywhere.. and now your little sister is being fussy and Mommy’s nipples are overflowing.. she tried to express it out, but its no good.. that milk needs sucking out and who would you be to deny your Mommy help when she most needs it.. *this was a custom video*

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When your Mom takes in her twin Sister after she’s kicked out of her apartment, your decade long secret affair with your quirky Aunt is quickly exposed, leaving your Mom in a very awkward situation.. but when Mommy opens the lid on the biggest family secret of all, it overturns everything you thought was already pretty fucked up and puts you in a little dilemma of your own.. Wouldn’t it be nice if things were just normal for once?! (..if I told you that your Mommy was also your half Sister.. would you believe me?)


Taboo Fixation HD

Mommy can’t stop fantasizing about her own Son.. can’t stop masturbating over taboo porn.. won’t stop imagining what it would be like to bed her biological boy.. being in a Mom/Son relationship.. getting impregnated.. it has to stop.. but she can’t get rid of this filth outta her head, so she comes up with a plan.. to leave her laptop full of downloaded taboo pictures and videos open on her bed for her Son to find.. then maybe he’ll get the message.. but at what cost?

Scene Includes: Mommy Roleplay, Virtual Sex, POV, Taboo.

A Complicated Discovery HD

You are obsessed with an online amateur porn star called Sydney Harwin and have been secretly using your Moms credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of videos and panties. You tell your Mom you are expecting a package in the mail and NOT to open it.. so naturally your snooping Mother does open it and what does she find? A pair of used panties smelling of pussy! She confronts you playfully about her shocking find and you decide to open up to her about your “little porn addiction”.. or more like your Sydney Harwin OBSESSION! You tell your Mom that you enjoy watching Sydney creating videos online that put YOU in the seat of a Son who is fucking his Mother.. You explain that POV porn is important to you.. and you have Mommy fantasies which Sydney Harwin fulfils.. and also apologise for spending thousands of your Moms savings on pornography! She is somewhat understanding.. but warns you NOT to use her money anymore chasing some girl online. Later on, after cooling down, you spy on your Mommy masturbating whilst watching a Sydney Harwin video.. WHAT THE FUCK. Maybe she is curious? Maybe she is looking for answers? Or maybe.. just maybe your Mom is finally showing her most perverted, depraved personality after this very complicated taboo discovery…



Tatum Christine – Daughters Best Friends Girl Cock Makes You Cum HD 1080p

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Your daughter and her best friend are having a night time stay over! You can’t seem to close your eyes, so you go into the kitchen at 1 am only to find your daughters best friend in there with her headphones in, dancing and singing, she notices you and gets embarrassed only to further embarrass herself with a little confession.. your daughters best friends grabs her snacks and darts out of the kitchen… you go into the room to find her to be the only one up! She says she can read to you but its best we go into your room since someone is catching Zzz’s over here! We quickly decide reading is not what you need, but to be milked by my holes until I cum calling you daddy!

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Girl Cock Confessional HD

Custom for resale! Yes, I made this confession booth all by myself :) We’ve just walked out of a restaurant and are standing outside. I tell you how perfect you are and how much I enjoy our dates, so on and so on. I ask if you picked this spot bc it was by the abandon church… thought you may have wanted to go inside and have some naughty fun.. you didn’t know about the church… we start to walk and I tell you that its pretty cool inside… especially the old confession booth. I tell you I may have a secret or two that I need to confess… you could be the priest, I could be the sinner, and see where the night takes us. You agree to sneak in. We’ve only recently started dating, but we have b en hanging out a lot and getting closer… there’s only one thing you don’t know about me, and now it’s your biggest obsession. My girl cock. We take turns sucking each other off, milking each others cocks, and touching tips.


Edging Blowjob HD

This is shot on a cell phone for real amateur vibes… Sensual blowjob, light dirty talk. I edged him for three days straight before this and then through out the video until the biggest cum shot COVERS me… and I mean drenches me… I clean my glasses with my tongue!

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My Real Life Taboo Confessionals HD

I don’t need to say anymore… the title really says it all :)

she´s telling you a real life story with many details, enjoy.

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CocoAlice – Extreme Cumslut Compilation HD 1080p

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In this video hot aussie girl Coco Alice takes some thick loads on her pretty face, mouth, pussy and all over her petite body like a proper cumslut.
her favorite method to make him cum is jerking him off


Lewdestbunnie 12 More TABOO Vids in POV HD 1080p

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I Accidentally Slept With My Dad HD

Last night I had the best sex in my whole life with a one night stand!! Now it’s the morning after and we’ve got a little pillow talk going on. Last night we did some daddy roleplay and this morning I learn his real name is my dad’s name? My dad left when I was young– but after a few more crazy revelations it looks like I’ve reunited with my real dad?!? That’s so gross and wrong, he needs to leave and we should never see each other again! Except he’s reminding me how much I loved it last night, and taking his cock out of his boxers… and suddenly my mouth is back on his addictive cock and I’m begging for my real daddy’s cum? I can’t believe how turned on I am by knowing my daddy is throat fucking his real daughter and loving it!! I’m so turned on that my pussy aches for daddy again and I bounce on his cock til he shoots a massive load in me! We watch it flood out of my pussy together and decide this is definitely not a one night stand

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Homeschool Sex-ed With Daddy HD

It’s the day after my 18th birthday and I’m so excited for my daddy to teach me the special class that I can only take as an adult— sex-ed!! I remember daddy said that’s one of the main reasons he homeschooled me, because that’s something special only a father should teach his daughter. Sex-ed started with daddy telling me that now that I went through puberty I have big girl DDs I have to take care of and he showed me how to massage them to make sure they’re healthy. The daddy asked me to take me my panties off for him so he can teach me about my pussy. I was so nervous to show him but he reassured me that he made his daughter with a cute pussy and that he’ll love it. He did!! He taught me all the parts of my pussy and I spread it all sorts of ways so he could teach me the names of all my parts. Then daddy asked me a weird question- does my pussy ever get an itch? That’s so funny because it does but I always took care of it by rubbing my pussy on my stuffed animals, but daddy teaches me how to really take care of it by rubbing my clit and putting my fingers inside me and he even showed me how to cum! Best feeling ever! Daddy then taught me about boy parts, just like how he used my own pussy to teach me about girl parts, he used in own cock! I was so excited to see the cock that made me and I loved rubbing it and running my fingers all over it, that made daddy pre-cum! Daddy’s teaching me to be helpful and he taught me girls should always take care of boys so he taught me how to make him cum with my mouth and even how to swallow cum— I loved having daddy’s cum in my tummy. Finally I had my last lesson, daddy taught me what breeding is!! It kind of hurt a lot but also felt really really good— and the best part of the class is I have no homework, I just get to do a project where I become a mommy

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Brat Tells Dad About Seducing Teachers HD

VERY BRATTY, teasing storytime I turned 18 in my last semester of high school and my grades turned from C’s to A’s… daddy thinks that’s sus so I tell him how I discovered my body has developed to be irresistible to my teachers! They turn from authority figures to little boys just looking at me! I tell 4 stories where I talk about lap dances, feeling up my tits, teasing my pussy, and “losing” my panties— and my dad shows me he’s no different than the other men! Just hearing me talk about seducing my teachers with my DD’s and cute teen pussy makes him jizz in his pants too! I guess story time is just that good hehe

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Elf Girl Used By Worm To Breed HD

It’s the job of a wood elf to help all the forest creatures, especially when they’re about to go extinct! this is why when a tentacle like worm needs a body to host its reproduction this sweet petite elf offers herself up. The worm slithers around her large tits, into her tight pussy, and down her throat to make sure she’s a good enough body to use— and good thing it says yes because the elf girl is surprisingly loving the sensations. The worm only has one chance to fertilize correctly so it uses her throat to practice spraying its reproductive fluid and not only does the elf girl love the taste, but as it drips down her chin and onto her tits she realizes the worm’s cum is also an aphrodisiac. She strips and takes her shoes off, exposing her whole body for the worm to slither around and spread its cum, making her squeal in pleasure. The worm finally does its job, wriggling deep inside her making her cum and she’s aware of a deep pressure, a very new sensation, and although the worm exits she feels something hard sliding out of her… and it feels so good when it stretches her entrance and comes out that she can’t help but use the worm’s future generation to cum again!!

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Lab Student Must Experiment on Her Pussy HD

Bunnie only has one chance to pass her freshman final and when the volunteer doesn’t show up she realizes she has to experiment on herself. The lab she was assigned to tests a new “vaginal sensitivity formula” for women who can’t get turned on. As the subject of the experiment, she performs a variety of tests including using a rectal thermometer, taking measurements, getting an inside sample, and testing current sensitivity. After that she applies the formula and massages it outside her cute college pussy and squirts some inside and it drips out like a creampie. After waiting 45 mins for the formula to develop Bunnie turns the camera back on and she’s turned from embarrassed to lewd and horny. The formula made her pussy swell up and did increase the sensitivity A LOT. She performs the external (hitatchi) and internal (dildo) sensitivity tests and of course both make her cum. She realizes she’s obsessed with the formula and begs her professor to give her some if he enjoyed the video

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Dream Toy Tryout: 22″ Tentacle Creampie HD

a super delux sweetheart (brett!) bought me my DREAM TOY!!! a 22″ tentacle from sinnovator with custom colors I chose and a cum tube for creampie! this vid is me very excitedly unboxing it, showing it and telling you how it feels, using it on my pussy (and cumming of course!!) and then I try out the cum tube and reicieve a really hot creampie from my new favorite toy now I’m ready to make some irl hentai haha

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Daddy I Know You Watch My Porn HD

Using you real name as your MV username is so not discreet lol of course I’d find out you watch my vids! Tbh it’s kinda hot though so I made this treat for you based on how I saw you bought all my cumplay vids. It’s your dream come true, you get to see your new daughter give blowjobs, titjobs, assjobs, and get a creampie. And I’m wearing that exercise outfit you always drool over me in. You thought my sportsbra stained with sweat looked hot? Now you get to see it sticky with several loads of cum. I want you to imagine it’s your cum, daddy. And it’s your dick I’m shoving down my tight throat, squeezing between my tits, grinding my cum sticky thong against, and taking deep inside my tight barely legal pussy until the cum you fill me with pours out. So enjoy daddy, and maybe cum… to my room after?

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Teen Body Tour For Barely Legal Forum HD

Last friday I turned 18 and heard the term “barely legal” for the first time. Googling it took me down a rabbit hole to a forum for guys who love legal teens and I’ve been reading it obsessively. I’ve never had a guy like me before, but now I know there’s a whole website full of guys who could like me just for my age? I love reading what they say about the bodies of other girls my age and I’m way too tempted to not share mine! So while my parents were in their bed I got up the confidence to set a cam up in my room and make a video for the website. I’m a little nervous at first but the more I reveal the more sexy I feel! It’s nice to be able to talk about what I like about my teen body and how I like to play with myself, and I even feel so sexy that at the end I show how I can cum with my pretty toy!


Creator’s note: I’m really excited to share this vid! It’s the first time I’ve played with a creative format and I’m SO happy with how this turned out!! I hope you love it as much as me! the trailer truly doesn’t do this justice!!

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Sweetheart Gets U To Cum Like A Good Boy HD

You’ve been holding back for days, and you’ve resisted all of the dominant women who’ve tried to get you to cum. You say that’s easy because dommes just aren’t your thing. However there’s a Plan B on the team, a very sweet girl who’s honestly impressed at your ability resist, but she truly wants to give you the release you need. She kindly offers her hands, mouth, and very tight pussy, working up your dick to climax to the point where you don’t even know why you’ve been holding on- you just want to cum like a good boy. After you do, she really lets you know with lots of praise and comfort

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100+ Cumshot/Creampie Comp lewdestbunnie HD

It’s my 100th vid!!! So I needed to do something special! And what better to do for a 100th vid than a cum compilation? So I went through ALL my vids and cut every scene where I get a creampie, facial, titjob, bodyshot, etc!! Starting with the clip of me trying out my squirting dildo for the first time all the way up to the bukakke loving bunnie you know today!! If you’re seeing this and you’re new to my content, I’m a solo performer so this is only fake cumshots. But personally I think that’s more fun!! Cum play is one of my favorite things and I honestly live to swallow giant loads, receive monster size facials, pour out huge creameries, and get so cum on my tits, ass, and body that I barely look like a girl anymore haha!! Plus the clips are in order so you can see how my vids have evolved between when I first started making cum content and now (9 months)!! Anyways, I LOVE this vid and I hope you do too!! Thank you for 100!!!

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True Story: How I Lost My Virginity HD

To clarify the “taboo” is NOT anything sexual between a relative and myself. In one story my partner’s relative helped arrange my virginity loss and in the other story having sex was an act of retaliation against a family member. Also the 1st story takes place on my 18th bday, so all details are about legal teen activities!!!

Ok now that you’re aware this is all legal lol I gotta emphasize that this is all true!! I made this vid because I want to be more intimate with my viewers. I post so much roleplay (and I love it) but I want you to see the real Bunnie too! So the perfect combo of personal and spicy are the stories of me losing my virginity! And haha yes I know I only have 1 virginity, the second story is just my first time with the other gender. Hope you have fun learning more about my real lewd life!!

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Daddy’s Dick Fixes My Bullying Problem HD

When I came home from school with little tears in my eyes, daddy wanted to fix the problem. However my problem is a super embarrassing thing that I totally shouldn’t tell my dad about!! But he’s so caring and keeps asking, so I admit my problem is that I’m bullied at school because I’ve never seen a dick before. Super embarrassing… right?? Not to daddy, he actually says he can help? Daddy’s idea of help is to show me his own dick, which I really hope isn’t that weird for a daughter to see. Especially because I sort of liked seeing it? Daddy also brings up a good point: how will my bullies know I’ve seen a dick if I can’t describe what it feels like? So I wrap my hand around daddy’s big cock and he teaches me how to give a handjob– he even cums into my hand! Something in me wants to taste it, and daddy let’s me lick it off his dick! I immediately want to try more and daddy teaches me how to give a blowjob, finishing with a huge load in my mouth. I’m pretty confident I can impress my bullies now, but daddy has an idea of how to 1 up them, and that’s by teaching me how to give a titjob. I love the way daddy’s dick feel sliding between my big, soft tits — and he does too because he cums all over them!! I decide to clean up daddy with my mouth, but my clean up job makes everything a lot messier!! Especially my glasses!! Daddy even takes some pictures to ensure I won’t be bullied tomorrow

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Skyla Sun – The Family Business HD [Untouched 1080p]

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