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Peyton Place (1957) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Directed by: Mark Robson

Stars: Lana Turner, Lee Philips, Lloyd Nolan

Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa |Ar: 16:9 | Brrip (Limited Edition)

Description: A peaceful New England town hides secrets and scandals.

Grace Metalious’ explosive best-selling novel is given the Hollywood treatment in 1957’s “Peyton Place”. Devoid of so much of the nonsense that has been known to permeate other melodramas, “Peyton Place” is a beautifully filmed, effective film that uncovers the hidden scandals of a quaint, New England town. With fine acting, score and cinematography, this screen classic translates well from its literary heritage. And the film’s unraveling of the town’s secrets is handled well – building up like a ball of snow as each successive scandal is unearthed.

We meet the townspeople from the point-of-view of Allison Mackenzie(Diane Varsi), the sweet and sheltered daughter of Constance(Lana Turner). Constance struggles to be a good mother and community member, while rebuffing the advances of handsome school principal, Michael Rossi(Lee Philips). On the other side of the tracks live Constance’s housekeeper whose daughter, Selena(Hope Lange), struggles as a victim of abuse by her own step-father. In the midst of these primary plots are several other tales revolving around sex, love and the war. No one is immune to the reveal of secrets, which have a domino effect all across town.

“Peyton Place” shook the foundation of Hollywood’s censorship board by exposing such taboo topics as sexual abuse and abortion, but not once does it come off as exploitative. On the contrary, the film is firmly grounded in emotion and genuine feeling. And while the movie straddles the line of good taste, a plot involving the war effort and its effect on the young men of Peyton Place proves to be profound. Lana Turner does her job well as the repressed mother. In fact, heated passion can be sensed underneath her aloof, icy-cold exterior – a chill factor even more effective 2 years later in “Imitation of Life”. And the incredibly good-looking Lee Philip is a perfect match the screen beauty. But it is really with the sensitive performances of Diane Varsi and Hope Lange that this film gains its legs. And Lloyd Nolan cannot be overlooked as the town’s warm-hearted doctor. “Peyton Place” could have been a heaving, overblown showcase, but instead made its way into becoming an important melodrama that has stood the test of time.

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Hope Harper – Before Daddy Leaves HD 1080p

After Daddy hired that sexy houseboy I knew he would be leaving soon on another trip. While he was getting stuff done that morning I curled up in his bed. Daddy came in, yanked off the covers and spanked me hard. I told him I wasn’t leaving til he gave it to me before he left. Daddy was already a bit hard so it was easy to get him ready to pound my pussy. Daddy and I rolled all over the bed fucking and he ended up cumming inside me. After he did I clung to his bed not wanting to leave. Daddy tickled me to loosen my grip and dragged me off the bed.

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Anal slut training: Daddy Gets Rough HD 1080p

Daddy trains my tight slutty ass. He fingers me and fucks me with bigger and bigger things until he’s pounding me with my biggest dildo, the first time it’s been in my ass. When he puts the dildo inside me I’m allowed to use the vibrator on my clit and I make myself cum while his foot pushes my head into the bed. All throughout the video he slaps me, spanks me, and wraps his hand around my neck because I’m a bratty little fuck toy and I deserve it. Watch me get punished and trained like the slut you know I am.

Perfect description! Charlotte moans while Daddy is probing her butthole with a small stick and then with his finger, soon he will use two fingers. Daddy then inserts a bigger dildo inside Charlotte’s ass and, having her positioned with her ass in the air, he strongly spanks her: she loudly complains. She will complain again when Daddy will slip three fingers into her asshole and then bigger and bigger dildos. She will masturbate with her fingers and then using the hitachi wand while Daddy will be fucking her butt with a definitely large dildo. She moans in pleasure and pain at the same time and gets also humiliated by Daddy’s foot, shoe on, onto her face. In the end Charlotte’s buttocks are ruby red and get fondled by Daddy’s careful hands. Charlotte will also kiss Daddy’s hands: a real slut!

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Taboo Army – 18yo Sadie Kennedy Sucks Dads Cock HD

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Mia Martinez – Dad…Can I Have a Towel? HD

Growing up, my daughter would ask me to get her a towel all the time. Bath time was a great bonding experience for us, and we had so much fun together. We used to blow bubbles together in the bathtub, and she would love to splash water all over….that I would have to clean up later. t she was always so happy during bath time, that I never got mad.

So when I heard my (now grown) daughter calling out to me saying that she needed a towel, the parental instinct in me just reverted back….and I got her a towel. t this time was very different. ere weren’t bubbles in a tub any more. It was a steamy shower, and there were soap suds beading off my daughters now developed breasts.

I was so caught off guard that I didn’t know how to react. t apparently the lower half of my body wasn’t having a hard time reacting. She quickly realized that her Father had a boner, at the sight of seeing his daughter’s wet naked body…

But she didn’t freak out, in fact…. she was having fun seeing her Dad squirm in embarrassment. en she did something that I never thought she would do… She asked me if I wanted to touch her! She told me that it would be our secrete, and that Mom would never need to know…

Watch as my daughter shows me how grown up she has really gotten, and that the shower isn’t the only thing that is making her wet!

Note…She gets me to cum twice! e 2nd time she strokes the cum right out me with her handjob. span>

***Starring Mia Martinez***

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Unacceptable Little Slut – Liv Revamped HD

Daddy, don’t call me a slut just because I wear clothes that show off my toned body. I guess if you’re going to call me a slut you should make me take off my slut clothes and treat me like a little slut whore. I’ll wake you up and give you blowjobs and let you fuck the shit out of me. Come on daddy, don’t you want to fuck your hot whore daughter?

Scene starts out with the dad catching the daughter Liv Revamped doing something naughty. She is spanked and forced to suck cock. Video then cuts to dad catching her trying to sneak out. This time she’s not going to get away with just a blowjob. She gets fucked in doggy, missionary, cow girl, reverse cow girl, some more doggy and then takes a cumshot to the face.

Liv Revamped and shot POV style. Liv is spanked and blackmailed.

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TIME: 26:20

Hating Myself HD

Daddys Rules HD

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Adorable Erin – Rim Job for Daddy HD

I sit in my sweet girl scout outfit in my glasses and tell you how I want to give Daddy a rim job. I telly how I do it and how it feels. At the end I let Daddy cum in my pretty mouth.

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Taboo Diaries – Lola Summers – Grandpa Stuffed My Ass HD

After dessert at Grandpas I wanted to explore more of our Family Traditions. I went into grandpas room in my naughtiest outfit and sat on his bed. I was so horny I got right to the point and asked gramps to fuck my ass.

Grandpa didn’t hesitate grabbing lube and a toy from his bedside to loosen my tiny tight asshole. When I was ready Grandpa eased his huge cock into my asshole and I came right away. Grandpa stuffed my ass over and over again til I was thoroughly satisfied. I love our family traditions.

Xo Lola

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Jade Jantzen – Mom Get’s to Fuck Around, You Should be Able to As Well…With Me! HD

I have the best most thoughtful daughter in the world, and she hates to see her father sad. Her mother on the other end is not very happy with me, and is teaching me a lesson by fucking another man in the other room….and forcing me to hear her moan while another guy fucks her.

So to help take my mind (and ears) off hearing another man penetrate my wife, my beautiful daughter offers up her young 18 year old body for her father to enjoy.

Watch how she spreads her legs and we both masturbate to each other, while she talks dirty to me. She then climbs on top, and inserts her rock hard father deep inside her moist swollen open vagina. She then lets me slide in and out of her in multiple positions until I just can’t take it anymore and explode my hot load all over her naked body.

She then wipes up my with her hand, and sneaks back out of my bedroom so mom never finds out. What a good daughter…

***Starring Jade Jantzen***

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Tiffany Watson Anal Chemistry – Very Brutal Fuck With A Lot Of Daddy Talk HD

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