Mom Fucks Unemployed Son To Motivate Him During The Pandemic – Kinzy Jo 4k

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REAL Incest Collection 291!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Impregnating Mommy – Xev Bellringer 4k

3840×2160 Good morning, sleepy head. You’ve got a big day ahead of you honey…today is the day you become a man. Isn’t that exciting. To be a man, you have to do things to make other people happy….like Mommy. Some of those things might be hard… Shh honey…let me touch you.

Do you play with yourself? What is the white stuff that comes out of your penis for…yes, sweetie, it’s for making bab!es. Well Daddy’s semen isn’t very good at making bab!es anymore. You want to make Mommy happy because you’re a big boy…a man now. Mmm isn’t this fun…you want to put your penis inside of Mommy’s vagina because it’s nice and warm. Yes…Ohhh…honey you’re doing so well. I’m so proud of you…Ohhh!

Fantasy includes: impregnation fantasy, taboo, mother/son, milf, seduction, virtual foreplay, virtual sex, riding, missionary, pregnant, virtual nipple sucking, silk, pov sex

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My Sister Was NOT Stuck In The Washing Machine And Caught Me When I Wanted To Fuck Her Pussy 4k

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Dear Diary – Francesca Palma HD 1080p

Francesca Palma al suo esordio in un film che lascerà il segno!!Una giovane ragazza vive una condizione di estremo disagio dopo la morte improvvisa della madre.Il suo Diario diventa la sua valvola di sfogo dove annotare tutte quelle torbide situazioni che da lì a breve dovrà, suo malgrado, condividere con il padre e il fratello maggiore!! Genere Taboo

Francesca Palma at her debut in a film that will leave her mark !! A young girl lives in a condition of extreme discomfort after the sudden death of her mother. he will have to, in spite of himself, share with his father and older brother !! Genus Taboo

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741 pages
226 megabytes


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REAL Italian Sister Mel Makes Me Cum While She Wears A Naughty Uniform HD 1080p

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Cory Chase in Office Shave and Creampie HD 1080p

“Why the fuck am I here on a Sunday” Cory says to herself as she tries to finish up a report for her asshole boss. Just then two men break into the office. They didn’t expect to find anyone as they robbed the place and now they have to deal with the terrified employee.

“Please, I’ll just leave” Cory pleads with them. The men have plenty of time for the robbery, what they really want is rob Cory of her dignity. They make her take off her clothes and admire her hot sexy body. One of the robbers doesn’t like her bush so grabbing some trimmers from the desk he pushes her down. “NO!” Cory screams as the man touches her most private area, shaving her bush naked, and turning her from a woman into a girl. The cold air on her makes her shiver with humiliation.

“What are you going to do with me?” she says on the edge of tears as they bring her to the office couch. One robber shoves his cock into her mouth and makes her deep throat him, while the other spreads her smooth pussy and fucks her until he cums deep inside her. She’s never felt more like a whore and she loves it.

With her pussy oozing cum it’s time for a second load. They take off her bra and play with her big tits as they fuck her. Her pussy so wet and warm, the feeling of him sliding in and out of her so fast sends bolts of humiliation through her. She’s so fucking turned on that she doesn’t care how much they use her.

She begs them to keep fucking her. Broken and transformed going to the dark side of slut, Cory’s bald pussy is fucked. Her wet mouth is used. The hard cocks fucking her until she is completely full of their cum. Cory moans coming down of her sex high, having never been fucked like that before. As they rob the place she couldn’t care less.

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Penny Barber – Cheating Mommy Takes Control HD 1080p

I’ve been cheating on your pathetic father for years and now I’ve finally divorced him. While you sit there, squirming and uncomfortable, I tell you every sordid detail. You can visualize every dirty little affair—the hot neighbor boy, your dad’s boss at a dinner party, the UPS delivery guy. You’re so embarrassed, but also so…turned on. Which brings me to my point, darling: you’re just as big a loser as your father with one, huge exception: your fat cock. Now you’re going to be Mommy’s sex toy, performing every perverted sex act that pops into my mind. So come over here, and put your fat cock in Mommy’s tight pussy. Actually, I think I still have another man’s cum inside of me. You don’t mind, do you, sweetie?

Four POV blowjob and sex vignettes while I wear pantyhose.
Scene 1 0:03 Outdoor blowjob and facial with neighbor boy.
Scene 2 6:51 Fucking your dad’s boss in the kitchen during a dinner party before he cums in my glass.
Scene 3 19:31 Fucking the delivery guy, then masturbating with his cum inside of me.
Scene 4 28:46 Sex with my son with another man’s cum inside of me.

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Madonna Studio Pack (English Subtitles)

JUL-076 .mp4

Kyoko Kubo , Momoko Isshiki , Maki Hojo, Yuko Shiraki , Saki Kato ,

Shuri Yamaguchi , Kana Mito , Ayumi Miura , Hijiri Maihara ,

Ririko Kinoshita , Rin Azuma , Marina Shiraishi , Yuka Mizuno ,

Rin Okae , Hiroka Suzuno , Asahi Mizuno , Nozomi Tanihara , Ai Kano ,

Yonekura Honoka , Kazama Yumi

The film series “I Can’t Tell My Wife No Matter What That I Got Her Mom Pregnant …” is about a family trip to a hot spring where a girl’s boyfriend cheats with her mom.

All films follow the same scenario:
Scene 1 – Mom decides to wash, but then the daughter’s boyfriend comes. She tries to escape, but she fails to get away from the young cock.
Scene 2 – After the incident, everyone goes to bed, but the man sneaks into her room and starts to fuck and pump with sperm.
Scene 3 – The next morning the two of them take a bath and have sex.
Scene 4 – That evening, without fear of anything, the couple fucks until dark.
(Situations may differ from film to film, but only slightly)



OMHD-008 – When I Locked My Sister In The Fridge, She Froze And Became Just A hole

Japanese (English Subtitle)
Length: 1:52
Genre: Asian, Japanese, English.subtitles, censored, halloween, Rape.roleplay, sick, incest.roleplay, brother.sister, stepbrother, stepsister, small.tits, confinement, abuse, torture, missionary, creampie, blowjob, facial, snuff.roleplay, frozen, nose.licking, food.smearing, choking, inverted.nipples, eggs, carrot, carrot.insertion, food.insertion, forced.gagging, inverted.face.fuck, cum.in.mouth, crying, tears, real.tears, ice.cubes, drowning, pee.swallow, handjob, forced, forced.handjob, forced.blowjob, shivering, swallow, cum.swallowing, slapping, face.slapping, bondage, stockholm, doggy.style, cowgirl, sitting.sex, cum.smearing, horror, halloween
Director: Migawa Ota
Cast: Nana Maeno

I will admit, this is one of the most unusual and disturbing videos I had ever seen. Yet even so, I could not stop watching it. Words almost fail me in describing this, it is almost the “Bat Pussy” of JAV.

First, the star is Nana Maeno. Who only started in 2020, but already has almost 3 dozen credits to her name. And this one contains many disturbing, yet absurd aspects. In short, Nana is finishing High School, and as their parents are going out of town on an extended vacation they ask her step-brother to move back home to watch over her. And one night realizing that the fridge is dirty and needs cleaning, she decides to clean it and during this she climbs inside.

Her brother closes her inside the fridge, and the next morning opens the door to find she had urinated, and was incapable of movement or speech after being so cold for so long. So he proceeds to take advantage of the situation by having sex with her. And when he is done, he closes his sister inside the fridge again.

This unquestionably shows the extreme side of abuse porn from Japan, and the chapters are broken up with almost child like crayon drawings of what is going on from the point of view of the brother. And there is almost no actual dialogue, but as their thoughts are often shared with the viewer through captions, I elected to translate those. Most of them are his thoughts, but occasionally we hear her thoughts, which I subtitled in pink.

I will be honest, this movie revolted me, and it is nothing like what I enjoy. I started this translation way back in June, after I got the video and figured it would be a good translation project. But 15 minutes in I stopped and gave up on it, it was so disturbing. But when the Halloween event was announced, I could not think of a better video to premiere for it, as it is unquestionably dark and disturbing. Almost in an “American Psycho” kind of way.

And knowing that like all the past events, most will be of the cosplay variety, and this is unquestionably the most horrific porn video I had ever seen.

I actually discovered this months ago, but was unable to find subtitles for it. But since there was no dialogue but title cards I took the time to translate those. Especially as it fits in perfectly with the horror of the Halloween season.




MIMK-056 – The Female Team Manager Gets Fucked – This Right-Handed Pinch Hitter Is Our Ace Pitcher’s Girlfriend

Japanese (English Subtitles)
Genre: Asian, Japan, Japanese, manga.based, based.on.manga, english.subtitles, hentai, handjob, blowjob, cum.on.face, cum.in.mouth, missionary, cowgirl, reverse.cowgirl, cunnilingus, 69, creampie, in.bath, soap, baseball, doggy.style, standing.missionary, standing.doggy.style, standing.fuck, cheerleader, cheerleader.outfit, sitting.sex, cheating, sora.shina, shina.sora, cheating, cheating.on.phone, masturbation, schoolgirl.uniform, cum.on.tits, facial, fingering, 1080p
Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi
Cast: Sora Shina

Sato Yuma is on the Baseball team, they are making it to the national finals. He is so obsessed with baseball that he neglects his girlfriend.
Natsumi Mukawa (Shiina Sora). Sato Yuma’s girlfriend and the baseball team female manager.
Tanaka Reo. The ace pitcher, also in the baseball team.

One day Sato and Natsumi are going back home riding a bicycle when they accidentally run over Tanaka Reo. Tanaka gets injured and Natsumi Mukawa being the very considerate girl she is, offers him help with his daily “necessities”. All while Sato Yuma doesn’t suspect anything, because he is obsessing over Baseball, literally the most boring sport in planet earth and beyond.

It feels very much like NTR, even though Natsumi is very deeply in love with his boyfriend she develops an even deeper lewd love for dicks.

As all of my uploads from URE or MIMK, included is the original manga. In this case, “Migite no Daida wa Ace no Kanojo” by Ishigaki Takashi. And as can be seen, the movie follows the manga very closely.



Migite no Daida wa Ace no Kanojo.rar

[GVG-663] (English Subbed) The Sexy PTA Chairwoman Fucks The Brats Of The Student Council – Ian Hanasaki

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Tags: Creampie, Drama, Gangbang, Shotacon, Solowork
Series: Naughty PA Head & S*****t Council Brat
Actress: Hanasaki Ian
Studio Label: GVG

This edition had no bombshell teacher. In this edition, we have the sexy PTA chairwoman Ian Hanasaki attempting to dissolve the student council. All she got was gangbang.



[VAGU-077] Aoki Rin – Filthy Life With Mom

Rin Aoki is a chubby Japanese performing POV BJ, TF, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, soap play, hand jobs in living room, bathroom and bedroom while her natural tits swinging.



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