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Exclusive The Mommy-Daughter Dirty Talking Mega Compilation 20.22 GiB!

Incest Dirty talk lovers rejoice! This is a massive compilation solely focusing on “Mommies” and their “Daughters” doing sexual favors for each other and the filthy, porny dirty talking that happens during it. This is not a sloppily thrown together hunk of editing, it has been carefully crafted to encompass maximum dirty talk, while cutting out any mention of “Step-” or non-familial relation =] even though all of the scenes are roleplay. Presented in three separate videos:

1. The Seduction: This video contains the set up for each many of the scenes, whether its daughter seducing mom or vice versa, or a spell or whatever other ridiculousness the producer came up with. Includes a lot of kissing, caressing, tit sucking, seduction & roleplay but no sex

2. The Sex: Obviously this video containg all sort or lesbian oral and cunnilingus, fingering 69ing, light dildo play all with constant dirty talking in your ears!

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Mommy Daughter Dirty Talk Sex HD.part1.rar
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3. The Aftermath: A compilation of what happens at the end of the scene, whether its the slutty mom leaving the daughter used up, or if the cuddle and kiss until the end, it has been captured in this short compilation.


Mom’s Cum Drenched Tits HD

I was relaxing outside in the back yard while my son Billy was mowing the front yard. He came around to the back yard and saw that I was there and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was just relaxing and that I had found a nice quiet spot for us to be alone. I thanked him for mowing the lawn and asked him if he would like a reward. He said yea, I thought you were going to take me to the game store. I said I will but don’t you want to have some private time with mommy? I found this nice spot where no one can see us not even your dad will find us here. Come on honey you know mommy is horny and loves making you cum. Do you want to see mommy’s sexy body? Billy shakes his head and says yes. I tell him no one will know what we’re doing out here sweetie. I pull my top down so he can see my big breasts. His bulge gets instantly hard and I know he’s excited. I then pull my thong over so he can see my pussy. I tell him how much I love seeing his big cock and that it’s so much bigger and harder than his dad’s. I pull my panties off and start fingering my wet pussy and telling him how much I want to suck on his big cock. I ask him to let me suck on it and that I will make him feel really good. He’s hesitant at first but I tell him that mommy really needs it and is so horny for him. He comes over to where I’m sitting so I can pull his cock out of his shorts. I love how heavy and thick his cock is. It feels so good in my hand so I put the head in my mouth and suck on it real good while cupping his balls and stroking the base. I finger myself while jerking him off and coax a huge load out of him. The cum shoots into my mouth and runs down my chin and onto my breasts. I just love making him cum! I’m such a naughty mommy! I then take him to the game store.

Great scene with Rio showing off her big tits and wet pussy. Gives her son a long sensual handjob while talking dirty. He cums all over her tits and on her face.

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Cougar Carmen Valentina gets caught having phone sex with someone other than her husband by her step-son. The nympho step-mom knows how to make it all better tough … suck his cock! She’s the perfect little MILF, she just can’t get enough of that young meat. She blows, sucks, jerks and sucks some more until he blows his hot load all over her face!

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My Stepmom Is Better Than Yours – Monique Alexander, Elizabeth Jolie & Lily Adams HD

Monique is an awesome stepmom. Her stepdaughter Elizabeth and her friend Lily see her more as a big sister than a parental figure. But big sisters and stepmoms alike don’t pull wet, hot, nasty girl-on-girl fuckfests like this fox does!

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Cory Chase in Shower and Creampie for Mommie!

My sexy mom Cory comes home from work and can’t wait to get into the shower. Peeling off those incredible panties and nylons, I can’t help but watch her and jerk off. Mom catches me peeping in on her and pleasing myself. She is pissed and bends me over her lap to spank my ass. I know I shouldn’t I like it when she spanks me but man is she hot! She obviously likes it too because she can’t help but grab my cock and start sucking! Holy she gives a great blow job! My mom wants me to join her in the shower, I think it’s time to fuck her once and for all. She bends over in front of me and I fuck her right there, she stops, sits on the tub and spreads her legs so I can fuck her some more. Back and forth we go fucking each other like crazy! My mom screams out that she wants me to cum inside her! I can’t let her down so I blow my load deep inside her pussy. Thanks mom!
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Mistress Red – Mommy caught me and made me her slave HD

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Uma Jolie & Savana Styles – Lessons From Mommy HD

Teen Uma Jolie is miffed because her mother Savana Styles never offered to teach her how to work in the massage business, like she taught her real daughter. The sexy French MILF agrees to take Uma under her wing right away, helping the little teenager out of her bra and panties, while undressing herself too. Once Uma is positioned lying chest down on the bed, Savana drizzles the NURU gel across Uma’s back, then slathers some gel on herself. She straddles her daughter’s prone oiled body, and drags her breasts slowly from the base of Uma’s ass all the way up her back, keeping a heavy downward pressure. But Uma is hyper-aware of feeling her mom’s pussy pressing into her. Savana assures Uma it’s completely normal, and the next part will be even better. Savana turns her onto her tummy and slides up and down her front. Uma can’t believe she does this with her real daughter too. When it’s Uma’s turn to be the masseuse, the teen apprentice loves the slippery wet sensation of sliding up and down her mom’s body. For the next part Savana wants Uma to lick her pussy, for the practice she needs to learn these skills properly. Uma has a choice though, she can be a good daughter, or a bad daughter. Uma chooses to please her mother, and obediently licks her mom’s pussy and probes her with her fingers, sucking her clit till she cums. After wowing her mom with her lesbian talents, it’s Uma’s turn to have her mother’s tongue licking her swollen pink pussy till an orgasm rips through her. The masseuse and her protege get into scissor position, they rub out one more, tribbing their lubed up pussies, cumming again at the same time.

Starring Uma Jolie, Savana Styles
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Small penis encouragement with my mom (with Alyssa Lynn)

Your mom asks why you have been moping around the house lately. You never seem to be out on dates or with your friends. She thinks that she might know what your problem is because your dad had a bit of an issue with his small penis. After your mom got a hold of his dick, she made him able to work the hell out of his small dick. She feels confident that she can help you, too, so get your dick out of your pants. Stroke yourself, but let mom help you with some visual inspiration. Mom Alyssa takes down her camisole and shows off her huge tits. Your cock is not as small as she thought it would be. She slides down her denim short-shorts and she is now wearing only a pink thong and sneakers. She directs your attention to her big ass. You wonder if she knew you are an ass man. Mom Alyssa can see that you are almost ready to pop and she asks you to cum right on those fat titties.

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Hot Mom Swims – Nina Elle HD

Xander’s buddy invites him over to swim at his parents’ house. The last thing he was expecting was his friend’s sexy blonde mom to answer the door in a tiny bikini. Turns out her son is running late, so they have the pool to themselves. Will Xander be able to resist this hot mom?

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