Jane Cane – Mom Poses Nude For Son HD 1080p

Starting a photography business is always a hard thing to do, so I asked my mom if she would pose for me to fill my portfolio. What I didn’t realize was that she would come into the room with sexy lingerie. After some shots in the first outfit I ask her to go change to the next one. When she comes back in the room she has on even less clothing and that got me flustered and I didn’t realize my cock was rock hard. This turned my mom on and she then offered to help get the “butterflies” out so we could finish the shoot. My mind is blown right now as my mom sucks on my throbbing cock, then she got on top of me to ride me. Then she turns around to show me her nice ass, then I bend her over and fuck her wet ass pussy. I can feel it coming so I turn her over missionary and fuck her pussy till I cum all over it.

Roleplaying with Mommy HD

I call and ask my son to come into my bedroom. I let him know that I have a first date tonight! The first one in 5 years! I am super rusty and am hoping he will roleplay with me so that I can work on my ‘game’. I ask him how I look, what does he think of my dress, do I look fat. He is so sweet to help calm my nerves. But what if I can’t give a decent blowjob anymore. Or what if I’ve forgotten how to properly ride a cock! He looks so scared when I ask if I can practise on him, but he lets me. I take his cock in my mouth, then get on top of him when he is nice and hard. He feels so good inside me. I turn around and let him look at my nice, big ass. Once I know he is ready to explode I get back on top of him and reveal that I don’t have a date after all. I went on his laptop and found that he has been watching nothing but taboo mommy porn! It turned me on so much that I just had to fuck my son.

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Melanie Hicks in I Control Mommy HD 1080p

Scene One: Rigging The Phone

Mommy is very upset with me! She asked me to clean my room and I just couldn’t find the time for that. She asked me to do my laundry but I never got around to doing that either! Why can’t SHE do those things for me?! It’s not fair and I just want mommy to do my chores for me! Mommy doesn’t realize that I put a training device on her phone, so when she picks it up and starts to dial it, she instantly freezes right where she is. This is the perfect opportunity for me to pull mommy’s bathrobe off of her and have my own fun with mommy’s naked body! “When I snap my fingers, you’re going to be totally oblivious to what happened to you but you’re going to be very horny, mom! You’re not going to know or even care that I am your son!”

I tell her, as I snap my fingers. Mommy instantly unfreezes and starts playing with her own nipples. I ask her if she has any idea who I am and she responds by telling me “you’re Luke!” so she obviously doesn’t realize that I’m her son who is supposed to be doing my chores today. I completely take advantage of this and ask her to take my cock out of my pants. Mommy gets down on her knees and starts licking and sucking my cock. After a few minutes of sucking my cock, I instruct her to get on the bed and play with her pussy until she gives herself an orgasm. After she cums, I explain to her “now I am going to snap my fingers and you are going to go back to your normal self and forget about everything that just happened! You’re going to wonder why you’re naked!” I snap my fingers and mommy jumps out of bed angry and confused as to why she is naked in front of me and why I’m not doing my chores! I’m so glad that my training device really works…

Scene Two: Kitchen Control

Mommy is still confused as to what happened the other day. She doesn’t understand how she ended up naked with me in her room! Frustrated and upset, she picks up her cell phone again, not realizing that the programming device is still on there! She instantly freezes again. Now it’s my chance to take advantage of mommy yet again! While she is still frozen, I pull her bra off of her and play with her big, natural tits. I snap my fingers and she is magically horny again! I ask her if I can pull her red panties off of her and of course she says “sure!” I tell her that I have something for her, and she knows exactly what I am talking about…

She gets down on her knees and pulls my hard cock out of my pants. I ask mommy if there is anything she needed me to do today but she tells me that there isn’t… she doesn’t remember the chores that I am supposed to do! My control device is working perfectly! I ask her if it would be okay if I put the tip of my cock inside of her pussy and she tells me that of course this would be okay. She doesn’t want just the tip, she wants the whole thing! After a few minutes, I snap my fingers, and she jumps up angry and confused as to why she is naked with my cock next to her. She yells at me to get out of the room and to go do my chores already!

Scene Three: Glazing Mommy

Mommy is sitting on the couch, extremely confused as to what has been going on lately… why was she naked this morning? Why was my penis near her vagina? She just can’t figure out what is going on!! She goes to pick up her phone again and she is under my spell for the 3rd time. I pull her big, natural tits out again; then I snap my fingers! She unfreezes, stands up, and begins to strip out of her clothes.

I bend her over in the doggystyle position and ask her if it’s okay for me to stick just the tip of my cock inside of her. She tells me that this is okay! “Is it okay if I go a little rougher?” I ask her, and she agrees to that too. I keep fucking her until I get close to cumming… then I end up cumming all over her tits!! Afterwards, I snap my fingers and she immediately freaks out! “What are you doing?! What is this?! Go to your room… you are grounded for life!!” she yells at me.

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I Love To Play With My REAL Brother’s Cock HD 1080p

Proven REAL Brother and Sister!

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Adalind Gray – Tomboy HD MP4

I’m Bored! Let’s do something. I keep trying to get you to workout with me or do activities and you just keep acting like a lazy bum. You’re my big brother you’re supposed to be teaching me things and hanging out with me… Actually I have an idea. Let’s wrestle. Yeah, right now….


Starring Adalind Gray


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REAL Mother and Son Incest With Dialogs!

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Sydney Harwin – Choose Your Own Mommy HD 1080p

You need a Mommy, and today, you get to choose one out of four women who want the job. First you meet “Mean Mommy”, who just wants a son to satisfy her. She loves to get her pussy licked and her asshole rimmed, which she tells you to do immediately and without hesitation. She straddles your face and tells you to put your tongue to work inside of her holes. She then sits on your cock and fucks you, but gives you a ruined orgasm when you announce you are about to cum, by taking her pussy off your cock. The second Mommy is “Desperate Mommy”, who is over the moon to have met you! You are just PERFECT to be her son and she wants you to make love to her, slow and hard. She never had the chance to be a Mommy for real, and so hopes that this chance at happiness with you is the key. She spreads her legs and takes you deep, her body crying out for sexual attention from her own son. The third Mommy is “Horny Mommy” who doesn’t even know if she can be maternal towards you, but just needs a good hard fuck. She thinks she can be a good Mommy to you, by satisfying your hunger for pure sex and lust. She takes you in her pussy, before sucking your dick and letting you finish in her filthy mouth. The forth and final Mommy you meet is “Loving Mommy”, who’s words are almost enough to drive you over the edge before she even touches you. She encourages you to come and live with her, as she will keep you safe and she will never judge you. She will satisfy your every sexual wish, and will be totally devoted to looking after you. She takes your cock in her hand and jerks it until you cum whilst looking at her breasts and listening to her soothing voice. WHO WILL YOU CHOOSE TO BE YOUR NEW MOMMY?

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[MAINSTREAM INCEZT] Julia AKA Der Liebesschüler (1974) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Duration: 01:24:29

Directed by: Sigi Rothemund

Actors: Jean-Claude Bouillon, Sylvia Kristel, Teri Tordai, Gisela Hahn

Country: Germany

Also known as: Es war nicht die Nachtigall, Cynthia, Julia et les hommes

Young student Julia while relaxing in the Swiss Alps meet the same young boy Patrick

Of passion, they are amenable to a mutual passion that turns into something more. All attempts to stop it fail, love can not be interrupted.

A young guy, Patrick, by the invitation of his father, coming to rest in Italy. On the train he meets a seductive young woman in who he madly felt in love, but he has not yet decided to have any relationship. And on arrival in Italy Patrick meets his father on the platform, Ralph. He meets his son and the woman he liked. It turns out, that her name is Yvonne Oberst and she is a girlfriend of Ralph. She also has a niece – her name is Julia and she is charming, at least so it seems to Patrick.

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Mom thinks maybe sex will help her son’s hurt leg and fucks him to cure his sprained ankle

MILF POV Taboo Big Boobs Family

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[IPX-555] My Horrible Father-In-Law Made Me Cum Many Times

It could never have occurred to me that my father-in-law, frail as he may look, is still very much a young man at heart! And his dick is just as staunch, and he would have the courage to ‘rape’ his daughter-in-law!

But ‘raped’ me he did. 1 day, he came over from behind, and began caressing me. And he would go as far as penetrating me. Oh well, sex with my husband is no longer as fun, so deep down I am glad father-in-law could complement what my husband is lacking.

That 1 incident led to many other incidence, and the last scene was even more brazen as he fucked me while my husband is just feets away!

Sexual theme is incest.
Positions include groping, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle and cumshots.


[SSNI-827] [English Subbed] My Brother’s Slutty Ex-Girlfriend Is Out Of Control Tsukasa Aoi

The brother of this guy used to have Tsukasa Aoi as a girlfriend. The thing about the brother is that he was a well-known womanizer and whore-goer, so he passed all that knowledge to the girlfriend Aoi.

But nowadays they are not together anymore, and this guy quickly realizes that she is a full-blown slut. So the question that remains is, will he cross the line and go where his brother has been before?


[SVDVD-479] [English Subbed] The MILF Teacher Who’s Getting Bullied is In fact, My Mother – Ayumi Shinoda

Ayumi Shinoda is a teacher at a school, where her son also attends. One day she notices him getting bullied and she intercedes for him.

It wasn’t too effective, as she ends up being the target of the bullies…


[JUX-500] [English Subbed] My Son’s Wife ~ Mana Makihara

Makihara Mana gets invited by her Father-in-law to visit the countryside and stay in the hot springs inn that the family is running. Because he needs help before the holiday season starts. Mana husband has to stay in Tokyo for work and so Mana-chan goes to the inn alone first.

The Father-in-law doesn’t have bad intentions at first but two things compound. First, her wife passed away a few years ago, and he hasn’t been with a woman since. Second, Mana-chan is a total hottie, and one day, purely by mistake, he saw her naked at the pool. And that ignited some old memories, thus paying her a visit overnight.

On the next scene, Mana’s husband arrives at the inn from Tokyo and they even have sex and the pool. But that conventional marital sex thing doesn’t work for Mana-chan anymore. Now she has a thing for Daddy.


SHMO-121 Housewife Hot Springs Puffy System ~ Mr. Wife Likes Hot Japanese / Ori Ojiro

Mostly solo scenes, tease with cleavage, ass, she gets naked, takes a bath, soap on her body, some bouncing tits, close-up, she gets a massage, ends with virtual sex in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, virtual creampie.

SHMO 121.mp4

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