Irresistible Attraction – Mother and Son HD 1080p

Mom was going to an important meeting. She’s so beautiful, sexy and hot today. Yesterday, I habitually wanted to lie down to Her bed, but I forgot that my father was at home. When father is not at home or he goes on business to another city, my Mom and me often rest together in her bed. I hug her hips… I breathe the scent of her body… I touch her hair locks… sometimes my Mom lets me kiss her neck and after that She loses control of her mind … I know her erogenous zones… I know better how to make Her feel good and excited. I’m Her best son. Yesterday, I was drinking at a party with my friends, so I hardly remember what happened.

I feel very hard in my pants when She wears this skirt, when Her ass and thighs tightly in this sexy nice fabric. I have long dreamed of fucking my Mom in this skirt, maybe today She will help me fulfill my dream.

Oh honey, I have to go, but tonight I’ll show you a new lesson that you can not forget. Honey, son, dear!!! Oh you’re so cute, I can’t leave you like this. I’ll give you one more lesson, my meeting can wait especially now it’s not so important …

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Ellie Eilish – Sharing A Hotel Room With My Daughter HD 1080p

It’s been a long day on the road driving with my daughter Ellie and we have to share a one bed hotel room. Ellie’s such a sweet quiet girl. Sometimes I catch her staring at me and I wonder if I did something wrong. She’s looking at me like that when we get into the room, She changes into just a short top and panties and I am straining not to look at her. After she falls resting I can’t resist touching her young soft skin and looking at her tight body.

She roll over and her leg goes over mine, then, her hand caresses the outside of her panties where I can see the perfect outline of her little pussy. The next time I look she has her eyes open with a slight smile and she starts lightly stroking my shoulder my mouth is dry and I am frozen, it progresses, so slowly but the look in her eyes tells me she has wanted this for a LONG TIME.

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REAL Twin Sisters Threesome HD 1080p

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Sexbot Housewife Trance – Mandy Flores HD 1080p

I enjoy seeing beautiful women, like you Mandy, going under and into a trance. I’d like this POV and Mandy’s body is visible throughout entire shoot.

Scene 1: Housewife Mandy is visited by next door neighbor to help with headaches she has been having. Housewife Mandy agrees to be put in a trance to help with her headaches. She begins by sitting with the neighbor and to stare at the crystal. Housewife Mandy stares at the crystal and slowly becomes mindless and blankly stares into the crystal. She nods her head and blinks once then stares entranced looking at the camera. “Yes Master” Removes all clothes and Housewife Mandy speaks the mantra, I will serve and obey you Master. I will obey your commands Master. Yes, my trigger word is “blue bell tower”. States that she loves to be in a trance. The husband will be home soon so he has her redress, but has set the stage for another visit.

Scene 2: Next day, Housewife Mandy answers the door in a summer dress. She happily welcomes the neighbor in. She is shown the crystal again and slowly entranced by the crystal once more. She nods her head and blinks once then stares entranced looking at the camera, “Yes Master”. Removes her dress with a “Yes Master” and commanded to suck his cock. He cums in her mouth and she swallows as commanded. After she redresses, she comes out of the trance again, not understanding what has just happened, or why her mouth tastes funny.

Scene 3: Next day, Housewife Mandy invites neighbor into the house. Housewife Mandy states her husband just left for work and she was going to do her daily workout. Dressed in sports bra and shorts with a ponytail. Hands in the air while talking and trigger word used. She nods her head and blinks once then stares entranced looking at the camera, “Yes Master”. Housewife Mandy is in a trance with her hands at her side. This time he wants more, and has her lay back and spread her legs for him. He inserts his cock into her vagina, but pulls out to cum, not wanting her to become pregnant. Again she re dresses, having no idea what has happened as she comes out of the trance. . Scene 4:

Next day, Housewife Mandy is visited again wearing a conservative dress. States her husband is at work. Trigger word used and the housewife becomes entranced once more. She nods her head and blinks once then stares entranced looking at the camera, “Yes Master I am in your complete control.” But after a few minutes she snaps out of the trance, confused and uncertain. Trigger word said again. She nods her head and blinks once then stares entranced looking at the camera. Housewife Mandy back into the trance. “Yes Master” Removes all clothes, mantras said, and finish with a him having anal sex with her this time and cumming on her ass……

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MILF 1353 – Mother’s Worst Nightmare, Having My Brother’s Baybee HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Strict and preachy Rachel had a daughter and a son. Misty, from her first marriage, was a nubile cheerleader; Marc, from her second, was a mild-mannered bookworm. Both attended the same high-school. Each day they walked there and back – bonding in conversation along the way. On one such journey home, they talked about Rachel. They felt that she had now become unbearable, and that something needed to be done about her. But they could not think what. As if to confirm their feelings, Rachel was harassing them within minutes of their getting back. She demanded to know why they were not getting on with the homework, complained that they were selfish and irresponsible, and gave them a list of chores to do. Despite this, Rachel was actually in a better mood than usual. Her husband had bought her some beautiful diamond earrings and set up a date for that night. Rachel had a high opinion of herself, and she believed such treats were her rightful due. However, while she was off changing outfits for a church function, her husband phoned Marc. He asked his son to tell Rachel that he would not be able to make his with date her. Something had come up at work. Neither Marc nor his sister wanted to be the one to pass on the bad news. When they called her, Rachel knew something was up. She came straight out of her room, not thinking that she was half undressed. For all her uptight ways, she was an extremely sexy and well-shaped woman. Her unbuttoned blouse testified to this. It revealed her bra – which in turn showed off the cleavage of her big tits. Rachel was furious upon hearing about her cancelled date. She threw her hands up in the air, cursed her husband as a good-for-nothing louse, and stormed back into her room. Hell hath no fury like a Rachel scorned. That evening, Misty and Marc ate in total silence. Because she would not be going out later, Rachel had already donned her nightie. It was tight, black and low-cut. Again her great, big-titted body could be appreciated. Normally, Rachel would have worn a gown to cover her modesty. But she was preoccupied with angry thoughts. She was in no mood to eat either. Instead she knocked back a couple of glasses of wine. After the meal, each of the trio went to their separate rooms. Misty was reading her bible when her boyfriend phoned. He told her that he was thinking about her as he stroked his cock. Misty was so turned on by this that she could not help joining in the fun. She stripped out of the cheerleader’s uniform that she had been wearing all day, then removed her panties. Naked except for her white knee-high boots, she lay back on her bed, spread her legs wide, and began rubbing her hot pussy. Soon she was moaning and writhing with pleasure. Meanwhile, Marc was on his way to ask his sister for help with his studies. He opened her door so quietly that Misty did not know he was there.

Marc took a good long look – relishing the sight Mistys sexy, slender body stretched out on full display. He could tell she was a young woman of sizzling passions from the electrified way she arched her back and pushed out her pert tits while busily finger-fucking herself and rubbing her clit. It was so intense for Marc that rushed back to his own room, pulled out his cock, and started to jerk of frantically. Unfortunately for him, a restless Rachel decided to look in right at that moment. Marc covered himself, but it was too late. Rachel screamed in horror. She yelled at Marc – telling him he was disgusting and that he was grounded indefinitely. Unable to look at him for another second, she hurried off to check on Misty. What she saw there was almost enough to make her faint. Just like her brother, Misty did not have time to hide her antics. Rachel did not believe in knocking on doors in her own home. Now, insanely upset, she confiscated Misty’s phone, gave her a royal chewing-out, grounded her, then walked away feeling as if her world was about to implode. When Rachel reached her bedroom, she took her special nerve-calming medication. It was enough to put her out like a light. In the meantime, Marc had returned to Misty’s room to talk over what had happened. Both siblings decided the time had come to fight back against their mother’s harsh rule. Now, at last, they hit upon a plan of action. They knew that Rachel would soon be in one of her deep rests. That meant they could do anything they wanted with her – including gag her and tie her into a chair. Once that was done, Marc and Misty could force her to watch as they fucked each other. Such sexual depravity would cause Rachel the maximum of offence. It might even drive her mad. Misty liked the idea so much that she even suggested Marc get her pregnant. The more wicked she could make things, the better. A short time later, Rachel woke up in just the predicament they had intended for her. Confused and distressed, she struggled and tried to scream. But it was all to no avail. The siblings greatly enjoyed laughing at her and mocking her helpless state. Then they got down to business. Having stripped naked in front of Rachel, they pulled her big tits out of her nightie, and lifted its hem to expose her naked pussy. Together they fondled and mauled her while she squirmed in torment at their violating touches. Presently, Marc and Misty climbed on to the bed. There Misty lay before her kneeling brother and started sucking on his stiff cock. Rachel wept and tried to avert her eyes, but Misty told her that things would only get worse if she refused to watch. So it was that Rachel witnessed every sordid detail of the act. She saw her daughter bobbing her head as she hungrily mouth-fucked Marcs length. She saw the eager licking and stroking and deep-throating too. Her misery increased further when Marc and Misty moved on to full, penetrative sex. Brazenly, in Rachels direct eye-line, the siblings went at in an epic, sweaty fuck-fest that included the doggy, missionary, side-on and cowgirl positions. Their passion was intense. Their moans and gasps and wet-sounding fuck-action drovned out Rachels constant sobs. Often they talked dirty – anticipating the moment when Marc would blow his potent cumload deep into Mistys fertile pussy. That occurred when Misty was riding him on top of him. She bucked and groaned as Marc hit home and filled her up. Afterwards, the pair still has the appetite and stamina for a bit more fun. Misty gave Marc another sucking off – along with a cock-cleaning. Then Marc played expertly with her pussy while she lay stretched out on the floor. It drove Misty wild and left her utterly breathless and satisfied. Yet, even then, there was one last deed to be performed. Marc, ready for his second cum, went over to his mother and jerked his hot creamy load all over her exposed tits. It was the final, horrible humiliation for Rachel. She closed her eyes, flinched, and gave an agonized, gag-muted scream. Six months from that fateful night, Misty was sat sporting a heavily swollen belly. She had indeed become pregnant, and was delighted to be expecting her brothers baybee. Marc was with her – the proud and smiling father-to-be. Nearby was Rachel. She was nothing like her former well-groomed, disciplined self. She wore a shapeless, filthy outfit. Her hair was wild; her eyes dark with rings. Her speech was a mere, incoherent murmur. She had been ruined by the chain of events set in motion by her daughter and her son. Her husband had left her, and the neighborhood had found out about Mistys pregnancy. Gone was Rachels financial security and good reputation. Gone too was her sanity.

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Road Trip – Meana Wolf HD 1080p

You never realized it until now, but your Aunt is sexy as hell. So confident, effortlessly hot, and direct. You’d been thinking about it the whole trip so far. But it was apparent now more than ever as she slid under the covers. The hotel was fully booked up and the only room had 1 king size bed for the two of you to share. Your cock throbbed as she tickled you like she did when you were young. She can feel the sexual tension in the air. She runs her hand along your pulsating erection and says, “Have you ever been with an older woman before?”

Xoxo Meana Wolf

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Destiny Cruz – Good Morning With Dad HD 1080p

A sweet teen daughter spends time with dad while mom is making breakfast….

Sex Acts: blowjob, cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, cumshot, facial, cum in mouth, cum swallowing

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[SSPD-147] (English subbed) – Tsumugi Akari Two Nights And Three Days Hot Spring Trip Taken By My Brother-in-law (1080p)

Akari Tsumugi visits a hot springs alongside the husband and stepbrother for a weekend. Akari gets fucked for 3 days and 2 nights by her stepbrother during a hot spring resort vacation.


[XVSR-422] What I Can Do For My Husband

Ayaka Tomoda is taken and trained by her husband’s boss.

Scene 1: Opening screen. Ayaka is lying on the table and is torturing by the boss with the sex toy.
Scene 2: The boss come over and talk to her about the condition to forgive her husband mistake. The boss have sex with her in the living room in the sofa and on the floor. Then he cum over her face.
Scene 3: She talking to her husband and they making love in the bed room.
Scene 4: The boss come and have sex with her in the morning. She need to satisfy him and do most the stuff herself this time.
Scene 5: The boss come over for dinner and fore to have sex with him in the kitchen while her husband drunk and lying on the table.
Scene 6: She start broken and masterbating herself in the living room before the boss come. They having sex and this time she enjoy it.


BOKD159 – Kana Sakiyuki & Ryu Enami 1080p

First scene: Aunt plays with her crossdresser boy and dildo his ass. She finisher him with handjob
Second scene: Lots of kissing and licking action, then he fucks her on top and get fucked after -anal,strapon
Third scene: exchange blowjobs and husband fucks crossdresser then aunt, then crossdresser fucks aunt whil husband fucks him.


[PPPD-803] (English subbed) I Spent A Full Week In A Tsundere Life Together With A Big Tits Elder Sister Type Neighbor With A Bad Attitude – JULIA – (1080p)

My parents decides to go on a trip for a week and My neighbor JULIA who is unfriendly, cold, and scary took care of me.She was a bit pissed off by day 3 but not really much and she softened up quickly. Because Julia is just too sweet.


NIMA-007 [ENGLISH Subs] Live Action From Popular Doujin Comics! ! I Felt Like This Grandmother … Female Body Enjoyment Series 01 Asahime And Umekichi Kimishima Mio

“This Dirty Old Man Made Me Feel So Good” Scenes with 1 girl 1 guy, some tit sucking, pussy rubbing, she gets oral, titfuck, fingering, gives blowjob, 69, she is fucked standing doggy, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, ends with creampie, titfuck to completion, handjob to completion, cum on tits.

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