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Dad is in a business trip for soooooooo many days. And your mom is soooo horny. Can you help me son? Mom really needs to be fucked.. I know is a lot to ask, but it will be our secret.. II cant handle it anymore son! Fuck me ! Please make your mom happy.. Make me pregnant son, i want to have your babies.. First, Virtual ride.. Then mom sucks you soooooo god you cum on her face, and after that she goes missionary and you cum inside her.

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In these videos Tammy gets on cam and masturbates a lot with her fingers and dildo. She talks really dirty in a lot of videos. Lots of mommy talk

Real Name: tammy123
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Birth Date: July 12, 1961
Age: 57
Sex: Female
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Language(s): English
Smoke / Drink: yes
Body Decorations: tats.

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Wunder Woman & Friends Vs. Dr. Vibrato HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Dr Vibrato the commissioner’s hot cheerleader daughter in order to demand a $75 million ransom from him for her safe release. With the help of his two goons, Vibrato imprisoned the young woman deep below his secret headquarters. There, still wearing her cute little cheerleader uniform, she was kept tied helpless in a chair. A gimp-mask had been pulled over her head to disorientate her; in her mouth was a ball-gag that muffled her cries. The two goons guarded her at all times. She whimpered and fidgeted in their menacing presence. On occasion they pawed her nubile body – squeezing her pert tits through her top; caressing her smooth, bare legs. Eventually Vibrato phoned the commissioner and made his demand. To spur him on, he let him hear his daughter – and her sounds of distress. The commissioner begged him to let her go. But Vibrato showed no sympathy. He was interested only in getting the $75 million. The commissioner told him that he did not know how to get that kind of money. Vibrato then hung up. If the commissioner wouldn’t paid, his daughter would have to. But in a different way…Now Vibrato left his two goons to have some fun with her. While she squirmed and moaned, they again squeezed her tits. One of them lifted her short skirt, exposing her white panties. He yanked their crotch aside, revealed her bare and vulnerable pussy, and fingered and rubbed it. Then the pair removed her ball-gag and pulled out their big hard cocks. In turns they made the traumatized cheerleader suck them off. There was nothing she could do to stop them. They held her head so that she could not avert her face. Her little mouth was stretched in taking on such thick chunks of man-meat. If she did not perform properly, she got a spank from one or the other of the goons. After they were gone, she sat alone, sobbing hard – dreading the next phase of her degradation. Soon after, courtesy of Vibrato, the commissioner received a video recording of his daughter’s first ordeal. Horrified, desperate for help, he called on Wunder Woman and explained the situation to her. The Amazing Amazon was outraged. Immediately she summoned fellow superheroines – Super Gurl and Invisi Girl – and headed with them in search of Vibrato’s secret headquarters. They finally reached it after travelling through an underground cavern, an ancient dungeon, and a deserted waterfront warehouse. Turning invisible to avoid any goons, Invisi Girl went ahead as scout. In a clinical-looking room, she discovered the commissioner’s daughter. She was naked and in a bad way. Quickly Invisi Gurl returned to Wunder Woman and Super Gurl and gave them the news. In a righteous fury, the three superheroines raced as one to the rescue. But now they found the room empty! Only some loose ropes and a discarded uniform told that the cheerleader had ever been there. While they were trying to figure out what had happened, Doctor Vibrato’s voice came over a loud speaker. Though hidden, he was able to observe his unwanted guests through a security camera. Gleefully he announced that he had been expecting them. Then he explained how he had just had the cheerleader moved. She was now in the hands of his most ruthless goons. He would order her terminated at once – unless Wunder Woman, Super Gurl and Invisi Girl agreed to join him in a little game. The trio could hardly believe their ears. They raged at Vibrato – cursed him, threatened him, demanded to know where he was keeping the Gurl. Yet it was all in vain. Their fiendish adversary held all the cards. At last, afraid to make a false move for fear of further endangering the the commissioner’s daughter, they resisted taking superheroic action and instead surrendered to Vibrato’s will. From that moment on they had to endure unthinkable humiliations. The depraved Doctor got things started by ordering Super Gurl and Invisi Girl to strip. Wunder Woman had to assist them – reluctantly pulling down Invisi Gurl’s blue bottoms, then taking off Super Gurl’s red mini-skirt and silky panties. Following that, the three of them had to make out with each other. Grimacing, Wunder Woman knelt and licked Invisi Girl’s exposed pussy. Meanwhile, Invisi Gurl fondled Super Gurl’s tit. All three superheroines were horrified at what they were having to do, but they felt they had no choice other than to go through with it. Vibrato was pure evil. There was no reasoning with him. In time, Invisi Gurl and Super Gurl wound up lying back on a table, side by side. The flesh of their sleek legs, trim midriffs and pert tits was on full display. Wunder Woman had to stand between them and play with their pussies. Invisi Gurl and Super Gurl alternated between embarrassed whimpers and aroused moans. Wunder Woman tried to reassure them. She told them not to cum. She did not want Vibrato getting the satisfaction of seeing that. But Vibrato’s next move was to make Wunder Woman pick up a huge vibrator that was lying on the floor. The amazing Amazon was then commanded to use it on her companions. As the device worked over their pussies and buzzed on their clits, Invisi Gurl and Super Gurl went wild. They closed their eyes and writhed and cried out in ecstasy. The vibrator pleasing was a long affair. At one point Invisi Gurl sat on Super Gurl’s lap and Wunder Woman licked and lapped at the pair’s excited, stacked pussies. By the end, both Invisi Gurl and Super Gurl were sopping wet and exhausted from all the pleasure they experienced. After this, Vibrato gave the trio a break – but left them locked in the room. Although Invisi Gurl and Super Gurl had earlier enjoyed great sexual stimulation, it had been against their will. Now they were both feeling very angry and ashamed at what had happened to them. At the same time, Wunder Woman was pacing about like a caged tigress, trying to think up a means of escape. As they waited, the three superheroines wondered what Vibrato’s next move would be. Was he meeting his part of the deal by seeing to the release of the commissioner’s daughter? It seemed unlikely. All their questions were answered soon enough. For two of Vibrato’s goon’s entered the room. They were the same ones that had taken such liberties with the commissioner’s daughter. Wunder Woman, Invisi Gurl and Super Gurl were startled by their entrance, but Vibrato explained everything when he came back on the loud-speaker. Since his goons would shortly be parting with the commissioner’s daughter, they needed another source of pleasure to compensate them. Naturally that source would be the superheroine trio. Wunder Woman refused to entertain such an idea. She was just about to lunge at one of the goons when Vibrato began giving his order for the cheerleader’s termination. Suddenly frightened, the Amazing Amazon backed down and begged Vibrato not to go authorize it. The Dr complied. Then he had Wunder Woman hand over her Gold Lasso of Truth and strength-preserving belt. Vibrato wasn’t taking chances. He’d even given his goons a lump of kryptonite to ensure that Super Gurl wouldn’t pose any problems. Now that the three superheroines were virtually helpless, they became mere sex-toys of the two goons. Vibrato gave kinky directions throughout. To begin with, Wunder Woman and Super Gurl had to work together on a single goon. As a team and in turns they forced themselves to lick and suck on his cock. Then Wunder Woman pulled down her red corset and gave him her beautiful big tits to play with and suckle upon. Near them, the other goon was finger-fucking Invisi Girl’s exposed and vulnerable pussy. Her gasps and moans filled the room. Wunder Woman often cursed Vibrato and the goons for their wickedness. But she could not prevent her voice from softening and growing more sensual. No matter what her feelings were, her body was aroused. For a long time the Amazing Amazon enjoyed the tit-loving attentions of the goon. In the meantime, Super Gurl mouth-fucked his cock with ever increasing passion and artistry. Invisi Gurl did the same thing to her own goon. Then she and Super Gurl switched places. Soon, succumbing to the hotness of the sexual antics around her, Wunder Woman started to rub herself. A goon helped out by taking hold the huge vibrator and rubbing it over the crotch of her bottoms. As her pussy tingled, she started to groan with pleasure. Shortly after, the full fucking began. Super Gurl gasped and panted as one of the goons fucked her long and hard in the missionary position, then bent her over the table and carried on taking her doggy-style. Afterwards, far from tired, the same goon placed a much-weakened Wunder Woman on her back and sank his cock into her. Though she complained of her humiliation, she instinctively stroked her clit. Super Gurl contributed by sucking on Wunder Woman’s nipple. At the end of their intense pleasuring, the superheroines found a goon each and knelt to give their cocks a feverish sucking. Invisi Girl had been enduring an epic pussy-pleasing all that time. She had moaned constantly as fingers rubbed her and fucked into her tight hotness. Now she was wetter and more fuck-ready than she had ever been before. Seeing this, the goon who had not yet done any fucking suddenly spread her legs and filled her with his cock. He pumped Invisi Gurl expertly, forcing signs of pleasure from her – despite the grief she felt at her humiliation. Succumbing to her own horniness, Wunder Woman leaned close and licked Invisi Gurl’s tit. Finally, Vibrato ordered a general cock-sucking to bring the goons off. On their knees, the three superheroines worked hard to bring their ordeal to an end. All on one, two on one, three on one, switching between goons – they stroked, licked, ball-sucked and deep-throated their tormentors to the point of blowing, Then, huddled together, presenting their faces as a target, they took the two goon’s blasting cum on their mouths and cheeks and chins. The only thing that kept the superheorines from despair was the belief that they had ensured the release of the commissioner’s daughter. In his final loud-speaker address, Vibrato revealed a twisted sense of humor. The young woman had been released ages ago – before Wunder Woman, Invisi Girl and Super Gurl had even entered his headquarters. The trio’s sacrifice had never been necessary.


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Merraeday – Stepmom Creampie HD

Your step mom gives you cream pie after she catches you with her panties …multiply cream pies.

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Spying Sister Keilani Kita HD

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Lanna Amidala – Mommy Wants Your Cum Taboo JOI HD

Uh ohh! Mommy has caught you watching her getting dressed again. Do you like watching mommy get naked? Mommy makes you hard doesnt she? How about you show mommy that cock. MMMM What a good boy.

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I wanted to go to beauty salon few minutes ago after a long gym class to wax my pits but I had a brilliant idea: I can use my hairy armpits and sweaty panties ( withotu shower before) to humiliate abd blackmail my pervert brother , right? He is such a weirdo,just a pathetic virgin loser and I think this is the right time to humiliate , tease him to wank his little cock until he lose his mess inside his pants then force him to lick his sperm!

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Dad and Daughter REAL Homemade!

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DID865 – Stacie Starr – Forced Wife, Forced Impregnation HD

Stacie was an artist with a passion for nature. One day she gathered up her notepad and pencils and went to the end of a jetty where she hoped to sketch a beautiful lakeside scene. The weather was fine and sunny, and Stacie felt happy to be alive as she went to work. Her mood would have been much different, however, if she had known that she was trespassing on the property of a very dangerous and depraved man. Already he had spied on her from the cover of some nearby trees, and now he had resolved to make the woman pay for her ignorant actions. Wearing a black mask, he sprang upon Stacie from behind as she was leaving the jetty. The man’s strong hand instantly stifled her scream, and a moment later she feinted in his arms. When Stacie awoke, she found herself bound and gagged and lying chained to a mattress in a bare, bleak room. It was impossible for her to free herself. For the next few days she endured horrible hardship. The man treated her like a prisoner and gave her only small amounts of food that soon left her feeling weak and confused. Little did she know that he was programming her to become his wife. He had a skewed and bizarre concept of what a wife should be. He then found it easy to lead her up to his bedroom by means of a leash and a collar wrapped around her neck. Once there, he made Stacie wear a sexy and skimpy leopard-skin outfit. He wanted her to look her best while he humiliated and punished her. Stacie was too far gone to deny him. She could only moan a feeble protest as the man roughly grabbed her by the hair and forced her to suck his cock right down to the balls. She told him that she would do anything to leave. She was still reeling from the experience when he pushed her onto the bed and fucked her deep in the missionary position. After that, he got the hapless woman onto her hands and knees and gave her another long, hard cock-pounding until he shot his load deep into her pussy. But that only led to a short break for Stacie. The man had found her such a good fuck, that he decided to bring his equally depraved brother into the scheme. The pair even struck a deal to try and get Stacie pregnant. The man had always liked the idea of being a father. It was infinitely distressing for Stacie when she awoke from her recent ordeal to see not one – but two – masked men waiting to fuck her. Once again she could do nothing to stop herself being used and degraded. This time she had to suck the man’s cock while his brother fucked her from behind without a condom. Despite Stacie’s pleas for him not to cum her in, he did not hesitate to fill her pussy up with his hot cream. Following another bout of cock sucking, Stacie then got the same relentless doggy-style pounding from the man himself. Having shot his own wad inside of her, he finished up by tit-fucking her and jerking his remaining load all over her dazed face. Poor Stacie was a broken woman by the end of it all. As the two men revealed that she would have to return to her horrible little prison, she could do nothing but hold her head in her hands and mutter incoherently.

A lady (Stacie) is caught trespassing on a man’s dock. The man proceeds to kidnap and her and leave her collared, tied up, and gagged on a mattress in the basement. A very small amount of food is brought to the lady and she is untied and led upstairs by a chain attached to her collar where she is forced to dress in only stockings, high heels, and a skimpy leopard-skin outfit in addition to the collar and gag she wears throughout the video. She is made to sit on the bed where she if forced to give her captor a hand job before being forced to engage in a rough blowjob. He pushes her back on the bed and fucks her in the missionary position with a condom on. He then flips her over and fucks her doggie style. After a few minutes of fucking her face down he removes the condom. It is implied (but not shown) that he cums inside of her. He instructs her to maintain her face down position to keep any cum insider her in order for her to become pregnant.

The next scene the man who kidnapped Stacie has invited his brother over to fuck his newly found “wife” in an increased effort to get her pregnant. He instructs Stacie to “do whatever [the brother] wants” before leave the room. The brother instructs her to suck his cock before making her lay face down on the bed with her ass in the air while he puts on a condom during which time Stacie reveals she is not on birth control. The brother just beings fucking her before the woman’s captor returns and holds her hands down to the bed. The brother after fucking the woman removes the condom and another implied cream-pie happens.

The final scene Stacie is begging for water and is denied. While laying on her stomach on the bed she is forced to give another blow job to her captor. While still on her stomach the man fucks her with a condom on. He flips her over, straddles her and fucks her breasts before setting on her knees with her back to the foot of the bed for a final blow job the culminates in a facial.

Before the video ends Stacie is instructed to change into her clothes and return to the basement.

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Tana Lea – Getting Along With Mom HD

Part One:
Tana catches her son playing video games in his little “man cave” when he’s suppose to be at work. When she starts to yell at him, he gets defensive and questions where she’s going to which she slaps him! She then apologizes and kisses him on the cheek, but what begins as a harmless, apologetic kiss turns into a long, passionate kiss, and the two finally find a way to finally get along with each other.

Part Two:
Out for a night out together, Tana and her son go to the movies. Sitting so close to each other in the dark inevitably leads to touching and kissing. Before they know it, innocent touching becomes pussy eating, a blowjob, and fucking! I’m sure neither one of them ever expected to get along with the other this well..

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