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Jodi West Fucks Her Son Good HD

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IT lurks in the sewers. IT feeds on human fear. No matter what you are afraid of, IT is the worst nightmare ever. Manic-depressive clown kidnapped a beautiful schoolgirl into his lair. He frightened her, tortured her and in the end took advantage of her. Crazy monster and his bizarre circus show with an innocent girl. You will get goosebumps when you face your own fear. IT is evil and even more furious and more dangerous than you could ever imagine.

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REAL Colombian Mother and Son Webcam For Money!

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Stepmom Nurtures My Cock – Christy Love HD [Untouched 1080p]

My stepmom is killing my vibe. She is going to throw out all the stuff I need to clean myself up after I masturbate. But when I tell her, she seems like she wants to help me figure out another way to experience some pleasure. She tells me I need some nurturing, and then leads me to my room. Then she tells me to close my eyes, and when I open them, she has her top off! If this is what she means by nurturing, I can definitely get used to it!

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The First Seduction II – Angel The Dreamgirl HD

I have been working here for 3 months. And I noticed that you are watching me secretly, and when I stand by your desk you look at me so closely. I guess probably you have clothes fetish. You often began to give me a compliment in favor of my work attire. If you wish we can make a dress code for each working day. It will be fun! Not.. What do you want then?

Oh, seriously, do you want it? That’s exactly … I… me… I need to think. This is a very serious step for me. I have never been the Mistress of my Boss, this will be my first time. Yes, I understand you do everything in the best way. The first time is so special, long-awaited… you are right! Do you want me to dominate you and tease you? Well, I’ll try to do it… Yes, I can do it! Do you want me to give you permission to fuck my wet pussy by your hard big cock when the time comes? Wow, I like this development of our conversation. Yes, I understood, I need to tease you for as long as possible, I will tease your big and hard cock until your pre-cum drips from your slit, and your swollen cock is ready to shoot from my resolution. You know… I brilliantly know how to tease a heavy cock. I’m a diamond at…

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Demon Daughter – Meana Wolf HD

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When an occult ritual goes wrong, your late blooming daughter will become possessed by a dark force. All at once her beauty and sexual energy will explode in your arms as the Demon compels her to fuck any and all men insight, including her beloved Daddy. Tell the truth now Daddy. Didn’t you always want to fuck her? Maybe now more than ever. Regardless, your Demon Daughter has an appetite that is insatiable, and she won’t be stopped… even after making you cum in all of her evil little holes.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A sad girl lost in her self loathing. A father who’s doing his best to raise her. A demonic spell gone wrong. A demon longing for corporeal shape. A daughter possessed who’s insatiable lust compels her to fuck her dad and put an end to her cursed virginity. **Magic. Erotic Magic. Demon Transformation. Father/Daughter love. Vaginal Creampie. ANAL. Anal Cream Pie. Cum Play. Sloppy Slobbering Cum hungry Demon Daughter. A cinematic Thriller that is sure to please!**

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Possession Spell Trilogy: Gender Transformation: Mandy Flores HD


The Final Cut Trilogy of my Top Selling Transfer Fetish 3 Part Series!

(All were custom requests, Part 2 & 3 were custom videos inspired by the 1st. Have an idea for part IV? Email me!)

Part 1: With the recent release of “wife-mom swap”, it’s renewed my love for your transfer clips. Here’s my basic idea, You play a police detective who is going to a suspects house to ask him some questions about a recent murd3r. The suspect answers the door to come face to face with the detective. You say you’d like to talk to him about a recent murd3r. The suspect starts to panic and he starts to realizethat you already knowthat he was the murd3erer. That’s when he gets desperate and uses a possession spell that he found online to take over the detective. He initiates the spell when you go to arrest him and make contact with his skin. It causes you to convulse and spasm until you p@ss out and you awake only to have him in complete control of your body. He is now in complete shock that the spell actually worked. He takes his body that you are now in and drags it off to tie upand now he uses his time to do some role-play and get “Acquainted” with his new body before he has to go back to doing “her” job.*

Part 2: You could pick up almost where you left off before. The scene could start with you arriving at Mandy’s house after turning her into the police station in your old body. Talk yourself and to “Mandy” when you look into the mirror like you did before. You walk into Mandy’s house and exploring your new house and body. Make some comment about how you have been dying to play a more with your new body as you are grabbing your tits while you are saying this. Also, comment on how weird it is to have guys ogling you. Find a mirror right away and look at your new face comment on how pretty it is. You also notice how different your hands are now that you are a woman. Your mannerisms and facial expressions were great in the first video. Try to keep them similar this video. Next find Mandy’s bedroom. Remember you have never been in this house before. Find her closet go through her underwear drawer. You comment on how it’s gonna be very different wearing women’s clothes. Find a full length mirror similar to what you did in the first video. Talk to the reflection in the mirror as if it’s the real Mandy once again. I liked how you did that in the first video. You might say something like “why did you waste your time being a cop when you could make so much more money doing other things with this body”. Say “I could be a stripper or a cam girl.” Next try on a couple of outfits. Really sexy tight hugging dress with sexy heels. Make sure to check yourself out in the mirror in the front and the back as best you can. Use as much dirty language as possible. Next put on the sexiest lingerie you have with garter and stockings. Now start to play with yourself again. Notice all the new sensations. Talk about how different it now that you are a woman. Next find a toy in Mandy’s drawer and start to use it. Talk about the sensations you have never felt before. Make me believe that you are really a man in that beautiful body experiencing the sensations for the first time. You could end the video after you experience an orgasm and say I think I can go again in this body. Grin slyly and say something like I hadn’t really planned on being a woman but I think I’m gonna like it….a lot

Part 3: I think we should start off with you at the very end of part 2. We see you experience your second major orgasm as a female using the large dildo you found in her drawer. As you breath deeply and smile with a sinister laugh, you have now come to the conclusion that having sex inside a hot female body is FAR better than any sex you ever had as a man! As a matter of a fact your say, “Man, these fucking female hormones are racing through this body of those 2 orgasms! No wonder this bitch has all those hot outfits in her closets!!! She’s loves sex! (sinister laughing). No, wait a minute! SHE doesn’t love sex ………ANYMORE! Because she’s in jail! (sinister laughing) I LOVE SEX NOW! This is MY body! This is MY house! Those clothes in that closet are MY clothes! I AM DETECTIVE MANY FLORES! FUCK YEA! (she now goes to put the big dildo back into the drawer and sees a picture of a hot guy. Hormones racing she is interested in who this is. On the back of the photo it says, “to my love! Detective Many Flores. I love you! Tommy”) Mandy’s phone rings and it reads on the phone “Tommy” She answers and it is her boyfriend. He is back in town after a trip and cannot wait to come over and see her! Many stumbles at first but then get right into character, realizing this is the detectives boyfriend, and gets excited, letting him know it is ok to come over. Just so you know I have a pretty intense foot/platform/stiletto shoe & boot fetish. I LOVE looking at you in your thigh high black sky high stiletto/platform 6″ heel boots. I would like you to prepare for your “boyfriend” who is coming over to see you after being away for a few weeks. He told you on the phone he got a call from some prisoner in jail that you arrested and says he is you and you stole his body??!!!! You assure her boyfriend on the phone you will explain this crazy person but cannot explain how “he” got Tommy’s phone number. You get a little nervous that maybe the real Detective Flores may have told him things that only “she” would know!!! BUT, you get a great idea! Dress sexy as hell and give him the best sex he has ever had, and all those “crazy” things “prisoner Mandy” told him will go away! You now walk into your closet and discover your platform black boots. You put them on and get really impressed with yourself in the mirror. You laugh diabolically that there is no way you are EVER giving back this body. You put on a lace bra and pantys and the door bell rings. It’s now time to enjoy this body, have great sex, convince your boyfriend he has nothing to worry about, and fiannly settle into your new body and sex once and for all!!!! (Would be great to have some audio of what you are thinking throughout your first time sucking cock and getting fucked as a woman) …..Mandy Flores

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Scarlett Bloom – My Dad The Snitch HD [Untouched 1080p]

Scarlett’s dad is waiting for her as she comes back home. It turns out she’s been skipping school and it was time for a talk about this. As punishment, the dad makes her clean the living room as he watched. Suddenly, he suggests she take her top off. And if not, he’ll tell mom about her skipping. She reluctantly takes it off and begins cleaning. Soon she notices that her dad is masturbating and is talked into blowing him.

In the next part, Scarlett is trying to cook for her dad but messes up and brings over a belt and asks for punishment. After some light spanking, she goes down on him and is fucked. In the final part, she’s in her bedroom already in position waiting for her dad to come in to have some fun.

Includes: Mostly POV, Cleaning while Naked, Blowjob, Ball Sucking, Spanking, Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, and Facial

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Mom’s Stinky Ass – Natalie Wonder HD

Smelling My Raunchy Asshole And The Butt Plug I Had Inserted There All Day (Covered In Yummy Ass Juice)

I’ve done something very, very nasty today and I’ve been waiting all day for this moment. I’ve snuck into the bathroom for some privacy. Look…see that butt plug in my ass? It’s been in there the whole day. My raunchy asshole fumes have been stuck in there, getting nastier and nastier. I was also at summer BBQ today and nobody knew I had this butt plug inserted in my dirty little butthole ;) The sensation made me horny all day. During the BBQ I snuck away to have a sniff of my butt plug. I pulled it out to inhale my anal odors. It was wet with ass juice. Mmmmm got me insanely horny! I almost masturbated right then and there while I was hiding, hoping nobody would catch me being a nasty girl. But I held off and made myself wait for this moment to get real kinky. I’m going to lift my dress…and you’re going to watch as I push out this dirty butt plug. I stick it in and out of my asshole. Mmmmmm I bet the smell is going to be so strong! I let out a smelly fart while pushing out the plug. I haven’t showered in a couple days so my ass is super stinky. Don’t mind the little piece of toilet paper stuck on my pussy lips. I’m going to sniff the butt plug, suck on it, insert my fingers into my raunchy asshole, smell myself again and again while masturbating. My orgasm is so intense I almost fall to the floor!

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