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Evil & Hot Halloween Org – Discipline for Mommy’s Little Anal Slut – Penny Barber, Mercy West HD

Penny Barber had one little problem: her out of control little slut daughter Mercy West. Using her perfect MILF body and uncontrollable sex appeal to bring Mercy’s punk boyfriend on board for disciplining Mercy, she get’s a little more than she bargained for. After having her juicy round ass spanked a deep red, clamped, flogged, and controlled by Xander’s thick cock, she leaves Xander with a few tools to persuade Mercy with: handcuffs, wax, and a dress for her little princess to where to tea.

All lines of dominance eventually meet in confrontation when Mercy starts acting up again, resulting in Xander and Penny teaming up to get that pretty little punk covered in cane marks and her boyfriends huge dick in her tiny virgin ass. With the newly minted little angel lapping at Mommy’s cunt full of her boyfriend’s dick, Mercy learns what it’s like to really earn some cum.

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The Mature Lure – Karter Foxx And Cherrie Deville HD

Cherrie caught her daughter making out with one of the cuter local boys. Her daughter seems to always have more fun than her, so she decides that maybe for once she could play a little also. Cherrie starts toying with herself, and exposes her tits for the boy to see. She uses her finger to lure him away, and he obviously uses his little head to follow. There was Cherrie lying naked, using her body to seduce him. She even places his hand on her pussy to show him that she is what he wants, and if he truly wants it, to meet her there tomorrow at 4pm while Karter is at piano practice. Sure enough, the next day right on time there was Cherrie ready to suck his cock. Her mature throat felt amazing. If only Karter didnt show up unexpectedly, but she didnt see what was going on and he easily gave her the slip. He couldnt help but cum in Cherries mouth, but he did it without permission. Now he owed her one. The next day when her returns to give Cherrie the final dicking. Cherrie takes charge and starts riding his cock violently. They got so caught up in the moment they didnt even realize Karter was in the room. You would think she would cry out of disbelief, but she started to strip and join the action. Not only did mother and daughter take turns pleasing his cock, but they shared a steamy load together which really gives power to the phrase mommy knows best!

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Mother/Daughter – Anal Date With Rocco HD

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Lezzie Lezley – Lezley Zen and Kymberlee Anne HD

Lezley Zen’s daughter is really good friends with Kimberley. After a rough night, Kimberley decided to sleep over at the Zen household. Lezley walked into the living and started a conversation with Kymberlee. Kymberlee admitted to having some boyfriend trouble and Lezley gave her the perfect way to cope with it. Yup, you guessed it, some womanly affection. She argued that Kymberlee could go and tell her boyfriend afterwards to get him jealous. This sounded like a great idea to Kymberlee, so the lick fest commenced. Lezley taught Kymberlee things no boyfriend ever could. Great scene.

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Hot In Here – Alice March, Brett Rossi HD

Alice March is helping her mom Brett Rossi as they bake cookies together while Dylan Snow watches. After declaring how hot it is in there, Brett peels her dress down to show off her full boobs and then helps Alice to slide her shirt down, too. Then she helps Brett out of his shirt.

It’s not long before Brett has gotten both Dylan and Alice out of their clothes to join her in partial nudity. She offers to show Alice how to suck a dick with Dylan as the model, and finds both her daughter and her boyfriend willing students. Soon both Brett and Alice are working their mouths all over Dylan’s dick, followed by a reversed lesson where Brett teaches Dylan how to feast on Alice’s sweet twat.

Once the two young lovers have mastered oral sex, Brett goes on to teach them all about as many hardcore positions as she can. The threesome gets hot and horny as Brett demonstrates how to use the terrain of the kitchen to their advantage so that they can try a variety of positions that leave both girls satisfied and bring Brett to a climax that he aims all over Alice’s twat.

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My Daughter’s Approval Part Two – Kendra James, Lauren Phillips, Edyn Blair HD

The FIRST Part is HERE!

Redhead teen Edyn Blair is helping her dad decide which girlfriend to marry so she can finally have a mom. She narrows it down to two redhead contenders, Kendra James and Lauren Phillips. When she gets the MILF together. she wraps them around her little lesbian finger. Needling the desperate wannabe housewives to get naked and fuck, she watches them vie for the title of Mrs. Blair, pressing each other’s buttons and making each other cum. Edyn diddles herself watching them, but no amount cajoling from the mommies could convince her to engage in their play. After the MILFs finish round one of fucking, they chase her naked through the house in hot pursuit of her pussy. When they finally catch her, they practically pull her apart fighting over her. The MILFs bombard her with reasons why she should pick one over the other. But they soon quiet down and start to stroke her tummy, and plump up her nipples, and caress her bushy pussy. She’s resistant but finally gives way to their ministrations, letting Kendra kiss her mouth while Lauren wets her pussy with her tongue. Edyn may have been a skilled provocateur when orchestrating the MILFs to fuck, but she doesn’t have much practical experience herself. The moms lovingly insist she defers to their lesbian abilities. Edyn lets an orgasm build from the licking and fingering her pussy is getting from Lauren. Then Lauren cradles Edyn in her arms as lovingly as a mother, while Kendra rubs and sucks the teenager’s clit. Lauren sits herself over Edyn’s face and teaches her how to eat pussy, then rewards her by cumming in her mouth. Encouraged my her initial success, the teen goes down on Kendra while Lauren licks her round ass. Then Lauren tells the teen about tribbing while Kendra starts to rub her pussy against Edyn’s pussy. Lauren brings her redhead pussy to the teen’s mouth, while Kendra grinds into Edyn till she cums. Edyn still has trouble choosing, so the MILFs keep seeking their daughter’s approval, figuring as long as they keep playing, they’re still in the game. Lesbians Lauren and Kendra take her pussy together, licking her clit and fingering her hole till she cums to a conclusion. Who will it be? Click to find out!

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MomKnowsBest – Cherie Deville and Kristen Scott – Milf Bowl HD

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Stuck at His Disposal – Payton Hall, Fifi Foxx HD

I heard my mom call for me from inside the kitchen. Wednesdays are our cooking days, and I was watching TV while she cleaned the vegetables. “Fifi, can you come help me?” she shouted. I came in to see her hand down the drain. She dropped her ring, and now her hand was stuck trying to get it out. I tugged on her body, but couldn’t get her hand free.

“You need to get your finger in there and undo it,” she said. I shifted my fingers alongside hers. Man, her fingers were really wedged in there. Then, all of a sudden, I remember not being able to shift or move them around at all. “Mom…Mom, I can’t get my hand out.” When I tugged on it, it hurt. Now I was stuck, and we both couldn’t get out. Mom said we had people coming over so we needed to get out. “Aiden!” I shouted for my brother. “Aiden, we need your help!”

“Yeah, I’m coming,” I heard his voice from the other room. We explained that Mom’s ring fell, her hand got stuck, and that my hand was stuck from trying to pull hers out. Aiden tugged on my hand, and I screamed in pain. He got behind me and tried shifting my body back, but that didn’t work either. He tried Mom next, but she didn’t budge.

My brother got behind me again, but this time, I felt something hard against my butt. Not only was he trying to pull me out, he was lightly humping me. “Aiden…Aiden, what are you doing? Are you hard?” I asked him. He denied it, but when he pulled back, I saw the bulge in his shorts. “Man, you guys are really stuck,” he said, groping me and my mom. I yelled at him, “It’s not funny, Aiden. Just call someone, we’re stuck.”

“No, I think I’m gonna…” he said, getting more physical with us. He slid my panties off as I yelled for him to stop. “Mom! Make him stop!” Mom smacked his hands away, but truth was, we couldn’t move. If he decided he wanted to fuck with us, we couldn’t stop him. “Oh my god, he’s eating my pussy,” Mom whined.

He did it to me too, and I stood there, stuck, crying as I felt my brother’s tongue slide against my clit. Aiden rubbed our clits at the same time, getting us wet before he…he…

I saw him pull back, and the bulge was even bigger. His hands tugged at his shorts, and I panicked, “No, Aiden…don’t! It’s not funny!” He wanted to keep fucking with us, “No, if you want me to call someone… Can your mouth reach over here? If you suck my dick, I’ll consider it.” He knew we couldn’t reach him. And if we could, we wouldn’t.

Mom was desperate for him to stop. She reached back and tugged on his cock, hoping that would be enough to please him. But it wasn’t. My brother wanted to get off. He picked up one of the vegetables Mom had prepared, and started rubbing it against our pussies. I never realized what a sick fuck my brother was.

I could see that his cock was rock hard now. He was serious about getting off. He got behind my mom and started fucking her. Then he got behind me. I screamed, cried, tried to shove him away, but I couldn’t do anything as my brother pounded me. I heard myself let out soft moans. Was my brother really doing this to me…to Mom?

He went back and forth between us, sliding himself in and out, as we cried for him to stop. Mom tried to remain calm, but I didn’t. I was sweating, exhausted, and I wanted it to end. The worst part was having to watch him fuck Mom, and not being able to do anything about it.

I heard him release a happy sigh, and I knew he had finished. “You feel my warm cum inside you, Mom?” he said with an amused tone. He spread her pussy open with his fingers to watch it drip out. “What the FUCK is wrong with you? Call someone, you asshole,” I blurted out.

“I’ll call someone after I take a shower,” he said. My brother walked off, and Mom and I were left there, still stuck. Mom’s pussy was full of my brother’s disgusting cum.

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