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My Friend’s Hot Mom – Diamond Jackson HD

Diamond Jackson is beside herself! Her dumb-ass son is in jail for running her car off the road, and now she had to put his dumb-ass friend and co-conspirator Peter to work in her backyard! The problem is, Peter isn’t cut out for the yard work she’s having him do, so she pulls his ass inside to help her with something she knows he can do: give her an orgasm! The ebony MILF strips off her top and shoves her big tits in Peter’s face and commands him to pull out his dick and get to work! Not just that, but Diamond needs her son’s friend to put in extra work and stick his big dick in her ass and give her an anal pounding to make up for his idiocy!

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POV Slave Orders – 3 Hot POV HD Vids From Marsha May!

Marsha May makes you her cheer leading bitch slave!

Cheer leader Marsha forces you to the floor where she makes you suck clean her soft toes, lick her tight round asshole, and suffocate under her wet pussy!


Goddess Marsha May makes you her little dungeon bitch!

Dungeon Goddess Marsha forces you to the ground where she makes you suck clean her toes, lick her tight round asshole, and suffocate under her wet pussy!


Marsha May makes you her workout bitch slave!

Goddess Marsha forces you to the floor of her gym where she makes you suck clean her sweaty toes, lick her tight round asshole, and suffocate under her wet pussy while she hovers above you in a sex swing!


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REAL Mother-Son Private Deepthroat Video!

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Mutual Benefits – Bettie Bondage HD

You come home one day and see your mom is watching TV. She tells you its some silly, sexy, bored-housewife type of show that she doesn’t know if you’ll even want to watch but you decide to sit and see what its about. Some ridiculous melodramatic soap opera type show with lots of sex scenes, you learn quickly. Your mom seems keen to draw attention to these scenes, talking frankly with you in a way she hasn’t before. You’re more than intrigued, egging her on, asking her questions as she begins to open up about some pretty risque stuff she’s done. It must really have been a while since you last got laid because you find your cock starting to stiffen as you listen to her. Is it just you, or is she kinda flirting? She sits back, letting her nightshirt hike up a little. Ok, this definitely isn’t just you! Your mom is totally flirting with you! Your cock is now rockhard, and you’re flirting back. You can’t believe this is happening, but you’re too turned on to stop anything. You listen to your mom talk about her sexual frustration and surprise yourself by offering up your own frustrations, commiserating and egging her on as she suggests exactly what you hoped for: some mutual, therapeutic style release! It’s not wrong, you’re just helping each other out, right?


Category: TABOO
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Adriana Chechik, Serena Blair, Cadence Lux & Alexis Fawx – Fantasy Factory 2: Squirting Therapist HD


It’s another busy day at the Girlsway Fantasy Factory for technician Serena Blair. She checks for corrupted code in android Alexis Fawx after the model deviated from custom programming. In the previous scene, the android was supposed to replace ‘mommy’ talk with ‘mom’ but there was a glitch. After running some tests, Serena is perplexed that her diagnostics come back clean. She orders a full reset to avoid another malfunction.

Following that task, Serena interviews member Morgan Cain (Cadence Lux) to set up her upcoming scene. Morgan gushes about how much she loves the squirting scenarios. She decides on model Adriana Checkik, but has trouble choosing another squirter to pair her with. Morgan wants her to be fit, blonde with huge tits, so Serena proposes a few options, scrolling through profiles that fit the bill. When Morgan singles out Alexis Fawx, Serena is somewhat reluctant given the recent technical glitch, and warns Morgan that model doesn’t squirt. No problem for Morgan who’s a squirter herself. She really wants to taste Adriana’s squirt, and for them both to squirt in Alexis’ mouth. Morgan wants the full Girlsway VR experience, so for the lead into the sex, she selects the details of her story. Adriana will play the role of her longtime girlfriend. Alexis’ character will be a sex therapist, she will seduce the couple. Because Morgan hates when the models give it up too quick, Serena programs lots of resistance in Adriana to let Morgan be caught in the middle.

Lastly, she picks the quintessential Girlsway bedroom setting, with the French wallpaper and white leather furniture. Morgan is ready to start her scene! Morgan and Adriana prepare for their session with therapist Dr. Alexis Fawx who arrives at their door looking like a shimmering jewel in an emerald satin blouse and sapphire pencil skirt. The therapist insists on conducting the session in the room where her clients make love. Probed by the therapist to open up about her relationship, Adriana complains that Morgan only likes to have sex in the bed. When all Morgan wants to talk about is squirting, Dr. Fawx becomes highly encouraging, and seductive. Adriana expresses her disgust for squirting. She squirts every time she orgasms, but it makes her uncomfortable. Dr. Fawx admits the subject of squirt makes her salivate, and Adriana calls out her lack of professionalism. But Morgan insists they should give her a chance.

Dr. Fawx coaxes Adriana to recount something intimate she likes about Morgan. Adriana timidly admits that she likes when Morgan licks her asshole, but she worries Morgan thinks it’s disgusting. Morgan reassure her she loves it. Dr. Fawx acknowledges that Morgan is more comfortable in her sexuality. Morgan appreciates Adriana’s special ability to squirt. They should try to embrace their differences. The couple agree, making a breakthrough in therapy, and Dr. Fawx tells them to seal the moment with a kiss. Adriana is reluctant to kiss in front of Dr. Fawx, but Morgan talks her into it, so long as Dr. Fawx understands they’re in a monogamous relationship. Morgan ups the ante, announcing she wants to lick her girlfriend, but Adriana resists. She won’t go any further with Dr. Fawx in the room. But Dr. Fawx challenges her to rise above the limitations taught to her by her conditioning. Adriana dares to become more liberated, but warns Dr. Fawx no touching.

The couple undress completely and start making out naked, but Adriana has trouble concentrating with the therapist in the room. Probably because she’s dressed and they’re nude. Dr. Fawx gets naked too, exposing her huge round tits, and Adriana’s okay with it, so long as she stays on her side of the bed. When Dr. Fawx starts masturbating in front of the lesbians, Adriana freaks out! But with a little intellectualizing, it prompts another breakthrough. Fully liberated, her eyes light up and she kisses Dr. Fawx! Morgan is thrilled! She licks her girlfriend’s pussy till she squirts in her face! Dr. Fawx helps Morgan rub more squirt out of Adriana. Shaking her ass over Adriana’s mouth, Morgan juices in her face. Wild-eyed Adriana cums hard when Dr. Fawx sucks another bucket of squirt out of her pussy.

With the threesome exceeding Morgan’s expectations, the girlfriends go down on Alexis at the same time. They break into different configurations, with Alexis writhing over Morgan’s mouth, and Adriana tribbing her girlfriend while squirting all over her pussy. Then Alexis tribs Adriana, exciting Morgan to no end. She pushes the lesbians’ pussies together till the grinding makes Adriana jet more juice. Morgan gets her ultimate fantasy wish, as the squirters rub their pussies and rain their juices all over the therapist, squirting directly into Alexis’ open mouth. Suddenly, something goes haywire with Alexis’ programming. The android MILF breaks into mommy talk and starts rubbing the girls’ pussies in a strange new crossover fantasy. Morgan goes along with it, loving the way Alexis dominates them like daughters.

Kinked out she cums hard riding Adriana’s face. Mommy Alexis sticks her entire fist into her roleplay daughter Adriana’s pussy. Adriana rims her ass in return, and Morgan licks her snatch making her toes curl in the throes of another orgasm. The lesbian androids double up on Morgan, making her cum with a tongue on her clit and a cunt in her face that squirts! Will technician Serena manage to fix this glitch? Click to find out!

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Daniele Maye – Neighbours Husband Gets Fucked HD

Hi Dani,
That’s great I’ll include it below & can sort the money for you tomorrow if suitable?
My idea is for a home-wrecker role play type videoYou are my neighbour & I come over to ask you to turn your music down as you are getting ready to go out for the night
You invite me in wearing a dress with long socks & heelsTease me about how good you look in the outfit & how much better than my wife you areYou offer me a deal that you will turn off the music if I admit that I fancy you and agree to jerk off for you
Then start giving me a strip tease show to seal the deal (leaving socks & heels on please)Admit that it was your plan all along to get me here and that you knew how much I wanted you & that I can’t get enough of your legsIs it possible to do a virtual sex type thing? Or just playing if notAt the end you reveal that you are willing to keep this secret but I will be seeing a lot more of you & to bring my credit card
Can you blow a kiss too
Thanks & can’t wait to see it now!

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Christina Skye – Milking Mr. Penis HD

Blonde MILF Christina Skye is greeted by Mr. Penis. A mysterious man with a massive 10 inch cock who loves to cock shock all the horny housewives and that’s what happens with Christina Skye because when she sees his large cock all she wants to do now is milk it dry.

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Stroke for Your Smoking Step Mother in Pantyhose HD

Step son! What a nice surprise… you just showing up in my room like this. Can I help you with something? You were looking for something? Well, I can assure you that whatever you are looking for is not in my room… but don’t leave just yet. I think we should have a little talk… you don’t mind if I smoke, do you? Good, because your new step mother loves smoking. So… I don’t think you were looking for anything at all. I think you were using that as an excuse to come into my room and see what I was doing. Don’t deny it, step son. I know you have a thing for me.

Infact, I think you might be a little jealous of your own father and how he totally scored the hottest wife ever. I’m close to your age than I am to your father’s and… well, I’m totally hot, hotter than any girlfriend you have ever had. It’s ok to be jealous… I would be jealous of me too! You know, your father isn’t here right now… maybe we should take this time to develop our new family bond. I know you want me… I can see it in your eyes but I can’t fuck you step son. My marriage is too new to dishonor by fucking my step son but… well, there is nothing wrong with you pleasuring yourself while you look at my body. Looking isn’t cheating, after all. Go ahead and pull your young throbbing cock out and stroke it for me while I am smoking. My body looks so beautiful in these shiny pantyhose and I know you would love to bust a nut for your new hot step mother so do it. Pull it out and stroke for me… maybe next time I’ll let you slide your cock in my pussy!

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Katie Cummings Fucks The Pool Boy HD

Katie takes a walk around the pool. Wow, look at that ass. She then lays down for a tan.What a sexy, tiny bikini. She looks so hot in that bikini. However, a new pool guy shows up to clean the pool. You can see Katie peeking at him and he is sure watching Katie.

The guy asks to take off his shirt and Katie readily agrees. Katie starts to play with herself and the pool guy seems to be cleaning one spot next to Katie an awful lot. She notices and calls him over to put lotion on her. He rubs it all over her body, including her bare ass and tits. Katie then says that the pool guy needs some lotion, but the bottle is empty. Katie has a great idea. She has rub the excess lotion on him by grinding all over him. This gets Katie horny. She pushes him to the chair and quickly starts sucking his cock. She climbs on top and fucks him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Watch Katie wiggle and jiggle as she bounces up and down on his cock. She fucks him for a long while, until finally, she hops off and jerks him to completion. He shoots all over the place and Katie picks up some to play with in her mouth and swallow before heading off for a dip in the pool

Category: BBW
Keywords: belly button fetish

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Sara May – Mother’s Day HD

Sara May is a ravishing redhead MILF who is left moist and wanting once her husband goes away on a business trip. With only her well-endowed young step-son around, this stunning mature mom with big tits decides to seduce him by getting up on the table and revealing her steaming hot body to him. After a quick blowjob and an even quicker fuck, she goes on to deliver an oily massage to her husband’s son, before taking another ride on his massive shaft and making it cover her body with sticky sperm.

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