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Back Story – My beautiful mother arrived from her Overseas tour of duty after two years. The Son has just turned eighteen and missed Cory so much during her absence than his Dad. She is 43 years old but with a flawless body of someone in 30’s. She is blonde with tiny waist, full round hips and beautiful jutting ass to match. Her brown eyes and pouty lips complete her divine body.

The Son had grown tall and little muscular in his mothers two years of absence, while the Dad continued to lose hair and gain weight in all the wrong places…His doubts about this increased as the long, wearisome weak wore on. Son was almost sure that he saw a look of recognition in his mother’s beautiful green eyes, but his Dad and family friends monopolized her. He was driven to seek comfort in his room amidst her worn panties to satisfy his needs. Every time he masturbated, his sweet mother was in my mind, because she was the one who was always in his fantasies.

Later that night…When the Dad had gone, Cory called for her son…Like a bee to honey, the Son entered the room to find Cory sitting on the couch…Cory invited him to sit next to her as she admired her Son’s new athletic build…She began to move closer and even slipped her hand down his shorts…Cory could see he was excited to see his mother and she could feel it too…

Mom then pulled down his shorts and proceeded to suck her Son off…”It’s so Big!” Cory moaned as she took his cock in her warm mouth…She stroked his cock up and down, squeezing out a nice drop of pre-cum…Mom swallowed his cum with a lustful look…Cory knew her Son wanted her ass and she was about to give it to him…

Cory wanted his throbbing cock in her ass… He parted the tight cheeks of her ass and became very excited…This was his first anal experience…Mom begged to stick his cock in, to just put the head in…He squirted the lube inside her ass and spreading in there and all around her puckered hole and then coated his cock as-well…He placed the tip at the entrance…When she felt the cock rub the crack of her ass, she began to push back…She held her breath and eased her sphincter as he slid inside…Mom Clutched and Clawed at the pillows and he drove his cock deeper and deeper inside her…

Mom grunted and then said, “Yes, your cock is in your mother’s ass.” She almost screamed the last few words as my first anal orgasm swept over me. “Fuck me,” She screamed at me. “Fuck me!” .

Son screamed out I am going to cum…”Go ahead Son, I want your juice in my mouth”…Forgetting his cock was just in her ass, Cory sucked his cock clean just as he shot his enormous load in her mouth…Mom wrapped her pretty lips around his cock and slipped every last drop out of his cock…Cleaning the last drop of sperm off the side of her mouth, Mom asks, “Is Mom good for you?” Son replied, “That was amazing Mom! Let’s try again tomorrow!”

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Your Aunt Dee is so SEXY, you have had thoughts about her since you first started getting boners. You are pretty sure she has noticed but you try not to let her catch the way you look at her. Now she is laying out by the pool all oiled up in her bikini.

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Brother’s Cum Grows Boobs – Xev Bellringer HD

I don’t know when you started jizzing in my coffee, but my boobs are enormous now! I think I should start drinking more of your delicious cum in my coffee all the time so my boobies grow even bigger. I know you’re my brother and it’s really naughty, but all I had were mosquito bites before. I’ve always wanted full, juicy breasts, I just never knew the secret was drinking your cum! I’ll have to start draining you daily to keep these babies pumped~

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The Mosquito Net (2010) FULL UNCUT HQ Version!

Directed by: Agustí Vila

Stars: Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández, Martina García

Language: Spanish, Catalan (2tracks) | Subtitles: English, French, Spanish (embed)

Country: Spain | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Dvdrip

Also known as: La mosquitera

Description: A dysfunctional middle class family avoids their issues. Miguel wants to pay their immigrant teen maid Ana for sex, his wife Alice has an affair with their teen son’s manipulative schoolmate and Miguel’s parents deal with Alzheimer’s.

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No Way Out!

No Way Out!
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You MILF of a mommy is on the couch and enjoying a nice beverage when you come in. She sees that you are upset and after talking to you she realizes it is due to the bitches at the gym you workout at. She tells you to forget those cunts and that turns you on. Mommy sees this and then gets a taboo idea to help rid you of your frustration. She excuses herself and says she will be right back. When she comes back into the room she has nothing on but a short satin robe and she is holding a mirror and some lipstick. She sits down and tells you to tell her what you would call the bitches at the gym. You tell her cunt and she uses the mirror and lipstick to write cunt on her forehead. Then she suggests that you tell them to gag themselves with their hands. After you say it, mommy does it. Mommy shoves her hand deep in her mouth and gags big time. She spits, drools, and slobbers as she does it and when she lets herself up for air she lets out more nasty words to get you going. Mommy is so turned on she flips up her robe and tells you to come lick her asshole. You get right in there and lick away on your mother’s ass. She has you stop as she does not want to cum just yet. Next she has another nasty idea that is even more taboo then what has already happened. She takes the lipstick and writes piss slut across her tummy. She says that is the way she feels and she bends down and lets her pee go. You get nice and close to check it all out. After her stream of pee is done she stands up and is so worked up. You check out the puddle of warm pee on the floor and are super horny. She now wants you to come and fuck her slutty mouth. Mommy told you she would help you get rid of your frustration.

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Home Alone with My Sister Evelin MP4 4K

Ever since I can remember, It has always been just me and my Dad in the house. He recently got married and my mom and Sister moved in with us. It sucked at first until I started to watch my sister Evelin shower, she is really hot. I knew our parents wouldn’t be home so I made my move, I come into the bathroom and let her do all the talking. Evelin is creeped out at first but then like a good slutty sister she drops to her knees and starts sucking my big cock. I love her round ass and bend her over right there in the bathroom and fuck her tight pussy till I just explode inside of her.

***Starring: Evelin Stone***

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NITR-471 Volunteer Beauty Busty College Girl And Elderly Care Nurse Sex: Yukimi Chinatsu

This is one of the same story plot as forbidden care series. Old man needs help and this time, instead of the daughter in law, a volunteer nurse comes to house visit and help out. One thing leads to another, girl wears sexy and old man is horny. Old man wants to see her butt and next thing, sex with old man. Bathroom sex, bedroom sex, lots of blowjob, masturbation, cowgirl action. As always, girl is busty, big tits, sweet, young and old goodness sexy. Creampie in the end as always.
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DFDM-013 Horny step-sister Rinne Touka

Rinne is back and this time, she acts as a step sister who is consistently horny and wants to seduce little step-brother. Makes you wanna be the little step brother. As always Rinne big tits, seducing slender body, sweet smile, french kisses and long legs makes you wanna jerk off. Her blowjob is amazingly hot and slutty, all wet and warm. Whispering to your ears, asking you to lick her and fuck her. As always, a very fucking good production.

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[VENU-818] My Wife’s Sister Showed Up Unannounced And For 2 Days And 1 Night, She Made Me Come Over And Over Again

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[NHDTB-216] New Moms Aphrodisiac Molester 2 1080P

Got a good one here for you….. in 1080P no less too! The translated title of this one is “A baby stroller wife who does not stop convulsions with a long time acme after being robbed of a postpartum virgin”. Basically it’s an aphrodisiac fantasy JAV where pervs target young/new moms, jump them using some kind of aphrodisiac drug that makes them ridiculously horny/sensitive and them fuck them with them squirting and convulsing all over the place. (their acting is kind of funny to watch at times).

This vid is about 4hrs with 1080P scenes, it’s pretty hot, and apparently the second vid of this series. The file is about is 10 GIG so it will take me a little while to seed out (so be patient with that please). But if this goes well I will try and find the other one (hopefully 1080P also if I can get it). Cause there seem to be a lot of JAV vids like this, and aphrodisiac molester fantasy vids seem pretty popular too. Hope you guys like it

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