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Kendall White & Shay Fox – Stepmom Shares Because She Cares

My girlfriend caught me recording her hot stepmom changing in the next room but instead of dumping me she lets me live out my threesome fantasy. I had one mouth on my dick and another on my balls!



Shayla LaVeaux – Conflicted Mom Succumbs to Fucking Son HD

Mother / Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Cougar, Family Fantasies, Mommie, Older Woman / Younger Man, Busty / Big tits

I don’t give a shit who you are, if your mom was as hot as Shayla LaVeaux, you’d be secretly DYING to bang the fuck outta her too! Her naughty son, Tony just turned 18 years old and finally builds up the courage to hit on Shayla. After asking for a kiss, he presses his hand against Shayla’s panties and gently rubs her pussy. Caught by surprise, Shayla tries to resist but surrenders to his youthful passion. She sucks his thick dick and then grabs it and shoves that hard cock up her twat and rides her son until he cums in her sweet, warm mouth!

Conflicted Mom Succumbs to Fucking Son HD


Mommie’s Instruction

I never thought my daughter would need help in this department… but she did and it made me feel so good that she came to me with her questions. “Mommie, what’s it like to masturbate?” Georgia, getting ready to go to college and had never masturbated, never had an orgasm, is asking for my help. I couldn’t and would never turn her away… so, trying to be the most understanding mother I could be, I gave Georgia a hands on training on the how to of masturbating.
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Mommie’s Instruction


Italian Incest With Mom

Italian Incest With Mom


Mommy desperately wants your seed to get pregnant HD

Mommy is on the phone to her friend all sad so you go into the lounge to comfort her. The issue is that Daddy wont fuck her as much as she needs and she wants another baby. Despite the fact she is off birth control pills, he is just no good. Mommy tells you a very special way you can make her happy but it has to be the biggest secret between you ever. Your cock gets hard the moment she starts to rub you through your jeans. She is wearing black sheer pantyhose and bends over so you can look at her ass and then turns round so you can stare at her pussy which is visible through the fabric. Your cock starts to swell and Mommy lifts her dress up and teases you with her beautiful breasts, pushing them in your face and letting you suck on them.

You need to shoot your load so bad but Mommy just tells you to stroke your little cock for her as she lays back on the sofa and rubs her pussy… such a tease, she wants to have a really good orgasm and tells you she is more likely to get pregnant if she cums hard. Then Mommy opens her legs wide and lets you lick her pussy so shes really ready and then finally you fuck her. The feeling as you push your cock into Mommy’s warm wet pussy is heaven and she starts to move back and forward on you, moaning and begging you to fuck her. Eventually after your cock has slammed into Mommy enough and you have cum deep inside her, giving her your precious seed… she cums hard. You have made Mommy oh so happy and she plays with her tits and lays in front of you telling you how much she loves you.
Clip contains Taboo filth! MILF, Mommy/son fantasy, Virtual sex, Pantyhose, Dirty talk, Topless, Impregnation theme

HD POV Mommy desperately needs your seed to get pregnant HD


I Fucked My StepMom (2014)

Allison Moore, Jennifer Dark, Romi Rain, Tara Holiday, Veronica Avluv

When the husband’s away…the stepmom will play! From acclaimed director Axel Braun comes a sexy, funny, new movie featuring hot cougars on the prowl, and horny boys very happy to be seduced!






Mom’s Daily Supplement HD

Scene 1 – Morning supplement…

Son enters the kitchen while jerking off.
Mother turns around and sees him, smiles and praises him for being a good son, getting ready to help mom every morning.
She grabs his cock and starts jerking him off, and pulling him by his cock towards the breakfast table.
She keeps telling him how much of a good son/boy he is, and how it is both beneficial for them.
Mom starts to suck her son’s cock.
She continues until she hears her husband coming down stairs.
She gets up, drags her son by his cock into the first floor bathroom.
She locks the door and goes back to sucking.
She tells him to always remember this is between only two of them and other people wouldn’t understand.
She keeps at it with encouraging, endearing dirty talk, until he blows his load inside her mouth.
She swallows the load, sucks his cock to clean it and quietly exits the bathroom.
-fade out-

Mom’s Daily Supplement HD 1

Scene 2 – Nightly supplement…

At night mom enters her son’s room.
She locks the door behind her, and tells her son that dad is taking a shower, and they have to hurry up.
She jumps right down on her knees and starts sucking her son’s cock.
She dirty talks to him and teases him about how much he seems to enjoy himself now.
She takes off her clothes, and starts to rub his cock on her tits and then her pussy.
She continues, hinting about letting him fuck her one of these days.
She goes back to sucking him off, as she encourages him to feed her.
He blows his load in her mouth, she swallows and goes on sucking.
In between sucks, she tells him he should prepare himself for tomorrow as well, and that she’ll be waiting in her bathroom.
She comes off his cock, kisses it endearingly and wishes him good night.

Mom’s Daily Supplement HD 2


Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Blonde, Enslavement, Male Domination / MaleDom, POV (point of view), Blowjob, Cumshot, Glasses, Bathroom, Oral, Dirty Talk

She met her husband during highschool.
He dropped out, and became a self-taught programmer.
However, not having a college degree in the field deterred him from ever finding a stable, well paying job.
When she couldn’t take the low end life style anymore , she left and divorced him; leaving with him, her new born son.
Years later, her husband finally hit big and sold ownership of his app development company to a larger conglomerate for millions.
Soon after Mom reconciled with her husband and came back to live with the family; nevertheless not remarried.
However, the son had always held a grudge and distaste against his mother, who he considered to be a gold digging whore.
Just before the reconciliation, the husband found out he had stage 4 thyroid cancer.
He kept this a secret to everyone, and passed away within a year.

Scene 1:
It’s been weeks after dad’s , and the son has been begrudgingly living with his whore of a Mom.
The attorneys have been going mental during those weeks, due to the lack of an official will.
The son receives a phone call:
“due to the circumstances of the dissolved marriage and all the drafts pertaining to a will only naming
you as the sole beneficiary, we’d like to inform you that you will inherit everything.”
This will effectively gives the son the rights to everything in the household and the family bank account,
essentially leaving the Mom penniless.
The son tells the attorneys to hold on, and calls in his mum.
He tells the attorney to “Tell her what you told me” and passes the phone to his Mom.
She picks up and hears the outcome, and is dumbfounded by her current situation.
The son takes back the phone, thanks the attorneys and asks them to send over the paper work asap.
He turns to his Mom and tells her, “Now, here is how it’s going to be. You do whatever I tell you to do, and I won’t kick
your ass out. I’ll also be generous and let you have reasonable access to the expense account”
Mom asks “What are you going to ask me to do?”
Son says “I’ll show you”
He grasps her close and starts groping her all over.
Mom meekly resists and says things like they are and such an act is wrong.
Son ignores her comments and tells her “I’m going to treat you like how dad should have treated you, like the whore you are”
He fondles her tits, her ass, forcing her to kiss him etc.
Then he makes her kneel down, and takes off his pants.
He then starts to face fuck her aggressively.
During a deep throat, Mom chokes, comes off the cock and pleads “please son, this is wrong”
In between sucks the son asks/dirty talks to mum asking her questions along the lines of
“what are you?” where the mum replies and acknowledges “I’m your cum dumpster”
The BJ continues until he finishes in her mouth.
She goes to spit out his cum, but the son grabs her and tell her, “You won’t waste a drop of my cum”
She nods and swallows his cum.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 1

Bring My Lunch
Son is at work sitting in his office.
He picks up the phone and calls home.
He tells his Mom to bring his usb flash drive with work files, as well as his lunch.
She arrives to his work place soon after with his flash drive and lunch.
He tells her to close the door to the office.
He orders her to strip and suck his cock
She pleads with him saying that someone might see or hear them.
He ignores her and continues to the forced blowjob “That’s enough out of you”…
He asks “who’s your daddy”,
Mom: “you’re my daddy”
Son: “you like your own son being your daddy, right?!”
Mom: “Yes, I love sucking off my Son and punishing me as my daddy”
Various dirty talk such as “who owns this pussy”, “what are you”, etc.
in which the Mom replies “it’s your pussy daddy”, “I’m your cum dumpster mother”, etc.
When the son can’t hold it any longer, he tells her “Remember what I told you?”
She replies “I won’t waste a single drop of your cum”
To this the son replies, “You better not, because I’m going to cum inside your mouth”
Mom looks worried, but he son demands that she beg for him to cum deep inside her mouth, which she says as told.
He cums inside her mouth, and she cleans off his cock.
After, his son takes out a Credit card and hands it over to his mum.
“Here, I told you, you’ll have reasonable access to the expense account. Here’s my end of the deal.
Now clean yourself up and get out of the office”
The Mom leaves with mixed feelings of what just happened.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 2

Various scenes within the house hold where mum is acting as son’s sex slave.
1) Mom is in kitchen washing dishes, Son walks behind, grabs her tits and forces her to suck him off.
2) Mom is Sunning by the pool, Son walks up and slaps Mom with his cock. Mom suck Son off till he cums in her mouth.
3) Mum is finishing up taking a piss, son walks into the wash room and sticks his cock in her mouth for a forced bj.

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 3

Mom is now fully involved with her Son. The Stockholm Syndrome has taken over and mom wanted to spice up the blowjobs and do something new…Today will be Son’s first ever footjob and Mom has been practicing all night for over a week…
Mom invites Son to sit on the couch…He is wearing only boxers and Mom can see a bulge begin to form…She reaches over with her foot and begins to stroke…Son instantly becomes erect and Mom wastes no time at all…She pulls down his boxers, wraps her feet around his cock and begins to stroke…Mom strokes his feet from the front and on her knees…Son is loving and already thinking of raising her allowance for this week…
Mom can see the Son is about to explode in her feet…She curls her toes around the shaft and milks every last drop from his cock…Son is so happy with the experience and Mom promises more to come in the future weeks…

Mom Becomes My Sex Slave HD 4


Brother Luke Help Their Mom Get Pregnant HD

STORYLINE:: I am in heaven because my Daughter and my Son Luke proved their love for Mother by happily insisting on helping me get impregnated! Just like me, they want a new member in the family and my Naughty Luke agreed to fill my pussy up with his seed!

Father cannot get me pregnant and I am very upset… As I opened my daughters door I saw something that would upset me even more… daughter was sucking on Lukes big, hard, cock! The scandalous behavior of brother and sister shocked me and yet; I came further into the room and closed the door! They asked me… no, insisted that I join them and she came over and pulled me onto the bed and explained that they knew of my desire to get knocked up and they wanted to help keep it in the family so Father would never know! My pussy became wet and ached for Lukes cock! I wanted to feel those sperm swimming in my pussy! Lukes seed needed to be with my eggs and make our family bigger! Before I had time to come to my senses, Luke laid me down and shoved his dick into my wet birthing hole! We fucked in every position while daughter played with my clit and tits and kissed Mother! Luke even stuck a finger up my ASS while I was riding him!! Oh – My – God, I was having the BEST FUCK OF MY LIFE! Luke neared his climax… his manly dick grew bigger and his balls burst with a loving release of my Sons Seed and filled my wet hole up and daughter  even inspected the creamy white cum and pushed it DEEPER with her fingers!

WOW! My family loves me and made me feel so good with their beautiful, thoughtful gift! SEE YOU IN 9 MONTHS!

Brother Luke Help Their Mom Get Pregnant HD


My Friend’s Hot Mom – Ava Addams

Ava Addams calls her son’s friend over to help her fix a light in her bedroom. In reality, Ava just wanted some cock and she used the broken light as a ploy to get him over. Ava knows that her son’s friend wants her because she always catches him looking at her huge tits. Well, Ava always wondered what his cock felt like inside of her. She finally got him alone, undressed, and got that big cock of his inside of her.


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