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Daddys Girl Gets Bad Grades Virtual BJ – Lil Olivia HD

Daddy comes in my room to talk to me.. this time he seems really upset. he asks me about my bad grades and says hes going to tell mom! I beg him as hard as i can not to tell her bc she’ll ground me… or put me in tutoring or both!! please daddy ill do anything!! dont tell mom…. daddy suggests something that will make it better but says we cant do it.. i just want to make daddy happy so i tell him ill do it even though i never have before!! I’m so nervous bc its my first time and i dont even think itll fit in my mouth… i beg daddy to cum inside of me…. inside of my mouth and tell him i want to make him happy so ill do this everyday with him because i know how much he liked it!

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Jealous Daughter HD

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Aidra Fox – Newlywed Under the Influence HD

Aidra is a good girl and a newlywed. She has only ever been with her husband, and yet, somethings she has heard and seen make her feel like something is…missing. One of her friends at church refers her to a relationship counselor.

Aidra is very shy, but the therapist manages to get her to relax, and truly open up to him.

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Mom Lacie James Shows Daughter Holly Hendrix the Ropes in the Bedroom HD 1080p

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Cherie DeVille – Preacher’s Wife Under the Influence HD

Cherie is the pastors wife at the church many of the therapists clients have been coming from. She is not happy about the “worldly” methods that therapists use, and she thinks she should be the one the women discuss their marital issues with. She has scene the…videos… that some of the women’s husbands had on their computers and she wants to know exactly what advice the therapist has been giving. Of course, the therapist gets to the truth about Cherie’s own feelings about what she saw. About the way the women moaned and screamed, about how much bigger the men’s….penises are than her husbands…How unsatisfied she realizes she is….

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Cory Chase, Dillion Carter in Teaching My Daughter About Men HD

Scene One: How to pleasure men

Cory has an strange way of teaching her daughter about life. Dillion is finally at an age where she needs to be taught a few things. So she brings her in to give Dillion the talk. Cory pulls down her pants to Dillion’s shock. Cory starts by making out with her daughter and eating her young pussy. Dillion gives her mother looks of pleasure with a hunger for more, maybe the real thing next.

Scene Two: How to fuck men

Mom brings Dillion in to see her daddy. Cory pulls down his pants to Dillion’s shock. Cory starts by making her daughter jerk the cock.

Cory pulls down Dillion’s pants and presents her daughter for dad to fuck. Dillion moans in pleasure as daddy fucks her for the first time.

She teaches her not only how to get fucked but how to fuck back. She puts her husband on the floor and lets Dillion ride him. She cums just as her dad shoots his load inside her.

Now ready Cory shows her daughter the most important trick, how to take a load. She jerks him into Dillion’s mouth and cum dribbles out onto her tits after her dad cums for them.

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Hand Job To My Son In Law – Sissi Viter HD 1080p

My son in law come to visit me in my room, my daughter is sleeping but he is having his dick inside pants more and more big. I decide to help him because it is a huge cock, I make cum him on my big tits.

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Daughter Caught Masturbating – Erin Electra 24 mins FULL VERSION in 4K HD

She was on the couch masturbating when her dad walked in suddenly and caught her in the act! But she was just so horny she moved up on his cock and begged him for a fuck! She said she was gonna behave if he did and stop masturbating on the couch like a good girl so he put his dick in her sweet pussy and gave her a good fucking!
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Alaina Kristar in Promise Ring HD

Scene One: Promise to stop masturbating

Alaina and her dad have just come back from church where she has received her promise ring. She recites to her dad that she will not do anything sexual until she is married. Asking if she can go to her bedroom she gives her dad a kiss and leaves.

In her bedroom she starts to masturbate, releasing her sexual tension. Her dad walks in to find her with her legs spread and yells at her. Alaina tells him she can’t help it and doesn’t know if she will be able to last until marriage. Grabbing her fathers crotch she asks if he can help her. In control of her daddy she takes off his pants and rides on top of him until she cums. “Thank you for helping me cum daddy” she says.

Scene Two: Promise to never suck cock

Cory finds her daughter on the couch sucking a dildo. She is shocked and yells at her about the promise she made. Cory tells her husband about the dildo and storms off leaving dad to punish her. He pulls Alaina over his lap and takes off her pants and panties spanking her. He takes the dildo and puts it inside her fucking her with it as punishment.

Cory walks in as dad spanks and dildos her and make her promise to never suck cock. Alaina promises but as soon as Cory leaves gets to her hands and knees and sucks her dads cock. I promise to never suck cock … unless it’s my daddy’s. He cums in her mouth and it dribbles out onto her shirt as she shows her dad how much she loves cum.

Scene Three: Promise to never tell mom

Mom is making lunch for Alaina and her father. She asks what they want, then goes into the kitchen. With mom gone Alaina pulls up her skirt and shows her vagina and bra. Do you like them daddy? She asks. I promise only to wear nothing under my clothes from now on.

She slides her dads big cock in her mouth and sucks him. With his cock hard she gets on top of him and fucks him bouncing and moaning like she has never been fucked before. Cory comes in to asks what they want on their sandwiches. Alaina hides what they are doing with her skirt, unwilling to let her daddy’s cock go. When he gets ready to cum she gets to her knees and lets him cum in her mouth again. She plays with it, savoring the flavor before swallowing it down. Cory serves lunch and Alaina says “Thanks mom but im already full”

Scene Four: Promise to only fuck your daughter

Mom is in the bathroom getting ready for bed when Alaina comes into her parents room. Dressing in lingerie and stockings she pushes her dad on the bed and tells him that he must promise to only fuck his daughter from now on. She sucks and fucks her dad like a professional. Her young tight body doing things to him that his wife never did.

Alaina sucks her dad off making him cum over her perfect face. With a smile she leaves as Cory comes out of the shower. Alaina gives her confused mom a kiss and leaves the room. “Why was she dressed like that? And what’s that odd taste in my mouth” Cory asks

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Culinary Cock Cuties – Gianna Gem And Savannah Sixx HD [Untouched 1080p]

Gianna Gem and Savannah Sixx are a couple of super competitive girls. Today, they are in a father daughter cook off and they want to win by any means necessary. The dads send their daughters to find out what secret ingredients the other team is throwing in their chili. To get the info, Gianna and Savannah jerk each others dads off, getting their sausages nice and ripe for pussy penetration. Then, they slip their culinary cocks in their mouths for a couple of wet blowjobs before spreading their legs to take some serious dad dick. By the time the cook off is over, these dads supply each others daughters with a little secret sauce all over their faces. Eat up, girls!

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