Mom Makes Son the Star Quarterback – COMPLETE SERIES – Jane Cane HD 1080p

Mom Makes Son the Star Quarterback, Part 1 (Extended Version) – 7:27 When mom picks up her son from practice, he has some very exciting news for her. The starting quarterback was injured and he has been moved from second string to starting quarterback! He is nervous, but his mom is encouraging and really believes in him. When it’s time for her to drive him to the game, he isn’t ready. He is so nervous and stressed that he doesn’t think he will be able to perform. Knowing that this could mean a scholarship for her son, mom won’t let him perform badly. She asks what he generally does when he has these feelings and he lets her know that he jerks off, but he tried and nothing is happening. Mom is determined to make her son a champion and tells him to meet her in the family room. She gets on her knees and strokes his cock with her big tits out until he cums all over her hands. Now he is truly ready for the homecoming game! Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, handjob, hand job, big tits, milf, mom son, family, related, football, encouragement, encourage

Mom Makes Son the Star Quarterback, Part 2 (Extended Version) – 9:41 Mommy’s newest starting quarterback played such an amazing game last week. She can’t wait to watch him tonight, but his nerves are getting the best of him again. He lets his mom know what is going on and she jumps at the chance to help him. She won’t let him fail, or lose her bragging rights on him. She begins to jerk him off, but he’s not getting erect. She must try harder to make this happen. She takes him in her mouth and he immediately becomes hard. Mom sucks her son until he cums in her mouth. Now he is ready for the big game! Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blow job, blowjob, cum in mouth, swallow, cum swallowing, cum swallow, swallowing, family, related, football, encouragement, encourage

Mom Makes Son the Star Quarterback, Part 3 – 9:47 Mom has noticed her son is distracted during the games. She has finally figured out what it is. It’s the cheerleaders! Because of them, he lost last week’s game. She knows he can do better. He broke the school’s record the previous week. This won’t get him a scholarship. Mom puts on her old cheerleading uniform and lets her son fuck her to get it out of his system. Now he can perform better on the field. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, mom son, family, related, football, cum on stomach, missionary, cowgirl

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Joey And Sami The White Twins Fucking Schwanz HD 1080p

AltErotic scene with The White twins (Sami White and Joey White). The twins dressed as “The twins” from “The Shining” convince Schwanz to fuck them. Scene begins with a 2 girl blowjob followed by twins getting fucked in various positions.

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Aunt Fucks You With Condom For Birthday Finally Gives in and Fucks You Bareback Taking Creampie – Brittany Lynn 1080p HD

You hot MILF of an aunt is at your house for your birthday party. She starts to have small talk with you and then motions for you to come over to her. She tells you she doesn’t want anyone else to hear what she is going to tell you. She has your birthday present for you, but it is at her place. So, she tells you to come over later in the evening and she will give it to you. With that, she leaves.

You go to her place later on and she answers the door wearing a robe. But, you can also see that she has on stockings and high heels. She lets you know that your uncle is not there and it is just the two of you. She then has you follow her up to her room so she can give you your birthday present.

Once in her room she takes her robe off to reveal she has on garters and a sexy satin nightie. She tells you that she is her gift to you. She will let you fuck her, but you will have to have a condom on and not be able to give her a creampie. She then strips you and has you lay on her bed.

In your POV she slips the condom on your hard cock and then lies between your legs and kicks her legs back showing off her high heels. She grabs your condom cock and starts to give you a taboo blow job. After a bit of that she gets on her hands and knees and has you fuck her in doggystyle. As you fuck her from behind you keep looking at her heels and she gives you plenty of taboo dirty talk.

She next lays you back on your back and slips your hard cock into her tight pussy. She rides your cock with more taboo dirty talk and loves your taboo present as much as you do. She sees that you are a bit pouty and you tell her that you want to fuck her bareback and cum inside her pussy. She resists but finally gives in. She asks you what position you want to cum inside her and you tell her reverse cowgirl.

She climbs off your cock and takes the condom off. She then mounts your cock in reverse cowgirl and bounces her ass and pussy up and down until you fill your own aunt with a hot sticky creampie. She stays on your cock and looks back at you to wish you a happy birthday once more, knowing you have to be happy getting exactly what you wanted.

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SammiStarfish in Mother & Son ANAL Creampie HD 1080p

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi Starfish. Get ready for some very creative anal action in another one of my mother/son RolePlays. In this one my “son” is watching television as I decide to go take a nap. I ask him to wake me up later. Reminding him of what a heavy sleeper I am. So as it’s time to wake me up he tries yelling my name, shaking my shoulders, and pushing me on the bed. Nothing seems to be working. Having run out of ideas, and getting horny by seeing me lay there with my ass bent over the bed, he decides to try waking me up creatively. He uses Gorilla Tape to spread both of my ass cheeks completely open so that he can examine to see what mommy’s asshole looks like. After enjoying what he sees he decides to put dildos up my asshole. But I still do not wake up. It is not until he has his entire cock deep in mommy’s asshole that I finally wake up. Startled at first I wonder what my son is doing up my ass. But it feels too good to ask him to stop. I orgasm and he finally fills my ass up with his jizz. Then leaves me there with my gaping asshole taped open on the bed. I have also included 7 minutes of behind the scenes footage that followed my hard ass fucking. I price my videos based on their length, and this BTS footage has been included at no charge. It is a free bonus. You get to watch me stretch and fool around a bit with my stretched out asshole flashing the camera. I could definitely feel that my asshole was looser and very recently fucked. Definitely used my asshole.

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Milftoon & Y3DF & JabComix Siterips Complete Update October 2019

Milftoon – SiteRip – Full Complete

SiteRip contains ALL 273 Comics in HIGH quality
Language: English
Updated: September 2019
Pages: 4894
Size: 7400 mb

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Milftoon SiteRip October 2019.part1.rar
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Y3DF – SiteRip – Full Complete

SiteRip contains ALL 166 Comics in HIGH quality
Language: English
Updated: September 2019
Pages: 12771
Size: 9500 mb

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Y3DF SiteRip October 2019.part1.rar
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JabComix – SiteRip – Full Complete

SiteRip contains ALL 158 Comics in HIGH quality
Language: English
Updated: September 2019
Pages: 3111
Size: 5400 mb

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Gamer Sister Impregnation – Hayliexo HD 1080p

You watch as I play games but little do I know that you’re stroking your cock behind me. You can’t help yourself so you start massaging my leg, I thought it was an innocent nice gesture until you move your hand to my ass. At first I was mad but then I realized how turned on you made me. I had to quit my game when I lost from sucking your cock but it’s okay! I’ll let you fuck me now, just don’t forget to pull out….

Cream Pie Creampie Impregnation Fantasy POV Taboo

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Latina 18 Year Old Daughter Helps Me Relax FULL SERIES Parts 1-4 HD 1080p

Parts 1-4 released together at a huge discount! See me and my braces-wearing 18 year old latina daughter blow off some steam by masturbating together, my girl giving me a loving handjob and blowjob with facial, and watch her lose her virginity to daddy with a fat creampie

My cute little 18 year old brace-faced daughter Paris seemed a little upset today when she came to sit with me in the living room. Her mom wasn’t around, and she’s always been a daddy’s girl, so I was able to twist her arm and have her tell me what was bothering her. She says she had a fuck-date, and she got stood up, so now she has to be horny all night. Then she starts being flirty and saying “I wish there was something we could do to help each other”. I can commiserate with her cuz her mom stopped putting out years ago. My empathizing is all my daughter needed to hear to tear off her clothes and start rubbing her pussy for her daddy to watch. She even talked me into mutual masturbation. I love my daughter so much but this is all just too weird.

My little 18 year old daughter Paris caught me off guard while her mom was out gardening and I was having a snack in the kitchen. She said she liked helping me relax like she did the other day, and then she grabs up on my dick! She’s always been a bold, fearless girl but this is too much. She wants to help Daddy again while Mom is outside working. I tell her to get her ass into the bedroom. I walk in and she’s completely naked with her big 18 year old tiddies out, and she wants to stroke my cock. It’s too weird, I say no, but she insists on helping daddy by touching him. My little girl always gets her way – Paris, Handjob, Braces

My wild ass little daughter Paris snuck into my room as her mother was in the shower 10 feet from us, and she was wearing lingerie! I have no idea where she got that outfit. She jumps up and tells me to shush as I tell her to get the hell out! Her mother is gonna catch us! But she wasn’t having it, my dick was already in her mouth! So I went with it. My daughter is very skilled. The smile on her face when she had a dick in her mouth, she’s a natural! I put her on her knees just outside the bathroom door where her mother was showering, and blew an enormous load all over her cute little 18 year old face. She loved it!

My little daughter Paris is always down to fool around now. I can’t get her to chill! We were having a family cookout and I ran into my bedroom to grab something and there she was naked in my bed, begging me, saying “fuck me daddy”. I tried to tell her no, cuz her mom would catch us, and everyone is right outside eating and partying! But when she spread that pussy for me I locked the bedroom door and said “never tell ANYONE about this!”. I dicked her down good and I’m so proud of my little girl for taking dick like a champ. I bounced that ass and those big 18 year old titties all over that bedroom, before I came deep inside her. Which reminds me, I have to take my girl to the clinic to get on birth control :/ – Paris Waters – Sex and creampie

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Xev Bellringer – I Dare You to Cum in Your Sister’s Pussy HD 1080p

Did it happen because of the game… or the drinks? If I hadn’t paraded around the hotel room in those lacy pantyhose and that tight, revealing top in the first place… if I hadn’t acted like such a slut, maybe my brother wouldn’t have wanted me so badly.

I just wanted to have some fun. We were stuck in that hotel room all night, what were we supposed to do? Just a harmless game of truth or drink to help loosen my goody-two-shoes brother up a bit. Maybe I wanted to watch him squirm, get a rise out of him. A BIG rise…

I knew my brother watched me in the shower at home, I knew what he thought about when he stroked his cock. Now he was stuck in a game and could only answer honestly… or drink. Either way, I knew he wanted his sister.

But I wasn’t ready for the way it made ME feel… to hear my brother say those things out loud. I liked it. It turned me on. And before I knew it, the real game was on. My brother turned the tables… truth or dare. It was so easy for him. I was a virgin after all, he knew I wanted his cock… to see it, to touch it, to… masturbate to it… bare, erect, right in my face. My brother knew I would do what he asked just to watch him play with his stiff cock… even pull my massive, creamy tits out.

I couldn’t resist. I was so desperate. I HAD to taste it, feel it swollen and hot in my mouth. It was the only way I could fulfill his dare… to orgasm then and there. I just… wanted it SO much… but he was my brother. It was wrong… we shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have dared him… I couldn’t help it, I wanted it so badly. For him to cum deep into my pussy. A dare’s a dare… right?

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This Transient Life (1970) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Directed by: Akio Jissôji

Stars: Michiko Tsukasa, Ryô Tamura, Eiji Okada

Language: Japanese + Commentary Eng (2nd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Japan | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Also known as: Mujô

Description: Near a remote Buddhist monastery, a young man falls in love with his sister and gets her pregnant. After a monk finds out, the young man becomes an assistant to a master sculptor, only to proceed to complicate matters with his affairs.

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