Anal SweepStakes – Mom & Son CUCKOLD – Sammi Starfish HD 1080p

Hi, I’m 39-yr-old Sammi. This is a family roleplay cuckold video involving mother and son. I t starts off with me balancing my checkbook and finding out that my son has used my card to buy food from Burger King and now I don’t have enough money to pay all my bills. So I am in the middle of yelling at him when the doorbell rings. It is a representative from the SweepStakes and I have a chance to win money if I pull the right card out of the bag. My problems are so close to being solved. Except that I draw a zero and get no money. I beg and plead with the rep to let me draw again. “There must be something I can do right?” So I offer up all of my milf holes. And I am so mad at my son for putting me in this position that I demand he watch me suck this guy’s cock and get fucked in my pussy and asshole. He got me into this financial mess and he is going to learn what responsible adults have to do sometimes to get all the bills paid. I get even more angry when I see that my “son” has an erection watching all this. So I make him facefuck me until he throat-pies me with two huge loads. I’m not going to have him being erect while watching all this happen to mommy. If you like seeing a Milf get fucked in all three holes, this is the video right here. Most of the fucking is in my asshole, but my pussy and mouth take quite a pounding too. And of course it ends with a big anal creampie!

This video is 37 minutes long, but I have included an extra 7 minutes of BTS action at the very end. It’s mostly footage of me stretching my asshole to get ready for the anal scenes. This extra footage is totally free. I charge based on movie length, and no extra cost was added for this bonus footage.

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Nephew Takes What His Aunt Won’t Give Him – Jane Cane HD 1080p

Nephew Takes What His Aunt Won’t Give Him – 14:59 Aunt Jane is on vacation to see her sister and her favorite nephew, but because of the jet lag, she is not able to get any rest. She gets up in the middle of the night to find her nephew reading in the living room. He can’t rest either. They have small talk and he mentions that his mom takes medication to help her rest. Aunt Jane asks if she can borrow one of those pills so Wade gets her one and advises she only take half, but Jane is exhausted and takes the entire thing. Her nephew later sneaks into her room and finds her out on the bed. He shoves his cock in her hand, then her pussy, holding her down and fucking her until she awakens. He continues to hold her down and fuck her while she screams and tries to fight him off. After he cums, Aunt Jane freaks out because he came inside of her and she’s not on any kind of birth control. She doesn’t want to get pregnant by him. WARNING – This is a very intense clip. It is highly recommended for those interested in participating in an extreme taboo fantasy. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, CNC, roleplay, role play, forced sex, power exchange, bdsm, consensual non consent, kink, cream pie, creampie

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Mom Has A Little Shiny Blue Gift – Lucy Sweet HD 1080p

Mom and son have always had a very close relationship, so close that they’ve crossed the line where they no longer have any family taboos and where having inappropriate or sexual affection towards each other is more than natural at this point.

Today is a special day because mother has bought son a silky gift for her to wear to bed tonight, knowing that since a young boy he’s had a fascination for all her silky satin lingerie that with age has become a fun fetish for both.

I love you and you deserve to have a special gift every once in a while so what do you think about my gift? should I put it on for you?…

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Felicity Feline and Cory Chase in Sharpening Pencils HD 1080p

Scene One: Dirty Surprise

Felicity gets back from her date early to a seemingly empty house. She walks over to her room but notices lights peeking underneath her Mom’s door. She hears some light moaning and the bed creaking. She’s alarmed at first, but finds herself rubbing on her tight young pussy as it get wetter and wetter. Her parents pause and Mom checks the door, Felicity dives into bed and pretends to be resting. Her Mom, thinking the coast is clear, leaves both doors open and rides her new husband to orgasm. Felicity lays in bed and pictures the action as she humps her pillow roughly.

Scene Two: Schoolgirl Fantasy

Felicity can’t get the image of her mature Daddy pounding her Mom’s sweet pussy out of her head. She hides away in one of the stalls in the girls bathroom at school and rubs her pussy through her panties until their soaked. She eventually pulls them to the side, exposing her tight twat and starts to finger bang herself harder and faster. She rips off her underwear and has to bite down on it to keep from screaming as she creams herself imagining her Daddy’s throbbing cock.

Scene Three: Mom’s out for Business

Felicity’s Mom is out of town on a business trip. It’s just Felicty and Daddy alone on movie night. They share the couch and watch a romantic comedy she picked out. Little does Daddy know, that this particular movie has a pretty passionate love scene Felicity’s been looking forward to seeing. The scene happens and Felicity notices her Daddy rearranging his hard on. She gets caught staring. Now Daddy knows what his little girl wants. He starts to slowly rub her silky smooth legs as she becomes more affectionate and begins to cuddle. She reaches for his inner thy and begins rubbing towards his hard cock. She grips it through his shorts and they lock eyes. She gives him the hand blow job of his life. While dirty talking about taking her virginity, she fucks his exposed cock through her soft panties until he eventually cums all over her face.

Scene Four: Mom can never know

Felicity’s Mom is back and is worn out from her flight, she falls resting on the coach and Felicity and her Daddy Walk into the room. Felicity wants her Daddy now, right here. Mom is and Felicity goes as far to stick her fingers into Moms ass to prove she is napping.

Daddy agrees to fuck Felicty. He quickly pulls her panties to the side and licks her delicate little hole. She eventually pulls his head up and says, “I want you inside of me!” Daddy quickly strips down and begins to thrust into his baby girl. It hurts at first but she starts to move like she likes it, like she loves it. She pounces on top and rides him hard, just like Mommy does. Next she turns around for some reverse cowgirl and shows him her tight rear end, he rubs her pretty little ass hole with her warm pussy juice, she begins to cum violently and begs for Daddy to cum in her mouth, “I want it, I want you to fill me up, please Daddy!” Her Daddy can’t hold it any longer and gives her a huge mouth full of cum.

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Jillian Janson, Avi Love, Violet October, & Alex Coal – Halloween Project Funding HD 75 mins!

Jessica’s father is sick of her bratty behavior. He tells her over the phone that she’s staying at her mom’s house, and he doesn’t care that it’s Halloween and she made plans already. Knowing her slutty, hot, young friends will come by to pick her up for the occasion, he decides he’s going to use a secret trick to get a Halloween “treat” from them they’ll never forget.

When they do come by, he invites them in saying Jessica will be home soon. As they’re sitting on his couch waiting, they’re overcome with this overwhelming desire for their friend’s father and begin to FIGHT each other to get to him first. When they finally make it to him, each girl competes to get to him, and his cock, first.

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Family Reunion Hot Tub Orgy – Nyx Baltimore, CJ Mack and Rori Rose HD 1080p

We came down to Baltimore for the holidays and my sister wanted us to check out the siiiick room Dad got for us… so there I was with my sister and three cousins, all the girls naked in the hot tub, beggins us to get in. They’re sluts, they’re family, but I know they’re all sluts, even little Rori, so if we were getting in that hot tub we were fucking. I knew it. It’s fucking weird. Me and Johnny weren’t really about it but my cousins are fucking hot bro, I’m just being honest. Fuck it. We got in, and within two minutes we’re feeling each other up, my sister CJ included. Next thing I know I’m balls deep in my bent over cousin Nyx, and the other ones are blowing Johnny. We all had a turn. I creampied my cousin and CJ took Johnny’s load in her slut mouth. Whatever. I’d do it again so long as Dad doesn’t find out. – Johnny Hopkins, Don Baltimore, Rori Rose, CJ Mack, Nyx Baltimore

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Mother and Son Pregnancy NEW Taboo Vids Kelly Payne HD 1080p

Shh…Don’t wake Daddy! HD

You wake up from a bad dream and run into mom and dad’s room. Both wake up but mom tells dad to go back to bed and offers for you to climb into bed with her and cuddle up. While comforting you mommy moves back a little, noticing you have a boner that keeps poking her, feeling like your doing it on purpose she confronts you about it and is enticed to play along, even though daddy is still resting in the bed right next to us. Starting out with mommy rubbing your cock, mom starts to get aroused herself and starts playing with herself as well, until she decides you should get on top of her and fuck her quietly, and slowly so we don’t wake up daddy, she even has you eat her out a bit all while daddy rests. Shh…

Age Play MILF Virtual Sex Mommy Roleplay Beautiful Agony

Momma’s Sweet Boy Has To Earn Breastmilk HD

Mommy tells you very sweetly how you’re her big boy now, and big boys don’t have breastmilk anymore, and how some people already think you are to old to nurse. But mommy knows how much you love it and how good it makes you feel so she has an idea. If you want to enjoy mommy’s sweet and warm breastmilk your going to have to make mommy feel good first, your old enough and mommy can tell you exactly how she wants you to make her feel good. Starting by licking her pussy and making her cum, then taking out your cock and fucking mommy in different positions, mommy even sucks your cock while she plays with her pussy. Mommy wants you to cum inside her, and entices you even more to make mommy cum, because the more mommy cums the more yummy milk fills up in her tits. After you cum inside mommy, mommy wants you to do one more thing before you have as much milk as you want… Lick mommy’s pussy again, taste both of us, she encourages you throughout. After you make mommy cum again, she then rewards you with as much breast milk as you’d like.

Mommy Roleplay MILF CEI Cum Play Virtual Sex

Visiting Mom At The Office HD

You just found out you’ve bee accepted into a great school! You can’t wait to tell Mom all about it and decide to visit her at her office knowing she’s likely to have a “treat” in store for you once you tell her. Mommy is so excited & can’t wait to show you what a proud mommy she is. Mommy decides she wants to celebrate right here in her office, she teases you a bit by showing you she’s not wearing any panty’s and then gets on her knees and starts sucking your cock telling you how much she loves your cock and just how proud she is! She knows mommy will always be your favorite and will always please you better than anyone else because we have a bond no one else will ever have, and of course mommy’s big tits are full of milk. She sucks your cock, covering it with breast milk, and then shoves your cock between her tits. Promising once she gets home well have even more naughty fun together…

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APNS-145 Shameful Home Visit Sayuri Natsume

Natsume Sayuri

1st Scene: Natsume Sayuri gets drugged during a home visit, 3 men comes in and fucks her.
2nd Scene: Natsume Sayuri wears a shirt but its all wet. A men teases her with a showerhead.
3rd Scene: The same group of guy in the 1st Scene get another chance to fuck Natsume Sayuri. They covers Natsume Sayuri’s face with cum.
4th Scene: Natsume Sayuri gets fucked by these guys again in bed.

Blowjob, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Kissing, Cum on face, Cum in mouth, Cum on face, Fingering, Missionary, 4P


ABP-041- AI DECENSORED! Rola Takizawa – 1080p

Star: Rola Takizawa

Scene 1: Rola confiscates her two student’s vibrator and dirty magazine so they entertain themselves with her body instead.
Scene 2: Rola is masturbating using the edge of a desk in her classroom when she is caught by three of her students so naturally she gives all three of them a blowjob.
Scene 3: A coworker finds a box of sex toys in the office so he decides to test them out on Rola.
Scene 4: Rola is modeling for photos in the nurse’s office but photos weren’t the only things that were shot.
Scene 5: Rola is giving blowjobs to a bunch of students in the locker room when a coworker catches them. The students run away and Rola seduces him instead.

Includes (but not limited to): Teacher/student role play, masturbation, dildo/vibrator, one,two/three boy one girl blowjob, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cum on face, cum in mouth.


STARS-130 My Beloved Fieda Takeda Dream

Takeda Yume

1st Scene: Takeda Yume gets her clothes ripped off by a man and is forced to have sex with him, scene includes handjob, blowjob, missionary and doggy.
2nd Scene: Takeda Yume is her room with two guys in bussiness suit. They take off her clothes and play her tits and pussy with a vibrator. Takeda Yume is forced to suck one’s dick while gets penetrated by the other guy.
3rd Scene: The male actor lays Takeda Yume down on a mattress and undresses her. He then goes on to teases her pussy. Takeda Yume takes off the guy’s pants and grabs his cock and starts sucking. After some missionary, Takeda Yume gets creampied by the guy.

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APNS-143 A Modest Fall Of Happiness In Front Of Her Husband, A Beautiful Wife Is Eaten By Beasts, And It Is Governed By The Nature Of Overflowing De M … Moe Sakurai

Sakurai Moe

1st Scene: Sakurai Moe showers and plays herself with the showerhead.
2nd Scene: Sakurai Moe gets dragged into a hot tubs and gets fucked by 4 men. One guy comes in her pussy while others cum on her face.
3rd Scene: Sakurai Moe gets fucked by 5 men. She gives each of them a blowjob. They cum all over her face.
4th Scene: Sakurai Moe has a 5P with 4 other men, includes blowjob, cowgirl and missionary.

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SSNI-583 A Violence Video Where A Runaway Girl Stays In My Apartment, And From «Lup To Perfect Training». Nogi Firefly

Nogi Hotaru

1st Scene: Nogi Hotaru gets teased in her school uniform while asleep, the guy plays with her nipples for a while and takes off her panty. The guy forces Nogi Hotaru to suck his cock. He then rips off her school clothes and fucks her intensely. The sccene ends with the guy putting a collar on Nogi Hotaru.
2nd Scene: Nogi Hotaru is in a erotic bondage lingerie with collar and leash. The man feeds her food in a bowl.
3rd Scene: Nogi Hotaru still in her bondage lingerie and gives the guy a blowjob and gets fucked in doggy and missionary position.
4th Scene: Nogi Hotaru with collar and leash on her, gives the guy a blowjob and titfuck the guy.
5th Scene: The man puts a gag in Nogi Hotaru’s mouth and teases her pussy untill she squirts.
6th Scene: Nogi Hotaru in a alluring red bondage lingerie gets fucked passionately in bed.

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