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VINTAGE MAINSTREAM INCEZT – Ariella (1980) With English Subs

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The lonely young woman Ariella feels among strangers in her upper-class family in her own house. Ariella is discovering her sexuality and her arrogant mother Helena, her father Rodrigo and her brothers Clécio and Alfonso do not give love or affection to her. When Ariella overhears a conversation of her brothers, she learns that he biological father was lured by Rodrigo that had stolen his fortune and raised her as a daughter. Now Ariella plots revenge against her family using her beautiful body to reach her goal.

ARIELLA (Brasil, 1980).srt



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You wake up in your bed, but instead of finding Angel, you find a pile of soft pillows. You get up and walk to the balcony, and see Angel lying on a lounge chair with a blindfold on her eyes and her hands tied behind his back. What did he do? You get closer and start touching his face, his lips, feel his breasts and touch his vagina over his thong. Then you take out your already hard cock and start teasing her, first you rub your cock on his nipples and then you get closer to his lips. But you don’t give your hard cock to her. She begs you, she really wants to suck that hard cock, but her eyes are blindfolded and she can’t see anything, so you keep teasing her, and then after that, you give her what she deserves from her. After that, you play with her vagina until she has an orgasm. After a while, Angel goes to an online interview. He is wearing her purple top, stockings and garter belts, a short skirt and high heels. Ángel is sitting at a table and having a conversation with someone. You decided to play with her nylon feet without distracting her. But it’s hard for her to concentrate on her interview while your big cock slides between her feet. Her thoughts now are only about sucking that big hard cock. So she finishes her interview as soon as possible and gets what she had wanted for so long.

The clip also contains two real ejaculations, rubbing a cock on Angel’s face, deep throat, third person shot, full body shot of Angel, red lips blowjob, hand job in the car.

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BTS 10+ clips HD 1080p

602 Teacher knows you have a nylon fetish
603 All I want your big cock deep into my throat
613 Spoil Me on Our First Date – Part 1
621 Spoil Me on Our First Date – Part 2
630 The Boss Messed Up His Secretary
636 Secretary’s Nylon Legs on High Heels Control the Boss’s Weakness
637 The visits and fucks
638 This is Your BIG Chance! Now or Never!
645 My Wife Under Magic Shoe’s Controls
646 I’m Gonna Drain You Dry to The Last Drop
648 Elated by my touch or my cleavage

Category Nylon Encasement
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What A Big Cum Surprise 4k

Angel was not at home all day. She had gone somewhere since early morning. In the evening, Angel returned from her extra lessons. She knows that her hubby has been waiting for her all day, because today is Saturday, and on Saturday there is always a morning handjob. She looks so sexy in this very short skirt and white top.
Angel teases him a little more with her pantyhose legs and ass. Then she lies down on the bed, “Now, let’s get your penis on”, Angel licks the head of his cock, kisses and enjoys every touch of her red lips on this shiny swollen cock. “This is so damn good!” After this, Angel gives the most sensual and slow handjob.
She squeezes the base of his cock and slowly runs her fingers down and up the shaft of his cock. Teasing him to get a lot of cum. She was so captivated by the process that his cumshot was a pleasant and unexpected surprise for her.

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Blissfully Satisfied – Angel The Dreamgirl *4k

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Angel looks stunning in this office outfit, the short skirt shows you that she is wearing seamless tights. The black jacket goes well with the white waistcoat, which shows off her great cleavage. She sits and you look at her nylon legs in high heels. They are so smooth, silky, you cannot restrain yourself for long and take your hard cock out of this prison of pants. You want to stroke your boner along Angel’s nylon legs and feet. And splash white streams of cums onto her nylon feet, so that it flows right into her high heels.

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And the second part of the clip contains: A real cumshot on Angel’s nylon foot. Drops of white warm liquid flow down her nylon foot. It’s so sexy and beautiful! All this is how the Angel loves.

Wow! Angel stands in such a sexy and inviting pose. She leans on the table, her high-heeled nylon foot stands on the table and she rips her seamless tights where her wet tight slit is.

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Per The Doctors Orders – Rae Knight HD 1080p

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I’ve just been told by my doctor sweetie that I have a terrible heart condition and it’s only getting worse. The medication that would reverse it is $2000 a month!!! Clearly we can’t afford that. He did say there was one other option, but I’m a bit embarrassed to mention it!!! I need the DNA from a family member. However, all my family has past and you’re the last one I have left! So you would need to step up. Oh dear I don’t know if I should even mention it! Ok ok. I’m desperate to live so here goes! I need your cum daily! Yes you heard me correctly! I need your cum and I need to swallow it at least daily to reverse my heart condition! Can you help your mommy?!?!?!



Angel The Dreamgirl – The Allure Of Doing Something Forbidden *4k

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Early in the morning, you are taking a shower in your hotel room. Angel in a sexy maid costume walks down the corridor. She is wearing high heels and has black nylons on her legs. She finds a card from your hotel room. She decides to return the card to you, entering the room she sees a terrible mess and decides to clean up.
Entering the shower, she is a little embarrassed to see you naked. You say it’s okay if she cleans up while you shower. Then she goes into the room to make the bed. You leave the shower and lie down on the bed. You are watching her. Her skirt is flowy and short and her lilac panties are visible underneath. You decide to turn on the TV to relax. It looks like there’s porn on TV. What happens next?

Category Maid Fetish
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The Evil One Tempting You *4K

Custom Clip Request:

You don’t have to wear a nun outfit lol. With this scene, the priest’s cock is between your praying hands, we don’t see it, but it’s there. He’s still soft and your hands are in the praying position, hiding his cock. But you pray out loud (eyes opened, looking into the camera/video) and say, please forgive me, I did many many naughty things. You then go on to say the evil things you did ( I saw you had an evil secretary one where you went around giving all those man heart attacks and taking their money lol). As he grows harder, we see it between your hands, the more you confess your naughty sins, the harder he gets. You keep confessing your sins, driving the priest to get harder and harder. His dick is rock hard and ready to erupt. He squirts fake cum as you have your hands clasped in praying position.

You look very cocky and confident as you know how much power you have over the priest. You say “you like my sins, father? Let me tell you more. You then continue slowly stroke his cock, very sensually, teasing him. You stroke the head of the cock with your thumb under the base. You then gently squeeze his balls and the base of his cock until he cums (for real). He cums just by squeezing balls and the bottom of the base of cock.

You look at his still hard cock, dripping cum and say “awww, father, you have sinned! I can’t believe you came all over the place! You stick out your chest, revealing your huge cleavage, and you tell him to look at your tits, but don’t dare, cum, as you squeeze his cock.. you tell him how huge your tits are.. he fake cums all over them!

Thx for the info. I just wanted to clarify though, the entire video is POV and it is implied that the person is a priest. Only the cock is being shown, not him. So there is no need for a priest outfit. You can wear whatever dress you like, but I would like it to reveal massive cleavage lol.

Yes first person if ok pov. Different angles are awesome too. The idea is I want to feel as if I were the priest. The important thing is to make the viewer think that all you’re doing is praying, not realizing that the priest’s cock is between your praying hands. As you tell more sins, he gets hard and only then can we view the bulging cock through your praying hands. Great idea for a confessional! Maybe have a scene where you walk into the confessional booth, and then switch to praying?


It was sooooo hot! I LOVED the background music you added as well as adding real candles to the set. It was superb! The way you spoke about all of your dirty sins was VERY hot. I saw that he precummed a lot.. very intense. You looked stunning in that dress and your cleavage was unreal. I barely lasted the entire movie. The fake cum scenes were very realistic and intense. The final real cum scene was VERY hot and I can tell he was over aroused through the filming, as he literally EXPLODED all over your breasts. It was simply amazing!


Colleagues Mock Your Wife and Fuck You In Front Of Her – PeachySkye HD

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We are your colleagues and when we finally get to meet your wife we are SHOCKED. How is someone like you with… THAT? We quickly start picking on her, laughing at her appearance and how she is clearly reaching out of her league with you! You seem to find it quite funny so we turn up the heat and it isn’t long until we are sucking and fucking you in front of your fugly wife!

**This is a POV video and depicts simulated sex**



Cheating Sister Sucks My Morning Wood 4k

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Sofie Skye – Insane Impregnation 4K

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Frontal cowgirl riding with hands behind feet, followed by wild hard and fast missionary dildo pounding like crazy, insane dirty talk and begging for breeding and impregnation, breeding kink play and letting you cum inside me for a solid full 2 minutes of you cumming in me, as I flex and pulsate my pussy hard taking in your load, then slap and rub my belly telling you it’s swollen up! No fake cum is used the creampie is implied only and stays deep inside my fertile womb. Profile Tags: sofie skye fetish femdom kink role play dirtytalk skinny small tits petite blonde shaved pussy tight wet cunt asshole butthole ass nipples anal dildo riding reverse cowgirl fucking sex pov blowjob handjob feet footjob goddess worship female domination submissive training cuckolding cuck sub slut loud moaning masturbating pussy play solo female solo masturbation toys fantasy pantyhose thongs nylon toes soft soles tongue home wrecker girlfriend wife anal oral fishnets creampie whore custom content custom videos dick rates threesome point of view blue eyes slut joi jerk off instructions cum play cum swallow close ups vibrator real orgasm

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Brother Blackmails Me Into Cucking You – Summer Fox HD 1080p

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We’ve been married for a while and we’re so in love, but you are always asking me if you can post naked photos of me on Reddit under the name ‘Hot Housewives’. I’m not up for it, but I love you so much that I eventually agree to do it, as long as you promise noone will see it or recognise me. Later that day I come running to you – My brother has seen the pictures and he’s going to tell everyone unless I let him fuck me whilst you watch!
He comes over and I reluctantly suck him and fuck him in front of you, although I beg him not to come inside me as I’m not on the pill. First he fucks me missionary, then reverse cowgirl and then before I can stop him, he cums inside me! I tell you you’re going to have to go and get the Plan B and then I show you a close up of the massive creampie my brother left inside me.



Milk Yourself to Your Mommy’s Cunt – Clarissa Brightstar HD 1080p

Mother, MILF, German, Amateur, POV, Cheating, Wife, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction

Your Mother has a special birthday surprise for you. She has found all your dirty magazines under your bed. All your Porn. Shes decided to let you look at her pussy so you get to see one in real life. She spreads and gapes her pussy for you to have a look while encouraging you to jerk and Milk your penis for her. Such a good mommy.


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