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Mommy finds you looking at pictures of Women’s naked bodies on your lap top, you are embarrassed but she soothes that its totally normal to be curious. She thinks you will be more comfortable and not so shy if you get a little more acquainted with all the wonderful things a womans body has. She relaxes you when you get embarrassed and she is so keen to encourage you for when the time comes and you need to be confident and know what you are doing. She knows with a little nudge you will be a great success and she’s more than happy to provide the help. She takes her clothes off and patiently and softly walks you through playing with her breasts, pussy and fingers inside her. You are doing so great she teaches you how to have full sex with her and encourages you to cum inside her and creampie her pussy as thats what would happen when having sex “for real”.

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Amateur Big Ass Wife Gets Fucked in the Romantic Sunset HD 1080p

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Moring Sex HD 1080p

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HotWifeRio – CREAMPIE FOR MOM #3 HD 1080p

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I had just finished working with a client online and my panties were still off when I was doing some house hold chores. I smelled something coming from my son’s room so I went in there to get the bedding off the bed to wash it when I heard someone behind me. It was my son Billy breathing heavy behind…

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Mandy Waters & Millie Morgan – Tending To Our Stepmoms Garden HD [Untouched 1080p]

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After church, Millie Morgan and her stepson Joshua Lewis join Mandy Waters and her stepson Jodie Johnson for a cup of coffee. They’re gushing about the new pastor when Jodie asks Mandy if he can watch. Mandy waves him away. When Millie asks what Jodie wants to watch, Mandy informs her that Jody and everyone else thinks that Joshua is planting his seed in her…

Laughing, Millie shows Mandy where she and Joshua have been gardening. They call the boys over, but when Millie asks Joshua to show their guests how he helps her plant seeds he goes for her tits. Millie sighs and says that yes they fuck but it’s better than going through socks. Jodie does go through a lot of socks, so Millie offers to go to the couch to show how it’s done. Soon, Millie is topless sucking Joshua off while Mandy gets on her knees to blow Jodie’s dick.

With Millie’s help, Mandy gets naked and climbs onto Jodie’s fuck stick to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Once she has seen her friend fucking nicely, Millie goes for it on Joshua’s hardon in cowgirl. The ladies switch stepsons so Mandy can take Joshua in cowgirl as Millie enjoys Jodie in reverse cowgirl. On her back, Mandy gets her secret garden pounded by Jodie as Millie gets hers plumped in doggy by Joshua. The guys pull out to cum on their stepmoms, with Jodie giving in first and Joshua following suit. Mandy agrees it’s much better than the socks!


Lauren Phillips – Stepmom’s Double Trouble HD [Untouched 1080p]

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In the early morning, Lauren Phillips sneaks into her house, slipping off her high-heeled shoes so she can quietly tiptoe inside. However, she is spotted by her stepsons, Tony Sting and David Lee (who are also stepbrothers). Tony and David say they’ve seen various signs that she’s been up to something ‘fishy’, so they got up early to catch her sneaking in.

Lauren tries to make excuses, but Tony and David don’t fall for them, so she admits that she got a second job as a stripper to help support the family. The bratty stepsons say they’re going to tell her husband about it, in the hopes she’ll give them something in exchange for keeping her secret…

Lauren scolds Tony and David for acting ungrateful that she’s working a second job to help support them. Working two jobs is HARD, so she chose stripping because it’s fun and she’s good at it. She’s not going to let two ungrateful brats put an end to her stripping career by tattling to her husband! Lauren assertively says she’ll definitely give them something to make sure they’ll keep quiet. To Tony and David’s surprise, Lauren seductively strips and performs a sexy dance for them, then says she’s going to go even further, to make sure they don’t utter a PEEP to her husband. Tony and David are shocked, but also very eager!


Nicole Aria & Angel Windell – Double Lookalike Trouble HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Nicole Aria has her bestie Angel Windell over for a cam show, and they do their hair in matching braids, then get dressed in identical outfits before showing their tits and crotchless panties for their fans. As the hotties trib and suck a dildo, Nicole’s dad, Brock Cooper, walks in on them! Nicole is annoyed, but Angel thinks the DILF is kind of sexy and lets him finger her on the couch after the show. Horny Brock comes up behind what he thinks is Angel and fucks her doggystyle… but Nicole likes her dad’s big dick! When Angel sees them, it’s time for a hot threesome as these lookalikes share that cock.


Jane Wilde & Charlie Forde – Swapped In Secret HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Phil (Seth Gamble) arrives home one day to find a strange girl, Tracy (Jane Wilde), claiming he’s her parent. Phil is shocked and confused but grows even more disturbed when his wife, Nancy (Charlie Forde), seems to be playing along. It’s revealed that Nancy orchestrated a swap with another household so that Phil could live out his daddy/daughter porn fantasies, which she discovered in his internet history…

Phil is shocked and repulsed, and storms off. Tracy is saddened but Nancy assures her that Phil will come around…

Multiple times later, Phil is lured in to have family moments that include Tracy, although he’s not very happy about it. He’s even more conflicted when there are growing hints of Tracy trying to seduce him, knowing it’s part of his secret fantasy. Phil keeps trying to deny his twisted urges, wanting to keep his fantasy just a fantasy in his head, but it becomes harder and harder to resist…

One night, as Phil is lying in bed, Tracy enters the room and climbs into bed with him, claiming to have just had a nightmare. Her real intentions, however, are to fully seduce Phil once and for all. She starts to cuddle into him and fawn all over him, trying to win Phil over. Although Phil is initially hesitant, his resolve finally crumbles as he gives into the part of him that he’d been denying the entire time. But little does he know, his sneaky wife Nancy still has one more thing up her sleeve.


Cherry Kiss & Megan Marx – Swap Sons Bad Day Gets Better HD [Untouched 1080p]

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Cherry Kiss has taken her swap daughter Megan Marx shopping. The girls come home and try on their new outfits. They’re just complimenting each other’s clothing when Cherry’s swap son Juan Loco comes in.

The girls ask Juan how he’s doing and he says he’s having a bad day. Megan asks Cherry how she would cheer up swap dad Danny Steele, and Cherry offhandedly says she’d give him a blowjob before she realizes maybe that’s TMI. Now she can’t get the idea of blowing Juan out of her head, either! Fortunately, Danny walks in and defuses the situation. Megan pulls Juan’s pants down to show off her swap bro’s stiffie and Danny announces that he shouldn’t do things halfway. Manhandling an eager Megan to the bed, Danny pulls her skirt up and her panties down to demonstrate his point…

With all bets off, Cherry goes ahead and gives that BJ she’s been daydreaming about even as Megan does the same for Danny. Then Megan hops on the bed so Danny can slam back inside while Cherry rides Juan. The girls switch partners so Juan can enjoy a blowjob and then a reverse cowgirl ride from his swapsis while Cherry gives her swap hubby the same treatment. Going back to their original partners, Megan gets on her knees for Danny and Cherry gets on her back for Juan. Juan fucks his swapmilf to a creampie and Danny gives his swapdaughter the same. The girls exchange cummy kisses knowing that everyone’s day is much better now.


Krystal Sparks – No Nut Dating HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Rion wants to date Krystal, a recently widowed hijab-wearing housewife. Krystal doesn’t trust him because she fears that he might be another typical horny American man. To prove that he isn’t, Rion pledges to do the No Nut November challenge, but being the American horny man that he is, the guy tries to convince Krystal that fooling around is okay as long as neither of them nut. Can he really resist his sexual urges around Krystal?

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