Taboo Creampie After Aggravated Mommy Fucks Son in Multi Positions While Talking on the Phone – Brittany Lynn 1080p HD

Mommy is on the bed in her sexy dress and is ready to go out to celebrate her promotion. She is on the phone with her friend when her son walks in and has a hard on.

She tells him to leave but he says he needs help making his hard on go away. She says no at first, but eventually lets him come onto the bed after he promises not to make noise and not to tell anyone.

He first fucks mommy on top and she stays on the phone talking to her friend the whole time. Mommy is agitated that it is taking him so long to cum and tells him he must cum inside her so making sure no mess is made. She checks her watch and hurries him along telling him her friends are on the way to get her.

He then says he can’t cum and asks to fuck mommy doggystyle. She is again agitated but agrees. In his POV he fucks mommy good in doggystyle and she still stays on the phone. Once again, after some time, he can’t cum so mommy tells him to lie down so she can ride the cum out of him.

Mommy starts in reverse cowgirl and fucks her son good with her perfect ass bouncing. Still chatting with her friend this MILF continues to check her watch and tries to hurry her son along. She then flips around and rides him in a variety of ways.

She hangs up only momentary when she then really gives it to her son. She then gets a call from her friends saying they are in the parking lot to get her. Mommy them rides the cumload out of her son quickly and sends him to his room.

Before she leaves for the night she feels the hot cum creampie dripping out of her pussy, which is shown close up, and talks about how nice it is to have her son inside her. She decides not to wear any panties so there is no mess made and then puts her dress down over the creampie mess and heads for the door. Mommy will enjoy a night out on the town with a little piece of her son that nobody will ever know about.

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Mother and Son Mainstream Incest FULL Movie in HD With English Subs!

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My Hot Sister Jeni Angel Let’s Me Fuck Just This One Time Never Again MP4 4K

My sister Jeni has a real issue locking the bathroom door, I am always walking in on her. Jeni is always a bitch about letting me use the bathroom, I can not stand that I have to share a bathroom with her. This time I am not gonna put up with her attitude, I pick the lock into the bathroom. Jeni doesn’t even hear me come in, I slowly pull back the shower curtain to see Jeni all soaking wet and nude. Of course, she acts like a bitch at first but she finally tells me she is gonna let me hit it just this once. I can not believe I am actually gonna fuck my hot sister, I know Jeni is a slut the way she takes my big dick right there on the bathroom floor.

***Starring: Jeni Angel***

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REAL Twins Joey White and Sami White Cumswap Video Both Versions 4k + 1080p

Two twin brunette sisters, girls with small and natural tits + smooth shaved pussies, are having fun with a guy in a ffm threesome. They blow his cock, get fucked missionary + are getting a cumshot into their mouths and swap cum.

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REAL Fat Ass Mother Gets Rough Anal HD

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The Seven Kittens (1980) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Classic Erotica, Incest

Directed by: Neville de Almeida

Stars: Antônio Fagundes, Ana Maria Magalhães, Lima Duarte

Language: Portuguese | Subtitles: English, Portuguese, Spanish (embed)

Country: Brazil | Ar: 1.377 | Hdtvrip

Also known as: Os Sete Gatinhos

Description: Noronha, who works at the Chamber of Deputies as an office boy, lives in the Grajaú with his wife, Gorda and their five unmarried daughters, Aurora, Hilda, Debora, Arlete and Silene, who is only 16 years old. This, the youngest, is the most spoiled of all and, being the only “pure”, has the right to a good education in a boarding school. But soon their lives take a different turn when she is accused in high school of killing a pregnant cat. The family seems as normal as any, but behind their appearances they hide untrue secrets. The four oldest daughters prostitute themselves to ensure Silene’s chastity and upbringing. From the incident occurred in school, it is discovered the young girl is not pure as everyone thinks.

1980s, Brazil, Father Daughter Incest, Portuguese.

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Teen Sister Found My Browsing History COMPLETE SERIES – Rori Rose 1080p HD (Deleted Video)

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INCEZT Taboo Parody!

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Olivia Olove in My Daughters First Anal – Total HD

Back Story: Dad and Daughter have gotten much closer over the summer since she is home from college. One day, as they are having a Dad/Daughter talk, Daughter reveals to Dad how even though she is sexually active, she has never done anal with a boy before. Dad soon discovers how Daughter is afraid that it will hurt very badly. Dad soon devises a plan to help break Daughter out of her fear of anal……

Part 1: Anal 101
It’s early morning; Dad and Daughter are sitting on the couch engaging in their usual conversation. Dad suddenly changes the subject to anal sex and informs Daughter he has devised a way for her to get over her anal fear; excited, Daughter enquirers as to what she needs to do. Dad instructs Daughter to come over to him and suck his cock as part of her anal 101 training. Daughter begins to question Dad however quickly agrees as she wants to overcome her fear; Daughter approaches Dad and seductively goes down between his legs, pulling his cock. Dad talks dirty to daughter as she begins jerking and sucking his cock, slowly at first then faster and faster. Dad compliments Daughter on how good she gives head before instructing her to stand and turn around; Daughter rises to her feet and strips her clothes as per Dad’s instructions as he grabs a bottle of lube from a nearby counter. Dad instructs Daughter to pour some lube in her hand and rub it all over his hard cock; Daughter does as she’s instructed and moans a little as the feel of her Dad’s hard cock in her hands turns her on. Daughter is reluctant however Dad’s soft voice quickly coaxes her into complying. Dad talks dirty to Daughter as he slowly inserts his cock into her ass, careful not to hurt her; Daughter gasps for air as Dad inserts his entire cock into her ass and begins to fuck her, slowly at first then faster and faster. Daughter moans and licks her lips as her fear quickly fades and she begins to enjoy the feel of her Dad’s cock pumping her ass; Dad instructs Daughter to rub her breasts and pleasure herself as she continues to get used to his cock. Daughter moans louder and louder, enjoying the sensation for several moments when she asks if they can move to another room where she will be more comfortable to continue……..

Part 2: Anal Slut
Daughter guides Dad into her room and smiles at him evilly before kissing him and announcing she wants him to fuck her like a dirty little anal slut. Daughter questions if she is ready for rough anal and Daughter quickly nods and bends over. Dad shrugs before lubing up his cock and forcing it into Daughter’s ass. Daughter screams as the pain is a bit more than she anticipated however she is soon moaning as Dad violently fucks her ass in various positions. Daughter and Dad continue to talk dirty to each other as Dad fucks his girl harder and harder. Daughter suddenly lets out a loud scream and grabs the bed as Dad’s violent thrusts cause her to experience her first anal orgasm; Dad grabs her hair and fucks her even harder as her body shudders from the intense orgasm. Dad lets go of Daughter’s hair and allows her to collapse, allowing her to catch her breath as her body continues to spasm. Daughter looks back at dad, smiling evilly and tells him she wants him to fuck her in on the Couch…

Part 3: Sofa Slut
Dad guides Daughter onto the sofa in the living room before entering her from behind and continuing to fuck her in her ass. Dad instructs Daughter to arch her back in various ways in order to enjoy the sensation more; Daughter complies and begins moaning even louder as the slight change in position causes Dad’s cock to begin hitting the G spot in her ass. See how well she is doing, Dad continues to fuck Daughter’s ass in various position, always using the sofa as a cushion so that Daughter remains as comfortable as possible. Daughter begins rubbing her clit and talking Dirty to Dad as her breathing increases; she suddenly begins to scream loudly as she approaches orgasm, having never felt a more powerful sensation. Dad laughs and instructs her to scream loudly as she has her first anal orgasm; Daughter suddenly throws her head back and screams loudly, her body shaking as she encounters her first anal orgasm. Dad slows down on his thrusts into Daughter’s ass, giving her body a chance to recuperate from the powerful sensations. Daughter breathes heavily and smiles, exclaiming how wonderful her first anal orgasm felt; Dad smile and asks Daughter if she wants to continue in her room to which Daughter enthusiastically…

Part 4: Daughter’s first ass blast facial
Dad follows Daughter into his bedroom and compliments on how well she is doing with her first anal experience; Daughter climbs up onto his bed and tells him to shut up and finish her off like he would a dirty little anal slut. Dad quickly gets behind Daughter and forces his cock into her ass, causing her to moan loudly; Dad grabs her hair and proceeds to fuck her violently, talking dirty to her the entire time. Daughter licks her lips and plays with her breasts and clit as she talks dirty back to Dad, cursing him and telling him to fuck her harder than before. Dad continues to fuck Daughter viciously in various positions when Daughter suddenly screams loudly having yet her third anal orgasm!! Dad laughs and calls her his little anal slut and comments how her ass feels so much better than her mother’s. Daughter catches her breath and talks dirty to Dad, coaxing him to cum. Dad, finally unable to stand the sensation, moans loudly as he pulls his cock from Daughter’s ass and sprays hot cum all over her face; he continues moaning as he uses his cock to rub his semen all over her tits and face, causing Daughter to giggle as they both rest for a moment. Daughter thanks him for helping her overcome her fear and teases how she would like to continue her lessons with him…

***Cum watch Olivia have her Anal Cherry Popped for real. An authentic first time anal.***

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RBD-868 ~ From Despair To Happiness – Yuka Honjo ~ [1080p]

Falling for despair Yuka Honjo need to get some happiness and a new hobby to immerse herself and keeping her busy while feeling aphrodisiac with a orgy of light bondage and ropes. Being forced with sexual acts on the floor, sofa and bed with multiple men by oral creampie and multiple creampie inside here.

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AMBS-007 ~ Girls Who Were Molested By Their Neighborhood Doctor ~

Girls having their weekly checkup by their neighborhood doctor. Examination is normal until it takes a turn of unnoticed but also molesting the girl with the intention to cum on their stomach, pussy and inside with a creampie. Being foreplay with fingering, cunnilingus, some of them blindfolded but in the end several positions on the doctor office bench until he completes the examination and let them go after he’s successful session(s).

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SDDE-045 – Big Boondock Saints ¦See Cast¦

5 scenes movie full of nipple and tit torture. Second scene involves some food play. Some nipple licking and sucking is there as well as a blowjob and some fucking in doggy and missionary positions. Their tits get squeezed, pinched and roughly played with.


SDHS-015 Yumi Kazama Combined With A Health Room Teacher Who’s Become An Angel? The Dream Sex This Cherry Boy Dreamed Of!

Yumi Kazama seduces a young patient ini a wheelchair. The patient imagine assisting to the school doctor for a check up. While waiting on the table and catches the doctor masturbating with a stick and starts masturbating. Later at night he has wet dreams about fucking the doctor.

Then he watches the doctor get fucked by her husband doggy style. He finally has dreams about her wearing a traditional Japanese dress fucking him. In those dreams she let him suck her tits, finger her, suck her pussy and sucks him on a 69 position.

Finally he fucks her doggy style and cums inside her. When he wakes up from the dream she takes his cum and tastes it.

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SDHS-015 Yumi Kazama Combined With A Health Room Teacher Whos.mp4

JAV Eng Sub [SNIS-257] Kimino Ayumi – Deep Throating Slave Volunteer: The OL Who Annoys Her Colleagues Is an Excellent Mouth Toilet [1080p]

A secretary who’s really nothing more than her bosses’ throatfuck pet! Kimino is a competent worker, but she’s even better at gagging on dicks – which after about a minute in to a single sexual punishment is what she decides she actually loves doing. Live your dreams, girl! Fully translated English softsubs

This is one of several videos directed by Aki Hideto with the theme of iramachio (Deepthroating where the man thrusts his cock into the woman’s mouth).
I might translate one or two of the others some time in the future(…)

Sex acts: throatfucking, sloppy blowjob, facial, (willing) female submission, office sex, vibrator, dildo, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, group sex, spitroast, stand and carry

In the introduction scene, we see her in an abandoned conference room riding and throatfucking two dildos until she cums and squirts, while introducing herself in voiceover. Next is a POV scene in which it flashes back to the day in which she was assigned her current task, after humiliating you due to her doing her job better than you it is decided she needs punishment (really not her problem dude, but whatever…). You get her tits out and down on her knees to gag on your cock with only minor complaints. Doesn’t take too long before she’s loving it and demanding to be disciplined, so you grab her head and fuck her throat, even pinching her nose shut to which she begs for more! You busts a nut on her face and that’s how she officially became a sex slave..

The next POV scene is her meeting you in a hotel room and giving you a DVD of her masturbating, which we’re shown a bit of. She then asks for her reward, which ends up being several minutes of you sloppily fingering her mouth and playing with her tongue. It shifts out of POV for her to get groped and partially undressed, and then it’s time for her face toget fucked. The rougher and sloppier the guy is with her mouth, the more she loves it. He rams her face as she lies flat on the bed and then flips around for 69. She initiates getting into reverse cowgirl and proceeds to ride him. He fucks her sideways, doggy, and missionary and then shoots his load on her face and shoves his cock down her throat one last time to clean it.

After a short transition scene there’s a hard cut to her on a desk getting throadfucked while having a Magic Wand used on her cunt. The vibrator makes her cum, and then he puts her upside-down spread eagle on a couch where he fucks her dangling face while using a vibrating dildo inside her pussy. Next he continues to throatfuck her while she’s pinned down with him sitting on her chest. He shoots a thick rope on her face, and then (unheard by us) he apparently tells her that he wants to see her serving other men, to which she easily agrees…

Next scene is in the office, where she’s gathered three (disgruntled, overworked) dudes up in order to let them fuck her face. She licks and jacks them off all simultaneously, then they take turns ramming her throat, followed by laying her down on a desk where she services two of the guys on her back while the other fingers her until she squirts. They stand her up and spitroast fuck her in standing doggy, then flat on her back on the desk, then reverse cowgirl riding the lap of a guy in an office chair. They put her on the ground for more spitroast doggy and some cowgirl before they each take her one-on-one in missionary and then shoot their load at her face.

In the last scene, you’re having a meeting with the boss where he talks to you about you having seen her fucking. It’s a secret only the top. men. are supposed to know, but it’s too late now so you’ve been placed in charge of her, whatever that means. Cut to you watching a laptop showing the elevator security camera, in which she gets in with a guy and comes onto him. Out whips his dick, which she takes in her mouth and proceeds to get throatfucked. He takes her in standing doggy until she squirts, then stand-and-carry, then gets her down on her knees for one last facial.

SNIS-257 Kimino Ayumi – Deep Throating Slave Volunteer Eng Sub 1080p.mkv
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