Cory Chase – Possessing Mommy HD 1080p

Scene One: Best Night of Rest

I am just a simple guy with a really hot Mom. Since I hit puberty I have wanted to fuck my mother, but I did not know how, until now…Mom has a napping problem…If there is the smallest sound in the house she will wake up and then have trouble falling resting again. Her doctor prescribed napping pills to solve all her napping issues…

When I came home from school, Mom sat me down for a chat…She was wearing a tiny outfit that barely fit her large breasts…I have jerked off so many times thinking of those large round mounds…Mom is still talking but I am not paying attention, so I drop a pen on the floor…I pretend to pick up the pen when I notice Mom is not wearing panties…I have a clear view of her bush!!! My dick gets hard but then she quickly closes her legs…I come back up to the table and she hands me her pills and asks for a glass of water…

When I walked into the kitchen, I thought of a dirty little plan…Why give Mom one pill when 2 pills would work so much better??? The drink is mixed and handed over to Mom…I make sure she drinks every drop and watch her go to bed for a long nap…

…I waited for an hour, then went to check on her and saw her in deep rest.

I sneaked up to her, removed the sheet and saw her in front of me, completely at my mercy.

I removed my own pants and had my dick hard and ready to fuck my mom, but I had a feeling like something was going to go bad, so i thought of going a bit slow today, start from smaller things, like touching her tits.

I removed her nightgown and watched her glorious body, those tits, damn, it made me hornier, then I saw her pussy, it made me so hard that I wanted to penetrate her right there, but I somehow restrained myself and went slowly to her mouth and kissed her, she tasted so good that I kissed and kissed her once again until I was so horny that I took my dick to her mouth and touched her lips with my dick, then inserted it into her mouth, then her glorious vagina, I fucked her with passion, that was actually the first time I had sex. I went on and on until I could not hold it inside anymore and I burst my cum into her mouth, I was scared that she would have woken, but instead for my surprise, she swallowed my cum, I thought to myself that it must have been an reflex.

I instantly put her nightgown on her, put the sheet on her and cleaned her mouth and left her room.

Scene Two: Cleaning My Room

Next morning I woke up and went to check on my mom and see if she would get angry with me over what I did or she would continue doing what she does every day. For my luck she did not freak out when seeing me, she just greeted me.

“Hey mom had a good night rest?” I asked while having an evil grin on my face.

“You know, I have not had rest like this in FOR EVER, doctor said that these pills would be effective, but this is something else,” she answered with happy face on, “and why are you grinning, is something wrong with me?”

“Oh no no mom, you look great, greater than usually, if I were not your son I would scream sexy at you!” I complimented her and added, “By the way mom, I gave you 2 pills instead of 1, I read on the internet that it won’t hurt you, only will make your rest better enjoyable.”

Mom wanted to do some laundry and went into my room to gather my clothes, but first she asked for a glass of lemonade. I slipped in a couple pills into her drink and mixed it up. Handed over the glass to Mom and waited…

About a hour later…

I find Mom napping on my bed, exposed in all her nude Glory. I checked to see if she was out and she passed. Next my pecker pulled out and took care of Mom the way only a Loving Son could. My has the tightest pussy and best Milf Tits! Good thing she swallows too!!!

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PROVEN REAL Mother and Son Webcam 48 mins!

Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Amateur, Real, Latina, POV, Cheating, Wife, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cunnilingus, Cum in Pussy

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Kelly Payne – Family Bonding 1 & 2 HD 1080p

Family Bonding Part One Mom & Dad HD

Mom is so excited to start off Family Bonding with you (POV Husband) She talks about how you introduced her to family bonding, a sexual once a month evening where Mom fucks Dad, Mom fucks Son, Daughter fucks Dad, and Brother fucks his Sister. To start the night off, it’s tradition for Mom and Dad to fuck first, enjoying one another first. She asks why it could not be more than just a once-a-month occasion, but that’s just how it is. She grabs the vibrator you bought her and places it inside her already wet pussy, then she comes towards you continuing to talk about how much she enjoys this night. Bringing herself to orgasm before coming closer to you…Asking you if you are looking forward to fucking your daughter, and who your more excited to fuck me or her? Playfully she starts stroking then sucking your cock until she can’t take anymore, she needs you inside of her. The idea of you filling her pussy before she goes and fucks her son is arousing beyond belief, she can’t wait to hear all about your pleasure with your daughter afterwards once you end the evening back together again. Sucking, Fucking, Taboo Heavy Dirty Talking, Riding, Doggy, Beautiful agony, Virtual Sex with and without dildo. *Part One of Five Part Series* *Family Bonding Part Two Mom & Son *Family Bonding Part Three Dad & Daughter *Family Bonding Part Four Brother & Sister *Family Bonding Part Five Ending the evening Mom & Dad

GFE MILF Role Play Taboo Virtual Sex

Family Bonding Part Two Mom & Son HD

Mommy just finished getting fucked by Daddy and as customary both parents then go into their kitsrooms. Mommy is still wearing her sexy black dress and black nylon stockings, only this time they are wet and dirty, because mommy’s pussy is dripping with daddy’s cum. Mommy is beyond horny and excited when she comes into your room, she asks if your excited, talks briefly about the family bonding monthly tradition, and asks if your more excited for Mommy or your sister? She is not surprised by your answer, your sister tends to resist the tradition a bit, but she’s coming around and that’s why she needs her big brother and daddy to teach her, help her grow into the women she’s meant to be. After all Mommy and your sister are good for only a few things and one of those things is milking and pleasing their men and boys. Mommy starts stroking and sucking your already hard cock, then climbing onto of you and riding you cowgirl style, bringing you to a fast orgasm. It’s okay sweet boy… Mommy knows it feels amazing and tells you to take a little break and watch mommy play with herself and when your cock gets hard again you can enjoy mommy some more. She brings herself to multiple squirting orgasms, and once your cock is hard mommy bends over doggystyle, telling you to play with her ass, finger her ass, and shove your cock deep inside her ass. Before you cum you flip mommy over and fuck her missionary as she begs you to cum in mommy…you fill her pussy with cum. You did an amazing job sweet boy, your cum is dripping down and out of her pussy as she talks with you. Reminding you to be in control when your sister comes in, mommy is so proud of you, and after family bonding as tradition well all go out for ice cream.

Creampie MILF Mommy Roleplay Taboo Virtual Sex

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[MAINSTREAM INCEZT] Fantasm (1976) + Fantasm Comes Again (1977) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Classic Erotica, Mom-Son Incest

Fantasm (1976)

Directed by: Richard Franklin

Stars: John Holmes, Uschi Digard, Candy Samples, Serena, Rene Bond, Maria Arnold

Language: English + Commentary (2nd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Australia | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Description: Professor Jurgen Notafreud explores the 10 most common female sexual fantasies.

A softcore classic that features hardcore porn actors John C. Holmes, William Margold, Candy Samples, and Rene Bond, FANTASM is a sexy, bawdy romp that spoofs sex-ed films. Professor Jurgen Notafreud explores the 10 hottest female fantasies, applying his pseudo-expertise to a variety of scenarios that includes lesbianism, group sex, role reversal, incest, and much, much more!

Jurgen Noetafreud is a professor of the psyche of human sexuality, who introduces 10 short segments from his case studies of the most common female sexual fantasies. In “Beauty Parlour”, Abby finds the experience of a salon haircut and manicure a very sensual experience. In “Card Game”, Barbara’s husband uses her as bargaining chips to his friends during a evening round of poker. In “Wearing the Pants”, Gabrielle is a lonely housewife who dreams up having her way with a neighbor who steals her underwear. In “Nightmare Alley”, Felicity has an encounter with a boxer/rapist who turns on her desires she never knew existed in her. In “The Girls”, Francine develops an attraction to a large-breasted woman during a daily stay in a steam room. In “Fruit Salad”, Imogene has fantasies involving a ‘well-endowed’ man in the form of the sea god Neptune during a fruit basket binge. In “Mother’s Darling” Belle is a middled-aged woman who welcomes home her son from war in her own way…

Fantasm Comes Again (1977)

Directed by: Colin Eggleston

Stars: Rick Cassidy, Con Covert, Uschi Digard, Candy Samples, Serena, Jesse Adams

Language: English + Commentary (2nd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Australia | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Description: An intern and a professional writer at a newspaper agency read over 10 different erotic letters detailing the erotic escapes of various women for their sexual advice column.

Tagged 1970s, Australia, English, High Definition, Mother Son Incest.

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Katana Kombat in Mommy Cums Home HD 1080p

Scene One: At night

In the middle of the night my step-mom comes into my bedroom and asks me how my date went. “Step-Mommy had a horrible night” She says. “I need a stress reliever” I can tell she’s still a little tipsy from being out as she pulls down the covers and slides down my PJ’s. “Just relax” She whispers to me as she takes off her clothes.

“I’ll do all of the work for you” She says lovingly. Her warm hand strokes me up and down, my whole body feels like it’s on fire bathed in ice. With a moan she puts her lips around my cock and sucks. It’s so fucking dirty and wrong to like my step-mom sucking me but it feels so god damn good too. She sucks me slowly and teasingly forever making me so horny I will do whatever she says. I’ve never been treated like this before. She rides on top of me and clenches her tight pussy on me. My whole body shakes and I cum deep inside her. With two fingers she reaches down and tastes my warm love mixed with her orgasms.

Scene Two:At breakfast Part one

The next morning step-mommy tells me she was a little tired and lonely last night. “I was thinking about this all morning” She whispers to me. She reaches down and pulls me out of my PJ’s. Biting her bottom lip she jerks me getting me as hard as I can be. “I just love this cock” She says.

She stops, before I cum and goes back to cooking breakfast. At that point I will do or say whatever she wants to have her hot body fucking me again. She knows that I’m hers now. Laying on the counter she guides me inside of her and lets me fuck her, pouring all of my sexual feelings into her pussy. “Mommys going to cum so good right now!” She screams orgasming on my dick.

Scene Three: At breakfast Part Two

We eat a big breakfast looking deep into each others eyes. She needs me inside of her again. All day long she wants to be fucked. She bends over the kitchen counter and I’m ready for her. Thrusting myself inside of her I can hear my step-mom’s moans echo through the house.

My cock goes so deep inside her. She’s never been fucked so good in her life. I’ve never felt so amazing as I cum, filling her up with my lust for her body. We’re going to be inseparable, step-mother and step-son forever with our special relationship.

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MF – Home School Fucking Creampie (large)

I find Johnny napping instead of being the motivated young man he should be, so I teach him a lesson or two! After spanking his ass and some oral instruction, I hop on top and ride until he cums deep inside of me!

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First Date Tips From Stepmom Go Too Far HD 1080p

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Kendra Heart in Entry – A Daughters Tail HD 1080p


First Time Anal


Scene One: Coming Home Late

Kendra comes home late at night. I have been up all night waiting for her and drinking on the couch. I start yelling about how I’m sick of her not doing anything around the house, not paying rent, always arguing with me. Since her mother left I have to do everything. I tell her she’s out of the house tomorrow or get over here on her knees and sucks my cock since that’s all she is really good for.

I face fuck her for the duration calling her a slut and saying the only thing she’s good for is swallowing my cum and spreading her legs. I fill her whore mouth with my cum and tell her some sweet logic. I tell her I did not cum on her face even though she deserved it. Then tell her to thank her Daddy and like a good trained slut she does…

Scene Two: Only Panties

The next day Kendra is told I only want her wearing panties when she’s in the house. No bra since her tits are her best part and I want to see them at all times to distract from her face since she looks like her mother. She strips and then I tell her to bend over on the bed and play with herself but she not allowed to cum. Halfway through it he starts fucking her roughly fuck her ass for the first time. I tell her to suck me off and clean my cock, Slut! She blows me, I put my cock back in her ass and fuck her till I cum. I tell my little cumslut daughter she is lucky I did I did not make her swallow it…

Scene Three: Ass to Mouth

A week later, I am is getting bored of her and I tell her she needs to do something to keep things interesting or she’s gone. She says she’s done everything I asked. I say well I guess I need to ask for different things. Take off your panties and get on the floor – head down, ass up – like the slut you are. I then start fucking her in the ass. It’s pretty rough and she’s crying a bit about how it hurts, but I don’t care. I then fuck her face and make her beg for ass to mouth and ask her how it tastes…I but my cock back in her ass and then cum and shoot all over her face…I tell her to lick and clean it all up you whore!

Scene Four: Breakfast

Kendra brings me my dinner and spills my drink all over my lap. I tell her to clean it up you dumb whore. She rubbing my crotch with a towel. I take off my shorts and she’s rubbing my boxers. I get hard.

I say it soaked through the boxers and take them off. She starts rubbing my cock with the towel trying to clean whatever is there. I am angry saying that the whisky and Coke has made me all sticky. She needs to lick me clean. She cleans my cock till I am about to cum and I then bend her over the table. I spread her ass open and my cock into her tight ass. I then grab her by the hair and pull her to the bed and continue to fuck her ass going from her mouth and back to her ass.

I open her mouth and fill it full of my cum and tell her to never spill my drink ever again…She says “Yes Daddy and I am sorry”…

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NIMA-008 (English Subtitles) he Most Nut-Busting Adult Comics Out There, Faithfully Recreated On Screen! (Sad News) This MILF Kept Her Career Too Late And Now She’s Desperately Trying To Get Pregnant

Japanese (English Subtitles)
Length: 3:58
Genre: Asian, Japan, Japanese, based.on.manga, manga.based, hentai, english.subtitles, spanish.subtitles, french.subtitles, italian.subtitles, german.subtitles, softsub, haruna.kawakita, kawakita.haruna, in.office, office.lady, female.boss, boss.employee, office.sex, missionary, doggy.style, creampie, cunnilingus, pussy.fingering, fingering, blowjob, standing.doggy.style, sitting.sex, cowgirl, reverse.cowgirl, facial, handjob, handjob.to.completion, tit.fuck, under.desk, cum.in.mouth, bent.over.desk, in.train, train.fuck, in.bathroom, public.bathroom, toilet.sex, condom.cum.eating, yukata, 69, in.bath
Cast: Kawakita Haruna

Akiko Sawamura (Haruna) is a 34 years old unmarried office lady, that remains a single because of her strong personality. In the office, they make fun of her because of that.

One night, while drinking with younger subordinates she lets relaxes a bit and one of the younger guys sees an opening. Although he has a girlfriend, he takes advantage of the situation and has sex with his female boss.

And once again I have included subtitles. But this time I am soft coding them into the movie, and including not only English, but also French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Doing so makes the file a bit larger, but it also makes it easier to play them on other devices (especially those that recognize soft subs but not SRT files).




(Special G) Kaisha No Iki Okure BBA Haramaseta.rar

REAL779 Yui Nagase – 20 Creampie Cum Shots Schoolgirl –

130 minutes with Yui Nagase. Innocent looking schoolgirl is harassed and sexually assaulted multiple times by numerous guys over and over again. Fondling, foreplay, kissing, dick sucking, pussy eating, handjob, fingering, cowgirl, riding, missionary, doggy style, standing doggy style, cumshot, vibrator, Enjoy.



[SHKD-848] (English Subbed) Female Teacher Full Domination Jessica Kizaki

Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Tags: Drama, Female teacher, Rape, Solowork
Series: Female Teacher Total Domination
Actress: Kizaki Jessica
Studio Label: SHKD

Jessica Kizaki gets assigned to this school as a substitute teacher. One of her students is a very gifted boy with a genius brain, who is just not interested in attending classes.

She wants to convince him to come back, but he counters the teacher with a game, with very special conditions.



KTRA-024 Rare Mini-mini Bodied Actress Misa Yazawa Premium Vest 4 Hours

9 scenes, Mimi appears in all of them as the one girl – Mimi gets fondled, kissed, licked, sucked and fucked missionary, doggystyle (+standing doggy), sideways/spooning, cowgirl (+reverse cowgirl). In between that, she gets soaped up in the shower, gives a clothed/unclothed footjob, and gets oiled up and toyed with. The scenes involve both 1on1 and group situations, all end in either facials or creampies.




[JUY-726] A Woman Who Has Long Been Longing For A Business Hotel On A Business Trip And A Conflict Of Noiseless Stay Accommodation

Aki Sasaki and her male secretary met an important partner to sign a contract. After the meeting, they rent just one hotel for both of them. The secretary couldn’t control his lust, Aki also wanted him and they have sex all night.

Sex acts: blowjob, doggy style, handjob, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, licking, cum in mouth



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