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Your Mom wants to get Pregnant HD

Honey,I wanna tell you something..you know,I loved to be pregnant with you and I miss everything about pregnancy..and I would like to make you a little brother or sister :)..but you see,it is just you and me..oh,I don’t know how to tell you,is so complicated..as I am a single mother,my future baby need a father..and you know your mother is not sleeping around and..I think I will just say it straight! I want you,you my son,to be the father of my future baby.I know it sounds crazy,but just listen to me honey.you are the only man that I love,you are the only person that I trust,you are all grown up and ready to help me with your future brother/son.So all I want from you is to just fuck me for a little and to cum inside me.I will jsu stay doggystyle and wont look at you if this os embarassing you,ok? :)

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REAL Incest Collection 188!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Scared Daddy’s Girl Repays Dad’s Debt By TONGUE FUCKING A Thug’s BLACK ASSHOLE! HD

Nickey is her dad’s only daughter and she is the apple of her dad’s eye! The two are close, so close that Nickey knows IMMEDIATELY that something is wrong with her dad. He hasn’t been eating, he’s coming home very late, and he just looks, really, really stressed. Nickey has asked multiple times, but he just tells her its about money, but not to worry because he has it figured out. But it sure doesn’t seem like it! One night, after he gets a phone call, he leaves out, looking miserable. And Nickey starts to wonder, how much money is he in the hole for? Why won’t he tell her? As she tries to figure it out…she hears a knock at the door. Did her dad forget his key? Nickey opens the door and sees that…no…he did not. Because its not her dad at the door. Its A BIG BLACK MAN WEARING A SKI MASK. “Where’s your daddy?” he asks in a gruff voice. The man looks dangerous, and Nickey has a feeling that he has VERY BAD intentions for her father. Nickey tells the man that her daddy isn’t here, hoping he leaves. BUT HE FORCES HIS WAY IN! The Black Thug asks if she’s home alone, and Nickey says yes. BIG MISTAKE. The thug grabs Nickey, and forces her into the living room. “Your dad owes us money. I’m here to collect.” “Collect? What do u…” The thug pulls out HIS BLACK DICK. And Nickey knows all too well how he wants to collect. HE’S GOING TO USE HER PRETTY WHITE THROAT.

The thug forces his dick into her mouth and it grows and grows and grows until Nickey can barely breathe! The huge black cock can barely fit! But he keeps fucking her face and forcing it down her throat, gagging her and making her drool! Nickey is so scared! This black thug is ravaging her face and she doesn’t know what he will do next! He might hurt her even more, or her dad! He does hurt her, slapping her across the face multiple times in between shoving his BBC down her throat! But she never expects what he does next. He turns around and SHOVES HER PRETTY WHITE FACE INTO HIS DIRTY BLACK ASS!!! Nickey can’t believe it! But she does what he commands, and shove her face into his asshole, licking and sucking on it. He moans and groans in pleasure. And as Nickey motorboats his asshole, causing it to make funny noises, she has a thought. Maybe…just maybe…if she does a good job…if she satisfies this scary black thug sexually…maybe he will let her dad off the hook and not hurt her. Its a crazy idea…but its one that Nickey is willing to try. “Here goes nothing!” she thinks, as she sticks her tongue up his asshole….

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A Mother Lovin’ Good Time with Payton Hall HD

Conor is in his parents’ room, sneaking a try of his Dad’s new Fleshlight. Stroking himself in and out of the Fleshlight, he finds it to be an amazing new toy for himself.. Until his mother walks in! Conor has been caught by his mom masturbating.. His mom admits she hates the thing.. As it’s ruining her marriage. She asks Conor if he’s even had a real pussy before.. And he admits that he has not. Conor’s mom begins to slowly stroke him and strattles his cock. She beings riding him, letting him get a taste of the real thing. Conor realizes that his mom’s sweet pussy is much better than any fake Fleshlight.. She is absolutely amazing. His mom nurtures his cock, greater than she has nurtured him his entire life. She switches positions, riding him backwards.. teasing herself with the tip of his cock.

Conor’s mom jumps up and down on his cock.. My has he grown! He’s even larger than his father now.. And is REALLY making his mother proud. She asks if he knows any other positions, and Conor admits he has seen a little porn… And flips his mom on her back and begins to pound her until she cums all over his cock. He then begins to lick his mothers cum right out of her dripping wet pussy, and starts to finger her! His mom begs for doggy style, and Conor is prepared to give his mother all she desires. Conor finishes inside of his mother. Oh no! What if he has another brother? Will he have a son? Dad can’t find out about this one!

Category: TABOO
Keywords: payton hall, conor coxxx

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REAL NEW INCEST in HD – A GORGEOUS mature called Eimi makes her own nephew debut in porn!

Eimi Age 36 Spanish MILF fucking her own nephew in his DEBUT in porn!

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Hijabitch All Collection Family Incest Taboo Artwork!

Hijabitch All Collection Artwork
108 pages

Hijabitch All Collection Artwork.rar
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Hannah Hays – Truth Or Dare HD

Hannah Hays and her bro are in big trouble for doing bad on their report cards. Not only did they get grounded, but father also took away their phones. How the hell will these rambunctious teens entertain themselves? Hannah became super bored after only a few hours and made her way into bros room. She asked him if maybe he would want to play truth or dare with her to pass the time. Bro was down, and things started getting real creepy real quick. First bro dared Hannah to sit on his lap, then Hannah dared bro to give her a hickey. Before we knew it the hormones were uncontrollable and bros cock was in Hannah’s mouth. Bro even went further and penetrated Hannahs tight virgin slit. She never felt a cock in her vagina before and it felt beyond amazing. Just as they were about to finish up, Dad knocked on the door to check in. Bro was able to still get his cock sucked while he told dad to get away, leaving him with just enough time to orgasm and supply a load directly into Hannah’s mouth. We dare you to find a scene hotter than this!

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Xev Lives For Cock – Xev Bellringer HD

All of those women you see every day, the ones you fantasize about fucking. They’ll never want your cock like I do. NEED your cock. Thirst for it. Why do you think I’m dressed like this… I relish the way you stare at me. And I know just what you’re thinking… I love it. More than any of those women. Let me show you just how much I love it… how wet it makes me just thinking about it in my mouth. I’m all you’ll ever need…

Fantasy includes: blowjob, facial, seduction, dirty talk, nipples, cumshot, bodystocking, pov

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MHBHJ – Sadie’s POV sex – Sadie Holmes HD

Sadie is the ultimate slutty wife. She loves getting fucked by other men and then telling her husband all about it. I used her pussy and mouth as I pleased before I shot my load all over her pretty face.

Category: POV SEX
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[AVOP-310] Suddenly I Got A Very Cute Sister In-Law! [HD]

Nao Wakana, Suzumi Misa, Shirasaki Yuzu, Hakutou Kokona, Nanahachi Koko

A young man has a cute new sister in-law and moves to the town where she lives. He discovers the school is full of girls and he is the only man in his class! The girls satisfy themselves with him in all sorts of positions. There is oral, doggy, missionary, riding and creampies.


[1080p/FHD/60FPS] DDT-386 / Hikaru Shiina / Restraint Chair Trance

This movie is part of a very popular Tohjiro/Dogma series (the “Restraint Chair Trance” series). The chair is typically used during Round Two, where the actress is blindfolded while she is abused by one or two men using assorted dildos and vibrators until she nearly passes out. The scene also includes a bukkake segment where several men ejaculate on the girl’s face while she’s being fucked hard by a large dildo. This installment of the Trance series features Hikaru Shiina.

Interview (0:11 ~ 10:36)

The movie begins with an interview. Shiina is sitting on a chair. She’s wearing a white shirt, with pantyhose and black leather shoes. She appears comfortable and seemingly enjoys the interview.

Round One (10:37 ~ 47:24)

At the beginning of the scene, a male actor slaps Shiina’s face a few times—she eventually starts to cry. He unbuttons her shirt and tears open her pantyhose, thus exposing her breasts and white panties. Shiina is forced to masturbate still sitting on the interview chair. The actor plays with her ears for a while. This is followed by a twenty-five-minute deepthroating scene. At some point Shiina is lying on her back and the actor fucks her with his fingers. She then resumes deepthroating the guy’s cock until he comes in her mouth. Round One ends with an interview. Shiina answers questions with cum dripping from her chin.

Round Two (47:25 ~ 1:29:55)

This is the armchair restraint portion of the movie. Shiina’s legs and thighs are tied with ropes and she’s blindfolded. Her pussy is covered with shaving cream. A male actor appears and starts to tease her nipples, armpits and ears. He dwells on her tits for a while, and sets clothespins on her nipples. There are strings attached to the clothespins. The actor teases Shiina’s nipples for a while and then places the strings in her mouth so she ends up pulling up her tits. At this point the blindfold comes off. The guy eventually teases her clit with his fingers and small vibrators. He later sprays a tiny jet stream of water on her clit. Dildos and vibrators appear. About thirty minutes in, a few guys come on her face one after the other. The Round ends shortly thereafter, with Shiina answering a few more questions.

Round Three (1:29:56 ~ 2:19:25)

This is the long one-on-one sex portion of the movie. There’s another interview with Shiina towards the end, where she goes from shedding emotional tears to reserved laughter. The round ends on a freezeframe.

Round Three is followed by a two-minute scene where Shiina moves around with black wristbands and chains. She squeezes her breasts for a few moments and later rams two fingers down her throat. This segment ends on another freezeframe, and the movie fades out at 2:21:36 without credits.


[720p/HD/60FPS] DJE-030 / Miwako Yamamoto / M Deepthroat Shotgun

This is another series (“Irrumatio Throat Back Shotgun for Masochist Woman” in Jelly-speak) from the Deepers Jelly label. The focus here, as evidenced by the title, is deepthroating. Each installment follows a similar pattern. Things start with a short interview, followed by a practice session with a dildo. Then two or more male actors appear and ram the girl’s throat until she chokes and/or starts vomiting. The same general theme is repeated in four consecutive scenes, or “Shotgun” as used here. The movie presented here features Miwako Yamamoto.

Introduction (0:02 ~ 5:40)

The movie begins with a short scene in a public concourse, followed by a trial session in a dark room. Yamamoto starts with a pink dildo, which she pushes down her throat. Moments later, she applies a second dildo on her clit. The video screen behind her generates an infinite regress of the scene. The cameraman later sticks his fingers down her throat for a few moments, and the trial session comes to an end.

Shotgun One (5:41 ~ 27:59)

Yamamoto is sitting on a sofa, wearing a patterned blouse and a short black skirt with stockings. She answers a few questions and then kneels to face a dildo fixed at the end of a pole. She starts practicing by pushing her head/mouth/throat further and further onto the dildo. She’s staring at the camera throughout the exercise. At some point a guy’s hand appears behind her head, pulling her deeper onto the dildo. Two male actors, each wearing a dildo, enter the scene and Yamamoto takes turns deepthroating the three dildos. Eventually, a guy starts ramming his cock down her throat. A second actor joins him, and they take turns burying their cocks down her throat. More guys appear and the next scene starts at this point.

Shotgun Two (28:00 ~ 52:21)

Now five guys are around her. They eventually undress her and start abusing her cunt and throat simultaneously. This goes on for about 20 minutes. All the guys come in Yamamoto’s mouth, and at the end someone throws a red dog collar on the sofa where she’s lying.

Shotgun Three (52:23 ~ 1:17:10)

The scene is shot inside a room initially lit by four headlights. Yamamoto enters escorted by two guys. She’s on her hands and knees, at the end of a leash fastened on the red collar seen at the end of the previous scene. Four guys take a seat on a pair of sofas. Lights come on and we can see eight guys in the room. Yamamoto’s arms and forearms are held together by large red tape. Same for her legs and thighs. She’s wearing a red bustier and G string panties with red fishnet stockings. The guys take turns deepthroating her. Towards the end of the scene, a guy pisses on her face and in her mouth. Eventually, she pisses herself on the sofa and the scene ends.

Shotgun Four (1:17:11 ~ 1:59:34)

The scene begins with a shot of Yamamoto with a black dildo shoved in her mouth. Another dildo is rammed in her cunt. She’s wearing a black leather bra with matching panties and black fishnet stockings with high heel boots. The dildoing makes way for deepthroating, and eventually Yamamoto is chained to a bed. She’s lying face down. Guys take turns fucking and deepthroating her. Positions vary from doggy to missionary, from the bed to the floor, then the sofa. Towards the end of the orgy, they bring her in a darkroom, where someone rams a toy gun down her throat—presumably giving life to the series’ original title.

Credits appear and the movie ends at 1:59:42.


[720p/HD/60FPS] MZD-003 / An Mizuki / Shameless Semen Drinker

This movie is part of a gokkun (onomatopoeia for the sound of deglutition—in this context, cum swallowing) series directed by Kirin for the Dream Ticket label. They only produced five MZD titles a few years back, this being the third one. It features a typically reserved (yet slutty) An Mizuki, who proves more than adept as a semen drinker. Mizuki—and this is true for each actress appearing in this series—essentially swallows cum with her gaze fixed on the camera for the entire length of the movie.

Introduction (0:01 ~ 5:59)

The movie begins with ten guys entering a room, waiting for the actress. Mizuki appears about a minute later and starts to chat with the guys. Around the 2:30 mark things start to heat up a bit, with a few guys stroking their cocks. Mizuki sits with some of the guys, rubbing their cocks to get them ready for the shoot. Around the 6-minute mark she asks them to take their pants off so the action can begin.

Scene One (6:00 ~ 29:09)

Mizuki is sitting on a sofa with the ten guys around her. They all have their cocks in their hands. Mizuki opens her legs and starts rubbing her pussy, her gaze fixed on the cocks around her. Around the 7:30 mark the main cameraman (wearing a light brown bandana) enters the room and gets his gear ready. From that point on we have a closer view of Mizuki, still on the sofa. She formally introduces herself, and around the 9:30 mark she resumes her pussy-rubbing, this time with more conviction, her right hand in her panties. She starts to fellate two guys on the sofa, eventually moving to the floor. Guys come in her mouth one at a time and she plays with the cum before swallowing each load with her gaze solidly fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (29:10 ~ 55:10)

For scene two Mizuki wears glasses and her hair is tied behind her head. She’s wearing a sleeveless cotton turtleneck sweater with a short black skirt. She’s stroking a guy’s cock through his white corduroy shorts. She eventually pulls his dick out of his underwear and starts sucking it until he comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera. She then moves to the next guy, holding a black notepad on which he later ejaculates so she can then play with the semen before swallowing it. Once again plenty of eye contact with the camera. She fellates all the guys in the room one at a time, swallowing their semen with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Three (55:11 ~ 1:16:02)

For scene three Mizuki wears a casual white dress. She sucks a guy’s index finger for a while and then focuses on his cock. A few minutes later, she stands up and pulls up her dress, revealing a black garter belt and silk stockings. She turns around and flashes a sexy ass. She bends over and gives the guy an ass job. The guy takes her dress off, revealing her breasts. She gives him a hand job, and he eventually comes on his stomach. Mizuki collects the semen and swallows it with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Four (1:16:03 ~ 1:43:53)

Mizuki is sitting on a sofa. She’s wearing a pink and black flower patterned Chinese dress, with black fishnet stockings. She’s playing with her breasts through the dress. Several guys are kneeling in front of her, stroking their cocks through their underwear. Mizuki takes the dress off, revealing her breasts and playing with her nipples. She then opens her legs and starts rubbing her clit through the stockings. She tears the stockings, and eventually applies a vibrator on her clit. She turns around, exposing her ass while rubbing the vibrator on her cunt. She climaxes, and six guys stand around her with their cocks in their hands. Mizuki sucks them one at a time. She later holds up a black rectangular platter, on which she invites the guys to ejaculate. Mizuki plays with the cum and swallows it all with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Five (1:43:54 ~ 1:53:11)

Scene five is a solo effort. Mizuki talks to the camera for a few moments and then starts touching herself on a sofa while we see flashbacks from the first three scenes. The segment ends with Mizuki lying down ready to sleep.

The movie ends at 1:53:17 with a Dream Ticket credit.


LOL-041 Lolita Special Course – Girls’ Hot Spring Vacations – Bath House Girls With Shaved Pussies Won Over By Pervert dads’ Hot Plays – Creampie Raw Footage – Sara Kotone

Sara goes on vacation to a hot spring and her father fucks her while the mother isn’t around.

1st scene:

Starts with pussy rubbing, fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob then sex missionary/cowgirl/doggy/prone ending with a creampie.
2nd scene:

In the bath. Starts with pussy rubbing, cunnilingus, fingering, dildo, blowjob then sex cowgirl/standing doggy ending with a creampie.
3rd scene:

She blows him ending with him cumming in her mouth.

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