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Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 6: Mom & Son ‘Pay & Play’ For Dad’s Mistakes – FULL VERSION HD

Mom and Dad had started a new business several years ago. Unfortunately, the business struggles due to Dad’s mismanagement and they needed to borrow money to keep things going. Given their current financial situation they cannot borrow the money needed via normal channels. As such they turn to a “private firm” which was recommended by a friend. As the business venture continues to struggle they find themselves in more financial trouble. The firm they are dealing with is not very open to loan workouts. Mom (Erica) is already well aware of the situation and has spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get out of their situation. Dad is away on business trying to find a way to raise the money. A representative of the “financial firm” pays Erica a visit to tell her he has a way to solve their problem. Given the nature of their business the firm has already evaluated Erica and her husbands assets. Unfortunately for Dad’s main asset at this point is his sexy wife!

Erica is in her kitchen and speaking with the representative from the firm. She is smoking a cigarette and drinking a tonic. You can tell she is very stressed and upset. The representative of the firm is explaining a solution to his problem. The owner of the firm has a fetish, he loves taboo sex scenes. Given his intimate knowledge of the family, he knows Erica has done some webcam work. He also knows that they have a sexy young 26-year-old son (Conor). The man tells Erica that if she agrees to make some videos for them they would accept that as payment for the debt.
Erica: “So all I need to do is fuck and suck on a few videos and they will consider us even?”

Director: “Yes. The video would be for my bosses personal use. He definitely thinks you are a very sexy woman and love to see you in action”
Erica: “While I not happy about it. I will do it if that is what it takes to get us out of this fucking mess”
It is then that the Director tells her that the videos are more a fetish or specialty video.

Erica: “What fetish do that want me to do?”

The Director explains to Erica that with all the increased interest in older woman-younger man adult videos

Erica interupts: “Ok so you just want me to fuck a younger guy. I could do that. Hell, it could be fun”

Then he tells her that it’s a bit more than that. He explains his bosses main fetish is Mom-son roleplay.

Erica: “What? You want me to fuck some young guy and make believe I am is mother? I am not sure I could do that! I mean I or we have a 26-year old son”
The Director stresses that she needs to rethink that choice as this is the only and best way out of this messy situation.
Erica: “I know. I know. We have little choice. Ok, I will do it if I have too?”

The Director then begins to explain that there is more to it than just role play
Erica: “What do you mean there is more too it then that?”

The Director tells Erica that a simple role play will not be enough to cover the debt, that it needs to be an even more realistic video. He tells her that his boss wants Erica and her son Conor to agree to do a series of reality-based porn videos. If they agree then the debt could be forgiven.
Erica: “Are you fuckin’ insane! You want me to agree to fuck my son on video to cover the debt!”

With that Erica tells the Director to leave. He tells her to think things through and speak to your husband before making a bad decision.

Later that day she is on the phone with her husband.
On the call her desperate husband explains that maybe she will not have to fuck him. He tells her that the representative said he would only require that Erica and Conor to do a few soft-core scenes where there would be kissing, tit sucking, cock stroking, etc.
Erica: “Kissing! Cock stroking! I don’t care what it is. How am I supposed to do that with Conor. Damn it! Conor he is our son!”
Dad reminds her of the fantasies she told him about some regarding their son Conor.
Erica: “Pete that is fantasy and role play. A lot of woman may play with their pussies thinking about a mother-son encounter but doing it is another thing”
Erica: “Yeah I know it happens a lot but not on a fucking video to be seen by other people!”

Dad reminds her that they have no way to pay the debt back. She cannot believe he has put the family in this situation. The Dad begs her to understand and explains that their choices are limited. She can’t believe the situation they find themselves.
Erica: “Even if I agree. How do we know Conor will be willing and able to do it? I mean I am his mother. What makes you think he wants to even fuck an older woman like me”
Dad tells her she will not know until she asks. He then reminds her that he is a man first and the chance to be a sexy woman out weights all other feelings.
Erica: “Ok I will talk to Conor today. I cannot believe you got us in this fucking situation”

Later that same day Erica confronts Conor with the situation. Of course, her son totally freaks. Though even he realizes he has little choice as well.
Erica: “Baby you know Dad and I are in a real financial mess”
Conor: “Sure mom. I wish I could do more to help”
Erica: “Well baby you can. This is hard to ask but please understand it’s our only way out”
Conor: “What is it mom?”
Erica: “To pay back the debt. I need to make a porn video for the people Dad owes the money”
Conor: “What! Are you fucking serious!”
Erica: “Yes, doing porn is no big deal as I have done some webcam work before.”

Conor: “What mom, you have done porn?”
Erica: “Yes I have. I had to make some extra money somehow and your Aunt Dana suggested it.”

Conor: “Fuck! Aunt Dana! This is crazy!”

Erica: “Well believe it! In fact Aunt Dana and I are very popular with the younger guys”

Conor: “Wow I can’t believe it. I guess I am cool with it. So why you telling me this?”
Erica: “Well there is a bit more to the video”
Conor: “What more?”
Erica: “Well I need, I mean we need to make it together”
Conor: “What do you mean by “we”?”
Erica: “Us…..”
Conor: “You mean me and you?”
Erica: “Yes baby. Me and you.”
Conor: “What!! No fucking way, mom. I mean you’re my friggin’ mother”
Erica: “Baby I am so sorry about this but we have now choice. Look it is only soft core. We can do it. We are both adults”
Conor: “I don’t know mom. I mean, you’re my mother”
Erica: “I know baby but we can do it. We have too”

Conor: “I guess I could do it. What choice do I have? When do we have to do it?”
Erica: “The studio is coming by tomorrow to shoot the video”
Erica gets up and hugs her son . They hug tightly.
Conor: “Ok mom I will be here for you”
Erica: “I love you baby”
Conor: “I love you too mom”

Deep down he always found his mom to be very sexy, often watching her sunbath when he was young. So, he is not that upset about the situation!

The day has arrived for the actual filming of the video, which takes place in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. It starts off very awkward as the director makes them dress in very sexy clothes and requires them to do a small intro interview. Erica is sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, dressed in her sexy outfit, with her hair up and her face delicately made up. She is sitting next to her is her son.

Director: “Please introduce yourself”

Erica: “Hi. My name is Erica Taylor”
Director: “Who is with you today Erica?”
Erica: “That is my 26-year old son, Conor.”
Director: “Erica is that your real son or stepson?”
Erica: “He is my real son”
Director: “Really. You look too young to have a son his age”
Erica: “Thank you but you saw our ID’s. He’s my son.”

Director: “So Conor how does it feel to be doing this video with your hot mother?”
Conor: “Cool I guess. My mom is a very beautiful woman”
Director: “Great. Let’s get started”

The director walks in and sits between them. He hits them with the biggest surprise of all. He describes the plan for the video scenes. The director then describes how the opening scene is her giving her son a sexy blow job with deep throat and oral cream pie finish. He explains she is to keep sucking as her son cums and then she is to look at the camera and let some of the cum slowly ooze out of her mouth. Whatever remains she is too show to the camera then swallow. The second scene he tells them will be her son returning the favor and licking her pussy and tight little ass-hole. During this scene Erica is told she will need to talk very dirty to her boy to encourage him to be a “good mother fucker”. He then tells them they will then fuck in a series of positions and the video. The video will also include an anal scene. The video will be concluded when the director instructs Conor to shoot a second load right in his mothers tight ass. Erica and Conor are in pure shock. They thought it was only soft-core. They are not prepared for this. They protest but the director states the obvious.

Erica: “What the fuck is this! I thought this was a soft-core video”
Conor: “Are you fucking serious! I mean you want me to fuck my mother on video”
Erica: “Fuck you. We ain’t doing it”
Conor: “Come on mom lets go”

They get up and start to walk out of the room.
Director: “Erica and Conor you can leave but I can’t guarantee your husbands safety. Is that something you want on your heads?”
Erica: “No, but this is my son. I mean we should not be doing this”
Conor: “Yeah I can’t really fuck my mother”

Director: “Come on Conor, are you telling me you never had a fantasy about you mother?”
Conor: “Sure. I mean jerking off thinking about her is one thing but fucking her well……”
Erica interrupts the conversation
Erica: “Baby, you have jerked off thinking about me?”
Conor: “Yeah mom plenty of times. All guys do it”
Director: “See this is not something you both haven’t felt at one time or another. It’s very common. I have made many of these videos. Woman and son from all over the place are having fun like this. Just relax and enjoy it”
They truly have no choice but to comply. They agree to do whatever he wants.
Director: “Ok. Are we ready to make this video?”
Erica: “Yes. I think so”
Erica looks over at Conor
Conor: “Lets do it!”
Director: “Great! I want to see some very hot sucking and fucking from my mom and her baby boy”

Director: “Why don’t you kiss your son Erica? Ready…and Action!”
Erica and Conor awkwardly begin to kiss. At first it is not passionate enough for the director,
Director: “Come on guys with more passion. Stick your tongue deep in your son’s mouth Erica!”

With that the finally begin to kiss with passion. The sex scenes for the video take time to develop as Erica and Conor awkwardly work into it.

Director: “Erica why don’t you stroke your son’s cock as you kiss him”

With that Erica awkwardly puts her hand into Conor’s pants and begins to rub her son’s cock. She gasps when she realizes how big his cock his. The director takes notice.

Director: “Erica that is a huge fucking cock your son has. You did well. Conor remove your pants so your mother can stroke it better”

Erica and Conor continue to kiss as she strokes his hard cock

Director: “Your little boy has a fucking raging hard on for his mother. I don’t blame him.”

Director: “Why don’t we have some more nasty fun. Conor how would you like your mom to suck your cock?”

At first Conor does not answer. In his heart he wants to say “Fuck yeah!” but is struggling to say it

Director: “Come on Conor, tell you mother what you want!”

Conor: “Ok. Mom will you please suck my cock?”

Director: “Erica? Tell your son yes!”

Erica: “Yes baby, mommy wants to suck your cock”

The Director instructs Conor to lay on the bed. Erica is directed to get between her son’s legs on the bed and stroke and suck his cock.

At first, she struggles take his cock it her mouth but eventually she begins to suck his cock. The director tells her:
Director: “That’s it Erica, suck your sons cock. Take it deeper I want to see some nasty deep throat”
The director instructs Erica to look up at her son and her son to look down at his mother. He tells them to talk nasty to each other. Erica says
Erica: “How does mommy’s mouth feel baby. Do I suck a good cock?”
Conor: “Holy mom, your mouth is awesome!”
Erica: “Good baby enjoy it. No woman can suck a man’s cock like his mother”
Conor: “Damn mom this is what I been dreaming of!”

Erica is sucking him deep and fast now. You can sense Conor is getting close
Conor: “Take my cock down your throat mom. Suck it harder!’
Conor: “Yeah mom, suck it”
Director: “Are you getting close Conor? Are you going to cum in your mother’s mouth?”
Conor: “Yes! Mom I’m going to cum. I can’t hold back much longer.”
Erica: “Cum for me baby. Cum in mommy’s mouth”
Director: “Push your mother’s mouth deep on your cock Conor. Make her take all of your cum in that sexy mouth”

Conor is so excited by the thought of cumming in his mothers mouth he accidentally pushes his mothers mouth to deep on his cock, gagging her. Erica pulls off his cock for a second to catch her breath.

Director: “Damn boy! Ease up you don’t want to choke mommy to with that huge cock”

Erica: “I know you are excited baby but go easy on mommy. I never have had a cock this big”

Director: “Come on guys. Let’s get back to business. Suck you son’s cock”

With that Erica goes back to taking her son’s cock deep in her mouth. The director again tells Conor to hold his mothers head and fuck her mouth. After a few more minutes Conor is getting close to blowing his load in his mothers mouth.

Conor: “Fuck! I am cumming”
Director: “That’s it. Erica you have to let him cum in your mouth and keep sucking as he cums”
Conor cums hard in his mother’s mouth. She keeps sucking as he shoots the biggest load she has seen in a long time. As she is sucking, some of the cum oozes out the sides of her mouth.
Director: “Wow Erical that was awesome. Why don’t you show us what gift your son gave you today”
With that Erica shows the load remaining in her mouth to the camera.
Director: “Please swallow the cum Erica”
Erica swallows the remaining load and says:
Erica: ”Mmm… My baby boy’s cum tastes so fucking good.”
Director: “Conor it is time to return the favor for your mom”
Conor positions himself as instructed between his mother’s legs. He begins to lick her pussy. The Director is again instructing them to interact more.
Director: “Come on Erica, talk dirty to your son”
Erica: ”Come and eat mommy’s pussy, baby.”
Erica: “Oh , baby. You making your mother feel so fucking hot”
Erica: “Oh yes, baby. Stick it in. Stick your tongue in my hole. Tongue-fuck me baby. Tongue-fuck your mother’s cunt. Stick it in all the way.”
Conor: “Mom your pussy tastes so good”
Erica: ”Oh fuck mommy is cumming”
Erica grabs Conor’s head and pushes it hard against her pussy as she squirts in his mouth.
Director: “Awesome job Conor! You really know how to eat pussy. How was it Erica?!”
Erica: “I am ashamed to say this but I never came so hard”

Conor: “Thanks Mom. I enjoyed it too”

Director: “Great. You all ready for the ultimate taboo? Are Mom and Son ready to fuck?”
Erica: “I think so”
Conor: “At this point I am ready for anything”
The director tells Erica to lay on her back and let her son mount her. You can see in her face she is unsure about things. Then Conor climbs on top of his mother and begins to position his cock by her waiting pussy. She seems more comfortable and ready to go until………..
Erica: “Wait. Slow baby. Are you sure about doing this?”
Conor: “I don’t know mom?”
Erica: “This is a big step baby. I mean fucking the pussy you came from is not a little thing”
Conor: “Mom I love you and we need to do this for dad”
Director: “Come on guys I need you to get into this scene. Conor you know how many guys wish they could be in your position right now- about to fuck their own mother! Erica fucking your son isn’t as taboo as it once was. So, come on guys. Lets go!”
Erica: “Ok baby let’s do it. Come and fuck your mother!”
Conor: “Tell me again, mom. Tell me again what you want,”
Erica: “I want you to fuck me, Conor. I want to you to fuck the out of me”
Conor: “I am going to fuck you good mom”
With that the Conor pushes his cock into his mother’s pussy. She moans with pleasure. He cannot believe how tight her pussy is.
Conor: “I’m in, mom! I’m all the way in. My cock is all the way up your pussy”
Erica: “Oh baby. I can feel it. I can feel your cock so deep. Please do it, son. Please fuck me hard. Make me cum all over your fucking cock.”
Erica: “That’s it baby fuck mommy good”.
Conor: “Damn mom your pussy is so tight”.
Erica: “Fuck me! Fuck your hot mother! Do it, Conor fuck your whore-mom.”
Conor: “I’m gonna fuck you alright, mom. I’m gonna fuck your hot, wet pussy real good”
Mother and son continue to fuck, changing positions several times. The director keeps pushing them to show more passion and speak more and more dirty to each other. He wants them to talk extremely dirty. As the sexual tension builds Erica and Conor are getting more and more into it. Before long they are true lovers doing and saying whatever the direct wants! In the end Erica and Conor go well beyond the script, taking mom-son love to a whole new level, fucking in missionary, cowgirl, and doggystyle positions.

Director: “Erica are you ready for your son to fuck your ass?”

Erica: “I am not sure I can handle his cock in my ass. I only did anal once”

Director: “Erica you can do it. And Conor wants his moms ass real bad. I can tell. Don’t you Conor? Tell you mother!”

Conor: “Mom I hate to admit it but I would love to fuck your ass but only if you want too”

Erica: “Conor I love to try but I am just not sure”

Director: “Lets give it a try! Conor why don’t you lube you mothers sexy ass with your tongue”

With that the Director instructs Conor to rim his mother’s ass. As he licks his mom’s sexy ass she moans loudly. After licking her ass for a few minutes, the Director instructs Conor to fuck his mother’s pussy again while fingering her ass. Conor complies and begins to fuck his mother doggy style as he works his finger into her ass. As he works his finger deeper he can feel his mom’s ass quiver. This encourages Conor to work her ass even harder.
Erica: “Honey, that feels way better than I thought it would ever feel.”

Director: “See Erica! I knew you like it! Come on Conor, why don’t you try and fuck mommy’s ass!”

The Director gives Erica the lube. Erica is now laying on her back.

Erica: “Please come up here and let me put some oil on that hard dick of yours.”
Conor moves up so that his dick was resting across her tits as she poured oil all over his cock, shaft, and balls. Conor moves back down and gets in position so that his dick was in line with her ass. Mom places her legs on his shoulders and this causes his cock to touch the entrance of her ass.
Erica: “Ok, try to get the head in but go slow and do not push at all. I will do the pushing.”
Conor looks down to see the head of my cock push on the opening. Mom pushed towards his dick and this pressure makes his dick slide in half way.
Erica: “Ooohhhh that is really big honey go slow!”

Director: “That is a big cock going up your ass!”

Conor: “Almost got it in mom are you doing ok?”
Erica: “Yes honey, so far so good baby.”
Mom pushes again and Conor’s whole cock pushes in, causing mom to hold her breath.
Erica: “Don’t you dare move! Let me get used to this before we go any further.”
Conor looks down to see his cock buried in his mom’s ass. He feels like he was going to cum right then, but knew better times were coming his way if I could just hold out longer.

Director: “ Erica! Your son wants to blow his load up your ass”

Mom: “Fuck baby! Does mommy’s ass feel that good?”

Conor: “Damn mom it is so tight”
Conor then takes his thumb and runs it across her clit, causing mom to moan and relax somewhat. Her pussy lips spread completely out. Conor wants so badly to reach down and taste her juices, but know that might cause his dick to slip out. He continues to fuck his mother’s ass as he rubs her clit.

Erica: “Oh! baby I am going to cum now!!”

Director: “Wow nice job Conor! Now fuck her ass hard! I know you want to cum too. Lets try some doggy style”

After shifting positions, Conor begins to fuck his mother’s ass harder.

Erica: “Oh God Honey, you are going to tear me apart with your huge cock”

Conor: “Mom I am now going to pull out some and then push back in if that is ok?”
Erica: “Yes darling, fuck my ass deep!”
Director: “Erica I want you to rub yourself for me. You are so hot looking right now!”

Mom plunges two fingers in her pussy. Conor tries to develop a rhythm with his strokes to see how mom would respond. He strokes five good long strokes and Mom started to cum once again.
Mom: “Oh , I might pass out!”

Conor: “I cannot last much longer what are you trying to do mom?”
Erica: “I want every inch of you in my ass as you cum”

Director: “Yeah that’s it! Put your full cock in that tight ass! Mom needs it bad”

Conor: “Are you sure?”
Erica: “Yes honey please give me all of that hard cock deep in my ass”

Director: “Come on Conor, fuck mom’s ass”

Conor: “Get ready mom here my cock!”

Conor pushes until his balls slap her ass and bottomed out.

Director: “Conor tell your mom what you want? And tell her as nasty as possible”

Conor: “Mom, can I cum in your sweet ass?”

Erica: “Oh God, fuck yesss…”
Conor: “Your own son mom? Are you saying you want your own son’s cum inside you?”

Erica: “Baby, please…”
Conor: “Tell me mom. Tell me what you want”
Erica: “Yes baby. I do. Fuck mommy hard and cum in her ass”
Erica: “Oh baby, that feels so fucking good. Fuck mommy’s ass!.”
Conor: “Do you like it mom? Do you like how I am fucking your ass?”

Erica: “Yes baby I love it”
Conor: “Fuck mom this feels so awesome”
Director: “That’s it Conor, pound your mothers ass”
Erica: “Do you love it, baby? Do you love the way your mothers ass feels”
Conor: “You know I do, mom!”

Erica: “I want you to cum in my baby. I want you to empty your balls inside your mother. Please shoot your load up my ass, Conor”

The orgasm hits him like a ton of bricks and he shoots a huge load up his mother ass

Conor: “I’m cumming mom. I’m cumming ”
Erica: ”Come on Baby… Cum for mommy!”
Director: “Fucking yes! That was awesome”
After Conor explodes his second big load of cum in his mother hot ass, Erica and Conor embrace in a passionate sexy deep kiss. You hear them express how much they love each other.

The director keeps the video rolling. Erica rolls over as her son lays his head on her chest. The director asks them how they feel. Erica answers first, saying that before this day she never imagined she could fuck her own son but after doing it and feeling things she never felt before, she can’t imagine any mother not trying at least once with her older son. She says that some of her friends have talked about how sexy they found their sons and she always thought they were crazy, but now she fully understands what they meant. Then Conor is asked how he feels. He tells the director, that words cannot describe how it feels to look down and see your sexy mom sucking your cock or how it feels to have your cock sliding in and out of your own mother’s pussy and ass. He tells the director it was amazing, especially being with a mom as sexy, warm and sensitive as his.
The director asks if they would like to do it again. With that Erica and Conor smile at each other and say “Most Definitely!”

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While in bed Rick is confessing his fantasy to watch his wife Dani about have sex with another man. Dani being a good girl from the midwest thinks it is ludicrous. But down deep she finds the idea hot and her reaction encourages her husband to keep trying.
He admits to her his biggest secret fantasy would be to watch Dani fuck their son, Conor. At first she is shocked and livid for her husband even thinking of such things, but after she has some time to cool down and they talk about it some more Rick is able to pull her right into his fantasy.
So Conor comes home from college and dad pops the question to him. It catches him completely by surprise…as hot as he knows his mom is he can’t believe his parents would suggest such a thing.
He asks for some time to think about it and they agree to wait for an answer until Thanksgiving. When he comes back for his Thanksgiving break Conor has everything all figured out. He tells them that he will do it, but under certain conditions
1) He gets mom whenever he wants for the whole weekend
2) He wants every sex position imaginable, a good BJ, and to cum in his mom’s mouth at least once
3) And last but not least they use his parents bed and dad only gets to watch the first time.
His dad is outraged of the suggestions while his mother agrees to all the conditions without even thinking about it. Before there is a chance for any renegotiation Conor and his mother are making out and heading to the bedroom.
Rick tries to stop them, but they tell him that this was his idea and to not get in their way. He can’t believe the filthy things coming out of their mouths as they continue to kiss, grope, and undress each other. Dani wastes no time pulling out Conor’s cock and is in awe of the size as she had not seen it since Conor was a small .
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After a couple minutes Conor starts to get excited and grabs his mom’s head and starts fucking her mouth. Rick tries to interrupt explaining that his mother isn’t one of Conor’s college whores, but Conor just continues forcing his mom to choke on his cock which doesnt bother her as she is all of a sudden a cock crazed slut that can’t get enough. She keeps sucking until he blows a load in her mouth. She doesn’t even hesitate to swallow and Rick gets even more upset as she has never swallowed his cum before in all the years they were married.
Conor and his mother then lay on the bed and kiss passionately as Rick gets them water and it is only a short break before Conor is performing oral on his mother. He gives her a quick orgasm and then they can’t wait any longer to start fucking each other.
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My dad is such a good guy. That is why it so hard for me to find out that my mom has been cheating on him. It is so messed up that she would treat him this way. I guess there is only one way I can make him feel better. I hope mom does not find out.

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She’s also a hit with the neighbors, always so friendly and helpful, with a kind word for everyone. Alex makes it a point to know all her neighbors names once they move in. She’s the president of the unofficial welcoming committee! She makes it her mission to make the neighbors feel right at home and as comfortable as possible!

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My stepmom is so annoying sometimes. All she wants to do is get me to clean up and do my chores around the house. I have more important things to do! Well, today my stepmom is trying to get me to do my laundry. She challenges me to grow up and get out from underneath her skirt. I do not want to grow up, though. I want her to take care of me forever. So, I remind her of when I was little and we used to cuddle. Next thing I know, I am back underneath her skirt eating her soaking wet pussy!

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