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Audrey Noir & Ember Stone – Practice With Mom HD [Untouched 1080p]

Audrey Noir is happy to help her son Logan Long with a personal problem. He asks for guidance, and Audrey eventually agrees. Logan pulls her forward and buries his face in her hairy pussy, lapping with his soft tongue as Audrey runs her fingers through his hair and moans. They’re almost caught when Logan’s sister Ember Stone returns home, but that doesn’t stop them picking up where they left a little more quietly.

Peeling off his mom’s clothes, Logan brings her backward to seat herself on his big dick. Her saggy tits flop everywhere as she rides Logan like a personal stallion, and she’s poised to explode when Ember catches them in the act. In a fit of inspiration, Audrey decides to turn the moment into a teaching experience for Ember. She teaches her daughter how to suck a proper cock. It’s not long before Ember is on her knees tag teaming her brother’s hardon with her mom.

That kicks off a horny threesome where Audrey teaches Ember and Logan everything she knows about fucking like rabbits. Her lessons include plenty of pleasurable positions, several of which lead to climaxes for the girls. When they’ve had enough, Audrey holds Ember in place while her brother pile drives her hairy pussy until he pulls out to cum all over her belly.

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Maxim Law & Darcie Belle – A Badmilfs Bedtime Bacchanalia HD [Untouched 1080p]

Darcie Belle was excited that her mom Maxim Law was coming to visit for the weekend, so she enlisted her boyfriend to help her clean the house. Before they could even get one room done, Maxim was already at the door ready to unpack. They took her to the bedroom to get started, and before long Maxim caught Darcies boyfriend sniffing her panties. Instead of saying something, she politely flashed her tits letting him know that they both might be after the same exact thing. The next morning at breakfast the boyfriend left the table claiming to be going to get sugar for his coffee, when in reality he was going to get Maxims mouth on his hard dick. He got away with a quick BJ before darcie could even notice. Later that night Darcie and her boyfriend were cuddling in bed until Maxim came a knocking. She joined them in bed tits out and all, and before long Maxim had her hands all over Darcies boyfriends cock. It turns out that she knew what was going on, but she just wanted to be involved. Before long this freaky family threesome was underway. Darcie learned some cocksucking tips from Maxim, Maxim learned how to really please the boyfriends cock, and the boyfriend was nothing less than enthralled about fucking two hot blonde bitches that happen to be related through marriage. Dreams do come true!

Maxim gives a sneaky deepthroat blowjob, then later, the BF fucks her in sideways positions, next to her daughter. Darcie wakes up and a threesome takes place in the bed. The girls suck a cock together and take turns getting fucked in reverse cowgirl & cowgirl, with blowjob and masturbation in between positions. Scene ends with a shared facial.

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Lyra Law & Mona Wales – Browser History HD [Untouched 1080p]

Lyra Law is watching porn in the kitchen. When her stepmother, Mona Wales, walks in, she slams the laptop screen down and pretends to look preoccupied. Mona is so happy to see her but Lyra is so embarrassed at almost having been caught. She tries to find any excuse to get out of there and tells Mona she’s running late but promises her they’ll have dinner together later. The girls escape to their respective rooms and get undressed. They sit on their beds and open up their laptops only to realize that they accidentally swamped computers. When Mona opens the laptop to check her emails, she confused as to why there’s porn on her screen. Lyra realizes quickly that this isn’t her computer either. When she checks the browser history, she realizes Mona has been watching Girlsway as well. The funny thing is, Mona is doing the exact same thing in her room. When they both realize that the other could be checking the browser history they panic and quickly gets dressed. Mona runs downstairs to Lyra’s room to give her back her laptop. When they both admit that they checked each other’s computer, there’s a moment of awkward silence. When they confide in each other that Girlsway has the best stepmom daughter scene Mona suggests that maybe they could watch one together. Lyra likes the way she thinks but has a better idea. Maybe her and mommy could act one out and make a movie of their own. Mommy couldn’t agree more.

Scene starts with kissing car mutual clit rubbing. They lick each other’ shaved pussy and take turns sitting on each other’s face. Also includes rimming, scene ends with tribbing.

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Mommys Little Helper – Modern Taboo Family – HD VERSION

Gen wakes up to find Mommy sitting on the bed with her. She wonders why Mommy is sitting there and dressed like she was. But she was happy to see her. Mommy has been working so much lately she was hardly at home. Mommy tells her that she was going to have to start helping her big brother around the house more. Mom was going to be too busy now so she would have to be the woman of the house. And with that title, comes great responsibility. Gen was exciting to do more around the house and Mom could totally count on her for anything! Mommy told her that her Brother was going to need some special attention from her. That Mommy usually takes care of all his needs and now it was up to her! She told Mommy that she knows how to make a PB&J the way he likes it! Mommy smiles and brushed back her hair “that’s good baby but your Brother need something more.” Gen look puzzled. Her Mother explained that she was old enough now to help take care of her Brother in a sexual way. Gen was still confused. Mom told her that she takes care of his every need including his sexual needs. He has a very healthy sexual drive and now she was going to have to help him take care of that now. Mommy knows she hasn’t really experience sex but it was time for Mommy to teach her. Gen got really excited and nervous at the same time. But she was going to try her hardest and make Mommy proud! Mommy starts off slow and puts her on her lap. She asks her baby girl if she remembers when Mommy used to breast feed her? Mommy’s takes out her breast and Gen instinctively starts to suck on her nipple. Mommy then starts to rub her little girls pussy. She then lays her down and tells her she is going to stick a finger inside of her. Gen told Mommy ok but didn’t really know what Mommy was about to do. She proceeded to slowly enter her tight pussy with one then two fingers. It felt weird to Gen but when Mommy started licking her pussy too then all of these wonderful feeling started to happen. She starts screaming! Mommy asks her if that was the first time she felt like that. Gen said yes and wondered what had happened. Mom tells her that was her having an orgasm. Her first cum. Now it was time for Gen to make Mommy cum. Her Daughter was a fast learner and within minutes Mommy was cuming all her her baby girls face. Mommy was so proud of her that she felt she was already ready to give her Brother a Blowjob. She tells Gen to touch her pretty little pussy while she goes and gets her Brother. They come back in while Gen is shoving her slim fingers in her virgin pussy. She explains to her Son that his little sister would now be taking over some of Mom’s duty’s. She get’s his cock out and tells Gen to get close to Mommy and watch. Mommy starts sucking her baby boys cock! When Mom feels her Daughter is ready she lets her try sucking on her Brother cock. They take turns back and forth. Harlo tells them he wants to see his Mother kiss his Sister. In The end his shoots his load al over his Mommy and Sisters face!

Category: TABOO
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Tapping The Twins (2017)

Kinky Inlaws presents Tapping The Twins. Taboo fucking and forbidden adventures in these naughty families! With Eveline Dellai, Silvia Dellai, Cynthia Vellons, Gina Gerson, Kristof Cale, Barbara Bieber, Klara and Lucia Denvile in 5 outrageous scenes.

Genre: Teens, MILFs, Anal, Double Penetration, Family Roleplay, Masturbating, Couples, Threesome
Starring: Eveline Dellai, Silvia Dellai, Cynthia Vellons, Gina Gerson, Kristof Cale, Barbara Bieber, Klara, Lucia Denvile.
Duration: 02:07:28

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Stuck at His Disposal – Payton Hall, Fifi Foxx HD

I heard my mom call for me from inside the kitchen. Wednesdays are our cooking days, and I was watching TV while she cleaned the vegetables. “Fifi, can you come help me?” she shouted. I came in to see her hand down the drain. She dropped her ring, and now her hand was stuck trying to get it out. I tugged on her body, but couldn’t get her hand free.

“You need to get your finger in there and undo it,” she said. I shifted my fingers alongside hers. Man, her fingers were really wedged in there. Then, all of a sudden, I remember not being able to shift or move them around at all. “Mom…Mom, I can’t get my hand out.” When I tugged on it, it hurt. Now I was stuck, and we both couldn’t get out. Mom said we had people coming over so we needed to get out. “Aiden!” I shouted for my brother. “Aiden, we need your help!”

“Yeah, I’m coming,” I heard his voice from the other room. We explained that Mom’s ring fell, her hand got stuck, and that my hand was stuck from trying to pull hers out. Aiden tugged on my hand, and I screamed in pain. He got behind me and tried shifting my body back, but that didn’t work either. He tried Mom next, but she didn’t budge.

My brother got behind me again, but this time, I felt something hard against my butt. Not only was he trying to pull me out, he was lightly humping me. “Aiden…Aiden, what are you doing? Are you hard?” I asked him. He denied it, but when he pulled back, I saw the bulge in his shorts. “Man, you guys are really stuck,” he said, groping me and my mom. I yelled at him, “It’s not funny, Aiden. Just call someone, we’re stuck.”

“No, I think I’m gonna…” he said, getting more physical with us. He slid my panties off as I yelled for him to stop. “Mom! Make him stop!” Mom smacked his hands away, but truth was, we couldn’t move. If he decided he wanted to fuck with us, we couldn’t stop him. “Oh my god, he’s eating my pussy,” Mom whined.

He did it to me too, and I stood there, stuck, crying as I felt my brother’s tongue slide against my clit. Aiden rubbed our clits at the same time, getting us wet before he…he…

I saw him pull back, and the bulge was even bigger. His hands tugged at his shorts, and I panicked, “No, Aiden…don’t! It’s not funny!” He wanted to keep fucking with us, “No, if you want me to call someone… Can your mouth reach over here? If you suck my dick, I’ll consider it.” He knew we couldn’t reach him. And if we could, we wouldn’t.

Mom was desperate for him to stop. She reached back and tugged on his cock, hoping that would be enough to please him. But it wasn’t. My brother wanted to get off. He picked up one of the vegetables Mom had prepared, and started rubbing it against our pussies. I never realized what a sick fuck my brother was.

I could see that his cock was rock hard now. He was serious about getting off. He got behind my mom and started fucking her. Then he got behind me. I screamed, cried, tried to shove him away, but I couldn’t do anything as my brother pounded me. I heard myself let out soft moans. Was my brother really doing this to me…to Mom?

He went back and forth between us, sliding himself in and out, as we cried for him to stop. Mom tried to remain calm, but I didn’t. I was sweating, exhausted, and I wanted it to end. The worst part was having to watch him fuck Mom, and not being able to do anything about it.

I heard him release a happy sigh, and I knew he had finished. “You feel my warm cum inside you, Mom?” he said with an amused tone. He spread her pussy open with his fingers to watch it drip out. “What the FUCK is wrong with you? Call someone, you asshole,” I blurted out.

“I’ll call someone after I take a shower,” he said. My brother walked off, and Mom and I were left there, still stuck. Mom’s pussy was full of my brother’s disgusting cum.

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MomKnowsBest – Claudia Valentine And Elektra Rose – Spoiled Brat HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Cherie Deville & Carter Cruise – Teach Me Nuru Mom HD [Untouched 1080p]

Carter Cruise and her mom, Cherie DeVille, are at the gym pumping some iron. Rooting each other on, the girls work out harder than they ever have before. When they finish their workout, Carter is massaging Cherie’s shoulders. Cherie gets up, tells Carter to sit down and starts massaging her, adding that’s it’s her birthday and she should be getting the special treatment on her special day.

Cherie also has a surprise for her – since she’s 18, she can start working at the spa now. Carter is overjoyed. She always wanted to work at the family business. Cherie asks her if she would like to go by the office and get a little training. Carter is ecstatic as they get up and leave the gym. When they arrive at the spa, Cherie starts explaining how a Nuru massage is done. When she tells Carter that the first step is to get naked and clean the client in the shower, Carter starts giggling and blushing.

Does she have to get naked with a stranger? Cherie takes off her clothes and tells her to do the same. When they enter the shower, Carter is a little shy but Cherie promises she’ll be a pro in no time. Cherie starts massaging her body and before Carter knows it, she’s having the time of her life. When Cherie gets down on her knees and starts eating her pussy, it’s safe to say that this is the best birthday Carter has ever had.

Cherie & Carter kiss in the shower and lick each other pussies. On mattress, they apply some gel/oil to themselves and rub against each other. THey take turns eating pussy and they also do some face sitting, fingering & tribbing.

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Mercedes Carrera, Alina Lopez & Christie Stevens – Green Card Mom HD [Untouched 1080p]

Alina Lopez is on her bed texting. When her mom, Mercedes Carrera, knocks on the door, she tells her to come in. Mercedes introduces her friend, Christie Stevens, to her daughter and sits on the bed.

Mercedes has some trouble speaking, so Alina raises her voice, rudely asking her what she wants. Mercedes blurts out that she married Christie and that she’ll be staying with them temporarily. Shocked, Alina asks her mother if she’s a lesbian. She explains that she did it to help Christie, who needed a green card to stay in the country.

As a result of this, she’ll have to live with both of them for at least a year. Alina can’t believe it. She doesn’t want to live with a stranger she doesn’t know or trust. She tells her mother it’s out of the question. Christie tells them both that she’ll figure something out, she certainly doesn’t want to be a burden.

Mercedes tells her daughter that her decision is final and she’s going to have to be a gracious host whether she likes it or not. When they leave the room, Christie doesn’t feel comfortable about all this; after all, they are lesbians and do love each. Mercedes doesn’t want to overwhelm her stepdaughter but promises Christie that she will tell her the truth when the time is right. Alina now feels bad about being such a bitch to her new guest.

Regretting her behavior, she gets up to go apologize. When she spots them, she sees that they’re being a little too touchy-feely with each other. She knew it. Her mother is a lesbian! Wanting proof, she goes to her room, grabs her camera and places it in her mother’s bedroom. As she watches her stepmom make out with Christie, she starts getting turned on. She starts playing with herself as she watches them and when she can’t take it anymore, she storms out of the bathroom and jumps on the bed to confront them.

Mercedes is worried at first because they got caught, but when Alina tells them that she’s also a lesbian, Christie invites her to join them and after all, her mother did tell her to make the guest feels welcome!

Lesbian threesome in bed with young Alina and two milfs. They lick and finger each other’s pussies with other acts including 69, tribbing, face sitting & rimming!

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