Mom Relieves Viagra Accident – Sammi Starfish HD 1080p

Hi, I’m 40-year-old Sammi Starfish, your favorite real life mother to jerk off to. In the role play my son approaches me as I am doing laundry and asks if I can take him to the doctor. He has taken a Viagra pill and can’t get his erection to go down. I am way too busy for all this. So I just squat on his cock and bounce until he gives me a huge creampie. Much easier than taking him to the doctor. All while folding the laundry. Moms are always great multitaskers ;)

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Jane Cane – Mom Wants To Examine My Cock HD 1080p

My mom has been training to become a nurse and had a very unusual problem with a new patient. My mom needed to perform a physical on a guy about my age, but my mom’s soft hands must have given him a hard on. Frantic, my mom tried to figure out how to make the embarrassing erection go away. After some back and forth, she took matters into her own hands, literally. Upon getting home, she had to confess to me what had happened and wanted to know how she could fix it so that doesn’t happen again. She asks if she could give me a physical just to see what happens, you know, for science. During the physical my cock gets rock hard and has no intentions of going away. Jane feels responsible and wants to fix it, so she starts to jerk me off, but that only makes my cock get even harder. I can’t believe that she is actually willing to put it in her mouth and suck it. Seeing that this too is only making me harder, she decides to put my cock inside of her and fuck me until I cum all over her stomach.

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[MAINSTREAM INCEZT] The Dirty Dolls (1973)

Classic Erotica, Incest

Directed by: Stu Segall

Stars: John Alderman, Denise Drake, Esther Abbott

Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip

Description: Johnny, a psychopath, puts together a gang made up of young teenage girls to commit crimes for him. Everything is going well until one day, during a diamond robbery, the girls are forced to take two hostages and bring them back to the hideout along with the loot. Furious, Johnny wants to kill the hostages so there will be no witnesses, but one of his gang, who happens to be his sister, starts to think that maybe Johnny is going too far.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Wants Your Little Dick HD 1080p

Mommy found those sexy magazines in your bedroom… you know… the ones with the naked ladies inside! I know that you are coming of age and it’s only natural to get erections, but it’s getting embarrassing, especially when your mommy’s friends are around and it’s standing to attention and everybody can see! Something has to be done… mommy doesn’t like you looking at strange naked women… you can look at your mother instead. Come on my sweet boy, let mommy help that hard dick go down…

This video include scene depicting actions such as posing, teasing, dirty talk, touching, mother roleplay, pov, etc.

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Tsuma no Haha Sayuri (妻の母さゆり) [2011-2012][1080p-HEVC-BDRip][UNCEN]

After Kusakabe Akihiko’s wife cheats on him, she eventually runs away. Upon learning of this, Sayuri, Akihiko’s mother-in-law, comes to him to apologise, convinced that this is all happening because the blood of prostitutes runs in their veins. When she was young, Sayuri had been tricked by a man and became pregnant. In order to support herself and her daughter, she worked as a call-girl.
While attempting to comfort the distraught Sayuri, Akihiko becomes extremely conscious of her bewitching attributes, and his long unreleased sexual desires start to flare. This does not go unnoticed by Sayuri…

English subtitles: Retail subtitles
Source: BDMV -> 10bit x265.
Original Japanese Dub and Kitty Media English Dub
Notes: Source had the usual freaky telecine upscale issues for like half of the video. You probably won’t find a rip that has fixed source issues quite as well as this has.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Gets Naughty with Son and Dog HD 1080p

Mom was on her way to the gym when she realized she forgot to let the dog out,, she calls her friend and lets her know she’ll be late. She drops her keys and realizes she’s got a hole in her leggings. When the dog sneaks up behind her and starts licking her, shes startled and makes him stop. But after thinking about it bends back over again and starts really enjoying herself, so much so she loses track of time. before she knows it her son comes home in the middle of one of her orgasms. She knows she’s caught and doesn’t explain herself well. She notices your boner and tells you what a weirdo you are and lets both just hurry up and forget about this. but you want to watch and talk mom into letting you. which ends up turning into lots of naughty and inappropriate fun between you and mom and the family pet.

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MILF941 Rachel’s Rival 51 mins!

Rachel and her son Brycen live alone on their farm in Florida. Rachel works hard to pay for Brycen’s education as a secretary. She is completely devoted to her only son in more ways than one. They are secret lovers and have been for years. One afternoon while lounging and enjoying a well deserved day off an old high school friend called Rachel and told her she was on her way to visit. Rachel panicked as this woman (Grace) was her rival in school. Grace was the prom queen, voted most likely to succeed, and she certainty did. She married a wealthy tycoon and became a famous model. She was skinny and blonde. Rachel, chunky, and was just a mom with a end career. When Grace arrived she was surprised to see how well Rachel looked. She told Brycen about Rachel’s kinky hair, braces, chunky figure, bad skin and how unpopular she was. Brycen and Grace chuckled about that and Rachel felt all her rage come flooding back. Rachel just laughed with them and changed the subject. They talked about Grace’s modeling in L.A and Brycen was quick to compliment his mom telling her she could be a model too. Rachel felt better and blushed. After a while Rachel showed Grace to the guest room. Grace was going to stay with them for a week. That night Rachel tossed and turned trying to come up with a way to make Grace jealous of her. At breakfast Rachel decided to reveal stories about her sex life, she told Grace that she had been carrying on with younger men, men half her age. Grace was shocked. As Rachel went into juicy details Grace could not help but imagine the new hot Rachel fucking a young man. Rachel saw Grace going off into a daze and loved it. Rachel quickly excused herself to make breakfast for Grace.

After breakfast Grace went to shower. Rachel sat on the couch upset. Brycen came in to the room and asked when Grace would be leaving, he did not like the interruption of their private time together and he thought she was a bitch to Rachel. Rachel told him she wanted to get back at her for the years she took from her. Brycen agreed. They decided to have Brycen seduce grace to shame her. Rachel would sneak pictures to blackmail the perfect moodel. The first part of the plan happened the next morning at breakfast. Grace and Rachel sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee and Brycen walked in naked. Rachel smiled and opened her arms for a morning hug and kiss. He hugged her and gave her an open mouth kiss. Rachel stroked his smooth hard ass and acted as if everything was normal. Brycen grabbed a soda and left. Grace had her head in her hands. She looked at Rachel in shock. Rachel began to describe their relationship, and she confessed she was not sleeping with younger men, she just slept with Brycen only. She told her of a romantic tale when Brycen was her secret admirer. How he left flowers, and gifts then confessed his love for her. Rachel fell for him and that was the first time they made love. Rachel told her they had been lovers ever since. Grace was disgusted and she told Rachel what she was doing was wrong.

Grace was disgusted and she told Rachel what she was doing was wrong. Grace left to go to her room. Little did she know Brycen was in there jerking off. She stopped to watch through the door. The stories Rachel had told her had turned her on. Brycen knew she was at the door so he stroked it hard for her. He called out her name and she fled down the hall to the living room. Brycen followed her naked. He began his seduction. Grace was reluctant. Brycen told her he knew she wanted him and it had been a long time since she had sex. Grace was very horny so she let Brycen undress her. He started licking her sweet pussy, she moaned as he sucked her clit. Soon Grace had his cock in her mouth before she knew it. This was Rachel’s time to snap the photos. She got photos from front and back so Grace could never deny it. Brycen gave her a thumbs up while Grace was on her knees taking his cock deep. Rachel left to change. Brycen put Grace on her back and fucked her hard.

MILF1250 Family Game Night 77 mins!

Rachel was married to Joe. The couple had a daughter named Misty. One day Rachel’s sister, Dallas, came to visit. With her was her son, Aaron. In the evening, the family gathered in the living room and played an unusual board game that Rachel had recently bought from an estate sale. Legend had it that the house where the game came from was haunted by the spirit of its previous tenants: a family of which all the members had mysteriously committed suicide.They all became increasingly involved in it, the game was having an effect on them and they ended up playing long past midnight. Afterwards, tired but happy, they went to their rooms and to bed. None of them had any idea that their unusual board game was really a piece of occult equipment. By meddling with it, they had unknowingly awoken the latent dark forces of the game. While lying in the depths of sleep, they each underwent a subtle perversion of the mind and soul. The first to show the effects of this change were Rachel and Misty. It was the morning after, and mother and daughter were alone in the kitchen. Having greeted each other and talked about some weird dreams they had had, they suddenly experienced an irresistible urge to make out. Their state of possession was such that neither of them felt any guilt about it. After mother and daughter had shared a long, wet French kiss, Misty took off her top to expose pert tits. Rachel spent some time sucking on them, then pulled Misty’s panties down and got her to sit on the kitchen table with her legs parted. A moment later she was knelt lapping hungrily at her daughter’s naked pussy, making her moan with pleasure. The pair were totally immersed in each other – utterly unconcerned about any of the other family members coming down and catching them. Indeed, their passion only increased. Rachel pulled her big tits out of her sexy nightie and invited Misty to suckle on them. The young woman did so. The mother then resumed licking and probing her daughter’s pussy more fervently than ever. Misty, laying on the table, writhed, arched her back, went crazy from the electric sensation’s of her mother’s tongue. Later, they switched roles. Rachel sat on the kitchen counter, lifted her nightie, and presented her pantiless pussy to her daughter. Misty went to work on it like a milk-thirsty kitten. She crouched and eagerly lapped every inch of her mother’s forbidden zone. When the taboo lovers had gotten their fill of pleasure, they finished up kissing and caressing once more. The next pair to misbehave were Dallas and her son, Aaron. One moment they were innocently playing a game of pool; the next, they were enjoying a long, open-mouthed kiss. From here, things moved rapidly. Dallas dropped to her knees, pulled her son’s cock unhesitatingly from his pants, wrapped her lips tight around it, and sucked him off with unbridled passion. The mother then stripped naked, lay back on the floor, and opened her legs so that her son could go to work on her pussy and repay the favor she had done him. The young man licked her long, deep, lovingly and expertly. Dallas constantly moaned and pushed her big tits in arousal. At last, with the son as hard as can be and the mother as wet as can be, they got on and fucked over the table. It was an intense spectacle. Aaron pumped his mother hard from behind, making her moan louder than ever, driving her to the point of taking dirty. She sure let him know what a good son he was. Aaron finished up by giving her his own kind of compliment: a blast of his hot cum in her hot, clenching pussy. While Aaron was busy fucking his mother downstairs there was a father and daughter encounter between Joe and Misty upstairs. It began with Joe in the shower, soaping up his cock while Misty sat watching him and rubbing her pussy through her panties. Since the incident with her mother, she was almost permanently horny. Unwilling and unable to stay back any longer, she frantically stripped off and joined her father in the stall. Joe showed no surprise or anger at Misty’s sudden arrival. Instead, he stooped and kissed, sucked upon, and fondled her tits while she stroked his cock. Following this, her father having lathered her body all over, Misty gave him a loving blowjob. Joe then sat his daughter back on a ledge in the stall and proceeded to drive her wild with some expert licking and finger-fucking of her pussy. After this foreplay, father and daughter fucked standing up – Joe reaching round his daughter’s front to frig her clit and squeeze her tits even while his cock drilled deep into her. Misty loved every moment of her fucking. She praised her father and talked dirty to him on many occasions. At last, with his daughter riding up and down on his lap, Joe unleashed his load. Misty was thrilled to take it all in her pussy. It may have been a deeply taboo moment between father and daughter, but neither of them showed an concern. Misty was a picture of guiltlessness as she stepped happily and lightly out of the shower stall. The fourth forbidden coupling of the day took place in Rachel’s bedroom. She was in there trying out some clothes in front of her sister, Dallas. Moments after revealing herself in some sexy lingerie, she was possessed with horniness. In no time at all she and Dallas were kissing hotly and rolling around on the bed. This led to Rachel stripping Dallas naked and laying her out with her legs parted so that she could give her pussy a good licking. There was plenty of kissing, caressing, writhing and moaning for a long time as the sister’s tended their mutual needs. Then, into this intense scene, there came Aaron. He took one look at his mother and his aunt enjoying their taboo make-out session, and quickly joined them. A torrid threesome ensued. He French kissed with the two women, then had his cock jerked and sucked by both of them in turn. Rachel then sat aside and played with herself for a while – thrilling at the sight of a mother plunging her mouth up and down her own son’s cock. She then straddled Aaron’s face and let him eat her out. The young man was in heaven: his mother was giving him incredible head, and his buxom brunette aunt was giving him her sweet pussy to lick. The threesome finished with Aaron switching his pussy-licking attentions to his mother while his aunt took over in the cock-sucking department. It was a happy conclusion for the three of them. The final outbreak of family fucking was the biggest and wildest event of all. It began in the living-room in the evening. No sooner had the five relatives gathered together than they all succumbed to the now familiar rush of mysterious, forbidden passion. The sexual activity was almost mind-boggling: Misty sucked off her cousin, Aaron. Dallas sucked off her brother-in-law, Joe. Aaron kissed his aunt, Rachel, and fondled her tits. Rachel then sucked her husband’s cock alongside Dallas. This moved on to the sister’s kissing, then getting into the sixty-nine position to lick each other’s pussies. Nearby, Aaron started fucking his cousin missionary style. With his mother’s face so close, he was able to French-kiss her at the same time. There was then a big change up. Joe ate Dallas’s pussy while his daughter came over and sucked his cock. Rachel added to the chain by playing with Misty’s pussy, and Aaron completed it – fucking Rachel from behind, on her hands and knees. Brother-in-law pleased sister in law; daughter pleased father; mother pleased daughter; and nephew pleased aunt. The room was filled with loud moans and the dirty-talk of family members encouraging each other in their fucking. Soon, Joe moved on to fucking Dallas on her back. Misty got involved, too. She straddled Dallas’ face and got her pussy licked. Meanwhile, Aaron was fucked his horny aunt. He took her in the reverse cowgirl and missionary positions. Rachel made plenty of horny noise with her legs pushed far back and her nephew’s cock thrusting deep into her pussy. The next big move-around saw Dallas and Misty get in to a sixty-nine. As Misty was on top, she was at just the right height for her father to move in and fuck her from behind. Aaron stood on the other side, giving her his cock to suck. All the while, Rachel got involved here and there – spicing things up with her sexy presence. Finally, Aaron knelt between his mother’s leg and gave her one last, tremendous fucking that caused her to moan louder than she’d ever done, and let loose her dirtiest dirty-talk of the day. A few feet away, Rachel was getting fucked in the spoon position by her husband. The ever horny Misty looked on and stroked her pussy excitedly, revelling in the wild, forbidden fuck fest going on all around her. It ended with the three women putting their faces together and taking all they could get from the combined cum-loads of Joe and Aaron. In their altered, corrupted states, they had no idea, nor even cared, how depraved they looked. Thick white ribbons of cum from their own male family members coated their faces and showed in their open, smiling mouths. The dark forces in the house, unlocked by the strange board game, had possessed the five relatives completely – and forever.

MILF1724 Man of the House 24 mins!

Rachel’s son had finally completed serving his long ten year prison sentence and had come out a new and respectful man. While he was away her husband had passed away and she had grown used to being independent, but very lonely as well. Michael had proven such a help around the house and a shoulder to cry on as well. Rachel worried for her son though. Since he didn’t seem to ever want to leave the house and she wondered if he was adjusting to life on the outside. One day Micheal found her crying in her bedroom while she was feeling particularly alone and vulnerable. He told her to take a bath and that he would check on her to make sure everything was ok. Soon after she was soaping up her naked body, her handsome son walked into the bathroom. She was surprised and could tell he was nervous about seeing her half naked in the bath, but the feeling soon faded. Instead, she found her son professing his love for his mother. Not the typical type of love but a forbidden passion that filled her with excitement and interest, and caused her womanhood to moisten with anticipation. He joined her in the tub and they played, but soon found themselves in the bedroom making forbidden and passionate love. She satisfied Michael and he her. After several orgasms, Rachel told her son just how nice it was to finally have a man around the house again.

MILF1733 – Mother Manipulator 21 mins!

Rachel is very possessive of her son Michael. During one of his visits home, she is dismayed at the number of times his girlfriend Suzy phones to talk with him. It seems the mother can barely have a conversation with Michael for the constant interruption of calls. The young man hurriedly answers them each time – as if frightened to keep his girlfriend waiting. This upsets Rachel even more. Aside from resenting Suzy for taking up her son’s attention and having such control over him, she also feels jealous of the deeply affectionate way he speaks to her. It is Rachel’s opinion that she should be the most important woman in her son’s life. After all, she is his loving mother. To remind him of that fact, and to take his thoughts off his girlfriend, she talks about the care she took of him when he was growing up. Back then they used to have a great deal of fun together. Often Rachel would play-wrestle with Michael and subject him to tickle-attacks. Nostalgic for those happy times, she now throws herself on her young man, hugging him tight, rolling around with him, working her fingers all over his body to make him laugh. Michael briefly loses himself in the pleasure of the moment. But then his girlfriend calls yet again. Straight away, he cuts things short with his mother to speak with her. In exasperation, Rachel tries to distract him, feigning a terrible migraine. When that doesn’t work, she storms of to her room in a huff. There she lies on her bed, bemoaning the existence of her son’s girlfriend. However, her mood soon turns to delight when Michael come in, apologizes for not giving her his undivided attention, and announces that he’s decided to stay over so he can spend a little more time with her. This is a fateful turn of events for Rachel. With just her and her son in the house that night, she senses a perfect opportunity to gain his complete loyalty once and for all. Her plan of action is wild and taboo – courtesy of her utter determination and a secret forbidden lust that she’s been harbouring for a long time. Thus, after donning a sexy see-through outfit that shows off her magnificent figure to glorious effect, she barges into her son’s room and wakes him up. Throwing herself into her arms, feigning vulnerability, she tells Michael that she heard a spooky sound in the house. Could he please come to her room and keep her company? – she asks. Though groggy and surprised, Michael does as his mother requests. Once Rachel has convinced him to settle down in her bed, she commences with an outrageous act of seduction. Mommie loves you best – she insists, giving him a more than maternal kiss. Next she starts to pose provocatively for Michael, showing him how much better built she is than his girlfriend. The ploy proves very effective. Aroused at the sight of his curvaceous mother, Michael succumbs to forbidden temptation. With startling suddenness, he finds himself locked in a passionate embrace with her – willingly sharing a hungry, tongue-twisting French-kiss. From that moment on, Rachel has her son exactly where she wants him. While persuading him more and more to chose her over his girlfriend, she leads him through the delights of foreplay – of mutual caressing, of fondling and sucking her big naked breasts. Finally, having gotten him to lick and finger her pussy until she gasps and cums, she invites him to fuck her missionary style. Young Michael relishes the chance to shove his big hard cock inside of his super hot mother. After intensely pumping her for some time, he pulls out and shoots a large streak of cum over her naked stomach. Rachel coos happily as her son’s hot cream lands on her. Drawing him into her arms for a tender post-coital hug, she hears him promise to stay with her forever. These words are all that Rachel could wish to hear. In the battle between her and Suzy, she has at last emerged victorious. It is proof indeed that a loving mother is the ultimate woman in a man’s life.

MILF1721 – Jealous Son 14 mins!

Rachel decided to wear a low-cut top, some pantyhose and a tight skirt to the office where she worked as a secretary. Her son Michael saw her before she went. Flustered, he complained that she was dressed inappropriately and that she might attract attention from the wrong kind of guys. He even said it made her look slutty. Rachel was taken aback, but she let the comment ago. Although her outfit showed plenty of ample cleavage and lots leg, she felt her son was over-reacting. It was her belief that some other cause lay behind his protests – something that she could not yet identify. Later, back home from work, Rachel came into Michael’s room while he lay restless in bed. All she wore was a skimpy, clinging slip. In her hands she held a couple of outfits. She was having trouble deciding which one to wear to a party, and she wanted Michael’s advice. Once again Michael responded badly. How could Rachel go around the house so scantily clad? – he demanded to know. Didn’t she realize it was a wrong for a mother to appear that way in front of her son? But Rachel was as mystified by Michael’s behaviour as before. Paying it little attention, she pressed him to choose between the two dresses she presented him. When Michael picked the more conservative one, she cheekily opted to wear the other one instead. Some time after, Michael was alone in his room again. Lying back naked in his bed, he was busily jerking his cock. The truth is he was having a hot taboo fantasy about his sexy mother and imagining all the things he would like to be doing with her. At present he still experienced guilt over his feelings. That was part of the reason for his strong reactions to his mother’s provocative dressing. Because it excited him, it also troubled him. The other part was Jealousy. It bothered Michael no end to think of other guys getting an eyeful of the hot mother he desired all for himself. Little did he know that Rachel had figured that out in the meantime. Right while he was in the middle of pleasuring himself, she came bursting back into the room and told him they needed to talk. Michael was mortified at being caught cock-in-hand, but Rachel took it all in her stride. In a resolute but kindly manner, she took a seat next to her son and confronted him with her theories about his behaviour. She was right on all counts. Michael was utterly disarmed. Shyly, he confessed everything to his mother – that he was attracted to her and jealous of other guys seeing her. Instead of being shocked or angry, Rachel smiled at her son and drew closer to him. She was fine with his taboo feelings. As a matter of fact, she had them herself. Being a horny widow, she had often noticed Michael’s virile youthfulness. Now she intended to enjoy it. She also hoped to relieve him of his long built-up sexual frustration while proving to him that he was her number one man who didn�t need to be jealous of anyone else. With that she moved in to embrace and kiss him. It was a such a seductive action that Michael immediately responded to his mother’s advances despite his own nervousness. Before long the pair were passionately wrapped up in each other. Long moments of french-kissing were interrupted by Rachel removing her slip and bra so that her son could fondle and suck on her big, naked tits. Then she lay on her back with her long pantyhose-clad legs parted wide, held at the ankles by her son as he knelt between her thighs and fucked her to ecstasy in the missionary position. The taboo mother-son encounter reached its climax – literally – with Michael spraying a massive load of hot creamy cum all over Rachel’s chest and face. Afterwards, it was clear that their relationship had reached a new and better level. Aside from being much more relaxed, Michael was more communicative and open with his mother. When Rachel playfully asked him if she could wear another revealing outfit to work the next day, he gave her his blessing without a moment’s hesitation.

MILF1701 – Mother is Vulnerable

Rachel fell into a bad depression after her husband passed away. In her grief she seemed to forget that he had been a bastard who treated her very badly. For weeks she did nothing but lay in her bed and drink until her son loving Dylan helped her get back on her feet. Then came a period where Rachel went out almost every night, XXXX hard, flirting with men at clubs. On one occasion she stumbled home and found Dylan waiting up for her. When he appeared to disapprove of her behaviour, she playfully taunted him by assuming provocative poses that showed off her swelling bustline, deep cleavage and shapely butt. She then planted a more-than-mother kiss on his lips before going to bed. Little did she know how much passion her antics sparked in Dylan. He had always wanted to be a better man to his mother than his father had been. Now he wanted to be her lover as well. While she lay asleep on her bed, he entered her room to see how she was doing. Rachel’s dress had hiked all the way up to her thighs, and her aroused son could not resist touching them – all the way up to her butt. He then covered her with a blanket, kissed her cheek, and left. The next day Rachel encountered Dylan in the kitchen. She seemed bright and happy, but when she poured a drink and tried to take a pill, Dylan stopped her. He was clearly concerned that such habits were not helping his mother. As Rachel was hysterically protesting his intervention, he took her into her arms, hugged her tight, and told her he loved her. The next thing she knew, they were kissing passionately. Even as Rachel hesitated with guilt, he son lifted her on to the counter, running his hands up her thighs and over her breasts. The sensation felt so good that a taboo desire for her son suddenly took over. It had been a long time she’d been truly loved by a man. Now Dylan was giving her what she needed. Her recent grief seemed to evaporate in the pleasure of the moment. Later, in her room, the forbidden fun began in earnest. Stripped down to her lingerie, Rachel lay kissing and fondling with her son in the marital bed. After the young man had played with her naked breasts and suckled the nipples, he dropped lower and licked her pussy. In her arousal, Rachel moved to straddle his face. Panting, she ground herself down on his mouth, trying to get his tongue as deep into her as possible. She then returned the favor by giving his big hard cock a deep and loving sucking. Finally, the pair fucked up a storm in the doggy and missionary positions. Possessed with ecstasy, Rachel begged her son to cum inside of her. He did, heavily. Afterwards, she held him in her arms. In just a few hours he had brought her back to life, made a new woman of her. She looked to the future now. With him as her special man, she might even start family. It was certainly possible now that he had shot so much potent cum into her fertile, unprotected pussy.

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Naked House Guest – Cory Chase HD 1080p

I walk in to the living room to find a blonde MILF completely naked on the couch! “Um… Are you Cory?” I ask her. “Yes, I am! Didn’t my sister tell you that I was coming over?” Cory asks me. “She did, but I think that you need to put some clothes on! My mom told me that I’m not allowed to do anything with you unless she is involved!” I tell Cory. “Well, if you can keep a secret then I can too….” she giggles. She starts to rub her pussy in front of me, and I can’t help but feel my cock getting hard. She moves closer to me, and she starts to give me a secret blowjob. After a few minutes of her sucking my cock, she lies down on the couch and she spreads her legs for me. I shove my cock inside of her MILF pussy and I start to fuck her. I reach out and grab her big, fake tits while I fuck her. Then I ask her to flip over, so I can fuck her pussy in the doggy style position next. While I am fucking my mom’s sister, my mom bursts through the front door! She looks at what Cory and I are doing, and my mom instantly bursts in to tears and starts to cry! My mom runs in to her bedroom and she slams the door. “I didn’t think she’d be home so early!” Cory whispers to me. “Can you please go check on my mom and make sure she’s okay?” I ask Cory. Cory gets up off the couch and she walks in to my moms bedroom…

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MIMK-084 [English Subtitles] Aunt’s Body Feels Too Good Part 3

Kohei, alongside his parents, visits Aunt Kyoko in the mountains. They have not each other in a very long time and Auntie Kyoko already has had his baby.

However, Kohei is more interested in Auntie, after all, he still remembers how good last summer was and how good Auntie’s pussy felt.

Kyoko tries her best to handle him and to prevent past mistakes, but Kohei is full of tricks…

After 3 years, this video follows MIMK-052 and MIMK-054.

The first 2 editions are awesome and follow the doujins very closely. Hilarious banter and amazing sex scenes non-stop. Even this edition it’s nowhere near the originals it’s still good to complete the trilogy. If only for nostalgia.

MIMK-084 – My Aunt Feels Way Too Good 2- Hana Haruna – 1 – subtitles.avi

MIMK-084 – My Aunt Feels Way Too Good 2- Hana Haruna – 2 – subtitles.avi

MIMK-084 – My Aunt Feels Way Too Good 2- Hana Haruna – 3 – subtitles – creampie.avi

MIMK-084 – My Aunt Feels Way Too Good 2- Hana Haruna – 4 – subtitles.avi

MIMK-084 – My Aunt Feels Way Too Good 2- Hana Haruna – 5 – subtitles – creampie.avi

[PPPD-533] (English subbed) – I Had A Pregnancy Fetish For A Big Tits Apartment Wife In The Afternoon As I Was Fucking Her While Her Husband Was Away – JULIA – (1080p)

Another great one from the wonderful julia,this one starts off with her having dinner with her husband i assume and the usual dialogue build up,lasts about 20 minutes before action begins with some voyeur,julia is fingering herself and massaging her breasts.Next scene involves julia being raped sort of,she is reluctant at first to have sex but soon eases to the idea.The gentlemen licks her tits and plays with her pussy.She gives him a blowjob and he fucks her tits.That doesnt last longer before she is bent over a table being fucked as hard as the gentlemen can finished with a creampie.Next scene is almost identical except she is a little less reluctant this time and touches his cock while he gropes, they fuck doggy cowgirl and missionary before he cums all over and inside her pussy next scene briefly fades to a pregnant julia and ends there…


SDDE-587 Nearly Weds Bedazzled By A Hypno-Light [1080p]

*Hardcoded with Chinese subs
This movie contains 4 scenes. A guy obtains a laser pointer that is able to hypnotize women. He uses it on unsuspecting women, and makes them does his bidding, including blowjobs and spreading their legs to welcome his dick.

SDDE-587 Nearly Weds Bedazzled By A Hypno-Light.mp4

[JUL-016] Married Madonna Falls In Love And Gets Her First Hard Fuck! She’s Made To Cum By A Man Who She Doesn’t Want To Fuck – Hikari Hime

Custom description: i work with my husband as a secretary we went to see a building when a man showed up he started to talk to my husband then we invited him to lunch when my husband left he started force taking off my clothes and licked my nipple i refused at first but then i liked it he start to lick my pussy and i gave him a nice blowjob and 69 position till he started to fuck me so hard while i was moaning .


[MIMK-079] (English subbed) Hardcore Sex With A Quiet Librarian student – Mia Nanasawa

This guy meets a pretty girl working in the school library named Akemi, and he gets mesmerized by her beauty and by her misterious aura.

He begins to visit the school library with the sole purpose of approaching her. Despite her very cold reactions, he doesn’t give up, and finally, he notices something weird about her…

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