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Sexy Young Girl Awoken By Her Dads Creampie EXTENDED HD

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Daddys Girl Gets Bad Grades Virtual BJ – Lil Olivia HD

Daddy comes in my room to talk to me.. this time he seems really upset. he asks me about my bad grades and says hes going to tell mom! I beg him as hard as i can not to tell her bc she’ll ground me… or put me in tutoring or both!! please daddy ill do anything!! dont tell mom…. daddy suggests something that will make it better but says we cant do it.. i just want to make daddy happy so i tell him ill do it even though i never have before!! I’m so nervous bc its my first time and i dont even think itll fit in my mouth… i beg daddy to cum inside of me…. inside of my mouth and tell him i want to make him happy so ill do this everyday with him because i know how much he liked it!

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Jealous Daughter HD

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Cory Chase, Dillion Carter in Teaching My Daughter About Men HD

Scene One: How to pleasure men

Cory has an strange way of teaching her daughter about life. Dillion is finally at an age where she needs to be taught a few things. So she brings her in to give Dillion the talk. Cory pulls down her pants to Dillion’s shock. Cory starts by making out with her daughter and eating her young pussy. Dillion gives her mother looks of pleasure with a hunger for more, maybe the real thing next.

Scene Two: How to fuck men

Mom brings Dillion in to see her daddy. Cory pulls down his pants to Dillion’s shock. Cory starts by making her daughter jerk the cock.

Cory pulls down Dillion’s pants and presents her daughter for dad to fuck. Dillion moans in pleasure as daddy fucks her for the first time.

She teaches her not only how to get fucked but how to fuck back. She puts her husband on the floor and lets Dillion ride him. She cums just as her dad shoots his load inside her.

Now ready Cory shows her daughter the most important trick, how to take a load. She jerks him into Dillion’s mouth and cum dribbles out onto her tits after her dad cums for them.

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Daughter Caught Masturbating – Erin Electra 24 mins FULL VERSION in 4K HD

She was on the couch masturbating when her dad walked in suddenly and caught her in the act! But she was just so horny she moved up on his cock and begged him for a fuck! She said she was gonna behave if he did and stop masturbating on the couch like a good girl so he put his dick in her sweet pussy and gave her a good fucking!
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Alaina Kristar in Promise Ring HD

Scene One: Promise to stop masturbating

Alaina and her dad have just come back from church where she has received her promise ring. She recites to her dad that she will not do anything sexual until she is married. Asking if she can go to her bedroom she gives her dad a kiss and leaves.

In her bedroom she starts to masturbate, releasing her sexual tension. Her dad walks in to find her with her legs spread and yells at her. Alaina tells him she can’t help it and doesn’t know if she will be able to last until marriage. Grabbing her fathers crotch she asks if he can help her. In control of her daddy she takes off his pants and rides on top of him until she cums. “Thank you for helping me cum daddy” she says.

Scene Two: Promise to never suck cock

Cory finds her daughter on the couch sucking a dildo. She is shocked and yells at her about the promise she made. Cory tells her husband about the dildo and storms off leaving dad to punish her. He pulls Alaina over his lap and takes off her pants and panties spanking her. He takes the dildo and puts it inside her fucking her with it as punishment.

Cory walks in as dad spanks and dildos her and make her promise to never suck cock. Alaina promises but as soon as Cory leaves gets to her hands and knees and sucks her dads cock. I promise to never suck cock … unless it’s my daddy’s. He cums in her mouth and it dribbles out onto her shirt as she shows her dad how much she loves cum.

Scene Three: Promise to never tell mom

Mom is making lunch for Alaina and her father. She asks what they want, then goes into the kitchen. With mom gone Alaina pulls up her skirt and shows her vagina and bra. Do you like them daddy? She asks. I promise only to wear nothing under my clothes from now on.

She slides her dads big cock in her mouth and sucks him. With his cock hard she gets on top of him and fucks him bouncing and moaning like she has never been fucked before. Cory comes in to asks what they want on their sandwiches. Alaina hides what they are doing with her skirt, unwilling to let her daddy’s cock go. When he gets ready to cum she gets to her knees and lets him cum in her mouth again. She plays with it, savoring the flavor before swallowing it down. Cory serves lunch and Alaina says “Thanks mom but im already full”

Scene Four: Promise to only fuck your daughter

Mom is in the bathroom getting ready for bed when Alaina comes into her parents room. Dressing in lingerie and stockings she pushes her dad on the bed and tells him that he must promise to only fuck his daughter from now on. She sucks and fucks her dad like a professional. Her young tight body doing things to him that his wife never did.

Alaina sucks her dad off making him cum over her perfect face. With a smile she leaves as Cory comes out of the shower. Alaina gives her confused mom a kiss and leaves the room. “Why was she dressed like that? And what’s that odd taste in my mouth” Cory asks

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Culinary Cock Cuties – Gianna Gem And Savannah Sixx HD [Untouched 1080p]

Gianna Gem and Savannah Sixx are a couple of super competitive girls. Today, they are in a father daughter cook off and they want to win by any means necessary. The dads send their daughters to find out what secret ingredients the other team is throwing in their chili. To get the info, Gianna and Savannah jerk each others dads off, getting their sausages nice and ripe for pussy penetration. Then, they slip their culinary cocks in their mouths for a couple of wet blowjobs before spreading their legs to take some serious dad dick. By the time the cook off is over, these dads supply each others daughters with a little secret sauce all over their faces. Eat up, girls!

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Dillion Carter in Daughters New Arrangement HD

Intro – Mom and dad have a discussion. Due to mother being overworked and in the blahs, and not able to complete her wifely duties the decision to divorce or let dad screw around are the only two possibilities to make it work. Mom decides to let dad fuck around with anyone he wants to, mom is ambivalent as to whom….(mom goes to work)

Scene 1 – Daddy’s princess – F/D

Dad later goes to daughters room, she left a schoolbook laying around and he finds laying haphazardly near the bed, wet cummy underwear, sextoy and perhaps and porn. Dad gets a thought!

Daughter comes home and dad confronts her in her bedroom as she is hiding the contraband. He explains the situation with mom, how he is desperate for sex but hasn’t thought about anyone since he met mom. well Almost no one…. Daughter wants to help but has no ideas, asks who it is. Dad says her. She gets excited has fantasized for a while but isn’t THAT experienced, only one blowjob, no anal and only had sex with her boyfriend a few short times and would be horrified if mom knew. Dad says mom doesn’t need to know who it is and won’t tell her, doesn’t care about inexperience, wants to teach her. Sex ensues, probably Cunnilingus to start for her comfort, blow job for knowledge and to please daddy.

Scene 2 – Princess’s slutty side F/D

Dad and daughter, next day…

Living room, mom is at work again… Each worried about how the other is dealing, dad hasn’t told mom yet and will not tell her it is daughter and means it. Daughter confessed he made her feel better than she ever has and if he can fuck his little princess treat her like he does mommy! Sex becomes more vigorous after daughter gets into it, “fuck your princess like a naughty slut” and dad obliges with roughness. Daughter says being slutty feels great, shame Mom doesn’t feel that way, maybe sharing our love with mommy like this together will cheer her up and make her feel like we do!

Scene 3 – Warming mom up

Dad says he wants to talk to mom, he found someone to help him but loves her very much still. Mom apologizes for the situation, but she has time to be with him now. Dad describes the other lover (but doesn’t tell mom who it is) mom gets worked up and asks who it is, then backs up…. I’m horny… tell me more… sucks off dad as he tells her about the other woman’s body, and sex they had (inexperienced but enthusiastic etc.) Mom cant take it anymore and is overcome and presents herself in doggie and wants to fuck right then and there.. sex talk varies between how much they have both missed this to differences/similarities between the other woman’s pussy and moms. In the heat of fucking dad blurts out that the other woman wants to have a three-way, this turns mom on GREATLY and they both explode in orgasms. Mom still doesn’t want to know who it is really. Dad says he will set it up, but wants mom to be blindfolded since she doesn’t want to know who it is still…Mom agrees.

Scene 4 – Family that plays together F/M/d

Mom and dads bedroom, mom is on bed and blindfolded, dad leads daughter to bedroom as they kiss, daughter ecstatic and dad shushing her to stay quiet. Dad asks mom if she is ready for the time of her life and all the focus on her instead of work. Mom gets incredibly turned on and nods, daughter starts by feeling moms breasts and eventually dad encourages daughter to go down on her mom, dad helps daughter/caresses breast/makes out with mom, after a minute mom gets too curious and takes off the blindfold, staring down at her own daughter eating her out! Mom is upset at first “You fucked our daughter??? YOUR PRINCESS???” but daughter fingers moms pussy and said the threesome was her idea, shes NOT a little girl anymore and she wanted mommy to feel as loved as daddy and daughter were together etc. Mom lets into lust and is happy it is her daughter, daughter asks daddy to fuck her everyone does their sex thing and ends with dad finishing off on daughter/mom faces. Everyone is happy they could be soo close, mom remarks she needs to spend less time at work!

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Cory Chase, Ashley Adams in Family Vacation HD

Scene One: Mother daughter alone time

Awesome new comer Ashley is a must see!

Ashley and Cory have just checked into their hotel and sit back to relax on the bed. Mother and daughter talk about their Daddy giving them money to do whatever they want. If it makes him happy it makes us happy they say. They kiss and strip off their tops finally alone to make love to one another.

Mother and daughter lick each others pussies and play with their large breasts. Edging themselves while they wait for daddy to get back. He’s going to be taking care of us Cory tells her daughter.

Scene Two: Not an accident

Awesome new comer Ashley is a must see!

Cory has left to go work out with your daughter but when you open the bathroom door Ashley’s there, naked and stepping out of the shower. Why didn’t she lock the door? Later you catch her putting on her panties on the couch getting ready to go. Why don’t you come over here daddy? she asks.

Your daughter gets to her knees and sucks you off. She wants your cum before she goes to work out. With a loving smile she sucks you and swallows you all down.

Scene Three:Happy birthday daddy

Awesome new comer Ashley is a must see!

We thought we’d give you your birthday present early Your wife tells you. She stands next to your sexy daughter an proposes having fun with both of them. She pulls off your daughters tight clothes and the girls suck your cock dressed only in their underwear.

They strip naked as they worship you and give your the birthday you deserve. Are you ready Cory asks you as Ashley gets on top of you and fucks you with her tight pussy. As your about to cum Cory takes your cock out of her daughters pussy and puts it in her mouth sucking your cum. They kiss and share your load, both enjoying you. Happy birthday.

Scene Four: Homework with daddy

Awesome new comer Ashley is a must see!

Cory asks you to make sure Ashley does her homework while she’s away. Come on dad, let’s fuck. We can do homework later Ashley tells you stripping down to her black underwear. You fuck her tight pussy and watch her huge breasts bounce as she begs her daddy to fuck her.

I want you to cum in my mouth She says getting on her knees and sticking out her tongue as you shoot all over her face. Cory comes back home mad that no homework got done but gives her daughter a kiss to taste your cum anyway.

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Kiittenymph – Goth Girl Amateur Family Taboo Anal Collection in HD

Daddy’s Lil Anal Horse Fucker HD

You’ve Always Dreamed Of Your Little Girl Getting Her Tight Ass Pounded By A HUGE Horse Cock So, She Decides To Fulfill Your Ultimate Perverted Fantasy By Taking A 12 Inch Horse Cock Up Her Ass! She Rides Her Horse In Tons Of Different Positions For You While Dirty Talking, Making Sure To Show Off Her Fat Giggly Ass Till, Her Ass Is Filled With A Massive Creampie.

Cuffed Anal Creampie & Messy Facial HD

Custom Video: First, I start Off By Giving A Super Sloppy Deepthroat Blowjob. Next, Daddy Makes Me His Anal Slut & Fucks My Cute Booty In 6 Different Positions Till, He Fills My Ass With A Huge Load. Next, I Give Daddy A Mega Messy POV Deepthroat Blowjob Till, He Cums All Over My Face. Finally, I continue To Suck Daddies Big Throbbing Cock With His Cum All Over My Pretty Lil My Face.If You Happen To Enjoy This Vid Or Preview Please Leave Me A Quick Heart Or Positive Review! xoxo ~ Lex // TAGS: Anal, Creampie, Teen, Tattoo, Fetish, POV, Dirty Talk, Petite, Cum play, Deepthroat, Facial, Messy

Emo Teen Anal Punishment HD

You’ve Always Dreamed About Punishing Your Little Emo Teen So, You Take Your Opportunity To Punish Her For Being Such A Brat By Fucking Her Tight Asshole As Hard As You Can! First, You Fuck Her Doggy Style To Get A Perfect View Of Her Big Juicy Ass Until You Decide To Flip Her Over So You Can Watch Her Tits Bounce Up & Down For You. Then, She Twerks With Your Cock In Her Ass While Worshiping Your Amazing Dick. Next, You Throw Her Back Into Doggy & Fuck Her Ass Till She’s Full Of All Your Hot Sticky Cum! Finally She Let’s All Of Your Cum Drip Out Of Her Ass

Bratty StepSis Creampie JOI HD

Custom Video: First, You start by spying on your stepsister while she fucks herself with a dildo Until, She Catches you watching her! To your surprise, your bratty step sister shares your same sick fantasies & Starts to tease you by stripping & twerking for you! First she inserts a pink tail butt plug & then fucks herself in 6 different positions until she’s filled up with all your sticky hot cum! Lastly, Your bratty stepsis has always fantasized about teaching you how to stroke your cock so of course she gets her way & teaches you how to properly jerk off! Features JOI & a cum countdown! TAGS: Creampie, Messy, Taboo, Sister, Cum Countdown, JOI, Voyeur, teen, pet play, lingerie, wet & messy, tattoos

Anal Skype Date For Daddy HD

Your Little Girl Has Missed Her Daddy So Much & She Can’t Wait To Play With Herself On Skype For You! First, She Flashes Her Big Perky Titties For You & Starts To Finger Herself Like You Told Her To. Next, She Inserts A Sparkly Buttplug & Starts To Twerk For You! After She’s Done Twerking For You She Slowly Pulls Out The Anal Beads She Inserted & Licks Them! Finally, She Fucks Her Ass in 6 Different Positions Until She’s Full Of 2 Anal Creampies

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