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My little sister caught me looking at belly button pictures! I can’t help it! I love the kink! She makes fun of me but lets me look at her nice belly button? She lets me touch it! I can’t believe she is going to play with her dildo and put it inside that tiny belly button! OMFG, she is going to get naked and let me jerk off while she plays with herself! SHE LOVES MY COCK! She wants to fuck!!! I put my cock in her tiny twat and make her cum so fucking hard! She is going to let me cum inside her belly button now! I LOVE MY SWEET BITCHY LITTLE SISTER!!!

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Smoking hot milf Reagan Foxx just finished work stripping when her horny step-son Conner. Reagan is very good at sucking cock. Conner asks her to suck his big hard cock to see how good she is. She shows off all her amazing blowjob skills and even let him face fuck her. This makes him beg to cum. He blows his hot load all over her sexy face. Now that’s how a pro does it.

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Sweet teen Charlotte Carmen Gets Fucked Consistently By Her Brother HD

She’s super young, super athletic, super blonde and she likes the cock.
What a career she will build!

Charlotte Carmen plays with a vibrator for her brother to watch.
She then gets undressed and her pussy licked.

She blows him on the desktop.
Fuckin’ time, she gets it missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl.

He comes on her face.
She smiles and swallows a bit.

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Very Horny Anal Creampie – Wife Crazy HD

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Hannah Hays – I Fucking Love My New Stepis HD

I knew my stepsis has been looking at my dick every time she got a chance ever since our parents got married three months ago and I finally decided I just had to fuck her. I love slender girls with tight pussies and my stepsis fits my sexual preferences perfectly. I had her sucking my dick in no time, came on her face, then got another blowjob in a shower the next day, fingered her in bed and nailed her with no rubber. I fucking love my new family!

Hannah gives him a blowjob and he cums on her face and tits. Next day, he sneaks in Hannah’s room and fingers her pussy, waking her up. She rubs her clit and he fingers her some more. Next day, Hannah blows him again. Hannah gets on top and rides him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. They switch to doggy and then to missionary. He cums on her tits at the end.

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Brenna Sparks, Richelle Ryan – Dirty Daughter Dirtier Stepmom HD

Brenna Sparks was excited to introduce her new boy toy Johnny to her stepmom Richelle Ryan. Brenna gave them a few minutes to get acquainted, and Richelle may have came on a bit too strong. She gave Johnny no choice but to let her see his cock and let her suck it. He’s usually a loyal man, but when a hot milf asks to suck your dick you better not pass it up. They finished up just before Brenna came back from the other room, then had to head out for their date. Once they got home later, love was in the air and Brenna was craving a nice rough fucking. Johnny pounded her so pleasantly that she fell right to sleep after, but in the other room Richelle was restless. She tiptoed over to Brenna’s room then slowly went inside to caress Johnny’s meaty cock. She was quiet enough to keep Brenna asleep, or so she thought. Brenna was stroking her pussy to the sounds of her stepmom getting fucked. Johnny eventually caught Brenna with her eyes open, and she broke the news to him that sometimes she likes to share with her stepmom. From there this stepmother daughter duo took Johnny for a ride, leaving him baffled by their sharing ways and drained of all the cum he could conjure.

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Spilt Milk – Davina Davis HD

Davina Davis and her brother Logan Long argue over breakfast, causing the milk to get spilled. Logan puts in his headphones and kneels on the floor to clean up the mess. When he reaches up to hang on to the stool, he slides a finger into Davina’s creamy twat and starts finger banging her. Although it feels good, Davina slaps his hand away and adjusts her panties and miniskirt. Then she peels off her shirt and demands that Logan wash it.

Later, Davina walks in on Logan stroking his dick in the bathroom. They argue, but Davina leaves to change her clothes. When she is naked in her bedroom, Logan stumbles into her from behind and finds himself fucking his sister. She loves his big dick, and leans over on the bed so he can pound into her properly.

Now that they’re committed to banging each other, Davina and Logan hold nothing back. She rolls onto her back so Logan can grope her tits as he hammers her trimmed snatch. Then she strokes him for a few moments before climbing onto him for a stiffie ride in her greedy fuck hole. When she has gotten off, Davina kneels in front of Logan and uses her sassy mouth and small hands to bring him to the brink. He cums in her face, much to her displeasure, and she kicks him out of her room.

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My masterpiece: Epic MATFM – Male-Ass-To-Female-Mouth!

Compilation: women REALLY tasting man ass – Over 60 scenes used, over 100 MATFMs in total!

I find MATFM incredibly hot, it is in my opinion the dirtiest thing a woman can do within the realm of regular porn (i.e. not scat). Thus I’m trying to make it a thing, hoping it will become more popular and eventually catch on.

As the act itself is rare and brief, I’ve come to the conclusion that a compilation of clips (rather than full scenes in which one has to search for the event) is the ideal way to present this fetish. Ergo I got myself a video editing program and made this. It was a lot of fun, but also quite a lot of work – not so easy to edit stuff one-handedly. :wink:

The compilation contains clips from 63 scenes I’ve collected over the years, with over 100 occurrences of MATFM. In other words, this compilation contains clips of women tasting mostly fingers, dildos or strap-ons that are coming straight out of a man’s asshole.

I hope to create some more MATFM aficionados among you pervs with this upload. A full list of scenes is included in the credits as well as below. Please tag scenes with MATFM you come across accordingly.

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Hot Spoiled Princess & Anal Mommy Earn Their Keep – Penny Barber, Moka Mora HD

Curvy Mommy Penny Barber is busy cleaning the house for long lost Uncle Ramon’s arrival and scolding her hot little piece-of-ass daughter for being a brat. Both ladies think that uncle Ramon is simply visiting to straighten out a small mistake in the will, not knowing that his brother did actually leave him everything, including them. He immediately starts by retracting the family Porsche from spoiled little princess Moka and makes her earn back the right to even touch the car. An over the knee spanking and flogging help her get the picture Soon she has a cute little shocked expression as she gets on her knees, handcuffed, to suck dick and get fucked with tight nipple clamps, gently kissing the bumper of the car that used to be hers.

After putting Moka back in line he heads right upstairs to let the secretly submissive housewife Penny Barber know that Daddy is back in charge. Throwing her over the sink, he beats her ass red with a wooden spoon and instructs her in how she can keep paying the rent with her bouncy tits, wet mouth, and hot jiggly ass. Clamps on those big luscious tits, and a sold face fucking on the kitchen floor get’s Penny’s pussy wet, and soon she is begging to cum against the kitchen counter with her apron above her hips. Ramon shoves his thick cock in her ass sending her over the edge into screaming orgasms that she endures further humiliation and beatings to get. Moka discovers them there, and embarrassed yells at her Mommy, only to be reprimanded by both Ramon and Penny. Moka is placed in a tough standing suspension and made to suck and fuck as Penny places strip after strip on her coed ass for calling her a whore. Drooling and begging and screaming apologies Moka does her best to remain composed, but eventually has to cum and does so with her feet lifted in a full suspension. After promising to be a good girl she is let down and allowed to take her Mommy’s fist and lick up her Uncle’s cock fresh out of Penny’s hungry ass.

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Daughters Deal – Miranda Miller HD

I’m doing yoga to practice my kegels dad. Why? Because I wanna make my pussy really tight. Do you wanna see how tight my pussy is? You can feel it, but taste it?/ I’m not ok with that…

TIME: 27:36

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