Young Andrew is in for a big surprise when he gets home from school. His Step-Mother, Stacy has found his Report card, which was hidden away in his backpack….and he is failing everything!!! Now, Stacy is a Hot, Young Gold-Digger that Married Andrew’s Father for his money…but Stacy gets virtually no sex from Andrew’s Father…..and consequently….Stacy is always horny!!! Stacy has made advances towards the young “able bodied” Andrew before….but he has always turned her down. This Report Card, however, is a game changer!!! Stacy threatens to tell Andrew’s Dad about the terrible Report Card…unless Andrew agrees to give her what she wants!! Andrew knows that he will be grounded if his Dad finds out about the Report Card…so he is Blackmailed into doing whatever Stacy wants. When he asks his Step-Mother what it is she wants…..Stacy tells him to “Lie down and shut up…I’m gonna Fuck the @* out of you!!!!” The frightened young boy has no choice. He lies there as his Step-Mother Sucks his cock to get it hard….and then, true to her word….she gets on top of him and Fucks his brains out!!!! When his body finally goes limp from cumming in his Step-Mother….she dumps the cum from the condom all over Andrew….and tells him to pick up his Grades!!

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