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Sister Catches You Peeking

You walk in on me browsing porn on my laptop and then watch as I pull out my favourite wand vibe and go to work, getting myself close to cumming, when suddenly… I slam my laptop closed as I notice you. But rather than being embarrassed, I’m annoyed that you interrupted me. I tell you to pull your cock out of your pants and show me what you’ve got there. Since you seemed to think me jerking off was pretty hot, why don’t you show me just how hot? Jerk your cock for me, I want to see if you can cum before I can. Maybe being told to put on a show will teach you not to be such a dirty little perve, huh?

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Hey little bro, thanks for coming over to keep me company. Yeah, with Paul’s deployment being so long this time I’m going a bit nuts here by myself. How am I? Well, the size of a whale for starters… And these pregnancy hormones… don’t get me started. I’m super horny and no way to get any release. I feel like I’d do anything to suck a cock. You? Haha, shut up and stop teasing me. Unless – you’re serious. Oh my god, I can’t believe… whoa whoa, I didn’t say no, did I? Let’s see if I can still get down on my knees.

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Nikki Brooks in Family Vacation – Cheating Mom Fucks Her Son’s Best Friend 4k

My mom, Nikki, walks in to JMac’s room in our hotel suite, while I am taking a shower. She pulls JMac’s cock out from under his shorts and she starts to give him a blowjob. It doesn’t take long for her to lifts her beige colored dress up, and hop on top of my best friend’s dick! She rides his huge cock in the cowgirl position first, before they switch to the doggy style position. My mom is moaning so loud as JMac’s huge cock fucks her deep and hard. “I want to watch you fuck me!” she tells him. She sits on the bed in the missionary position and she pulls her big tits out from under her dress. She watches my best friend’s cock slide in and out of her pussy, and she starts to moan even louder. “I’m about to cum!” she cries out. She cums all over his cock, and she tells him that he should cum somewhere else this time and not inside of her pussy again. When he is ready to cum, Nikki gets down on her knees and she opens her mouth as she eagerly waits for his cum! He explodes in her mouth and all over her face! “I better get cleaned up, so Luke doesn’t see me like this!” she states.


Nikki Brooks and her First Huge Cock


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Nicoledoshi – Daddy’s Lil Asian CumSlut Wants Creampie HD 1080p

“YES, DADDY. I’ll do anything to make Daddy happy. Does Daddy want me to suck cock? I’ll ride that cock like a good little Asian slut. Oh yes, Daddy can cum inside my tight wet pussy and creampie me all night long.”

Nicole blows the guy and then they fuck in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until he cums inside her pussy. Scene also includes lots of POV and creampie

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Stephie Staar – My Roommates New Slutty Girlfriend HD 1080p

My Roommates New Slutty Girlfriend Part 1
My roommate Jason has been dating a new girl and he was really into her, and when i walked out in to the kitchen i realized why. her name was Stephie and she was standing in the kitchen drinking coffee wearing panties and a short Tshirt. i tried to play it off cool and just made some small talk with her, i instantly had a huge crush! she was just gonna be hanging out at the house, she didn’t have to be at work for a couple hours. i asked where Jason was and she said he had already left for work, i told her i worked from home and id be around if she needed anything. about a hour later i was taking a break and playing with my iPad on the couch. Stephie walked out wear some excessive clothes and hold a yoga mat, she said hi and asked if she could do her yoga in the living room, i said sure it would bother me. so she stared stretching and every time she was facing the other way i was stroking my cock! beating my dick while my roommates new girlfriend was doing yoga in front me was so hot i almost came all over the couch.
My Roommates New Slutty Girlfriend Part 2
I was just sitting in my room jerking off thinking my about my buddy Jason’s new girlfriend Stephie. she is so hot and yesterday while i was sitting on the couch she came out into the living room and started doing yoga! i couldn’t help myself so when she was looking the other way i pulled my dick and out and jerked off. the idea of her body and what i did got me so turned on that i just laid down in my bed and started jerking off. after a few minutes i heard a knock at my door and before i could say anything stephie just walked into my room. she was starting to say something when she locked her eyes on my dick and just froze, i threw a blanket over my cock and tried to play it off as cool as i could. i asked her what she needed and she said she wanted to talk about yesterday. she told me she knew i was jerking off behind her, i immediately started apologizing and begging her not to tell Jason, he was my best friend after all. she started laughing and told me not to worry, she wouldn’t be telling Jason anything. she said she wanted to talk to me abut it because it looked like fun and she kinda wanted to play with my dick too! i asked her about jason, you know her boyfriend and my best friend. she said she loved jason but she still wanted to have some fun, then she dropped the robe she was wearing and showed off a sexy white bikini. she hopped up in the bed, grabbed my cock and stroked me to completion!
My Roommates New Slutty Girlfriend Part 3
I was feeling really guilty all day after what me and Stephie did yesterday, my roommate and best friend Jason would never forgive me if he knew that his girlfriend stephie jerked me off. i found stephie in the living room sitting on the couch, i stat down next to her and told her how i felt. she reassured me that jason would never know and we could still be good friends. a little while later was was chilling in my room when stephie just walked in and said she needed my help really fast. she was wearing a really pretty dress and was carry another one in her hand, she said she wanted my option on which ne looked best because jason was never honest with her about it. i told her i liked the one she was wearing, she asked about the other dress and began to strip, she got down to her thong and nothing else and just started at me. i stood up and walked over to her, i ran my hand her tits and said id like her just like that. she started grabbing my dick through my pants, i asked where jason was, she said he was still in the shower. before i knew it i had my roommates girlfriend sucking my dick while he was in the next room showering!
My Roommates New Slutty Girlfriend Part 4
i was laying in bed napping in the afternoon when Stephie just walked into my room. i asked her what she was doing and before she answered i asked if Jason was home. she said he was but he was knocked out on the couch and besides she said he wasn’t in the mood for what she wanted. while she was saying that she started stroking my dick through my pants, i asked her if she was sure with her boyfriend/my best friend and roommate just outside in the next room. she said she was sure and pulled my pants down. she striped, garbed some lube, slicked up my cock and slammed down on my dick! that little freak made me fuck her in a bunch of different positions and the let me cum deep into her pussy!

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Lily Glee & Lilly James – Not Without Grandma HD [Untouched 1080p]

Siblings Lily Glee and Wrex Oliver are forced to spend some time at their grandma Lilly James’ place.

After they get beyond bored, they decide to keep their hands busy with each other, but grandma Lilly catches them being inappropriate, so she joins them to teach them a lesson: “not without grandma”

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Bailey Brooke in “Family Entrapment” HD 1080p

Daddy’s little girl isn’t as innocent as we all thought.. I caught the two of them fucking in mom and dad’s bedroom.. I knew something was going on between them, but never thought it could be this bad!

The thing is, Bailey rejected me in the past.. Leaving me embarrassed at my attraction towards her. But she’s willing to screw our own father?! That is WAY worse than siblings having sex! After I found out about their affair, sis has been much nicer to me.. Maybe she’s afraid I’ll tell mom – who will be nothing less than pissed at them both!

I shouldn’t have turned you down..

Not gonna lie, my feelings were hurt. But I’m glad we’re doing this now

Me too, and dad is getting on my nerves now anyway

Sis runs her hand up my leg, lightly stroking my hard-on over my shorts. Her fingers glide over the tip of my cock and she looks up at me with her sultry blue eyes and whispers “I want you inside me”

It was enough to make me lose all control to my manly desires.. Watch as my sister teases off her white cotton panties.. With her ass up in the air, I finally stick my throbbing dick deep into her tight pink pussy. She felt so good as her pussy lips wrapped around me; I had to be careful not to cum to quick! I relax and watch her big round ass bounce on my cock as she rides me!

If I knew sis was this much fun to fuck, I would have been much more resilient to her deinal. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I drain my balls in her mouth. I know she’ll be craving more of her brother’s cock soon enough!

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Khloe Kapri – My Wife’s Daughters An Exhibitionist HD [Untouched 1080p]

Jon Rogue is visiting his daughter, Khloe Kapri, to get some papers for her to sign. He’s exasperated to find her not wearing any pants and flashing her pussy at him, but it’s to be expected. He knows she likes to show off… but he’s NOT expecting it when, moments later, her neighbor, Alex Mack, shows up. Alex doesn’t seem bothered at all by Khloe’s nakedness! In fact, once Jon has his back turned, Khloe excitedly jumps Alex to get the show started.

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Maggie Green – Stepmom Makes Him A Man HD [Untouched 1080p]

Jimmy Michaels is shy and not particularly socially adept. He knows that he wants to go to the school dance, but he doesn’t have a date and doesn’t care to go alone. When his stepmom, Maggie Green, discovers that Jimmy isn’t intending to go, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Busty Maggie gets Jimmy up off the couch and says that she’ll measure him for a suit so he looks quite handsome. The only catch is that Jimmy has to strip down to his boxer briefs so she can measure the fit appropriately…

When Jimmy obeys his stepmommy’s admonition to take off most of his clothes, it becomes painfully clear that he has a big boner. Maggie tries to measure around it, but eventually she can’t take it anymore. She pulls Jimmy’s briefs down to start stroking him off. Then Maggie shoves him back against the wall and pops her big jugs out so that he can suckle mama’s huge tits. Now that Maggie has begun to help Jimmy out, she won’t quit until he has gotten his rocks off, with her help of course. She guides him to the bed, where she lays Jimmy down and goes to town sucking and stroking him off. Then she lays down and invites Jimmy to have his way with mom.

Even as he’s sliding on home, Jimmy can’t believe he’s getting his dick wet in his stepmom’s twat! He curls up behind Maggie to spoon with her. Then Jimmy rolls onto his back so that Maggie can climb on top and ride him like her personal steed. Jimmy gets a crack at Maggie’s snatch again as he gets his stepmom on her hands and knees to take her in doggy. Rounding out their educational lovemaking, Maggie flips onto her back and lets Jimmy take her home one last time in missionary. When she’s had enough pleasure, Maggie gets on her knees to suck Jimmy off until he pulls out of her mouth to nut all over her face in a cum shot that drips down her massive boobs and leaves them both feeling great.

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My Wife’s First Blow Bang 4 (2019)

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Cast: Blair Williams, Brooklyn Gray, Laney Grey, Codey Steele, Kate Kennedy, Chad Alva, Eric Masterson, Trinity St. Clair, Jake Adams, Jason Moody, Chad Diamond, Will Pounder, Jay Romero

Its my wifes first blowbang and we could not be any more excited! Sharing the throat of the woman I love with my closest friends is truly a gift. Join in on the celebration and watch my wife gag, gurgle, and spit as she stuffs multiple cocks deep down her gullet. Enjoy!

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