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MotherFucker – Resistant Pussy & Butt Fucking HD

I’ve got a date with my boyfriend but Johnny’s really acting out, so we spend some much needed quality time! He’s a pushy little bastard and winds up fucking my pussy and cumming in my butt! It’s so incredibly WRONG but feels so good!

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Pakistani REAL Father and Daughter Scandal!

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Michele James – Daddy Daughter Risky Business HD

Scene One: Thunder Buddies

“Daddy I’m scared” Michele says walking into her parents bedroom early in the morning. “Don’t wake your mother” He replies. Always the daddies girl, snuggling into bed with him is nothing new. But she’s an adult now and as she curls next to her father a feeling runs through her body. She takes the risk, reaches down and grabs his morning wood “Daddy what’s that” She whispers in his ear. He brushes her off and tries to get back to sleep.

To horny to stop she takes his hand and makes him cup her big tits. Half asleep he thinks it’s his wife until he opens his eyes. Not thinking clearly he loses himself and sucks on her sensitive nipples. Michele’s mouth opens wide with shock and pleasure as her daddy silently licks her soaking wet pussy. She looks over to her mom hoping she doesn’t wake as her daddy makes her cum. Content she softly grinds her ass against her father and goes to sleep.

Category: TABOO
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Scene Two: Hold me daddy

Michele is obsessed now. Every waking moment she’s thinking about her daddy. His arms around her, his hands grabbing her tits, his tongue making her break. The next morning she sneaks into her parents room again. “Daddy” she whispers and snuggles against him, guiding his hand to her tits again and melting at his touch.

She reaches back and strokes his cock, getting him hard for her quivering pussy. She slides off her soaked panties and guides him into her from behind. Her mom on the other side of the bed stretches but stays asleep as her daddy fucks her. She can barely keep it together as she’s fucked, her body melting into a puddle of please fuck me harder daddy. It’s like having a never ending orgasm. Mom is so out of it she doesn’t wake when Michele pulls down her top and gently sucks on her mom’s tits. She opens her mouth and takes her daddy’s big load of love all over her face and down her throat. Blissfully she curls up against him and falls asleep, daddy’s little cum dumpster.

Category: TABOO
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Scene Three: Movie night

Michele and her daddy are watching a movie together on the couch. Mom is going on a trip to her sisters and Michele can’t fucking wait for the fun to begin. Mom is barely out of the driveway when Michele reaches down and grabs her daddy’s cock. “Let’s just watch the movie” He suggests. “Mom’s not coming back for hours” She whispers and takes off her top.

She loves that her daddy feels embarrassed, it makes pouncing on him all the more fun. She puts his cock in her mouth and he can’t say no to her. She spreads her legs and lets her dad taste her sweet young pussy. She can feel herself gushing with pleasure as her daddy makes her so happy. His hard dick inside of her, fucking her from every angle until she’s cumming is amazing. Her pussy tightens and she can feel him shoot his big load inside of her. Fuck she feels like she’s going to burst. With a big smile on her face she rushes off to the shower before mom comes back home.

Category: TABOO
Related Categories: HAIRY BUSH, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER WOMEN, FUCKING Keywords: michele james, mommy, luke longly, taboo, mother, cumshot, cum swallow, natural boobs, brunette, glasses, blowjob, fucking, bush, threesome

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April & Tessa Threesome – Real Sisters Shared One Big Dick HD

Little April and Tessa came back for their first threesome ever. Though April is a straight girl she was so pleased to have her first lesbian experience as well. These girls are so much fun together, always laughing and smiling. They do a great job sucking cock and then move to some sex positions.

FACIAL ALERT: The shooting was intended to be cum swapping, but Tessa backed out at the last moment and partially ruined the cumshot. However adorable April came to the rescue and took the facial as good as she could. Enjoy

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Amanda Verhooks has a problem that women her age sometimes have. She is a VERY attractive middle-aged woman….and her Son is at that age where he is horny ALL the time, and his raging hormones are out of control. Amanda has caught him several times lately….spying on her and Jerking-Off!! This morning, she is in her bathroom brushing her hair, when once again….she catches her young Son Conor Jerking-Off to her!!! Amanda decides that the issue needs to be addressed. Amanda goes to Conor’s bedroom to confront him. The embarrassed young boy hides under the covers….afraid and ashamed to make eye contact with his Mother. Amanda assures him that his behaviour is “normal”….that the site of a pretty woman is likely to affect him at his age….even if it’s his own Mother. Amanda tells him that, maybe if he just has sex with her….he will get it “out of his system”….and not be so obsessed with trying to see Mommie naked. Conor finally emerges from under the covers…and Mom starts to suck his cock. Mom can’t believe her eyes when she sees the size of her young Son’s cock!! Amanda takes the massive penis all the way inside her MILF Cunt….and does she ever enjoy it!!! Son or not…..this is the best Fuck Amanda has had for a long time!!!

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Summer Days – Mother and Son Incest Comics!

Summer Days
16 pages

Summer Days.rar
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Korina Kova – Mom & Son Make a Porno at the Beach HD

This is the sequel to “Favour for my Mom” it’s also the same custom buyer and his name is used….. We have been fucking non stop since you helped me with those XXX photos but Dad is back from his business trip and we have to sneak around, I call you into the kitchen while I am doing the dishes and tell you that tomorrow we are going to the beach together so that we can be alone, in the car I tell you I packed a surprise in my beach bag, its a camera and we are going to make a porno so that when your dad is home you can watch it so you will not be so sexually frustrated. This scene is Taboo and is POV with dildo for blowjob and tit fuck, then its virtual sex finishing with a facial….This was all filmed at the public beach but I love showing off so I had so much fun xxx

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Molly Mae – Coming Home HD

I heard you were back in town.. I didn’t think you were ever coming back… I’d like to see you. I’ll make dinner tomorrow night. You should come over.. Your little sister misses you….

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Mindi Mink – Amazon Mom HD

Your mom, Mindi Mink, is dressed as an amazon woman and needs to instruct you about how to treat all the other Amazon women in the village.

You are eager to learn and watch as she undresses herself, revealing her large tits.

She continues to undress and has you suck on her titty.

Soon, you are allowed to suck her clit and fuck her in the ass just right.

Just like that, son!

You could get used to fucking amazon women, but none of them are as hot as your mom!

You secretly wish you could just fuck her all the time instead of the other women in the village


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APAA-366 Pure France Female College Student With A Secret Office Of Rolling Up Tight With White Skin In Studying Abroad

And Tsuredashi One Night Of Hot Spring Trip, Did To Him In The Sex Toy Until The Desire Is Exhausted …. Leroy Clara

The video includes 3 scene. First scene starts with the guy talks with Leroy at the table asking her questions in Japanese and then both of them walk to the bedroom. She lays down on the blanket while she lets him touch her pussy. They start kissing each other and he licks her ears. She then gives him a blowjob. Afterwards, he fingers her hard from behind. They then fuck in multiple positions, such as missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl until he shoots a load into her pussy. After the sex she also sucks his cock. The 2nd scene starts with the guy walks to the hot spring and asks her to give a blowjob. After blowing him, she climbs on him and starts riding his cock. She then switches to reverse cowgirl and then standing missionary. They then switch to missionary. The scene ends with the guy cums into her mouth while she sucks him. The last scene starts with the guy opens the blanket to reveal Leroy’s naked body. He fingers and then licks her pussy. They then fuck each other in multiple positions, doggy, missionary, cowgirl. The scene ends with him cumming into her mouth and she shows it to the camera.


HANZ-004 Public Student Ma In Front Of The Eyes Of Gachifan 10 People ● Co & Life In Most Embarrassing SEX Irodori-jo Yurina (1080p)

Scene 1
Lots of men in balaclavas and medical masks surround Yurina in a leather couch.
masturbation, fingering, cunnilingus

Scene 2
Yurina gets piggy-backed into another room.
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[RCTD-121] Kaho Shibuya, Marina Yuzuki, Mao Hamasaki

Scene 1: FFM foursome on the beach with oral and titfuck; ends in a titfuck to completion
Scene 2: Reverse gangbang with oral and titfuck; the guy receives a titfuck to completion and then Marina rides him cowgirl that ends with a creampie
Scene 3: Reverse gangbang with oral titfuck, doggy, standing doggy; includes cum on tits and creampies


MEYD-003 A Pet Female Teacher With Big Tits Just For Me Hana Haruna

Scene 1 is in the infirmary, Hana Haruna is with one of her students, who ties up her hands and plays with her huge breasts. She then kneels down to give him a POV blowjob, with her hands still tied, and he cums in her mouth.

Scene 2 is in the dressing room. Hana’s student plays with her breasts, and then makes her wear a pink shirt. He starts spraying water on her shirt, making it see through. Since Hana isn’t wearing a bra, you can see her big tits through the shirt. He also puts a remote-controlled vibrator in her vagina, then sends her back to class. So with her see-through shirt and vibrator in her pussy, she begins teaching. Somehow the class doesn’t give two shits to Hana’s big tits, and her squirming around as the vibrator is turned on.

Scene 3 is also in the dressing room. This time, Hana is inserted with a full vibrating dildo. She is walking down the stairs and sees a colleague. Upon seeing her squirming around uncomfortably, he accompanies him to the infirmary. The colleague gets touchy in the infirmary and starts groping her breast. A student joins in and they strip her and insert her with a dildo, while playing with her breasts. She gives them a blowjob and tit-fucking, before she is fucked doggystyle. They then switch it up to some reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, before back to missionary, where he cums on her face.

In the last scene, Hana appears in a white swimsuit. She is ordered to crawl around the classroom, before she is fingered and spanked while in doggy position. She then titfucks the guy and gives him a blowjob, before they fuck cowgirl. They change to doggy and then missionary, before he ejaculates in her mouth.


BTIS-095 – Girlfriend Little Boy 58 Chihiro

This one is a Crossdresser video that features a Japanese guy that is transformed into a nice cute sissy and then toyed and fucked. So without further ado, lets move onto my notes for this particular torrent.

SCENE 1: So in the first scene we see the guy who is going to be transformed into a girlie sissy being interviewed. Since I don’t understand japanese, I can’t really tell what they’re talking about. But then the scene shifts to where the guy is being dressed en femme. They apply make up, make him wear bra, panties, a nice cute dress with a sweater, some accessories and to complete the transformation a wig. So a slow intro for the CD at first and then he is joined by an older man. The old guy touches the CD and gropes him. Then he gets the CD’s cock out and begins to give him a handjob. Another guy joins in and they touch, caress, grope and play with the CD. They get the CD in doggy with some nice ass shots with his hard cock. The CD then gets rimmed an receives a blowjob and gets finger fucked. While taking a finger up his but, the old guy whips his cock out and makes the CD blow him. In the end the CD is on his knees blowing the old dude and taking a facial.

SCENE 2: Scene 2 tends starts with the CD again alone and posing and showing off his sexy black lingerie. He shows off his body and there is a lot of concentration on his ass with some great ass shots. The CD is then joined by a guy and they start thing off slowly and very sensuously. They touch and caress each other and begin to make out passionately. Soon the guy is naked and he whips the CD’s cock out of his panties and gives him a handjob while he sucks on the CD’s nipples. Both of them give each other blowjobs and suck on each other quite enthusiastically. The CD gets more handies and gets rimmed and finger fucked for a bit and then they get down to fucking. The CD is fucked in many positions that include DOGGY, MISSIONARY, SIDEWAYS, COWGIRL, STANDING DOGGY, REVERSE COWGIRL and then takes a facial in the end.

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