My sister and I did our thing from 2001 to 2012. Real, with proof!

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This is the first time I am post this anywhere. It is real, and I have pictures and videos. I will be posting pictures as proof, an album link is below. I want to talk to people about it but at the same time i cant let my family find out. I may or may not share a video I am not an author like some of the folks who write stories on here seem to be. I am an engineer and it will more than likely show in my writing. So please bear with me. I will be more than happy to answer any questions either publicly below or PM. The basics are as follows:
I am 27, born Aug 1985 She is 25, born April 1987 We started in 2001, ended in 2010. We have 1 brother, and then 3 step-siblings. They are not/were not aware of what we were doing. Our parents, obviously, are split and remarried. Neither our parents or step-parents were aware either.

It started basically out of curiosity i guess you would say. We were/are fairly close, and got along real well growing up. About the time we were in the end of middle school and high school we would talk either in the family room or on AIM while we were each in our rooms. Just the regular BS chat, nothing too special.
During our freshman year of HS (we were in the same grade, I was held back in kindergarten.) a freshman boy took an upskirt picture of a freshman girl, who supposedly did not have anything on underneath.(I did not see the picture) The kid then was showing all of his friends and word spread pretty quick. Later that night her and I were talking about it on AIM, which lead to some joking around and discussions about what fellow freshman were up to sexual wise. We very briefly started talking about what each other was up to but it didn’t get very detailed at all.
Over the next few days or so we continued the conversation, with almost all the relationship/sexual related stuff talked about via AIM. I guess we were a little bit eased since we were not face to face, and no one could over hear us. She told me she had fooled around with 1 boy, and had kissed him, given him a hand job and a blow job, but was still a virgin and had only let the boy finger her. I told her what I had done and that I lost my virginity a few months previous to a girl in the next grade that I dated briefly. She was surprised but asked how it was and if I liked it etc. I told her about my experience and then we went to bed. The next night became very interesting. When we started talking in the family room (our parents were out and our brother was at band practice), she basically started right off about how she wished she had a boy friend, and how she liked what she did with the one boy, and how he was off with another girl, etc. this continued for awhile and then in her rambling/venting about wanting a boyfriend she let it slip that she wanted someone else besides herself to satisfy her (I forget the exact phrase she used). After she said that, she froze and turned bright red. I could tell she did not mean to say that. She was then like sorry, sorry, sorry, and went to her room. Later that night she messaged me on AIM and said sorry, sorry, sorry, again. I told her no worries and that she has no reason to be embarrassed. I then told her that I play with myself too, it perfectly natural. She responded TMI, but thank you. Then to lighten the mood I said if you don’t believe me, I will invite you to my room next time I do it. She was like I don’t want to see that! I replied yeah right ! I then decided to asked how she masturbated, but she replied she wasn’t going to tell me. The convo ended shortly after. Later in the week, I randomly messaged her and said Hey guess what I am doing! Wanna come over? She went no thank you. I didn’t respond. A bit later she said are you really? I said no, since you are not coming over I decided not to. She replied hahaha. Now at this point I decided to ask her how she masturbated, because I was interested in how since everyone does it their own way. She said she isn’t going to tell me, I asked again then told her I would tell her how I did it. She said ok. I was shocked. I was nervous to see where this would go, whether she was serious or was just going to play a gag on me. So I told her how I did it. She was like interesting, a lot different then what I do. I said no kidding, we have different parts! She went hahaha of course. So I asked how she did it. She made me promise not to laugh or make fun of her. I said sure. She then told me she would take off her pants, leave her panties on and rub against a pillow, basically riding it. I said that’s it? You don’t use your fingers or anything? She said no, that all she does. I was like hmm interesting. I then talked to her about how I didn’t really understand how that would get her off. And out of curiosity’s sake, would like to see her do it. She said you wanna see your sister masturbate!?!?! I said actually yes, I would like to see how that works, for some reason I cant picture it. That it would be for informational purposes not sexual ones. (hopefully any one reading this can see what I am trying to do) . to my surprise she agreed to show me, although she would leave her pant on. I said ok fine. She said she would show me the next day since out folks would be out at our brothers to a band concert. So low and behold the next night we are in her room. She goes are you sure you wanna see this, there is no turning back. I laughed and said yes, I am curious how it works. So she kneels on her bed, folds the pillow in half and stuffs it between her legs. She then starts to grind with it, squeezing it between her legs, crotch and the bed. She was super nervous, and was turning a red. I stood there straight faced with a puzzled look on my face. She stopped and said I looked lost. I said I really don’t see how that rubs hard enough to do anything. She said no worries it does when she doesn’t have pant on. I said I didn’t believe her, and I don’t think it would cause enough friction/pressure. She asked sarcastically if I wanted her to take off her pants. I replied that I actually did, that I just had to see how it works. She relied seriously, and I said yes. To my surprise she got off the bed, stood up on the florr and started undoing her pants. When they were unbuttoned/unzipped she looked at me with her hand at the top of her pants and said you sure? I said yes. She then took off her pants and knelt back over her pillow on the bed. I remember it like it was yesterday, her baby blue panties and her nice ass. Although it did not show anything more than her bathing suit during the summer, this was entirely different. She then started riding her pillow again. You could tell in her face she was getting stimulated to say the least. After a little bit she stopped, took a little breath and said is that better? I said yes I definitely see how it works now. Then I sarcastically said jeez I may have to go do what I do when I get back to my room ! She said Hey now! this was just to show you how I do it not to get you off. I said ok then I will show you how I do it then! She was like OK. I said ok its only fair, but I cant do it with my boxers on, like you can with your panties. she replied oh…Ok. I was like ok, here goes nothing so I dropped my pants, and understandably so I was already hard, so I pulled out my dick from the opening in my boxers and started stroking. My sister was just staring, she looked up at me and I smirked at her. She instantly turned redder then I have ever seen her. I chuckled, she said hey give me a break this is only the 2nd dick I have ever seen! I could not help to respond by saying you wanna make it the 2nd dick you have ever touched ! I figured I was on a roll at this point so I figured why not! I could always just say I was being sarcastic. She went maybe. I said if you want to go on ahead. And she did!! She stroked it a little, nothing crazy or for too long then stopped. I then asked if I could rub her a little bit, it would only be fair. She went I guess its only fair, and let me rub her. Now while I was rubbing her I said, now you didn’t have to go through my boxers, why do I have to go through your panties? she went oh ok. I then slipped my finger under her panties and rubbed her wet little pussy. After a little bit she pulled my hand away and said we have to stop, she was liking what I was doing too much. I said ok, if you want me too, but I would rather finish what I was doing. She said ok, and she let me continue. I guided her over to her bed, laid her down and laid next to her and just continued was I was doing. Not too long after I make her orgasm. She was speechless and could hardly move. I asked if she was happy I continued, and after a brief pause she said yes. We went our separate ways for the night shortly thereafter. From that night on we did our thing for the next 9 years. I have ALOT of stories that detail our countless get-togethers, and I promise they are a lot more direct, to the point and shorter than this one. This was just to show how it started. The others detail the fun!! If this is received well I will post the stories.

I will continue adding stories as i can, but please bear with me. I cant post any while at work or when my girlfriend is home.

I will try to go in a chronological order, but no promises. I will however give some sort of reference point.

ok so after that first night……..we talked about it the next day and we came to the conclusion although it was not really right, we both liked it. I dont know what logic we used, but we decided we were ok having fun together and we would continue to do so. I guess chalk it up to horny teenagers. What ever it was, neither one of us has ever had a problem with our decision to this day.

So for the next couple months we really just used out hands; just fingering and jerking each other. we generally did so when our parents were not home, but i must admit after a little while we became brave.

One of the bravest things i would say was during the winter of 2001-2002. We were driving up to Vermont to visit relatives, and we had our folks, our brother, and our aunt in the car. (for a seating reference it was a 2002 GMC Envoy with the 3rd row seating). Our folks were up front, our brother and aunt were in the middle and we were in the back.

It was a long drive so we were all dressed comfortable. The only real difference being most of us had sweat pants on instead of jeans.

So about 1/2 way or better through the trip, we are working on our 2nd movie (we had a TV in the envoy) and our brother and aunt were each taking turns falling asleep. our brother and aunt each had their own blankets and my sister and I shared a big one.

we could not have asked for anything more, it just more or less was falling into place. Then again my sister and i were not really in the same state of mind as our mother when she told us where to sit and gave us the blanket.

so we were mostly covered by the blanket watching the movie. I decide to slide my hand slowly over my sister thigh, and then to her pussy. she froze at first and then tried to stop my hand. I whispered, come one they cant see. she then stopped trying to stop me, and let me rub her. But after doing that briefly i decided, hey since they cant really see us, why not go all out. so i slide my hand down her sweats and then under her panties. she did not know what to do at that point and was sooo nervous, hell so was I but i think hornyness were taking over. after awhile she mellowed a little(relatively speaking), and just let me rub her pussy. about that time she stated rubbing my dick.

now please keep in mind this was by far me trying to get her or her trying to get me to orgasm. we kept the motions to an absolute minimum to avoid being suspicious. Basically it was just barely more then just letting our hands touch her pussy and my dick, but it made us hornier then hell to say the least. it was more or less the worlds biggest tease.

now, a bit later our mother started talking to us and before we could slowly pull away from each other she turned around and continued to talk. we just froze our hands, to avoid any movement. so here we were talking to our mother and my sister’s hand is on my dick and my hand is on her pussy. I though we were so far up shit creek it wasnt even funny. i swear to god our heart rates were up to 1000 and we were literally starting to sweat. if she found out what we were doing i could not even venture a guess what she would have done.

after what seemed like legitimately forever she turned back around, at which point we as smoothly and quickly as possible pulled our hands away from each other. and that was it for the rest of the car ride.

This however did strike up a very interesting little venting session from her later that night. she came up to me, saying how we almost got caught and we would have been beyond screwed and so on. i could tell she wasnt really made though, and it seemed like she actually enjoyed the almost getting caught. after she vented, she was fine and we both went back where everyone else was. i think she just wanted to clear her mind.

Now little did I know though at this point that years down the road she would almost (what seemed like ) try and get us caught. she did not do anything like that however until we were in college.

Not to start another story but i might as well give you a bit more info. we each went to different colleges about 90 minutes from each other. I lived at home and commuted and she lived on campus. now you may ask why she lived on campus, i asked that to myself too at the time. She got what amounted to a full scholarship for college and it covered tuition as well as room and board. How she did that i do not know. she got multiple scholarships of various sizes and for various reasons while at the same time i could not get one to save my life. so she graduated with her BA debt free while I had to work my ass off to pay for my BS. she did however take loans out to cover her MA, and my work is paying for my MS. so i guess it works out in the end ok enough rambling now and back to the point.

In our colleges years we(mostly her) got really almost voyeuristic. we fooled around almost any place we could and at anytime of the day. it made life easier i guess since we were not at home and as long as no one checked our drivers licenses we could always say we were bf and gf.

In case you have not figured it out, that sort of explains or leads into the picture of her blowing me in the car that many of you asked about. this story isnt anywhere close to the chronological order i mentioned earlier (it was actually one of the last pics/vids i took of us) but it a really short story so why not tell it.

Basically, for her birthday(in 2010) our grandmother gave her tickets to a show (i will not be saying what show or where it was since it would give you a big hit where we live). she was going to take her friend, but her friend backed out at the last minute. so she asked me, and since i was off of work that day i said sure. i did not want her to go alone or worst not go at all. so she picked me up at my house (i bought a house a few months before this show) and we drove to the train station to take the train to where we were seeing the show. we got stuck in traffic on the way due to an accident, and we ended up just barely missing our train. no big deal really since their was another one in an hour, and we had enough extra time once we were at our destination. so while we were waiting in the car we were talking and i sarcastically asked if she would blow me. I knew i had a good chance she would, actually do it but we were in a train station parking lot not more then 30 feet from the sidewalk everyone was walking on! I was not sure i even wanted her too. but low and behold she said yes and i of course said ok too. who turns down a bj, right?

I will honestly say though that i was soooo nervous i had a little bit of a delay getting it up, but with her lips and tongue on my dick, we over came that little issue in a short order and she went to town. the rest is history. and just FYI we made the show and it was great.

This is not a story, nor is there really any point to saying this other then just putting it out there. My sister gives fantastic head. I have gotten head from….lets say a dozen or so….girls and she is still at the top of the list. there is an almost close second with this girl alyssa(who had a HUGE rack but thats not here nor there) but my sister is still the best.

ok, my short story has turned into a ridiculously long ramble. i guess this is what you get when you free type a story of something you have done that makes you hornier then hell. i will stop now then before this gets too crazy.

P.S. i sometimes have an issue fully transferring whats in my mind to what i say or right. so i end up thinking the level of detail i want to express is there when it really isnt. so sorry about that, once again i am by far no where near being an author.

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