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PROVEN REAL Mother and Son With English Dialogs!

Big thanks to our VIP user for sending this! For known reasons they to hide mom’s face but still very hot!

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Full FILM Pregnant Mommy’s and Daddy!

Extremly Taboo Play Full FILM Pregnant Mommy’s and Daddy Naked Playtime with You Daddy has been away for a while, but Mommy is very horny and pregnant. It’s the perfect time for her to seduce You and teach him how to take care of women She can’t wait for him to get all the neighborhood girls pregnant After our last time when mommy teaching you to fuck a woman , now your mommy will teach you how to fuck a asshole! nasty pregnant mommy will give you to fuck her tight asshole with a lot of dirty talkings about our dirty family where all fucking all! After pregnant dirty mommy teaching you how to fuck her prego vagina and asshole, now its time to play together with daddy too Suck a daddy cock together with mommy , and fuck mommy in asshole in the same time with daddy! Mommy is so nasty she is dirty talking all the time and after daddy cum in her prego vagina and you on her big belly – you wilth pleassure clean her creamy pussy and daddy cock! We are so nasty.

She roleplays to be your mother, gives a blowjob and has sex in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

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Nadya Nabakova – Giving Bro A Boner HD

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Daddy Goes Young – Emily Bender HD [Untouched 4k]

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Grandpa Gets It All HD

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Liza K Voice of ancestors. Nerd to alpha! HD

In this video: ignoring chicks to obedient doll brainwashing, nerd to alpha transformation, special effects, voice of the ancestor, h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s, male domination, female training, slut training, woman following orders, mental domination, forced blow jobs, forced stripping, forced to masturbate, forced to sex, cum on asses.

You may not believe this but the connection between generations is very strong! Especially when it comes to sex! In this family the knowledge about subjection women was transferring from one man to another for many and many years! But there was one condition! The guy must be really in the need to fuck a chick! And that very moment the signal will come to him and he will gain the power!

That morning was so usual for our hero. He was spending it with his group mates and knew nothing about that fact that today everything is gonna change!

He used to be a shadow for these lusty chicks, a guy that they consider to be “an eternal friend”, but the moment his desperation gained its maximum the Heaven was opened for him! He heard the Voice of his ancestor which told him about his new abilities and made the dick in his pants bigger and thicker! That’s was brilliant! And now he also had total control on his erection and ejaculation! Perfect!

So it was time to use his new abilities and his “old” friends! Now girls were totally under his control and he could tell them how exactly they must satisfy him! It was a dream came true – two obedient sex-dolls that was ready to serve him all day!

The movie starts off with our hero studying with 2 girls that treat him like crap. Suddenly he hears the voice of his great great great great great grandfather telling him that he wants to give him a gift. Making him a sex megabomb, allow him to fuck any chics that he wants and he can start with the 2 he is with. He starts off with them being frozen, and the voice tells him to touch them. Which of course he does, then lowers their bras and tops and feels their titties. He then has them stand up and then bends them over to feel their sexy bodies. He then has them hug each other and walk around. Then he has them stick out their tongues. He then has one girl massage him, while the other sucks his fake cock. He then has the other girl suck him, while the first girl plays with herself. He switches it up and fucks the first girl doggy style, while the second one plays with herself. We switch again while the second girls rides him cowgirl, and other girl masterbates. He has them completely naked, then has them bend over on the couch, while he cums on their asses.

Another Liza K video with our hero and two women.

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My Stepson Needs To Be Taught A Lesson (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Big Boobs, Creampie, Facial Cumshot, Lingerie, Mature, Piercing, Titty Fuck, Family Roleplay
Studio: Pure XXX Films
Starring: Candi Blows, Kaz B, Victoria Summers, Carla Cox, Olga Cabaeva
Duration: 01:44:26

Video: 1280×720 30fps 3700 kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz 130 kbps
Size: 2.81 GB



K POV – Akasha A & B HD [Untouched 1080p]

Akasha is in the right mood in sucking your dick… she wants to feel your meat on her tongue, on her lips, on her beautiful face… look into her flashing eyes while she kisses your dick… (no cumshot in part A)

you are in a standing position… Akasha is kneeing on the bed in front of you… the best way to watch her body while your cock is in her mouth… finally she forces you to cum with her special way of “kissing”…


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Liza K Compilation Double Training HD

Robo-hand to rule those arrogant chicks! Woman following orders. Blow jobs.

In this video: two chicks trained via magic or scientific powers to serve and please the Master.

We are gladly presenting you this great compilation of our “Double training” stories! You can get 3 hot stories paying like for 1! Enjoy!

Compilation includes:

Robo-hand to rule those arrogant chicks! Woman following orders. Blow jobs.

In this video: two sexy bitches, arrogant behavior, robo-hand, enslaving, body control, woman following orders, commands, unwilling tit squeezing, clit rubbing, dick sucking, revenge, punishing.

This guy invited the girl he liked to the restaurant but she came with her girlfriend and they ordered almost the whole menu. And after it, being full of expensive wine, they told him that he can pay and go away! Can you imagine this?

Well, bitches, not this time! He is not one of the unlucky men you are cheating every time they invite you! He is a smart engineer and developed the robo-hand for those arrogant creatures like you! You thought you were using him? Get ready to be used right now! Have you ever made a public blow-job in the restaurant when everybody could see you? No? Well, that will be you first time! Get on your knees and start sucking!

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Your rules anyway! Hot girls got under control to become fucking toys.

In this video: arrogant hotties, shy guy (at first), magic control, obedience, strip dancing, massage, mindless doll fucking, POV, POV sex.

He spent the whole weekend doing this project despite that fact that he could swear that they were having fun all this time. His idea was to get a reward after doing the whole work and to make these hotties to go out with him. It was pretty logical when your teammates are two first beauties in the school!

But these two were ungrateful arrogant bimbos! They took for granted that he did the whole work all alone and were not even going to say “thank you”! Unbelievable! No! He will not bear this! No way! These two will pleasure him no matter if they want this or not!

So he used the magic necklace on the one of them and when the other came back he was already humped by the first obedient doll. Ha, you didn’t expect this, did you? Well, now it was time to give the lesson of obedience to the other one. Obey! Now you are under my control, slutty!

So dancing and stripping was the logical part of the training before he decided to go further and to fuck them. Both! He made them answer whether they like sex with him or not. They couldn’t lie (being under h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s) and both said “yes”! Bitches! They were enjoying the sex but were too arrogant to admit it and to go out with him! Worse for them!

Now they will be his dolls for pleasure as long as he wants!

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Arrogant professors trained like sub. sluts. H.y.p.n.o. male domination.

in this video: 2 arrogant teachers, h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s, male domination, female training, woman following orders, mental domination, forced stripping, forced to masturbate, forced to sex, cum on asses, mindless fucking dolls.

These two chicks wrecked everyone’s nerves at the department and even the Dean was not able to make them switch there “bitch” mode off! The same happened today when David came to take their sign on his diploma. He came for the third time! But they were coming up with new rules on and on! It’s un-fucking-believable! That’s it! Today they will pay for everything and right now!

Luckily for him he can use his inner power to punish them for a bad behavior and to take the revenge. Well, what to start when they are totally under his control now? Of course taking off their awful outfits! Yes! he will force them to undress themselves and to prepare for taking his cock! Yes, it will be a good way of training them by fucking them one by one in many poses! Maybe after this they will know their places! And will be nicer to the students! Sweet sluts! Come on! Let’s see are you able to handle his attack to you little arrogant pussies? Yes you are fucked just on the table where you work every day with those stupid papers! And you are totally in his power!

He came to take their signs but he will leave placing his huge hot “sign” right on their bare asses! Have a nice day, dears!

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Step Brother Cumming In – Paulina S. HD

Paulina’s mom has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend has a son. They’ve just moved in to Paulina’s place, and needless to say, there’s some energy between the two younger members of the household. When the son comes sneaking into Pauline’s room while she’s trying on some new lingerie, their relationship turns complicated real quick. Junior has a taste for pussy, so he’s quickly got Pauline in the chair with her legs open and her snatch humming. After that, it’s a deep, long pounding with the big cock, some super hot sucking by Pauline, and then some heavy doggy style on the carpet. Watching this big-titted honey get banged is all you need to have an awesome day. Keep it in the fam, yo.

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