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Poolside Discipline – Brooke Haze and Cory Chase HD

Brooke Haze was cleaning the pool when her mom, Cory Chase, came outside. Brooke told her mom she was not cleaning any more and started to leave. Cory grabbed her arm and told her to sit down. She told her she did not deserve the clothes she was wearing and took her bikini top off. She pulled Brooke over her lap, pulled her pants down and spanked her. Then, she took her inside and demanded she take the rest of her clothes off. Once Brooke was naked, Cory began caressing her tits and began kissing her. Soon after, Cory was munching on Brookes pussy and asshole. Then Cory pulled out a special surprise and came out with a strap on. She pounded Brookes pussy and had her ride it. Then, she sent her on her way to finish her chores.

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Mother loves it – Special nights together!

Another late night and mother is alone. Her son has always had a thing for latin milfs and now that he?s living again in the house with the family, its a perfect chance for mother and son to get to have a little satin taboo fun. Lots of dialogue -fuck mommy!- and more. (No music just mother and son sounds from the moment and moaning) Beautiful video full of different positions and 4play, great ending with final Cumshot onto mommy and her satin night dress.

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Julia Ann – Dude! My Stepmom is HOT! HD

Imagine being a robust young man with a very high libido only to find out your father has remarried…. Julia Ann! Brand new 26+ minute hard core video from the #1 MILF to have graced the world of adult. Julia Ann wants a special relationship with her stepson that is secret from her hubby. Trust us, this is a must have for your Julia Ann collection. Edited especially for Julia’s Official Site which was nominated this year for Best Porn Star Website by AVN. Nice big load on Julia’s face and we also did a slow motion edit of the cumshot for you too! Enjoy!

After some kissing, she gives blowjob, she is fucked cowgirl, doggy, sideways, missionary, gives titfuck, ends with facial.

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My Wife Won’t Be Back Until Tomorrow – Haley Reed HD


Haley has been babysitting for a couple for a month or so. The money isn’t great, but when she starts to send sexy selfies to the husband, the pay suddenly gets much better. After a while she finds herself enjoying the attention, and when his wife is away, her sexy boss offers her a little extra for some fun in the bedroom. At first, she’s a little apprehensive but when she sees how much money he is prepared to pay, she jumps at the chance. Once in the bedroom, she realises just how much she wants him, and just how much he wants from her.

Kissing, blowjob, face fuck, cowgirl, pussy to mouth, anal doggy style, anal viennese oyster, anal missionary, male completion, facial….

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Jade Dragon is Captured and Drained – Casey Calvert HD

Jade Dragon is on the hunt for the notoriously nasty pilferer of powers Cyphon. Linked to the recent demise of Jessa Justice and several other superheroines, Jade Dragon is determined to take Cyphon down once and for all. She’s managed to track him to an sparse little hideout on the outskirts of town, and her findings leave her feeling very cocky. Surely someone living off of protein bars and spirits is no match for her superpowers. Unless, of course, that someone manages to sneak up behind her….

The dazed Jade Dragon awakens on the floor, quickly realizing she is bound by rope and gagged with a cloth. The distressed heroine struggles against her bindings, hoping to wriggle free before that dastardly villain returns. Cyphon’s knots are strong, but Jade Dragon is stronger. After some intense wiggling and squirming, she manages to slip the ties on her arms and hurries to untie her legs. But Jade Dragon isn’t quick enough. Before she can complete her escape, Cyphon returns with one of his favorite tools. He speedily knocks her out once more.

Again awakening to rope restraints, Jade Dragon continues to put up a fight. She twists and turns in her bondage, eager for any escape. Unfortunately, her captor has become quite skilled at capturing and draining superheroines. There is no escape. Taunting her helpless state, Cyphon brandishes the powerful vibrator that’s weakened every other superheroine slut before her. Jade Dragon futilely screams into her gag as he makes her cum again and again and again, increasingly weakening her will. As badly as she tries to fight it, the once strong superheroine submits to the euphoria as Cyphon uses his special glove to drain every last drop of her powers. Drained, defeated, and utterly helpless, Jade Dragon to be found in her shame by the next foolish superheroine brazen enough to try to take Cyphon down.

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Locker Room HD

After I finished my yoga lesson,I went in the locker room to change,but there I had a SURPRISE!Even though the room is just for girls,there was a man!He was just sitting there!I asked him to leave,so I could change,but instead of leaving the room,he came behind me and started touching my ass in yoga pants,pushing himself on my ass,even licking me through the pants!I had no idea how to react at first,but then I got all hot and I let him do it,thinking maybe he will lick my pussy,or maybe even fuck me(?!),but NO!He took his cock out and kept pushing himself on my ass until he came on my yoga pants!And only after that,he left the locker room,leaving me alone with my yoga pants all in cum…

A woman finishes her yoga lesson and goes into the locker room to change…There is some dude in the locker room…He wont leave, instead he starts touching her and groping her.
He starts fucking her yoga pants eventually cumming all over her yoga pants!

Sex Acts:
Groping, griding, ass worship, masturbation, cumming on clothes

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MHBHJ – Abella HD

1920×1080 (HD1080)

**TOP 50 CLIP!**

Abella Danger gives some fucking radical head. I thoroughly enjoyed having this beautiful little cock sucker laying between my legs. I had the perfect view of her sexy feet and amazing ass as she pumped her face up and down on my cock until I shot my wad right into her mouth! Perfection :)

Lovely clip of a the beautiful Abella giving a POV blowjob. She really knows what she’s doing and just loves every second of it. Great views of her ass as well as as some very sensual looks should be more than enough for anyone to enjoy this clip to it’s fullest.

Category: BLOW JOBS
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Confessing to Daddy about the Neighbors – Bettie Bondage HD

You walk into your daughter’s room and see her splayed out on the bed, with her cute little ass plugged up, but she seems so sad! You’ve always been so open with your daughter, so you ask her what’s wrong. She starts telling you about the neighbors…you already know all this, because your neighbor came to you to tell you all about it right after it happened…but you want to hear it from her mouth. You can’t believe how hard you’re getting, how hot she looks as she tells you all about how ashamed she feels, about how she took cock in all her holes. You can’t help it, you make her lie down at the edge of the bed and tell you all about it as you finally sink you fat cock into her cunt. You’ve fantasized about this often since your neighbor told you about how much of a slut she is, how much she loves cock…and she’s right! Even though she keeps telling you to stop fucking her little cunt, you can tell she loves it. She whimpers and whines around your dick as she tells you every dirty detail. It’s all you can do to keep from busting inside her – and in fact, that sounds so inviting, you make her beg for your cum until you cream all over her pink cunt lips, fucking your load inside her as she tells you that her cunt belongs to Daddy now.

This is a custom commission based on one of my series! Do you have a cool idea for a custom? Get in touch about it!


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Assparade Mia Malkova, Bailey Brooke – Sisters Like to Share HD

When Mia sends her boyfriend to get a condom, she has no idea that her equally hot  sister Bailey seduces him. One would think that when she walks in on them as her  sister is on her knees sucking her man’s cock, that would be it right? On the contrary, the conniving blonde talks her sister in to joining them. Which one fucks better? Take a look and find out for yourself.

Cast: Mia Malkova, Bailey Brooke Website: Ass Parade Date added Mar 20, 2017 Runtime: 30:00

Sexual acts: blowjob, doggystyle, cowgirl, missionary, reverse cowgirl, pussy licking, ball sucking, double blowjob, gagging, twerking, deepthroat, facial

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Auntie Makes You Cream Your Jeans HD

You’re in my room first thing in the morning, telling me you had a bad night because you had an embarrassing dream…come on, nephew…tell Auntie all about it… Auntie sits in front of you, sexy in her long white lace nightie…smoking her morning cigarette and asking you lots of personal questions. Before you know it, you have a raging boner and your aunt is rubbing her bare foot against the tent you’ve pitched in your pjs. Auntie’s going to help you, sweetheart…just sit right there…and you can help Auntie, too…let’s make sure that we both sleep well tonight.

Your aunt reaches out her long bare leg, pressing and rubbing harder and faster against your hard-on…you can feel it throbbing, burning…wanting to jizz right there in your pajama pants. But Auntie’s talking so dirty, smoking that cigarette and rubbing your cock…next thing you know she’s spread her legs to expose her wet shaved pussy… That’s it, nephew, let Auntie get you off with my foot while I show you how a woman gets off. I’m going to rub my clit while pressing against that big hard bulge…don’t cum in your pants, baby…

Category: TABOO
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