Josefine Mutzenbacher/Sensational Janine – Wie sie wirklich war: 1. Teil (1976) [DE/FR/EN DVDRip x264]

It is London in the year of 1910, an era of laced gloves and charming bonnets. The story is based on the memoirs of Janine Gray, the most infamous madame of that time. The characters are those who had the most influence in molding her lifestyle. Her father, who after her mother’s death, continues to take care of her in many ways. One of her father’s boarders, Mr. Hutchinson, first teaches her the ways of the world. Another had been her mother’s lover, and intends for Janine to take her place. Janine meets a girl her own age, another sweet young thing. The two girls play games with the servants and with each other. Rudy rents Janine’s room, forcing her to move into her father’s. After threats of blackmail, Janine submits to him grudgingly, and then comes sweetly as he teaches her some new tricks. Rudy brings Jennie, a lady of the evening. When Janine sees the fun and money involved, she goes into the profession. Her first trick is Lord Darby, but by all means he’s not her last.

— Available languages: German, French, English — Patricia Rhomberg

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Sandra Latina – Please Keep It A Secret Daddy HD

Young Sandra is being watched by her dad while her mom is out of town on a business trip. She comes home one hour past her strict curfew and tries to sneak inside the house as quiet as possible but her dad is waiting for her. She begs him to keep this a secret because she knows in how much trouble she could be in if her mom finds out. Her dad points out to her that not only is she late but she also reeks like alcohol. Sandra comes up with the brilliant idea of seducing him the whole way up the stairs as she gives him upskirt views of her bare ass. She makes her dad walk behind her like a little puppy as she teases him mercilessly with her near bare ass. They go into her dads office and Sandra sucks his dick until he shoots his load deep inside of her mouth and like a good girl that she is she swallows every drop of his cum and then licks his dick clean. Maybe next time Sandra is late she can “Fuck Her Way Out Of Trouble.”

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Shay Evans – Mother’s New Lover 1 & 2 in HD

pt.1 of 2

Alright, I’m heading out. Where? To a restaurant, with a friend… Don’t worry about that.. Did you finish your homework? Good, make sure you take the trash out too.. And don’t stay up late… I love you too baby….

***Starring Shay Evans***

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pt.2 of 2

Honey can we talk for a minute?.. I want to talk about the other night… Maybe I over reacted.. You’re still learning. Mommy wants to try again. Would that be okay?.. I just can’t stop thinking about having you inside me….

***Starring Shay Evans & a REAL creampie from her son***

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Molly Jane in Families Stick Together HD

Scene One: Used by mom

“I will get you the money, just give me one more week” she pleads on the phone. Molly’s gambling addiction has put her deep in trouble with the wrong people. If she doesn’t get some cash fast bad things will happen to her.

Putting on her thigh high stockings and underwear, Cory gets ready for work when her good for nothing daughter comes into the room asking for money. Cory tells her no, and that she still hasn’t paid her back for last time. Molly drops to her knees and begs her mom explaining her problem. “I will do anything for you.” she tells her and hesitantly starts to lick her mom’s pussy.

Ripples of pleasure run through Cory’s body as she moans at her daughter’s tongue. No, she tells herself, she is not going to give in to her daughter like this. She pushes Molly away and puts on a strap on from her dresser drawer. If she wants the money she is going to have to work for it. She makes Molly suck her strap on before driving it into her pussy. Molly asks her mom to stop but Cory keeps fucking her until her anger is quenched.

She throws the money at her daughter and Molly is left wondering the rest of the money will come from.

Scene Two: Selling out to my brother

Taking a deep breath outside of her brothers room Molly opens the door. She explains to her brother her situation and asks him for some money. Alex tells her that he is not giving her any more money and that she still owes him from last time.

Molly asks if he would like to buy any of her things. Alex tells her to leave. She takes off her shirt and asks if he would like to buy that? He agrees and Molly sells each article of clothing to him slowly stripping naked. She asks if he would like to buy her mouth? She pulls down his pants and starts to suck his cock. For more just a little more she will sell him her pussy that he can fuck whenever he wants. Getting on top of him he has little choice but to pay her as she gives him the ride of his life. She drops back down and sucks his load into her mouth, sealing their deal.

Scene Three: Sex war with dad

Still not enough money and there is only one man with that kind of cash… dad. He has bailed her out so many times he wont even talk to her. Drastic measures have to be taken. Dressing herself up in the hottest and sluttiest makeup, lingerie, stockings and heels she can find, Molly goes to war on her father.

She finds her father and gets to work. Rubbing herself against him, telling him her situation. When he doesn’t respond she strokes his cock, using all of her sexuality against him. Molly sucks and fucks her father as hard as she can bringing him to the edge of cumming. Then stops. If daddy wants to cum in his daughter’s tight pussy than he is going to have to pay up. She starts and stops, teasing and playing with him until he gives in. Molly uses her control to milk every drop of her dad’s cum into her pussy. With her father’s money she can finally pay off her debt.

Scene Four: Intervention

With her debt paid Molly can go back to her normal life as a living at home slacker. Walking down the hallway her brother and father stop her and ask when they can get their money back. Not satisfied with her answer they grab her and pull her into the bedroom. Molly is screaming as the two men throw her onto the bed. Cory is their waiting for them and all three family members want to get paid.

They rip off her clothes and hold her kicking and screaming. Molly is forced to lick, suck and fuck her family. Each hole is used as they pass her around. Both her father and brother use her ass and pussy double stuffing her as she licks her mom’s wet clit. Thoroughly gangbanging her like a slut, they make her cum in every inch of her body.

Her mother brings her to the ground and holds her head while her father and brother jerk their loads over her face. Molly is covered in cum. Mom kisses her daughter and lovingly licks the cum from her face. She tells Molly that until the debt is paid they will be having a lot more family time together.

***Video Contains Molly’s First Double Penetration***

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Sister Ariana’s Naughty Little Fantasy – Ariana Cox HD

Ariana sneaked a peak at her brother Tyler working outside on his bike. That got her juices flowing and had to masturbate her deep feelings away in the hallway, while imagining Tyler’s cock deep down her throat and balls deep inside her wet pussy.

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Bailey Brooke & Reagan Foxx – Picnic Pussies HD

Robby is over at his girlfriend Bailey’s house as they prepare to study for their college midterm exams. Reagan, Bailey’s mom, really wants her daughter to focus on her studies and not get distracted by Robby! However, Bailey would much rather be sucking off Robby than hitting the books and she makes it clear by mercilessly teasing him. First, she flashes her perky tits right behind her father and her mom’s back! Then, the horny teen gives her boyfriend a footjob under the table! When her Reagan goes inside the house and her father is busy grilling, Bailey and Robby sneak off to have a quickie in the bushes! When a nosy neighbor catches them, they return to the patio where it becomes obvious to Reagan what is going on between the two horny teens! Realizing how much of a distraction Robby really is, the hot MILF decides to teach her slutty daughter a lesson in sex education… which of course means she also gets to sample Robby’s big cock!

Bailey sucks Robby’s cock under the table, her mom joins in on the blowjob and she fingers her daughter. They give Robby a joint blowjob in POV and Bailey rides him in reverse cowgirl. She then gets her pussy licked by Robby by sitting on his face and Reagan rides him in cowgirl, followed by pussy-to-mouth blowjob. Reagan gets fucked on a table with Bailey licking her pussy and scene ends with a cumshot to Bailey’s tits!

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Horse Hung Football Player Gives Curious College Girl More Than She Bargained For! HD

“Maddy Reese is a freshman in college. She came all the way across the country from Iowa to California, and its a BIG change for her…but she loves it! The weather, the bright lights, the shopping…its so different from the small town she’s from! Everyone at her school in Southern California loves football. They treat the athletes like royalty and Maddy and her friends have so much fun at the games! Sometimes a little too much fun! That was definitely the case today, as the team had just had a thrilling come from behind victory, and Maddy and her friends were celebrating the win with a lot of drinks for the last few hours! Maddy decides to split up from the friends she’s with to meet up with some other friends, but she has to stop at home first.

As she’s going to her apartment…she thinks she sees….no, it can’t be…IT IS! Tremaine Jackson! The same Tremaine Jackson who CAUGHT THE PASS THAT WON THE GAME EARLIER TODAY! Maddy can’t believe that this guy is right in front of her! Maddy had seen a few of the athletes walking around campus before, but never up close like this! Tremaine was so big…so muscular. Maybe it was all the drinks she had, but she was definitely feeling a little hot. You see, there weren’t any black guys in her town in Iowa, so college is the first time that Maddy had seen all these black guys up close. And she was definitely curious. She knew that the black athletes had sex with a lot of girls…and she heard that they were hung like race horses…and with this superstar athlete right in front of her, part of Maddy wants to find out. So without thinking, she invites him inside! And much to her surprise, Tremaine, with a sly grin…says yes. Her heart beating faster, Maddy grabs a drink from the fridge to steady her nerves and sits down next to Tremaine, the closest she’s EVER been to a black guy! Maddy knows that her boyfriend probably wouldn’t like it…but smelling his cologne, seeing his muscles up close, knowing how jealous her friends would be….Maddy doesn’t care. Maddy just knows she has to show this amazing athlete how much she…appreciates all the work he puts in on the football field….

There’s two things that Maddy doesn’t know tho. First, Tremaine hasn’t fucked or busted a nut in over a week because he’s been preparing for this big game. So he has a LOT of pent up frustration he’s dying to let out. And second….the rumors Maddy heard are true. Tremaine has a 12 inch BIG BLACK MONSTER DICK. Much, much bigger than Maddy’s boyfriend. And Tremaine has ever intention of jamming that MASSIVE BLACK COCK balls deep in Maddy’s little white pussy. After all…the athletes at this school are used to getting what they want. And what Tremaine wants…is Maddy’s white pussy.”

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Family Swingers HD

As if there weren’t enough dysfunctional families around, we’ve managed to find another one! Parents remarry and with that enters the step family of the future, complete with hot new siblings! Nothing unusual here until we find out both sides of this remarried family are hardened swingers! This opens up a whole new world of taboo partnerships that might not be aright with everyone, but will certainly get the neighbors talking in Family Swingers!

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Misha Cross Gets Railed By Her Uncle HD

Misha Cross is one of the hottest cousins in the family, so its always her pussy that ends up taking the most cocks. Her uncle Ben has a eight incher that always leaves her cunt a little more stretched out than before, and the sounds she makes can almost be heard over the football game in the other room, but Steven has mastered the art of muffling a stupid whore’s sounds as she gets used for what she was made for.

Victoria Summers Gets Loaded Up By Her Uncle HD

Victoria Summers gets fucked by all the men in her family, but her favorite to put out for is definitely her uncle. He’s always had the best body among them all, so she’s always relieved when its time to wrap her slutty lips around his cock and share the Christmas spirit. He ends up busting it all over her boobs, and this is where all the loads have to go, because they’re family!

Megan Clara Gets Defaced With Cum By The Cousin Who Fucks Her HD

Megan Clara is very close with all the men in her family, but something about her cousin Todd makes her stomach send butterflies up and around her throat every time they see each other at a family event like Easter dinner or Christmas Eve. Eventually his cock ends up in her pussy, and its her face that takes her load, defacing her like the good cousin he is!

Lynna Nilsson Gets Fucked By Her Cousin HD

Lynna Nilsson is very close with her cousin, so when they meet up at the family Christmas party, things always get sexual. Its a good thing there’s a lock on the guest bedroom door at grannie’s house, because these insatiable adults can’t keep it out of their pants any time the family gets together for a holiday. Soon she’ll be pregnant with the way he’s loading her up, but they make sure to keep it to oral inseminations.

Ruby Temptations Is Close With Her Brother HD

Ruby Temptations is a horny blonde with a hungry pussy that’s never done getting fucked, so when her brother starts making out with her on the couch after work one day, she eagerly gets her mouth around his cock and starts sucking. The way he fucks her mouth is so good that she bends over fight there on the sofa and lets him penetrate her luscious white hole, eventually pulling out and busting a nut on her chest.

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Sandra Latina – Fucking My Father-In-Law HD

I went over to my father-in-laws house to speak to him about the issues me and his son are having. He was shocked to hear that his son hasn’t been satisfying me in the bedroom lately. At first he was a little confused as to why I was speaking to him about my marriage issues, he even seemed a little shy at times since I kept saying that his son had a small penis and couldn’t fuck me right. I told my father-in-law that every time my husband and I spend the night at his house I always hear him satisfying his girlfriends and making them scream with pleasure. I asked my father-in-law how he did that since he surely has a small dick since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He was getting a little bothered and assured me he definitely didn’t have a small dick and that he was very good in bed. I began teasing him and making his dick hard and unzipping his pants begging him to put that dick in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to give in and shove that big dick down my throat and enjoy one of my shaft and ball licking blowjobs that his son no longer enjoys from me. I begged him to fuck me and he put on a condom and prepared to fuck my tight pussy from behind but I had other plans in mind… I made him take off that useless condom and fuck me with his big dick RAW! You can guess where he came and WOW did he fill me up, maybe his son can lick the dripping cum out of my pussy.

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Family Plan, Part 1 & 2 HD

We’re proud to announce the release of our latest two-part movie, Family Plan, starring Alison Rey, Cherie Deville, Kacey Warner, and Ryan Mclane.

In part 1, Shannon (Alison Rey) has come home from college for a visit. Her mother, Arianna (Cherie Deville) is thrilled to see her, and to introduce her to her new boyfriend, Ray (Ryan Mclane). But mom is acting a bit strangely, and Ray’s interest in Shannon doesn’t seem to be purely platonic…

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We’re proud to announce the release of our latest two-part movie, Family Plan, starring Alison Rey, Cherie Deville, Kacey Warner, and Ryan Mclane.

In part 2, Shannon has nearly fallen into Ray’s arms… but her friend Kylie (Kacey Warner) is coming over soon to save her and her mom. Right?

Related Categories: FEMALE TRAINING
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