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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics, Stories and Vids ALL REAL!

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New Boyfriend Roped into Anally Punishing Mommy’s Bad Girl – Helena Locke, Kacie Castle HD [Untouched 1080p]

Kacie Castle is a sexy and mischievous little slut with sparkling brown eyes that spell trouble, and a petite frame that begs to be bound and fucked. It is these exact qualities that lead Rob Piper to follow Kacie from a couple dates to a road trip to her Mother’s mansion. Kacie is all flirtation and batting eyelashes as she explains that her Mother is definitely out of the country and that Rob and her have the run of the house, as well as all the kinky BDSM toys hidden under the pastel decor. Rob has been waiting to really dig into all the submissive potential and filthy sex he knows Kacie needs. A pair of handcuffs and tight metal nipple clamps provide the perfect catalyst and soon Rob has this perverted little whore gagging on his massive cock, moaning from heavy face slaps, and gushing squirt as he holds her down and makes her cum all over her Mommy’s bedroom floor. A harsh punishment for cumming without permission includes ripping off her clamps and a flogging her bouncy ass until she can’t take it anymore. She begs to be his little fuck puppet and Rob pounds her into the mattress in metal bondage. Unbeknownst to Rob, he is now a pawn in a perverse game of lesbian desire between Kacie and her Mother. Kacie has alerted her Mommy with a text that they are in her home, with the hopes that this transgression will rekindle their old taboo D/s dynamic that Kacie still dreams about. When Helena comes striding into her home she takes no pause at the sounds of fucking in her bedroom, but goes right out to the bedroom window to spy on her daughter and her strapping new boyfriend fucking. She gets her voyeuristic orgasm by rubbing her wet pussy with one hand, keeping her eyes trained on her daughter getting pounded out. After her orgasm Helena marches back into the house and feigns a fake discovery of the young couple. The game is on, and Rob is sent upstairs to clean up while Helena and Kacie go head to head. Kacie wants Helena to still be her strict BDSM Domme and taboo lesbian lover, and Helena has decided Kacie needs to grow up and learn to serve someone else. But not before she has taken one last strict over the knee spanking and licked her Mommy’s pussy like a good girl. Rob is invited to join them so Helena can really train Kacie to be the anal whore she was meant to be. Drooling and begging on her new boyfriend’s dick, Kacie couldn’t look happier as Helena circles behind her with a hard flogging and crop to the pussy. Spit swapping, deep-throat training, and lesbian cuckolding are just a few tactics Helena brings to her daughters final test. Holding trays, as well as her orgasms, while having a zipper ripped off her nubile skin is a lesson in pain and service before pleasure. Canes further underline the point, leading to an insane double penetration scene with Helena ramming her huge strap on in Kacie’s already stretched asshole that is full with Rob’s hard dick straining against the walls of her pussy. Choked and cumming like an anal slut, Helena decides Kacie has proven herself and asks Rob to accept her slut daughter as his sexual servant.

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18 Year Old Kendra is caught smoking in the parking lot at the strip mall by her Dad!!! She has been warned time after time by her Parents about not smoking….so her Dad, of course, is furious. Dad grabs Kendra….puts her in the car….and drives her back home. Once they are home…Dad goes to work administering a firm, harsh punishment to Kendra. Dad pulls off his pants and makes Kendra put his cock inside her mouth and suck on it…..”If you like putting filthy things in your mouth so much… you go….suck Daddy’s cock!!!”. Kendra is almost in tears as she is made to suck on her own Dad’s cock. Unfortunately, for Kendra…..her punishment is only starting. When Dad’s cock is hard….Kendra is told to take her jeans off….and prepare to be Fucked. Kendra protests….but Dad orders her to do it. Dad begins to Pound away at Kendra as she yelps in pain and begs him to stop. Mom arrives home, and walks in….but to Kendra’s horror….Mom doesn’t save her….but instead, Mom agrees with the punishment….and tells Kendra to suffer through the vaginal pounding. As Mom leaves to get supper started…Dad pulls his cock out of Kendra’s sore young vagina….and makes her take a big load of semen into her mouth….and then he makes her swallow it!!! Through her tears, Kendra promises never to smoke again!!! Sometimes “tough love” seems to be the only way.

Category: TABOO

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, Cheating, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Humiliation, Blackmail, Netorare, Caught In The Act, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Big Ass


Girls Controlled – XXX Multimedia HD

Watch girls controlled and slip into an erotic trance. These females are trained using erotic magic techniques to obey. The girls mindlessly obey orders and fuck their master. XXX Scenes with over 1.5 hours of mesmerizing sex and erotic magic.

Scene 1. Aiden Valentine, Fifi Foxx, Little Mina (Dad, Daughter, Daughter’s Friend)
Scene 2. Aiden Valentine, Fifi Foxx (Brother, Sister)
Scene 3. Aiden Valentine, Fifi Foxx, Leilani Lei (Mom, Son, Sister)
Scene 4. Aiden Valentine, Fifi Foxx (Mom, Son)

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Lena Paul, Reagan Foxx – Dovefucking 101 HD [Untouched 1080p]

The voluptuous Reagan Foxx is getting her porn on in her living room, trying to choose between all the smoking hot videos on Girlsway (not an easy task), when she sees her step-daughter Lena Paul outside on the patio crying. She closes her laptop and calls Lena into the living room to get the full story. Through tears, Lena tells her mom that she hates the girls at school. Embarrassed, Lena continues, telling Reagan that she was at lunch and the girls at her table were talking about something called…dovefucking? They were talking about how cool it was and Lena pretended to know all about it, but the girls caught her in her lie, calling her a ‘big virgin’. Reagan reassures her that it’s no big deal. A lot of people don’t know what dovefucking is, she continues patiently. Lena is still upset and worried that everyone will be talking about what a square she is. What IS dovefucking?, Lena asks her mom desperately. Reagan hesitates, struggling to find the right words. She stutters, saying it’s kind of a sexual thing. Lena still doesn’t get it. Maybe she IS just a big dumb virgin! Reagan can’t stand seeing her sweet Lena like this and offers to show her what it is. Lena agrees. Cozying up next to her daughter on the couch and opening up her laptop, Reagan finds the right video and shows Lena. Lena’s jaw drops. THAT’S dovefucking??? Does that even feel good?, she asks incredulously. Reagan assures her that it certainly does. It feels REALLY good in fact. Lena is intrigued. This whole dovefucking thing is starting to look pretty good. Reagan closes her laptop, telling Lena that now that she knows what it is, no one will make fun of her. Lena doesn’t agree, saying they’ll still make fun of her because she’s never done it. Reagan tells her that one day she will and it will be the best experience she’s ever had. Lena is reluctant to ask, but maybe her mom could help her…and try it with her? Reagan isn’t too sure, but ultimately she doesn’t want the girls to tease Lena, so she agrees. For her daughter’s sake, of course. Reagan hops up onto the couch and pulls down her dress, letting her incredible tits spill out. Lena is blown away by her mom’s enormous rack. She never knew her tits were so amazing, she says in awe as she leans over to kiss Reagan, grabbing a handful of her mom’s tits. Reagan takes Lena’s shirt off, and now it’s her turn to be blown away. She squeezes and kisses Lena’s heavenly breasts tenderly. Helping each other off with the rest of their clothes, mom and daughter can’t keep their hands (or mouths) off of each other’s sumptuous chests. Before long, Reagan kicks things up a notch and lowers her face between Lena’s legs, who squeals in bliss. But going down on Lena is just the beginning. As Reagan moves her juicy tits over to Lena’s dripping pussy, this is where the crash course on dovefucking truly begins.

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Mother, Daughter, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Chubby, Hairy, Cheating, Wife, Female Domination, Lesbian, Titty Fuck, Cunnilingus

Oct SiteRip Episodes 1 – 828 (102.40 GiB)

On this site, visitors can follow up the everyday life of a divorced man.
The residents live by very severe rules in this house. And if someone offends against the rules, she can count on a very serious chastisement, punishment.

Main content of the videos here is bare bottom spankings administered by hand, or with spanking instruments from a slipper to a cane. Some episodes contain additional fetish elements like forced exercises and medical checkups.

Mother, Daughter, Sister, MILF, Teen, Small Tits, Big Ass, Amateur, SiteRip, Cheating, Wife, Male Domination, Translated, Blackmail, Humiliation, Helpless, Big Tits

Spanking-Family Screens.rar



Anne – A Taboo Parody (2018)

Title: Anne – A Taboo Parody
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, Big Budget,
Domination, Feature, Parody.
Duration: 04:38:55
Studio: Pure Taboo
Pure Taboo’s AVN winning directors Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead return with their ambitious follow-up feature, Anne: A Taboo Parody. Featuring an all-star cast including Ashley Adams, Casey Calvert, Kristen Scott, Whitney Wright, Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce, Sarah Vandella, Mick Blue, Seth Gamble, Steve Holmes and Eliza Jane. This controversial twist on a traditional parody features Pure Taboo’s acclaimed blend of challenging and psychologically intense characters, breathtaking cinematography, and some of the best acting in the industry. Anne (Eliza Jane) has always been an orphan. Now that she is eighteen, she hopes she can one day be reunited with the parents who left her behind. But her dreams are mixed with the psychological damages of being a wayward girl in a transition home used for all kinds of under-the-table labor, some too heinous to describe. An environment void of order and reality sees her adopted into the possession of a rich businessman, Mr. Westfield (Derrick Pierce), who’s attraction for Anne clouds his judgement, making a scheme to retake Anne, concocted by the lecherous owner of the transition home Mr. Hands (Tommy Pistol) possible. Will Anne survive scandal and manipulation to find where she truly belongs?
Cast: Elena Koshka, Sarah Vandella,
Whitney Wright, Casey Calvert,Ashley Adams,
Jane Wilde, Vienna Black, Eliza Jane, Ember Snow,
Chloe Foster, Scarlett Mae, Elle Voneva, Mick Blue,
Steve Holmes, Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce,
Dick Chibbles, Seth Gamble.




You’ll Love My Daughter – Brett Rossi, Jane Wilde HD [Untouched 1080p]

Jane Wilde sits at home studying when her mom, Brett Rossi comes in and reminds her that it’s time to go meet her boss at the massage parlor to see if they can get Jane a job. Arriving at the parlor, Brett shows Jane around before leading her to a private massage room where the owner, Seth Gamble, is re-shelving some NURU gel bottles. Brett takes the lead in the introductions, telling Seth that this is her daughter and that she just turned 18 and is looking for a job. They both thought it would be a great idea to get some professional experience working here! Seth is skeptical – Jane hasn’t said much, and he doesn’t think she has enough enthusiasm to be able to represent their brand. They’re all about client satisfaction here, after all, and a bored client is an unsatisfied client. Brett promises that even though she’s a bit shy, Jane is a great masseuse and could give a client anything they might want. Seth says he’ll have to see for himself, he’s willing to give Jane a trial run right now before he makes his decision. Brett encourages Jane to go ahead and show him everything her mother taught her. After she gets the go-ahead, Jane helps the owner get undressed. She’s shy to get naked herself, but her mom convinces her, reminding her that this is kind of a job interview. She takes a deep breath and starts washing Seth. Brett watches with interest from a stool to the side, cheering on her daughter as she soaps Seth up, but occasionally Brett can’t help but interject with a motherly reminder of what to do (or what not to do), which doesn’t go over very well with Jane.

Done with the shower, Seth is lying down in the massage room, ready to start the massage portion of the trial run. Brett shows Jane exactly how to massage the NURU gel along Seth’s body. She does and Brett then tells Jane to body slide on him. She slides along his naked body, REALLY loving what she’s doing. After she finishes the massage and asks how she did, the owner admits that Jane has potential. Oftentimes new clients think this is ‘those other’ kinds of massage parlors, the X-rated ones, and he’s worried that a young woman like herself – especially a shy one – might not be able to handle those kinds of situations. He asks her how she would handle those kinds of clients who want ‘special treatment’. That’s easy, she answers with a smile, Seth said that this is establishment is all about client satisfaction so she would give them exactly what they’re hoping for! And before he can object, she takes his shaft and wraps her whole mouth around it and starts sucking happily. ‘Oh shit!’ the owner says with a laugh, but Brett is much less amused – she shrieks at her daughter and asks what she thinks she’s doing. Jane pulls herself off his dick and asks if she did something wrong – she thought it was a trick question. Didn’t her mom tell her to make sure the owner was fully satisfied, no matter what he asked? Brett is mortified, but Seth wants more – he tells the daughter she’s doing great so far, she should keep going. She happily obliges and goes back to sucking his dick.

Brett stands up in outrage, she can’t believe what she’s witnessing. The owner shrugs and tells Brett that instead of interrupting her daughter’s trial run, maybe she should join them. Brett is hesitant, but Jane insists it’s not a big deal, it’ll be fun! Ultimately Brett agrees that it will be fun, and stripping off her clothes, pours more NURU gel on Seth’s hard cock, and joins her daughter in sucking it. Before this trial run is over, Seth is going to find out EXACTLY how much he loves Brett’s daughter-not to mention Brett herself!

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Moms Teach Sex 16 (2018)

Title: Moms Teach Sex 16
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Family Roleplay,
Mature, MILF, Threesomes.
Duration: 01:41:57
Studio: Nubiles
Brooklyn likes working out but she loves menage a trois with her stepson even more!

Jericha Jem and Reagan Foxx – Stepmom! Did you fuck my boyfriend?

Katya Rodriguez and Tia Cyrus – If you’re going to fuck my guy you’re going to share.

Sofie Marie – One dropped towel helps tear down the last taboo.

Brooklyn Chase and Tara Ashley – If my yoga pants are a distraction I’ll just take them off!
Cast: Brooklyn Chase, Tara Ashley, Jericha Jem,
Reagan Foxx, Katya Rodriguez, Tia Cyrus,
Sofie Marie.



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