Watching My Mom Go Black – Melissa Lynn HD [Untouched 1080p]

Melissa Lynn has a very unusual relationship with her son, Zach. Once, a long time ago,  son caught Melissa cheating on his dad. Which was around the same time Melissa caught her son sniffing her panties while furiously beating off! “Hey, since we’re both freaks, let’s use this to our advantage!” Melissa exclaimed! Since they both love “Daddy’s money”, Zach hooks up his mom with his buddies (who are all half her age!), while Zach gets to watch his  mother have sex…or shower…or sniff her panties! So when Melissa gets home from a mani/pedi, and Zach’s two buddies, Ricky and Mookiee, are hanging out, it’s on!! It doesn’t take long for Melissa’s mouth to be crammed with over-sized black dick! Then, Ricky and Mookiee rail her! “I can’t believe I’m banging your mom, bro!” Ricky said to Zach. “She’s twice our age!” Mookiee exclaims! Ricky loses his load first, and then it’s Mookiee’s turn. “Time for your reward, Zach!” With his mom on her knees and her face literally dripping with jizz, Zach gets a couple pumps in before dropping one of the biggest loads ever in his 20 years…all over his mom, who’s almost 40! This is as taboo as it gets!!

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Vagina Lockjaw – Christian Charity HD [Untouched 1080p]

Christian Charity is doing her homework while her mom cooks dinner. When her stepdad, Romeo Price, starts quizzing her about her report, Christian tells him about vagina lockjaw. Romeo is about to leave when Christian reaches out to pull his cock out and start stroking it. Right behind her oblivious mom’s back, Christian opens her puffy lip mouth and starts sucking.

Romeo flees to the living room, but Christian follows him. It doesn’t take much convincing before he has given into the temptation to sink his cock balls deep into his stepdaughter’s fuck hole. Her tight twat clenches around him as he pounds her from behind. Turning around, Christian makes eye contact with Romeo as he lifts one of her legs in the air to open her wide for a pussy pounding.

Sitting on the couch, Romeo pulls Christian down on top so she can impale herself on his fuck stick. Her perky all naturals bounce as Christian rides her stepdad’s stiffie. When she tells him she wants his cum inside her landing strip snatch, Romeo tries to resist the allure. Christian insists, though, grinding her hips down until she is filled with Romeo’s hot jizz.

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SydneyHarwin – Rampant Mom Gets Creampie By Son HD

I wish you would bring your dirty socks downstairs and put them in the wash, instead of leaving them under your bed for mommy to find. I don’t know what you youngsters call them, wank rags?… Look, while I’ve got you here, theres something else I want to talk to you about… I’ve been checking up on your internet history and noticed you’ve been watching porn… but not just any porn, the porn you are watching is illegal… It’s just not legal, son, and even though mommy has watched illegal stuff in the past, it’s just not right… Do you have feelings for mommy? You can tell me the truth… As long as you don’t tell your father, perhaps we could explore those feelings… Have you ever had a girlfriend? No? Then mommy must show you what you must do, and show you exactly how you should be treated by a woman… a woman who knows how to please my special boy. WOW, I didn’t know you would be THIS BIG… You’ve grown so much, just look at the size of it! Mommy want’s to suck it very much… It barely fits into my mouth! Have you ever had sex before? No? Well mom must show you how tight she still is at her age. You wan’t me to take my dress off? Okay… Your mom’s body doesn’t look the same as it used to, but thats fine because there is more of me to love… Oh.. My.. God.. You feel so fucking good. This was the same position you was conceived in… Are you gonna cum inside your mom? I don’t mind… blow your load inside mommy and fill me good.”

–Your petite mom want’s your cock bad, and she is gonna get it. Expect to hear dirty talk and witness your mommy riding your cock until you just can’t stand it any more

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Olivia Blu – Mother and Son Taboo POV in HD

Stepmoms Tableside Blowjobs HD

Stepmom began to rub my lap at the table. My father was so preoccupied that he did not even notice. She could feel my cock swelling. While dad had his head stuck in his paperwork, stepmom had her face crammed onto my big cock. I never took her for being such a dirty milf slut.

Ironing Out My Stepsons Boner HD

I could not believe how sexually deviant my stepmom was, so I decided to confront her about it. She was ironing my pants at the time and dressed in only her lingerie. She noticed my boner, and from that point I was screwed. She dropped down to her knees and opened wide. I came inside her mouth and found out my sperm tastes way better than my fathers. At least I am doing something right…

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Mom & Son Share A Changing Room – Helena Price HD

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Part 1

I was out past curfew again this week and my parents said i was grounded for a month, so that also meant i couldn’t be left alone either. so that meant on Saturday when i was it the kitchen playing on my phone. a phone i wasn’t suppose to have and mom walked in and i knew i was gonna catch some crap. she took the phone and said she was going shopping and i had to come with her. i complained but it didn’t work. when we got to moms favorite store in the mall mom actual made me go in the changing room with her! i was so pissed and tried to argue but she wouldn’t hear it, so in the changing room i went. once she closed the curtain she maid me sit on the chair and put my hand over my eyes while she stripped to her bra and panties. i decided to take a peek and holy crap did i like what i saw! i never moms body was so nice, i couldn’t stop looking through my fingers, she kept making sure my hands were cover my face but she never noticed me peeking. after she stripped and modeled the outfits for me twice she made her decision and said we were all done/ she told me shops every Saturday so don’t be surprised if she makes me cum with her, now im kinda looking forward to shopping with mom! This is part 1 of Mom And Son Share A Changing Room, it stars Helene Price and is a POV Taboo Themed Strip Tease Scene. there is NO sex in this scene, just the beginning of the story

Part 3

It was Saturday morning and i was trying to stay in bed all day until my mom walked into my room. she told me to wake up, she said since i was still grounded i needed to come with her. i tried to argue but in the end i kinda wanted to go and see what fun we would have this week in the changing room. i had my hands over my eyes while mom was changing, i asked if she was almost done. she asked why and wanted to know if i was having my “problem” again. she was just wearing her panties and a shirt but im sure she knew i was peeking. so i just dropped my hand down to my rock hard cock and squeezed it. mom just rolled her eyes and got the lotion out of her purse. she put a few drops in my hand and told me to hurry up while she kept watch. after a few minutes she asked if i was almost dine to which i said no. then she really shocked me and she walked over and dropped down between my legs and grabbed my dick. mom started stroking like a pro, i came all over my moms sweet hands and then we got dressed and left. i cant wait for our shopping trip next week!

Part 5

I was finally done being grounded and i thought my mom was gonna let me enjoy a Saturday relaxing. right when i sat down on the couch to watch tv mom walked in and said i need to go shopping, it was almost back to school time and i needed new clothes. once we got to the store mom said i need new underwear so she got some plus some stuff for her and we headed to the dressing room. once in side mom started stripping and she just let me watch, once she was naked she urged me to try on my underwear. once i was naked i tried on my underwear but i couldn’t pull them up all the way because of my ragging boner. i told mom i couldn’t pull them up so she dropped to her knees to try and help, she got really close and pulled harder. i leaned forward and slipped my cock into her mouth and she just started sucking. she pulled my underwear down and sucked my cock like a good mother should. i laid down on the dressing room floor and mom lowered herself down on top of me and started bouncing. i creampied my beautiful mom in the dressing that day!

This is part 5 of Mom And Son Share A Changing Room, it stars Helena Price and is a Taboo Milf Cheating Dressing Room sex scene.


Mom and Son Wild Sex and P1ssing POV HD

Mom walks in on son watching porn in the living room. First she gets mad on him, but then she is intrigued what porn he is watching – mature porn! He expects to be punished, but instead she tells him Mom is much better than the woman from the video. So she orders him to takes his shorts off so she could show him her skills! And here she goes – hot blowjob, fantastic footjob, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl riding until that hard young cock cums inside her wet cunt! But that`s not all – she has one last surprise for her son! She climbs the coffee table orders him to lay under her, squats with legs wide spread and gives him an abundant golden shower right on his face and in his mouth

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Sons Of Taboo – Ashley Fires HD

Prospect Dax had one more final task before he would be voted in for his patch. And he needed the help of his Mom to complete it. His Mom was so happy he was getting his patch that she was more then willing to help out. It didn’t seem that hard. All she had to do was ride around with her Son and occasionally flash people! Nothing she hasn’t done before. But after their fun bike ride her Son told her that there was one more thing he had to do. Mom told him whatever it was she would help him. He told her that he had to fuck her to get his patch. That everyone in SOT biker gang had to bang their Mothers to get it. Mom laughed and thought for sure he was joking. But when she saw look on her Son’s face she realized this was no joke. Mom told him that she really wants him to get his patch. And how good it would be for the family. So she said if he had to do it then don’t be a little bitch about it and do it. But Mom said she would not give it up without a fight. Dax grabbed her and threw her on the couch but Biker Mamma was not about to let her Boy win so easily. He finally gets her on her knees and shoves his cock in her mouth. Then picks her up and pushes her down and rips her pantyhose open. He starts to fuck his Mother. She give in to her Son and tells him to fuck his Mommy hard! She rides him and squirts all over his cock. In the end she tells him to cum inside Mommy and allows him to take a picture of his cum running out of her well fucker cunt. Dax will get his finally get his patch and all he had to do was fuck his Mother.

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Madisin Lee – Fat Ass MILF HD

It has been a long time since you have seen your favorite Aunt Madisin. You always had a crush on her. She was the first woman to ever kiss you and show you how to please your girlfriend. So, you stop by for a surprise visit while you are home for the holidays. When she greets you, you are in shock by how fat she is. She has really been eating and packing on the pounds. She used to be so fit and skinny. You call her out and make her show off her curves. How did you get so fat? You ask. I cannot believe it. You were such a hot MILF, now you are a fat ass MILF! I am going to give you a lesson, now bend over and show me that big fat ass Auntie! When you shove your hard cock in her fat wet pussy you cannot believe how much better a fat pussy feels and how soft her skin feels. I never knew a fat girl could turn me on so much, especially when she fingers her belly button while I pound her pussy. Please don’t stop eating!

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Mistress T – Mum Uses Son For Her Pleasure HD

This is a very special vid (at a very special price!) for all my Mama’s boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I’m training my son to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our son! Filthy dirty family fantasy!

Category: MILF

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Arielle Ferrera – Taking Care Of Stepsons Load HD

Stepmom called me into the laundry room to scold me. She said she was not my maid, but she was definitely hot enough to be! She accused me of wearing dirty underwear too. She made me strip down and put those stinkers in the laundry. She even threw her panties in there since they were kind of moist as well. Once the load was all set up, stepmother helped me set up my own load by stroking my cock and rubbing it on her cunt. Before I knew it I was fully inside her and she was bragging about how good I made her feel.

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