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Daddy Do It To Me HD

Hi Dad, it’s me! I sneaked into your room to say good night!
I saw you lonely here, mommy is not around! Probably she sucking my brother’s cock now, hehe! Maybe …. I could be wrong!
I can’t leave you alone on this cold night! You need women’s care and affection now! After all, tomorrow is your important day, and only I can help you to be confident in yourself and that you are the best Man!
Mom is not around right now, do not you notice it!? I’m better than my mom, my pussy and my mouth is sweeter and juicier than hers. And I want to give you great pleasure right now. Mmmmm ….
Do you remember what happened last night?
I know your dick got so fucking hard when you accidentally watching how your son fuck your little girl … I can bet at that moment you were ashamed of what you wanted to fuck me just as much as your son did.
You know I’m so naughty and I want to have fun now! And I always get what I want! I will be even happier if my daddy fucks me even harder and deeper than his son. I am your Woman now!

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Perfect MILF Mom with Perfect Body is Fucked on Camera – Alexa Vega HD

Starts off with a blowjob and then she strips down and gets fucked in various positions

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Carmita Bonita – Daddy’s Girl Ageplay Pack (4.44 GiB) HD

This pack includes 10 Daddy-daughter ageplay clips featuring Carmita Bonita.
All videos are solo roleplays accompanied by ass shaking. Some dildo play is also present.

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Ass shaking pillow hump for daddy onesie HD

Daddy, don’t I look adorable in my new onesie and new paci? It says “I LOVE DADDY” on it just for you! Your little girl wants to shake her thick booty in your face and make you proud. I’m going to shake, bounce and hump all over my pony pillow like an eager little slut. Daddy just loves his juicy little booty shaking princess.

Category: DADDY’S GIRL
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Baby doll daddys girl ass shaking HD

Daddy I’m such an eager good girl for you! I want to show off my thick juicy butt and curvy body just for you, Daddy. Don’t you love when I’m a good dirty lil slut clapping and shaking this phat ass. I want all of your attention, Daddy.

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Daddys girl teddy humping impregnation HD

Daddy, where do babies come from? I wanna be a Mommy and I want my own Daddy to give me a baby. I think you need to cum in my tight little baby girl pussy. How can we make that happen Daddy? Maybe I should practice making babies on my big teddy for you.

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Daddys little dolphin humper HD

Mr.Dolphin is soooo fun Daddy! He makes my girl parts get tingly and wet…I can’t stop. And I’m thinking nasty bad girl thoughts about you Daddy as I rub my little girl pussy all over Mr. Dolphin. Is this bad? Does this make me a naughty girl?

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Daddys little girl teddy humping HD

Daddy I miss you…you’re at work and I’m a bad little girl at home all alone. My little girl pussy is tingly and begging for you big Daddy cock inside. I’m gonna hump my teddy, get naked and eagerly wait for you to return to me!

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Daddys little kitty bbc fucking HD

I want to be a big girl Daddy and show you how I can make your big black cock feel good! I can’t wait to graduate from my pacifier to your thick, hard cock. Let me show you what a good little kitty I can be. I want so bad to please you. I’m ready to be streched by your big thick cock. Please I’m begging for it. Let me bounce and ride you until you bust a fat load inside of me, Daddy.

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Daddys slurpy blow job baby girl HD

Daddy I think I’ve outgrown my pacifier. What do big girls suck on? Please show me how I can make you happy, Daddy I want to be the best little girl in the world! You love my nice bouncy booty, cute white bow thigh high stockings and sweet little pigtails I’m getting so tingly as you watch me show off for you. I want to wrap my innocent full lips all over your hard throbbing cock. I’m so slurpy, sloppy and spitty my first time sucking cock–I hope I’m doing okay. You feel so yummy in my mouth daddy I love slurping and sucking on you like a lollypop.

Category: DADDY’S GIRL
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I wont tell mom daddy joi teddybear cum HD

I’ve been a very bad little girl Daddy. Please don’t tell Mommy but I’ve been sneaking peeks of your hard cock while you’ve been sleeping and when you’re in the shower. I am such an eager and curious baby girl wanting to see how big and hard my Daddy’s cock can get. I have this tingly feeling in my little girl cunt when I think about it. I can’t control myself I have to cum while grinding on my teddy bear watching you jerk off to me. I’ll keep our secret from Mom. Please cum inside me Daddy!

Category: DADDY’S GIRL

My pussy is better than mommys daddy HD

Mommy is old and cranky…she has a headache again doesn’t she? Good thing your slutty little baby girl is here for you to play with. Daddy, isn’t my pussy so much smoother and tighter than hers? I won’t tell Mommy you’re sneaking into my room to watch me rub my baby girl pussy. Let me cum for you Daddy.

Category: DADDY’S GIRL

Promise to be a good girl daddy custom HD

“OK so here is the full scenario: you’re sitting in your room sucking on your pacifier and gently whimpering, you look very nervous and you explain that you were letting the boys see and touch your butt and even humped one because he offered you candy, but you were caught and the school called your daddy who told you that you were going to get it when he got home. You know that he is going to spank you but you’re more sad that you made daddy angry. Then you react like he walks in and you shrink back nervously giving your best pouty eyes and try to beg out of your spanking. Obviously daddy does not succumb and he makes you turn around and start to paddle your own butt first over your outfit then you’re made to expose your bottom and continue all as you whimper and promise to be a good girl. Soon as your spanking is heating you up you notice daddy is excited so you decide to take a different approach, you say you can prove that you’ll be daddy’s good little princess and will even show him what you were showing the boys, he’s hesitant but you push and he gives in so you straddle your pillow/stuffy and start to hump while he watches, you say how your spanking taught you a good lesson and reminded you that you being only to your daddy, and how learning your lesson also made you wet in your little princess parts, you hump and grind and sway your hips to entice daddy until you’re ready to cum.”

Category: DADDY’S GIRL


Amber’s Taboo Daughter and Sister – Amber Faye HD

Daughter’s Comfort HD

Daddy, why didn’t you come in my room? I was waiting for you. Mom already left for work… Are you okay, Dad? You seem sad… I’ll make you feel better Daddy. I always know how to make you happy….

Trust HD

A little sister learns to trust her older brother….

***Two full videos starring Amber Faye***

Category: TABOO
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MILF 1060 – Mind Control, Controlling Women Controlled – HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Rachel and Stacie raised Brian together. Rachel was such a dominating woman that her husband left when Brian was young. Rachel refused to share her wealth with another man. Brian was used to her humiliating him daily. However he was obsessed with the mature women in his life. He would slip into the laundry room and fondle their panties when he was supposed to be doing their laundry. His mother caught him jerking off to her panties and shoes one night. He was holding her shoe like he was ready to cum in it. Rachel was furious and lectured him on how filthy minded he was. She scolded and humiliated him for the last time! He was going to change the dynamics of this household. Brian was a creative genius. Rachel and Stacie just thought he was a weird geek that tinkered with stuff in the basement. Brian decided to create a device that would control minds. He had spent months in the basement working on it. Brian had no social life because he was obsessed with one day being able to control his mother and his aunt. Stacie returned home and they both attacked him together. He kept denying Rachel’s accusations and asked if he could go back to the basement. They asked him why he was such a loner always in the basement. He told them that he was going to be a great inventor. He said that he created a device that would cure all stress. He produced his device, they both laughed at him when he told them what he thought it could do. They challenged him to use his device and relieve their stress.

They did not believe him. He pressed the buttons several times before the women began to change. Rachel’s bitching slowly stopped. Aunt Stacie began to feel relaxed and compliant. They were under his control. He told them that he does not masturbate and that they loved having him around. He suggested to them that they become sexually attracted to him and to each other. He suggested they change into sexy lingerie and meet him in his bedroom. He directed them; first kissing and boob licking, then sucking his cock together. He told his mother to lick Aunt Stacie’s pussy. Stacie hung her head over the edge of the bed and Brian fucked her mouth while his mother licked her pussy. They talked dirty to him and encouraged him. Stacie wrapped her panties around his cock and played with it while her sister continued to lick her. He told his mother to sit on Stacie’s face so they could lick each other. He slid his cock into his mother’s pussy while Aunt Stacie licked them both. He would pull out and plunge his cock into Stacie’s mouth and then back into his mother’s pussy. He told Stacie to get ready. He fucked her hard while his mother laid next to her. He switched to his mother’s pussy. He fucked them both until he was ready to cum. He shot his load all over their faces as they kissed. Brian was finally in control for the first time in his life.

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Edging Brother HD

Ari’s brother finds her phone and starts going through her private pictures and finds some sexy nudes of her. Ari catches him and sees that he is rock hard. She knows he got paid today and she could use some new clothes, so she tries to make a deal with him, hand over his check and she will keep his secret. He is reluctant but she rubs his cock through his jeans and soon has him naked with his cock in her hands. She very slowly strokes it and still he resists, that is until he is about to cum and she decides to stop stroking, over and over and over again. He is about to lose his damn mind, his nuts feel like they may explode and he begs her to let him cum. Well Ari will but not until she gets the whole check.

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Forced To Watch: Big Dick Cuckold FootJob with Sadie Holmes HD [Untouched 1080p]

Your Wife, Sadie Holmes, walks in the front door… fresh from seeing her Boyfriend, Conor. “Oh, Hi Hunny!” Sadie asks if you were waiting for her, and tells you there is no reason for you to be waiting for her. She tells you that she had an amazing night with Conor, and how much she loves being with him. “Conor has a way better cock than you do.” Sadie pulls up her dress to show you that she has no panties on, and tells you that it was so good- she left her panties at his place. “Do you like looking at me after I’ve had another man’s cock inside of me?” Sadie goes on to tell you that she swallowed his cum, and let him cum inside of her… She even let him fuck her in the ass. Sadie lifts up her dress, and shows off her bare ass. She pulls down her dress, and lets her tits hang out of her dress. Sadie lays back on the bed, showing off her pussy, and feet. “I have such a great gift for you, Hunny.” Sadie calls Conor into the room, and tells you he has been standing out there this whole time. “Play with my sexy, stinky feet.” Conor pulls out his cock, and starts to rub his cock all over Sadie’s soles. “You love to watch, don’t you? His cock, and my stinky feet.” You sit back and watch as Conor rubs his cock all over your Wife’s stinky feet. Conor puts Sadie’s feet on top of each other, and Conor thrusts his cock in and out of between her toes. Sadie tugs on her nipple as Conor thrusts. “You like this dick in-between my stinky feet?” Sadie puts the arches of her feet together, and Conor fucks in-between her feet. Conor lays down on the bed, and Sadie spreads her legs open wide, and continues to give him a footjob on the bed with her stinky feet. You sit back, watching her stroke his cock with her soles. Sadie squeezes his cock with her toes, and strokes up and down. She strokes his balls with her fingers, while rubbing her toes up and down. Sadie sits back on the bed again, and Conor stands back up. Conor thrusts his cock in-between her feet, and rubs his cock all over her soles. “I love his dick on my feet so much. I know you do, too, Sweetie.” Conor rubs his cock all over Sadie’s feet until he cums all over her feet. Sadie shows off her soles to you, dripping in her boyfriend’s cum. Sadie puts on her flip-flops, “When I get home later, you can clean my feet.”

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London Tisdale, Liv Wild – Stepbrother Dick Pic Drama HD [Untouched 1080p]

Liv Wild and London Tisdale are irate when they discover that their stepbrother has been sending unsolicited dick pics to them and their friends. They confront him in his bedroom, telling him they will reveal an embarrassing video of him showing off his cock if he does not do whatever they want. And what do they want? Besides some chores done and some drinks fetched, his hard prick! They order him to strip down and show them the infamously thick rod from the dick pics. Once he does that, their pussies start to tingle. They want to sample it, so they take their clothes off and spread their legs for their stepbrother to pound them raw. He stuffs his dick inside Livs tight pussy before switching it up to please London. Then he busts a juicy load all over their faces. That should get the girls off his back.
The girls give him blowjob with deepthroat and ball sucking and gets cunnilingus. They fuck in threesome in different positions, including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, spooning, missionary, until he cums on their faces.

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My Daughter’s Secret Diary – Riley Reid, Mona Wales HD

Mona Wales is doing laundry for the family, including her step-daughter, Riley Reid. However, the mundane chore takes an interesting turn when she discovers Riley’s diary in the laundry basket. Confused but intrigued, Mona can’t resist opening it up and taking a peek. She feels so distant from Riley and she just wants to get closer to her, so maybe this will give her the insight she needs to better their relationship.

She quickly realizes that this diary is much more scandalous than she was anticipating. In fact, it contains somewhat of a to-do list for the things Riley wants to do with her step-mother. These items are far from innocent, such as sucking on Mona’s tits or tonguing her pussy! Mona can’t help but to shift on the spot, becoming aroused from the erotic words.

Then Riley suddenly steps into the room, catching Mona reading the diary. Mona is shocked and tries to apologize, but Riley admits that she purposely left the diary for Mona to find. She’s always had a crush on her step-mother but was too scared to admit it, so she wrote it all out in her diary to help cope. Now that she’s 18, though, she doesn’t want to have to write out her fantasies anymore — she wants to experience the real thing!

Mona starts to ask if Riley’s sure it’s not some kind of misplaced maternal need but is pounced by Riley. Riley is sure, and reassures Mona that she doesn’t need to be nervous! She just wants to be with her. Overcome with the desire to be close to Riley, Mona gives in.

They start by sucking on each other’s breasts before moving onto tonguing each other’s pussies. All throughout, they make time to strengthen their bond and fuel the fire by kissing passionately as well. They’re determined to complete the list written in Riley’s diary to make every one of her fantasies come true — and Mona’s, too!

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KATE PLEASES HER MAN – Kate Kennedy HD [Untouched 1080p]

With a quick fuck session in progress outside in the rain, Kate’s boyfriend saddles up a good spot to watch her bent over taking it doggy to on her knees, with stud Ramon’s cock buried down her throat. With everyone in the room, Ramon continues to serve up his meat to Kate while her and her babe get off.

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