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Mother and Son – Special Attention – Rachel Steele HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Brycen and his mother Rachel lived alone together. It had been the two of them since he was little. Rachel was a stunning woman, in good shape and very attractive. She loved Brycen and they were very close. Brycen was at the age he could not think of anything but sex. Problem was he did not have a girlfriend. He often would jerk off to his mother. She pranced around in silky robes her nipples erect, and her smooth long legs. Rachel had no idea this was going on. Rachel would do ANYTHING for Brycen to make sure he was happy. That is why she had not dated any men. She wanted to be completely available for her son’s needs first. One day, Brycen was taking a shower, meanwhile Rachel was in her bedroom changing to get ready for a shower. Rachel put a towel on and made her way to the bathroo, not realizing Brycen was in there. Meanwhile Brycen turned off the water to the shower, Rachel entered the bathroom dropped her towel and proceeded to get in the shower. She was startled to find her naked son and stumbled into him almost to her knees rubbing her breasts accidentally against her son’s body and his penis. They both looked at each other for a moment and Rachel noticed Brycen had a hard on. He grabbed for a towel and quickly left the bathroom embarrassed. Rachel still shocked, finished her shower. Brycen snuck back to the bathroom and opened the door a crack, stroking his cock to his showering mother. Rachel saw her son doing this out of the corner of her eye, she looked right at him to let him know and then shut the shower off and got out. Meanwhile her son stopped stroking his cock and ran to hide in his room. Rachel quickly dried herself off, put her robe on and went to Brycen‘s room to talk to him about what happened. She startled him as she opened the door, he was stroking his cock again. He quickly hid under the bed sheet. Rachel asked him what was he was doing watching her shower. The son reluctantly replied, nothing. Rachel replied, I think you were doing something naughty. Rachel then asked, did you see something you liked? As she says this her robe dropped to the ground. Her son stared at her huge breasts, Rachel sat on the bed and gently started rubbing his thigh through the sheet. Brycen nervously looked at her, then she moved to gently stroke his cock through the sheet. Rachel said you are a naughty boy. To tease him she got on the bed rubbing her breasts on his cock though the sheets kissing his hard on. Tell mommy what you want. Brycen said, suck my cock mom. Rachel slowly pulled the sheet back and teased him by blowing her hot breath on his cock, then gently kissing it and rubbing her face against it. Brycen moaned in pleasure, Rachel teasingly asked do you want me to suck it? The son replied yes mom. Rachel took his hand and stood him up, she got on her knees, and said you are a naughty boy and then Rachel sucked his cock. The young man quivered with pleasure and breaths heavy and moans. Rachel felt Brycen‘s cock throbbing ready to cum. I want you to cum all over mommie’s face. Rachel puts her tongue out and took his messy load all over her face staring Brycen the eyes. He moaned in ecstasy as he blasted her with cum. Rachel finished by sucking her son’s cock to completion to make sure all the cum was gone. She kissed his cock and said do you feel better now?

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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Getting Naughty With Step-Mom – Ashley Alban HD

You come home from school a bit earlier than you usually do and you hear noise coming from your parent’s room. You’re dad has been away on business for a while, and you’re surprised to hear those particular noises, so you sneak upstairs to see what’s going on. You see your step-mom getting pounded by a random guy. You spy on her getting fucked doggie for a little while until they finish up so you quickly leave and go to your room. You can’t stop thinking about seeing your hot step-mom naked and getting fucked. You decide that you want to see if you can sleep with her tonight and maybe grab her ass while she’s sleeping. You go into her room and tell her that you had a nightmare and you want to sleep with her tonight. She laughs and says that you’re getting a little too old for that. You persist, so she agrees to let you sleep with her. But, she says that she needs to get changed first and tells you to close your eyes. You close them momentarily but peek them open when she gets up and you see that she is completely naked. You watch her put on her nightgown, and she eventually catches you staring at her. She decides to put on a robe since you clearly cannot be trusted.

She talks to you for a moment and asks if you have a girlfriend at school. You say no and she says that if she was in school with you she would definitely find you attractive. She also asks if there is anything wrong since you’ve been acting weird ever since you got home from school. You say nothing is wrong and you go to bed. In the middle of the night you hear her whispering to herself about how she can’t stop thinking about getting fucked earlier. She says that she has been horny all the time and she reaches a hand down and starts to finger herself. She glances over at your body and decides to rub her ass against you to help her get off. She looks back and sees that you finally woke up, so she reaches down and squeezes your now rock hard dick. She asks if you want to make mommy happy, and you say yes. She tells you to lie on your back and she straddles you. She pulls her tits out and tells you how horny and lonely she has been lately. She begins to grind against your dick while you’re still under the covers. She says that you can help her release some tension and she can make you feel good too. She turns around with her ass facing you and continues to grind against your boner. She says that you’re making mommy happy and the two of you really aren’t doing anything wrong at all. She removes her panties and continues to bounce her ass against you until you both cum.

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REAL Identical Twins 3 More Lesbian Vids!

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Banging My Virgin Little Sister HD

Now that Mommy has taught her sweet eager daughter Genevieve to suck her big brothers cock, Mommy feels she’s now ready for the next step in her training. Now it’s time for Genevieve to experience her big brothers cock. It’s so exciting because it’s her first time. Mommy is so proud of her little angels. They seem to have great chemistry. Mommy is happy. Especially when she screams out during her first cum from a dick.

“Yes Mommy Yes right there” Mommy tells her baby boy to cum on his little sister’s cunt after he pumps her pink gash long and hard. He is a good boy and does as he is told. He pulls out although he wants to stay in. Splattering her tan pussy and tummy with his white gooey load of spooge. Mommy quickly sucks up all of it and spits it in her daughters mouth and kisses her deeply.

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Britney Amber – Mind Your Manners And Your Dick HD

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Western MILFs 1
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Make Daddy Watch – Janey Jones HD

Your urge to fuck Mommy is stronger than ever now that you’ve established some new household rules. Mommy has to do all of her housework naked wearing only an apron and high heels, and you can bend her over and slip it in at your whim. When you phone Mommy from you and Daddy’s golf outing and tell her to strip naked and get on all fours to be ready for your cock when your return, Mommy must obey. And Daddy isn’t allowed to have special time with Mommy anymore, because Mommy belongs only to YOU, the Man of the House. In fact, just to make sure Daddy knows his place you make him watch while you fuck your Mommy. He’s not allowed to touch Mommy anymore because she is all yours, and Mommy loves making Daddy jealous by enjoying every inch of your cock sliding in and out of her cunt, hitting all the spots Daddy never could and making her cum like a porn star. What a good son!

Category: TABOO

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Lily Adams – My Daughter’s Not A Little Girl Anymore HD

My Daughter comes to my room in the middle of the night and asks to sleep with me because she’s been hearing funny noises. She lays down, pressing her body up against mine, rubbing her leg against mine and her hand along my body asking why we ever had to stop cuddling. She rolled over on her side, and that’s when it occurred to me she was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear… and her body is MUCH more mature and.. filled out than I remember. She starts to get even closer to me.. and then she begins to rub herself over her shorts! I start to wonder if maybe this is a dream when she crept over with her hand, slowly rubbing against my cock, which is now hard as a rock, and how good it felt.. it couldn’t be a dream. Shortly after, it became very clear that it was not..

I’m in the middle of working when my daughter bursts through the door in a dress. She’s curling her hair around, smiling at me, asking me what I’m doing. I know where this is headed already. I try to back down, this is my job after all. What would they think if they saw me with my daughter!? She starts to get very persistent. Especially when she strips down naked in front of me!!! IN MY OFFICE! When she crawls onto my desk.. I.. just.. couldn’t.. help myself..

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[HONE-106] Omori Azusa Breast Busty Incest Mother Shaking
近親相姦 巨乳母の揺れすぎる胸 大森あづさ


[STAR-774] Love Love Incest Life Cute Makoto Toda In The Best Etch Becomes The Sister Of You
【数量限定】最高にエッチで可愛い戸田真琴がアナタの妹になってラブラブ近親相姦生活 パンティと写真付き


[MOND-127] Father And Daughter-in-law Is … Kasumi MORITAKA
親父と嫁が… 森高かすみ


[SDMU-581] Cum The Graduation Ceremony Ban Date Kokorohana Yura 卒業式は中出し解禁日 心花ゆら


[NHDTA-976] After The Secretly Saddle Aphrodisiac Sister -in-law Was No Reaction In The Usual Saddle Bit By Bit Estrus!

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