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Oh, that doesn’t bother me. Everyone jerks off. Don’t be embarrassed. Actually, what are you watching? I’m just curious, that’s all. Relax, I won’t tell your mom… Oh wow, anal sex. My favorite. My husband used to fuck my ass constantly. I miss that to be honest, things are different now.. I’m jealous, you probably do anal with girls all the time…

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PinkCandyEc – Mommy & Daddy Sex Tape For Son 4k

Mom gets a bunch of sexts from her son and is at first surprised but then becomes very aroused. She then shows it to her husband proudly remarking how nice her son’s cock is, husband agrees but mentions that this sext was probably an accident and that their son is off chasing girls instead of studying to get top marks in college. They both are very concerned and start trying to brainstorm ways to motivate their son to stop chasing girls and focus on studying. Then husband suggests why not mom satisfying his desires instead. Mom is shocked at the idea, but also very aroused, she wonders if her son would be attracted to her instead of younger college girls. Dad then reassures her that she’s a total milf and that he’ll definitely be able to persuade him through demonstration. Dad then starts filming a sex tape with mom through a POV angle, he starts off by telling son that he needs to be more careful when texting, and he also needs to stop chasing girls instead of studying. Dad, however, does acknowledge that he was a total pervert when he was his son’s age so that he totally understands the urge to fuck young college sluts. So he makes a proposition, he suggests that if son doesn’t fuck college girls and focuses on studying then Mom will fuck both of them when he’s back home. Mom then concurs and starts talking about how much she loves sucking dad’s cock and how much she wants to suck her son’s cock too. She then tells her husband to give a demonstration and show her son how much she loves getting throat fucked. Every time Mom gasps for air she attempts to persuade her son that he really should accept the proposal, she tells him “I’ll suck your cock just like this” as she deepthroats deep and sloppy. After a while of sloppy deepthroat persuasion mom then shows her pussy and tells dad to fuck her, then as dad fucks her she tells her son that he can fuck her just like dad is doing, or that he can fuck her face while dad pumps into her. Mom and Dad make sure to demonstrate all the different positions they like to fuck in and how son can get the same experience or join in. Finally, when dad is about to cum mom tells him to cum down her throat and tells her son that he can do the same anytime he wants when he’s back home but only if he focuses on his studies. Dad then proceeds to unleash a fat load into mom’s throat. Then once he pulls his dick out and mommy licks it clean they conclude their proposition and tell their son that they’re proud of how far he’s come…

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Cheating, Cheating Wife, Cuckolding, Europe/World, Forced Turned Willing, Interracial Cheating, South America

A storm threatens the south coast of Mexico. A young couple has traveled to this tropic paradise to light the fire of their relationship. While days pass, this romantic vacation starts turning the opposite: a savage love triangle with a violent and unexpected destination.

The couple goes to a beach resort and meets a black dude who serves as their guide and the husband’s surf instructor. The black dude is more attentive to the wife and talks to her a lot.

At 7:40, the couple has sex and is interrupted by a noise inside their room, like maybe someone is peeping on them.

A couple of scenes show the beta husband being bullied by little kids. In the second scene, the black dude shoos the kids away because the husband couldn’t, then sits down beside the wife immediately and talks to her. The husband looks at them, feeling so inadequate. From this point on, he starts getting weary of the black dude talking to and hanging out with his wife.

The wife takes a shower at an outdoor makeshift bathroom, whose walls only go so far up you can actually see her upper body from the outside. She turns around and notices that the black dude is looking at her. She turns back and seemingly lets out a little smile.

At 34:32, the couple fucks again and this time, we see the black dude peeping on them through a gap in the wall. It’s a nice little pumping scene and it looks like the wife isn’t satisfied because her husband cums too fast.

The husband nearly drowns while surfing and he and the black dude quarrel over it.

The black dude makes his first move and tries to kiss the wife when she goes for a walk. She rejects her.

At 50:23, the black dude tries to hit on the wife again while she’s sitting on a table by the beach. He offers her beer, then starts running his hand on her arm. She walks away. He follows her, grabs her, and tries to kiss her but she rejects him again. She comes to her room and tells her husband about what happened.

The husband goes to the black dude’s place to confront him but he gets beaten up. His wife stops the black dude from beating him further.

The storm comes and the husband is nowhere to be found. The wife searches for him around the island. She goes to the black dude’s place to look for him there, supposedly. The black dude makes his move on her again. After a little bit of initial resistance, she lets him fuck her from behind (1:03:27). Maybe instinctively, she is rewarding him for beating and cuckolding her husband.

Hot. My only complaint is that the wife and the black dude’s sex scene is dark, unlike the wife and her husband’s, and there’s something obstructing the view when they are on the bed.

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You still live with your Mom as she just can’t bear for you to move out. You were in a full sexual relationship with Mommy until around 2 years ago when you met your girlfriend, she stays over at a lot and you can tell your mom isn’t a big fan of hers. You still fancy the fuck out of your hot Mom but you are trying to have a non taboo normal relationship and have recently started trying for your own little one.
You don’t know how to tell your mom as you know she wont like it and will be annoyed with you, you love her so much and don’t want to ever upset her. Your girlfriend pops to the shop and your mom takes the opportunity to come in and have a chat with you. Damn she looks incredible today, a Tiny black mini skirt and a very revealing red crop top with her massive tits spilling out, her body is so much better than your girlfriends you have to admit. She’s annoyed that she found out from your girlfriend about you trying for a little one and tells you she misses the time you used to spend together and you haven’t fucked her for 2 years, neglecting Mommy. She starts playing with your cock which is hard already, those tits are incredible you have missed them. She wants to just ride your dick for a couple of mins just to have her sons cock inside her again, She promises to not take your load of cum that you need to impregnante your girlfriend tonight, mmmmm your moms pussy feels so good as she rides you, you both love this taboo relationship and its great to be back inside her tight cunt again. She then demands that she has your milky load and she wants it all over her face, dripping down her chin. There will be no impregnation of your girlfriend tonight! Mom always wins xx
POV, dirty Mom/son taboo talk throughout. Cum finish on Mommys face.

Facials Family Mommy Roleplay Taboo MILF

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Your mom is out running some errands and your sister surprises you by wearing one of your favorite cosplays. She reminds you that last time you fucked, you both had to be super quiet because mom nearly caught you. This time, no one is home to hear you make her moan! She teases your cock, sucking and licking it until you are throbbing. Mid way, she gets a call from mom checking in on you both, she answers it and continues to play with your cock whilst on the phone. You can’t help but explode all over your hot sister. After the phone call, your sister tells you that she isn’t done with you yet and it’s time for you to fuck her and really make her moan! This is a custom video and I use his name throughout

Cosplay Family Sisters Role Play Kink

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Peeping Son Caught Watching Gets A Chance To Fuck Mom – Erin Electra 4k

Son watches mom as she undresses and tries on various lingerie until she finds him! Mom is upset, she has told him many times not to spy on her! maybe if she lets him finally just have sex with her he will stop peeping all the time!

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My loser husband sits at home all day watching porn while I go to work trying to make money to pay the bills. Well, I’ve had enough. The landlord’s coming round to collect the rent arrears and I’m short of cash this month.
How many times have I told my porn-obsessed hubby to get off his fat backside and make something of himself? Or at the very least enough money to pay the fucking rent! Well this time he’s going to get what’s coming.
I’m not going to bother pleading for more time with the landlord like I normally do. This time I’m going to straight up offer to screw his brains out in front of the little-dicked loser I’m married to.
He’s about to get the cucking of his life. Perhaps seeing his darling wife thoroughly fucked and completely covered in landlord jizz will finally give him the motivation he needs!

Cuckolding Humiliation Cheating Wife Verbal Humiliation Facials

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Stupid Loser Stoner Sister Trades Sex For Weed – SmartyKat314 HD (Deleted Video)

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