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Laila Banx – German Amateur MaleDom Dad-Daughter Vids in HD 1080p


I asked my father for an advance of pocket money, because Mom was not here. He hesitated and wanted, how could it be otherwise, a reward. He fumbled at me and wanted to poke his cock into me. I told him that I only fuck with condom with him, because I do not take the pill. He agreed, shoving the condom over it and pushed his hard cock deep into my tight cunt. He fucked me over the table and when I turned around so he can fuck me doggy, he surreptitiously took the condom down . Blank he fucked my pussy from behind until I came still clueless to orgasm. He came at the same time as me and I felt how his hot jerk off slime was pumping into my pussy When he pulled the cock out of me, the cum juice ran in streams from my fucked up pussy.


My father got today Post by police, because I was caught last week at dodging. In order to keep this incident in front of my mom secret, I had to think of something. So I offered him to punish me bad girl. Then he came in and I already had his cock in my pussy from behind. He fucked me nice and I sucked on his cock extensively. Finally, I got a thick load of cum sprayed into my mouth, which I swallowed down like a good girl.


After an party, I was totally hot for a fuck, so I grabbed a guy and took him home. Without much drivel I came straight to the point and took his cock into my greedy mouth. After I had blown up his cock, I saddled on to a hot cunt fucking and rode his lance willingly. This made me so horny that I wanted to have his cock in my ass. Doggy he shoved the thick cock in my tight asshole and the sweet pain always made me hornier. I turned to the side and he fucked again alternately my fuck-holes before he spreaded his cum with thick loads all over my face.


A pipe of my heater was leaking, so I called a repairman. When he repaired the pipe, he constantly made ??clear remarks. Then when he wanted his money, I gave it clear to him that I do not pay him and would report this incident to his boss. He begged me not to do this and asked for a different solution. So I introduced him to the choice of either fuck with me and thus cheat his wife or lose his job. He chose the first one, and he just started to finger my pussy and pushed a finger into my tight asshole. Now he began to move his pipe from behind deep in my wet pussy. I sucked his cock, rode him dirty until he squirted his thick cream in my fuckface.


I broke down on the way home and called my pal to pick me up. He was just at the public viewing to watch the match of our team and not amused. But helpful as he is, he came to help me and drove me home. Once there, I felt how strong his disappointment was not being able to see the game. But I had an idea how I could cheer him up again, for the offer to push a hot free bump in my penalty area, he simply could not refuse. And already started the game and the bar pushed deep into my cunt. He fucked me by horny and I sucked again and again passionately to his rock hard cock. He banged me really through until he pumped his hot cum deep into me. A full and thick creampie at the end was the icing on the cake.


My band had won the band contest, but this our competitors don´t like so promptly one of them visited me at home. With a guitar cable he stood in front of me and accused me manipulation of these. I didn´t know what he wanted from me but he also let himself not calm down and was ru-de. He put the cables around my neck, cho-king me with it and rip-ped me to the ground. He fucked me bru-tally in the mouth while he pulled my hair and slap-ped me. Now he threw me on the couch, rip-ped down the leggings and ram-med his thick rough hard cock from behind in my cunt. After he banged me hard, he pulled me down and fucked me again viole-ntly in the throat. Totally exha-usted, he threw me on the couch and ram-med without mercy in my tight snatch until he shot me a fat load of cum right in my face… *Extreme Roleplay*

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Vivian Schmitt Haut Nah (2018)

Title: Vivian Schmitt Haut Nah
Year: 2018
Country: Germany
Genre: Amateur, All Sex, Gonzo.
Duration: 01:38:46
Studio: Amateur Check In

Cast: Vivian Schmitt.




Dirty Old Pig Dad!

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Versaute Deutsche MILFs 6 (2019)

Title: Versaute Deutsche MILFs 6
Year: 2019
Country: Germany
Genre: Mature, Gonzo, MILF.
Duration: 01:33:20
Studio: Magma Film

Cast: Andy Star, Diether von Stein, Franz K.,
Julia Pink, Mia De Berg, Phil, Sexy Susi.




Oldsome Youngsome Foursome (2019)

Title: Oldsome Youngsome Foursome
Year: 2019
Country: EU
Genre: Amateurs, Mature, Old Guys,
Teens, BBW, Group. Swingers, Foursome.
Duration: 01:36:13
Studio: GrandParentsX

Cast: Amateurs.




Laila Banx – German Amateur Family Taboo Vids in HD


My mother´s Lover has caught me just as I had phone-sex with my new affair and threaded to tell it to my boyfriend. I tried to persuade him not to do it but on my pussy he would not start. He offered me to keep it to himself if he could fuck me in the ass. So there was no choice! What I had a choice? After I sucked his cock hard, he banged me from behind in my tight ass cunt and started to fuck me. I became so horny for his cock in my ass that I’ve ridden his hard cock with my ass properly. As a reward there was a juicy splash of cum in the middle of my face.


When I arrived quite dru-nk in the middle of the night home, I just wanted to sl-eep. So I lumb-ered toward the sofa … Suddenly I heard my father came down the stairs. Apparently, he was woken up by me and pretty pis-sed about my condition. When I gave him to understand that I’m not interested on his ser-mon, I brought him only really moving. He grab-bed and slap-ped me and pushed me his thick cock deep down in my throat. He drag-ged me to the ground, fucked me hard, dr-unk as I was, to put hies fat dick again in my throat. Once again he pushed me his hard swollen cock hard and deep from behind in my tight cunt as he pulled me by the hair. Now he pulled me up, fucked me again deep in my mouth and pasted his entire contents of his balls across my face.


When I was 18 I wanted to try something new, because only to blow a dick was too boring for me. I wanted to know how a deep throat feels. First I pressed my mouth slowly over his cock until it stucks completely in my throat. Then I became bolder and began to take the cock deeper and faster into my mouth. This made the guy so horny that he started to fuck me in the throat. I tried different positions and let the cock fuck me again deep in my throat. He was so horny that his cock starts to twitch. Suddenly he shot loads of cum all over my face.


I’ve find out that my father is cheating my mother with others. I had to teach a lesson to his delightfor his Cheat-Bangs. He was working, so I sneaked up on, covered his eyes and tied his hands behind the chair. He thought at first I was his slut who seduces him. Too cool as he winced when he saw me I quickly had his cock in my mouth and could see how horny he gets due to his daughter´s mouth. But that was not all. I rode hard on his cock while he was tied up all the time there. When I jerked the cream out of his balls he squirted in my face. Finally, I made a proof photo, which I will show my mom .. hehe


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Briana Cuckolds You By Fucking The Family Priest HD 1080p

After your wife Briana cheated on you and laughed in your face about it, you asked her to see the family priest. You were hoping he would talk to her about being a more faithful wife. She tells you that she told him all about how she cheated on you and showed him some pictures of your tiny cock. He told her that she did the right thing. He told her that God hates men with small cocks and then showed her his cock so she could see what a real man’s cock looks like. She couldnt help herself and started sucking his cock.. then she brought him home with her… she and the priest decided that the best thing for your family would be to make you their CUCKOLD slave! To your horror, she pulls out the priests cock right in front of you and starts sucking it! The priest tells your wife that you should beg for forgiveness for having a small cock. She lovingly sucks his cock while both of them laugh at you.. they know you are too much of a wimp to even stop the family priest from having his way with your wife. Then your wife wants the priest to fuck her, but the priest says hes a pretty busy guy and might not have time.. so SHE MAKES YOU BEG THE FAMILY PRIEST TO STICK HIS COCK IN YOUR WIFE!!! You are so humiliated that you want to cry, but you do as you are told and beg the priest to satisfy your wife for you. As she rides his cock, the priest tells you that having a small cock is a horrible sin. Its worse than being a .. he tells you that the lord is going to smite you for your sins… he FUCKS YOUR WIFE hard in a number of positions while you weep, and you can feel what’s left of your dignity draining out of your body. They even talk about making you pay for them to take a trip to the vatican together. In the end, YOUR FAMILY PRIEST SHOOTS A MAN SIZE LOAD ALL OVER YOUR WIFE’S FACE. Its the Ultimate Cuckold clip.. the HOTTEST one we have ever made. If you are only going to buy one cuckold clip this year, this is the one!!

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Under Covers Milf – Briana Banks [Untouched 1080p]

Bouncy curvy Briana Banks is spending some time in bed, running her hands over herself as she pictures her stepson’s cock… It’s naughty, taboo, she SHOULDN’T be thinking about it… But Briana can’t help it. She’s a dirty MILF that craves young cock – seducing and devouring it. She’s seen him masturbating, spotted him in the shower.. Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. He’s down in bed, what better way to get things started than crawling under the blankets and wrapping her warm tongue around his eager cock. Who wouldn’t want to pull back the sheets to see Briana staring up at them, smirking, with their cock balls deep in her throat.

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Nayomi und Heidi Die Spermafreundinnen (2019)

Title: Nayomi und Heidi Die Spermafreundinnen
Year: 2019
Country: Germany
Genre: Bukkake, Blowjob, Anal, Tattoo,
Big Tits, FacialCumshot, Group.
Duration: 01:20:11
Studio: GGG

Cast: Nayomi Sharp, Heidi van Horny.




Mega-Titten #1 (2019)

Title: Mega-Titten #1
Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Blowjob, Big Tits.
Duration: 05:02:40
Studio: MVW.XXX

Cast: Amateurs.



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