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Home Sick with Mom…Again HD

Ever since your mother helped you “feel better” when you were home sick from school, you two have been a little awkward around each other. You can tell she wants it again, but it was so wrong…she can’t just come out and say she wants her son’s cock, after all. So you’ve been staying home from school sick every so often, hoping she’ll get the hint that this is your chance, this is the excuse she’s been waiting for. Today, you pull the same routine, and decide to get into her bed before she gets home from work. She walks in and starts undressing before she notices you in her bed. She seems shy, but a little flirty as she tells you to relax while she finishes getting undressed. Her work outfit is tight and sexy and you can just imagine what a hard time all her male coworkers had focusing on their work with your mothers round ass stretching the shiny material of her skirt… You sneak to the bathroom door, hiding just out of sight as you watch your mother slide off her pantyhose. She’s taking her time. Like she knows you’re there. She pees and you nearly groan watching it, her legs spread wide and inviting. She slides a finger inside herself as she smirks, looking towards the bedroom. You can tell she wants it. You rush back to the bed and get settled, taking off your boxers and waiting for her. She comes back in just a thong and bra, crawling across you in bed as she tells you how concerned she is about you…she rests her hand on your throbbing cock through the comforter for a moment, before mentioning the “last time.” This is it. She’s just as desperate as you are. She pulls back the covers and begins stroking and sucking you, telling you how wrong it is while she worships you orally. “You can’t cum in mommy’s mouth, though, ok? And only my mouth this time…last time was…too wrong…I can’t…” she trails off as she sucks you, before mounting you and rubbing your cock across her soft, shaved pussy lips. She tells you she knows its wrong but she needs it, as your cock-head slips inside. She moans, leaning back and riding you, giving you a perfect view of her spread pussy and your cock buried inside, her tits bouncing. She pulls off, tasting herself from your cock, sucking you long and deep, telling you that you mustn’t come in her mouth. “That would be so wrong…mm, I can taste your precum…it tastes so good…don’t you want to cum in mommy’s mouth?” she looks up at you with wanting eyes, and you know her mind is changing. She begs for your load in her mouth and you happily oblige her, coating your mother’s tongue and lips with a thick load which she greedily swallows

Teaching You to Jerk HD

Hey sweetie. I wanted to have a talk with you. I know you’ve been really going through some changes lately, and I want you to know how totally normal that is. In fact, your brother was just like you. I helped him too. Mmmm. That’s right. Your dear mom helped him to jerk off. And more! Wouldn’t you like that, too? Mmm. Wouldn’t you like to have mom’s mouth on your cock? I want to make you cum for me

Futanari Fucks You HD

I need to tell you a big, fat, juicy secret…about my girl cock. That’s right. I have a girl cock. And I’m sick of your teasing – I’m going to fuck you tonight. I can’t help myself when I go futa, I just need to fuck and cum. I can shoot a couple loads in a short time, so get ready for me to pump your ass full of cum. What’s that, you’re not gay? Pff. Everyone’s a little queer, now open up and take my girl cock in your mouth

Oil and Lotion HD

If there is one thing that I love, its to be slick and slippery and wet and preferably cum covered, with something in my ass. This video fulfills that desire for me – and for you, of course. I start off with lotioning my legs, taking care to get all of my skin, from my calves to my thighs, moving towards my ass, eventually rubbing it into my asshole in preparation for much more fun. Then I pull out my baby oil and coat my breasts & stomach before turning over on my side to oil my ass and insert a nice long & thick glass plug into my ass. You can watch it stretch me as I slide it in slowly, then turn over onto my knees facing away from you as I bend over and show you how gaped it is – you can see right through the plug. Then I drench my ass in baby oil so you can see it drip down onto my thighs.I take out my mini vibe and place it right on my clit, grinding into it while I tense and twerk my oiled ass until I cum. I turn back over onto my back to get myself off again, this time bringing in my syringe full of fake cum so I can imagine getting my pussy and tits covered in a huge load. That of course sets me over the edge into my second (and bigger!) orgasm.

Dinner Date with Daddy HD

Your wife is away on vacation, and your daughter is home alone at her place, so you don’t think anything of it when she invites you to come have dinner. The air conditioner in her place is busted, she tells you, “That’s why I’m dressed like this!” she explains, motioning to the tight shirt she’s wearing…riding up over her ass, showing you the pink cotton thong nestled there. She looks hot as hell but you try to ignore it, the way she looks and how your cock is reacting. But as she starts to clean up, you start to wonder if she’s doing it on purpose. She’s bending over at the waist and pointing her gorgeous round ass at you. She’s lifting her leg up rather suggestively as she reaches to put things away. Then she leans towards you and asks if her outfit is too revealing, as she pulls the neckline down to show you her ample cleavage. It’s all you can do to prevent yourself from grabbing your own daughter right there, and fucking her on the table! She teases you, swaying her hips and smirking as she drops the rag she’s been using to clean up on the floor, dropping to her knees and crawling under the table towards you… “Mmm, look here, Daddy,” she purrs “you’re all hard for me. Just let me take it out, just let me…you know you want to feel my mouth on your cock, Daddy…” you groan as she pulls your cock from your pants and works you over with her warm, wet mouth. You can tell she loves sucking cock – your own daughter!! Its not long before you feel like you’re going to explode inside her mouth but she stops short, telling you that she needs a favor. “I need you to come into the bedroom, Daddy…and fuck me…cum inside me…make me pregnant!” You can’t believe what she’s saying…or how turned on you are by the idea of knocking up your own daughter! You follow her into the bedroom and look down at her as she holds herself open, your sweet little girl holding her tight pink pussy open for you to fuck, for you to cum inside, for you to fill with your fertile seed! She humps and fucks you hard, telling you about how much she wants your cum, how she needs it…you fill her full and watch as she pulls your cock from her wet hole, a mess of your sperm all over your daughter’s hole

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Darth Vader Destroys Leia’s Pussy HD

Darth Daddy wasn’t at home. She puts butt plug inside her ass and starts tease her clit and pussy. But suddenly Darth Vader comes home and saw her without panties . He is really angry and he grabs her neck. Leia says that he can do all that he wants with her. And he decided to guck her and gets blowjob, but first he fucks her pussy using his lightsaber lol Then she sucks his dick and he fucks her pussy (doggy, riding) She sometimes sucks his dick and then he continues destroy her pussy. She does balls suck. At the and he does a facial on her face. The end… Or no?))

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Taboo A Daddys Daughter ANAL HD

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Molly Jane in Punishment for Stealing HD

Scene One: Taking money

“I need money” Molly tells her dad. “When don’t you need money. You’re not getting anything out of me” He says leaving. Looking down she notices that dad forgot his wallet. She pulls out his credit card “Sweet, I’m going shopping!” she giggles leaving the house. It’s not long before dad figures out that she took his money.

Molly comes back home with bags in hand. She bought some things and promises her daddy she didn’t spend too much. He pulls her over his knees “Bad girls get treated like bad girls and get spanked” he yells at her slapping her ass. “Oww Oww” she yells. “Go see your mother” he snaps

Mom has an outfit for her to put on as part of her punishment. Molly comes back to her daddy wearing heels and fishnet pantyhose. He puts cuffs on her wrists and ankles having big plans for her. Facing him he makes her pull out her breasts out of the top of her shirt and pinch and pull her nipples. Molly’s face is one of pain as she obeys her daddy’s commands. He makes her face the wall and spread her hands and legs. Pulling down her pantyhose and thong he spanks her hard making her cry out.

Scene Two: Paying with a red ass

Grabbing her ponytail daddy pulls her to the ground and shoves his cock into her mouth. Molly gags against him as she is mouth fucked. Dad takes off his belt and whips her ass as she sucks him. Her painful cries are muffled by her full mouth.

He hits her with his belt over and over around the room. With her ass red he gets behind her and fucks her. Her screams are deafening as dad continues to whip her and fuck her pulling on her hair. “Have you learned your lesson yet?” dad asks. “YES” Molly screams as the whip slaps her ass hard.

Scene Three: Yes daddy

Daddy commands her to take off her stockings and underwear. Putting her heels back on Molly is desperate to make the punishment stop. “You’re going to come over here and ride my cock” Daddy tells her. With tears in her eyes Molly slides down onto her father fucking him.

She has never been treated so badly as her father slaps her ass. With gasping breaths Molly is fucked until her body aches. “Get into the bedroom” her daddy yells.

Pushing Molly onto the bed he connects her cuffs wrists to ankle putting her in a permanent ass up position. He fucks her mouth again “Are you sorry for stealing my money?” he asks. “YES DADDY” She screams her ass being slapped.

Scene Four: Learning a lesson

Pushing her face down on the bed he fucks her hard making her scream and moan. Fucking her raw he makes her present his ass for him and he whips it again. He makes her promise never to steal from him or her mother again, her answers coming between painful belt whips.

She gasps as he fucks her again, destroying her completely. Just when she thinks he’s done he pulls her to the floor to take his cum into her open mouth. With her mouth full of cum he shoves his cock into her mouth and face fucks her one last time, force feeding her the cum. “No more stealing money” he says. “I promise” Molly squeaks nearly crying.

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Naughty Teen Punished by Dads Big Dick HD 1080p

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Cory Chase, Molly Jane in Mindwarp Rings HD

Scene One: Son becomes a man

Dad and son are sitting at the table when the son tells a dark secret. “I want to have sex with mom” he says. The dad laughs and begins to describe an ancient device that controls women. That can’t be real the son thinks as dad calls in his wife Cory. “Submissive slut ready for command” Cory says with a permanent smile glued to her face.

Making Cory take off her ring dad explains to her that she is a sex slave. Cory doesn’t believe it until the ring goes back on her turning her into a mindwarped slave again. He gives his son the other mindwarp ring and gives him the power to be a man.

He tracks down his sister Molly and convinces her to put the ring on. “You’re a pervert” Molly says putting on the ring. “Submissive sex slut ready for command” she says, standing up with a blank expression. His first task is to have them strip naked. Molly has some trouble and needs her mom to help with her jeans, but soon their naked and on the couch legs spread waiting for their masters command. Alex commands them to rub each other, watching as his mom and sister bring each other to orgasm. Their dual moans, make his fantasy come true. “Orgasm complete” the girls say.

Scene Two: Family suck off

“Get on your knees” he tells them. “Yes master I will obey” they respond, looking up at him with blank expressions. He makes them suck his cock. Their heads taking turns mechanically sucking him. His greatest fantasy come to life as his hot mother and sister pleasure him. He forces them to suck and lick on his balls. Mom watches her daughter sucking her sons cock like a good slave

Scene Three: Filling up my sister

With his cock hard and wet he makes his sister lay on the couch and fucks her. “Oh, oh” She repeats mechanically as she is filled by him.

“Does this please you master?” She asks as he fucks her. He pulls her on top of him and Molly rides the hard cock. He fucks her all over the couch until he shoots his hot load of cum inside her.

Scene Four: Slave loves anal

“I love anal” Molly says as Alex brings his dad into the room. He asks what’s going on. Molly asks for both their cocks. “I want double penetration” she asks in her robotic voice. With her dad’s cock in her mouth and her brother’s cock in her pussy Molly gets drilled from both ends.

“I love anal” She repeats as her father shoves his cock into her tight ass. “Oh Oh” she says as she sucks her brothers hard cock and gets plowed in her ass by her father.

Molly gets on top of her brother and fucks him. As she rides her father pushes her down and slides his cock inside her ass again. With both holes being filled by the men, Molly does as she commands and fucks as hard as she can.

On her back Molly continues to be fucked and licks balls until her brother explodes over her face. His hot cum makes her say “Thank you master” Dad follows with a cum shot of his own over her covered face. “Thank you master” She mumbles with cum covered lips.

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Taboo Sweets – Carolina Sweets HD

Whisper HD

Are you sure Dad’s asleep?.. I don’t have any clothes on… Do you like it? It’s okay, you can touch me… I want to do more this time… We just have to be quiet. I promise he won’t hear us… I want to do everything with you….

Watching Together HD

Relax, I know what you’re watching. I’ve seen you watch it before… It’s okay, I think it’s hot too… So, do you think about fucking me when you watch videos like this?.. Yeah I think about it too sometimes… Why don’t we try it for real? I know that’s what you really want….

***Two full videos starring Carolina Sweets***

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My Stepdaddy Nailed Me On Prom (2019) HD 1080p

Chloe Temple is a cute blonde that decided to fuck her step dad because her date was too pussy to fuck her! Vanna Bardot was frustrated by her prom date and didn’t want to masturbate so she fucked her step daddy! Lindsey Cruz didn’t want to fuck a boy-sized cock on prom night, so she let her step daddy beat her pussy up! Natalia Queen wanted to cum, but her date didn’t get the job done so she let her step dad pound her pussy!

Sex acts: blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cumshot

Natalia Queen, Vanna Bardot, Chloe Temple, Lindsey Cruz

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Katie Sloane Daughters Panties HD

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My Daughters Panties HD

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