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Goddess Victoria – Blackmailing Your Step-Mother With Her Porn Past HD

At school you are browsing porn sites when you come across a familiar face. She is younger, slimmer and her hair is similar, but you are sure it is your Dad’s new wife. Yes, it definitely is, the tattoos are the same!You arrive home and she enquires about your day. You mention what you found and ask if your father knows. Your Mother panics and begs you not to show him, she doesn’t want to lose a good man who provides her with a luxurious lifestyle.You explain to her, the only way you will keep your mouth shut is if she fucks you, gives you a little taste of what you saw her do on camera all those years ago. She pleads with you not to make her do that, she thinks it is wrong and that was such a long time ago, she isn’t like that anymore. You insist and promise to follow through on your threat if she doesn’t give in.Half way through hesitantly sucking your cock, she starts to get horny, she seems to really like your cock and tells you it is making her wet. She rides you and you fuck her missionary with her begging you to blow your load on her tits. She tells you that she wouldn’t mind doing that again, she forgot how good it was to get thoroughly pounded.More family fun HereMore POV Sex Here

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Cadence Luxx in Blackmailing Daddy HD

Scene One: Hush money

Cadence has always been a free spirit who’s free with her money. Her dad has just given her an allowance but she needs more. “You don’t understand daddy” She whines at her father. When he tells her no she blackmails him. At a weak moment of his life he fucked his daughter’s tight little body. But that’s behind him, his sins have been forgiven, and Cadence shouldn’t use this against him.

“I don’t think mommy would like to find out” Cadence giggles as her dad gives her some cash. “Thanks daddy” She giggles again. Later that day she comes back as asks for 100 more. Threatening him and giving him a kiss when he gives it up. “My transmission blew in the car” Cadence says asking for his credit card to fix it. “Hope your transmission gets fixed” He says in a mocking tone. After a day of spending daddy’s money she comes back for more. “I have no more money” He tells her and she threatens him again.

“Fine” She says taking off her top and sliding down her pants. He’s still at work, his secretary is in the other room but Cadence doesn’t give a fuck. She’s out of money and will make him fuck her until he gives her more. “No one needs to know” She whispers to him as he fucks her silly. He puts his frustration into pounding her tight little pussy until she cums and he fills her up. “Bye daddy” Cadence giggles, cum dripping from her pussy. She’s one crazy daughter.

Scene Two: Extortion

“Dad get in here” Cadence demands of her father. He’s just finished working out and sits next to his controlling daughter. “I’m going to call mommy on the phone” Cadence says, spreading her legs and showing off her pussy. “And I want you to fuck me while I’m doing it”

He tries to argue with her but he has no choice. His daughter can destroy his life unless he gives into her crazy demands. “You started it, now you have to finish it” She says to him calling her mom and jerking her father. He fucks her hard and fast trying to make her cum quickly and be done while she chats with his wife. Cadence holds her moans as best she can, but her young horny body can’t take it. She cums over and over on the edge of insanity. She hangs up the phone and her daddy cums inside of her. “Don’t make me do that again” He tells her shocked they didn’t get caught.

Scene Three:Slush fund

Cadence calls her father into the living room. “Do you know how hard it is for me to sleep at night” He tells her in frustration. “I just want one kiss” Cadence tells him. She take control of him like playing with a toy. Holding him tight and making out with him against his will.

He gives into her and when she pulls down her panties he fucks his daughter. What is he doing, he thinks, but it’s just too much to stop himself. “I knew you wanted it, that you liked it” Cadence says looking up at him and cumming on his hard cock thrusting inside of her. “I want it on my face” She commands and cums just from saying the words. She gets to her knees and he gives her a hot load all over her smiling and eager face. “Fucking sucker” She laughs taking a photo of her cum covered face and sending it to her mother. She calls her and tells her all about the fucking around.

Scene Four: Strong-arm

“YOU JUST TOLD YOUR MOTHER!” He screams running into the living room. Cadences face is still covered in her father’s cum. “I think she should know what your doing!” She yells back at the daughter fucker. What a terrible pervert he is, fucking his daughter. In a blind rage he grabs Cadence and drags her to her room.

Throwing her to the bed he ties her hands behind her back and spanks her ass. Cadence just laughs at having destroyed her fathers life. In rage he fucks her and throws her around her bed like a rag doll. “Oh Fuck” she screams. She loves feeling his anger, his strong hands mauling her, his cock wrecking her tight little pussy. She screams and cums over and over like a little 10 dollar street slut. She loves every minute of manipulating her father and being used by his rage until he cums over her bratty face. “Oh yeah cum all over my pretty little face” She giggles. After he’s done he kicks her out of the house, leaving Cadence to question if it was worth it… yes it was.
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Blackmailing My Ex-Con Half-Sister For BJ And Sex FULL VERSION

My half-sister is such a fucked up slut! She got kicked out of her half-way house and now she needs a place to stay. Well, she needs a shower, and I’m going to make sure she gets good and clean. I make her watch me stroking my cock and blackmail her into sucking it!!! She thinks it’s weird but I don’t care! She needs food and shelter, and I need some tight pussy. I fuck her until she likes it and cum all over her tight little ass!!! I LOVE MY FUCKING SLUTTY SISTER!!! YES!!!
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Blackmailed By Her Brother-In-Law!

Sandra’s brother-in-law comes over to her house to confront her about cheating on his brother. Unknowingly to Sandra the guy that she has been fucking at work is friends with none other than her brother-in-law. When Sandra denies the allegations her brother-in-law pulls out his phone and shows her pictures of her sucking his friend’s dick and getting her pussy pounded as well. Sandra quickly changes her bitchy Latina attitude that she always has towards her brother-in-law and asks what can she do to keep this between them two and them two only.


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Desperate Measures, Nephew Blackmails Aunt!

28:27 video
Rachel and her husband worked hard. They were a middle class family. Rachel’s nephew was a lot luckier, he had inherited the family business when his dad passed. His father left Jay in complete control. Rachel, Jay’s aunt, had worked for him as a secretary. She did not like him as a boss because he was half her age, and had no respect. He had been fed with a silver spoon all his life and always got what he wanted. He did not even have the decency to maintain a professional hair cut. Rachel worked hard for him just the same. One morning as she was getting ready for work her husband came home. He was laid off from his job. Rachel and he would never be able to make the house payment on her small salary. Rachel called her nephew and requested a meeting with him. Maybe he would give her a raise or a loan to get them through; after all he is family. When she sat down and told him her situation, he not only refused her a raise but informed her that he had let her go too. Rachel begged him. What would it take to keep her position. Jay knew she would be on her knees (literally) when he told her he would sign a contract guaranteeing her job if she in turn would give him hot office sex. Rachel was desperate and tried to talk him out of that but he knew he wanted his hot sexy aunt. She was forced to do it. After a few strokes and sucks she asked if that was enough. He told her he wanted to fuck her too. Rachel was forced to slowly strip and bend over the desk. Jay’s cock was hard and ready. He had wanted her for years and now he really had her. He fucked her good. She was quiet because she did not want anyone in the office to hear. He took her in a few positions. Aunt Rachel began to fight her orgasm, but his cock was the biggest and hardest she had ever felt. She covered her mouth as he pounded her. When he was satisfied with her pussy he put her on her knees to finish the job. She sucked and jerked him until he exploded all over her face and in her open mouth. His cum was splashed across her tits too. In the end she was surprised by him when she saw the contract was actually her termination papers. Rachel scorned him and left his office in tears.

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I Blackmailed My Babysitter’s Ass (2016)

Released: Evil Angel
Genre: Teens +18, Babysitters, Older Men, Anal, Hardcore, Blowjob, Big Dick
Starring: Alexa Nova, Holly Hendrix, Kristina Rose, Marley Brinx, Brad Knight, Charles Dera, Mr. Pete, Steven St. Croix
Duration: 02:37:01

Perverted director Kevin Moore depicts older men corrupting young sluts with coerced sodomy in the four surreal scenarios of ”I Blackmailed My Babysitter’s Ass.” In each scene, a flirty tramp negotiates a compromising situation by surrendering all three orifices to the opportunistic man of the house. Creepy Steven St. Croix overhears babysitter Marley Brinx’s plans for a butt-fuck date in his home. The old man teaches her things college boys can’t, and Marley follows directions obediently. Charles Dera finds Holly Hendrix’s skimpy outfit awfully risque for a babysitting job – she bends over, flashing panty-less, bald holes. He realizes she’s a cam girl when he catches her fucking herself (with his wife’s dildo) as 214 people watch online! Fucking her face sloppy, Charles says, ”Your mouth is like a lube dispenser.” She plays with the massive, thick wad pumped onto her face. Petite, beautiful Kristina Rose spies on Brad Knight in the shower, so he spanks her hot ass hard and sodomizes her to orgasmic howling. Mr. Pete’s wife hates babysitter Alexa Nova because the trim young lady is such a slutty flirt. She lives up to her reputation, masturbating her pierced pussy as Pete drills her bunghole.

Video: 960×544 29.970 fps 1800 Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz 190kbps
Size: 2.24 GB

I Blackmailed My Babysitters Ass.part1.rar
I Blackmailed My Babysitters Ass.part2.rar


Alexa Nova (Slut Babysitter Blackmailed, Sodomized)

504mb | 35:16 min | 960×544 | mp4

Mr. Pete’s wife hates babysitter Alexa Nova because the trim young lady is such a slutty flirt. When Alexa lives up to her reputation, Mr. Pete takes advantage, blackmailing the tramp into a butt fuck. He unleashes his uncut boner, demanding a kneeling blow job. The husband spanks her flexing ass as she rides his big cock, leaving her sticky cream on his shaft and scrotum. Pete drives his dork up the slut’s asshole and sodomizes her in many positions. Alexa masturbates her pierced pussy as he drills her bunghole. She sucks cock ass-to-mouth. He yanks out his meat and shoots semen on her face, in her mouth, over her head.



Blackmailing Cadence HD

1920×1080 (HD1080)

**TOP 50 CLIP**

Cadence gets her sweet little pussy blackmailed when her boyfriend’s best friend finds out she’s been less than faithful.

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Alexa Grace – Blackmailed Sister HD

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase in Blackmailing Wunder Woman HD

Scene One: Dress and strip

Wunder Woman showers her glorious amazon body when she hears a knock at her door. Can I help you? She asks you. You tell her that you know all about her secret identity and you have the picture to prove it. I’m sure we can come to some sort of compromise Wunder Woman says, stalling for time.

Put your costume on You demand of her, making her pose her perfect body in her too tight uniform. Then to add to her humiliation you makes her strip and lay on her bed. Is this good enough She says angrily as she plays with herself. You grab the back of her head and shove her onto your cock. Eat it bitch you say, mouth fucking Wunder Woman.

Scene Two: No choices

She looks up at you, her mouth full of cock and you almost pity the once powerful Wunder Woman. What are you going to do? She asks when you pull her to the edge of the bed. You push your cock inside of her and thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

You make Wunder Woman get on top of you and ride you as hard as she can. She has to suck you off like a whore until you explode into her open mouth. She’s such a Wunder slut. You tell her you’ll be back next week. I’ll get my revenge! She screams.
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