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My Real Life Dad Confessions – Hazel Simone HD 1080p

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EVERYTHING IN THIS VID IS 100% TRUE! I’ve gotten lots of requests to do this, and it’s finally here… I answer questions like “has anything ever happened between you and your dad? Has he ever caught you masturbating? Are you attracted to him? Does he know you do porn?” Basically everything you need to know to explain why I am the way I am. Talking about our relationship and then fucking myself until I cum thinking about him.

#Daddys Girl


The Pleasure (1985) UNCUT HD Version

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Classic Erotica, Incest

Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Stars: Andrea Guzon, Gabriele Tinti and Marco Mattioli


Language: Italian, German (2 tracks) + Commentary Ger (3rd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

commentary by Arthur Pokorny and Christoph Draxtra

Country: Italy | Ar: 1.667 | Brrip

Also known as: Il piacere, La femme pervertie

Description: Italy in the early 1930s. To the elderly aristocrat Gerard, all that is left of Leonora, the love of his life, are a number of erotic tape recordings. She led a double life as respectable wife and mother of two, and as a whore at the local brothel. Now, after her death, her children Ursula and Edmund pass under the tutelage of Gerard. Having not seen them for many years, he is utterly bewildered by Ursula’s uncanny likeness to her mother. While Gerard’s mistress Fiorella takes care of Edmund’s sexual needs, Ursula follows the last instructions of her mother. In the process, she uses the legacy of her mother’s recordings to get into the mindset of her relationship with Gerard. Is Gerard ready to find his lost love Leonora again…in the likeness of her very daughter?


1.83GB | 93:31mins | 1800×1080 | mkv | Italian, German (2 tracks) | Sub: German

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Your Daughter’s Bed – Miss Malorie Switch HD 1080p

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*Use of taboo trigger word* Lately, you’ve been sneaking into your daughter’s bed at night, stroking to her body. You think she is not aware, but she actually is awake pretending to nod off so she can listen to you pleasure yourself to her. She absolutely LOVES it! One night, you accidentally nodded off next to her, and you wake up seeing her laughing. She tells you it’s okay, that she knows what you’re doing. She tells you she actually wants more of you, that she knows you’re into taboo sex, into impregnating your own daughter… she seduces you, stripping and spreading herself. You mount her and begin to fuck her, as she begs you to fill her up with your taboo seed, breed your own flesh. She flips over, and you fuck her in doggystyle until you finally unleash your seed into your daughter’s fertile pussy. She tells you that she wants more, that she wants you to not cum in Mommy tonight and to sneak into bed with her, giving all of your taboo seed into her. The next morning, while Mommy is cooking, she wants you to breed her in the bathroom, trying to not let Mommy hear. And when she finally leaves for work, you can breed her again, as she rides you, begging for you to put love into her… well, Daddy? Are you going to stay with your daughter? Breed your daughter, forever?

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Incest in Classic Loops – 42 classic loops

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Incest in Classic Loops
Length: 6:19

Here is another in my series of classic loop compilations. And this time, the topic is family love. Or to be more specific, incest. This is a collection of 42 classic loops with over 6 hours in total from the 1970s and early 1980s that revolve around various forms of incest.

This is by far my most ambitions compilation project, and there will be more to come.

Genre: classic, loops, 8mm.loop, hd, 1080p, silent, subtitles, english.subtitles, compilation, Tarri.Micas, Brooke.West, Tiffany.Clark, Lisa.De.Leeuw, Shawn.Carney, Johnny.Hardin, King.Paul, Stephanie.Boyd, Kirk.Wilder, Laurie.Blue, John.Seeman, Anne.Marit, Tiny.Tove.Jensen, Tiny.Tove, Denise.Sloan, Diane.Sloan, Sweet.Lorraine, Rene.Bond, Virginia.Winter, Fritzi.Ross, twins, incest, twincest, real.incest,, father, mother, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather, grandson, granddaughter, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, father.daughter, grandmother.grandson, grandfather.granddaughter, father.daughter, mother.son., sister.sister, mother.daughter, uncle.niece, aunt.nephew, cousin, group, threesome, mff, mmf, gangbang, foursome, mmff, lesbian, blowjob, handjob, masturbation, fingering, pussy.fingering, cunnilingus, mutual.masturbation, 69, anal, facial,, creampie, dripping.creampie, caught.masturbating,, missionary, cowgirl, reverse.cowgirl,, spit.roast,, cum.on.pussy, cum.on.belly, spanking, shower.masturbation, peeping, masturbating.while.watching, military, sailor, sailor.uniform, interracial, black, black.male.white.female, latina, latin.female.white.female, cum.on.tits, titfuck,, big.tits, small.tits, schoolgirl, school.uniform, scout, girl.scout, girlscout, puffy.areolas, puffy.nipples, large.areolas, vibrator, dildo, double.ended.dildo,, face.sitting, pee, on.couch, pregnant, pearl.necklace, double.blowjob, santa, santa.outfit, drunk, candle, candle.insertion, outdoors, lipstick, lipstick.on.cock, under.table, footjob

Color Climax 1274 – Incestuous Love

Gritta is doing her homework, while her father and grandfather are talking. When Gritta has finished studying, she goes to bed. But instead of sleeping she begins to masturbate with a porno mag in front of her. Suddenly she is caught red-handed at it as her granddad enters with her “goodnight drink”. He notices the porno mag and decides to punish her. At the sight of the sweet, round bottom, his beating turns into caresses and he tries to fuck her. Shortly afterwards the father enters – and after the initial shock decides to join them, shoving his big cock into his daughter’s little cunt. The girl shows utter enjoyment at being “had” by two men.

Pussycat Film 433 Happy Family

While the attractive sister is taking a shower, her brother in the room next door is jerking himself off. When she looks in he pretends to be asleep in order to lure her closer. Then he forces her into the bed, but she is not unhappy about this as she for a long time has been keen on his horny prick. She lets herself be seduced and fucked until the mother puts an end to the incest. The daughter runs off, while the boy is given a solid thrashing by his mother. later, she too is fascinated by his prick and continues the incest. The daughter reappears, and joining the randy mother and son, she jerks off her brother so that his sperm shoots all over the mother’s belly!

Diplomat Film 1005 – Mother And Son

This film shows a real love-affair between a mother and her son. The affair arises one day, when the son sees his chance to secretly watch his mother through a key-hole, while she is dressing. He becomes lecherous and begins to masturbate. His mother discovering him, She is scared for a moment, but thinks however that she will help her son. She begins sucking his prick, but after a short time they are in bed, united in a furious bang.

Super Sex Film 3 – Incest

Erik is in the zoological garden with his little sister, and they see that the monkeys have sexual intercourse and will try this themselves when they get home. She is the most active, and we can distinctly see that it is not the first time that the sister and brother have sexual intercourse with each other. Again and again she drains his stiff cock for sperm, and at last the two young bodies are thoroughly shaken by an enormous orgasm.

Teenage Climax Film 1516 – Lesbian Sisters

Two sisters have met a young man in town and can’t agree who shall have him, so they decide to share him! This fellow really knows what turns a girl on and he soon has them writhing in ecstasy as orgasm follows orgasm and they moan and gasp with pleasure. The younger sister is particularly sweet, and when he pushed his prick up the hilt in her small, warm cunt, completely filling it in a way she has never experiences before, she literally screams with joy!

Cin-Kay Film 04 – Sailor and Sister 1

A sailor comes home for leave, and he had been at sea for a long time. And he is impressed by how much his little sister has grown since he has been gone, and soon has much more on his mind. Deciding that to relieve his horniness he is going to inseminate her.

Cin-Kay Film 04 – Sailor and Sister 2

This continues the last film. The little sister is surprised when her own brother fucks her, but she decides she likes it. And in the continuation takes a much more active role in their love making.

Pussycat Film 443 – Daddy’s Own Girl

While the unsuspecting mother is in a clinic, it’s not exactly regular at home. Her shapely daughter with the firm, sumptuous breasts finally has the undisturbed opportunity to instigate getting better acquainted with her father’s enormous prick and trying what she has lusted for for a long time. With obvious satisfaction the father lets his daughter have her way, and she wildly, lustfully sucks off his prick. Loving the treatment her father then shows his appreciation by uninhibitedly fucking his daughter in changing positions, until wild with lust he shoots of into her enchanted face.

Teenage Sex Film 760 – Incest Family

While their mother is taking a shower and soapily frigging herself, a naughty girl and her brother read some porno mags. The girl invites her brother to play a game of “doctors” and he gladly listens to her lovely firm tits and cunt through a stethoscope. She then listens to his cock, as mother enjoys a nice orgasm in the shower. Little sister is enjoying the feeling of a mini dildo in her cunt, when their mother arrives with tea. She finds the dildo, but instead of getting angry she starts an incestuous triangle with her offspring. Both mother and daughter get a length of cock in their juice snatches before the excited young man wanks himself off and shoots his sperm all over mamma!

Lolita Movies Film 15 – Lolita Incest

The very young couple we see in this film are not only brother and sister – they are even twins. They are alone at home, and after a bit of teasing they begin to have sex with each other. They have tried it before, and he is completely crazy about her enormous breasts. They are simply gigantic considering how young she is. He gets his first orgasm while fucking her between her breasts, and she gives him the next with her hand, afterwards lapping up all the hot sperm.

Collection 33 – Naughty Daughter
Cast: Tarri Micas

Young and innocent, but ready to learn all there is about sex! This naughty daughter gets her plump little ass paddled by her daddy, but this only turns her on more. Without hesitation, she takes his thick, 10-inch cock right into her tight cunt – and then her eager mouth brings him to a spurting orgasm!

Teenage Sex Film 729 – Fuck My Uncle

Whilst her uncle is buried in his newspaper, his randy niece tries a little bit of lesbian fun with his girlfriend in the bathroom. Their delighted squeals disturbs him in his reading, and he goes to investigate the strange noises. When he finds the two girls at it, he decides that he should treat them to a good fucking. Both submit willingly, and he fingers their tight pussies well before they fling themselves into an orgy of licking and shagging, where he shoots his spunk over his big breasted niece!

Diplomat Film 1003 – The Pregnant Aunt

The nephew pays a visit with his 40 year old aunt, who is in her ninth month. When having coffee, the aunt requests her nephew to have an affair with her, as her husband is not interested on account of her pregnancy. And her nephew foes not hesitate to comply with her wish, now being lecherous with her. The whole thing is ending with a furious band, that people would not believe to be possible for a woman in her ninth month.

Noel Film 06 – I Saw Mommy Blowing Santa Claus

Mommy is caught sucking Santa’s cock under the tree by her little daughter. But not wanting her little girl to know the truth about Santa being her father in disguise, she first spanks her, then makes her suck Santa off. With the hot juices flowing in the girl, both mother and daughter now fuck Santa.

Pleasure Productions 2088 – Forbidden Love
Cast: Brooke West, Tiffany Clark

Two young sisters come home from a day at the beach and find an empty house. Both their hot wet pussies are quivering, so with no boys in sight they decide to explore their own young and tender bodies. This new experience of forbidden lobe heightens their pleasure till a thrilling climax is reached and both sister’s pussies are satisfied.

Erotic Fantasies Film 801 – Rainy Day Party
Cast: Lisa De Leeuw, Shawn Carney, Johnny Hardin

Lisa and her big sister are sweating from their lovemaking when big sister’s boyfriend enters. Lisa sucks him up. Big sister then guides them through some wild fucking and sucking until her boyfriend cums across sister’s huge tits.

Teenage Pussy 01 – Baby Face
Cast: King Paul

A daughter tries to ignore the antics of her mother and her newest boyfriend as by playing with her doll as mom sucks off her Mandingo boyfriend. However, the boyfriend decides it is the daughter’s turn to learn how to please a man. And mom not only agrees, she helps out in his seduction of her daughter. Not only helping her disrobe, but sucking on her daughter’s tiny pussy to get it ready for the big dick ramming it is about to get.

Diamond Collection Film 170 – Aunt Jane’s Girdle
Cast: Stephanie Boyd, Kirk Wilder

Aunt Jane takes off the old and puts on the new – a girdle – and her hard nipples prove that she’s turning herself on. Her nephew Steve walks in on her, and hopes it wasn’t a mistake and knows it isn’t when his large cock finds it’s way between her lips. His cock gives her more action than a director. Her sucking and tonguing talents make her warm, wet lips bring Steve to an absolute orgasmic delight.

Diamond Collection 53 – Anal Uncle
Cast: Laurie Blue, John Seeman

When Uncle Tony sleeps, Sherrie sucks. In a few minutes he discovers it’s not a dream and does he get upset! Imagine almost getting off without knowing about it!! Sherrie deserves a spanking and Tony gives her one. But once a man is horny, spanking just heightens the excitement. With Sherrie’s tight ass staring him in the face, Tony just can’t resist.

Teenage Sex 713 – Sex With Sister
Cast: Anne Marit

Home from school, Carol and her cheeky chum Sharon play with mother’s makeup. They don’t hear Carol’s big brother George come in, until he starts jerking off in the room next door. Then their insatiable teenage curiosity is excited by his anguished groans and they burst into his bedroom and catch him red-handed. With his big red prick in his hand! Carol gets the first mouthful of grown-up brotherly love, yummy. And Sharon’s pussy proves that George isn’t exclusively a family man!

Master Film 1781 – Fuck My Little Sister

The young couple returns home from a lovely evening in town, they find that her little sister is masturbating with a candle. Soon all three of them are busy together, and little sister discovers that her big sister prefers anal sex. And all the time she encourages her friend to fuck her little sister. He finally does so until she masturbates him to a giant satisfaction which splashes her little sister all over.

Oz 15 – My Sister Fucks

When a girl brings her new boyfriend to the apartment she shares with her sister, the guy is surprised that not only does she not seem to mind that he is black, she seems to have a special relationship with her little sister. And soon he is watching as the older sister eats out her younger sister before he gets it on with both of them.

24 Beauty Film 1405 – Lolita Surprise

A lovely girl takes her little sister on a visit to her boyfriend. However, he learns how close the sisters are as when little sister catches them fucking in the woods, she gets horny. And soon big sister invites her to join them, where little sister sucks on the boyfriend’s prick as big sister rides his face. And he realizes how close the two sisters are as while big sister is riding his cock, she invites her little sister to come and put her pussy in her face so she can eat her out.

Diplomat Film 1027 – Teach My Sister
Cast: Tiny Tove Jensen

We see two sisters, Jane and Anita – and Jane’s fiancée who is a virile young man, having a great desire for both girls. While they are paying a visit, before long they start talking about sex. Jane’s little sister Anita, who had never been in bed with a man, will be persuaded in taking part in a triangle-sexparty so they can teach her how to do the naughty things. Where all will be tried, as there will be sucking, licking, and fucking. And before the night is over, little sister knows all about sex.

Pleasure Production No.2037 – Freaky Lesbian Twins
Cast: Denise Sloan, Diane Sloan, Sweet Lorraine

OK, so this one is more than just pretending to be incest, Denise and Diane Sloan are actually twin sisters in real life.

Cathy waits anxiously while Crissy cruises the Village for a new playmate. They strike it rich with a hot-tongued Latin sizzler, Camille. Deep kissing leads to nipple-taut lesbo action as hot cunts are lined up with soft mouths for a parade of pussy pleasure. Camille’s Sapphic lust is satisfied as Cathy and Crissy suck her tight ass and both hand-fuck her to a shuddering orgasm.

Beauty Film 2447 – Incest Delight

When Patricia and her girlfriend Inga arrived home, Patricia’s brother is enjoying a shower. Patricia searches his pockets for the key to his drawer – which contains some porno photos and French Ticklers. They’re in the middle of blowing up a tickler, when he disturbs them and offers his prick as a substitute. There then follows an incestuous orgy where big brother enjoys two nice exciting spunky climaxes!

Master Film 1805 – Incest Orgy

“Let’s go home and fuck my little sister!” The boy and his friend got home just in time because the young girl was on her way to a Girl Guides meeting. But it was much more exciting to stay home now and the thought of a threesome made her really horny. Lovely to feel a stiff cock in her cunt while she sucked on another one. When she felt their pricks between her firm, young breasts she screamed with pleasure while their warm spunk sprayed over her delicious young body.

Pussycat Film 524 – Incest Ecstasy

A randy young girl locks herself in her bedroom to enjoy a quiet frigging session in private. She doesn’t get much of a chance to pursue her wanking activities however, because her older brother turns up unexpectedly. He know what she’s been up to and demands to look at her tender young cunny. She’s reluctant at first but soon loses her inhibitions, when he begins to caress her firm titties and fingers her quim. And then the incestuous little thing lets her brother fuck her – to say nothing of coming in her mouth!

Master Film 1807 – Incest

Brother and sister are home alone and can’t wait to use the opportunity to have sex with each other. Right in the middle of it their parents come home and want to join in the fun. They try all possible positions, and at last switch partners. The mother sucks all the sperm from her son’s stiff prick while the father lets his hot sperm spray all over his daughter.

Rodox Film 657 — My Sisters Boobs
Cast: Rene Bond, Virginia Winter

Using lively hand gestures, a young fellow in a bar boasts about his sister’s huge breasts. Het takes his two friends home with him where his sister and a visiting girl friend are. She demands money on the table before she will unveil her charms. But as soon as she has collected the payment, she pulls out her super breasts and demonstrated her awesome bosom treasure. This brings about a wild, uninhibited orgy with fucking and sucking at full blast. The young fellow finally has his deepest wish fulfilled” to give his sister a real fuck!

Skin Flicks No.11 – Double Your Pleasure
Cast: Denise Sloan, Diane Sloan

This film starts with the twin Sloan sisters pleasing each other and themselves with a double-ended dildo. However, what they are both longing for are some big hard cock. And that is exactly what shows up, as a big black guy appears and takes care of the needs of both sisters.

Teenage Sex Film 738 – Uncle Fucker

If you want to know what randy girls do after school, this film should give you the answer! Instead of doing her homework, our cheeky teenage heroine prefers to read a smutty magazine. And when her uncle appears to check on her study progress, he gets a shock upon discovering the naked truth. But the truth gets even more naked, once the naughty schoolgirl whips her uncle’s dick out! Still, it’s more than certain that she’ll get top marks for her “sextra academic” activities!

Tenill Film – Country Cousins

A good-looking young traveling salesman is lost in the country and comes upon two young cousins in the garden. In seeking directions, they get into a friendly and intimate conversation and the young ladies invite him into their bedroom where they please not only him but each other.

Diplomat Film 1020 – Grandmother’s Lust

If you believe that a woman of 72 years does not like it any more, than see this film about an affair of incest between a grandmother and her grandson. The grandson is visiting his grandmother, and is offered a drink. However, he unfortunately spills it all over his trousers. Grandmother wants to help, but she is touching his cock which at once results in a huge prick. As it has been a long time since she got any, Grandmother starts sucking it – and before long they are in the bed, fucking.

Tabu de Luxe 89 – Bonifatius Kiesewetter
Cast: Fritzi Ross

A young student is living at his aunt’s home, together with her two wenching daughters. They teach him all kinds of tricks and unmentionable vices. His tool hangs down to his knees, before it rises and rises. Even his aunt gets stuffed in this blistering film.

Rodox Film 708 – Mother Fucker

A pretty young girl is in the middle of blowing her boyfriend when her mother comes home. She listens at the bedroom door, then strips down to a very refined black corset and stockings set. She then joins her daughter in taking care of the young man’s prick. And when he plunges it into her daughter’s quim, she looks on and friggs herself! Both girls get their ration of cock and the boyfriend shoots his load into his girlfriend’s cunny!

Exotica Series Film 04 – Daddy’s Girl

Jane comes home from school and takes a shower. She goes to the living room, sits on Daddy’s lap and falls asleep. Daddy’s prick begins to grow, and he goes on to fuck the ass off of his little girl.

Teenage Sex 740 – Tricky Trio

A charming young lade is daydreaming in the bath, wondering what sort of an effect she has on her uncle. She friggs herself, as she imagines all the sins she could commit with him. Her moans are followed by the sudden appearance of a very big prick – and now she knows all about her uncle’s feelings! And if that isn’t enough, her cousin shows up, but uncle’s bone is big enough for both is niece and his daughter! They also endulge in a Sappho 69, licking uncle’s weapon at the same time as their creamy cunts.

Blazing Films 05 – Daddy’s Little Girl

After relaxing with her father reading, a girl decides it is time to go to bed. However, upon discovering how little she wears to bed, he decides it’s his job to then climb into bed with her and give him some comfort. Of course, this comfort comes by way of his fingers, then his tongue, and finally his hard prick until he giver her desert.

Master Film 1789 – Sex Family

A young couple have his sister on a visit. In order to entertain her they play dice and it quickly develops into a sort of strip-poker. All three of them are very lecherous, and he especially enjoys the sight of his sister’s enormous breasts. And of course he can’t help but fuck her too. Finally they masturbate on him until his spunk squirts into his wife’s face.

Master Film 1769 – Brother and Sister

A lovely girl is alone and is masturbating when her brother arrives. He at once becomes lecherous and the sister and brother now have the most fantastic intercourse of all times! The girl is very demanding again and again as she wants to have his stiff cock in her hot cunt or in her greedy mouth. Finally he lets his hot sperm squirt all over her lovely body.

Pussycat Film 491 – Incest Intermezzo

The more forbidden sex is, the better it is! And here’s a good example! It deals with incest. A teenage girl invites her best friend – a rather plump and big breasted beauty – for an afternoon’s innocent visit. But her brother’s feeling horny. He manages to take some nude photos of his sister and friend, but after two minutes the turgid trip is burning with desire. The sister gets fucked like a dream, but her brother doesn’t think that one ejaculation is enough. So he tries out something he’s seen in a smutty magazine. He tit fucks his sister and comes again!

Incest in Classic Loops Previews.rar


The Devils Daughter – Kendall Morr 4k

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, Stockings, Virtual Sex, Amateur, POV, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum on Pussy, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction

i play the part of a young Succubus who has fallen in love with a mortal human. My father – a powerful and maliciously jealous devil, has learned of my transgression and immediately confronts me and the mortal right before becoming intimate. What ensues is my father’s harsh discipline. He means to remind me of the role of a Succubus while simultaneously mocking and my human muse.

#Role Play

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[MV] kristinaxxx – 123 Vids

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Sarah Lace – Ass Hypnosis HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Sarah asks her dad Eric for some money to buy stuff. When he refuses, Sarah pulls out her mesmerizing ass and instantly convinces him of giving her the cash. The next day, the naughty girl requests permission to go to a party. As Eric says no again, Sarah tries the same trick: a flash of her juicy butt. The plan works once more, with Eric fixing his eyes on Sarah’s bouncy butt cheeks. After she’s gone, the guy starts reflecting on what happened and realizes something: his daughter is using a magical buttplug to hypnotize him! Determined not to be fooled again, Eric rejects Sarah’s new request, and this time, he averts his gaze from her delectable booty. The girl realizes her dad has discovered her plan and now she’ll have to pay. Eric won’t just ground her, he will fuck his daughter’s mouth and asshole to teach her to respect him.

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