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Moring Sex HD 1080p

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Jia Lissa – Entanglements Part 2 HD [Untouched 1080p]

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It was supposed to be four perfect strangers on the perfect group getaway… but then Jia found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her while she’s away. Instead of getting mad, Jia gets double-penetrated. Part 2 of 2.


Futanari & Hentaied UPDATE in HD 1080p

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Lovita Fate & Sofi Vega – A Special Therapy Session HD

Sofi Vega is in sexy therapist Lovita Fate’s office. She plans to confront her about one of her previous clients who ended up in an asylum. However, her plan falls through quickly when Lovita reveals that she has supernatural powers and that’s how she broke that client who tried to cross her… Right away, she demonstrates her ability and makes Sofi suck her futa cock. Lovita moans in pleasure, as Sofi obeys and gives her a passionate blowjob. Finally, the fear turns into joy and Sofi starts to enjoy this. After the blowjob, Lovita lies down and Sofi starts riding her massive futa dick. Lovita then moves to a different position fucking her from behind. Each push drives both of them closer to orgasm and finally, Lovita finishes inside Sofi with a huge creampie.

Kimmy Kimm – Samurai Sisters HD

Kimmy Kimm’s sister has been infected with a curse so they are on a quest to find an antidote. However, their journey is not easy and they have to fight through an army of ninjas to get there. When they make it, Kimmy has to make a tough decision… Will she please the two demonic Samurai to get the cure or lose the chance of her sister’s recovery? She loves her sister more than anything so she makes a deal with the demons. Now, she has to suck their tentacle dick, and ride them until she is covered in their slimy cum! In the end, Kimmy starts enjoying getting fucked by the two monsters, and by the time they all reach orgasm, she is moaning in intense pleasure!

Rikako Katayama – Gelatinous Odyssey HD

Rikako Katayama’s seemingly ordinary morning has turned into an unexpected encounter with a mysterious force. She steps out of her bed, wearing a silky nightgown, and slowly steps towards the living room door.

She opens them, and instead of the living room, she faces a portal into a mysterious upside-down land. Out from it, a gelatinous being emerges, wrapping itself around Rikako’s body from the top down and sucking her in while her feet are wiggling in the air before she even had time to realize what is going on.

Rikako finds herself in a cramped-up space, she’s halfway nude and held down by red tentacle-like vines. She’s in a sitting position with her legs lifted up, touching the tentacles around herself in hopes of getting free. Suddenly she notices a black tentacle appearing and going towards her wide exposed pussy. She shakes her head in fear as it slowly penetrates her tight slit and begins to fuck her.

Not long after, the tentacle releases its cum inside Rikako’s slit, and as it goes out, the semen starts oozing out as well, sliding down between Rikako’s firm booty cheeks. She begs for the tentacles to stop but instead gets double than before. One of them, appears as the long mouth of an alien being, with a long appendage sliding out of it and taking its turn on Rikako’s slit. Another one appears and starts sliding down Rikako’s throat, plugging her from both ends.

The tentacles go deep, releasing yet another load of cum each at the same time. From the initial fear and confusion, Rikako appears to have grown fond of the tentacle cocks. She starts smiling because they have just fucked her like no one ever has. Her hands caress the tentacles that are holding her still in place, while another tentacle gets inside her pussy. This time, she moans in pleasure, her body shaking from the ecstasy of the moment, and her body moving in unison with the tentacle cock that’s pounding her slit.

The final load of cum is served inside Rikako, and she’s expelled from the strange world back into her room. Covered in cum, Rikako can’t get rid of the ecstatic feeling, she rolls in the tentacle semen on the floor, smiling and spreading the cum all over herself.



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My naive son is complaining about his crooked dick. Looks like his girlfriends haven’t even seen his dick, аnd he’s just making problems out of nothing. Even for me, it’s hard to resist. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex with his fat and lazy father. I don’t know how crooked my son’s dick is, but it’s big and hard. I think we can help each other and relieve a lot of complexes. It turns out that even his cum tastes so good. I can’t wait to sin again!

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Hey Ill Jump on Your Dick if You Dont Mind HD 1080p

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Fucking Siters Ass While She Stucks in The Washing Machine HD 1080p

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Sister Is Very Horny Today HD 1080p

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Kiss Me There HD


Funky Town – Devastated Cuck Watches A Cop Fuck His Young Wife Funky Town In Ass DTW8301 4k

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The sentence ‘Funky Town is in trouble!’ might conjure up various wild images inside your head, however, in this particular scenario, the ‘Town’ is an adorable young blonde wife, who’s gotten in trouble with the law alongside her hubby, and is willing to do anything to avoid going to jail. Once the interrogating officer lays eyes on her delicious teen legs, he instinctively discovers a way out for the unlucky couple. As you’d expect, it might involve some deep anal stretching for the gorgeous housewife, right in front of her newly-cuckolded ‘man’.

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Luna Roulette – Caught a Slutty Mother HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Lexi Dona & Olivia Sparkle – We Can’t Keep Our Hands Off Of The Neighbor HD [Untouched 1080p]

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Lexi Dona and her daughter Olivia Sparkle have a new neighbor, Stanley Johnson. He comes to return something he borrowed from Lexi’s husband, and all Lexi can think of is Stanley pounding her pussy. Olivia waits until Stanley leaves and then calls her mom out for flirting with Stanley.

When Olivia returns from school the next day, she finds her mom having coffee with the neighbor. The day after that, Olivia finds Lexi in bed riding Stanley in reverse cowgirl. Caught in the act, Lexi offers to let Olivia in on the fun…

Next thing Stanley knows, he’s got mom and daughter side by side sucking him off. Lexi lets Olivia climb on top for a reverse cowgirl ride before Olivia re-mounts Stanley in cowgirl so she can eat Lexi out. Lexi gets a doggy dicking down next as she licks Olivia’s cooch. Then Olivia gets on her back for a pussy pounding before letting Lexi have one in the same position. Finally sated, the girls work together to suck Stanley’s johnson until he gives them a nice cumshot to enjoy together.

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