Eva Long – Mom Gets What She Needs From Me! HD

PART ONE: Eva Long – Mom Comes Home from Happy Hour- My Mom decided to slip out for happy hour and comes home feeling pretty good . She is dressed like such a slut!! What is she looking to do? Find some guy in a bar to fuck her?. She wont admit it, but she needs attention, like being rammed by a hard dick. Obviously I am the only man in the house that can give her what she needs. She can act like she doesn’t want to, but she never really makes me stop, because she wants it.

PART TWO: Eva Long – Mom’s Rude Awakening-I cant stop thinking about my moms amazing pussy. The best I ever imagined. And the way it squeezed my cock when I made her cum! She is in bed, sleeping? I decide I have to have more, I feel her all over and then take off her panties. I start licking at her sweet pussy, and she moans. Is she awake? Maybe thinks it is a wet dream? Well she is definitely awake when I slide my dick into her soaking pussy. She asks what I am doing, like she doesnt know. Once again no matter what she wants to pretend, she doesn’t really try to stop me. And her moans don’t lie about how she really feels.

PART THREE: Eva Long – Mom is Slippery When Wet – Now I really cant go a day without needing to fuck my mom, I know she is loving it more and more. She says it needs to stop, that it never should have happened, but I know what she wants. She thinks I am out of the house, but I am watching her shower, she looks so good. I want to see her touch herself, I know she gets horny now whenever I am around her. She wants my dick in her all the time, I know she does.

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clubdinasky – BBW Family Taboo in HD


In this video it’s been weeks since the incident where my husband caught me with his son’s cock in hand and cum all over me. My husband is away on business so I know he won’t be home for a few days. I rush naked to see my son and his friend are Both staring at me. I decide I can’t wait any longer, I tell my son im going to suck your dick and fuck it now, I want it I don’t care if your friend is here. Eventually I end up sucking both my son and his friend’s big cocks (bbc), and throughout that my husband calls yet again, I accidentally say he just came all over me, I was sucking on hard candy, I have a creme dessert, just a bunch of sexual innendo’s and slips ups, while his friend covered me in cum, I go back to son and have him fuck me some, I am so wet, and worked up, my husband calls again….this time he’s telling me he’s on his way home, to surprise me, he left early from his work job and wanted to surprise me, I tell him to stop at the store and I need “meat”, just random things that could be taken another way, and my husband starts to suspect something I think, with minutes left I take my son’s cock and beg for his cum, he squirts loads and loads of cum, streams, im drenched, his friend even cums again on me, covered in cum, the door opens, dicks in my hands still, I’m caught ….again, this time with two big dicks.


I am hosting a Family Reunion at our home and it starts with me in the bathroom, getting ready, I realize your peaking through the door watching me, I usher you inside and say are you crazy if someone saw you we’d both be in trouble. Your insisting I suck on your cock, I say no not right now, we can’t do it anymore, but once you take out your big cock I just can’t resist wrapping my lips around it and sucking it. A few interruptions shortly later aunt is trying to use bathroom, but I tell her I am busy, I tell you we need to stop or will get caught, you put your cock away, or at least I thought you did, and as I look in the mirror you blow a huge load all over my face, unexpected and in shock, I welcomed it, and try to clean it up before another knock on the door. I am in the kitchen preparing things, when you are next to me, I bend down to look for a cleaner and watch you take your big hard cock out and I tease you with showing my breasts, flashing you, I start sucking your cock below the kitchen counter, you blow in my mouth and let it drip down all over my shirt and breasts. You follow me into the room, I start sucking you some more and now all wiled up, we stop until later on. Later, we are upstairs on the couch, I suck you some, and jump on top of you taking your big dick deep inside of me, I get off and suck you begging for your cum, you explore a nice load landing it on my face. I turn my head to see your father standing there, uh oh.



I am a realtor and showing an apartment that you are interested in. I invite you and your wife to come look at it. You arrive but without her, you also seem really attractive so that’s a plus. I am desperate to sell this apartment and i find anyway to get you to be the buyer. . I find a opportunity to move in, pulling off my pin stripe jacket and asking if there’s anything I can offer to sweeten the deal and get you to sign? Dropping those straps and bringing out my big breasts, I think it’s working, come over here to corner and let me give you an amazing blowjob? I suck you, thoroughly enjoying myself, until you blow your load all over my face, and your phone starts to vibrate, I think wifey is getting impatient and expecting you to answer. I suggest you answer it and then come over and sign the papers, I even offer to invite you over to my place so you can see what the furnished place looks like ;)….which then leads to part two your laying on my bed, and hard and ready to fuck me, and at this point I want it just as much as. . I suck your cock some more before climbing on top riding you, with my ass in your face, then switched over to you fucking me missionary, and me asking for that load, I go back to riding you until I bring myself to cumming all over your dick. You shortly after bust inside me and I feel it all dripping out. Rushing to finish before your wife calls I suck the remaining amount of cum out of your dick.


I am the yoga instructor, I held a small yoga class and you have been recently attending my class, I notice you checking me out as I do my poses and I like the attention. I notice the hard on I am creating in your pants as I take my shirt off, nipples almost peaking out. I can’t leave you hard like that, I take your cock out of your pants, Maybe a blowjob too at this point, I am Never usually this forward but you got me all worked up now with that cock of yours. I jerk you, stroke you, I suck you, and beg for that load of cum.The next day, were finishing up class and I’m teasing you with taking my tits out while instructing class. After class I take those big tits out of my top and get them all lubed up with some oil I had on hand. I slide your in between my tits and you deliver another big load all over my big tits, and get ready to leave, I ask if maybe you can come before class tomorrow, since you can’t make it. The third day, I am wearing a tight red top, black leggings, and I am bouncing on my yoga ball, showing off my curves, my big booty, and making you want it. I pull my red panties to the side and ride your cock (POV), letting you enjoy the perfect view of my big ass (as well as bouncing (virtual with my big tits too), while begging for that load of cum, this time though your blow deep inside of my pussy. The final day consists of you blowing your big load inside my ass. Damn this week has been good.

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Kelly Hart – Son, you bought mummy lingerie? mmmmm

Indoors, solo. Mommy talk, virtual kissing, she tries lingerie, shows big tits, nice tease with her ass, some shots from behind, doggy position. Also brief virtual handjob, ends with “cum” on her ass.

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Husband Caught Wife Fucking Her Own Brother and Punishes Her Asshole HD

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Katie71 – MORE Hot and New MILF Taboo Vids in HD POV


I been waiting all day for my son max to get home from school today as I want him to give me a baby. I want my sons seed in me and want him to make love to me. He’s home and I begin to have him rub my feet cause I know he loves my feet then we go to my room so I can have him take off his clothes and rub my feet all over his cock. I start massaging and sucking his cock with my feet until I see he is ready to cum. Once he is ready I tell him to get on top of me and push his young thick cock deep inside me until his nuts are slapping against my asshole and then cum deep inside me cause I want his baby and to my surprise he wants to marry me and I said yes! This video includes Taboo, MILF, Blow Job, Handjob, POV, Doggystyle, Cum Inside Mommy, Taboo MILF, Mommy and Son Fantasy, Fuck Mommy, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, Son Fucks Mom, Fucking Mommy, Special Price, Brunette MILF, Brunette Mommy, big booty, Brunettes, Riding, Taboo Fucking, MILF Wants to be Knocked Up, Knock Up Mommy, Fuck Mommy, Hot MILF, virtual sex, facial, penetration, bareback, natural breasts, cum, fetish, mature, over 40, mother, mom, wife, son, young, mother/son, old, young, foreplay, bouncing, jiggle, moaning, blowjob, creamy pussy, gagging, big pussy lips, labia, amateur, blow jobs, piercings, tattoos, big tits, role play, pov, masturbation, seduction, cheating, married, divorced, cougar, tan body, domination, femdom.


Mom was going on a business trip and invited me to go with her. When we got to the hotel i quickly noticed there was only one bed and then she broke the news to me that not only we would be sharing a bed but she doesn’t wear clothes to bed. During the night I got horny and was rubbing on my mothers naked body when i got hard and had to stroke my cock which woke her up. I couldn’t believe her response, she seen me jacking off and asked if she could help me by sucking my cock. She sucked on my cock and then asked if I would fuck her. I fucked her for a few minutes but her pussy felt so good I cam real fast and gave her a cream pie. She got her bag and pulled out her toy and said to watch her masturbate and that it was her turn to get off. She had a massive orgasm and i asked her to look at me when she was cumming which she did and I had to bust another nut watching this.


Mom catches son spying on her in her bed and since the thunderstorms are so loud she decides to stau the night with him in his lower bunk. Once she gets in his room she tells him that she was aware he was spying on her and then things took a turn. Mom asks son if he wanted to watch her touch herself and asked him to touch himself as well. Son gets very hard and they start masturbating together until mom has son slide his hard coick inside her and they both cum together. This video includes Taboo, MILF, Blow Job, Handjob, POV, Doggystyle, Cum Inside Mommy, Taboo MILF, Mommy and Son Fantasy, Fuck Mommy, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, Son Fucks Mom, Fucking Mommy, Special Price, Brunette MILF, Brunette Mommy, big booty, Brunettes, Riding, Taboo Fucking, MILF Wants to be Knocked Up, Knock Up Mommy, Fuck Mommy, Hot MILF, virtual sex, facial, penetration, bareback, natural breasts, cum, fetish, mature, over 40, mother, mom, wife, son, young, mother/son, old, young, foreplay, bouncing, jiggle, moaning, blowjob, creamy pussy, gagging, big pussy lips, labia, amateur, blow jobs, piercings, tattoos, big tits, role play, pov, masturbation, seduction, cheating, married, divorced, cougar, tan body, domination, femdom.


Her son has been saving money and mom can’t seem to come up with the rent and other bills so they talk about some propositions. She is in the living room watching tv and starts expressing her frustration with paying the bills. After talking about it for awhile her son offers to help out if she helps him sexually. Mother resists at first but ends up giving in and showing her breasts and having letting him smell her pussy. This leads to her sucking his cock and then intense pussy penetration fucking. She didn’t want him to go all the way inside her but he pulls her down deep on his cock and cums inside her. It was a great experience for them as they both had orgasms. This video includes Taboo, MILF, Blow Job, Hand job, anal, POV, Doggy style, Cream Pie, Cum Inside Mommy, Taboo MILF, Mommy and Son Fantasy, Fuck Mommy, Cosplay, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, Impregnation Fantasy, Pregnant, Son Fucks Mom, Fucking Mommy, Special Price, Brunette MILF, Brunette Mommy, big booty, Brunettes, Riding, Taboo Fucking, Get Mom Pregnant, MILF Wants to be Knocked Up, Knock Up Mommy, Fuck Mommy, Hot MILF, virtual sex, facial, penetration, bareback, natural breasts, cum, fetish, mature, over 40, mother, mom, granny, wife, son, young, mother/son, old, young, foreplay, gagging, bouncing, jiggle, moaning, blowjob, creamy pussy, gagging, big pussy lips, labia, amateur, blow jobs, piercings, tattoos, big tits, role play, pov, masturbation, seduction, cheating, married.


Young man stops by to see his friend but only his Mother is home. She gives him a glass of water and has him sit down and relax. After talking awhile she tells him how bad her feet been hurting and asks him to rub her feet. This makes her horny and she lets him know that she is aware he is a virgin which started the conversation about sex as this mom wanted him to fuck her. She slowly seduces Joe and talks him into showing her his cock. One thing leads to another and they end up naked and mother is shocked when she finally sees how huge his cock is. Once Mom gets his cock inside her she cannot get off of it. They have sex in various positions, orgasms, hand jobs and blowjobs are all included. Joe cums inside her and she absolutely loves it. Taboo, virtual sex, fetish, milf, mature, mother, aunt, cougar, mom, wife, son, young, foreplay, riding, bouncing, jiggle, moaning, creamy pussy, big pussy lips, labia, big tits, natural breasts.


My car broke down so I went to the guys house next door as he is a mechanic. Of course he wasn’t there and his brother answered the door and said he could help me but i needed to come in first. Once I got in he started explaining how he could fix it for me but he wanted to see my sexy body first. Well one thing led to another and he had all my clothes off and wanted to have anal sex. I was in a bad position as I needed my car fixed so I could go to work so I did it. I let him fuck me in the ass and when we were in the middle of this his brother came home and I was so embarrassed until his brother whipped out his cock and had me suck on it. They were both fucking me and I let them have all my holes and in the end I felt like a dirty slut.

Bang My Hubby HD

I invited this lady named Katie over to our home to play pool, have some drinks and smoke a little. However, what I was really having her over for was so I could get her to fuck me real good and show my wife how a real woman fucks and sucks a mans cock. Katie did a lot of dirty talking and fucked the hell out of me as my wife watched and cleaned us up after we came then I came all over Katie’s face.


A few months ago someone broke in my house and tied me up and pushed themselves on me. It happened in the middle of the night and I awoke to a bunch of noises like someone was trying to get in my front door. I went downstairs and seen a man with a mask prowling and trying to open the door and then he left and went around the side of the house looking into the windows. I was so scared as he had a mask on and was very determined to break in. Things got quiet for a few minutes and I thought he left but then he started jerking on the back door and ended up pushing it open. Once he got in the house I was so afraid and he came at me and so I tried to get away from him and he got me on the stairs and then I woke up in my bed all tied up and in my panties and a t shirt. Next the guy started masturbating over me and took scissors and cut my panties and ripped my shirt off. I was so scared and begging him to stop but he wouldn’t. He grabbed a candle and dripped hot wax on my nipple and i was screaming in pain. This just kept going on and he actually started having sex with me and gave me a bunch of cum shots and cream pies. I kept begging and pleading with him but he just kept on going until he said he would be done after he fucked my ass and came so hard…


I was laying out in the sun when I decided to order a massage from one of those mobile massage companies. They asked if a black man massage therapist would be alright and I agreed. So when he arrived I was very impressed as he was a very handsome black man and had some great strong arms as well as a very built body. He started massaging me and it was feeling great and then I seen his cock inprint in his pants and it was huge. My pussy started getting wet and before I knew it he had it in his hands. I was so horny at this point and asked him to please slide that big black cock in me. He fucked me real good and I came all over his big thick BBC. It was a wonderful time and I am calling him back more often.

Milf Club HD

I am a bar owner and one night I was trying to close and this guy that was playing pool wouldn’t leave. So I sat next to the pool table and told him he was going to have to finish his game so I can close up. After a few minutes of starring at him I started getting a little turned on to him as he was handsome and had this charisma about him that turned me on. I decided to start a conversation and started flirting with him and it got heated. After about 10 minutes I had his pants down stroking his cock and had him sucking on my pussy and ass. I had him shoot some of his cum in his hand and taste it then kiss me with it cause I wanted to taste him. We really started having a good time kissing, fucking, sucking on each other and in the end I had him follow me in the bathroom cause he hinted that he likes golden showers. Well I gave him his shower alright.


I have a kinky friend that came over and I got all dressed up for him. He was outside in my backyard and I came out to show him my dress and to flirt with him as well as give him what I know he likes the most…a golden shower. I had him get on the ground and I stood above him and peed in his mouth. Then we went inside, changed into our swim suits and went out by the pool to just hang out. Well we were hanging out until I decided to tell him how I been fantasizing about being with a female lately and told him I had a story to tell him when we go back inside. As we were sitting there I was getting hot and horny when I started to remove my panties and play with my pussy even though the neighbors have a direct view because that turns me on even more. I love to think about my neighbor stroking his cock to me and believe me I give him lots of shows. After this we went inside and I had him come to my room where I told him about my recent experience with a woman sexually and as I was telling him this I got super horny again and seduced him in many ways. I sucked his cock, licked his ass and we fucked and as we were fucking I was queefing on his cock and he loved that feeling. We made another trip or two into the bathroom to pee and one of the times I sprayed him down and drenched him from head to toe with a high pressure stream of pee that had some distance too. After we were all done and he left I went skinny dipping in the pool and gave my neighbors another big show.

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