Teenage Step-Mother (1974) – Rare FULL UNCUT HD VERSION!

Also Known As “Young Stepmother USA” “Teenage Stepmother”.

“A wedding ceremony turns into an all-out sex fest. Sisters with strap-ons, mother-on-daughter lesbian action, even double penetrations highlight this 70’s flick. In the end, everyone in the family gets it on in indoor and outdoor orgies, with a wacky twist-ending! This rare classic is sure to get your juices flowing.”

This film boasts a great scene with Jamie Gillis and Day Jason. It’s a great example of how awesome sex can be even with an abundance of pubic hair. You can barely see Day Jason’s labia amongst her ample black bush. (Yes, it’s one of those muffs that go clear around her anus and down her thighs to some extent, yet she’s having a great time and so is Jamie Gillis. Gillis has no problem with her hirsuteness and you can tell he’s enjoying fingering (or thumbing) her asshole. Day Jason gives an excellent blow job. She’s one of those stars who uses no hands at all, and she practically looks like she’s choking on cock, but she’s happily engulfing nonetheless. By the time Gillis cums (and yes, it’s one of those money shots that you find in 70’s porn films where it was appropriate to cum on the female’s other body parts (i.e., butt cheeks and back) besides her face), Day Jason does something uber-hot and turns around to suck and swallow the last of the shot. Hot, hot scene.


Darby Lloyd Rains – Linda Rosencrantz
Day Jason – Vicky
Heather Ellis – Miss Anderson [Anal Facial DP]
Lynn Stevens – Jenny Guildenstern [Facial]
Sandy Foxx – Sandi Guildenstern (as Sandi Foxx)

File Size : 2.25 Gb.

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Duration : 01:13:57
Movie complete : Yes

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FPS : 29.97
BitRate : 4157 Kbps
Quality Factor : 0.36 b/px

Codec : MPEG 1 or 2 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
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BitRate : 192 Kbps

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