The Coroner And His Daughter!

After murdering his only daughter, he sets up a crime scene—making it look like a break and entry, then murder. He is the towns only coroner, and can taint the evidence in any way he chooses. Once he had her laid out as he wanted, he called it in. At the morgue, he was alone with his dead daughter. He had already assaulted her while she was alive, but there was way too much movement for him to really, truly enjoy himself. Now, barely 2 hours dead, she was still warm and ready for him to give her complete attention. Then he would worry about calling her mother…she would be devastated…she was a senior in high school, honor student. Silvia had been waiting for the letter of acceptance to 1 of 3 colleges she wanted to go to. Well, he really couldn’t afford it anyhow–so, things probably worked out for the best. He spends time slowly removing the clothes off of her, making sure he explores every part of her in close detail. He made sure to bag the clothes for evidence, nothing would be found of course…they would never even make it to the evidence locker. So now he was ready to taste her. He leaned over her and started sucking on her big juicy tits. The door starts to open and he straightens up instantly–looking professional, but sad. It was the janitor. He observes that the body on the table is the coroners own daughter. Sadly he nods, trying to hold back his fake tears. When the janitor leaves, he snickers and gets back to work. Sucking, licking and fondling her, he moves down to her still warm pussy and take a good taste. Yummy. He explores it some more before turning her over and taking her from behind. He fucks her intensely–she feels so good, so tight. He flips her over and fucks her some more, watching her big teenage tits jiggle back and forth. Her head lolls around as her body is being pumped by her fathers cock. She stares at nothing….she is nothing but a receptacle for his throbbing penis. He cums hard inside her. He takes the UV light and finds cum spillage all over. He cleans her up, then takes the UV and slowly checks everywhere. When he leaves, we are treated to long slow camera pans of her beautiful corpse.

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Molly Jane in Our Sex Toy – Molly Jane & Cory Chase HD

Scene One: Dad is a pervert

Cory and her daughter Molly find dad in his bedroom masturbating. Wearing panties and smelling a dirty pair he rubs them on his cock. They leave him with their panties to go have some fun.

He wakes from his nap to find himself naked and tied to the bed. Cory and Molly walk in naked with cum filled condoms. He is shocked, not knowing how to react. The girls went to the gym and picked up some men while dad was home masturbating like a loser. They hang the condoms over his face asking if he wants a taste. “It has my pussy juice on it” Cory says with a wicked smile. He opens his mouth and sucks the condom. Cory makes him stick out his tongue as she slowly drips the cum into his mouth. Molly pours hers into his mouth and the girls laugh. They tell him it’s good practice because he is going to be sucking cock for them in his new life as their sex toy.

Scene Two: Get us off

Cory and Molly return with some long dildos for him. Straddling his face Cory shoves her cock into his grimacing mouth. “It’s so yummy, right?” Cory asks fucking his mouth. Using her big black cock Molly fucks her dad’s mouth hard.

“Your daughter has a toy for you” Cory says and Molly puts a dildo gag on her sissy dad. While Cory jerks his cock his daughter rides his face. Molly moans fucking her dads face hard. Cory needs to get in on the action and fucks him. Both girls moan and bounce on their pathetic father. He cums inside Cory’s tight pussy. She collects his cum in a condom and pours it into her cucky husbands mouth. “Now wasn’t that good sweety” They leave him tied up to rest, so they can have more fun later.

Scene Three: Forced Milking

The girls jerk his cock, all four hands rubbing him. Cory takes her vibrator and rubs it under his balls giving him pleasure just like a girl. They tease him taking him to the edge or orgasm then stop.

“We are going to milk every last drop” Cory says, both of them giving wicked and loving looks to their new cucky sex toy. They jerk him until he shoots his load in their tight grip. They keep jerking him after he cums making him scream in pain. “You should clean up this mess. We are going to have so much fun with you” Cory says and the girls leave him to untie himself.

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There is a severe Thunder Storm raging outside……Mommie is away for the weekend…..so Maddy comes running into her Parent’s room, and jumps in bed with Dad. Maddy buries her head under the pillow…..terrified by the loud cracks of Thunder outside. Dad tries to comfort Maddy…but Dad also can’t help but notice Maddy’s big, sexy bum as she cowers on the bed. Desperate for a “soother”…which is what Mom always gives her in these situations….Maddy desperately pulls down her Dad’s boxer shorts…and uses his cock as a soother….putting it in her mouth and furiously sucking on it to calm herself down!! Maddy purrs as she sucks on the “soother”….and she immediately starts to feel better. After a few minutes….the storm seems to have passed….but, by this time, Dad’s cock is fully erect, and ready for business!!! Maddy agrees to let her Daddy “finish off” by first licking her sweet, young pussy….and then fucking her hard and using her as a cum dumpster!!! Maddy peacefully falls asleep in Daddy’s arms. The storm is gone….and all is well.

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Ashley Alban – Dominating Your Mom HD

Your step-mom is in her room getting dressed for a dinner party. She is wearing lacy black lingerie with a garter belt and thigh-high stockings. You want to fuck her like you have in the past. When you tell her, she becomes embarrassed and covers herself up with her robe. She tells you that the two of you can’t do that anymore. It’s wrong. You remind her about the last time and she smiles. She admits that she does enjoy being dominated by you. She says the two of you can play, but it needs to be fast and she asks you not to mess up her makeup. You tell her to show off her lingerie so she gets on the bed and removes her robe. She shakes her ass for you and spanks herself hard when you tell her to. You then demand that she get down on her knees and suck your cock. She obeys, and gives you hard sloppy blowjob with lots of spit and gagging. When you’re hard, you tell her to bend over the bed so you can fuck her.

You start pounding her pussy doggystyle as she talks dirty for you. When you’re ready to switch it up, you tell her to get on the bed and ride you. She gets on top, and says that she shouldn’t be doing this…as she slides her panties to the side. She slowly take your dick inside of her and rides you cowgirl. When you want to watch her ass bounce some more, you have her turn around and ride you reverse. Your about ready to blow and you tell her to get back on her knees to give her a facial. She tries to protest a bit about not ruining her makeup, but she submits to you. She sucks you a bit more and then take your load all over her face.

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Mom Blackmailed By Sons Black Friend HD

Your wearing a black business jacket, blue button up shirt, black skirt and black pantyhose and the same high heels from you CEO video. Please also wear a nice shade of red lipstick too. You just got home from work and your sons black friend Darrell is there waiting on you. You ask him what hes doing here, he should be at school. But he explains he found a sex tape online of you, on the night you got really blitzed during a girls night out. He says hes willing to give the sex tape to you but for a price. You start to get mad cause you cant believe hes trying to blackmail you, hes supposed to be your sons friend and here he is blackmailing his mom. He then tries to walk out the door saying he will give it to your husband. Knowing it would ruin everything you tell him to wait lets talk about this. You tell him you will give him money for the tape. But he explains its not money he wants. He says your one of the hottest moms hes seen and he wants you in exchange for the tape. Your disgusted you cant believe the audacity of this kid. You explain to him you cant have sex with your sons friend, you would get into a lot of trouble. But he doesnt budge he says sex for the tape. He starts to walk out again. But you stop him and say ok I’ll do it. Hes not convinced he wants you to tell him why he should bother now. You tell him you will give him a sexy strip show, suck him off, and give him the best fuck hes ever had. He then asks why else? You tell him he will have the knowledge he fucked someones mom and that you have never had black cock and you will prove to him how good white pussy can be. He wants a strip show now, so you begin to dance and start taking off your clothes. You dance and strip till your naked. Then he says lets go to your bedroom and fuck and change into a white garter belt with white stockings and put your high heels back on. Once you change you start sucking him. Your actually impressed with how big it is. He says now spread your legs and hold your pussy lips open while he enters you. You tell him he needs to wear a condom. But he wont and tells you to beg him to cum inside and put a black baby in you. He starts fucking you, you tell him to go slower and let you get used to him. You start to really get into it and even help him by spreading your legs wider so he can get in there deeper. Now he wants you to ride him him till he cums inside you. you get into reverse cowgirl and ride him nice and hard. You hear your husband come home and ask for you. You yell you will be downstairs in a little bit. You tell Darrell hurry up and cum, you ride him even harder and talk dirty to him to to get him to cum faster, you ask him if he likes it when you squeeze your pussy on him. Then he starts cumming inside you, you slowly pump on him till you can tell hes done. You get off him and tell him to leave quietly. He wants a picture of his load inside you, your not happy but you get back on your back and spread your legs showing his creampie in you.

Black Boy Fucks His Friends Married Mom HD

Script (I addlibbed quite a bit in this one to keep it natural )You just got home from the pool and your sons black friend Dequan is there waiting on you. Dequan is thuggish young 17 year old kid who goes to school with your son. You ask him what he’s doing at your house, he should be at school. But he explains he found a sex tape online of you fucking your husband brother, on the night you got really blitzed during a girls night out. He says he’s willing to give the sex tape to you but for a price. You start to get mad cause you cant believe he’s trying to blackmail you. He then tries to walk out the door saying he will give it to your husband. Knowing it would ruin everything, you stop him and tell him; wait lets talk about this! You tell him you will give him money for the tape. But he explains it’s not money he wants. He wants older white married women. He says you are the hottest white woman in town and you’ve been teasing a lot of the black kids in the neighborhood. He says he wants that HOT married white pussy in exchange for the tape. He says I’ve watched you and masturbated to you for a fucking long time and I can take it any longer. You’re disgusted you can’t believe the audacity of this kid. You explain to him you can’t have sex with your sons friend, you would get into a lot of trouble. But he doesn’t budge he says sex for the tape. He starts to walk out again. But you stop him and say ok I’ll do it. You want some hot white pussy, I’ll give that young black dick the hottest white married pussy in town. You tell him you will give him a sexy strip show, suck his young black dick, and give him the best fuck he will ever have. He then asks what else? You tell him he will have the knowledge that he fucked the hottest white married pussy and that you have never had black dick before and you will prove to him how good this white pussy is. You can see that he’s so aroused and exited, so you begin to dance and start taking off your bikini but he stops you. Then he says lets go to your bedroom and fuck, I need to put my black dick inside that hot white married pussy. Once you’re in your bedroom he tells you to lay on your back and spread those married white legs. You do as he asks and lay on your back on the edge of the bed and spread your legs (leave the bikini on )and you watch him take out the biggest, hardest and blackest dick you’ve ever seen in your life. You gasp! You tell him, that’s a really big dick dick for a teenager. Do all black boys have dicks like yours Dequan. You can see that he’s so exited by huge amount of pre-cum on the tip of his young black dick and looks like it’s about to explode. The animalistic look you see on his face lets you know that there is no stopping this black thug kid from taking that white married pussy. Strangely enough you’re starting to get aroused with the idea that this young thug black kid is about to fulfill his ultimate desire and that’s you. You pull the bikini to the side and start rubbing your pussy as you begin to start talking dirty to him. You ask him, Is this the hot white married pussy that you’ve been wanting to fuck with that big young black dick? You want to destroy this white married pussy with that black dick! Don’t you Dequan?! Look at these white married pussy lips, ready to be wrapped around your long young thugish black dick. You think you can handle this hot white married pussy? You think you can handle it when my white pussy swallows your young black dick? Looks like your big black dick is about to cum. Do you like what you see? Look at all that pre cum leaking out of you young black dick. Have you’ve ever had white pussy before Dequan? He says no! You say, You’re about to be addicted to this white married pussy!! You tell him, you better not tell anyone about this! Now come her Dequan claim this hot white married pussy that you’ve been jerking off to with that young black dick before my husband gets home. Show how young thugs like you fuck a hot white married woman. He can’t take it anymore says now spread your hot white married legs and hold your pussy lips open I’m going to penetrate that hot white married trophy pussy with my black dick. You tell him he needs to wear a condom knowing fully well that this young thug kid won’t listen. He puts his first penetration until he bottoms out and start cumming because he’s so exited about fucking the baddest white bitch in town. You say, Oh fuck Dequan you like that big black dick in this white pussy? You made this white pussy swallow that big black dick. You tell him that his black dick is still hard as fuck!! You can see the trail of cum but you tell him to keep fucking that hot married white pussy. You tell him, that young black dick is so big and so hard his destroying that white pussy. He has his mind made that he’s going to cum at least three times deep inside that hot married white pussy so he can claim it. He tells you he’s going to impregnate you with a black baby.

Bullies Blackmail Mom part 2 HD

Surprise! The reason the bullies knew who you were is because you are actually a teacher at your son’s and their school. The scene takes place in a classroom over 3 days and you’re in front of the class teaching behind your desk. On the first day you’re dressed professionally but not too conservative in a button up and tight skirt. About a week has passed since the blackmail incident. Your attitude about the whole thing has changed. Where you were angry and took charge at home during the incident, the guilt of what you had too do has now made you timid and scared after. You can visibly see the change in your attitude as you teach the class with very little confidence and a soft voice. As you continue your lesson your phone vibrates on your desk. You look down and see pictures of the incident! You’re shocked cause you didn’t know they were taking pictures that day. You look up from your desk and look at the 3 bullies sitting in the back of your class and at your son. The rest of students are whispering to each other wondering why you stopped with a scared look on your face. You continue to stutter through the lesson when you get another message on your phone. “Take off your shoes”. The worry on your face grows as you slowly remove your heels (camera shows feet). You try and power through the lesson because you want to get out of there before it gets worse. Another message pops up. “Unbutton your shirt”. You’re shocked you look up at them and shake your head. They send you another picture of the incident to remind you who is in charge. You have no choice, you continue teaching while unbuttoning the top 3 buttons of your shirt trying to be discrete about it. You act casual as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. You teach for a little bit with your tits almost popping out of your shirt as you see the whole class whispering to one another, your son is shocked. You get one more message. “tomorrow you’re wearing a tight shirt showing cleavage and booty shorts, or else”. You look up at them and nod defeated. The bell mercifully rings and you cover up and run out of the door. Day 2. You show up in exactly what they told you too. You embarrassingly teach the class with huge cleavage and your ass hanging out of the bottom of your shorts you cant bare the idea of your son looking at you like this again. You think that this is all that you’ll have to do…until you hear your phone vibrate.”Take the bra off”. You can’t believe it, any move you make you lose your job. You look at them and nod sadly. You continue teaching trying your best to be discrete taking your bra off under your shirt. You finally get it off and throw it under the desk. Your tits are almost popping out as you continue to teach. You write a problem on the board and ask for a volunteer to solve it because you’re too flustered too continue. Several students raise their hands but the bully leader messages you saying “pick me”. You begrudgingly pick him. (Cam switches to his POV). He makes his way to the front and starts working on the problem. He drops something on the floor and whispers to you to pick it up. When you kneel down and look back up his cock is out! Your desk is covering you and his cock. You begin to argue with him whispering to him that you cant do this and you don’t want too. While you two are arguing back and forth he shoves it in your mouth. You’re gagging,coughing and tearing up. The class is starting to get restless and you say to the class with the cock in your mouth “just pay attention to board everyone!” as you gag don’t take the cock out when you speak. He cums in your mouth and it starts too dribble out of your mouth and onto your tits(Fake cum please). He zips up and tells you to get up without cleaning yourself before he makes his way back to his desk.(Switch to class POV) You hesitate and first then get up from behind the desk trying to act as if there isn’t cum all over your face tits and shirt. You casually pull your tits back into your shirt as you tell that class that the bully got the right answer and he did a good job. Last message for the day comes up “Tomorrow you’re gonna wear the shortest skirt you have, high heels and the smallest, tightest shirt, no bra”The bell then mercifully rings again and you run out as fast as you can humiliated. Day 3 You show up in coat that covers you up because you couldn’t walk around the school in what they told you to wear with your hair down. You begin to teach in the coat until you hear the phone vibrate “you have 5 seconds to take off the coat”. You look at them, then at your son. You are defeated and have no choice.. you remove the coat revealing the clothes they told you wear. The entire class gasps collectively and you smile and laugh out of sheer embarrassment and try and continue teaching. Every time you turn around your bare ass is on display for all 30 students in the class and your son, your stomach is showing and your nipples almost pop.

Teacher Blackmailed By Students HD

Script: your the teacher of a young class and your going to have sex with 3 of your students, while the rest of the students are watching a movie. The scene starts with you telling your class that today is movie day and when you call out their name there going to see you in the back of the class. You have a desk where all the sexual activities will happen.First student you call is Paul, your sitting in your desk. You tell himthat you can’t believe your getting blackmailed. Your whispering to him the whole time and you look mad. He ask you to give him a blowjob and you do,but look mad while your giving a wet sloppy blowjob.He cums in your mouth, next student you call is Ryan, when you give Ryan a blow job mention how young he is and this is so wrong. He also cums in your mouth.Next one is also named Ryan but he is younger than the first two. Do the same thing with him.After the blowjob scene with a small dildo.your going to call each student one at a time and their going to fuck you in missionary, doggy style. And cowgirl. Remember this is a pov virtual sex scene. Please look mad while there fucking you. But your trying to not moan so loud. And the sex scene each student is fucking you really hard. I want to be able to see your boobs move up and down during missionary and your ass shaking during doggy style

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Teacher Student Gang Bang Behind Desk HD

Script:Same story line as last time with Paul and the two Ryan. You had to substitute for the 8th grade P.E class. Your wearing really short shorts and a spaghetti strap top. Simulate being in a indoor basketball gym.Scene starts with you explaining that you will be the substitute teacher for the P.E class. When all of a sudden the lights turn off. You tell the class that do not worry. You will call roll call to make sure no student is missing. You call Paul first his in the corner of the gym. You walk to him to make sure it’s him. He ask you again for a sexual favor. You say yes but you look mad about it. You give him a blowjob, then he fucks you hard in missionary, doggy style and cow girl. Then do the same with the two Ryan’s.Second part of the video is your having sex with Paul and the two Ryan’s in your class room, you have on the same cloths as you did the first custom video I got from you. Show in the scene that your sucking 3 of their dicks and they each fuck you in different sex positions.When all of a sudden all your students walk in the class, you tell the three students to hide in the desk. You thought that they would stop fucking you but they want to keep going.The whole scene is now you having a gangbang but your using the desk to hide it. You keep telling your students that your looking for a piece of paper and you can’t find it. While Paul and the two Ryan’s are fucking you, your trying to talk to your other students.Once again look mad the whole time your having sex, but your moaning and cumming while there fucking you hard. All virtual except for the blowjob scene.

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Odessa Odyssey – Shy Stepmom Poses Nude for Son HD

My hot Stepmom got me a camera for my birthday, later that day she came into my room to see how i liked it. i noticed she had been drinking and i asked her to be my model and pose for me, i took a lot of convincing but she did it. i kept pushing my luck with her, getting her to pose in her bra and shorts, then posing in her bra and panties, then she took the bra off! once she was topless it was pretty easy to get her to take her bottoms off as well. then i asked if we could do sexy photos with me as well, she agreed and so after i had my dick in her mouth for the shot, after that i fucked her doggie and filled her up with my nut!

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Mindi Mink – Catching Your Sexy Mom and Auntie HD

Milfs Mindi Mink and Melissa Dawson are messing around in the bedroom when Mindis son, you, sneak in and find them! They are both scantily dressed in lacy bras and panties. You continue to watch as Mindi sucks and teases Melissas nipples. Your cock is getting harder as Mindi goes down on your auntie. You cannot help but wonder what it would be like to do it yourself! I bet you would love to taste her, would you not? teases mommy Mindi. You make a cum mess all over her bedroom floor. Mindi kicks you out of the room so they can finish up. You are supposed to do your homework, but cannot concentrate It is your mom, Mindi Minks, birthday. Your auntie, Melissa Dawson, has come over to surprise you mom with a birthday surprise! They are both dressed in lacy lingerie and Melissa has a magic wand. They notice you are in the room, but continue anyway. Mommy Mindi encourages you to undress with her and to jerk off when she is being pleasured by your auntie. Oh yes, that is it son, get it! she moans as she gets closer to orgasming. She counts down and you cum all over. Mindi orgasms as well and thanks your auntie for the birthday present.

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Dante has dropped the “F-Bomb” in front of his Mother….and she is furious with him!!! Dante has done this before….and he has been Punished in the “traditional” way….by his Mother washing his mouth out with soap…but obviously….that Punishment doesn’t seem to be working, as he keeps re-offending!! Dante’s Mother has come up with a new Punishment that she hopes will do the trick. Since having soap shoved in his mouth doesn’t seem to deter him from using foul language….maybe his Sister’s Socks shoved in his mouth will do the trick!!?? Mallory is just home from the Gym, and Mom knows that Mallory’s feet and socks will be dirty and smelly and disgusting! Mom tells Mallory to take off her shoes and socks….and Mom shoves them in Dante’s mouth. Dante screams and grasps for breath…but Mom is firm and strict as she Forces him to taste and smell his Sister’s socks. As added Punishment…Mom also goes to the “source”….and tells Mallory to shove her stinky bare feet into her Brother’s mouth too!!! In case his Sister’s Dirty feet, and dirty socks aren’t enough to teach Dante a lesson…..Mom decides there should be one more step involved in the Punishment. Surely if Dante is Forced to have his own sperm in his mouth….and then Forced to swallow his own sperm….that would make him think twice before using bad words….right? So Mom tells Mallory to Suck-Off her Brother, and spit his cum into his mouth. Young Mallory is eager to help….as she enjoys seeing her big Brother get Punished and humiliated. Mallory Sucks a load out of her Brother, and per Mom’s instructions….spits it right into Dante’s mouth…..at which point Mom Forces him to swallow!!!

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Kitty Leroux – ONLY Mother and Son Taboo Vids in POV HD

Mommy’s Surprising Sibling Rivalry HD

You never thought a visit with mommy to see your aunt and cousin would end this way- but it’s happening. Mommy is fucking you, TRYING to get your aunt to hear through the wall- and it’s all because of sibling rivalry. It started when she was saying goodnight to you as you lay on the blowup mattress next to the bed. As you’re chatting, mommy hears something odd and starts giggling. You can’t hear it, so she invites you up on the bed. Through the wall you can hear it- your aunt is fucking someone in the next room over. Your mother believes it must be a boyfriend she didn’t know about…until you both hear your aunt moaning out YOUR COUSINS name…her own son. You watch mommy giggle as she listens through the wall, but soon, you look down and see your own mother touching her boobs and rubbing her pussy through her pajama pants. She’s super focused and you snap her attention back to you. She disagrees you two should just go to bed. “…I’m not going to let her be the only one who gets to have fun all the time.” You knew your aunt was a free spirit, but you never knew your sweet mother would be so jealous! “Get under mommy!” You know it’s wrong, but you’re not going to stop your sexy mom from fucking you. She’s so turned on by the taboo sex happening in the room over..and so jealous that she starts moaning AT the wall, hoping your aunt will hear what a good fuck you are being for mommy. It keeps getting dirtier as mommy imagines how much YOU’d like to fuck your aunt while she sits on her face. Mommy is being so dirty! But you’re not going to stop her. Your taboo dreams are coming true.

BDSMommy: My son owns me HD

You have an important presentation at school tomorrow, but you’re woken up by slapping sounds coming from your mother’s room. When you find her, your curvaceous mom is spanking herself with a crop, clad in lingerie. As you listen you are so turned on at what she’s doing. After gagging herself, she spots you in the doorway. “Sweetie! It’s not what it looks like!” She hides behind a pillow and her first mistake is giving you completely ridiculous reasons for what she was just doing. Her second mistake is letting you hold the crop. It’s late- your tired, your stressed- and your horny. She’s shocked when you start using the crop on her massive tits whenever she’s lying to you. After quite a few tit-slaps, you mom confesses that right before your father left her, they were just getting into kinky things and she’d rest like a baby after being spanked and serving him! You suggest that you can be the man of the house now- and she disagrees…but she slowly breaks as you continue to spank her and tease her with the leather- plus…her pussy doesn’t lie- when you grab it, it’s hot and it’s soaked. Almost too easily, she bends over. Any time she’s unsure if she should be doing this with you, the bite of the crop reminds her that she desperately needs this- and she’s a desperate little subby slut for you. After bit more funishment, and she easily calls you, “Master” and agrees that you own her now. You’ll spank her huge ass, and you’ll get serviced by her bright pink lips. She’s not sure- but realizes it feels too good to stop. She can’t say no to you. Once you cum all over her face (“Sweetie, I never even let your father do this!” ) you find that you’re still hard and command her to get on the bed. You’re going to fill her pussy and mark her as your subby slut. She begs you to own her holes, as they are yours now.

Calling out for mommy HD

Guess you were being a little loud while fantasizing about your mom, because she comes running into your room thinking you were calling her name as though something was wrong. She’s shocked when she finds you, not in trouble, but totally trying to get off. After convincing you that she’s not going to tell anyone and that what you’re doing is perfectly normal for a boy your age, she realizes you might need some help. You think she’s going to give you some sort of talk, but when she sits down next to you and puts her hand on your hard cock, you know this is not the case at all. “Yes, mommy’s hand is on your cock. I interrupted your session didn’t I?” …She’s the sorry one? You’re not sure where her sympathy is coming from, but as her hot cleavage bounces as she strokes you, there’s no way in hell that you’re going to stop her. “You..wouldn’t…want to see…my tits, would you?” You’re not sure what to say but she feels your answer in your cock getting even harder in her hands. Her hands are so soft, her tits are so big, and you can’t stop staring at her lips. “Want mommy to kiss it and make it all better?” Uh, yes…yes you do. Your precum is on her lips…she’s been so willing this whole time, and the mystery is about to be solved- “When I heard you call my name, and I saw what you were doing..I got so turned on. Say mommy’s name again, please sweetie?” She makes you say it over and over again until you erupt, not once, but twice. She promises that next time, Mommy is going to show you what other soft parts she can use to get you off.

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Kasey Warner – The Ultimate Price HD

From the site: A man is driven by a thirst for revenge when his little brother is critically injured in a car accident he believes was caused by his ex-girlfriend Iris. Iris and Jason dated through high school and got engaged after they graduated. Iris cheated on Jason for over a year before eventually breaking off the engagement when she met and started dating a middle-aged man after she started college. Besides dating an older man, she further added insult to injury by driving around in a brand new car her date bought for her. Jason couldn’t take the stress and humiliation and began drinking which led to Jason getting into a serious car accident which landed him in the hospital fighting for his life. When Iris heard of Jason’s accident, she didn’t bother to visit him and this enraged Jason’s older brother Alex, who now feels Iris should pay the ultimate price. He enlisted the help of a childhood friend to help him after he revealed the truth and, after careful consideration, he decided the help him.

The next week, Alex broke into Iris’ car and hid in the backseat. When Iris sat inside her vehicle, she was chloroformed and rendered unconscious before being carried away and tucked inside an SUV and driven away. Iris is then fondled and repeatedly raped by both men who ripped open her clothing, roughly finger fucked her, jammed their cocks down her throat repeatedly, bottle raped her twice and fucked her in many positions. The sexual attack lasted all day with iris trying to escape, trying to fight back before she was reduced to a quivering, weakened mess. Moments later, Iris was lifted off her knees and brutally strangled to death on the very bed she was raped on and sexually fingered as she died, helping her to a final orgasm before she expired and was carried away.

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