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Mommy Takes Your Virginity HD

It’s your birthday and mommy is delighted to see her handsome boy on his special day. You are excited to see what mommy has bought you she always gives you the best presents. Mommy tells you that she is giving you the best gift a boy could ever receive – mommys juicy cunt. See mommy knows that you are a virgin and she just wants to help her special boy. Who better to take your virginity than your own mother. Mommy knows just what to do with your virgin cock. She will show you the way ;)
Clip includes a Handjob, BJ and The Grande Finale losing your virginity balls deep in mommy =]


Mother Vampire HD

*Nasty taboo words in this vid
* This vid has quite a lot of cuts but it’s well worth watching as you can gather from the reviews I’m a fab little actress heeeheee
A spell has been cast on Mother Vampire and in order for her to create a son, a perverted mini me to fulfil her most taboo sexual desires, she must have sex with her brother on Halloween!


Family Fuck Fest HD (DELETED Video)

The video opens with Lola getting ready for the family fuck fest making herself look hot and fuckable for the family. Next daddy arrives with a present, a special collar for the occasion. You reminisce about how this all began. You creeping into her bedroom late at night when she was just a teen, fingering her and waking her up with orgasms. She only craves family fun now which is why you had a son together so she can satisfy all of her perverted desires.
Everyone arrives, her son, uncle and brother and they all take it turns using her fuckdoll body just like she craves. Lola is desperate and longing for more family cock and so she begs her son to fill her cunt with a big spunky load as she comes all over his cock.

Sweet Mommy Turned Into A Filthy Cumslut HD (DELETED Video)

Part 1. Mommy arrives home from work which is when you, her son offers to pour her some


**. She thanks you for being such a sweetheart but little does she know that there’s something extra in there! Mommy starts to feel unwell then she faints and falls to the ground (This is where you call your mates and you undress her, write slut on her face and put her into the restraints – off camera).

Part 2. Mommy comes round, she is confused, shocked and very upset to hear that you did this to her, that you’ve been planning this for months. Of course she tries to free herself but her efforts are fruitless, she is trapped and at the mercy of her son. Then your mates come into the room and it all becomes clear. Mommy realises why you’ve got her here and there is nothing she can do. You threaten her, she’s powerless and has no choice but to go along with what you say and hope you’ll let her go.

Part 3. Mommy is reluctantly jerking your friends off when all of a sudden she realises she is getting wet, she is enjoying what you have pushed her into doing! She realises that she really is a slut, just a dirty little fuck toy whose sole purpose is to serve men. Now mommy gets into it, she is loving being used and begs for more. You destroy her holes. You fuck her mouth, her pussy. You (son) shoot a load in her mouth and your mates cum all over her dirty little cumslut face =]


Make Her Shut Her Mouth With A Cock Down Her Throat – PinkCandyEc 4K

Dad comes home after hanging out with his friends again. His bitchy daughter’s is waiting on the couch playing with on her phone still in her school uniform. She didn’t clean anything in the house which is a mess. She start to ramble and make brat comments and he thinks it is time to teach her a lesson for once and for all. He wants her to know when to shut up. He gets her down on his hard cock stretching her tiny throat with each stroke he takes into her throat. As she fights back to gasp air she keeps on rambling like she always does in her bitchy ways. As long as she is doing that he keeps on stretching her tiny throat. Until his cum explodes inside her throat with her helplessly gagging on every drop he pumps into her.

Roleplay, Schoolgirl, Grey skirt and White Shirt with white socks and shiny black shoes


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It’s Not Too Slutty, Daddy – Miss Malorie Switch HD 1080p

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*use of taboo trigger word with “accidental” creampie*

You watch as your daughter gets ready to leave for her Halloween party, dressed in a sexy WonderWoman costume. She grabs her coat to get ready to leave, but you stop her, degrading her for dressing so slutty, angry but attracted to her, pulling her top down to show how easy it is to see her nude in that thing. She’s mad, and a bit disgusted as she sees you get hard for her. She asks if you’ve always been attracted to her, telling him that it’s wrong. However, she’s still a bit curious… She asks you to show her your cock, and to her surprise, you do.. She gets down to suck it, and she guides you to the bed for you to fuck your own daughter. She loves you, and she knows it’s wrong, but she doesn’t care. It does hit her, however, that she is fertile and not on birthcontrol, and you’re fucking her raw… She asks you to pull out, but you don’t. You say it’s an accident, but of course she knows better… It’s okay, daddy. She still loves you, even though she might get pregnant… Now, can she go to her party now? Maybe tonight she can slip into your bed for more fun…

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Mommy Taboo Confessions HD

Mommy sits down with you to explain her taboo confessions. After explaining, it seems you and her are on the same page, judging by your boner. The desire for each other results in some hot naughty playtime on the couch. Mommy strips down to her beautiful naked body and takes your hard cock missionary and cowgirl (many different close ups of breasts and face included) until both of you cum (implied cumming).

*POV Sex Scenes Filmed from Waist up to Face


Mommy Got Catfished by Son HD

Mommy has been having so much fun texting with someone she met online. They decide to finally talk on the phone for the first time. It gets too friendly to the point where both start flirting and getting horny. They mutually masturbate and talk about each other’s dirtiest fantasies. You end up finding out that you are being catfished, by your own son. He comes home and you confront him. He convinces you that you had a great time on the phone, you become submissive and give in. You strip down to your beautiful naked body in front of him. You take him on the couch missionary and ride him as well until cumming (implied).

*POV without Dildo
*WARNING THIS SCENE GETS DARKER AND DARKER AS IT GOES ON, due to natural darkness in the room as nighttime gets nearer
*this is filmed without any ring lights, only natural room lighting.


Mommy is Your Hooters Girl HD

Your mom lost her job. You are going to go out later to your favorite restaurant, hooters. Your mom secretly calls hooters for a job. Your mom works tonight and she surprised you! She loses her job again. She goes home and you follow. You try to make her feel good complimenting her. The situation takes a turn when she is in the mood, takes off her clothes and wants to see your cock. She gives you a bit of a handjob. She takes your cock in various positions, Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl… Then you eat her out to make her cum. Lastly, you fuck her missionary until you cum in her (implied) and she cums again. She gives a little talk afterwards about being your Hooters Mommy.

*POV Without Dildo

*some differences in lighting due to cloudy skies with sunlight outside through the shades during filming


Morning Sex with Mommy HD

Mommy puts you to bed but is in the mood to have a little fun. She tells you not to cum in her but she changes her mind in the middle of sex (missionary without dildo). Then you both go to bed together. Mommy wakes up first and she sucks your morning boner (pov with dildo). She reminds you about the no cumming in her rule but then she takes you missionary (without dildo) and doggystyle (with dildo) and wants you to cum in her (implied).

*this was a custom video


Sister Accidentally Drops Towel HD

Your sister went into your room by accident thinking it was her room. You asked her for help with a video games but she declines & tries to head back to her room. Upon leaving, her towel accidentally drops and she is embarrassed. You tell your sister you want to see more and that you have pics/vids of this accident to blackmail her at her school if she doesn’t comply. So she shows you her body and then tries to leave. You tell her it’s not enough, that you want to fuck her and then you will delete the pics/vids afterwards. She fucks you and then she sees you delete the pics/vids. She leaves your room and finds out that you lied anyways! You tell your sister that she is your sex slave for life.


Shh, Don’t Get Caught with Mommy HD

You are jerking off in the middle of the night while your brother is napping in the same room! Mommy catches you! Brother wakes up to go pee. Mommy jerks you off. She takes off her panty and pulls down the top of her dress to expose her bra. You fuck her against the bathroom door (pretending to fix the door and telling her other son not to open the door). Then you cum all over Mommy’s face. Then at a family party, you grab Mommy’s tit and Mommy gives you a bit of a titty fuck. You brother interrupts as we lie about looking for a missing earring. Then Mommy and you go to a private room to continue the titty fuck. She takes off her top and bra. Then you fuck her missionary and cowgirl until she cums. Then you finally cum on her face.

*all sexual acts are without dildo except for the squirting dildo cumshots to the face


Submissive Mommy Fucks Jealous Son HD

Mommy is getting ready for a date but you make an excuse that you are sick. However, you do admit that you are lying and Mommy realizes you are jealous of her going on the date. You ask her about her outfit under her robe. She shows you and you tell her what to do. She likes being submissive and so you tell Mommy to get on the bed. You pull out your cock for her to touch and suck. Then she takes your cock missionary and reverse cowgirl until you and Mommy cum (implied cumming).

*POV with dildo & some lighting differences because of the random cloudy sunlight through my windows



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Hey I’m Aimee!
Here you’ll find a mixture of my fantasies, your fantasies and all my 100% real life nudity & masturbation too! I also love making custom videos :)

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REAL Dad and Daughter Incest!

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Sydney Paige – The Secret Lesson HD 1080p

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You’re not fucking my daughter right. And I’m tired of hearing her complain about it.. She loves you and you seem like an all around pretty good guy. You need some help, and my daughter is too shy to do this herself. So we’re going to fix this right now while she’s at school…

Sex Acts: blowjob, doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, cumshot, facial, cum in mouth


Posing For My Mom – CrystalClarkXo HD 1080p

Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Hairy, Amateur, POV, Cheating, Wife, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum in Pussy, Creampie, Impregnation, Female Domination

This is a one episode POV taboo hardcore cream pie sex series.
“My mom Crystal needed a hobby so my dad signed her up for art classes. She’s really been enjoying them but recently received some constructive criticism from her teacher saying that she needed to get better at drawing life like human bodies. She knows I did some modeling for my university photography class last semester so she asked me to be her artistic muse, and let her draw me….naked. I was a little taken back when Crystal asked me to pose naked for her, she’s my mom after all but she told me I would be using a pillow to cover my dick so it wouldn’t be awkward.
I got to the art studio and Crystal told me we were the only ones using it that day but only for a few hours, and to disrobe when I was ready. I undressed and covered my junk with the pillow she had for me. I just got into position when Crystal untied her robe, and dropped it to the floor. She was standing in front of me next to her easel completely NAKED TOO!! I was so confused and asked Crystal why she was naked? And she calmly explained it was a technique she learned in art class. Her teacher had told the class being naked with your subject can make the subject more comfortable. Crystal asked me confidently if her being naked made me more comfortable, and I definitely agreed it did!! I couldn’t believe how hot she was naked!! I could feel all the horniness racing to my cock, as it was getting harder and harder staring at my moms hot naked body. Crystal started sketching, and gradually got frustrated as I couldn’t keep the pillow in the correct place. I tried and tried, but my hard cock kept lifting it out of positioning. Crystal stormed over to fix it, but when she grabbed it my hard cock popped out. She was stunned, wide eyed, and stressed how important it is to keep the pillow in the right place for her sketch. I apologized but didn’t know what to do, she looked so hot naked my boner wasn’t going to go away on its own.
Crystal pondered and said she only had use of the art studio for a couple more hours so she really needs to start this sketch, and suggested she help me get rid of my boner. I couldn’t refuse! My mom Crystal got on her knees, and started stroking my cock. She even used her mouth!! She said I couldn’t tell my dad, and asked how long it would take. I told her I wasn’t sure, and she wanted to speed things up so she paused for a moment before asking me if it would go faster if we just fucked? OF COURSE I SAID YES! I bent my mom Crystal over the couch, and slid my cock in her tight wet pussy. I can’t believe I was fucking my mom! I had fantasies about this before but never did I ever think it would really happen.
I could tell Crystal was enjoying my cock as she moaned and gripped it tight with her pussy. I pounded her hard, and she was begging for more. So I flipped her on her back, so I could watch her big titties bounce with every thrust of my dick. Crystal was moaning and begging for more but I couldn’t hold it anymore and I blasted my cum deep inside her. She panicked a bit because she isn’t using any birthcontrol since she and my dad are trying to get pregnant. But, Crystal loved the sex so much she shrugged it off and wanted to get back to her sketch. I pulled my cock out and my thick massive cum load slowly dripped out of her pussy. I loved seeing my cum drip out of her like that. If this is how every sketch is going to go, I am more than happy to be my moms muse.”



Charli O – Goth Girl Summer HD 1080p

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I don’t know why mom didn’t get me my own room. I can’t stay in the same bed as my little brother.. Because you’re a little weirdo, you’ll probably fuck my feet or something. C’mon let’s get to the beach, we’ll figure it out when we get back….

She starts off by blowing him, he fucks her in cowgirl, doggy, missionary and viennese oyster, he finishes off by cumming all over her face.

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