Gold-Digging Anal Teen Learns the Old Fashioned Way – Helena Locke, Chloe Cherry HD

With a sexy young body and an airy sense of entitlement, Chloe Cherry is any Step-Mother’s worst nightmare. Whenever Chloe needs some more money, she has no qualms about popping by her Step-Father’s house to suck his dick and get another loan. Submissive and sexually curious, this has been a long standing agreement with her and her Daddy/Master Tommy Pistol, but when she rolls up unexpected in a hot little dress looking for some good fucking and a little lipstick money, Tommy is a bit apprehensive- until Cherry get’s on her knees and put’s her greedy little hands all over his cock without permission. Clearly in need of a submissive training update, Tommy takes her through her paces with intense face fucking, spanking, hard flogging, nipple clamps, and some humiliation. What do bad girls get when they steal orgasms? They get fucked in the ass, bent over on the kitchen floor and used like a little sex doll. Enjoying both her holes Tommy gets close to cumming, but hears the sound of the front door opening and puts his cock away, demanding that Chloe get in her clothes FAST. His new fiancé and stopped by – the gorgeous and intimidating Helena Locke. She takes one hard look at Chloe and you know there is going to be trouble for this little blond minx. Once Tommy has left them alone to get acquainted Helena takes full advantage of the situation, stripping Chloe of her heels and dress, throwing her naked teen body on the floor and making her pick up her clothes while being brutally flogged, zapped, and spanked. Helena stuffs her fist in that sweet young pussy, only to deny Chloe and orgasms. As head bitch and new step-mother Helena will always get her orgasms first, and grinds her pussy on Chloe’s face as she flails and screams from her spankings. Having came on Chloe’s face, she takes her thoroughly humiliated young miss downstairs to receive further punishment and discipline. Tommy returns to a comforting domestic scene: Chloe tied down to the Syrian with a full zipper and a service gag holding a perfect scotch just for him. Only problem is, he didn’t request this, and it seems his type A submissive bride to be has gotten a little bit ahead of herself. After Chloe apologizes for her misbehavior and shakes like a whore on the Syrian while being flogged, choked, and throat fucked, she has her zippers pulled off and struggles through the mot painful orgasm of her life. She’s not the only one bound for punishment. Helena is bent over the couch and has her perfect athletic body covered with thick cane stripes for being so presumptuous as to punish Tommy’s daughter for him, and assuming a role of dominance in his hierarchy. Fucked and begging for orgasms with a pink cropped pussy and red spanked ass, Helena leads by example, and shows Chloe how to really degrade herself and beg to cum like a slut.The whole new family unit takes a fuck ride not the couch, double stuffing CHloe’s pusy and ass, and sucking Daddy’s dick real good like a team.

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Penny Pax Live – The Blowjob Collection – 30 BJ/HJ/FJ Clips Current To February 2018

I Present You With My First Minipack On Emporium, I Hope You Enjoy It!
Includes Every Blowjob, Handjob, And Footjob Scene As Of Feb.2018 On Pennypaxlive.com.
30 Blowjob Clips. THERE IS NO FUCKING! Only Dick, Mouth, Hands, And Feet!
Most Scenes Are From PPL, Some Scenes Are From Alexlegend.com & Jesseloadsmonsterfacials.com.
They Are The Same Clips Available On Pennypaxlive, But Contain A Different Banner And Title.
They Are All 1080p HD Unless Noted As 720p HD. Clip Studio Variations Noted Below.
Behind The Scenes Clips (BTS) Included Too!

Oily Big Natural Tits Tease & Sloppy BJ 01/23/18

POV Double BJ With Adriana Chechick & Alex Legend 07/19/17 *720p*

Voyeur Double BJ With Adriana Chechick & Alex Legend 07/11/17

Sleep Creep BJ 05/02/17 *720p*

Penny Takes A Big Load In Her Mouth 02/25/17

Penny Sucks A Huge Cock By The Pool 01/13/17 *Alex Legend Version*

Penny Gets A Mouthful In Black See Through Lingerie 11/22/16

Sucking On A Big Fat Cock 11/08/16

Meet The Sluttiest Realtor Ever 10/18/16

Dirty School Girl Gets FACIALized 10/04/16

Oil My Tits & Make Me Swallow Your Cum 09/20/16

Sucking Dick For A Facial BTS 09/02/16

Sucking Dick For A Facial 08/30/16 *Alex Legend Version – Penny Pax Gets A Facial Recognition In The Bedroom*

BTS Kimmy, Stassi And Penny Blow Frenchy 06/24/16

Kimmy, Stassi And Penny Blow Frenchy 06/05/16 *JesseLoadsMonsterFacials Version – Smaller File, Better Colors*

Kimmy, Stassi And Penny Blow Frenchy 06/05/16 *Alex Legend Version – Another Day In The Triple BJ Office*

Amarna and Penny In Blue Bodystockings BTS 06/22/16

Amarna and Penny in Blue Bodystockings 06/05/16 *Alex Legend Version – Amarna Miller and Penny Pax Get A Facial Recognition*

Brother And Sister Chronicles Footjob Bathroom Edition 06/11/16

My Step Brother Is My Boyfriend Hand Job 06/11/16

Lily And Penny In Garter & Stockings 06/05/16 *JesseLoadsMonsterFacials Version*

Lily And Penny In Garter & Stockings BTS 06/24/16

Penny Sucks It And Swallows It 06/05/16 *Alex Legend Version – Suck It And Swallow It*

Riley And Penny In Pigtails 06/05/16 *JesseLoadsMonsterFacials Version*

Riley And Penny In Pigtails BTS 06/22/16

Suck It And Swallow It 05/30/16 *Alex Legend Version – Breakup BJ*

Lolita 05/30/16

The Hills Have D Vol. 1 05/30/16

Little Piggy 05/30/16 *720p*

The Inspection 05/30/16 *720p*

Clips contain all blowjob, handjob, and footjob only scenes in POV and distant camera angles. There are several threesome and foursome clips, along with some dildo/toy playing and cunnilingus. BJ’s range from sensual to sloppy to deepthroat to violent. There are many different outfits and plot/talk scenarios. Cumshots include facials, cumming on tits, swallowing, oral creampies, cum swapping, second view slow-motion scenes, and cumming on feet. There are also several available behind the scenes clips which show the original scenes from a distant angle and show production elements. This took me a long time to compile, I hope you enjoy it!

Penny Pax Live The BJ Collection Screens.rar



Comforting My Sister – Riley Anne & Kenzie Reeves HD [Untouched 1080p]

Kenzie Reeves is in the living room watching TV when she hears something coming from upstairs. It sounds like her sister, Riley Anne, is crying. When she goes upstairs to check up on her, she finds her weeping on her bed. She asks her what’s wrong only to find out that Riley’s boyfriend broke up with her. Riley explains that they never ended up having sex because she wasn’t attracted to him and as a result of this he ended the relationship. When Kenzie asks Riley if she’s into girls, Riley responds that she’s not gay. Kenzie explains that it’s ok to have those feelings and that if she needs to experiment with anyone she can do it with her. When Riley brings up the fact that they’re sisters, Kenzie retorts that they’re actually sisters and who better to show her the ropes than her. Riley is a little apprehensive but is open to the idea. When Kenzie kisses her, she can’t help but admit how good it feels. They kiss again as Kenzie starts removing her top. Kenzie tells Riley that she’s going to show her everything that she’s been missing. Riley nods as Kenzie start licking her nipples teasing them with her tongue. She leans her head back enjoying the stimulation clearly wanting more. When it’s Riley turn to suck on Kenzie’s tits, Kenzie can’t help but notice that the novice in the room sucks like an expert. All she needed was her sister to teach her the ropes. When the girls get undressed, the desire overtakes them as they surrender themselves to each other’s touch.

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Luciana Country MILF bonus fuck / BreeAnn & Liezel BTS from the 3way HD

Carmen Buff MILF preshoot BTS (Bonus E119 / BTS E80 & E81)

Mature lady loves to fuck with young guys. She likes 2 big cocks in pussy.
one Scene: Beautiful Mature bathes in the shower, then lying on the bed she sucks his cock, then he licks her pussy, then she sits on his big cock and they fuck in cowgirl pose, then he Fucks her doggystyle, missionary, and in the end creampie,cumshot in her
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three Scene: muscular inflated mom bathes in the shower and shaves her pussy, Then she goes down on her knees to suck the guy’s cock. he then Fucks her from behind doggystyle, then she turns back to him and bends down and he Fucks her from behind.
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Lady Sonia – Big Tits Masturbation Therapy HD


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Lily Rader – Brother Seduction HD [Untouched 1080p]

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This World Then the Fireworks (1997) UNCUT HQ Full Version!

Drama, Incest

Directed by: Michael Oblowitz

Stars: Philip Loch, Elis Imboden, Christian Durango

Language: English

Country: Usa | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip

Description: Marty Lakewood is a reporter forced to leave Chicago and his family because he had uncovered too much police corruption. He returns to his small home town on the California coast to his ailing mother and prostitute sister, with whom he had an incestuous affair. Being short of money, he seduces a woman cop in order to sell her house.

1990s, Based On Novel, Brother Sister Incest, English, High Definition, USA.

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Before Your Father Catches Us! – Jodi West HD


“Hurry up, You are going to be late for work” Jodi said to her husband, then slid the bathroom door shut when the water started to run. She proceeded to straighten her dress out for work in the mirror and makes sure she is presentable. As she turns to check out her backside, she feels a familiar hand on her rump.

“Oh! What are you doing!” She exclaims, as her son sneaks up behind her and wraps his arms around her in a way to familiar way.

“Your Father is right there in the shower!” she reinforces that this is not appropriate behavior. To think, her own son touching her like that while his Father is in the shower. What if he were to walk out right now and find this going on!

“Don’t worry, you know her takes a long time in the shower” Her son guides her to the bed. Could they actually get away with this in just the few minutes that the shower is running? You would think that a mother would have the sense to stop this type of behavior immediately! That she would send her son directly out of her bedroom… but she doesn’t! Instead she falls to the bed with her son and starts to kiss him deeply! As long as the water keeps running, they are safe.

“I heard you and dad last night fucking. Did you get fucked well?” Her son asks, as he hikes her dress up and squeezes his mother’s ass. His other hand finds the neck line of her dress and pulls it down to expose her full bosom.

“You father did fuck me well last night, but not as good as you do!” she tells her son, as she helps him gain access to her pussy by spreading her legs. She knows these kind of rendezvous are wrong, and it is only time until they get caught, but the danger and excitement gets her son and her turned on even more! Her vagina is soaking wet to her son’s touch as she pulls her panties down just to her knees!

“don’t take them all the way off, just get inside me and hurry up.” His mother says to him as she guides his mouth to her pussy and he sucks in the soaking wet juices. Before her son can even get off his shorts, his cock is screaming hard with anticipation for him mothers dripping hole. Mother and son gasp as his long, hard cock slides deep into his mother waiting cunt. The fact that this is so wrong doesn’t even come to mind to these insatiable lovers. The filthy talk continues, until mother knows her son needs to finish off.

She flips over so her son can drive her deeply from behind. The sight of his mother’s bottom and ass hole staring him in the face, the bottom he has always dreamed of growing up, drives him even more insane. He grasps onto his mothers ass and drives hard as she keeps telling him to cum, to cum, to cum for his mother! He finally can’t hold out any longer. He pulls his cock from his mother’s pussy and shoots thick streams of cum on her bottom. A look of satisfaction comes over his mother’s face as she knows she has pleased her son like only a mother can.

Just then the water stops running! The two scramble for their clothes! “Yes dear, I’ll get you a towel” Mother says to her husband through the door, as she tries to straighten herself up. There is only one towel out there, and she has just wiped her son’s seamen of her bottom on it! She straightens it out, opens the door, and hands her husband the towel soaked in his son’s semen. The semen she caused!

“Here you go. Now hurry up and get to work” Mother hopes this isn’t the time she gets caught!


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Sis Loves Me On Valentines Day – Monica Sage HD

Monica Sage was super bummed out that her boyfriend broke up with her over the phone just days before valentines day. Her bro saw how sad she was so he decided to go console her. Not only was she vulnerable, but also super needing some warm manly cock to cheer her up. She ended up giving bro a BJ for his kind words and even sucked his cum down smoothly. It’s like she was still in a relationship! The next day, although feeling better, Monica still needed to find a way to get back at her boyfriend. She enlisted her bro to help her make a revenge sex tape to send it to him. It involved her sucking his cock then letting him fuck her pussy. He even came inside her as icing on the cake. Monica’s boyfriend is going to be so jealous! The next day was the most important day of all. Valentines day. Since Monica and her bro did not have dates they decided to spend it not just together, but inside of each other. Monica fucked, sucked, and swallowed showing us what the real meaning of valentine’s day truly is……..

TIME: 27:24

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Never Had A Cock This Big! HD

Posting For Attention HD

Valentines With My Sis HD


Your Horny Valentine (2018) HD

Hey Baby it’s Valentines Day and I’ve got lots of surprises for you today. I’m going to do whatever or whoever I have to make this a special day. I even have some treats for my boss so I can get off and a Valentine for my professor too. This is going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever!!

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