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Cory Chase in Mom is Talking About Me HD

Scene One: Bikini blowjob

Lounging outside in her bikini, Cory has just gotten off the phone with her best friend. She is told that her best friend`s fucking her own son. A hot horny young man in the house is every MILF’s fantasy. Talking about it is getting Cory hot and bothered so she goes inside to cool off.

But she see’s me sitting on the couch. “Do you like my bikini?” She asks me, touching herself and telling me about what her best friend is doing. My dick begins to grow and my breathing becomes faster as she touches me and asks if I want a blowjob. She lets me touch her big breasts before getting to the floor and taking down my pants. She puts me in her mouth and its the most wonderful and amazing experience in my life. I can barely contain myself as she rubs my cock between her tits and makes me cum. Quickly she puts me in her mouth and sucks me all down like the loving mother she is.

Scene Two: The first time

The next day my mother calls me into her room and lays me down on her bed. She’s completely naked, and her gorgeous body makes my eyes pop out of my head. She pushes my legs apart and slides in between them. Putting her mouth over my dick and slurping, sucking and making me so fucking hard.

“Do you like mommy’s wet pussy?” She asks. I wonder what’s happening as she slides me inside of her. I’ve never felt anything like this before, the warm, wet, inviting pussy taking my cock whole. Her big breasts bounce as she rides on top of me. She gets to the bed and instructs me to fuck her hard. She moans and cums on my cock making me feel like I’m going to explode. Quickly she turns around and jerks my load all over her face. She loves the taste of my cum and she swallows it off her face, licking the tip of my cock. “Do you want to take a shower with mommy?” She asks me. I will do anything for her from now on.

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REAL Incest Collection 211!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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Janna Hicks in “Happy 18th Birthday!! Time to be Man of the House…” MP4 HD

It’s officially my 18th birthday and mom has a special surprise for me… My mom looked so hot in her black lacey lingerie, there’s no way I could resist her luscious body! Watch as my horny mother goes down on me, covering my dick in her warm spit.. She strokes me off then slides me into her tight pussy! Mom’s huge tits bounce in my face as I pound her “Your father could never fuck me like this!!” she moans to me before cumming all over my cock! I fill mom’s cunt up with my sticky load; I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present!

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Masked Father Outdoor With Cute Amateur Daughter HD

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Chasing Cory Chase – Taboo Comics!

Chasing Cory Chase
11 pages

Chasing Cory Chase.rar
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Brother and Sister – The Long Kiss Goodbye HD

This movie starts with Evelyn’s brother Barry about to leave home and return to his place after he overstays his welcome by attempting to have sex with his sister. She is tired of his repeated attempts, which have been going on since she was 12 years old. Before he goes, he tries to sincerely say good-bye but her willingness to listen to him allows him to try and force his way back through the crack in the door. She tries to fight him off and he ends up grabbing her by the neck and pinning her to the bed as he tries to explain himself while she fights for air. The stress he undergoes forces his hands to tighten. She desperately tries to thrash herself free but he is too strong and strangles her to death. Now she is more susceptible to what he has to say. He exposes her sexy areas then fucks her tight pussy. He can push it all the way in without complaint or resistance and he is on cloud 9. The tightness of the girl’s cunt makes him unload a geyser of semen deep inside of her and on her belly. The sex is unbelievable…the best her ever had. In his mind he is correct and hopes she felt the same way he did. In his mind, she did. Her silence told him so.

Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Brother/Sister Incest Theme, Blonde Victim, Young Victim, Begging & Pleading, Attempted Rape, Death by Hand Strangulation, Death Stare, Death Twitching, Drool, Neck Bruising, Taunting, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Multi-Position Necrophilia Rape, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Limp Body, Body Posing, Body Pans, Cuddling, Bare Feet, Foot Views

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Mommy is the Only Woman You’ll Ever Need HD

Oh honey… my sweet son… my only son…. I can’t believe you are really doing this…. I can’t believe you are leaving mommy! You’ve barely known this girl for just a short time and you are already getting married and moving to Europe?? How can you do this to me? You know how close we are and if you move across the sea I’ll never see you again! I know this is just that skank’s way of keeping my sweet boy from me…. and I’m not going to let it happen!

I really think you are making this decision much too fast honey… infact, I think if you really opened your eyes… you would see that the very thing you’ve always needed was right infront of you. Yes honey, I’m talking about…. me. Your mother… your only love for so many years of your life. I can still be your only love. Mommy can do everything for you and I can do it better than any skanky girlfriend ever could. Just let me show you…. like this….

Mmmm that feels good, doesn’t it son? It does…. and I can make it feel even better too… but first, I want you to taste mommy… I want you to taste my sweet pussy. It is sweeter than any pussy you’ve ever tasted. That’s right, plunge your tongue deep into my wet slit and taste mommy…. after you are done, I am going to show you just how good it can feel to fuck mommy and you’ll see that I am the only woman you will ever need.

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Daddy Cant Cum HD

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, Latina, Amateur, Handjob


Mom and Son III: Accidental Erection: Taboo: Mandy Flores HD [Untouched 1080p]

You’re supposed be getting ready for your Auntie’s funeral but you have a splitting headache. Mom walks into the kitchen telling you she’s almost ready to go and…”why are you still in your pajamas and… watching cartoons!?” You tell her that you don’t feel well and she asks you if you are too upset to go. That it’ll be okay, it’ll be good for you to see family. “No, mom..I want to go, just my head really hurts.” Mom goes to the cupboard and reaches up on her tiptoes to reach the extra strength Aleve, she’s feeling around while talking and doesn’t notice she grabs the wrong bottle. “Here, go ahead and just take 2, and then go get dressed. We are already running late.”

Mom walks into your room all dressed and ready to go. “Honey, why are you not dressed yet, did the Aleve not work?”..”Yes, my headache is gone but….” “Great, well lets go!” Its hard to explain to your mom about your hard throbbing erection. You tell her that you that something else has happened and point down to the crotch of your pants. She’s shocked. “What…how…why…honey, we are supposed to be going to a funeral!…well, just..take care of it!” You tell you have tried but nothing is really working. Mom stares at you for a moment and then gets a look on her face like she just realized something. “Honey, you stay right here, I’ll be right back!”

Mom runs downstairs…”oh God no, please no..” She reaches up into the cabinet to find that she accidentally gave you a double dose of Viagra instead of Aleve!! She takes both pills into her hands, they look almost identical! “Oh fuck, oh fuck!!!” and then thinks for a moment…”Its ok…I can fix this” and runs back up to your room

“How do you feel?”….”Um, its still hurts a little and bigger than ever” Mom looks worried and a little embarrassed..”I might have given you something on accident..” You start to panic.. Mother tells you its okay but she gave you a very large dose of Viagra and that she cant leave you like this especially if you cant ‘take care of it’..”Well you are 18 now, don’t you know what to do…to make THAT go away?” “Mom!, I’ve tried!” She tells you everything will be fine and that she’ll take care of it and gets on her knees to comes over to you. You start to pull away..”Mom, what are you doing?” “Its okay, I’m just going to help you. How about I look away and you just focus…come on..isn’t that Mommy Fetish a big thing right now..I see it all over .” She pulls out your throbbing cock and before you can argue her hand is stroking you and feels incredible. You begin to moan..Mom continues…She pulls down her top..”Mom, what are you doing?” She tells you that maybe looking at her boobs will help. “Honey, I’m just trying to help…just please focus we have to get to the funeral!”

Hand job leads to blowjob…and its still not getting you close. She pulls down her panties, leans over the chair, slaps her backside and tells you just to do it. “Come on baby, its okay. Lets just get ‘er done!” The idea does sound awesome so you plunge your throbbing cock inside mother. She moans and pushes against you. You are thrusting in and out of mother until she cums. That gets you really close and you tell her that you are going to cum. She turns around and jerks your cock until you unload all over her face. She’s not convinced that your balls are empty and sucks on your cock to make sure that her efforts have done the trick. “You must not tell anyone what happened…This has to stay a secret.” “I know mom, thank you.” She wipes your cum off her face and tells you to hurry up and get ready, giggling as she leaves the room.

…Mandy Flores


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BBAN-203 Brass Band Lesbian Series – I Wanted To Get Closer To My Favorite Sax Player 720p

After practicing a musical instrument, a girl in a music room masturbates with her legs spread on an indoor bench.

Next scene has 2 girls in the same room, they lick tongues and one spits in the other’s mouth. Fingers get spit on and sucked. One girl sits on a chair, her tits get exposed, licked and drooled on. Her panties get taken off and the other girl spits on it and licks it. The girl on the chair gets up, bends over and gets eaten out from behind. They move to the floor, where she continues to get her pussy eaten with her legs in the air. Scene ends with tongue licking.

In a classroom, the girls tongue each other over a desk. Girl sitting on the chair gets her tits groped, ear licked and mouth spit in. The other starts to take off her clothes as she gets her tits licked. She spreads on a desk and gets her pussy licked, then she bends over the desk and gets licked from behind. They move into a 69, then scissor and end the scene with tongue licking as the kneel on the floor.

In a study room, the girls lick tongues and take turns spitting in each other’s mouths. They stand up and touch each other over the panties. The take off their tops and rub tits as they spit on them. They kneel on the floor and rub pussies. They scissor, face sit, then move into a 69. A double ended dildo comes out and they fuck each other in a scissor position on the floor.


[WDI-053] Dream Shower! Yuki Jin (1080p)

Yuki Jin stars in several scenes featuring bukkake and a lot of tongue play.

Sex acts:
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HAVD-974 Dense Kiss Dirty Pleasure Of Bottomlessness Among Sexual Living Girls of Lesbian Cohabitation 720p

Begins with a closeup of 2 Japanese girls licking tongues.

In an apartment, one girl sneaks up on her sleeping friend and wakes her up by licking her pussy over her panties. They start kissing on a bed. Panties come off and the girl who was sleeping gets her pussy eaten out as she lays on a bed with her legs spread.

In an entranceway, the girls tongue each other. They move to a bed where the camera is focused on their messy kisses, saliva dripping off their chins. Kissing and tongue sucking continues, they take turns kissing each other’s ears. Tops come off and they suck on nipples. They lay on the bed suck nipples, kiss and spit in each other’s mouthes. Panties come off and they take turns eating pussy, legs spread on the bed. The girls then move into a 69.

On the couch, the girls take turns spreading and masturbating in front of each other. They eat each other out on the couch.

In the bathroom, they rub oil all over each other and lick tongues.

The 2 girls are in a bedroom, kissing and licking armpit. With panties on, they get into a 69. They take turns laying on the bed and eating and fingering each other. The scene ends with scissoring and more tongue licking with dripping spit.


[PTKS-057] A Colossal Fucked By The Japanese! Beautiful Legs! Hot Ass! A Slender Babe Japanese Guys Love Susan Ayn

Three slender caucasian girls participate in submissive sex scenes with a japanese guy, allowing him to use their bodies as he wishes. Features a lot of kissing, creampies and pleasant moans being silenced.

Sex acts:
breast sucking, cunnilingus, rimming, blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, standing doggy, doggy style, creampie, face fucking, prone bone, sideways sex, reverse cowgirl


[1080p/FHD] SDMU-896 – Lesbian Couple Making Children Using Older Brother’s Sperm

Japanese lesbian couple wants to get pregnant with older brother’s semen. Starts with 2 girls hanging out at home, one of the girls talks about how she wants to raise a child, so she calls her brother for a favor.

The girl, who asked for a favor, is carrying a cooler with a petri dish full of her brother’s cum. She offers the petri cum dish to her girlfriend as an offering. The sister says since she shares her brother’s genes, it would be like having the child herself. The girlfriend accepts, and the older brother makes an appearance. The girls proceed to masturbate him and collect his semen into their hands.

The girl to get pregnant spreads her legs as they carefully try to get the cum into her pussy. As they transfer the cum, the sister begins to eat her girlfriend’s pussy. The sister also slurps up cum from the petri dish and spits it into her girlfriend’s pussy. They proceed to take turns eating each other’s pussies, kiss and swap spit and cum.

The girlfriend fails an at home pregnancy test, they express affection and comfort each other.

It’s lunchtime, the girls peel eggs and feed each other. They start kissing and then bring out the cum cooler. They transfer cum into a syringe and shoot it into the girlfriend’s pussy. The sister eats the messy pussy and then they kiss each other.

Brother is back, the sister jerks him off into her girlfriends mouth, they swap cum back and forth and then the sister spits the cum into her girlsfriend’s spread pussy. The girls spread cum over each other’s tits, then move into a 69. The girlfriend rides the sister’s face and then they scissor each other.

Movie ends with the girls happy together, starting a family.

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